What happens after we win the war?

Yesterday we discussed the “end game” for various Hoaxtead mobsters—today it’s time to look at our own plans, as a blog and a community, for the time when the Hampstead SRA hoax is consigned to the dust-heap of history.

One of our readers put it this way:

Just a quick question for the community on here….. What is our end game? One idea of putting this all to bed would be to make a separate Wiki entry for this hoax. Then, when people google this nonsense, the top link is to a (brilliantly written) wiki page summarising all of this and acting as a definitive statement.

What do you all reckon?

This is a question we’ve considered from time to time, but usually our ruminations are interrupted by yet another upsurge in fruitloop activity, and we put the discussion to one side while we deal with the latest insanity.

Last month’s judgement in the Rupert Quaintance trial offered us a small taste of what victory could feel like, and we hope it will pave the way for successful prosecutions of other Hoaxtead mobsters, as the CPS realise that such cases can indeed be robust enough to hold up in court. A string of successful prosecutions won’t necessarily spell the absolute end of the hoax; we expect there will be stragglers and latecomers who continue to believe that an entire London community could somehow run a paedophile death cult, complete with infanticide, cannibalism, and babies delivered by DHL, out of a small school in a busy neighbourhood.

Then again, there will probably also continue to be people who believe in unicorns, or think the laws of gravity are a hoax perpetrated by gerbils.

Which is to say, we can’t do much about the diehards who insist on dragging things out long after the train has left the proverbial station.

What will happen to Hoaxtead Research?

It’s hard to imagine our world without this blog, but we think the day will come when the hoax will have subsided to the point where we’ll be able to close up shop, lock the doors, bid a fond farewell, and walk away. Yes, it’s a strange thought, but we expect and trust that it will happen. Eventually.

That doesn’t mean we’ll remove the blog from the internet, though. Taking our cue from excellent hoax-battling sites like the Dysgenics blog, we anticipate leaving this blog online, to stand as an inspiration to those faced with SRA panics and hoaxes in future, and to serve as a warning to those who would perpetrate and support such hoaxes against innocent people.

One reason we built and have continued to add to the FAQ section here is that we want this blog to offer new, as yet unknown readers the full story, in one convenient place. (See? We’ve been planning our exit strategy for ages now!)

What about a wiki?

A wiki is a good idea, and could be an excellent adjunct to the blog.

However, there are a couple of caveats: contributing to a public wiki like Wikipedia can be fraught with issues, as the whole point of such a site is that just about anyone may add to or edit a post.

We can envision our entry about the Hampstead hoax being turned into “the Hampstead coverup” by disgruntled sore losers; it could easily turn into an “edit war”, which is not an unknown phenomenon:

An edit war occurs when editors who disagree about the content of a page repeatedly override each other’s contributions. Editors engaged in a dispute should reach consensus or pursue dispute resolution rather than edit warring. Edit warring is unconstructive and creates animosity between editors, making consensus harder to reach. Users who engage in edit wars risk being blocked or even banned. An editor who repeatedly restores his or her preferred version is edit warring, regardless of whether their edits were justifiable: “but my edits were right, so it wasn’t edit warring” is no defense.

Still, this doesn’t mean that having the facts of the case available on a wiki is unfeasible. There’s an excellent site called RationalWiki which is specifically dedicated to

  1. Analyzing and refuting pseudoscience and the anti-science movement;
  2. Documenting the full range of crank ideas;
  3. Explorations of authoritarianism and fundamentalism;
  4. Analysis and criticism of how these subjects are handled in the media.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that there’s already a page on RationalWiki where some enterprising soul has made a good start on a “stub” about Ella Draper. (A stub is a short article in need of expansion, references, and so forth, to fill it out and make it truly useful.)

If anyone is interested in helping to expand the “Ella Draper” article, they should feel free to do so (no, not you, Kristie Sue, sit down and stop hyperventilating!).

And if any of our readers have further ideas on the matter, you know we’ll be happy to hear them.


174 thoughts on “What happens after we win the war?

  1. “…we expect there will be stragglers and latecomers who continue to believe…”

    Indeed, EC. Case in point: Holliehoax.

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      • And don’t forget that awful Brenda McNamara, she still promotes the Hollie story as does Angela Power Disney a late comer to that party.

