Whaddaya mean, ‘forget Pizzagate’? Stolpman fans lash out.

Nathan Stolpman’s fans are revolting. And they’re also seriously annoyed with their lad, who released a video on Friday enjoining them to “Forget John Podesta #Pizzagate #Pedogate”.

Whilst driving down a highway, Nathan offers some surprisingly thoughtful thoughts:

Forget about John Podesta. We’ve seen enough from these charlatans, y’know, like David Seaman talking about arresting John Podesta, for what? We don’t have anything on John Podesta. The emails were always a psyop. The emails were picked up by David Seaman, Alex Jones…kids in a hot tub, it’s always bullshit, the code—there was real stuff!—around the pizza shop, the logo on Besta Pizza, Tony Podesta collects disgusting art…um…Marina Abramovitch creates disgusting art, or ceremony, or ritual, these things are all true. But…John Podesta hasn’t been connected to anything. I mean, other than having…done a fundraiser at James Alefantis’ pizza shop, and being connected to the Clintons and everything else, there’s a lot of circumstantial stuff, but there’s just nothin’. …It’s a way to discredit people who are looking into child sexual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, Monarch programming, MK Ultra….

Okay, so he goes a little off the rails after making sense for a while.

Don’t get us wrong: we still think Nathan is a brainless jackass. And he still hasn’t seen the error of his ways vis à vis the Hampstead SRA hoax, though we’ve heard that he has been trying to arrange an interview with both Abe and Ella so he can ask them “hard questions”, whatever he means by that. [Haha, good luck with that!—Ed.]

What interested us more than Nathan’s U-turn on Pizzagate is the overwhelmingly negative response he has received from his followers so far.

And that’s just a small taste.

Nothing new there, of course. We’re very accustomed to the “if you don’t believe in our fairytale you are clearly a paedophile/pervert/government operative/disinformation agent” argument from those of the troofer persuasion.

But we think it demonstrates rather nicely the way the Cult of the Worldwide Satanic Child Sex Abuse Conspiracy™ deals with heretics: one false move and they’re all over you like a cheap suit.

That’s how cult behaviour works

Many moons ago, Scarlet Scoop posited that while those who belong to the Hoaxtead mob might screech and point quivering fingers at those named by Abe and Ella as “members of a death cult”, in fact their own behaviour is extremely cult-like.

According to Dr Arthur J. Deikman, author of The Wrong Way Home: Uncovering the Patterns of Cult Behaviour in American Society, cults are essentially authoritarian: “obedience and hierarchical power tend to take precedence over truth and conscience when they conflict, which they often do”. Dr Deikman points out,

What I wish to stress is not that every group is a cult, but that cult thinking is the effect of psychological forces endemic to the human mind, and that these forces operate in the everyday life of each of us; they distort perception, bias thinking, and inculcate belief.

A true cult, of course, will have a leader, guru, or what-have-you—people whose higher status in the group affords them the ability to dictate the cult’s beliefs, and receive members’ adulation. While we could stretch a point and say that Abe and Ella perform this function in Hoaxtead, we don’t really see them as group leaders. In fact, Abe’s unpopularity even amongst True Believers in Hoaxtead has nearly proved their undoing. These days, they tend to shove Ella out in front of the cameras, as she is a slightly less repulsive character than her boyfriend.

However, while we wouldn’t go so far as to say that members of the Hoaxtead mob are in a cult, we can certainly say that some of their behaviours resemble behaviours of those in cults.

Pizzagators/Hoaxtead mobsters all tend to exhibit compliance with their own chosen group. Internal dissent is stifled, because it casts doubt on the group’s “specialness”—in this case, their supposed ability to grasp amazing facts that the rest of us cannot perceive.

In the same way, external dissent is devalued: when an outsider tries to make statements that contradict the beliefs of the group, the outside must be driven away. That’s where all that name-calling comes in. It’s basically a way of trying to drive out differences of opinion, which would threaten the stability of the group.

Dr Deikman says,

Group compliance preserves security by supporting the beliefs crucial to the fantasy of superiority….Outsiders, non-believers, are excluded and devalued for they do not believe what the group believes; if the group…(is) superior, the outsider is inferior. …

Devaluing the outsider is probably the most common cult-like behaviour in everyday society, where it takes the form of regarding one’s opponents as if they were a homogeneous group with only negative traits. Bad motives are attributed to the other, but not to oneself. This devaluation is usually done by designating the adversary as, for example, “stupid,” “rigid,” “lazy,” “reactionary,” “bleeding heart,” “cold”.

He focusses on the power of the group to shape human behaviour, and speculates that this could have its roots in evolutionary psychology. Humans have long found that congregating in groups gives us an evolutionary advantage, as we can turn to our fellow group members for support and protection. “As banishment from the larger group could endanger an individual’s survival, an acute sensitivity to the group’s wishes and requirements probably carried an evolutionary advantage”.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with people joining groups; but groups which internally reinforce false beliefs or toxic behaviour can quickly become very damaging to their members. And when people have few or no friends outside the group, the group can begin to have total control of its members’ thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

Nathan the Heretic

So poor old Nathan has violated the unwritten code, in telling his fellow Pizzagators that the very thing they most wish to believe in is in fact a complete crock of festering shite.

