The best-laid plans of mice and chimps

Sometimes we just have to laugh.

Out there in the foetid swamps of TrooferBlogLand dwells a rancid rag of a blog, a hangover from a previous hoax involving false allegations of sexual abuse against a number of innocent people. The Hollie Greig hoax had much in common with the Hampstead SRA hoax, including the aforementioned false allegations, a great deal of overlap amongst its key players, an innocent young person used as a pawn in the adults’ game of “fill those donations coffers”, and more.

The blog in question, HollieGreigJustice, is owned by a person from Manchester named George Kouris, aka George Greek Trucker; it is…well, not written, exactly…perhaps “scribbled upon with chimpanzee-like enthusiasm” by one Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, a person who looks as though a good bath would not go amiss.

We’ve mentioned him here before, but you might be forgiven for forgetting him, as he is eminently forgettable. He did eke out a wee bit of fame at one point, when as one of our readers pointed out, he allegedly “failed the very same scam as Draper and Christie did in an attempt to frame his daughter’s grandfather. The mistake he made was to actually hand the phone over to the police who quickly discovered evidence of him coaching her!”

In general we don’t pay much attention to Malkie, except to smother a smirk each time he tries to link a post on his blog to a comment on this one. This happens about five times per day, leading us to wonder whether he actually has his own blog, or it’s just a shadowy mirror of Hoaxtead Research.

One of our team members wandered over to Malkie’s place yesterday to check out this hypothesis, and came back laughing. “It’s basically a string of our quotes from our commenters, with bits of gibberish thrown in”, they informed us. Gibberish like this:

How wid you know are you say the cops gave you evidence?So the cops KNEW i wis perverting the course of justice in a child abuse case yet STILL didnt interview me never arrested or charged me was never sent to trial was never found guilty …strange 

Don’t laugh, that’s some quality gibberish right there. We have no clue what he’s on about, but it seems to keep him busy, so who are we to complain?

One of the odder features of that blog is that Malkie appears to genuinely believe that everyone who comments on Hoaxtead Research is either Matt Quinn, Maggs Shaw, or…no, that’s really about it. Just those two people.

It’s the same sort of shortsightedness which leads many of the Hoaxtead mobsters to believe that everyone here is RD, despite all signs to the contrary.

But we digress.

Aside from the amusement value in having to consign half a dozen “trackback” requests from the HGJ blog each day, and noting that that blog is basically a gaudy, unreadable version of ours, we confess to allowing a tiny smirk to cross our lips at the fact that each day, Malkie’s blog sends us several readers, some of whom seem to appreciate what we offer.

We have to suppose that this is not what George and Malkie had in mind…er, brainstem…when they revived their blog last spring. Ah well, lads. Can’t win ’em all.

Form an orderly queue, ladies!

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  1. Nice write-up, EC.

    And speaking of chimps, here’s the second hissy fit of the night from Mad Moo. Thumbs at the ready…

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    • Maybe Moo has a wider audience than the regular dozen or so thumbs down she gets on her videos but I reckon she has her work cut out if she thinks one billion Muslims are going to take a blind bit of notice of her.

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      • “Maybe Moo has a wider audience than the regular dozen or so thumbs down she gets on her videos”

        No, she doesn’t. Apart from KSC, APD and a handful of creepy nutters from her Farcebook page, most of her views are from us going there to thumb her down or report about her on here. The fact that so few people listen to her is one of the things she’s always whining about. LOL

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  2. “…Malkie appears to genuinely believe that everyone who comments on Hoaxtead Research is either Matt Quinn, Maggs Shaw, or…no, that’s really about it…”

    Actually, to be fair, he fancied a change a few nights ago and veered off into “Everyone is Ricky Dearman” territory. It doesn’t appear to have lasted, though.

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    • Well I’m not either of those two people and I’ll reveal something here for the first time: Ghost of Sam is not my real name! It’s the one on my birth certificate but that’s a legal fiction.
      In daily life I’m known as Prudence Tricklebank-Hawshaw. Of course that is before I had gender re-assignment. Before that I was Major Tristram Fotheringham-Brimble of the Salvation Army, Catering Corp.

