Sabine offers update on pending charges

Sabine McNeill has been keeping a low profile of late, which is probably wise on her part. The last time we reported on her activities, it was to note that she had been invited to the police station for an interview in mid-July. While the results of that interview have not been made public, Sabine dropped some interesting hints in a post yesterday on one of her many blogs—this time it was My Hot Yoga Story.

Despite its name, which sounds more like a soft-porn confessional than a public whinge-a-thon, this is where Sabine goes to nurse her various grievances concerning her hip which was dislocated in the 1970s, and other physical ailments. A better name for the blog, we think, might be “Sabine’s Organ Recital”.

In yesterday’s post, Sabine shared more than anyone really wants to know about her physical complaints (though she does admit that she no longer needs sticks to walk, which will make life easier for the next police officer who arrests her, we’re certain).

The fun starts toward the end of the post, when she cannot help complaining about her alleged mistreatment at the hands of the evil authorities. Take it away, Sabine!

So here’s the latest: apparently Sabine’s many arrests have led to her having nightmares, which affects her abdomen: “Fear of shock arrests seems to sit in the belly and give me pain there”. Gosh, that’s really too bad! Perhaps if she didn’t violate her restraining order and get arrested so often, her bellyaching would ease up. Just a thought.

Here’s an interesting titbit, which might have arisen from Sabine’s latest police interview:

The ‘Return to Bail’ date on 14 October will determine whether I am going to be charged with having violated the Restraining Order: the Police are still investigating me as a ‘criminal suspect’, i.e. they are desperately trying to criminalise me and others who support the children. Police have kept 3 laptops and 3 external disks since 04 November 2016 for that purpose and my solicitor has to take them to court to get my property back – pro bono – as Legal Aid does not cover this!

The October 14 date is interesting, as it’s the same date mentioned by Belinda when she was speculating that she could be charged and tried on issues relating to the Hampstead SRA hoax. Sabine’s allegation that the police are “trying to criminalise” her is just a bit rich, given that she insists on violating her restraining order, but refuses to take responsibility for having done so.

As for her (and Neelu’s) contention that the restraining orders should never have been handed down, we’ve been over this…and over it…and over it. It is perfectly legal, following a criminal trial in which the case is dismissed, to issue restraining orders:

This clip from the CPS legal guide to restraining orders spells it out very clearly. We don’t know why Sabine, who professes some knowledge of the law in her role as McKenzie friend, cannot seem to grasp it: “Section 12 of the DVCVA 2004 introduced section 5A into the PHA 1997, which allows the court to make a restraining order after acquitting a defendant of any offence if the court considers it necessary to do so to protect a person from harassment from the defendant”.

Short of posting it in red, white, and blue flashing neon lights, we’re not sure how much clearer we can be on this point. The restraining orders were made legally, and they were proportionate to the situation and the behaviour of the defendants in last year’s trial. End of. Again, interesting: in the past, Sabine has usually given “no comment” interviews, presumably at the direction of her solicitors. Does the fact that at her last interview she had “said everything that (she) needed to say” mean that Sabine has “spilled the beans” in any way? Or does it just mean that she spent the interview haranguing the officer in charge (a much more likely, if less fascinating, scenario).

When Sabine was fleeing the law and waiting in Germany for the heat to die down, some enterprising citizens realised that if she was not currently resident in the UK, she had no business receiving her DWP payments. She has spent a great deal of time and energy since her return, attempting to have the payments resumed.

When she speaks of living off “the charity of friends, supporters and activists”, we wonder who on earth she could possibly mean? Hmm….

And finally, it seems that Sabine’s response to her legal troubles is not to cease and desist violating her restraining order, but to blame the police for arresting her. So she’s doing her usual thing: making spurious complaint after spurious complaint in an effort to slow down the system with busywork. We sincerely hope that the police and other authorities see this behaviour for what it is, and put a stop to it.

Also: “An Application for Serious Case Review is before the relevant Safeguarding Children’s Board”.

All we can say is yeah, good luck with that.

