Hoaxtead Research reaches a new milestone: One million hits, and counting…

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was “Hoaxtead”….And the light shineth in darkness, and the Hoaxtead mobsters comprehended it not.

It started on YouTube, or possibly Google+: small groups of two or three people, dissenting voices against a tidal wave of accusations. At first just asking questions, and being reviled as “shills” and “paedo-supporters” and “cointelpro” (though most of us didn’t even know what that meant, back then).

People were suffering: children, parents, teachers. Most were too terrified to speak out, but a few told their stories, quietly, and the word spread.

The groups grew bigger, as those who promoted the hoax couldn’t answer even the simplest of questions; and then some of the groups found private spaces online where they could talk amongst themselves and decide what to do to help stop the hoax.

Some of the groups chose to take action: put names to the angry faces surrounding a church on a Sunday morning, start looking into exactly who these people were and what would make them want to attack innocent parents and children. Others, angered by the vicious attacks from people like “Jacqui Farmer”, began investigating who was behind her disgusting “Hampstead Research” blog. Still others spent much of their time flagging illegal videos of the two children who’d been tortured into repeating lies about their father, their teachers, their schoolmates, their community.

It was good, but it was hit or miss.

And then one person decided to take the next step: Scarlet Scoop started Hoaxtead Research, as a centering point, a place to exchange news, views, information, arguments….and suddenly, instead of several isolated small groups, we were a community.

The small groups, which had been working away in isolation, discovered that they weren’t alone. They began reaching out to one another, putting puzzle pieces together, collaborating toward something bigger: putting an end to the hoax.

The victories, when they came, were small but important: Neelu Berry and Christine Ann Sands, arrested. Christine sent back to the USA. Not huge, but it was a start.

“Jacqui Farmer” identified as long-time Belinda McKenzie acolyte Charlotte Alton Ward. Her vile blog removed by WordPress.

Sabine McNeill, returned from Germany and arrested at the Royal Courts of Justice, while her best mate Belinda did an excellent impersonation of Judas at the Last Supper. Sabine would go on to many more arrests—seven at last count.

She and Neelu would be tried on charges of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation; the charges were dropped, but the court saw fit to slap them with lifetime restraining orders. (Sabine would later plead guilty to violating her order, but has gone on to more violations since last October.)

Following Sabine and Neelu’s trial, others were arrested for making threats online: Lee Cant, John Duane, Desmond During, Alan Alanson Boyes, Neelu (again), Sabine (again and again and again).

And then there was Rupert, who decided to take his threats against the Hampstead families on the road: he’s currently serving a nine-month sentence for Harassment 4.

Through it all, this blog has continued to report on the Hoaxtead mob’s shenanigans.

We’ve never stopped doing what we set out to do two and a half years ago: to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. And by “comfortable”, we mean those who feel entitled to make utterly unsubstantiated false allegations against innocent people, taking joy in the pain they cause, and telling themselves they’re doing it “for the children”. The children who long ago said they’d been tormented into saying what they did.

Our reward has been watching our community grow from a few small, disparate groups to a force to be reckoned with. We continue to research, observe, report, and comment. These days, the police and courts seem to have taken their thumbs out and started taking action against the hoaxers, whose numbers are in decline. We’ll keep doing what we do, though, until the hoax is no longer a threat to the safety and well-being of its victims.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our readers and commenters make us what we are. You’ve encouraged us, made us laugh, sent us tips and suggestions, contributed artwork, sometimes delivered a stern talking-to, and overall, created an online community that makes us proud.

Yesterday this blog passed an important milestone: one million hits. One million. It’s one of those numbers that’s hard to imagine, and to be honest, we’re still a bit dizzied by it, for a couple of reasons. When Scarlet Scoop made her first post here, she couldn’t have imagined the blog would still be alive and going strong one million page-views later.

And perhaps more important, this Very Large Number signifies something: it means that you, collectively, have placed your confidence in us one million times. It’s enough to make us a bit teary-eyed, to be honest.

On that note, we thought we’d share with you one of our favourite poems, which has inspired us for the past two and a half years:

The Low Road

What can they do to you?
Whatever they want..

