And then along came Mary…

There we were, having a nice civilised discussion about being nice civilised people, when next thing you know, KABLAM! We are slapped between the eyes by a post on Angela Power-Disney’s Facebook page, accusing us…well, not exactly us, probably someone else now that we think of it, of…actually, we’re not completely sure what we (or they) are being accused of, but whatever it is, it isn’t nice. Or civilised.

Even more odd that to our knowledge, we’ve never written a single post, complimentary, derogatory, or otherwise, about the person doing the complaining.

However, you know Hoaxtead mobsters. They can never be accused of letting facts stand in the way of a good rant. Or, as it happens, a very bad rant.

All right, so first Mary would like to establish a few basic facts.

  1. She is not an open-minded person.
  2. She is also not a narrow-minded person.
  3. She seems to think of herself as a “little goldilocks self”, which conjures an odd image for a supposedly grown woman, but who are we to complain? [Sez the coyote—Ed.]
  4. Oh wait, sorry. She’s actually a very broadminded person. Broad but not open. Got it.

Here’s where it gets tricky. See if you can follow along:

Theres alot of sh*t starters in this world that function under the ASSumption that because I dont happen to lack clearly defined boundaries or share their viewpoint, then this must mean I’m open for their targeted attacks and wont bother to do anything.

Here’s our best attempt: “Some people believe that because Mary doesn’t lack (in other words, she does have) clearly defined boundaries, or share their viewpoints, this means she’s open for”…no, wait, that’s not right.

Actually, we have no idea what she means.

Also, anyone have a clue what a “fake ass” profile is? We’re thinking pseudonymous donkey, but this one’s up for grabs.

Smile and nod, people. Smile and nod.

Okay, so having said that her non-lack of clearly defined boundaries doesn’t mean that she can’t accept whatever it was she was talking about back there, she now says that whatever we didn’t think we weren’t reading was 100% WRONG.

Fine, no problem. Let’s move along.

By the way, does anyone happen to have any paracetamol?

We’re glad to hear that Mary laughs about bullsh*t. So do we. Isn’t that nice? We have something in common!

Ah, but apparently she doesn’t like it when the bullsh*t has nothing to do with her. She only likes self-referential bullsh*t, then? Noted.

And oh, dearie dearie dear…it seems that Mary thinks someone has been attacking her because she’s been defending someone else who’s been a repeated target of some other attacks…my goodness, that sounds terrible! Who could do such a dastardly thing?

Whoever it is should be vewy, vewy careful, because Mary thinks that publishing her diatribe on Facebook is the equivalent to nailing it to the cathedral doors: it counts as a public notice, which means that whoever she thinks she’s talking to ought to be aware of it.

Then she says something about how “ibed anonymous persons” who may or may not have been “unwitteningly enticed”, which quite frankly is a bit too much information for us.

Really, what she chooses to do in the privacy of her own home is none of our business. And she may entice whoever she likes, unwitteningly or otherwise, just so long as she and the anonymous persons don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.

Ah, we think we might finally be getting to the meat of the matter. Mary wants someone called “Hoaxstead Research” to CEASE AND DESIST from their “persistent actions”. What actions would those be? Beats us.

Like many of the unwitteningly challenged folk who have promoted the Hampstead SRA hoax in the complete absence of any evidence that such a thing exists, Mary seems to believe that she is being harassed, emailed, spammed, and trolled…and she won’t have it, do you hear?

It seems those dastardly folk at “Hoaxstead Research”, whoever they are, have unwitteningly driven poor Mary to utter distraction, and if they don’t stop doing whatever it is they’ve been doing, she is going to call a policeman and tell her mummy and they’ll be sorry then, won’t they?

Oh, but Mary, while she might be a non-openminded, non-narrowminded, possibly non-broadminded person, is nonetheless not minded to contact the authorities (yet). She is giving those bad people ONE FINAL CHANCE to cease their illegal activities, yadda yadda yadda allegedly and without prejudice, world without end, amen.

Well, we’re sure that’ll be a huge relief to the nasty people over at “Hoaxstead Research”, whoever they may be.

As for those of us here at Hoaxtead Research, we don’t think we’ve much to worry about:


137 thoughts on “And then along came Mary…

  1. Living Next Door To Mary

    Sally called when she got the word
    And she said: “I suppose you’ve heard
    About Mary
    When I rushed to the window
    And I looked outside
    And I could hardly believe my eyes
    As a big limousine rolled up
    Into Mary’s drive…….who the fcuk is Mary!

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  2. Sounds to me like Woody’s begging for attention. Must be a lonely existence being Angela’s last remaining fan. LOL

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  3. Mary, don’t flatter yourself, luv. Who the feck would want to waste their time trolling you? You’re not even a hasbeen – you’re a neverwas!