He’s right (well, except for that whole psy ops business), but that’s not going to earn him any praise from his fellow group members. Predictably, they have linked arms and rushed to denigrate the heretic as forcefully and convincingly as they know how.

What they don’t realise is that they’re saying almost nothing about Nathan and his beliefs—but they are offering the world a fascinating glimpse into the cult-like behaviours manifested by their group.

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  1. There is a new authoritarianism sweeping into the world and the whole @pedo / @pizzagare meme is part of it.
    Authoritarians come in two forms- leaders & followers. Trump is a figurehead authoritarian for his powerful & rich backers and his rusted-on cult-like followers are authoritarian followers who follow their leader with cult-like worship even as he dismantles entities like healthcare, food stamps etc which huge swathes of his followers rely upon.
    It’s also why millions of them dismiss the Russian attempts to fiddle with US democracy as they see Putin as an idealistic authoritarian leader.

    All this has been decades in the brewing as the genuine Conservative movement has been “infiltrated” by the the new “alt-right” who despise the so-called left and conservatism alike.

    I don’t think you can underestimate the effects that 1000s of minions of this new authoritarian “movement” have and Hoaxtead is one small example ( the McCanns etc) of how teams of organised or loosely associated groups of like-minded bullies can create havoc

    The meme that there is a”pedo behind every (government institution) bush” is a convenient hook for this dangerous mob.

    They come in all sorts of demented forms and I liken them to urban terrorists even those the most basic gutter dwelling ones like Debs, Bellender, APD, Sabine etc.
    I truly believe in another era (70/80 years ago) these creatures would have been the types that would have become guards in concentration camps and enjoyed their work.
    They are rampant in the UK and having an affect. You only need a charismatic leader (like Trump?) for them to become fully energized and better organised. British politicians seem oblivious to the dangers.

    On internet defamation, there is a new EU organisation trying to forge change and protection for individuals. Whether they can succeed or not depends on the majority of people taking this whole internet & social media cruelty of libel seriously.

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    • Yes, it seems that many people think they have not only the right but the obligation to impose their ideas and thoughts on others, no matter how nutty those ideas might be. I think your analogy to urban terrorists is apt; we really do need to take this seriously, as it has the potential to reshape our society in a very ugly way.


  2. It’s not surprising I suppose that those calling Nathan a pervert and creep tend to sound like perverts and creeps. Sigh….

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    • Funnily enough, that list of questions was to have been given to one of the troofers who basically melted down when he discovered that Ella had retracted part of her story. He had a bit of a public breakdown, and then decided to stop doing videos about the hoax. Not quite a QED moment, but almost.


  3. We cant use a cell phone here AT ALL whilst driving, not as a music center, not to answer- even with hands free, definitely not to sms
    According to our esteemed lawmakers, the mere touching of a cellphone instantly makes your driving worse than the most inebriated of Saturday night tosspots

    Making a moofie whilst driving is likely at the more extreme end of `driving whilst distracted’ me thinks

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    • Infuriates me and very dangerous. Chap walked across the road reading his phone just yesterday and missed the gutter and fell flat on his face in front of me. Some comments even attack anyone questioning him using the phone while driving. It only takes a second to be diverted from driving for an accident to happen.

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  4. Hoaxtead will provide a fascinating source of material for researchers and academics into the strange twisted road of the Satan Hunter. The Satan Hunter belongs to a type of religion, that the internet with its greater reach of information rather than enlighten has promoted their ignorance and stupidity. These types of people have always existed, but in different forms down the ages, the internet has brought them altogether, which makes them a greater challenge for society.

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    • “These types of people have always existed, but in different forms down the ages, the internet has brought them altogether, which makes them a greater challenge for society.”
      I think that this comment from Satanicview is the most evincive, erudite, and helpful comment that has ever been put forward on this matter. Well said.

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  5. It would appear Nathan is reaping the rotting fruit of his labours having assisted in propping up an unsustainable artifice consisting of absolute zero substance and excessive hot air.The inevitability of internal collapse and internecine strife has always been notably more predictable than the sun getting out of its bed in the morning.

    Apart from the suffering to innocent bystanders there is much entertainment to be derived observing the antics of determined idiots.

    On the subject of determined idiots,I wonder how Belinders invitation for a little chat panned out?

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  6. Lisa Vunk’s You Tube video ‘Insights and & Observations of a Rainbow Warrior GodDess: Some of Our Collective Shadow Work’ posted on 6th April 2017 is worth a look. Lisa is in Bulgaria where she’s skiing and finishing her ‘book’ whilst also taking time to promote the Hampstead Hoax.