They can set you up, bust you,
they can break your fingers,
burn your brain with electricity,
blur you with drugs till you
can’t walk, can’t remember.
they can take away your children,
wall up your lover;
they can do anything you can’t stop them doing.

How can you stop them?
Alone you can fight, you can refuse.
You can take whatever revenge you can
But they roll right over you.
But two people fighting back to back
can cut through a mob
a snake-dancing fire
can break a cordon,
termites can bring down a mansion

Two people can keep each other sane
can give support, conviction,
love, massage, hope, sex.

Three people are a delegation
a cell, a wedge.
With four you can play games
and start a collective.
With six you can rent a whole house
have pie for dinner with no seconds
and make your own music.

Thirteen makes a circle,
a hundred fill a hall.
A thousand have solidarity
and your own newsletter;
ten thousand community
and your own papers;
a hundred thousand,
a network of communities;
a million our own world.

It goes one at a time.
It starts when you care to act.
It starts when you do it again
after they say no.
It starts when you say we
and know who you mean;
and each day you mean
one more.

—Marge Piercy

Thank you, all of you.

104 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Research reaches a new milestone: One million hits, and counting…

  1. Thank You All!! YipEEEE! We love you E.C., we really do!!
    🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 Thanks for the *Bonus Checks!!

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  2. Anyone familiar with Wilfred Wong?


    And what the bloody hell was the Express doing printing this crap in 2014…?

    CHILDREN have been the victims of satanic abuse including rape, murder and even the production of so-called snuff films which depict killings, two leading charities claimed last night…

    …Last year we revealed that shamed DJ Jimmy Savile raped a girl aged 15 in 1975 during a satanic abuse ritual, while cloaked paedophiles looked on.

    Kate Short, of Kilmarnock-based charity Break The Silence, said: “We have had quite a lot of people who have been abused as part of a cult or a paedophile ring…

    …Charity Izzy’s Promise is based in Dundee.

    Project co-ordinator Joseph Lumbasi said: “Babies are aborted for sacrifices.”


    Shame on you, Dicky Desmond!

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  3. Yes, well done, this blog, its level of damage control, not just around the dispelling of the sheer stupid shite invented by the despicable abe and ella but also further afield, yet the same arena, is a remarkable achievement.

    Reading the posts and comments here has really opened my eyes to stuff I was blithely unaware of and I’m honestly shocked and dismayed to have learned that such an industry exists. The purposeful bile spewed by your average troofer is essentially a means for scamming money from gullible gobshites….gobshites with a penchant for salacious and titillating tittle-tattle (I don’t feel sorry for those fools who part with their money that easily).

    Aside from the original purpose of this blog, aside from your having achieved (not quite, but almost?) much of what you set out to do there is much to commend about this blog….the writing, the reporting, the clarity, the immense intelligence, the wit, the fact that all questions are answered before a question even arises. You basically manage to cover all bases so eloquently and honestly that it’s a delight to read, you put everything in such a way that I find easy to understand and grasp….I come away from reading this blog feeling very intelligent and quite knowledgeable…I’m sure that’s a gift unique to both El Coyote and Scarlet Scoop and I thank you both and the rest of folk at GCHQ for that.

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    • Thank you so much, Eliza, that’s a lovely and much-appreciated tribute. If we show it to Mr Soros, it might be a nice way to introduce the awkward question of pay rises all round. So far, the chocolate digestives Ghost of Sam has been plying him with haven’t worked at all.

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      • I think I know where Ghost of Sam has been going wrong….a dish of plain digestives slathered with lashings of butter might have driven the point home more effectively, chocolate hasn’t been the same since Nestle took over Cadburys.

        You know, I might have posted far more complimentary comment had I not become suddenly shy.

        I’ll have a word with George on that matter of actual payment tomorrow.

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  4. If you want to lose some brain cells give David Seaman a try. He is becoming a parody of himself, repeats the same shit every video. gonna make a bingo card everytime he uses his cathc phrases, making a drinking game.

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      • Ok, Ok…call me crazy if you wish, tell me I am a conspiratard conspiraloon if you dare but seriously…am I alone in thinking that David, Dean and Nathan must be clones of each other?

        I honestly can’t distinguish between the three who is who.

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        • By the way Seaman heavily edited that video on Rogan, he called him a shill about 5 times and lots more.