127 thoughts on “Sabine offers update on pending charges

  1. “4 dark men”

    Oh no, not just men but DARK men! Poor old Sabine – not only did she find herself in legal hot water but she was also forced to interact with “ethnics” 😀

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  2. There are a lot of innocent Hampstead residents who have suffered stomach aches because of what Sabine and her cronies have put them through. Jusayin.

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  3. LOL, so she’s still whingeing about not being allowed UK benefits whilst living in Berlin and Brussels! Life’s so unfair 😀

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  4. Once again, she gets no sympathy from me…
    Who here has 7 arrests on their record and suffers anxiety from it?
    Who here has their computer and hard drives in police impound?



    Thought not….

    Here’s a novel thought sabine- if you didn’t promote hoaxes and didn’t cause innocent people to fear for their reputations and even possibly lives, maybe you wouldn’t have seven arrests and maybe your anxiety would stop as a result…
    Ever thought of that???

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  5. There’s nothing wrong having with an interest in conspiracies, and attempting to research them, assuming that there really IS a conspiracy to investigate. The problem comes when nitwits like Sabine, Belinda, Neelu, Kevin Annett,, fantasize (invent) a conspiracy that doesn’t exist and then use “investigating” it as an excuse to run amok invading everyone’s privacy, making false accusations, etc.

    I was an early subscriber to Phillip Agee’s “Covert Action Information Bulletin”, later named “Covert Action Quarterly”, which was concerned with uncovering & exposing REAL conspiracies undertaken by various Government/ Military/ Intelligence entities around the world. It was fascinating, and as a hippy socialist youth I almost felt it a duty to learn whatever I could about US Army & CIA covert action conspiracies in particular.

    And around the same time, 19-20 years or so, I joined one. The International Homosexual Agenda conspiracy, of course., the secret plot to homo-fy the entire planet! Things are going very well, thanks for asking, and good job with the frogs whoever that was…

    The pizzagators are having info-orgasms about some information corpses that they are fixated on digging out of the moldy rubbish heap they deserve to be buried under. Things related to an old NYPD operation titled: “Operation Together”, which was shut down in the late 1970’s because it involved a massive amount of manpower and resources but generated very little payoff in terms of arrests and convictions relevant to the problems it was intended to solve. Everything had to do with the gay community,- – they were supposedly investigating; unsolved murders of gay men, alleged murders of gay men, alleged murders of boy prostitutes, alleged murders of witnesses to Organized Crime control of gay bars and clubs, drug trafficking by the gay community, boy prostitution, boy pornography, corruption of public officials to facilitate all of this, etc.
    In reality, the lead investigators weren’t investigating specific cases – they were investigating The Homosexual Agenda conspiracy. Yes, they were hard-core old-school Nixonian True Believers determined to uncover proof that all homos were one giant criminal conspiracy to pervert/ subvert/ corrupt America society.

    So, they were attempting to employ an investigative technique that never got them anywhere. This is a quote:
    “The police strategy was to “target” persons involved in homosexual bar activities and by arresting them for narcotics or other violations force them to supply information about the murders or about organized crime”.

    Because, at our monthly meetings, every member of the International Homosexual Agenda gets updated on all of our criminal endeavors and plots, so we all know what’s going on even if we say that we dont 🙂 🙂

    Officer: “Hey you! You homos! Start talking!”
    Homos: “Nope”
    Officer: “God DAMN! You’re under arrest!”
    Homos: “What for?”
    Officer: “Whatever I can frame you on. Now talk!”
    Homos: “Ok, ok. It’s true, Garrison was right – WE killed Kennedy”

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  6. LOL, yes, should have pointed this out. Also her hope that the impending solar eclipse will “bring light to our planet, by getting attention for taking it away for a while, so that suffering can be replaced by Peace and Joy!”

    Erm…sure. Whatever you say, Sabine.

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  7. I was reading this, then came a massive bustup between two squirrels near me, a ,lawful and without prejudice omen of things to be and what is to become.

    Back in early 2015 I predicted a big devil hound of Sabine’s own making would come and knock at her door (think David S’s hounds).

    When I was writing this a mosquito landed upon me, and I killed it. This must be another sign that parasites are about to fall. I like these omens.