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  4. I’ve never trolled Woody but I confess that I did do a spot of graffiti on the wall of her house at the weekend.

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    • We’ll never know but I wonder what would have happened with the case above if Angela and Tracey “left field” Morris hadn’t got involved?

      Would the funeral today be taking place?

      If I was those 2 I’d be questioning myself but hey Angela for sure won’t and I’m not sure about Tracey.

      Trouble is always around when Angela sticks her big size 10’s in…

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        • That could mean, she won’t be walking away from this without suffering some consequences, i.e. job reprimand etc. though it could mean she’s going to get her ankles, legs, back broken etc.

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          • I wish I had your optimism, Babs.

            Mind you, maybe she’s just going to just chase her across the garden and beat her up, like she did to Gerry Adams 😀

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        • Mmm I’m not sure if Angela is oblivious to the grief she causes to all she knows and lots she doesn’t know…

          Or she gets her rocks off on it.

          A bit of both probably. I’m not sure in what ratio.

          As for Tracey “left field” Morris, yeah maybe she does mean giving whoever the Gerry Adams treatment.

          Silly woman she is, he was probably scared of her shrieking voice and couldn’t get away quick enough.

          Who could blame him?

          That’s if the tale is even true.

          I really don’t know anymore.

          If in doubt believe nought.

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  5. Blimey, Mad Moo’s really working her way through those in-house paggas, isn’t she:

    She seems to forget that only last week she was enthusiastically promoting Green’s antisemitic posts! Nice back-pedalling, Debs.

    Oh and pssst: it won’t work as long as you’re denying the Holocaust, mocking Jews who lament the people who died in it, promoting other antisemitic psychos, openly supporting the EDL and BNP and rabidly praising Hitler’s favourite book ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.

    Oh and while we’re on race bigotry (or ‘bigatory’, as you hilariously spell it), moaning about there being too many black taxi drivers in Sheffield ins’t helping your ’cause’ either. Just saying.

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    • Following on from yesterday’s – frankly more relevant theme, and reflecting on the clip from Private Eye shown above… I think it’s high time there were serious repercussions for those that fabricate – or even just threaten to fabricate – allegations of sexual assault; and by serious I mean a considerable mandatory jail sentence.

      I stress that I don’t mean anything should be done to discourage genuine victims from reporting. But where, for instance, someone blatantly threatens that they will create a false rape threat – or as in the Hampstead case they create a bizarre story so ludicrous it cannot possibly hold water; then, on conviction, that person should face a minimum non-concurrent one year in jail. they should also be exposed in the press and have to pay their victim a serious level of compensation.

      False accusation, or even the threat of it, can have a devastating effect on the person who is targeted by these scumbags. Clearly, anyone who does such a thing – even at the casual ‘trolling’ level is of a completely unhinged, amoral and criminal mindset – yet there seems to be very little by way of a book that can actually be thrown at them!

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      • I agree with most of what you say. I just worry that the long game plan of some of the people involved in this and other hoaxes is to make all claims of sexual abuse seem incredible. If all accusations of child abuse become associated with ludicrous fantasies then certain food gurus, minor historians and flying vets can get up to their grubby low level antics without fear.

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        • Well… I’m one of a group of people who do strongly believe that, one of the key purposes of the hoaxes that have emerged over the past 7-8 years or so is indeed to act as a distraction from the realities of organised child sexual abuse. And I grow daily more convinced that what I’ve often heard called the ‘McKenzie Industries set’ have direct links to that activity, although I stress that hey are by no means the only ones.

          To be clear here… I’m talking about people who make wild accusations such as the ‘Nick’ character, or Christie… Or even someone who messages someone threatening to fabricate a rape threat and then distribute it; perhaps even we should consider things like doxing in that list? Because even fake allegations cause real damage to innocent people.

          If (and I think they do) CSA ‘rings’ exist, they consist mainly of grubby little men living grubby little lives sating their filthy appetites reading dirty stories and trading in dirty pictures and videos. But in at the back of that has to be a network of individuals who are carrying out the abuse and distributing the material; every now and then one slips up so badly they have to be convicted. – There are genuinely, cases where its been found that individuals in positions of influence and authority have been directly involved in such activities. And others where perverts have been convicted and it’s been discovered the authorities knew about them for decades but did nothing to either bring them to book or prevent them offending further.

          Given that high profile/high level individuals are in the minority of the general population, what exactly is the point of directing the main light of suspicion onto that group particularly? Certainly, you do have the Jimmy Saviles and Jonathan Kings of this world to deal with and there is no doubt they should have been dealt with sooner…

          But what a neat distraction all that is from the probable realities – especially when it’s dressed up in puerile nonsense about ‘Satanic rituals’ and Mr Minit’s sideline in baby-skin footwear! Oh! and let’s not forget the messages from Lord Ashtray, light beings and where you can get a new bulb for your astral projector! Rhetorically speaking, isn’t it ‘odd’ how so much of this stuff tracks back to stoners, drug dealers, grifters, con merchants, and the general criminal fraternity? And isn’t it odd how you can join dots between that group and so many convicted paedophiles?