      I am not and never have been El Coyote, Deborah Mahmoudieh, Spiny Norman or Ethel Aardvark but I believe the Throatwobbler-Mangroves are distant cousins.
      # Must go-Nursie says she wishes to speak to me urgently.

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    • Let me explain to you Malkie, why you’re talking bollocks about what Jack Boyle said, and I’ll use the very image you did to debunk you:

      The first five or so lines actually say that in general kid’s don’t make up this type of story, it’s hard to tell with kids who have learning difficulties and that Hollie doesn’t have past form for this sort of thing. They also say that perpetrators have good motivation to make shit up and distract from the truth.

      What they don’t say is anything whatsoever about the truth or otherwise about the allegations “Hollie” made. And I put that in inverted commas Malkie because it wasn’t Hollie that made up the allegations at all, it was her Mother, we know that now. Dr Boyle then goes on to question Anne Greig’s mental health, and with very good reason, the record reflect that she’s as mad as a box of frogs!

      So Malkie, are you really just so fucking stupid you don’t understand a letter? Or are you just one of those perps making shit up to distract attention from the truth? It’s really an either-or question.

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  3. This is how Malcolm speaks to ladies (in this instance Maggs and Sylvia, both of whom he’s been harassing and slandering for several years):

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  4. Mad Moo’s been re-posting all those posts containing innocent people’s names and illegal images of the children, on the Believe the Bollocks page. That’s the third time she’s posted them. I did report every single one of them when she posted them on her own page and again when she posted them on the BtB page but I’m still awaiting an outcome. I’ve now reported the re-postings too.

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    • His hair looks really rank.

      I hope it’s wet and not greasy but if that is grease, yuk!

      I bet it really stinks…


      • I’m pretty sure that’s grease, Babs. Plus there are several other pictures confirming it. He’s proud of it too.


        • Ugh I hate to think what his arm pits smell of then!

          Utter filth.

          Bet where he lives is disgusting too…


      • Shit, I’ve just seen he has a picture of some poor sod hanging dead from a tree on his FB page (from March 2015). Reported. F*cking pyscho.

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        • His bog is full of inappropriate images Liza, including nudity and child abuse. If you actually were on the side of decency you just wouldn’t re-publish images like that under any circumstances but as others have often said, I think this is a kind of ‘porn’ for weirdos like Malkie.


    • Good to see some enterprising soul has noted the copious reserves of oil and has already given the boring cnut a sound exploratory fracking.


  5. Ah yes, the lovely Malkin, who hung on to Bellenders every word. He even used to hand out leaflets in Aberdeen on her behalf. Listened to her garbage about the so called Violate club. Child like dolls with diamond eyes that never existed, but Blender said they did so it must me true. Apparently, they had a van outside the club at night spying on who went in there, they claim it was full of judges and MP’s, funny that because Malkin and his merry men didn’t even know where it was. He wasn’t even clever enough to coach his own daughter into admitting she was abused because he forgot to remove from his mobile the said checking. Silly silly boy. In the early days he started his page with his brother, but even his brother got board with it. Oh yes another thing. Some one one the Hollie Hoax team turned informer to Malkin so he really wet him self over that one, and decided to print everything about them on what ever social media out put he could.

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      • Oh yes I remember that one, I think it was one of the times, the two ladies went out the back way so Malkie shout child abooce like he usually did. But the two ladies drove past him outside the court, waving at him.

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      • Video unavailable it says – I saw it earlier, has the fanny actually taken it down? ROFLMAO!


        • No, it’s still available and plays fine. It could be that you’re blocked by him on Farcebook.


          • Can’t see how, I don’t have a Facebook account of any kind and have never been signed into it, especially not from here, but it was playing just fine a little earlier on this page.


      • No she upset him once because she told a lie as usual, as to who actually abused his daughter. poor Malkie was beside him self with rage what Bellender had said. She actually said that she had no objections to people using bad language if it ever made a difference to stopping child abuse.


  6. Just posted on Angela’s Farcebook page:

    Er…nope. We proved categorically that the photos you’d pretended were of the London protest were in fact of the Dublin fuel protests from several months earlier. D’oh!