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  8. David, if you ever mix your peas with your carrots, you are totally f…cked. Someone I know ignored his mum, and a wise old Coyote, and even a guy called Judge Hind, who all said “don’t let your peas touch your carrots.” and something… something… horrible happened…

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  9. hey now.. sorry but i used to research pizzagate. Not all of it is real and there’s a lot of paranoia, but some of it is. I no longer do any research for it due to someone deciding to run my motivation into the ground (sorry kiddos, but apparently both my person and my months of hard work is worthless) but yeah


  10. Indeed Justin of the Family Sanity: undoubtedly conspiracies do exist and have since time immemorial but with the advent of the Inter webs it’s gone haywire and real conspiracies just get woven into complete fantasy.

    Most of us believe we were never told the truth of the JFK assassination and I believe there were far more people complicit but how will we ever know? Now we have a goose like APD promoting a crackpot comic author who claims he was part of a conspiracy.
    But this goes for so many other terrible events to the point- what will become of recorded history?

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  11. Egomanics Are Us:
    poor Dave hasn’t yet twigged that we who inhabit this website are mainly laughing our tits off at him.
    A bit rich for an anti-Semitic buffoon who thinks Illuminati Jews run the world to criticize this website for not commenting on a demented US Nazi parade..duhhh..this site is about Hampstead you goose.

    # Dave thinks his tweets to Donald Trump actually have an effect and they are trying to silence him. It’s called Delusions of Grandeur. If only the gormless pedo obsessed idiot could be silenced.

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  12. Most women would be more than content with one darkly clad mystery man delivering freebie chocolates at random,but not our Sabine.Oh no,she has to conjure up something akin to the 4 horsemen of the bleedin apocolypse virtually tripping over each other to get into her software.No wonder she has a belly ache.

    Honestly,some folk are never satisfied.

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  13. David Shurter I couldn’t give a flying f..k if you know where I live, what are you going to do about it Big Boy if I told you?

    The answer is Sweet F. All.

    You need help.

    Get off the internet and find yourself a more productive hobby.

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  14. And the even more worrying thing, Mik, is don’t think she meant darkly clad – I think she meant dark-skinned!

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  15. To compensate for the trauma inflicted on Sabine by midnight visits from the Milk Tray man, I’m sending her some top quality chocolate from a highly regarded confectioner to compensate:

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  16. Nasty piece of work all round,out for what she can leech off the back of others.I somewhat doubt the loathsome creature meticulously weeds out and rejects contributions towards her subsistence based on ethnicity.Grr.

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  17. Dear Hoaxtead Research

    Thank you for your letter of complaint, which was passed on to me by our PR department.

    Having investigated your claims, I am happy to confirm that Mr. Shurter’s allegations against you are false, malicious and disingenuous and that to the best of my knowledge, no one on your team is a Nazi, a paedophile, a shape-shifting alien or a lizard creature.

    As recompense for any trauma that Mr. Shurter may have caused your members, I am sending you each a personalised Bible (Black Country version), a year’s supply of miracles and free membership of the Sanity Appreciation Club.

    Moreover, I have permanently barred Mr. Shurter from the Kingdom of Heaven™ and reserved a space for him at the Satan Hotel (colloquially known as Hell) for infinity nights, heating included.

    Kind regards
    PR manager, Yahweh PLC™

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  18. Oh God No Ethel.That batch was laced with pure “one square per herd”ultramega laxative concentrate for the cattle industry.I hope the sewage system is up to it,what with the solar eclipse,Dave`s doom laden apocalyptic prophesies and everything.

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  19. it was. i doubt anyone here is cool with the cruelty and genocide of those days. im a bit confused as to why he suddenly decided everyone was for them when the topic hadn’t even been brought up here yet, but given that it appears to be a problem, here ya go: we denounce the Nazis.

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  20. David Shurter certainly needs a hobby horse to ride; Kris Costa comes to mind. I think underneath that self righteous exterior is a woman (Costa), all whips, dildos and whipped cream of her. David will redefine his carnal definitions of a wicked woman if he allows Costa access to his grey shrivled dangly parts.

