Weaselly and Jake’s cunning plan

Thanks to the reader who tossed this one our way: it seems that, not content with seeing Rupert imprisoned, some of his so-called friends have been cooking up some new and innovative ways to ensure that he gets an even longer stay in the Iron Motel.

It all started innocently enough, with one of Wesley Hall’s “do something meaningless to promote a cause because I said so” demands:

(We don’t know about Weaselly’s family, but we must admit that in the Coyote family, predators are indeed fairly prevalent. You might actually say they’re in the majority at most of our family gatherings. However, aside from that one unfortunate incident with the dingo many years ago, we’re generally pretty well-behaved.)

As expected, Debs Mahmindhasleftmeh piped up with a brief rant about lawful EU law, lawful suspects, lawful victims, and lawful lawfulness:

To which Weaselly responded, “Ella NEEDS to come back”. We agree completely, Weaselly. The sooner the better, in fact.

We’re not so sure that Brexit was orchestrated to blot the IICSA out of the news, however. Seems like a bit of overkill to us.

As for anyone having “isolated people like Sabine”…let’s just say she does a fine job of that all by herself.

And then, from straight out of left field, Jake pipes up:

Yes, yes, a petition. Just the thing.

Oh, hang on a sec, our eyeballs have rolled back so far in our heads, they’re stuck. Give us a moment, would you?


There. All right. You were saying?

Oh, this just gets better.

What we need to do is form strategy; give him a platform from within. We’ll send him phone credit and host weekly shows on an evening before the prisons get ‘canteen’ (Hardly anyone’s got credit then to use the phones and they’re free *winky*)… We’ll livestream it and project what happened with him… And what’s happening with the hampstead (sic) case… We need to meet up, can you make it to London next month to chat face to face?

Jake, ever the eager puppy, agrees; Weaselly says,

Yeah, and let me know after you’ve seen him and we’ll set a date. Can Deborah; (sic) Angela; (double sic) Sabine & Belinda come too? And Ray Savage? We need to sit down and talk. And invite everyone else who’s been researching this case. Time for ACTION.

For one horrible moment we thought Weaselly was proposing to drag the entire Hoaxtead mob into Rupert’s cell; then we calmed down and realised he meant that they ought to have some sort of summit meeting to plot their “ACTION”.

We hate to break it to Weaselly and Jake, though: cunning as their cunning plan may be, it is doomed to failure.

You see, there’s this little thing called a Criminal Behaviour Order, and Rupert’s got one. It reads something like this:

Rupert must adhere to the following:

1.To ensure that any website, blog, social media page or any online media outlet of which he has control contains no information about the subject which he has been convicted which includes any matters pertaining to Christchurch school, Christchurch in Hampstead or any of the complainants in this matter;

2. Not to post, promote, link discuss or be involved in any online media about the subject which he has been convicted which includes any matters pertaining to Christchurch school, Christchurch in Hampstead or any of the complainants in this matter;

3. Not to encourage others to post, promote, link discuss or be involved in any online media about the subject which he has been convicted which includes any matters pertaining to Christchurch school, Christchurch in Hampstead or any of the complainants in this matter.


Oh, and according to Rupert, who was under oath at the time, he thinks you lot are completely mad, and wants nothing more to do with your deluded fantasies about Satanic cults and suchlike. He is willing to accept your money, but that’s really about it.

So it looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Baldrβ€”, er, that is, Weaselly and Jake.


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  1. Thanks, EC. Just having a read through now. In the meantime, I leave you with this latest rantfest from Mad Moo. Once she’s got through slagging off Oxfam, she goes off on one about Hampstead. But it’s worth wading through all of her disgusting slander to get to the classic Mad Moo hissy fits. In fact, at various points she descends into absolute hysterics, which is most entertaining.

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    • I honestly think she must have blood pressure issues from all those angry outbursts every day.
      Someone get her some calming hibiscus tea. πŸ˜€

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      • Wesley won’t be pleased with her, though, seeing as he’s avidly promoting the “Wear something purple” thing. LOL

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    • Hooray !! That is the best to date. That’s the Deb I know & love.
      It’s all there- joostice, fookers, lawful evidence, pooblic, you name it.

