Sabine joins Patreon, violates restraining order

Sabine has found another way to hold out the begging bowl: she’s now set up shop on Patreon, where she is asking people to support her “creation in progress”, “an engine that re-visualises images as a ‘3d movable object’ and multi-dimensional time series in ‘layers’ – uncluttering Excel charts”.

You know, the same “Smart Knowledge Engine” we’ve mentioned a few times, which basically turns ordinary pixelated computer images into parametric bitmaps…a technology which has only existed for about 20 years now.

Sabine’s been trying to flog this Amazing New Technological Breakthrough for several months now, so it’s probably not all that surprising that she’s taken to Patreon in an attempt to generate a bit of coin.

Patrons won’t just be helping Sabine and her programmer sidekick “ideal Neil” with her “Smart Knowledge Engine”, though; they’ll also be supporting her blogs, videos, and petitions.

Why anyone would pass up an opportunity to fork over their hard-earned cash for that, we do not know.For the low, low price of £5, “Cheering On Support” patrons will receive “regular Patron-only updates, convering (sic): software development [and] interesting data stories”. Ooh, we can hardly wait!

The next tier of patronage, at £50 per month, earns patrons “unlimited access to our Smart Knowledge Engine…This means new functionality [and] new data sets for visualising”. We’ve always wanted new data sets for visualising; it’ll be like Christmas come early!

And for a mere £1,500 per month, some lucky patron could become a “Business Partner in our Smart Knowledge Engine”, earning the right to “help steer the project big time”! Be still, our hearts! After all, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to become Sabine’s business partner?

Oh, come on. If it’s good enough for Belinda….

But wait, there’s more!

Anyone with the intestinal fortitude to read through Sabine’s new Patreon page will discover that in addition to a boatload of recycled techno-jibber-jabber, Sabine has included clickable links to a few of her 40+ blogs…and therein lies the rub:

I also lead a social life with meaning, as an online petitioner and McKenzie Friend [lay legal advisor and Public Interest Advocate]. [Oh, is that what they’re calling it these days?—Ed.]

I In that process I exposed organised child abuse online. As a result, I have been hounded as a whistleblower and was arrested seven times, taken through civil and criminal courts and had my state pension cut. I know that this sounds un-believable (sic). But real life is truly stranger than fiction! I’m not finished with either Police or the Pension people yet. Hence this way of appealing for support.

If one clicks on the “social life with meaning” link, one is led to this page, where one finds this: Whoopsies! We are pretty certain that Sabine’s lifetime restraining order, issued at Blackfriars Crown Court in July 2016, quite clearly states that she is not to publish links to this blog:Sabine is specifically instructed

Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order:
A) Anything relating to any persons set out in paragraph 1 above.
B) Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School.

Despite all Sabine’s wailing and moaning about the unfairness of having been slapped with a restraining order even though her and Neelu’s case for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation was dismissed, the fact remains that she is under a lifetime legal prohibition. She pleaded guilty to an infraction of this order last year, and was given a 12-month conditional discharge, which is still in effect.

Will Sabine’s cack-handed attempt to squeeze a bit of cash out of her credulous supporters result in yet another charge of violating her restraining order? Stay tuned!



158 thoughts on “Sabine joins Patreon, violates restraining order

    • And I think she’s just another con-artist and this whole incomprehensible claim of “re-visualizing images as 3D objects etc etc..” is deliberately obscure enough to try and convince the gullible into handing over cash.

      There are quite a few statements on there about ‘exposing’ child abuse etc that taken as a whole along with links to websites are a clear indication she is being contemptible in respect of that court order.
      # Neelu seems to be obeying the order but I think it’s because she’s caught up with issuing treason notices to coppers like that Nottinghamshire one with the wonderful name of Paddy Tipping. That and preparing for The End when her compatriots on the Planet Nibiru arrive to scoop her up and destroy us non-believers.

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    • Lol according to Rupert, Belinda et al spend a lot of time at Belinda’s watching videos.

