Requesting a prescription for sanity

No doubt about it: the verdict and sentence in Rupert Quaintance’s trial last week has sent shock waves through the Hoaxtead gang, in the UK, Ireland, and the USA. After nearly three years of getting away with harassing and terrorising the innocent families, teachers, social workers, clergy, and business-people of Hampstead, the mobsters are finally beginning to realise that the free ride is over…and they are not one little bit happy about it.

Take Deborah Mahmoudieh. (Please.)

She’s been churning out videos and written screeds at an ever-more-frantic pace, building to a thundering crescendo this weekend past, with a ±5,000 word epic epistle supposedly aimed at her GP, God help him or her.

We cannot be arsed to respond to the whole thing, but a few of her more deranged points do seem to call for, ahem, clarification.

While dealing with above two cases in terms of indepth investigations & research, writing crime reports, court statements, alerting various authorities and charities, attending court cases and also, informing the public, i’ve attracted a ‘following’ of online-trolls who have a website titled ‘Hoaxtead’ where i am presented as; a fake EU Lawyer, a Jew hater, a child abuser convicted of possessing indecent images of children on my computer, who has had 3 children removed from my care. …

I have been to police with screenshots of abusive comments but they have done nothing. Instead, they have “lost” the expensive, super-speed USB stick i handed in with screenshots and internet links.

Meanwhile, fellow campaigners have been arrested and endured Crown Court prosecutions for demanding child protection. Although they were acquitted, the Judge put a ‘restraining order’ on them; as a result, a disabled lady age 74, has been arrested and held in police cells, her home searched by police late at night, her laptop and computer confiscated – all because she shared a post online, about an already, very public case. I have had to help her with writing statements and support by attending court appearances. Recently, one campaigner has received 9 months jail for ‘witness intimidation‘ because he visited and photographed a School and adjoining Church, where child-witnesses claim they suffered sexual abuse and were forced to participate in murder of trafficked babies. Hoaxtead ‘researchers’ alerted police after they spied on his Facebook page and saw a post sharing a picture of himself outside the school & church.

“Fake EU lawyer”? No, just incompetent “EU Law Expert”

Oh dear. Let’s start with the assertion that we’ve accused Debs of being a “fake EU lawyer”. Erm…not quite.

We’ve accused her of claiming knowledge of EU law which she clearly does not possess; after all, she’s allowed herself to be listed on the letterhead of Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill’s “Association of McKenzie Friends” as an “EU Law Expert”. However, no actual “EU Law Expert” worth his or her salt would dream of asserting that under EU child protection laws, suspects are “to be assumed guilty until proven innocent”.

Debs: THAT IS NOT A THING. Never has been, never will be. Presumption of innocence is the foundation of any democratic legal system, and last we heard, the EU had one of those.

“Jew hater”? You be the judge

Debs claims we’ve accused her of being an anti-Semite. Well, perhaps she’s forgotten her screeching YouTube rant from six weeks ago.

In it, “she asserted that she’s not an anti-Semite—an assertion which she proves by stating that Zionists aren’t really Jews, and that six million Jews were not murdered during the Holocaust. She capped all of this with the claim that Zionists are in fact ‘Lucy Farians’. And ‘when it comes to a religion such as Lucy Farianism, well that isn’t a religion is it? let’s face it, the whole thing is a crime'”. And in yesterday’s post she says, “I have joined real Jews in denouncing ‘Zionism’ as a usurping of their faith”.

Pro tip, Debs: non-Jews don’t get to decide who the “real Jews” are. Some Jews are Zionists, some aren’t. A person’s Jewishness is not up for debate, by you or anyone else.

And Jews, Zionist or otherwise, don’t like having the tragedy of the Shoah diminished by people whose heads are so far up their own arses they can lick their own tonsils. Just a thought.

“A child abuser convicted of possessing indecent images of children on my computer”? Hmm.

No one on this blog has ever accused Debs of possessing commercial child sex abuse images. Nor have we ever said that she had three children but lost custody of them.

