Rupert Quaintance trial to begin Monday

Here at Hoaxtead Research we strive to bring our readers the best, most factual and up to date news on the Hampstead SRA hoax, its perpetrators, its hangers-on, and its consequences.

As most of our readers are well aware, Rupert Quaintance will stand trial beginning tomorrow, 21 August, at Southwark Crown Court, on five counts of Harassment 4, “harassment putting people in fear of violence”. He pleaded not guilty to all five counts.

We will be watching the trial closely, and bringing you daily updates as it progresses. As with our coverage of Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry’s trial last year, we’ll be publishing at the end of each court day rather than our customary “some time after midnight” schedule. We expect the trial will be of great interest to those who’ve followed the case this far, and we know many of our readers have been awaiting it with some anticipation.

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that once a person has been charged with an offence, it is illegal to publish anything which might conceivably prejudice their right to a fair trial. Therefore, we would ask you to avoid discussion of Rupert’s guilt or innocence, as well as any speculation regarding the process or outcome of the trial, even whilst the trial is ongoing.

It’s important that Rupert receive a fair trial from start to finish, and we feel strongly that no matter which way things proceed in the course of the week, we must not do anything that could undermine this fundamental right.

It’s going to be an interesting week, whatever the outcome. See you Monday!

177 thoughts on “Rupert Quaintance trial to begin Monday

    • 12:48 – “Wake up! Wake up! Get out there! Get down to your council in your thousands! It is time! It’s a call for an uprising.”

      Yeah, alright, Madmoo X. Calm down, luv.

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    • 14:53 – “NO NO NO NO! Refuse to pay your council tax if you have to!”

      Well, I think I’ve found at least one supporter for Debs:

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    • Good Grief : Moo is a full time carer.
      I found before and after pictures of her ward. She only wanting caring for an in-grown toe nail 6 months ago but now Moo says she’s been deprived of oxygen after they cut down Mad Moo’s Bonsai tree. I think it’s because she’s made to watch Moo’s Youtube channel on a loop 24/7.

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      • If memory serves, she’s a full-time carer for one elderly gentleman. I hope someone’s checking what she put is his cocoa.

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    • “Ethel Aardvark
      August 20, 2017 at 1:44 am

      My lips are sealed, EC. You won’t have to worry about anything contemptible passing my lips, as I’ll be too busy watching Debbie chain herself to an elm. ”

      Could we say then that you are going to be watching “A nightmare on Elm Street” then????

      OK OK, I’m leaving…..


  1. Look Debbie, I’ve told you before – stop dragging Justin into your petty squabbles. He has much more important things to do.

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    • Loonies R Us Update:

      Angie can’t even allow someone the dignity of a funeral before her viperous false claims kick in without a scintilla of proof and no complainants.

      Meanwhile the deadline for Kent police to apologise to her has passed so I guess Yolande Kennard is off to the High Court to put in her claim for £440M (plus) damages. She’s no slouch and makes Neelu look tame with her inter-generational liens which may never be paid. Not sure why she posted a pic of Ms Raccoon as the words don’t make a lot of sense.

      Arise the Male Mad Moo with Graham Moore who starts off all jolly but picks up speed. Never match Moo of course as Moo is unique.

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      • What on earth…? That makes absolutely no sense, beginning to end. The one sentence that could possibly make sense syntactically is strangely self-contradictory: how can something be both banned and regulated?


  2. Pleasingly, three new expressions have entered the Hoaxtead lexicon this week:

    – Freemania / Freemaniac

    – Hamphoaxer

    – Swizz Indo

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    • Good you are well stocked up SV.

      Just joining some dots together here.

      Using stolen orphanage donations Angie funds and encourages a certain gentleman over from across the pond resulting in a trial fully cognizant of our collective Jelly baby addiction achilles heal.She proceeds to invest heavily in the multinational Jelly baby markets utilizing accrued assets from benefit fraud,bent insurance claims and her grandchildrens piggy bank.

      She reveals she has a “mysterious income” that secret sources can now reveal stem from the implanting of herself within a major Jelly baby industrial complex somewhere deep underground in County Meath or somewhere.

      Her aim is to force a Global Jelly Baby drought at a critical time in world history and hold humanity to ransom until it stops banging on about her being an interfering old pile of shit and give her free fags and stuff,that sort of thing.

      JUST IN:Undercover footage hacked out of Grannyleaks:

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  3. Ah, a debunked post by a discredited source from nearly a year ago. Go Mad Moo! Finger on the pulse as always.

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  4. When I got out the packet of “crunchy treats” for the cat, it was a very excited cat, desparate to get its teeth on a crunchy treat. This is the sort of excitement I have about this court case today. I got my Jelly Babies ready.