    Oh and the protest that took place in Parliament Square that day, as one of our on-the-ball commenters (Eye Spy) pointed out, was for…er….refugees. NOT child abuse. Double d’oh!

    Oh and lest we forget that you then thought it would be a really good idea to dig yourself even deeper into your hole (a bit like what you’ve done again today), and give us all another big laugh:

    By the way, when I say “we” and “us”, I’m not referring to the aforementioned “trolls”, whoever they are. It’s just that when I checked in the dictionary, it didn’t define ‘troll’ as “anyone who politely questions Angela Power-Disney’s false claims”. In fact, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a troll is “a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post”. Ring any bells, Angie?

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    • PS: I have absolutely no earthly idea why she’s mentioned the Holborn Police Station interview, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the non-existent London child abuse protest, even less to do with the refugee protest and certainly nothing to do with the Dublin fuel protests!

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      • Ah she’s probably trying to “prove” she is an Investigative Journalist, but Epic Fail on that as the Rally came to nothing, no admittance to see JC at the Luton Mental Health establishment and standing outside Holborn nick on a dull August Bank Holiday Monday with a bunch of other old woman plus Rupert isn’t great. Btw Rupert also told me she grabbed him there but no one saw!


    • There was meant to be a CSA Rally on 17th September but only about 4 people turned up.

      Where was Angela from 29th August 2016 Bank Holiday Monday when Sabine was at Holborn Police Station until Saturday 17th September 2016?

      Staying at Jockney Rebel’s?

      In a car with Jockney and Rupert going to the Psychiatric Unit in Luton to harass Mental Health Nurses?

      Also outside Hampstead Christchurch taking photos with Rupert?

      A tenner on each…

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      • Plus correct me if I’m wrong but the photos of her in front of Big Ben etc. were from some event a year earlier, weren’t they?

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        • I’m not sure about that, she actually may have gone last year but it would have been a complete waste of time as it just didn’t get the numbers.


    • I note that all of the evidence presented to her washed right over her and she’s dishonestly claiming that we accused her of photoshopping the photos. Hey, Angie – lies make Baby Jesus™ cry, you know.

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    • Yes!!!

      Well played, CM 😀

      I see I have 10 notifications waiting, so fingers crossed for some more like this.

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      • It turns out that I made a total of no less than 38 reports between Friday and Saturday. Two or three have been actioned, only one removed according to what FB told me, the rest are under review. When you are asked how satisfied you are with the outcome do you submit more information as to why a post should be removed if it hasn’t been i.e. argue your case?

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        • I do, fill in the review…..subimit more info, I highlight what I hope are relevant points, links….. but recently reporting options have changed again. ‘
          According to FB, they look also at how many of a persons posts have been hidden …. difficult to hide, what some of us want to be able to monitor…….. I have had little to no tech for yonks, but will try & catch up on the reviews…… Lately, I reported lots of Deborah Moody’s posts but none actioned, so far,, I’ve reported her YouTube too.
          I’ve moved on to ‘Believe The Children’….. angered at their mockery of how we began our campaigns, decades ago, ….things have moved on and in the meantime, unfortunately people like Malkie Ulglyville & Angie., Belinda, etc noticed an opportunity, carved from the courage of early survivors speaking out.
          If anyone can figure why the page that Wes Pgate Hall Opdeatheater, one of Angela Power Disney’s packdogs, was taken down so quick ? That might be useful……
          I know it used to be a case of no.s of reports…..Thankyou to everyone, but I wish we could make it be that swift for others ????
          Seeking ideas to really challenge the platforms on this case still being able to be promoted. ????

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          • The behaviour of those people is so bad, it’s inexplicable to me. I remember here in Ireland when lone voices began to emerge in the late 80’s describing the abuse those individuals suffered in industrial schools and at the Magdalene laundries…more and more people spoke out because people were ready to listen. But if they didn’t speak till today, they’d probably be dismissed amongst the SRA hoaxes etc.

            Can someone share the link to that part of Judge Pauffey’s summing up where it says images and names are not to be broadcast please…otherwise I might be ages looking for it. Thanks.

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    • Surprise surprise – Nathan Stupidman has jumped on that particular bandwagon too – and bangs on about it for over two hours. Toot toot!