      Small point Moo: no-one has actually said that it was the vegan, solvent moother who cooched the children rather it was the career criminal and convicted child abuser Abraham Christie.

      Also you might find that the reason no law firm wanted to ‘go on the record and make a statement ” is because the matter was resolved in the High Court.

      And very nice of you to put on record for posterity that these 2 kids participated in eating black & white babies (both taste the same) and that they had been raped 100s of times. I’m sure they will be forever thankful to you.

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    • She might be wearing purple, but it is very likely that she has gone purple after that rant.

      I find it quite disturbing listening to someone get themselves into such a state, she really could do with some help from the right people.

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      • I wonder if Rupert actually knows Jake intends to visit him.

        It’s a bit odd as he didn’t support Rupert during the court case.

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    • And it will be partly the fault of his so-called “friend” Wesley Hall for shamelessly egging him on. Angie will no doubt have a bash too once she gets a whiff of this latest bandwagon. Toot toot…!

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  2. They at least need to know to leave Angela out of this because in Court Rupert said she is ‘not a nice person’. He said it under oath too.

    Didn’t he also say that he had doubts about the whole thing and was sorry he got involved in the first place? He said that under oath as well.

    As for doing a radio interview just before prisoners get ‘canteen’ – well if anyone should know when this is, it’s Wesley. He’s the one with prison experience. In fact if his research experience was as extensive as his prison experience he might have known about the Behaviour Order.

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  3. Once again, idjit’s fantasies are spoiled by reality. AWWW!

    Hey, that band Imagine Dragons has a video about Scarlet, too. Well…a pinkish Scarlet anyway πŸ™‚

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    • Don’t spread it around, JS, but Dan Reynolds and I are like that:

      I was Dan’s muse and his inspiration for this one.

      As for the two poor sods who get zapped by my laser beam eyes, I think they were inspired by Rupert and Wesley πŸ˜€

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  4. “In the Coyote family, predators are indeed fairly prevalent. You might actually say they’re in the majority at most of our family gatherings.”

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  5. LOL, Weasley thinks Ella will be killed if she comes back to the UK? Fuck that – watching her squirm in court will be way too entertaining, so who the fuck would want to give her such an easy way out?

    Oh and he’s also convinced that RD will kill them if he stays with him. If they’re even with him anyway, I wonder why Wesley thinks they’re – by his own admission – still alive after three years. LMAO!

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    • ‘I wonder why Wesley thinks they’re – by his own admission – still alive after three years.’

      That’d be because he knows it’s all bollox.

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  6. “Time for ACTION”

    …After only three years.

    LOL, these hoaxer twunts crack me up πŸ˜€

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    • Rupert is a perfect example of a Rat (no offence to Rats) who will do anything including calling his mother a whore to get what he wants. Before he was arrested he was running down all the hoaxers behind their backs and seemed like he had seen the light but this may have just been him projecting his narcissism. A week or so before his trial he was in a fbook thread with Jake and that crazy Yank “google (insert name here) polygraph test” bloke about how Donald trump is a child rapist. He came to his senses though and quickly deleted it. Only Rupert knows what he believes and if he can see an angle that will make him money will probably take that side when he returns home.

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  7. LOL, go to 4:34. I think I’ve found the American Neelu. The only difference is that this woman believes Puerto Rico has all the World’s wealth and power, whereas Neelu’s convinced it’s Indonesia πŸ˜€


    • Wesley has come up with a brilliant idea and I think we should re-think this.
      Encourage Deborah (Moo), Angie (oh yes please) Sabine & Belinda, Wesley of course and why not Ray Savage as well.
      Put ’em all in Rupert’s cell, lock the bloody door and throw away the key.
      Voila ! Problem solved in fell swoop..

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      • Who would have thought Wesley of all people would be the one to come up with the masterstroke to resolve Hoaxtead once and for all.

        Amazing what nasty,unpleasant piles of shit can actually achieve when they put their hash pipes down for 10 minutes.

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  8. I hereby predict that Mad Moo’s next video will be about how this blog is run by people who’ve been trained up by a “Russian-style troll factory”. Anyone fancy a wager?