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        • Congrads for the big 1000000 hits!

          Not only to the original blog writers, but also to the varied other posters who bring such a wide knowledge base to draw from, pretty much so that should any name, face, location whatever is posted, someone somewhere here will be able to ferret out information about it

          (and yes Eliza- I have to look at the name on the video to be able to tell those three apart, and even then I sometimes get it wrong)

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          • Thanks, Steved! Yes, I’m consistently amazed at the wealth of knowledge and experience our readers bring us. Oh, and “plain brown envelopes”…we get a lot of those too! 🙂

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        • Its a little known fact that David,Dean and Nathan were all conceived in the Supermarionation studies as something to do after Thunderbirds was decommisioned.They were modelled on the character “Brains” and if you look carefully you can actually see the strings even if the brains are well disguised.

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        • No not crazy at all, although you may end up that way watching their vids.

          You could add that Paul Joseph Watson from infowars into the mix.

          As I have said before it’s the eyes, they all have the same eyes.

          I’m not sure who Dean is, but I bet he has the same eyes too.

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    • So I’m assuming that Deborah agrees that when social workers removed more than 100 children from their homes in Cleveland based on tenuous evidence and dodgy medicals they were right to do so? But the MMS people should get their baby back cos…well…they’re nice really and does it matter that he might feed his baby bleach?


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      • Actually around 100 of the original removals – place of safety orders strictly speaking – (out of around 120) were confirmed by the High Court following contested hearings in wardship. Cleveland was NOT a Satanic Scare – it arose from doctors using a well-established test for anal sex on a disparate group of children attending hosptial and finding evidence of it We shouldn’t fall into the trap of assuming all reports of sex abuse is fake. Or because a Hoaxteader says that abuse occurred, it didn’t.

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        • Point taken!

          I accept that Cleveland was very different from Hampstead.

          I read the Butler-Sloss report many years ago and must revise!

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        • @S Jones – can you provide proof for what you’ve alleged here: :”100 of the removal orders were confirmed by High Court”, please? It’s true that SRA hoaxes don’t mean all historic allegations were invalid – and we have discussed the tragic truth of many such case here. There’s no reflexive denial here.

          But I don’t trust some of the folks who have attempted to revise the history of Cleveland, and I’ll want to see proof that Butler-Sloss is not correct. Your “established test for anal sex” is not and was not valid in the “knees & elbows” position, because the child could consciously open their sphincter in that position, so it was not necessarily a “reflexive” response.

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        • RAD was a fairly new method at the time, and considered discredited as a sole indicator of abuse.

          “n 1986 Dr Marietta Higgs learned of the RAD connection with sexual assault at a conference where it was presented by Christopher J Hobbs.[6] Dr Higgs used this RAD diagnosis extensively the following year, leading to the Cleveland child abuse scandal, it was discredited during the trial as the sole indication of sexual abuse, determined to be considered a sign of sexual assault by a tiny minority of British doctors.[7] RAD as a clinical marker for sexual abuse is now considered discredited.[8] However Christopher J Hobbs was still studying RAD in 2014.[9]”

          There seems to be some confusion created by “independant experts” and a documentary.

          “In the years prior to the scandal, levels of reported child abuse in the Cleveland area were consistent with those of other parts of the United Kingdom.[1] However, in 1987, during the period of February to July, many children living in Cleveland were removed from their homes by social service agencies and diagnosed as sexually abused.[2] The 121 diagnoses were made by two paediatricians at a Middlesbrough hospital, Marietta Higgs and Geoffrey Wyatt, using a “controversial diagnostic practice” called reflex anal dilation.[2] When there were not enough foster homes in which to place the allegedly abused children, social services began to house the children in a ward at the local hospital.[1]

          Later, the test being used to establish child abuse was contested by the area police surgeon and cooperation between the social workers, police and hospital doctors involved in diagnosis began to disintegrate.[1] In addition, there was public concern regarding the practices being used by the local social service agency, such as the removal of children from their homes in the middle of the night.[1] In May 1987, parents marched from the hospital where their children were being held to the local newspaper. The resulting media coverage caused the social service agency’s practices to receive public scrutiny and criticism.[1] In response, the Butler-Sloss report was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Social Services in July 1987 and published in 1988.[2] The report was led by Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and it concluded that most of the diagnoses were incorrect.[2] As a result, 94 of the 121 children were returned to their homes.[2][3]