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    • Thanks for that SV, I was just looking for it but couldn’t remember the site. Really useful for anyone unable to make the hearing.

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        • The claim that several thousand babies have been killed and fed to the children in their school dinners?


        • Not a good idea to discuss Hampstead at the mo imo. David Shurter I have no interest in. The general one possibly. Anything more or less is possible. I prefer to think about something that is factual rather than vague.


        • There is a difference between opinion and grounded truth. Opinion is worthless unless supported with concrete evidence. The SRA of Hampstead and Shurter are fantasy or opinion, and never has been supported by evidence. If a crime had happened, people would be arrested, charged and gone on trial, that is what will have happened.

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        • Framed slightly differently, that might almost be a reasonable question.

          The most notable thing about this, and other similar cases, is that the claims are both physically impossible and incredibly puerile. In this respect they are (rather like a Nigerian 419 letter) designed to take in the mentally ill (playing on confirmation bias and feeding their delusions) or the educationally challenged… And by that I mean, in general, the wilfully uneducated.

          It appears that part of the design and construction of these scams is to cause the average, sane person who is of even modest intelligence/education to reject them for what they are… And by this means ‘lead’ the wider narrative on grass-roots concern about child abuse up the path of lunacy; i.e. discredit any and all emerging concern as merely the noise of the insane slapping the bars of their asylum.

          Where your question may have some validity is in that this sort of hoax may act as a distraction from actual criminal activity.

          Essentially a ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenario. The impossibility of baby-munching Satanists basing themselves in a respectable London suburb is obvious. Equally well, as has been acknowledged here, there are credible links between many of those promoting these hoaxes and actual, proven, child abusers – Abe Christie himself being a prime but by no means isolated example.

          Directly referencing your original question, I’d draw your attention at this point to the fact that this particular element of truth in relation to the Hampstead case has been publicly unearthed right here and stands as exemplar of what we might hope to happen.

          Unfortunately another part of the narrative surrounding these hoaxes (and the function of them) is sometimes to generate what I’ve seen described as an “online bitchfight” wherein the matter becomes polarised to the extent that any particle of truth at the heart of the matter becomes lost in “black noise”. In this respect, further suspicion is raised by the apparent immunity enjoyed by certain miscreants and the unacceptably weak and ineffective (token) actions taken against those who are thrown under what appears to be a mere cardboard cutout of a bus!

          I – and a growing group of others – do remain entirely convinced of high level corruption, and fully acknowledge that this might even (in certain cases) extend to the abuse of children and vulnerable people. But it’s not limited to that, nor are these criminals and socio-psychopaths indulging in the sort of puerile ‘hammer horror’ nonsense promoted by those blowing smoke on their behalf; that is all just part of the distraction. Put more simply – all this crying of ‘wolf’ is purposed to keep your eye off the wolf.

          Ultimately, it isn’t working, merely delaying the inevitable.

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          • The point is well made, a SRA accusation is like Trump starting a war, designed to distract focus and resources away from a real issue, in the case of Trump the possibly fatal investigation of his connections to Russia. For Abraham Christie there are issues like the child porn on his phone, and with regards to Shurter, perhaps he has been killing children as an adult, plays the crazy and SRA card to cover that up.

            SRA accusations are mainly all distraction and illusion to cover or proceed towards hidden agendas.


        • Do you believe the allegations, DotB? I mean – do you believe them today? It’s a Monday if that helps.


    • That there is a Tardis style secret room in the church?

      That Abraham Christie has found an elixir that grants immortality?

      Seriously, I’d hang my head in shame. But, Hampstead is a real neighbourhood. The school is a real school. It doesn’t stop classes every Wednesday so that the parents and staff can kill babies.

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      • In the Twilight Zone of Satan Hunters the concrete real world is coloured by monsters, aliens, fairies, and Illuminati groups controlling everything. If such powerful entities did exist, the Satan Hunter would not be allowed to live to go round saying anything, they would all be dead. The Satan Hunter narrative involves alternative truths, such as the world is flat, that perpetual motion machines exist, that events in history such as World War 2 never happened. Anyone can claim anything they like, it is providing evidence by demonstration, observation and experience that determines truth from fiction.


        • As above SV… This “Twighlight Zone” is deliberately and intelligently constructed for a particular purpose. Clearly, only idiots and lunatics are taken in by it. But when this picture is conflated with the legitimate concerns of actual victims the public perception is lead to throw the (strictly figurative of course) baby out with the rest of the contents of the cauldron. By this means, it’s made easy for those who are actually embroiled in evil to dismiss the charges made against them as the mere gibbering of idiots.