    • Wheelie Safe Co.Deliver your fantasy windfall anywhere you like before youve even got it.

      Send only $999.99 in used notes to PO Box 999,Switzerland

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    • Ah great stuff, thanks a million Spiny. I’m just on my way to Barclays bank now, looks like a great Christmas is on the cards this year.

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  9. Oh dear… He’s wanting to make money out of this, he doesn’t give a hoot about Rupert, I’m waiting for the Gofundme appeal to start. Weasel has been ousted from just about every other ampaign group in the country for agitating behaviour, violence and ripping people off and he’s hated in his own town. Horrible person, but when he can see an opportunity to make money he will do.

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  10. What a unique idea! A petition. The Belanglo State Forest serial killer reckons he’s innocent so let’s get a petition up to get him out. Who needs courts!

    Or perhaps back a truck up to the fence..a moving van. Rupert can pole vault over the fence. Could dig a tunnel. Works in the movies.

    No Ella won’t be killed or sectioned but she might be arrested on some charge and she may find it difficult getting bail.
    I still think she should come back and face the music. I reckon the most she would get would be a suspended sentence. As it is she’s leaving it for such a long time those kids will soon be teenagers and off having teenage lives & Ella will be completely alienated from them.

    They are correct : child abuse is endemic in all forms: neglect, cruelty, mental abuse but sexual is around 17% of all child abuse cases and only 5% or under is from strangers. The rest involves a family member.
    And doctors or shrinks will tell you that if sexual abuse has not been long term then there is every chance a child can be counseled and recover and go on to lead a good life. I know many who have including women who have been raped.

    But this mob seem to love concentrating on sexual abuse. It’s quite fanatical which indicates a deeper psychological problem with them.

    And of course they are the cruelest of fanatics because they mindlessly repeat mantras that an abuse victim’s “life has been ruined for all time”.

    That’s the evil message they send to all abuse victims: your life is over, you are such damaged goods you can never be normal again.

    And that’s the subtle message they are sending to future victims as well: not only may you be subject to a horrible incident (s) of abuse- that’s the end of a normal life for you. Just pure evil.

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      • agreed. just let them forget if they’re young enough to block it out, or put them through counseling, but don’t brand them with a “this happened to you” victim scarlet letter for the rest of their lives

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        • My intention is not to underestimate the effects of child sexual abuse. And of course all people react to things in different ways.
          But I don’t see how it helps to keep telling people that their life has been ruined.
          If you repeat something enough times to vulnerable people perhaps it becomes self-fulfilling.

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      • What’s interesting is that ALL terrorist attacks are fake. In other words, there is no such thing as a terror attack! Phew – we can all sleep safely in our beds now.

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      • Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond should introduce a basement tax in this Novembers budget.Oh and introduce sweeping fines on anyone discovered to be talking utter bollox.That will clear the national debt at a stroke with plenty cash left over to buy the crown prosecution service a new hard drive,going forward.

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        • LOL If we could get Mr Hammond to extend the basement tax idea to West Deane Park in Toronto, Canada, that might just do it. I cannot imagine Mummy and Daddy would be too thrilled to know that their overgrown boy-child is running his harassment and libel campaign from their house…even if he does walk the dog from time to time.

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  11. #Journalist of the Year update:

    I’ve just been checking out Angie’s Farcebook page and naturally she’s gone straight back into full-on ghoul mode. But what strikes me as curious is that despite claiming to care so much about this family, she still can’t spell the name of the mother (even when it’s emblazoned in gigantic letters on a garishly coloured background on one of Farcebook’s tacky new announcement ‘noticeboards’). Disrespectful much, Angie?

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    • Watch how long it lasts.
      I give it one day before she’s back rabbiting on about the usual.

      Remember, if anyone is a sociopath it’s Angela Power-Disney. She can mimic “empathy” and quite convincingly but it doesn’t last because sociopaths do not understand human boundaries. They can act as required because they correctly gauge that sympathy is required at that moment but as it’s a false emotion with them it does not last.