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  21. yes, im sure there are many videos and posts disagreeing with pizzagate, and i would agree that some of pizzagate is mere speculation or confusions, but after having spent months researching it i cannot deny certain connections. however i don’t feel the need to argue with you or attempt to prove my point, as there is no point to me making further effort. it is no longer worth it. i have my own abuse and problems to deal with, a jackass killed my motivation, and fuck it, i’ve spent most of my life trying to help people, but i matter and am allowed to focus on self care once in a while.
    Kudos though, for being a devil’s advocate and presenting me with arguments (videos) to the contrary. I appreciate that the people of hoaxtead encourage others to look at all sides and do their own research. it is sadly something i find lacking in other groups

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  22. @coyote, GOS, – when Operation Together was closed, two of it’s investigators refused to stop investigating The Homosexual Agenda, because they were fanatic homophobes who would go on “investigating” the Gay Community Conspiracy for the rest of their lives, whether anyone was willing to pay them to do this, or not.
    “At least two of the police officials who participated in the undercover operation maintain that they were “punished” through transfers and demotions because they opposed ending the investigation”.

    One of these fanatics was named Detective Jim Rothstein. Ah ha! Friend of the equally homophobic Nixon loyalist and suspected COINTELPRO operative Ted Gunderson.

    You will become familiar with a couple of other names, believe me, because the pizzagators will surely be gnawing at the bones of these old investigations for a long time to come. One is “former NY Senate Comittee on Crime investigator” Dale Smith. Here is how Rothstein described him:
    “…a high level informant, Dale Smith aka Dale St-Clair, who was in the child prostitution business” – oh dear! Not “in the business” like John D Norman, surely?
    Another one is “Washington Metropolitan Police detective Carl Shoffler”. And who was he? Good question, with a particularly troubling answer right here:

    I think we should celebrate the queer frogs again…

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  23. he has a hobby; aside from reading hoaxtead, he’s quite good at art, but he doesn’t seem to have considered making things en masse and selling them on ebay or etsy instead of asking friends for money.
    there ya go. helpful hint for the day.

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  24. Christsake,been living out of boxes in the last few years with all the upheaval.If Dave can assist in pinning us down once and for all that would be a real service on top of his primary function of daily updating humanity on how to live ones life without any discernible added beneit to anyone,anywhere.

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  25. Well maybe a bit of humour might cheer you up. Monkey dust from back in the day.

    I’m trying to think of anything useful pizzahate found out in connection with Comet Ping Pong, I cannot think of anything at all.

    Art, but the people targeted don’t own it.
    There was a house party and the hosts had a pool.
    Some people might paint weird stuff that isn’t illegal.
    Spirit cooking infuriates the crazies.
    The state department gets involved when people are prosecuted overseas to protect US citizen’s rights.
    Some people are gay and also know children.
    May also be Democrat.
    Pasta makes a nice gift.
    So does cheese.
    People play dominoes with their mates.
    A realtor sent a weird email.
    Edgy punk is still a thing.
    Hilary Clinton has had dealings with many people, some of those may be bad people.
    People still think that amber beads are a folk remedy that will alleviate teething troubles.
    There are people who love nothing more than accusing their political opponents of crimes.
    L’Enfant is dead, but he designed an urban plan for Washington a couple hundred years ago.

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  26. David loves the attention, he brought himself into the Hampstead thing and was/is close to a woman called Charlotte Ward AKA Jacquie Farmer who made some really nasty videos about some of the families who went to the same school as the Hampstead kids. She went through their Fbook friends and family and was very cruel. I remember she even had the teenage daughter of one of these people in her video saying this 16 yr old girl was doing the most disgusting evil things imaginable. God knows what effect this had on her. David is a fantasist who adds juicy bits to his stories like when Fiona Barnet said about Necrophilia David said “I have just remembered that I was forced to have sex with the dead bodies of children” How would you forget something like that? When we said he should be arrested for it he said “I was only ten years old” Then someone said that it would be pretty much impossible for a ten yr old boy to have anal sex with a corpse so David said “They made me simulate it” He’s such a bullshitter. He has also added new stuff to his Ebook that he never thought of when he wrote the novel.