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  6. Mary rather reminds me of a drunk woman I saw in the street with her boyfriend.
    Woman: “They’re all looking at me!”
    Boyfriend: “No they aren’t, don’t worry.”
    And indeed, though they weren’t really interested, so they were!


    • I have to agree with Jack Burton…
      I have never seen a single post about this ‘Mary Woody’ anywhere on this blog
      Now of course there are plenty, and I no doubt there will be more, as stupidity of this level rarely just occurs once, so I have no doubt ‘Mary’ will provide us with much mirth in the future…

      To paraphrase Fairly Sane
      Mary: “They’re all looking at me!”
      Hoaxtead: “No we aren’t, don’t worry.”
      And indeed, though we weren’t really interested, so we were!

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      • Very true, by posting what she did, she is insinuating herself into a hoax which has been discredited by lawful means. I find this very relevant to the discussions here.

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  7. It seems that the cult of believers now believe that any one not agreeing with them is a member of Hoaxtead and is acting on its behalf.

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  8. If APD is going to the funeral she would need to get her skates on – Via A1
    148.5 km (show in miles)
    1 hr 52 mins

    Or is the UK out of bounds for her?

    I am sure she will have a post later declaring herself chief mourner if she does happen to go.

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  9. Angie’s airing her one of her son’s dirty laundry in public again. Forgive me for not posting the screenshots but I don’t think it would be fair on him

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  10. “One of my sons has a 1,000 Euro fine for driving with no #insurance due to be paid TOMORROW…any advice?”

    Yeah Angie… PAY YOUR FOOKIN WAY! Your son’s obviously an irresponsible idiot like yourself, the reason insurance is COMPULSORY is that innocent people get killed and maimed everyday by eijits behind the wheel of motor vehicles, and the insurance is to provide for the potential damage that can be done to an innocent family’s lives – not that you’ve ever given a fuck about that you evil old cow! – As for your shite about ‘horse power’; Bollocks! Literally, bollocks! – You fucking brain dead non-educated nutjob!

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    • Why’s Angela asking now with only 1 day to go before the money needs to be paid?

      Hasn’t she asked Neelu for advice? ROFLMAO.

      Can’t she ask Belinda for a loan?

      How about setting up a GoFundMePage for Mr. Irresponsible?

      Oh dear!

      Angela shouldn’t have given that 1000 Euros to Rupert.

      Perhaps she could write to him and ask for the money back?

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      • It seems Angela has phoned the court and sorted it for the naughty boy.

        Very strange, he should have rang himself.

        Both those sons of hers are over 18.

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  11. Latest figures on Garda deployment in your area Angela:
    Meath 30 April 2016: Total = 283
    Division District Station
    KELLS Total
    NAVAN Total
    TRIM Total

    Did you get that? 3 Garda in your area! Makes perfect sense then that they can do 24/7 surveillance on you, just in case you or someone in your family who are being ‘targeted’, should at a moment’s notice decide to break the law!

    Shame on you for trying to twist this to suit your usual BS agenda!

    No one is above the law, in the first place your son should not be driving without insurance & the fact that you actually asked him to do so, shame on you!

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    • Ah, how lovely. More defamation to add to Debs’ record sheet.

      It’s a pity that Kristie Sue has no idea how much hot water she’s helping her UK friends get into, isn’t it?

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      • I’ve heard New Hall Women’s Prison Wakefield is lovely at this time of year. Ay oop!


  12. My comment earlier: “Angie’s airing her one of her son’s dirty laundry in public again. Forgive me for not posting the screenshots but I don’t think it would be fair on him.”

    For the record, I stand by that, even if I’m (apparently) in a minority. Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we always had a policy of keeping hoaxers’ families out of things unless they involve themselves directly in Hampstead stuff etc?

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    • I’m with you on that, AW.

      And for the record, I also stand by my astonishing claim that not all teachers are implicit in covering up child abuse (including those at Christ Church).

      A certain person has much to answer for as regards inappropriate comments (and those are just two examples).


    • I agree, I’m truly sorry if my post above comes under the policy of not keeping families out of it & I really would be happy to see it amended.


  13. One of my sons, who works as a cashier at the HSBC, has a 14 trillion euro fine for failing to honour a Swiss Indo bond for a Ms. Berry of Ilford and it’s due to be paid TOMORROW. Any advice?

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  14. We seem to be taking flak from all directions at the moment! A lot of moaning sods out there, aren’t there. As they would say, we must be doing something right.

    Keep up the good work, EC and team 😀


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