      It’s why I say- all the brickbats directed at Power-Disney from here (and increasingly from those former pals when the scales have dropped from their eyes) is water of a duck’s back. It does not upset her because she has the other classic sociopath ‘quality’..as long as she’s in a dialogue and receiving attention that’s all that matters.

      Now Moo on the other hand..well what can I say !

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  12. Moo’s “lawful” meme is spreading. Now Jake Clarke is on to it.
    I think I felt rather sorry for this little dope smoking fuckwit because he obviously has mental health issues but that’s a common mistake…the idea that those who who end in clinics are all nice harmless people but of course nasty little fuckers can be sanctioned as well.
    Clarke is one of them. Not only does he parrot some of the worst of the hoaxers (a good indication of where his head is at) he continues to promote the defamation of innocent people. There will be no quarter given from now on with this little joint obsessed creep.

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    • I seem to remember, some time ago, Angela Power Disney was mourning the death of Jimmy Savile… that turned out well for you didn’t it Angela? Incidentally, Jesus was nailed (not hung) to a thing made from a tree, not actually a tree.

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    • Well I can’t tell the difference and it blow’s Darwin’s Theory of Evolution right out of the water as there has obviously not been even a hint of any intelligent advancement with those two primates.
      Rather than both be caged in a zoo I think the chap on the right should be allowed to roam free in Africa while the one on the left should be caged in a zoo and fed bananas and cannabis.
      Children must be warned not to poke their fingers through the cage at the fellow as he looks quite dangerous.


  13. Kane seems excited as someone has come forward about Baby skin shoes!
    Amy Catherine Hamilton: I remember that MIss ——- and Miss —— were both teachers of some of my younger siblings at Christchurch Primary School in Bradford on Avon, in Wilshire in the 1990’s. Miss —— used to babysit one or two of my younger siblings on the weekend.

    Bradford on Avon huh!

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      • Amy Catherine Hamilton: disgusting, some of the teachers were at my primary school. my cousin mentioned baby skin shoes and dancing with skulls back then, now I know what she meant.



  14. I was just wondering about the court-ordered ban on publishing anything to do with the hoax in the UK and how youtube prevents people in the UK seeing any of those videos. Why doesn’t that stretch to Ireland as far as youtube and facebook are concerned? In the past British celebrities have managed to get injunctions against the media from revealing their identities and this affected Ireland too…not just British owned newspapers sold here but there was a blackout across social media as well.

    What do you think the difference between both situations is?


    • For a start there is a distinction between a court order (such as was made by Judge Pauffley) and an injunction – the latter may also be sought and granted separately in an Irish court when media bans are being set up. An order made solely in an English court wont be enforceable in Eire.


      • Sorry… I should have written wont ‘necessarily’ be enforceable in Eire… Plus Google/Youtube don’t actually give a flying fuck about court orders or child protection until it impacts on their PR and/or bottom line.


        • Thank you. Do you think, in the absence of such an injunction in Ireland, that an Irish citizen could make representations to youtube etc asking for the videos to be pulled down?

          I know you’ve said they don’t give a flying fvck…but would it still be worth a try? Making an appeal to their better nature so to speak?


          • In the current “netizen social atmosphere”, there’s a limit to what can be achieved. Even a millionaire like Justin Beiber can’t control the illicit circulation of his nudey pics.
            I think an admirable job of damage control has been done – by the courts, the police, hoax victims and this site. Generally speaking. (More could be wished out of authorities, perhaps).

            Ultimately, what happens in the future will have a lot to do with individual’s integrity in acting responsibly – and as we know, there are heaps of internet users who revel in being irresponsible. To say the least.

            I just thank the Gods that I had the good sense never to be lured into using my legal identity online – not even in signing up for any services – from the very beginning, and the good fortune to have stopped doing anything that would generate a public record (like interviews) BEFORE there was an internet. None of that has ever been digitized because it is of such little importance to anyone.
            But these days, most people have little or no choice about generating digital records about their lives.


          • The more complaints they get the better IMHO… If the uploader is located within the UK both Judge Paulfrey’s order and the recent order that accompanies the Quaintance case definitely apply to them – and Youtube are a party to that. But as experience gained over the past few years indicates, they seem simply to to give a damn who they’re hurting or how.