      He didn’t seem too impressed with it and neither am I.

      If Sabine calls that a “Social life with meaning” good luck to her. Having a cup of tea and biscuits, watching videos isn’t my idea of a social life with meaning.

      I look forward to Sabine being hauled over the coals again having broken her lifetime restraining order.

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to Sabine’s latest scam, EC.

    By the way, it seems she’s not the only Hampstead-bashing antisemitic loon with her fangs out tonight. Paterson and Mad Moo have teamed up, it seems.

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    • Mad Moo is currently laying into Dunblane in her own inimitable, caring fashion. She’s claiming that Thomas Hamillton didn’t shoot himself but was murdered to cover up a satanic cult yada yada yada.

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      • For all their sick claims these are ‘false flags’ to what? Nothing changes so all those Crisis Actors aren’t very good at their craft. No BAFTAs for them.

        One loon claims it was to take away Brit’s right to “bare arms” but this simply isn’t true as a trip to the seaside will demonstrate that 100s of British gentlemen & ladies wander about with exposed arms (even if my lady friend in Margate reckons short sleeve shirts on men are an abomination- fashion wise).

        Of course no-one in the UK has ever had the right to carry six guns despite Maurice Kirk’s penchant for carting around a Gatling Gun in the local High Street.

        # Angela Power -Disney, who Fairly Sane quite rudely said in response to a poster’s claim that she thinks she’s still 30 said : “Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.” (really should this type of thing be published? Not the sort of thing I would say or even repeat) has posted a link to the 2017 London Fashion Week.
        What do we think is going on here? Is Angie a Dedicated Follower of Fashion or about to launch into a diatribe accusing some of Britain’s top frock makers of being Baby Eating Satanists?

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        • Maybe some of the clothing the models are wearing is made from animals, i.e. fox fur??

          I’m not sure.

          If it is that, Angela eats Cow STEAKS so she’s no animal lover but a hypocrite.

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        • During the great American gun lobby frenzy of 2014 (brought about by Obama’s supposed plans to tighten gun control), Dunblane was frequently cited – highly misleadingly – as a trigger for tightening gun control in the UK. But as you say, guns have been illegal for most people here for many decades. Dunblane merely led to tighter restrictions on handguns at sports clubs.

          The worst example of misinformation I saw at the time was a video that some American gun nut uploaded called something like ‘Look what happened when they banned guns in Britain’. It was a very carefully edited video of people marching and protesting and making tearful, emotional pleas to the government not to bring in the ban. Underneath the video, predictably, was an abundance of ranty, abusive “hang the libtards” type rhetoric. However, no such pro-gun protest ever took place in the UK and on closer inspection, it turned out that the protests and interviews – which, as I say, had been very carefully edited – were against the fox-hunting ban!

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        • “…Angela Power -Disney, who Fairly Sane quite rudely said in response to a poster’s claim that she thinks she’s still 30 said : ‘Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.'”

          Really, GOS, should you be repeating such scurrilous stuff? Highly inappropriate for a blog of this calibre.

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  2. Her claim to have exposed organised child abuse is a disgusting insult to those that really have.
    Just as insulting as Deborah Mahmoudieh claiming all British people are apathetic to the issue of child abuse, as if she/they are the only ones that care……when in reality many thousands have brought the issue from extreme silence to being dealt with, at all…… yes, with still a way to go…… but no thanks to these hoax promoting, liars….. like Angela Power Disney, who has inspired the likes of Wesley Hall & others to attack long established real whistleblowers, advocates, supporters who really have provided evidence & testimonies to inquiries. Either that, or they ignore campaigns that won’t buy or sell their bullshit.
    Her & all the hoaxers actions & claims are rubbish, I am furious that she insists that the Hampstead hoax should be investigated within our inquiry !


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  4. Poor Sabine says she had to give up her McKenzie Friends work as she was advised it was taking too much off a toll upon her health
    No mention of the toll it took on all her clients who lost every case with some ending up in the clink.