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          • She is one and the same, the same woman who worshiped the ground Ben Fellows walked on, until she donated money to his India trip, then the penny dropped that he was a complete fraudster. I don’t know what she thinks of her bruv, as she called him (Bill Maloney) who was last seen on BBC News standing at the back of the Shirley Oaks enquiry.

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          • Was that before or after his famous appearance at the Edinburgh Film Festival a year or two back? It’s said he got himself chucked out of a gathering of TV people then started an argument in the street with a Smart Car.

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  2. “…to serve as a warning to those who would perpetrate and support such hoaxes against innocent people…”

    And to provide a handy archive and hoax reference “library”.

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    • Ah, I see you’ve alluded to that in the next paragraph anyway, EC:

      “One reason we built and have continued to add to the FAQ section here is that we want this blog to offer new, as yet unknown readers the full story, in one convenient place.”

      I concur 100% 🙂

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    • And it’s nice to know that all our memes won’t go to waste, lol.

      By the way, EC, I have some ideas about tidying up and streamlining the ‘Main Players’, ‘Trolls’ and ‘Memes’ pages which I’d be happy to support with. Will PM you.

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  3. Yes, I like the idea of contributing more information to other sites, rather than repeating it again here in a different format. And I agree with your warning about the perils of a genuine wiki. I don’t think that would be advisable.

    I was sorely pissed, though, after having gone to all the trouble of signing up on Pizzagate Wiki, to find that I still couldn’t expand the articles with my own information contributions, because they were all locked for editing by Administrator only. So, what’s the point of calling it a Wiki then, dickheads? 🙂

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    • “I was sorely pissed, though, after having gone to all the trouble of signing up on Pizzagate Wiki, to find that I still couldn’t expand the articles with my own information contributions, because they were all locked for editing by Administrator only. So, what’s the point of calling it a Wiki then, dickheads?”

      Yes, that comes under the heading of “failing to grasp the basic concept”, I believe. 😀

      Damn noobs. No idea how to run an internet.

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      • Most likely.

        And I should point out that there are seven posts on there that I won’t be pasting on here, as it would be both illegal and unethical. I’ll put up a few of the ‘lesser ones’, though…

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        • She’s plastered them all over Defective Costa’s ‘Believe the Boolocks’ page too. I’ve reported all of them on both pages, for what fecking good it will do. Pair of dirty child-abusing freaks >:D

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      • A classic example of the vile Deborah Mahmoudieh’s twisted mind and slight grasp on reality:

        “Britain’s message to pedo’s: ENJOY – we’ll all turn a blind eye and keep our mouths shut – we’ll protect you – we’ll defend your rights to remain free from investigation & arrests”

        She posts that along with a newspaper report about an undoubted evil bastard who was investigated, arrested , prosecuted, found guilty and jailed for 12 years.

        What goes on in this silly woman’s head? She is similar to the cigarette-ridden grifter Angela Power Disney who likewise posts media reports of prosecutions and convictions as though somehow the opposite has happened?

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        • I’m constantly puzzled by the way these people seem unable to grasp even the simplest ideas without turning them into some sort of bizarre conspiracy…it’s disturbing to think that they’re walking around free.


    • I take it Deborah is not based in the UK and that is why she is lawfully getting away with all this sharing of the Children’s images?

      Also as JC has been Sectioned twice by all accounts he is able to get away with it too even though he is based in Milton Keynes or near there somewhere.

      He really winds me up with this as there is no doubt in my mind he understands exactly what he is doing.

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      • You’re kidding, Babs – she’s in Sheffield!

        And I don’t think she’ll get away with it indefinitely. She thinks she will but she won’t. Alanson, Cant et al were arrested for less.

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        • Oh I thought she was abroad somewhere, lol.

          I’m confusing her with some other mad hatter!

          Well there’s no excuse then is there?

          Could DS Martin take a little trip to Sheffield or perhaps a Sheffield Police man/woman could do the honours??

          On the drive back to London maybe they could pick up JC?

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    • She sure has, I’ve never looked on her fb page before.

      I did notice she doesn’t have much of an audience, only 3 likes tops for any of her posts.

      If I was her I’d have given up a long time ago.

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    • The idiot posts another moronic Freeman of the Land youtube video about storming a court with the usual mind-bending demands- “oath of office”, “birth certificates are legal fiction” etc.
      The video claims it’s a ‘documentary” that is an “award winning WIFF documentary 2011”

      Alas on no WIFF website is this clown fest listed.