          • Like Justin Sanity I have never built up an on-line persona in my real name and few people probably realize that Ghost of Sam is not my birth name.

            Fortunately even if I had, the name on my birth certificate ( a legal fraud anyway) Hermione Perrywinkle-Snograss is such a common moniker that I could be one of 1000s although I’m noticeable as being the “pretty one”.

            El Coyote made this mistake as it’s such a rare name so he /she is quite brave exposing him / her-self that way (you should see what his/her middle name is !)


      • This is why the website Guido Fawkes (and many others) who does make some corkers of mistakes, is registered in Ireland and the owner even boasts that he is basically untouchable because of it.

        On the upside as part of the EU they can be subject to their laws such as the recent EU ruling that Apple must pay Ireland €13bn in tax yet the Irish government bizarrely carried on like a pork chop probably because they had made all sorts of promises to corporations to base their (phony) HQs there which shows how useless many politicians can be.

        I would have thought anyone defamed during the Hampstead debacle would have the “right to be forgotten” rules but the rub is : I am currently trying to get Google in Australia to remove a number of defamatory websites about people I know. Having lost several court cases there Google say they will remove them but the hoops they make you jump through are energy sapping and time consuming.

        And even though they have lost court cases Google (like Apple, Facebook etc) are so cashed up they treat each defamation claim aggressively and toss a fortune at it to defend themselves probably hoping to wear down a litigant.

        None of this will change until politicians pull their fingers out do something positive about laws to protect citizen’s rights to privacy and the freedom from defamation.


        • Well said Sam. The ‘right to be forgotten’ thing is, quite frankly, a crock of shit and has no effect on Google. I’m told that you basically have to find every set of search terms that lead to a particular result, and even then they will use any excuse not to remove it. Google, in my opinion and that of many people I know, are pure evil; happy to exploit anything so long as they make cash out of it.

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  15. I live in Ireland too. So maybe a combined effort could help. I’ve never been in a position where I’ve wanted something removed from Ireland’s cyber-verse before but in this situation where two young children’s images and private conversations with professionals are being exploited in such a manner and for nothing other than some sort of twisted glory and as an income stream…of course, it should be stopped.

    I don’t know if this article might be of interest:


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    • Eliza, I haven’t been back for a few years, how’s the housing market doing? are houses selling for good money again? We have a lot tied up in housing and it got so bad that we have been thinking of it as for the next generation. It pretty much wiped my parents out.


      • The housing market? My goodness, I think you could say it is a shambles right now. 15 years ago I was visiting family in Canada and my sister’s friend slapped me on the back and congratulated me on Ireland having the greatest number of millionaires per capita (not sure if I’m using that phrase correctly) because of property prices being so high, that was during our ‘boom’ or ‘Celtic Tiger’ years. There was a lot of development at the time…..currently? I’m not really up on all of that…re social housing, there aren’t enough houses, we have an enormous amount of homeless families which means there is a high number of homeless children. There’s a house for sale down the road from me, the asking price is €300,000, it’s ex council, three bedrooms, one bath, it’s a terrace house built in the 70’s and not that well….does that answer yor question? Also I live in a well serviced part of Dublin’s Southside.

        I hope your parents recoup their losses. The Irish Times on Thursdays have a really good property supplement. My sister who lives in Canada and who is an estate agent says reading that supplement is like reading porn for her…I don’t share that same excitement with her.


        • Yeah, I concur, Eliza. I’m house-hunting at present and seriously considered a move to Ireland as an option, thinking that properties might be a bit cheaper there than in the UK, but I was surprised when I looked into it at how high they can be.


          • Property is a lot cheaper outside Dublin. Houses there are priced akin to London, being as it is the capital city. Try on daft.ie for houses in Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Donegal.


    • Belfast Exposed ss page on FB has a few comments under the Mummy’s post. I won’t post it as no matter what is true, it’s quite cruel imho to write those posts when the new Mummy is clearly heartbroken.

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      • Flowing rivers, dangerous undercurrents. The angry people have their reasons to be angry, even if what they’re doing is very ill-advised.

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  16. She’s such a charmer, isn’t she. I honestly can’t imagine why she’s so lonely.


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