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  27. Justin’s first honourable mention comes at 1:02. And he talks about him again towards the end. He’s obsessed with you, Justin. In fact, I’m starting to think he fancies you. I hope his dogs know he’s two-timing them.

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  28. 4:25 – “They’ll say all kinds of shit about me. Like I care.”

    Yeah, course you don’t, Dave. That’s why put up 9 posts about us last night and you whine about us in every video. Hehe 😀

    By the way, all those mentions and still no answer to our questions or proof of your claims. Funny that!

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  29. In this video Shurter calls for the illegal hacking of Hoaxtead members’ personal information:

    0:05 – “I have a call out there to all of you people who are hackers and investigators. I really do feel that we should do this Hoaxtead Research a favour and bring them all out into the open.”

    6:22 – “And so I’m reaching out to those of you who know how to hack. Find out who these people are.”

    7:14 – “So that is my call for today. Those of you who know how to do it, find out who these people are on Hoaxtead are [sic].”

    8:10 – “Let’s find out who they are. So…I know there’s a bunch of you out there who are watching me who can do this stuff. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s expose this group. Erm…just as we’re exposing the Nazis, let’s expose this group.”


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  30. For some reason, this simple solution has never occurred to anybody involved in promoting Hoaxtead. One wonders what they must be getting out of it, for it to be so difficult for them to stop.

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  31. You tell him, Harry. Honestly, what earthly good would it do for Shurter to have my name and address? What’s he going to do, hop on the next plane and come and render me insensible with his industrial-grade halitosis?

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  32. He seems to get more attention for his narrative “creations” than for his art. And since attention is the name of the game for him, that’s the avenue he continues to pursue.

    Incidentally, Dave, you might like to know that many of your ex-fans have been coming here and seeing the light about you.

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  33. Man- I literally PMSL- havent seen that one before


    Alex Jones is a furkin moron, but he cant be ALL bad if he gives us comedy like this…

    Friggin frogs gay… I dont like the frogs….
    its almost enough for me to start watching prison planet again- just to spot the bits that can make up videos like this…
    placeboing has made it to my faves list!

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  34. Funny you mention fallen angels, Karnevil – it turns out that Dave might not be the model of piety he purports to be, lol…

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  35. Hang on a bleedin minute, Mel Shaw? everyone on here has always been totally supportive of her getting justice for what happened to her in that childrens home. As usual Shurter is full of it.


  36. Hi Karnevil – Pardon my ignorance but what were you responding to with your last two comments? I can’t see anything about either Mel Shaw or fallen angels (?).


  37. Note that David Shurter is wearing the same jumper as the one in the photo when he was promoting his Rabbit Hole book. Look how old has become, his teeth are rotting, his hair is falling out, deep wrinkles in his face. The shadow of darkness falls heaviliy on David. This is what happens when people like David embrace the eternal darkness and are given the keys of Hell. Like the hobbit that became Gollum in the Lord of the Rings, David is now decaying and mutating into a fiend of eternal darkness.

    David Shurter…

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  38. Yes, Charlotte/Jacqui is an extremely nasty woman, who tries to disguise her vile personality with an unctuous writing and speaking style that fools nobody. As far as I’m aware, there are still warrants out for her arrest, dating back two years.

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  39. Erm…so please hack and find out who they are….but they’re all UK Government? He should write to the Prime Minister and tell her to stop it.


  40. She insists that she’s allowed to report details of the ‘in camera’ proceedings as long as she doesn’t name the baby or parents!

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  41. How annoying that Facebook recordings don’t have 1.5x or 2x speed options. I’m having to sit through the whole 29 minutes of Angela talking utter bollocks.

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  42. She’s saying that when she agreed to “give sanctuary” to the family, she was under the impression that there would be some “financial backing” and now she’s pissed off that it hasn’t come through. Unless I’ve misunderstood, it seems the pound signs lit up in her eyes when she got the call but it hasn’t panned out how she’d hoped.

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  43. The Northern Ireland troubles were not a war, Angie. Check your facts for once.


  44. She’s saying that under Irish law the punishment for perjury is to be put in the stocks for a day, nailed to them by your ears.