      By the way, he says that his main channel has been banned.


  7. Struggling to read that mate, but I get the idea I think. He’s right, just jailing Green for a breach really didn’t give the people who were defamed their day in court and their names properly cleared, not that anyone with any sense believes all the shit that was put about anyway, but still. All the crown office achieved was was to make him a hero among his peer group of wasters, stoners, morons and downright bloody con merchants.

    A lot of people (myself included) would like to see the sex trade shut down completely, in my book if you take any part in it you’ve basically failed at being a human being. It’s like drugs, people argue that cannabis is harmless but it’s obviously not, and it is just a gateway to more harmful things that ultimately mean people all over the world having their lives destroyed.

    Matt has a very good point I think when he argues that people like Ogilvy, Green. and others are just working to create distractions around the issues. But another point I think he’s made is that people shouldn’t be punished for stupid mistakes they’ve made in the past. I don’t think there is any interest in “exposing” people that appeared in VHS swingers movies 30 years ago, but as you say, what is going on out in places like Portugal and Morocco (oddly, the sort of places favoured by the likes of APD, Christie and their chums) is pretty sick, pretty serious, and tracks back to the worst of organised crime at a local level.

    Another thing to consider is how political the Holliehoax has been made. What is the agenda there? It went from a story about high level child abuse, to being all about the SNP and Alex Salmond before finding its final resting place as a tale of Satanic ritual abuse! What next? Maybe it was the Martians? The thing with Malkie is, we know he’s a prize idiot, but he must know he’s lying through those rotten teeth of his, and that people are literally laughing at him in the street. Why carry on lying when it’s obvious nobody believes you and you’re just making yourself look even more stupid and bent?


  8. What no one realises is, yes there is a grain of truth in it, no one ever asked Hollies uncle what he did to Hollie. No one ever questioned Anne Greig. Certain things went missing just before an 18th Birthday party, only Anne knows where they are. Even Robert never really wanted to know the truth. Indeed at his trial, no evidence came to light, just a piece of paper Robert had written on. So Brian Gerrish could of saved his neck with all that evidence he had in his cupboard, eledgedly. Oh and another thing, Robert Green had long since fallen out with Anne Greig anyway. There was a YouTube video of him slagging Anne off, but it has long since gone.

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    • Very fair points FG, well made. I know at one point the notion that Roy had no problems was debunked by MQ. Apparently he was up to his neck with some fairly dodgy sorts. I’m not going to get too far into naming names though, even if they have already been published.

      There was a school of thought that said Robert Green was basically trying to get into Anne Greig’s knickers, and that’s one of the main things that motivated him. He certainly had plenty of relatively face saving opportunity to back out of the hoax element, fly right and “go for the grain” as it were. He chose otherwise, something similar seemed to be the case when Belinda was leading him around by the nose like a bewildered bullock. And yes I see it’s well noted he presented no real defence and didn’t even really address the actual charges he was facing, he simply blustered about along tangents waving bits of random rubbish around.


      • Yes I came to the conclusion he was trying to get in her knickers too. Aparrently he quite liked Belinda too, being seen playing guitar for her one night in a restaurant

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    • More people watch the antic of these people than regularly comment anywhere on the internet. People in positions of professional trust cannot comment. Others chose not to take the risk Mr Quinn has; his home business and family having all been subjected to attacks.

      He seems resilient, and people have his back, but at the end of the day who wants to be Aunt Sally? Especially when even “radio silence” is not enough to quiet these fools. Ogilvy seems like a very worried man.

      Let’s just say, in some circles, there is a degree of convergence of opinion as to what went on, who is involved and how these cases connect. the objective is to see those responsible face the courts and pay the price.

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      • There was the fact also that Hollies own mother had been coaching her to say stuff too. It’s all long ago now but it has a Base for a lot more hoaxes too


        • FG, I must confess that I’m no expert on the Hollie hoax and I’ve learnt a lot about it this weekend thanks to people like you and Babs. Thank you 🙂


    • Ye have tae laugh when someone dedicates about 200 posts in a row to us then says that us dedicating just one tae him means he must be daeing something right 😀


      • No Malkie, that’s at least another two lies added to your total. I’m not Matt Quinn and I wrote nothing about Jack Boyle not counting. What I did do was explain what Jack Boyle actually wrote, and that it’s nothing like the complete bullshit you’re trying to hang onto the man’s words.