We do remember someone on YouTube making allegations of that sort, but we believe it was in response to Deborah making those exact allegations against the person in question. It was kind of a “how do you like it when the shoe is on the other foot?” thing.

Apparently the answer is “not much”.

“The police lost my USB stick”

So call the waah-mbulance.

“Fellow campaigners arrested for demanding child protection”?

Mmm, not quite. Sabine and Neelu were arrested and tried on charges of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation. Get your facts straight, Debs.

And it might surprise Debs to learn that people past the age of 70 have been known to break the law. Look it up.

Rupert tried and convicted for witness intimidation?

Again, no. He was tried on five counts of harassment causing fear of violence. He was convicted on two of those counts, and was sentenced to nine months in prison, was given a good behaviour bond, and was assessed court costs. Again, if Debs could get her facts straight, that would be awesome.

There’s more…so much more…but we wouldn’t want to give ourselves carpal tunnel syndrome writing it all up. So sue us.


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  1. Although the internet has enabled these wastrels to connect and spread their malicious,gossipy tales and potentially destroy innocent lives,it is also the very same instrument that ensures their destruction as they are hell bent on tripping over each other to advertise their abject incompetence and fundemental stupidity.Fortunately,the vast majority of beings actually still have a basic capacity to discern shit from clay.

    Usual quality header post EC. You are at serious risk of becoming a national treasure if you keep this up 😉

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  2. Tsk Tsk. EC must get these things right if he/she/coyote is to be taken seriously.

    “asserting that under EU child protection laws, suspects are.. etc etc yadda yadda” should be LAWFUL SUSPECTS.

    Poor Moo seems woefully ignorant of Zionism and Israeli history or she would know Zionism hasn’t co-opted Judaism as it’s really a political movement. And there are numerous different sects of Judaism who either agree with Zionism or oppose it both within Israel and abroad.

    And yes outrageous of her to grandly decide who is or isn’t a Jew as she should know quite well that when it came to Nazis in the 30’s /40s no such distinction was made when they were carted off to a camp to die.

    She reminds me of some of the ratbags here in Oz who use such logic on Indigenous people and the many who would denigrate those who are of mixed race. As one says “they tell us we are lazy Aboriginals when they want to insult us but when one does well or expects the same benefits as everyone else they are told by the same people they aren’t really Aboriginal, just half-castes and their “white” heritage is what shines through”.
    “In other words, we just can’t win.”

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    • “asserting that under EU child protection laws, suspects are.. etc etc yadda yadda” should be LAWFUL SUSPECTS.

      Excuse me, I believe the phrase you are searching for here is “LAWFUL SOOSPECTS”. 😀


  3. In Deb’s latest video she is castigating Noam Chomsky for some perceived ill and proclaiming “we need a new language” as she urges Mr Chomsky to watch her videos (yeh sure that’s going to happen)

    Chomsky is of course one of the world’s most acclaimed linguistic experts who specializes in language but what would he know?

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    • After watching some of mad moos videos, the only language she seems to be an expert in is foul language…

      Its not so much WE need a new language, its more she need to learn some MORE of our language, there are words other than F..K you know debs….

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    • Yuppers. “The Jews” have been a favorite scapegoat for thousands of years.

      Time for a change. Blame Canada instead!

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  4. I see Angela is saying Rupert is in Wandsworth prison.

    I’m guessing she got that info from Belinda, as it’s highly unlikely he would ever speak to Angela again.

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    • What an irresponsible lowlife she is & now attempting to re-write history.
      Now claiming this website somehow is not telling the truth about Quaintance’s case or is responsible for his jailing when he clearly, as pointed out by the prosecution and judge with a jury who agreed, set out to break the law.

      Angela Power-Disney is attempting to divert attention from her own actions in encouraging Rupert Quaintance to fly to London and break the law.

      And yes, I bet he now despises the fact he ever had anything to do with the old witch and liar.

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      • As APD wasn’t in Court she is simply talking out of her a… as usual.

        I don’t think any of the people that comment on her fb account give a flying f… really, just like a bit of drama!