          On 14 October 1991, the Children Act 1989 was implemented in full as a result of the Cleveland child abuse scandal[4] and other child related events that preceded it.[1] A TV documentary called The Death of Childhood was broadcast in 1997 and alleged that “independent experts under the guidance of the Department of Health later found that at least 70 per cent of the diagnoses” were correct.[5] According to the documentary, two years after the scandal a number of children were again referred to social services and determined to be at risk for child abuse.[5] In February 2007, the Chief Medical Officer, who was the regional medical officer at the time of the scandal, admitted that “mistakes were made”. [6] A few days later, two of the children who had been the focus of the scandal asked the Middlesbrough police for an investigation of their 1987 experience.[6]”

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          • Rad as a test actually dates from the first decade of the 20th century and was a standard test of police surgeons to detect sodomy when that was an offence. It was new in identifying child sex abuse as opposed to homosexual offences. My basis for the stats is Beatrix Campbell’s book, which post-dates the Butler Sloss report.


          • We lived close by at that time. It had been said then, (probably Chinese whispers really), that wiping a child after a natural bodily function would produce the said findings of Marietta Higgs. My husband refused to take any of our children to the bathroom, he was horrified at this as we all were. I remember the raids, children being literally dragged screaming from their parents, we were all scared because it could happen to any of us. It was a horrifying time & I still think of it.


    • Well, there are some amazing examples of confabulation from Debs in that video.

      2+2= “Whatever I fooking say it does, alright Britain!”

      No Debs it is you who needs to learn how to research properly and wake up to how EU directives work in practice.

      As I said a few threads back, you can see online what measures each member state has taken to comply with a directive.

      This was beginning to wind me up until i realised that hardly anyone watches her vids and the majority of those that do, dislike them.


      Hoaxtead EU Expert.

      Dr.ol Law EU

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    • Her rant about Ricky Dearman at 28:54 is disgusting. You despicable vile woman, Deborah.
      Nothing but slander spews from your mouth.

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  5. Who’s this twat John White, predictably being promoted by Mad Moo and Defective Costa?

    http s://ww w.facebook. com/notes/john-white/pedogate-and-the-sweater-of-western-civilisation-the-true-big-picture/1798705383488198


  6. What an amazing accomplishment for Scarlet Scoop initially & continued by both Scarlet & El Coyote. I had never heard of SRA until someone told me to have a look at APD’s page where she had posted the libelous video about Sgt. Maurice MC Cabe & all the utterly outrageous lies & crimes she attributed to local people in Oldcastle. I very nearly got lockjaw, my mouth was hanging open for so long. I then did a Google search for a term, ‘Angela Power Disney is dangerous’, which led me to this blog. Again lockjaw was imminent as I read about her & the craziness she was spouting, I watched some of her videos & thought I would have to go & get my jaw manipulated at this stage. I could go on forever about her but she leaves such a bad taste in my poor sore jaw that I may not be able for my yummy soup shortly. 😉 Suffice to say, this blog has been an eye-opener to me. To those posting such terrible lies & slandering so many innocent people:

    May the Lamb of God stir his hoof through the roof of Heaven and kick you in the arse down to Hell.

    Nathan, that’s an Irish curse btw. 😂

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    • I’m not sure what Angela’s lowest point has been, probably phoning a mentally ill young man whilst he was still sectioned to tell him about some James Bond style meeting she had with hackers and to tell him Ella Gareeva was involved in snuff movies linked the the Russian Mafia.

      The one with Heather not long after probably comes close to slandering everyone possible.

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      • I was hoping I’d never have to see that first one again. What Angie says towards the end about me harassing and threatening a disabled American person on Facebook – to the point where she had to start locking her doors (because presumably s/he used to leave them all open) – is utterly deplorable. And it wasn’t the only time she tried that one. I don’t even have a Spiny Norman Facebook account (and never have), plus I’m a staunch advocate for disabled people’s rights and I have never violently threatened anyone.