      Very similar to the fraudster Bill Maloney who claimed his ranting nonsense won an award at the New York Film Festival which I challenged him on after contacting them & receiving the response “never heard of him or his film”.

      After my persistence Baloney changed his award to that from the now defunct “New York Film and Video Festival”, a scam outfit like so many in the USA that attempted to coast in on the coat-tails of legitimate festivals. Hopefuls pay a large entry fee to these scam outfits (they are a plague in the USA) and basically “everyone wins a prize”…a shonky award that is laughed at by professionals.

      Self delusions like this should be seen as an accurate insight into the twisted minds of these hoaxers. They never are even when one of their own is busted for the very things they claim to be protesting about.

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      • The ‘leader’ of that court protest which was about council tax was eventually convicted and jailed for non-payment of council tax plus other frauds presumably much to the chagrin of the assorted thugs insulting police officers claiming “you’re going down mate”.

        As always, those who break the law are Sabine McNeil’s greatest pals.
        Now It’s been revealed she is a virulent anti-Semite this buffoon will be given no quarter.

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        • Was that another one Bellender was bigging up, was hanging about in the court room, then when it all kicked off, was nowhere to be seen


    • Despite the apparant hatred of APD of Krisie who ? The signs to me are that she is pulling Deb MadMoos strings…as well as Jake Clarkes…. Wesley Pgate Hall and others must be mightily sick that their coffers were not filled by this scheme…….. The Sow Cits eyes glittered, the holy bible bashing knashers thought glory would be theirs, Abusers everywhere were glad to jump aboard, anything to take the attention off their own guilt, slimey sloths like Miles & co were licking thier lips with ghoulish excitement at the new victims to be shared around at their super soldier conferences, prague & ever producing fresh faces to blow their ….er whistles ?
      It must be possible for those investigating to prove conspiracy.

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    EC, I rather suspect that mad Moo will be one of the aforementioned “stragglers who continue to believe” and will still be posting crap like this for as many years as her fag-addled lungs and weed-addled brain will allow.

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  5. It would be a terrible shame for Hoaxtead not to remain.
    The loss of the great Anna Raccoon’s website (I believe from hacking) deprived the public of an amazing resource re the Jimmy Savile Affair (and contrary to the hysterics she never once said Savile was innocent- or guilty, just pointed out glaring inconsistencies) and of a fine writer on many subjects who my pal always says was “one of the best columnists Fleet Street never had”.

    I would suggest that if the blog comes to an end as regards reporting on the numerous nutters that continue to promote fantasy, it would need a concise and brief introduction, a timeline and a good index, just like a good research paper has.
    ## remember in 5-10 years time children affected by these horrible false accusers will be young adults and I’m sure would find great comfort in a well researched website stating the facts.

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    • “I would suggest that if the blog comes to an end as regards reporting on the numerous nutters that continue to promote fantasy, it would need a concise and brief introduction, a timeline and a good index, just like a good research paper has.
      “## remember in 5-10 years time children affected by these horrible false accusers will be young adults and I’m sure would find great comfort in a well researched website stating the facts”.

      I think those are all excellent ideas, GOS. At the moment things are hopping, but if things play out as both Sabine and Belinda fear (and have predicted), I expect we’ll find that the hoax itself fades into obscurity, and there will be time to begin the process of creating a timeline, index, etc.

      And I take your point about the children who’ve been affected. Right now it’s unlikely that they’re old enough to really understand what we’re talking about, but within just a few years I expect they’ll want to know why their lives were turned upside down by malicious and/or deranged people.

      I hope this site will be able to give them a few answers, though to be honest I don’t think most of us really understand what could motivate someone to pursue such an obvious hoax as vigorously as the Hoaxtead mob has done, and we’ve been looking at the thing every which way for nearly three years now.


  6. What she means is, “How long will the UK public ignore me? I want attention! Gimme some attention now or I’ll scweam and scweam until I’m sick! Waaaaaah!”

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  7. Anyone familiar with Alexandra Meadors? MKD stumbled upon her and wow, she is “out there” 😮

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    • I cant stand this bitch. She sells alien implant removal by email for $400 and after that its about $70 a week to keep them away. She must be doing well as she employs 8 people

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        • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – little knocks me sideways as far as internet loons go but what never ceases to shock me are the scores of people queuing up to believe them.

