Super-soldiers in the astral plane: Angie’s new video guest tells startling story

Just in case anyone should doubt the prescience of our readers, check out this comment made a year ago by faithful commenter Jake Blake: At the time we’d never heard of Ms Baglio, but just this week, guess who popped up on one of Angie’s “please please please pay attention to ME!!!!!” videos?

A couple of our team members watched the thing from beginning to end, and kindly shared some of their observations with us. Here goes:

Viewer A: Oh, this is new—Angie is broadcasting in front of a pair of tart’s knickers. What happened to the stovepipe and teddy bear?

Viewer B: Looks like she’s gone upscale. That’s supposed to be a greenscreen. Stop snickering!

A: What I want to know is, where is her guest broadcasting from? It looks like some kind of institution…

B: Mental hospital? Can’t be prison, they’d never let her have a laptop.A: Oh crikey, another damn super-soldier.

B: Haha, her grandparents used to take her on vacations to deep underground military bases.

A: As one does. Oh, here we go: Angie is trying to one-up her own guest. It wasn’t just her father, it was her entire family! And they had psychic abilities and high IQs…

B: How do they explain Angie then? Genetic throwback?

A: Ssh, Holly’s finally getting a word in edgewise.

B: Whoa, Josef Mengele himself walked into a room where Holly was tied to a chair, and he raped two other kids…! And shapeshifting reptilians! This is the big time, people!

A: “‘In this memory it’s hard for me to even admit this but I feel like Josef Mengele had me sitting in that chair egging him on to rape the two boys and I feel God awful about that…”

B: Hang on, hang on, hang on….When was Mengele born? 1911 or so? And how old is this woman? Late 30s, early 40s maybe? Was Mengele even alive by the time she was old enough for her to egg him on or whatever? Not to mention capable….

A: Don’t ask difficult questions. Besides, all this happened in the astral world, don’t you know.

B: Right, right. Silly of me. Carry on.

A: Angie says she’s stopped astral travelling, by the way. Apparently Jesus…er, I mean Jeshua Jesus, doesn’t approve of that sort of thing.

B: Bloody killjoy.

A: Haha, I found Holly’s description of herself! Get this:

I am an Uberman created by Josef Mengele, who was nicknamed The Angel of Death in WWII. I am a Super Soldier from Black Operations and the Secret Space Program. Special Forces trained me as a child, and I served from the time I was born until December 2011. The Deep Underground Military Bases and above ground Government facilities that I recall are Nelson Canada, Camp Hero Montauk NY, somewhere in Texas, and the other facilities I am still recalling the names and locations thereof.

I am from Project IBIS. As well as I was used in Project Alpha, Delta, Omega, Looking Glass, Seagate, Monarch, and Mannequin, etc.

My greatest fear is that these Black Projects of MKUltra Programming, Mind Control Slaves and Super Soldiers are all still ongoing and fully supported by our tax dollars!

B: Stop, you’re killing me! So her biggest fear isn’t that she’s some kind of mind-controlled crazed killing machine who encouraged the late Dr Mengele to rape children…her biggest fear is that her tax dollars are supporting Block Ops programmes? I’m…I just don’t know what to say to that!

A: Yup. Don’t matter what yuh do in ‘Murka, long as the taxpayers don’t foot the bill.

B: Hey, check this out: Holly and some friends were busted for possession of Ketamine, Ecstasy, and cannabis…looks like it was back in 2001. Ha! I was right. She was four years old when Mengele died.

A: Yeah, but now he lives in the Astral…

B: And Angie can’t prove he doesn’t, because that arsehold Jeshua Jesus won’t let her go there any more. He sounds like a crap boyfriend if you ask me. Controlling bastard.

A: Ooh, what have we here? D’you think this is her super-soldier costume? B: Nice outfit! But next time could you give me a bit of warning? Now I’ve got tea all over my keyboard.

A: Sorry, sorry….but do you think all super-soldiers get to wear a tinfoil tiara, or just the ones trained by Josef Mengele in the astral plane?

B: What I want to know is why she’s standing on a chair. Is that part of their training?