        Echo Truths believed her, by the way, and has repeated the claim more than once over the last month. (She admitted she’d got that from Angie when I questioned her on it.)

        And did Angela ever provide one single scrap of evidence to support that disgusting piece of slander? No. Just like she never provided the wealth of proof she claimed to have that I am a convicted paedophile, including a bloody newspaper report! And it was a bizarre claim anyway, considering she doesn’t even know my real name. Oh wait – I’m Ricky Dearman, right? I must be, because Angie, Heather and Kristie Sue have repeatedly said so and it’s been “forensically proven”. Right? Trouble is, they’ve also complained about the fact that he’s NEVER been convicted of child abuse. So…er…how does that work?

        By the way, my DBS certificate was renewed this month and I would be happy to shove it up Angela’s arse if she asks me nicely.

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          • Ethel – that only counts if you know what the truth is. If you wouldn’t know it if you fell over it then God has mercy on you. or if not you get smited or sumfink.

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        • Yes, I saw the “evidence” Angela claimed was proof of your wrong-doing, and if the allegations she and others have made weren’t so serious, they’d be laughable. I’m very disappointed in ET for accepting such shoddy research without checking her facts first. After her excellent videos about the Hampstead hoax, I’d thought she was maturing into a half-decent researcher.

          Let’s just say that the person who wrote the “evidence” wasn’t the full ticket, their allegations were bizarre, and their proof nonexistent.


      • Angie’s low points are all pretty low. It’s like choosing between the Dead Sea and Death Valley. She never fails to disappoint in her lazy psychopathy or her hypocritical self righteousness.

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    • Many thanks, Daisies! It’s great to have you here.

      You wrote:
      “I had never heard of SRA until someone told me to have a look at APD’s page where she had posted the libelous video about Sgt. Maurice MC Cabe & all the utterly outrageous lies & crimes she attributed to local people in Oldcastle”

      You know, in some ways it might be good that your first introduction to SRA came via Angela, as she’s a good illustration of why it just doesn’t make sense that baby-murdering-and-eating Satanists rule the world. Essentially, she can be relied on for one thing only: lies. If Angela said the sky was blue, I’d go outside and check!

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  7. Congratulations,the 1 million is not only a reflection of the excellent writing and content of this blog, but also the support for the Hampstead community, the children and victims of other similar hoaxes. Well done.

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  8. 1m hits amazing!

    A wealth of information, research, facts and logical argument available to all.

    Yet there are still those that will believe in the world’s biggest baby munching cult is operating in Hampstead. Just because a police officer was wearing odd socks and buys his underpants from M&S or whatever tiny detail is their current focus.

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    • WTF? You mean those water dowsing readings were wrong? But that was a respectable ex-copper who told us about those. What’s going on? We’re going to Perdition in a punnet.


    • I wanted to ask Nathan about that. If there was a big cover-up, then the baby-burger production & sales should still be going strong eh? So, did he buy a baby burger while he was in town?


  9. YouTube appears to have removed that recently added facility for thumbing adverts up or down. I’m gonna take a punt that it didn’t go too well score-wise. LOL

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  10. I have just listened to the video, (some of it, the screeching hurt my delicate ears), of Sabine’s arrest part 1. Tracey Morris was hanging on about they had written to this place & that place & the Vatican. What the hell had the Vatican to do with the school & Church in Hampstead, they are Church of England, not under the Vatican remit or was she just banging her gums to make noise as usual!

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  11. Very true FS! Plus the Vatican have enough worries re their many cover-ups over the years that I don’t think they would want to get involved in another Church’s woes, prticularly such stupid, impossible crimes that the Hamstead school has been accused of.

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  12. You know, I never tire of perusing the wisdom and intellect on display on Mad Moo’s Facebook page…

    That one’s about Pizzagate, by the way. Never gets old. Zzzzzz

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  13. I think Mad Moo’s Facebook archive is on the Foreign Office’s tourism blacklist with all the other war zones. But it’s so hard to resist…

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    • “NO WAY am i just going to sit back to watch all my suspicions being proven 100 times WORSE than i could every i could ever imagine AGAIN!”

      Not much hope of that Debs although if you want to be really sure you could always try STANDING UP or even chucking your pc out of the fucking window or something.

      Just some FRIENDLY advice.

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