    A great example of these nutters who forgive anyone their transgressions as long as they say they are trying to bring down the Satanic NWO Freemason Soros VIP Pedo world.
    Angela Power Disney is promoting yet another internet loon who was apparently arrested on “live air” (ie nattering into his PC).

    Andrew Ostrowski is a dis-barred lawyer in Pennsylvania who papers the courts with all sorts of loony Freeman of The Land claptrap and produces Youtube videos with the usual @pizzgate etc etc and so on.

    Not one of these supporters give a damn about his ex-clients, all working class Yanks who handed over hard-earned money (the court judgement is the tip of the iceberg with this bloke) in desperation only to have him do no work and keep the funds claiming they are non-refundable. Ie: a highly unethical lawyer.
    But for the Troofer Mob, he’s heroic because he produces Youtube videos claiming the usual rubbish.

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    • Truth be told, Sabine probably gave it up as she found she wasn’t making enough money and she was crap at it because it was beyond her intellectual capabilities.

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      • We recently learned that in fact, the Hampstead hoax was Sabine’s first attempt at actually being a McKenzie friend. Prior to that, although she and Belinda ran the so-called “Association of McKenzie Friends”, Sabine’s role was to act as internet publicist, whilst farming out cases to actual McKenzie friends…such as Elizabeth of the Family Watson, who wound up in prison for her pains.

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    • “Angela Power Disney is promoting yet another internet loon who was apparently arrested on ‘live air’ (ie nattering into his PC).”

      Yes and that’s come down to her via – Gawd ‘elp us – Honeybee.

      The video in question is on her channel. I’m surprised Angie has never latched on to her or begged her for an interview.

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        • Yes! The Lulz will ensue like a waterfall! Maybe one of Us on the Green Isle can get a live “interview” with Scamgela CrockOCrap!! “HAAAALLLLPPPP” I need my sticks!! muahaha How much will nattering Gerbil Face send to her gaol acct.? ZERO! lolol


    • GOS – you forgot to mention not only the loss of money and liberty, but also in some cases the loss of their children as well. That was of course the ones she was helping. The opposing side often lost much more, Such as falsely being branded as a paedophile.That is of course a very damaging slur that takes forever to remove.

      The woman is dangerous.

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    • There’s a very nice feller who’s been known to visit this blog and who has very kindly just got that American gentleman who cannot be named a membership to the Satanic Temple. He did all the paperwork and everything for him. Perhaps he could do the same for that nice Ms. Disney. It’d make a lovely surprise present 😀

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      • (reposted)
        Hilariously ignorant of the subjects he that he falsely claims to possess supreme knowledge of! LOL !
        Satanists are not witches, they don’t “do witchcraft”. They don’t “cast spells”.

        (Michael Ford’s “Luciferian Witchcraft” is recent, meaningless occult-babble, inspired by the idiotic Nathan Satan’s attempts to claim that he practices the medieval witchcraft described in Malleus Maleficarum -ooo-ee-ooo! Post a video of yourself performing analingus on a black cat, the traditionally necessary act of submission, then I’ll believe you’ve “made a pact with the Devil”. And then I’ll have you arrested for animal cruelty. Idiots.)

        There is a very famous, detailed manifesto about “the theory of magick” and how it supposedly works – but it is obvious that certain persons falsely claiming to have been trained by a famous Satanist don’t even know what it is or who wrote it.

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      • Mind you, apparently we’re now also working for MI6, whose remit is to monitor threats from overseas. So I take it that South Yorkshire has declared independence and is now a foreign power? I think we should be told.

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        • You also have amongst your number members of the Irish secret service, currently carrying out covert operations in a bid to quash hoaxter and scamming cells both south and north of the border. Myself and Agent Double O’Devon are glad to be of service.

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      • Between you, me and the Uriel gate, we’ve been monitoring Miss Mahmoudieh for some time. But shhh – vegan-yoga-teaching-mum’s the word.

        These are from our top secret 2014 file:

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      • Shut the f up Debbie, you’re deluded.