B: Hey, check this out: Holly talks about how she went to a mental institution for a week in December 2014. She says she went mute for nine months. Angie says, “That’s a programme, that used to be my default. I used to go mute”.

A: Omigod, so there’s hope? Could it happen again? How do we arrange this?

B: I’m thinking we’ll have to run it past this Jeshua Jesus chappie. He controls her every move, you know.

A: Ahahaha, Angie’s saying the reason her sister was murdered…stop snorting…the reason she was murdered is that the MK Ultra people had an experiment going on where they were swapping out newborn babies in the hospital.

B: What on earth for?

A: Shits and giggles, I don’t know. They’re MK Ultra, it’s what they do. Anyway, do you want to hear the rest of the story or not?

B: Sure, go on…

A: So yeah, they stole the real sister and left poor Mum with the fake. Mum knew right away, of course. She said, “That’s not my baby”.

B: I’d have said that about Angie.

A: Yeah, but the kicker? She’s saying this is why Fiona was murdered. She and Mum were going to get DNA tests, and the Powers That Be couldn’t risk them finding out the truth.

B: Seems like a bit of an extreme solution. Couldn’t they have just sent them fake results instead? I thought these people were all-powerful?

A: Would you stop being so bloody logical?

B: Sorry, keep forgetting. Is it teatime yet?

At this point, the transmission cut out. But we think you get the idea. Incidentally, Holly seems to have a bit of a temper:

We’re currently taking bets on how long it’ll take for Angie and her latest BFF to fall out. Get your answers in early!

A note to our readers: El Coyote has finally been persuaded to take a bit of a summer holiday. We’ve packed his bags for him, and as of Saturday, 22 July, we’ll be shoving him out the door. No doubt he’ll keep poking his nose back in and checking for new developments on the Hoaxtead front, but we’re encouraging him to claim a deck chair, apply sunscreen liberally, and take it easy for a week or so. He’s been growling and howling about it, but we think he’s finally starting to accept our advice. In turn, we’ve agreed to let him at the computer in the event that anything startling should occur.

58 thoughts on “Super-soldiers in the astral plane: Angie’s new video guest tells startling story

  1. Both of these women talk about having to fight to the death. I’m not sure if they mean on the astral plane (where it would be a piece of piss) or in real life, where it wouldn’t.

    Incidentally, I had a quick look at the CCN interview Holly did with Eyelash and I was stunned to hear that the super soldier programming takes place not only on the earth, but also the astral plane, and in different dimensions and times. Why slap my thigh I bet Holly has met Dr Who!

    Cute the way Holly calls Dr Mengele ‘Mengelly’.

    Not a well lady. On one of her other videos she talks about how she went to her local Baptist church and they told her to see a doctor…. Good advice dear and you should take it!

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  2. “B: How do they explain Angie then? Genetic throwback?”.
    Let’s face it-Sooper Soldiers aren’t quite super are they just as Targeted Individuals are largely ignored (except on JooTube).
    Holly has good reason to question tax dollars$$ being spent on the World’s Greatest Military Failures.

    I’m still awaiting for the penny to drop on the Troofer Mob that the new Wonder Woman is Jewish. Give it time.

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    • Sam is of course me- Ghost of Sam returned from the Astral Plane where I have been traveling lately but have been ordered by George Soros to come down to Earth. I’m not sure I like what I see and now I know there is no danger of meeting Angie in a higher plane, I’m off again.

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    • Their tiny brains will explode.

      And yes, I’m kinda failing to see the point of the whole Super-Soldier thing, as none of them ever seem to do much other than natter about it with one another. I think I get Holly’s point now about government funding waste.

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  3. Here is the lovely Holly surrounded by her fellow graduates in her ’99 class photo from Dr Josef Mengale’s Sooper Soldier & Home Knitting Course at Lyndhurst Technical College ( Mengele actually hid out in Lyndhurst and not Paraguay as incorrectly reported – not a lot of people know that).

    I’m sure they are all extremely lovely people but although I’m not one to cast nasturtiums on anyone I wouldn’t like to run into them in a dark alley.