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    • DotB, whatever would you do if you magically found proof that without a doubt Rosemary’s Baby was a documentary and I was Rosemary?


      • Whatever would happen if someone found out that the T-Rex that chased our ancestors for food, evolved into chickens. That under the right conditions a chicken could mutate back into a more advanced form of T-Rex because those genes are still present in its “junk DNA”. If this is true, then nature has a sense of humour. Scientifically, this claim is proven to be true.


      • if you are talking about the movie, if i was given proof without a doubt, i would just believe it and respond accordingly. if there is proof i cant deny what else could i do. i would help you i guess. i dont know what all she does in the movie. or i would just not give a fuck. i dont give a fuck about much right now, just wondered


        • You can’t prove something that is scientifically impossible, DotB. That’s an oxymoron.


          • im stupid. i know. i get it already.
            i was talking hypothetically as though it was, somehow, scientifically proven and not impossible. in some stupid parallel universe maybe it could be. i know it isnt in ours. i was just saying that i would respond to undeniable proof by believing it and reacting accordingly


          • If you can work out the volume of space inside a building, and look at the outside of a building, it shows whether it is possible that there are secret rooms (or bricked up spaces). That’s why I mentioned the Tardis.

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          • I’m not saying you are stupid DotB, just perhaps that you could be more discerning!

            People tug on heartstrings with this stuff, and it works.


        • Can I ask you an honest question, DotB? Do you support our campaign or are you just here to spite Dave Shurter for turning his back on you?


          • im here for a couple reasons, which i think i’ve stated before but maybe i wasn’t clear.
            yes, im angry at dave, but this isn’t to spite him. he would think badly of me regardless of what i did or didnt do.
            my first day here i was kinda feeling you guys out. part of me was hoping you guys were as bad as he claimed. i started talking to kilrush for the same reason. was torn as far as the reasons. part of me wanted to somehow prove myself to him. the other part of me was murderous. call me psychotic, i dont give a fuck. i’ve dealt with enough judgement just venting my anger about the abuse i deal with at home. apparently had a lot more anger about things and life than i thought and it all just starting coming out at once. there was a time when i was hoping you guys were that bad so i could join and do some serious damage, and i didn’t give a fuck if it meant putting myself at risk or being used. i was in a bad place. i am no longer that bad.
            ironically, EC and kilrush and AbesKFCbucket discouraged me from that shit. was at a place where i understood why people can kill indiscriminately and shoot up buildings and david is a complete ass for calling people like kilrush and EC bad.

            still not sure how im supposed to feel when the “bad guys” turn out to be better than i am.

            as far as to why i stayed when that died down to a manageable level
            it makes me feel better to “troll” him, or to be around people who do so and laugh at him because it fucking hurts and this takes the edge off. i have a lot im dealing with and a lot of issues and i placed a lot of trust and emotions towards david and it fucked me up.

            it fucked me up more than just anger. my other reason for staying is that i dont know what i believe of Anything anymore, not just towards david. my whole perspective on life and what is real and what isnt and who i should trust and whether i can trust myself to have accurate fucking views. you guys talk about things, and it gives me more viewpoints to consider and lets me work through what i do and don’t believe. and you sometimes talk to me, which i find nice as i lack social skills due to being raised by emotionally detached parents and abusive family and i dont fucking know how to talk to people without putting them off or annoying them.

            any other questions?

            do not take my tone personally. the emotions are not meant to be directed at anyone here. im just in a bad place.


          • as to whether i support your campaign, im not sure as to what you guys campaign for other than that hampstead and others are hoaxes, and since im still working through whether they are or not i can’t really give you that answer yet.


          • With all due respect Raymond, I would have thought a more useful question would be whether it is truth and reality a person is bound by? Supporting or not supporting any particular ‘campaign’ set agenda is the sort of thing that leads to the truth being obscured and people becoming blinkered.

            Are the claims of Shurter, Christie, Draper or any of the other characters involved in this farce possible and credible? That’s the first test before deciding whether there is a need to drill further. – As the old song says; “there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done”. “It’s easy”!


          • I hope you get some sleep. Getting over-tired and riled up, then not being able to sleep is horrible.

            I don’t think coming back to issues that makes you angry is necessarily a good thing to do.

            The opposite of love is indifference, I believe.

            Let it wash over you. Find your own way. Don’t let the bastards grind you down, and all that. There are plenty of people who would happily drag you down. You don’t have to let them!


    • For the Hampstead allegations to be true there would have to be magic involved to fit 400 people in a room all dancing around with 20 baby skulls each, making 8,000 skulls in total. The children being abused by hundreds of people on a daily basis, yet never hospitalised and the mother never realises, nor do they miss time off school. The allegations are clearly the work of fantasy from a pervert who believes children do not suffer and mental or physical trauma from horrendous abuse. The fantasies of a known child abuser, Abraham Christie.