          And I’m guessing those people are pretty aggressive and abusive if you dare to even question Meadors, right? It’s the same with Disney, Berry, ****** etc. – they’re surrounded by irresponsible, enabling sycophants.

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      • Is one of them Penny Pullen, or maybe Andy Peacher or Neelu Berry aka Lou Lotus ?….. Belinda McKenzie, given her Miles Johnston supported Bases project talks, starchild crap, they all seem to have pitches geared towards sales of various machines to remove implants, block energy weapons, such as Ray Savages ex GF Hope Moores, QEG. Thats a full deck 🙂

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    • If a superior Alien race of Prime Creators choose that red haired bint to contact Earthlings I don’t want to know about them.
      They can piss off to another galaxy far far away.

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    • Hahaha, more likely word has gone around to all the local banks to keep an eye out for the 58 year old mad woman.

      They probably have a photo of her in the staff room so all employees know who to keep an eye out for.

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  8. Posted by Mark Maxwell on the bigoted Mad Moo’s page. Angie and Mel Ve would be so proud of them for their anti-Catholic stance and belief that Jesuits secretly control the World:

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    • There’s an Old Woman catching flies of all kinds, in Spain, Ireland, Highgate, Wiltshire, Lambeth, IOW, to mention a few of the areas mentioned by Angela herself…..
      There was an old woman who swallowed a spider (sabine)
      She swallowed Sabine to catch a fly …… Jake ? Rupert? Deb? Wesley?
      I don’t know why…… but I think I do….:)
      I know I’m not making sense, please be patient….:)

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      • Belinda at the top of the pyramid, catches Sabine and others.

        Angela wants to take the lead from Belinda and catches Rupert, JC and Arty, plus John Duane and others, funny that they’re all men…

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        • @ Babs yes, and a fair number of the men are much younger….oedipus complex springs to my mind. Those men-children are a peculiar lot. That mad moo person is completely deranged and a truly horrible fvck! I sincerely hope the authorities lock her up and throw away the key. At this stage, she knows full well that her recent activities online are totally illegal.

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    • I haven’t really got a clue, bandwagon jumping from the looks of things I would say.

      It’s about time that Deborah was dealt with by the Police though as that protest for ? was 6 years ago and she’s not stopping with her behaviour.

      Surely repeatedly sharing images of the brother and sister from Hampstead has to be the final straw? No?

      It seriously is about time she is lawfully spoken to regarding this image sharing and for good measure she is told to stop all the libellous comments she makes.

      She’s getting worse…

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    • “church members raised concerns about the “important” work in the city being damaged by the Occupy Sheffield camp.”
      She’s just a vandal.

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    • LOL.
      “Do you believe NASA landed men on the Moon? Bart Sibrel does not believe men have landed on the Moon nor ever, have they been anywhere near the Moon. His belief is not without substantial and LAWFUL EVIDENCE”
      What a goose she is.

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    • Now I see who Bart Sibrel is- a ghastly insulting man who was punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin.
      I went to a promotion 3 years ago where Aldrin was the guest of honour and he’s the tiniest man I’ve seen. Maybe better to fit in that Apollo capsule so I’m so impressed he belted that 6′ Sibrel who insulted him just one too many times.
      Typical of Mad Moo to promote a creep like that.

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  9. Not knocking vegetarians or vegans for one second but “We are designed to be herbivores” is a stretch, isn’t it?

    “I’ve been vegan for over 17 years now, mostly through compassion for animals, but also, out of respect for the environment. Animal farming also, vastly contributes to carbon levels and in fact, puts more carbon into atmosphere than cars, also huge quantities of methane as well as nitrogen. Humanity must at some point accept that we are designed to be herbivores – a vegetarian diet without dairy products is better for health, mind, body & spirit and better by-far, for the environment. Meat & dairy production is a filthy, inhumane business; when will we learn?”

    Deborah Mahmoudieh, Dinnington, Sheffield, England


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    • Vegies haven’t done much for her health & mind.
      Mind you the vegetable matter Marijuana may have something to do with that.


    • If human dentition is anything to go by, apparently we’re “designed” for an omnivorous diet. But heaven forfend that Debs should actually pay attention to anything as frivolous as “science”.

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  10. @y-tracey – (carry over from yesterday)
    I assume nothing, but sometimes I don’t express myself clearly 🙂
    And I wasn’t trying to tease. There were other rants, all buried in comments and often not on topic with the article above them. Just like here.