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        • Do you mean Angela (‘considerably dangerous’ and ‘not a nice person’)* Power-Disney?

          *Quotes from the prosecution and Rupert.

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    • I read somewhere that courts send convicts to their nearest jail first, then move them on from there as appropriate.

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      • Then they send the prisoners as far away from their home as possible to make it awkward for family visits?

        I’m not sure if that is true or not.

        Anyway in Rupert’s case it’s not going to make much difference as the 84 year old woman that he said he cared for is unlikely to visit, neither is her grandson as I don’t think they got on that well.

        The only likely visitor might be Belinda if she doesn’t have to pay for the travel costs or can somehow get it paid for her.

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        • No, I mean the court sends prisoners to the nearest jail to IT… Then moves them to an appropriate category of jail that has space. I’ve lost the link for the moment but there is a blog out there about coping with being sent to prison… What’s the nearest jail to Southwark?


          • …Meh! Dunno then… Maybe they’ll sent him to Dartmoor and he can dance with the hound in the Grimpen Myre!


          • Aye oop… I’m told Brixton is a Cat C training unit, and Wandsworth is the ‘main’ jail where indeed prisoners get taken straight from court.

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  5. Yep Angela Considerably Dangerous is no f..king Journalist.

    If she were she’d have been in Southwark Crown Court.

    The woman makes me sick…

    Does Belinda seriously believe that the witnesses in this case were as alleged.

    I can’t believe she does.

    She needs to apologise and stop feeding crap information to Considerably Dangerous.

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    • Probably has done, but it’s usually the case with these fruitloops they then claim the doctor is trying to dope them because their psycho-lunacy couldn’t possibly have anything whatsoever with all the weed they’ve fried their brains with!

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  6. It amazes me how long people can get away with promoting such sick, damaging and peverse ideas, without been arrested or sectioned, especially when they send this nonsense to both the police and their own GP.

    These people believed all the Satanic Panic, baby munching stories, long before the Hampstead Hoax came along, and will still believe them long after. Abraham with his weed fried brain and psychopathic nature knew by regurgitating elements of these previous cases, he would already have an audience of like minded lunatics chomping at the bit, with pitchforks ready.

    I found this an interesting read. Maybe Debs will too, as it’s from the American Humanist Association, and she does like to bang on about ‘Humanity’.

    All The Babies You Can Eat

    “Perhaps most infuriating is the insistence of SRA therapists and their devotees that doubters are “in denial” over the issue. “The horror and grotesqueness of these details are too much to accept. People would rather believe that survivors – particularly women survivors – are crazy,” Rose writes. This “I’m not crazy, you’re in denial” dodge is pretty standard among the Satan-mongers.

    Somehow, other horrifying crimes (for argument’s sake, let’s imagine the mass slaughter of 11 million Jews, Gypsies, gays, dissidents, and their children) haven’t created this widespread psychological block; but a few unsubstantiated accounts of ritualized baby-eating are enough to send legions of experts into psychotic states of “denial.” And, yes, I have heard one SRA therapist compare her critics to Holocaust revisionists.

    It might have been worth it for the editors of Ms. to have contacted Pamela Freyd at the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (215-387-1865). At the very least, they would have acquired a nice thick packet of information regarding why such stories are coming out of therapy groups. They would also have found that a number of critics have raised serious, substantial questions as to the truthfulness of such claims as Rose’s. In fact, the foundation has collected at least 2,300 accounts of families destroyed and individual lives ruined by such claims.

    One of the many worthy efforts of the feminist movement has been its successful attempts to bring about an increased public awareness of sexual violence; issues such as rape, incest, and child abuse are now issues of national concern, and rightly so. But with a greater recognition of real problems comes the danger that false and irresponsible charges will be taken just as seriously.

    This is why Ms.’ embrace of the satanic panic is so infuriating. For one thing, when people come to realize what a sham the satanic panic is – and how many innocent lives it has ruined – they will be tempted to dismiss a lot of other, more credible charges of sexual abuse. (And Elizabeth Rose’s specific citation of day-care centers as hotbeds of child abuse is going to be a great comfort to working mothers. I can just see the story on “Hard Copy”: “Her children were slaughtered because Mommy wanted a career.”)