        As if MI5, MI6 or any other Intelligence Agency would be interested in anything you Ms Mahmoudieh posts or any of her fb mates.

        Now the Mental Health Unit Teams may well be interested, but MI5, MI6, NO, sorry Debbie.

        Wrong, you’re not important, sorry to have to bring that to your attention but someone must.

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    • I can’t say where she got that idea from 🙂 Look Ange, even tho you won’t read this, you know damn well that I am not RD, nor used the name Susan Melrose since ’94, that was the year of the 2nd March & Rally that I organised for survivors of CSA & our supporters to break silence, en masse in public…… Definitive..Angela Power Disney is a LIAR. Who claims that I bullied her, whilst getting her puppets to harrass me…. and there is evidence.
      This blog is a haven for people of various faiths and non believers……. with my groups, I always maintained that child abuse occurred within all levels, types, class’, etc…. and tried to get people to keep their focus on the real issues, not their political or other agenda…….
      You Angela, encouraged by Belinda McKenzie, no doubt have pretended to be what you are not.
      I am the genuine article, unfortunately for you, thousands knew of me and my efforts……. which were not about me or my case, done and dusted by 93, but to allow suppressed people to speak out and begin the road to change……..
      Karma is a bitch Ange……. you are a vile evil liar…. and my christian friends are revolted by you !
      Why are you lot making it acceptable, normal to just call anyone a paedo, because you have decided that they are……with no evidence, often built on lies…..KNOWINGLY… !!!!
      What would you like to call me next ?
      You lot are too stupid to realise that I was happy to allow you lot to do this to me, as evidence and a display for the campaigners and advocates out there, too busy to engage, but so that they could see what you lot would do to us…….. so that victims & survivors would steer clear of your dangerous crap……
      Your attempts to shut me up, with humiliation, will have shocked the world of real survivor groups…. Thankyou 🙂 Have a nice arrest soon 🙂

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    • “He…has been victimised by the satanic ritual abuse ring which is a glaringly obvious indication of their guilt.”

      Grrr. What a nasty nasty old woman.

      Another piece of damning evidence for the police file, I think.

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    • Thankyou, now I can see Angela’s comments…what a LIAR, she is…… She has happily accused me, misnamed me, etc but blocked me so that she thinks, I cannot respond….. I wonder when Rupert told her that she could no longer call me RD, is that why she switched to calling me Kristie Costa ? for a brief time, before setting Wesley Hall, Heather Brown & Hope Girl up, to make other bs up about me…….. I have kept quiet, re Rupert, in case at some point I was called as a witness….. given that the police had his laptop, my communications with him would have been available. I had done no wrong, so was quite happy that they would have seen me dissuading him, providing the real evidence, to no avail……. So when he told me he’d had the best time in that brief visit en route to Rome, at mine, I knew he regretted not listening, but because he had kept up the appearance of believing the hoax was true, making threats etc, there was no way, I could nor would help him by then.
      Anyway, he knew I was not RD, one reason for meeting him, was to put a chink in the myth that everyone commenting here was RD, or that this blog was run by or for him……… funny, Angela never mentioned that, but instead…..switched the names she was calling me……… I guess I must be doing something right, even with no real tech to have been attacked so vehemently by her and her troll gangs and fellow scammers.

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    • WOW ! What a soap opera. Forget Eastenders.

      Angela Power-Disney is being very disingenuous and she knows exactly why Rupert Was arrested and convicted: he threatened people and it was against the law.

      I must say though the fact he had to wait so long on bail is pretty terrible but sadly that’s the way the courts work and often police & prosecutors need a lot of time to prepare a case. And being a visiting foreigner means nothing.
      Yolande rightly points out that this entire saga must be quite devastating for Rupert. 2 years of his life tied up in a totally pointless exercise. The ramifications are unknown at this stage but everyone in his home town must know of his escapades by now.

      Some really acid comments directed there at Angie and not unlike Fairly Sane’s comment : “Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.” Not very nice at all and so rude to repeat it so I won’t be repeating it except for the few times I do.