    But I can tell you this – not long ago it occurred to me that there could be a very simple way to test the plausibility of claims that Harvey Proctor had been the abductor of a UK boy who vanished in 1979, in a definitive way. And of course, people making that claim would not have bothered even to investigate this very simple matter. They already “know” what happened, (they think), based solely on their own intuitive deductions & assumptions…so why bother to test the validity of their theory against actual evidence?

    Step 1 – was Harvey Proctor a serving MP at the time of the abduction? Easy to find – YES
    Step 2 – was the House sitting on the day & date of the abduction? Easy to find documentation – YES
    Step 3 – what hours did House sittings normally begin at that time, and how long did they typically sit for?
    Surprisingly easy to find – the House was always in session before, during and after the time of day when the abduction allegedly took place.

    If Proctor was in the House, as he should have been that day, then he couldn’t be the abductor. Simple and definitive. Only two steps left; did the party whip records show Proctor in attendance that day? Could any other MPs in that day’s session remember seeing him there?
    I didn’t take it all the way. I posted the steps and left it at that. If they don’t have the moral courage to test the validity of their belief, themselves, then they don’t really care what the truth of the matter might be.

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    • Well there is publicly available information that doesn’t involve tracking down party whips. He voted on an Education Bill that day in the evening at 22:00 or I should say they had the count done by 22:00. The speakers allotted time to debate the bill started speaking at 15:33. People later on only had ten minute slots. So, looooots of people around. This wasn’t a day with just a few backbenchers snoozing after a big lunch while someone speaks at length about Miss Grommit’s travails trying to find a backwards threaded screw and what is the minister for trade going to do about it. Prayers said at 14:00 but perhaps not so many people around then. Assumptions here, but this is the sort of thing, reading of bills, really big debates, voting, chats outside in public areas, that MPs tend to be expected to be in the House of Commons for. He was in the House of Commons that day and below in the link is the evidence,

      As you say, perhaps even more information could be found, if someone really wanted to. But, perhaps they don’t. This would be something police could track down I should imagine.

      On a completely what my gut says feeling, he was in the HoC for quite some time before the voting started and the first bill’s ayes and noes were announced at 22:00. If he wasn’t it’d be something he would be in deep doodoo for, for quite sometime, the time an MP wasn’t around for a very important debate, voting and reading of bills, for no good reason. I mean, why would he not simply pick Widgets in Shropshire oral questions day to do something evil anyway?


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    • Treating things simply as an intellectual puzzle to be solved, I have trouble with that. I don’t want to do that or be that person. Not with such a grave subject. Maybe it is a streak in me though. But, on the offchance you were not aware of the historical Hansard records, you are now.

      You also have my thoughts on it, which are built on a lifetime of absorbing things as diverse as recordings of debates and votes, the image in my mind of the beautiful Victorian gothic HoC and the way it’s public spaces are used, and feminist critiques of the old-boy network and frankly bonkers scheduling of debates starting after lunch and extending late into the night ON PURPOSE because the world would end if MPs started in the morning. The timings of sessions changed and the world didn’t end.

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  11. Good work, Sheva. Prepare to be deleted, blocked and branded a “troll”. I’ve taken these screenshots as proof that you’re not:

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  12. “What happens after we win the war?”

    You’re not the first to ask that, EC. Let’s see if these guys can give us some ideas:

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    • Hahaha I’ve met Maurice hehehe!

      One up on you Angela, you silly old mare.

      He asked me if he owed me any money. Lol I said No!

      Perhaps I should have said Yes, but then I’m not like Angela on the frigging make! Grrr…

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    • Well even Sabine admitted Kirk was guilty of harassment but claims he had genuine reasons to do it. A bit like a cat burglar saying “I have a wife & 4 kiddies to feed Your Honour which is why I broke into 17 apartments and stole their milk money”.

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    • Yolanda clearly has not even looked into the facts of Operation Ore & it’s quite a good indication of how these fanatics pick up internet memes and run with them without checking anything.
      Op Ore certainly arrested many people on the basis of their credit card activity but investigative reporter Duncan Campbell proved conclusively that a massive amount of credit card fraud had gone on and presented his evidence to the House of Lords and it was accepted by them.