    Even more disturbing, the satanic panic has already proved a trusty weap-on in the cultural-warfare arsenal of the religious right. It’s only a single step from Elizabeth Rose’s lurid accounts of hidden diabolic covens, mutilation, and infanticide to Pat Robertsons ravings about how feminism encourages women to become lesbians, kill their children, and practice witchcraft. It’s bad enough when the Andrea Dworkins find common cause with the Jerry Falwells over pornography; but when Ms. starts siding with crackpots on the evils of the occult, they might as well start accepting ads for Virginia Slims and the Dalkon Shield. Believing the children, after all, was the basis of the Salem witchhunts.”

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    • I was a practising mental health worker during the bad old days of the 1980s-1990s satanic panic. I remember when the False Memory Society first reared its head, and many in my profession (including me, I regret to say) felt that it was just a defensive ploy on the part of the accused. Or as Debs might say, the “lawfully suspect”.

      I can’t put my finger on a specific moment when I realised that the whole “satanic ritual abuse” thing was a sham. I think it must have been in the mid 1990s, possibly a bit later. When I look back on the damage that we did, I feel profoundly ashamed. And, yes, angry at those in the forefront of my profession who kept trying to teach us that our patients had been “ritually abused” by crazed satanic monsters.

      It was a very dark period for many, and one of the reasons I feel so strongly about stamping out cases like Hampstead and Pizzagate is that I now understand the horrors that can come from blind belief in things like SRA.

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    • Very interesting indeed, thanks! It was mentioned here a few months back, but worth a re-read.

      It’s good to hear that the voice of sanity was speaking, even back in 1993.

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  7. Meanwhile I’ve discovered the next Brain of Britain on Deb’s Facebook timeline.
    Anna Baines-Holmes has correctly & brilliantly deduced that Ethel Aardvark is NOT HER REAL NAME !
    How do they do it?
    Her real name is Hermione Cordelia Aardvark, Not a lot of people know that.

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  8. She’s already messed up the whole case by reporting details on social media and harassing social workers and foster parents. She never let’s facts get in the way of pushing her agenda, like saying her sister and Patrick Cullinane were murdered. If one of the innocent people accused in the Hampstead case killed themselves, she sure would be seeing that as an admission of guilt and showing no sympathy whatsoever.

    When she gets her own day in court, expect her rolling in on a wheelchair hooked up to an oxygen tank for sympathy.

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    • She has those shining eyes of someone possessed. Possibly the last of Power-Disney’s confused supporters.
      And now we read someone may have committed suicide after Angie’s meddling.
      While we cannot prove or know why someone kills themselves, when a liar like Angie involves herself in their life and probably gives them false hope despite her ignorance in matters of family court, and it all goes wrong it has to be a mitigating factor.
      How many more victims will Power-Disney have?. We know 2 ended up being sectioned and seem to have dropped off the radar, one has been jailed while she professes complete innocence and now a death.
      A dangerous woman.

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      • Just because these people are delusional and believe something, doesn’t mean it’s true. How any of them are whistleblowers, I have no idea when all they do is blow hot air up each others backsides and make it much harder for real cases of abuse to be taken seriously.
        I wonder how many had bad therapists that filled their heads with this bollocks or just read Cathy O’Brien and the other “recovered” memories victims.
        It does make me laugh when they wreck any small amount of credibility they may have had by mentioning they trained as super soldiers with other frauds.

        Language warning on this one.

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    • “If your [sic] still paying for your [sic] job (INCOME TAX) your [sic] working for Satan” quoth Debbie Donow’t…

      No Debs… My problem is my INCOME TAX is paying for shite like you so sit around on your arse all day biting the fucking hand that feeds you ya lazy mare!

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    • I wonder if Christine was planning to arrange for a film crew and a bloke with a guitar and wah-wah pedal to make a record of the event?

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