        It’s a pity you didn’t make it past primary seven reading and comprehension level Malkie. But them I hear you know so much better than all the world’s teachers put together!

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    • ROFLMFAO No, not at all CP.

      You really are as thick as ten day old pig shit aren’t you Ogilvy? What the fuck are you actually on about? Where the hell do I “admit” that “Anon” is Matt Quinn? Or is this just you in full retarded troll mode trying to paint pictures you think other people will believe (they won’t cos other people aren’t as stupid as you). As far as I can see Malkie, Matt Quinn hasn’t written a single solitary word on the subject of either Hollie Greig or Hampstead in over six months! Whirrr whirrr whirrrrrr Malkie, your projector’s badly broke but it’s still running wild.

      Get it through your thick head Malkie, the man you tried to frame has made bloody sure Aberdeenshire knows exactly what you are and the word about you has spread far and wide from there. Matt Quinn is the least of your problems, the worst he’ll do is see you get a nice cosy jail cell along with your old buddy Mitchell. Seen any good fillummms lately Malkie?

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    • Yes. She should investigate her “Secret Soursez”, they All have so much in Common. They delight in describing false abuse and making false allegations! One source of hers tried to get her own Father (old enough to be her Great-Grand Father, btw) to finance her Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride of an parental armed Fed. kidnapping from FL to MI. Good thing SOMEONE heard and recorded(?) the Stupid little bitch’s LIES and FOILED the Plot! HAHAHAHA! Yes. THEY will make a fine story on a slow news day E.C.! ffs
      P.S. And yes, the little fraud says she is an “Indigo Child”!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
      No more words for these creeps!


    • “Lawful suspects…who devote their time to trolling an slandering…as well as spreading lies and disinformation…regular barrage of abusive insults and malicious lies…”

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      • “As well as spreading lies and disinformation about the lawfully evidenced facts of this case”.

        No Madmoo, it is YOU who is guilty of doing that.

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  9. Listen up, Rassclaats – it’s time for your daily dose of Debs…


  10. Another twat to report. I think this is originally from SGT Report.


  11. Chris Fay And The NAYPIC – London Scam
    (dedicated to all the UK journalists, politicians and abuse victim activists who allowed a con-artist to lead them around by the nose like a herd of trained ponies)

    CHRIS FAY was all over the UK news, from 2013 to 2015, making allegations about historic sexual abuse of children on an industrial scale, and also child trafficking, prostitution, pornography…even torture & murder captured in ‘snuff films’ -audaciously naming prominent persons living and dead as perpetrators of these horrors, apparently with impunity.
    But why was he taken seriously, why was this odd little man granted the public platform of the press to impress all of these accusation on the minds of the public? Why was Chris Fay perceived to be a credible source of information on these subjects? What credentials of experience, training and knowledge did he possess to put him on par with the likes of Scotland Yard’s top child sex crime specialist investigators?

    Apparently, it was his self-professed status as “Adult Advisor to the National Association of Young Persons In Care (NAYPIC)” – because that’s how he was habitually described in press coverage, and by political figures, commentators and other victim’s advocates.

    So, what was NAYPIC?
    Was it a government agency run by Social Services, specially appointed to investigate child sexual exploitation and abuse, staffed by the nation’s most experienced Child Protection social workers? No.
    Was it a registered national Child Welfare charity, venerated for a long history of investigating, documenting and raising awareness about child abuse, run by academic experts on the subject – like the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children? No.
    NAYPIC was a “youth rights movement group”, founded in Leeds in 1979. It was intended to be a social-political organisation lobbying for the rights of Young Persons In Care, composed of and run by Young Persons In Care. It’s purpose was stated to be:
    To improve conditions for children and young people in care
    To make information and advice available to young people in care
    To promote the views and opinions of young people in care
    To help start, support and develop local groups.