      Whilst numerous guilty people were prosecuted many innocents were also swept up in the case by the FBI either deliberately or by incompetence. The American owner of the websites featured in Ore was jailed for decades but he also ran dozens of adult porn sites.
      Some subscribers to his sites found their cards used repeatedly over a month which was ridiculous as a person obviously wasn’t going to keep subscribing to a website over & over. While some complained to their credit card provider it’s pretty clear, in the early days of the net, a good deal were too embarrassed to complain.
      Others who had never subscribed to even adult porn sites also found their credit cards used illegally. This was before Adult Porn or internet shopping became far more organized and set-up legitimate billing to provide secure and discreet billing for customers to legal adult pornography websites or normal purchases.

      It’s pretty obvious Operation Ore was used as a Grand Slam to terrify would-be buyers of child abuse material world-wide.
      The problem is the internet has evolved (devolved?) rapidly since and child abuse material seems to have gone underground on the so-called “dark web” and I’m not even sure money changes hands these days unless the so-called Bit Coin industry is involved.
      Every now & then the subject of illicit child abuse material is used in devious ways: as in the Rolf Harris case where police wrongly claimed he had child abuse material but quietly dropped that claim after the damage was done, but the claim sticks.

      Yolande is very typical of how people become highly emotive or for other reasons, quite fanatical about a subject which has featured highly in the Hoaxtead matter. The very publishing of the child interviews to me (and I’m sure to most people) is child abuse at it’s worst. It repeatedly & cruelly disseminates videos of innocent children who are entitled to complete privacy, who have the right to grow into teens & adults and not have this matter follow them like a stalking plague.

      Personally I believe every person who has promoted this hoax needs to be hauled in and investigated. They are either potty like Yolanda ( and probably Moo) obviously is, or have very sinister reasons to continue to do it. No right thinking person could possibly think it’s fair to attack these children in this way. Unless they have a deep & hidden fixation about child sex. They seem very much like the sort of perverts who obtain jobs working with children and present a false image, often never being busted or eventually being caught out.

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  13. Hey EC, we appear to have touched a nerve with one of the aforementioned “stragglers who continue to believe” the debunked HG hoax. Specifically that greasy weirdo who abused his own daughter and who never washes his hair. Nice work, hehe 😀

    By the way, when did Paedogilvy stop thinking everyone was Matt Quinn and start thinking everyone is Ricky Dearman? Jealousy’s a strange thing.

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      • Fear not, bungling Bill’s on the case and we’ve tracked down the source of Malkie’s meals!


      • BTW Malkie, I see you’re going apoplectic posting stuff Matt Quinn wrote four years ago which is, actually, still bang on the money! But then, as the guy has been in the business nearly 40 years (twice the experience the clown you quoted) and is a recognised academic with over a decade’s experience actually teaching the fucking subject, he would be!

        Just to be clear on this, Matt did actually pioneer low budget corporates back in the 90s, its what his company is best known for. Comical that you should link to a video he did for one of the most prestigious and respected private schools in the country; you really proved something there didn’t you Malk? Doesn’t matter how you try and twist it Malkie, the man’s been feeding his family for an awfully long time so is obviously making money. Eccentric he may well be, skint he aint! So remind me Malkie? Who is it pays your bills? Oh yeah! Taxpayers! Like Matt Quinn, me and most of the other people posting here! Despite not posting anything in six months he must be scaring the shit out of you because we can all see exactly how obsessed you are with him!

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          • LOL – Should that not be Sir Henry Ricky Dearman Kerr Chambers McSprocket ? The gospel according to Malkie says I’m Matt Quinn too apparently! And the fanny still thinks he can bring a defamation action under Summary Cause! Here fannybaws……. I googled it for you Malkie as your too thick to do it yourself.


            “Whilst the Sheriff Court Rules provide Summary Cause Rules for small claims this simplified procedure is not open to Defamation actions. I understand that ,if such an action is raised in the Summary Cause, it will be immediately transferred to the Ordinary Cause Rolls.”

            As you said yourself Malkie, go ahead, put up or shut up!

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    • Hmm. Internet troll…Never washes his hair…Abused his own daughter…Believes every passing internet hoax…Can’t handle people disagreeing with him…Can’t spell…Thinks everyone is Ricky Dearman AND Matt Quinn…Calls women cocksuckers, slags and whores…


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    • Paedogilvy the little creep harassed and slandered our very own Maggs online for over a year, threatening to rape her, kill her and Christ knows what else. Then she confronted him outside Aberdeen Sheriff Court and he shat himself. LOL

      Sylvia ripped him a new one at one point too, as I recall 😀

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      • Is it right there is video of him accusing two innocent women of bestiality? Makes you wonder what sort of filth the little creep watches when his head’s full of that sort of weird shit.