    Holly also participated in what is now known as the infamous MKUltra Koffein and Ketamine Experiment where students were fed various concoctions to test their ability to red-dot join and knit (her 2001 drug bust was a cover-up after classmates were inadvertently pulled over by a local cop in the pay of George Soros).
    It conclusively proved that students who were barking at the beginning of the experiment were still barking no matter what stimulant they took.

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    • Sorry Sam, I may be a bit slow or (not being down with the kids) missing a reference or something….. But there appear to be two randomly photoshopped heads pasted in the middle of that (apparently random) picture. ….What’s that pic supposed to be really?


  4. Probably proof that El Coyote does badly need a break is his persistence in mocking the famed Irish journalist Angela Power-Disney.

    One of Herr Doctor Mengele’s most successful experiments was his lab created twins as seen here where he successfully took a simple German milk maid Fräulein Helga von Strudel and cloned a perfect lab copy as seen here in photos captured after Mengele fled Germany.

    They are known as The Strudel Twins.
    Sadly the clone Angela Strudel deteriorated badly and is still incarcerated in Broadmoor Hospital ( Mad Milk Maid Section) while Helga von Strudel went on to have a brilliant career as a diarist after passing With Honors in the Grifter’s & Flimflammery Course at Warwick’s University (a diploma mill located in Alabama but often mistaken for the British Warwick University) along with fellow classmate & Sooper Spy Andrea Davison.

    Helga became the more British sounding Angela (with the aid of distant relatives the aristocratic German Battenberg family) and is believed living in a remote Irish town where she continues to ply her trade.

    (OK I’ll stop drinking the koffein now)

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    • You probably shouldn’t let on about this, GoS…although Angela never/rarely/only sometimes reads this blog, she’ll find some way to weave your intel into her latest self-aggrandising narrative.


  5. I for one found that video very educational. Case in point: the invaluable Science lesson delivered by Professor Disney at 31:12…

    “God didn’t say it lightly when he said, you know, ‘Two will become one flesh.’ And science is recently confirming that when you have sex with another person, the female takes on the DNA of whichever male sperm is entering into her system, so you’re diluting…”

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  6. “There are people on Facebook who are collecting super-soldiers…and then in the future you will either be re-programmed or triggered to go active.”

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    • And those responses explain why the alleged “super-soldier” and “targetted individual” populations are growing. Their motto: “From the psych ward to the streets!”


    • Flimflammery at its very best or worst(you decide).Angela must be raging,nay glowing green with envy as these wannabe gobshitologist whippersnappers look to unseat her long held status as arch-monarch-overlord of all things utter bollocks and plain stupid.

      I proposed the title be settled once and for all by summoning forth the ancient ritual dual of “Twatus determinati”.The first contestant to talk themselves into a permanent coma verily be declared the victor.The losers vanquished henceforth to a remote island to live out their days mumbling inanely to unsuspecting and indeed highly unfortunate tree frogs and things.Ahh the meds trolley……………..

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  7. I was starting to miss Angela’s stupidity and lies. Her assessment of Nathan Stolpman delivers on both counts:

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    • “I was starting to miss Angela’s stupidity and lies”.

      I can almost understand (emphasis on almost) as there is a human condition whereby one can flirt with either physical or mental pain (in APD’s case definitely mental) as one attempts to see how far the average & normal human being can go before complete collapse automatically sets in.

      Beware Shift The Quail as you are dealing with one of Joe Mengele’s most successful experiments.
      Do not be fooled by Angie’s cunning and carefully crafted JooTube persona whereby she successfully portrays herself, to use common parlance here in Perth, as an utter fuckwit.
      As you know from even reading Hoaxtead that every person who has wandered into Angie’s ( or should I say Helga von Strudel) orbit has crashed and burned.

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  8. I think what becomes really obvious here is how RIDICULOUS this whole thing is, how people with delusions are egging each other on and, when it comes to some of them, how dangerous they can be when they decide to make false accusations which ruin peoples’ lives. These people are the enemy of reason and in some cases they work against protecting children by wasting the authorities time. This is especially significant these days, because there are so many financial cut-backs.

    I hope all of the above women get some psychiatric help in the future.