    So, what’s an “Adult Advisor” to such an organization? What does it mean to be “Adult Advisor to NAYPIC”, what qualification would a person need to be Adult Advisor, and exactly what would their role be? – given that by definition they could not be a Young Person In Care themselves…
    I puzzled over such questions every time I saw Chris Fay in the news yet again, and always with that phrase attached. I knew he was supposed to have been a social worker at one time, but I didn’t recognise Adult Advisor as a job title or professional classification in the social work field in North America. Nor, I discovered, has it ever been used as such in the UK. The only references to Adult Advisor were what you’d expect to find – as a teaching staff volunteer who advises senior high school, “Student Body Councils”. Nor was there any mention of an “Adult Advisor” in the original NAYPIC proposals.

    “Adult Advisor to NAYPIC” turned out to be an imaginary title, presumably invented by Chris Fay himself. Therefore the necessary qualifications to be Adult Advisor were…nothing! The qualification to be Adult Advisor was – nothing – the role of the Adult Advisor was – nothing – and the expertise implied by holding such an imaginary position with a youth peer support and rights advocacy organization was – nothing!

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      Fantastic information on Chris, as well as his well known criminal life.

      I would just like to point to someone who did actually do good work for children. This women stayed close to my mother and her siblings, as she helped them escape from hell. All to often we hear the worst of social workers, i would like more people to know of the good work Gwen did in her lifetime.

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      • Please believe me, Reverend, I understand very well the heroic work and self-less dedication to it, that characterizes most people in that profession.
        But Chris Fay was not even “a bad apple” – he was a poisonous prune masquarading as a bad apple!

        There were these NAYPIC reports, published by Moss & Fay in the early 1990’s, which were hailed by some in the Social Work profession as “ground-breaking” reports of abusive treatment, from residents of various care home facilities.

        “A Report on Complaints Received by NAYPIC from Young People in Adolescent Psychiatric Units, both NHS and Privately Run. By Mary Moss, London Development Officer & Chris Fay, Adult Adviser, 1990”

        was one of these. It’s possible that some of this information really was instrumental in bringing about a review of systematic violations of young people’s rights – including instances of sexual abuse by staff members – in Adolescent Psychiatric Units of that time. Moss & Fay really were in contact with some teens from such facilities, and the “reports of abusive treatment” from them appear to be legitimate and supported by documentation such as hand-written letters of complaint.

        But most of the “reports of abusive treatment” data in their reports wasn’t what it was claimed to be.
        I became aware of this, when I came across this notation alleged to have come from the NAYPIC “logs” between 1989-1991:
        – Peter B. sexually abused/child porn – in Grafton Close, in care of Richmond
        which was clearly a reference to Peter Bornshin aka Peter Hatton-Bornshin, whose tragic tale was highly publicized in recent years (but, that tale is also full of falsehoods)
        If the “report of abusive treatment” concerning Peter B was “received” by NAYPIC 1989-1991, then it was a report from an adult former care resident, because Peter Bornshin would have been 22-24 at that time.

        And this one, titled: the account of GL1:
        “The following statement was given to me by a girl, then aged 19, on 2nd April 1990. I refer to her as GL1 (Green Lane Children’s Home resident 1).
        GL1 would only speak about this once as she had now left care and put it behind her….”

        Well, fair enough to collect some accounts from adult former residents in care homes – so long as they are identified as such, and kept separate from first-hand reports by minors still in care at the time of the “report”. But in the GL1 account, the young lady talks about witnessing very young boys 12-14 from her former facility acting out sexually, or being sexually exploited/abused. I knew right way, when I read that – Fay had assigned names to these boys, written up summaries of this woman’s story about them, and entered them into his database as independent reports FROM THE BOYS in question.

        And sure enough, I was able to extricate evidence from formal reports and informal statements Fay had made over the years, suggesting that MOST of the reports in his database were really this type of second-hand account. In other words, whether they really were the truth of the matter or not, Fay’s “reports of abusive treatment” were really rumor & gossip about abuse, that he had collected from former care residents who claimed to have witnessed it. But the Social Work academics and professionals reading and praising his “groundbreaking” reports were clearly under the impression that all of this data was first-hand accounts, from minors in care at the time the report was “received” by NAYPIC.


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