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      Hmm. Neither has Ricky Dearman, so thank you for confirming his innocence 😀

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      • By the way, the lying creep says I’m following his shitty blog but I don’t even have a Liza Radley WordPress account. LOL

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        • I haven’t seen his bog in ages, but last time I looked it consisted almost solely of commentary he’d lifted from our Comments section. Apparently he’s become an unpaid, uninvited shill for us, LOL.

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      • Malkie was never charged or jailed because for whatever reason, the authorities seemed to feel that bringing him to justice would put even more of a burden on the child in question than he had already done. Believe it or not, some people actually put the well-being of children before their own selfish wants. Pick your jaw up off the floor, Malkie.

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        • Lol….. That eijit! I see you’ve sent him into meltdown! This is the same clown that a few months ago was threatening Matt Quinn with a “small claims” action for libel. Quite funny when you consider Quinn not only taught media law (which covers the Defamation Act) but literally wrote the fucking book, or at least a teaching pack for it which is still pretty much in use! Laughably, there is no small claims court in Scotland and even if there was, things like defamation are specifically excluded from that type of action. There is no such thing as libel in Scotland either, it’s plain defamation. IIRC Malcolm was chasing this same line back in 2013 when he was questioning why Sheriff Buchanan didn’t proceed against Robert Green for defamation. The answer being it would have cost the man £10K+ Malkie was trying to claim otherwise. So Malkie not only thinks he can tell a qualified academic his job, but a senior officer of the court too!

          As for the evidence he’s screaming for, you wrote the evidence up yourself Malkie you absolute muppet! The very thing you’re all over the internet whining about! The simple fact you were declared such a danger to your own daughter you were barred from contact with her is all the proof anyone needs. What’s more, your actually stupid enough to have told the world the police knew from the recordings you coached your daughter! And yeah, the only reason you weren’t charged is that it would have put the little girl through years of trauma as she’d have to be a witness in the court case against you, so you were let off the hook for her sake, but you’re still a dirty nonce. Of course, when you filled her head with all your weird sexual fantasies Malkie, you didn’t give a fuck about any of that did you? You’d have quite happily used the kid and fucked up her head for life just to try and frame an innocent man – her grandfather! So when people say you psycho-sexually abused your own daughter, and point out that you’re an absolute nonce for doing so, they’re bang on the money and hoisting you by the rope you made for yourself! Everybody and their dog knows who and exactly what you are Pedogilvy. Whereas you quite obviously know fuck all about fuck all. Like Baloney and Fellows, you’re another bloody clown shoes!

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    • Well surely if everyone is Ricky Dearman, Matt Quinn must be Ricky Dearman? And if everybody is Matt Quinn, Ricky Dearman must be Matt Quinn? Simples! The fact you hear nothing from either of them only confirms this!

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  14. From Kristie Sue and Maddy Moo’s ‘believe the Bollocks’ page:

    Kudos to Captain Bob, whoever you are 😀

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  15. Can’t imagine there are many groups he hasn’t offended. That meme done the rounds ages ago, there’s a blank version of it somewhere to make your own. The original picture of Maloney standing shouting is a frame grab from BBC news where he interrupted a live broadcast, it actually had a hand in his chest pushing him away! I think somebody (helpfully) added suitable legs and footwear too. Apparently all his colleagues in the media also cover up child abuse you see, especially the ones that drive around in Smart Cars. You can tell they’re evil from the grin – the Smart Cars that is.


  16. Why are all the posts invisible after the :’s? Am I missing something, looks like deletions? Not that I care to see their BS, just wondering…. Kevin Bacon has a Brother?


  17. I don’t think you guys should be considering vacating these premises just yet. There are many strands to your singular focus in exposing the Hampstead hoaxters. Of course, the existence of this site is a result of wanting to quell many scurrilous disingenuous ‘disinfo’ bollicks touted via Facebook, Youtube and various blogs by crazed maniacs on the make and ultimately to protect two innocent children, but within this blog, its daily updates and fresh commentary is a number of lessons needing to be learned. I’d elaborate if anyone thinks I should…meanwhile, do you think it would be useful to do a tutorial on how best and effectively to ask FB to have posts and videos and pages removed?

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