    Thinking of launching a ‘rotten fruit’ appeal on GoFundMe, just in case 😀

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  45. Hi Harry. I think that process has already started with her slightly vague and ambiguous comments about “red flags”.

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  46. What if Sharter had a brain? More importantly, what if cats had thumbs. The sky would be the limit in both cases.

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  47. They probably had “red flags” about her and did a Moonlight flit before things got worse.


  48. Names? Regarding Sanity, the clue is in the word Justin – he is Justin Bieber – I thought everyone knew that, duh!

    El Coyote. Come on David, what planet are you on? You must have seen the cartoons, the coyote chasing the road runner? He is the real thing, when not chasing road runners, or selling stuff through the MK Ultra front company ACME, or howling at the moon, he is writing blogs making fun of you. Get real dude.

    Me, you know that guy on the motorbike saying he is the law and shooting the bad guys, thats me, Judge Hind.

    Everyone here likes animals, so you got your Coyotes, Racoons and Porpoises, and all you know they could be MKUltra gentically modified super intelligent entities that look like these animals but have the intelligence of ten human brains.

    You don’t need hackers David, you got your powers as a son of god, now go and use them, it might come as a revelation to you. You are a sad pathetic specimen of a son of god, where is your lightning, and the calling up of storms? Can ‘t you even summon an angel to do your dirty work for you? When you learn to grow balls and stop soiling your knickers every time you hear a coyote howl, perhaps your dad (God) might stop ignoring you.

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  49. Yeah! Good point, James. Shurter presumes that these names are all pseudonyms but I for one was christened Ethel Aardvark and I have the birth certificate to prove it. I consider it an insult to the Aardvark clan that he’s denying our existence. Great Uncle Platypus would be turning in his grave.

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  50. @TSAP – DS is insanely jealous, because I have a fan club 🙂

    I’ve been open about being a Gay man, the whole 22 years I’ve been on the internet.
    As far as I know, Lucien Greaves is heterosexual. He certainly has a lot of girlfriends.
    But even this doesn’t create any cognitive dissonance for Mr. sh*t-fer-brains. He’s capable of believing that I’m 60 going on 30, a Gay-Straight man, and living in the US and Canada simultaneously.

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  51. Now on a serious note. Although it is random like most of the shit David Shurter comes out with, he alleges everyone on Hoaxtead in some way supports the neo nazis in Charlottesville. In fact it is a matter of public record that Hoaxtead has been opposed in its commentng against the many anti-semetic postings made by Satan Hunters that Shurter associates with.

    I personally am opposed to neo-nazis, I have fought campaigns alongside Hope not Hate against EDL, BNP and other extreme right groups. I actively oppose the Order of NIne Angles in the Left Hand Path who are largely neo-nazi in outlook.

    I condemn what is going on in Charlottesville, I and everyone on Hoaxtead will probably oppose the sewage that is floating around in Charlottesville, and we would certainly fight it (I would) if that sewage floated into London or onto the streets of Hampstead. Those that wish to harm children, the innocent or minorities based upon a quality such as race, religion or social status is one of the reasons I stand shoulder to shoulder with Hoaxtead.

    David Shurter, you are no better than the neo nazis of Charlottesville, spreading your hate, ignorance and fear around. Hoaxtead stands as light against people like you, long may it continue.

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  52. Unfortunately for Dave having blamed everything external for his failings he has become just that “insensitive shallow fuck” 24/7 .At least everyone else has the handy option of switching the miserable bastard off and watching cat videos instead.

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  53. Oh FFS! In the name of Christ Angie, just read a fucking law book you stupid, ignorant, feckless old fraud! No you fucking cannot report details of in camera proceedings you mad cow! – Basic knowledge! Really, secondary-school media studies basic knowledge!

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  54. At 37:09 Stolpman basically says he’s no longer interested in the Hampstead case because hey, Shurter the Wise has assured him that the children are doing fine. This is all my fault, folks – I should never have given Dave that crystal ball for his birthday.

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  55. I can’t imagine that Ella and Abe were too thrilled at Stolpman telling us that Ella had made it all up about her first husband and oldest son being “in the cult”, either. Kind of shot their hoax in the foot, that little bit of info.

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