      I look forward to the next episode. I see in the previews Mad Moo may feature. What fun!

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    • Yes Angie……. as usual, lying again…… Rupert went to Rome to film fake hunger striker, Kevin Galileo, whose GoFundMe promoted by Mel Ve & CNN, with a video promoting the Prague event which Zen Gardner, David Oike were set to speak at…… the interview that Ang did with Zen revealed that she was both clueless and willing to give a pass to those that cover up real child abuse….. but we already knew that. He didn’t want to go to Rome, by the time he was en route….. but felt obliged because Kevin, he said had funded him to go. The Barthnotes blog, makes the connections of these conference SRA hoaxers very clear.

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    • Oh what a tangled web we weave Angie!

      For once though, she isn’t quite the lowest of the low; that award has to go to Charlotte Ward for starting an affair with the blind student who was in her care and causing him to miss out on his education.

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  5. How apt, watching the late night movie here atm
    Forgotten Sins
    A disturbing tale based on the true story which exposed the shocking revelations of two teenage girls that caused the imprisonment of their father and two of his friends. As a county sheriff and a respected member of the community, Matthew Bradshaw has always tried to lead a moral life. But when Rebecca Bradshaw confides to a church counsellor that she has been molested by her father, no-one doubts her accusations. Even more surprising is the fact that although Matthew has no memory of committing these unspeakable acts, he confesses to each detail as if seen from a trance. And when his younger daughter says that she was raped by her father’s friends at a poker game, Matthew verifies that his friends are guilty. The case gets out of control when the girls claim to be using drugs, involved in satanic rituals and in the fatal sacrifice of twenty-five babies. Only one man believes that the girls are fabricating the story, but by the time he manages to get the father to believe in his own innocence, he is sentenced to up to twenty years in prison.

    Interestingly the church psychologist/councilor seems to be the one pushing the girls and eventually the whole family into it…..

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    • Well said, Christine!

      By the way, that Mirror article is from March 2016. Good to see Debs has her finger on the pulse of the nation as always.

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      • Child abuse addicts don’t care about the truth behind their fix, as long as they get to wallow in the misery and feel outraged. These “things” have been wallowing in the misery of a hoax for nearly 3 years, still continuing to ignore the FACTS that creepy child abuser Abraham spent a month in Morocco torturing and grooming two children he had only just me,t into repeating his perverted fantasies.

        Only a child abuser would believe that two children could be abused hundreds of times a week with no lasting physical or mental problems, no hospital visits, no missing school, the mother never realising despite given them enema’s. There would be life threatening injuries if even 1% of Abe’s claims were true, not just RAD or some scarring that could fall within normal variants. Then they are paraded on camera in public places to talk about the most horrific crimes of baby killing, cannabalism, and sexual abuse yet are just eager to reel off the same script in tandem as quick as possible without any emotion to please their captors.

        I believe the children. The creeps promoting the hoax believe child abusers Abraham and Ella’s words, which the children were forced to repeat through torture. It makes me sick that given the chance, these pathetic perverts would hand the children back to their groomers for more torture and tales of Mind Control and SRA.

        Arrest the lot of these child abusers for continuing to publish the private police interviews, the childrens confidential medical reports, their names and images all over the internet.

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    • There she goes again with her Vegan=Sainthood stuff but not sure she should bring up the notion of what these kids ate when they were found scrounging around in garbage bins for something to eat.

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  6. Angie v Yolande, part 94…

    Not sure what’s funnier here – Angie’s desperate calls to Weaselly to come and back her up or her claim that Rupert has been grooming Yolande 😀

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      • lmao, don’t worry about her, Sheva. she’s just jealous she’s losing support. that’s why she goes around flirting with anyone who will (or in most cases, wont) have her.
        you’re (at least) twice as intelligent as she is, that’s why you’re here with us instead of with the troofers freaking out about thousands of nonexistant babies that somehow get sacrificed in a church-tardis, and the world ending today.