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    • Yes even though we may jest (badly in my case), they are quite dangerous people as very vulnerable souls can most certainly be taken in by these conspiracy promoters.

      I just cannot work out whether they purposely target the genuinely mentally ill.
      Let’s never forget that even on this board we have encountered several who have been driven to the point where they either end up in mental health clinics (hopefully a relief for them) or on criminal or civil charges and have to front a court.

      Meanwhile the hard core promoters of these hoaxes seem to sail through life in almost carefree fashion.

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      • “I just cannot work out whether they purposely target the genuinely mentally ill.
        Let’s never forget that even on this board we have encountered several who have been driven to the point where they either end up in mental health clinics (hopefully a relief for them) or on criminal or civil charges and have to front a court”.

        Yes, this is the big question, isn’t it? It’s very hard to determine whether someone like Angie is mentally ill, though just judging from the few excerpts of Holly’s behaviour I’ve seen, I’d say she’s definitely in need of care. As I think I’ve said before (perhaps more than once, even), the people who concern me most are those who lead those with mental health issues into becoming foot-soldiers for the cause. And we all know that it’s the foot-soldiers, not the generals, who suffer the consequences.

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        • I couldn’t agree more.

          I think we’ve all speculated about some of the ‘Generals’ having personality disorders too. Certainly there are those with no real compassion, no insight and no understanding of the consequences of their behaviour on other people. Then there are those that are just jerks….

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    • Bastards.There I was at half past the hour,down at my local,having a swift pint and minding my own business thinking what a utterly sad,pointless twat David is.Next thing I know I am a bloody squirrel and the lasses on the table opposite are chucking peanuts at me.Its just not cricket.

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  9. Quiet, everyone. The Right Reverend Angela Power wishes to address the congregation (whoopee-fucking-doo)…

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    • Nunchucks, kanakas whatever the hell they are called, now I’m quite pissed off that taxpayer’s money has been used for decades churning out Sooper Secrit Soldiers whose main skill is to twirl a couple of sticks around their head, a talent that can be learned in any high school band.
      The ghastly Dr Mengele has played a huge joke on us with his army of Amazonian infantry persons trained from a tender age to try and bedazzle their opponents with colour & movement not dissimilar to a bunch of cheeky cheer leaders.

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    • Rev Pike takes issue with the fact MI5 have led us all down the garden path and that the sign “Work Will Set You Free” at the Auschwitz Holiday Camp merely referred to the fact that the joint was just a labour camp for Jewish POWs.
      Yet another dastardly attack on the nice Mr Hitler.

      If only I could reach back in time and confront my history teacher who neglected to educate me about how Polish & German Jews declared war upon Germany.

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      • I still struggle with the anti-Jewish agenda, what is it’s aims, end goals, what are they trying to achieve by promoting anti-Semitic jibber jabber? The same with the attacks on a very miniscule minority religion of Satanism. Is it covering up for crimes of the church to make up for bad press?
        The stupidity with these sub-humans is beyond mental illness and more into dangerous, mindless, brain-dead sheep. I care not for religion myself but respect peoples rights to believe and have faith in whatever god they choose as long as they are not misusing that faith to get away with crimes.

        Sometimes it is a case of conspiracies only existing online, being unaware of them is so much better for the soul, but they bleed into reality and ruin everyday peoples lives, not just the so called untouchable “Elliot Ness” Government elites.

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    • Hey Holly: tell you what, luv – I’ll give my pay cheque to the government and you give yours to your BFF Angie’s GoFundMe appeal and we’ll see which one makes the most difference to schools and hospitals. Let us know how you get on…

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    • The Doctor Is In writes:
      She’s got you there Jake Blake as it’s a well known fact that Dr Jesus Psy PH.D was also a trained Clinical Psychologist and operated the Son of God Clinic for the Religiously Obsessed ( NHS approved) in Jerusalem around 20 AD.
      Not many people know that the so-called Crucifixion was actually a chiropractic massage gone terribly wrong after Jesus sought treatment for back pains.

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  10. I always find it funny – within minutes of posting a comment about Shurter, he posts a butt-hurt rant about us on his Farcebook page. Such an obsessive!

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