      As for other so called cases of SRA, you may find this interesting.

      “In response to first-person accounts like those found in The Courage to Heal, FBI Special Agent Ken Lanning investigated more than 300 cases of alleged satanic cult activity and found no evidence of the existence of such cults. He wrote, “Until hard evidence is obtained and corroborated, the public should not be frightened into believing that babies are being bred and eaten, that 50,000 missing children are being murdered in human sacrifices, or that Satanists are taking over America’s day-care centers or institutions. While no one can prove with absolute certainty that such activity has not occurred, the burden of proof is on those who claim that it has occurred.”

      “Should this not make us question other “findings” of this type of therapy? In the Investigator’s Guide to Allegations of Ritual Child Abuse, Lanning goes on to say that “it is up to the mental health professionals, not law enforcement, to explain why victims are alleging things that don’t seem to have happened.”

      In the mid-1990s, after books like The Courage to Heal began to appear and therapists started “training” in these methods, there was a rash, some would say an epidemic, of abuse allegations by women who had recovered memories in therapy. Many of these women later retracted their stories-but not before many lives were destroyed.

      It is because of these destroyed lives that it is imperative to provide alternative information about recovered memory therapy so that Bass’s ideas may be tempered by the findings of scientifically conducted studies.”

      “Everything else is just a distraction, a sideshow diverting people’s attention from the tragically mundane reality of adult sexual violence against children in their lives. This is one of the most important reasons why persons such as myself devote so much time and effort toward debunking & exposing the fraudulence of SRA mythology – because every minute that child protection workers or police investigators are forced to spend on chasing SRA conspiracy mythology phantoms is another minute not spent investigating and documenting actual sex crime offences against child victims.”

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  5. Whoever said that JournoAngie would forget about Rupert’s trial today was right and within minutes of me sending her a reminder this morning, she was banging on about it on Farcebook. I won’t link her post here though, as it might be contempt. (It’s defamatory too, of course.)

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  6. A huge chunk of the day gone, and they have only just sworn in the jury
    Court 10 T20170140
    For Trial – Jury Sworn In – 12:25


    • Evidence – preferably non-fairytale based – please Angie? Not sure about God, but I do know of a number of criminals who regularly use “the simple ones” to do their dirty work for them.


      • Angela Power Disney learning opportunity.

        Lets note the following statements by David Shurter:
        1. he has killed children.
        2. he has murdered a man (possibly) a policeman by setting fire to them.
        3. he is a son of god.
        4. he promises suffering to all those who fearfully fail to bow to god.
        5. he is not loving, but an angry, unforgiving and hateful son of god.

        It is reasonable to conclude that David Shurter is a “bad thing.”

        Two qualities of God which we might agree upon: he is all powerful; he wants to eliminate bad things. such as pride (example, Angela Power Disney)

        Here follows the argument against God:

        God either wants to eliminate bad things and cannot, or can but does not want to, or neither wishes to nor can, or both wants to and can. If he wants to and cannot, then he is weak – and this does not apply to god. If he can but does not want to, then he is spiteful – which is equally foreign to god’s nature. If he neither wants to nor can, he is both weak and spiteful, and so not a god. If he wants to and can, which is the only thing fitting for a god, where then do bad things come from? Or why does he not eliminate them?

        Of course we have the major problem that according to David Shurter, God created Shurter by having it off with his mum, and secondly that God has condoned the existence and activity by Shurter by authorising him to say the things he is saying, the giving of control of Hell to him, and giving him potential control to cause epic disasters such as earthquake and storms. Thus to say, God is the source of bad things (Shurter), which then invites the conclusion why anyone would want to support a clearly twisted and hateful god?


    • What a shame that the real Lucifer was a 4th century Bishop from Sardinia, who was so rigidly orthodox that he was eventually excommunicated as a heretic! (Official church dogma shifted, he refused to accept that, hence the orthodox becomes a heretic – har-dee-har-har!)
      Totally spoils her mythology…

      I adopted a new baby kitten, and I’ve taken the week off work for us to bond, so I’ll be popping in & out. I’m off to Netflix-land now.

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  7. Angie reveals her views on the show that God has just put on…

    …and gets a taste of how He feels when he watches hers.



  8. Hey! The world really did come to an end, and there’s Zombies all over the street here!

    No…wait…it’s just some of the chronic alcoholics from the 55+ drinkers apartment across the street. Remarkably similar shuffling movements…


    • A few more sherries in ’em and you might get to see some full Moons too, JS.


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