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    • Angela Power-Disney educating Jake about the art of grooming and flattery to lure victim to the dark side!!

      Unfortunately useful idiot Jake is too head shot to even tell his arse from his elbow and Angie too immersed in her false identity to even notice what spews out of her hidious gob.

      Sod Eastenders.

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    • Lol and Weasel never did show up.

      Good, at least he wasn’t seduced by her “charms”.

      I do wonder about this Free Rupert Campaign though…

      Perhaps they are going to stage a protest outside Wandsworth Prison, after all Belinda did go to Peterborough to picket the Nick there when Melanie Shaw was locked up Easter 2015.

      I have an awful feeling that JC is at this little Premier Inn conference this very minute.

      It can only go from bad to worse if he is.

      It doesn’t look like there has been any change in his position since last year, despite the inpatient treatment.

      Mingling with Belinda et al will not be any good for his Mental Health.

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  7. A minutes silence please in memory and commiserations for all the sad bastards* who will lose the will to live having been suckered into Belinda and Sabines latest “No refund” cash generating wheeze currently taking place in the premier inn,Euston.

    * Except Nathan Stolpan whom quite frankly can simply just fuck off.

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    • A history lesson from Moo. Corporate Communism is on the way via the Zionist NWO and she doesn’t like the idea of WW3.
      I’m surprised she hasn’t been snapped up as an adviser to Mr Troomp. She’d fit right in.


    • Threatening women over the internet is so much easier than face-to-face confrontations isn’t it, John. Last time that happened, you got a mild slap in the face that resulted in you running crying to the nearest police officer, shouting “He hit me, he hit me – waaaah”. Bless

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    • He’s a lying prick too – you can’t get people’s IP addresses from YT. These psychotic troofer twunts are always trying that one, as I think we’ve discussed ad nauseum.

      Plus I for one have a dynamic IP address, which changes every time I log on. And I dare say a lot of people use proxies anyway. Sooo, good luck with that, John, you useless twat. LOL

      Oh and I’m sure that police officer whose name he keeps using to troll and threaten women with will be very interested to see those screenshots. Tick tock, Johnny-boy…

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    • Leaking:

      Dear John,

      I am afraid its over between us,its not me,its you.

      I never really loved you,in fact I always thought you were a miserable bastard from the moment our eyes met across a crowded waiting room at ENT outpatients department at Seaford Hospital.You with your daft nose and me with my gob problems.It was never going to work.

      Anyway,I have sold the boat as you no longer need it after discovering all you had to do is lie down in the water and point you nose in the right direction.


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    • He’s a touchy one that Mr Patterson. Call me old-fashioned ( Doris etc) but I have a feeling that if DC Grimwood has his pc it’s not really a positive for Johnny boy.


    • I just stumbled upon this …. John must be desperately seeking subs, just before that I was searching for news on the event tonight and stumbled upon Lord Pye in Belinda’s Garden too…… Anyway, I’m sure this showed up here before, but it points to Belinda clearly having inspired the Jahlight, False Flags etc…. and John Paterson likes it……I’m not going to bother the police until a quieter time, but I will be relaying his claims, threats etc.


  8. It’s not the first time Sabine has offered tiered access for more money. Does anyone remember her offer to access more info peoples case files, ending with full access to ????

    She’s another one who bangs on about the EU whilst going against the Directives they issue.

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    • Marrying a paedophile and making silly allegations about assassins shooting at her car and the police trying to have her killed? Daft isn’t she, Angie. Er…

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      • Overly benevolent nature.????? ….. please Angie stop making me laugh so much, my belly hurts…. You blocked me for ? Asking pertinent questions ? Revealing the truth about your lies ? And that was before you really got going at the harrassment campaign @ me, carried out by Weasley, Heffer & others…… Leave the children of Hampstead in peace, you vile child abuser.

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  9. For fecks sake, another end of the world, jeez I might just have a chance of getting my swindleindo cheque cashed then so! Damn predictive text! 😁😆😂

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