    Quote: ‘Yes, it sounds crazy’. (Yes it does dear.)

    Quote: ‘The satanic sociolopathological paedophiles of power’ (Say that after six pints!)

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      • “She had this opinion of me; i’m jealous, selfish, a liar, mad, i was “daft Debbie”
        I like it….daft Debbie you shall always be.

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    • Best thing Mad Moo can do is retire from her wobbly lecturn bellowing out confused nonsense.Her gob seems to have been running the show with any reasoning faculty having chucked in the towel many moons back.In the remote event she has some genuine interest in contributing to the common good of children she will assist enormously by ceasing to bombard agencies with pointless verbiage.Knitting little socks may be a worthwhile way forward.

      Whatever bollocks “Golden-light-intellience” is I just hope for its sake it has a half decent pair of ear plugs to hand.

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  7. 7:23 – “What have I said that’s insane?” 😀

    Answers on a postcard, please…

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  8. Message from Dave. He says can all please stop dissing that nice Mr. Manson.

    Unrepentant mass murderers deserve our respect. Apparently.

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    • Seeing as Shurter’s an unrepentant mass-murderer too, maybe he identifies with Manson.

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    • “Unrepentant mass murderers deserve our respect. Apparently”.
      A particularly offensive concept, which Dipstick is actually borrowing from Dave “the rotting corpse” McGowan. I never could and never will forgive McGowan, for his attempts at generating a false social history narrative, in which serial killers and mass murders are actually THE REAL VICTIMS and at the very least deserving of massive cash compensation as government-intelligence mind-control patsies…

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      • “Seeing as Shurter’s an unrepentant mass-murderer too, maybe he identifies with Manson”.

        There’s a lot more to be said, about that, and about McGowan’s “MKUltra victim”, surreptitious apologetics for mass murderers and serial killers.

        Shurter has indeed attempted, publicly, to confess that he committed a long series of very horrible crimes – including rape, murder, torture and cannibalism. These are false confessions, of course, he has never provided any verifiable evidence that they are factual and his family members are witnesses to the falsity of his claims. When confronted by a person claiming to take him at his word, that he is in fact a serial murderer, he employs what he believes to be a mitigating excuse: “I was a child! My father forced me!” He clearly doesn’t understand that such a scenario would NOT necessarily exonerate him of responsibility for acts of extreme abuse and murder. Some jurisdictions have a blanket immunity from prosecution for children under a certain age, but most do not. People in the UK could not help but be aware, that even very young children who kill – (depending on many factors, of course) – can and will be “held accountable” through the justice system as the infamous Bulger case demonstrated. An adult, confessing to murder committed as a child, wouldn’t even have the mitigation of CURRENTLY being a minor, and the measure of mercy assessed for that, on their side.

        Many, many other self-professed SRA-MC survivor claimants have victim narratives which include themselves being enticed, coerced, forced, or “programmed” to commit horrific crimes – not only as a child but often well into their adult years as well. Makes their fantasy history more compelling and harrowing to tell, and to hear/read about. One such “survivor” claimant in Kathleen Sullivan. In her book-length victim narrative, Sullivan claims to have committed many crimes including several murders, as a child MKUltra victim turned into a mind-controlled adult assassin for the CIA. She’s lying, of course, and there is no evidence that her claims are factual-true, so she couldn’t be prosecuted on the basis of her confessions in any case. BUT, she has publicly claimed in the past that many SRA-MC “survivor” claimants don’t come forward publicly for fear that they would be prosecuted for crimes they committed.
        I had the chance to confront her about this many years ago, in a public forum discussion thread. I told her that I thought she SHOULD be prosecuted for murder. She back-pedalled, claiming she had recently been advised that – because she was supposedly controlled by others – she wouldn’t be held responsible for her actions. I told her that I was going to lobby for all mitigation to be excluded in cases of adults who insist on publicly confessing to murder, and furthermore for all such claimants to be prosecuted AS THOUGH their confession was a proven fact even if there was no external corroboration of their claim. As I expected, she seemed to be startled – and alarmed – by this. Hee-hee!
        And sure enough, it wasn’t very long after, when she and her alleged organization started a campaign to promote an “SRA-MC victims and perpetrators” “Truth and Reconciliation Coalition” – advocating for a blanket amnesty to be extended to (imaginary) SRA-MC abuse perps AND all their self-professed victims.
        Check out her Forward to this book:

        Click to access prosecution_for_treason__28book29_by_mary_maxwell_04162011%282%29_2.pdf

        There is a nefarious aspect to this concept, however. You may recall that Hal Pepinsky, the “Peacemaking” academic criminologist, was one of the key facilitators of the perpetuation & dissemination of SRA-MC mythology for several decades. Pepinsky has also been a vocal proponent of “Restorative Justice” and other alternatives to punitive systems of justice.
        Now imagine, in the era of the Conspiratard-in-Chief, a tribunal of satan hunters operating under a government sanctioned, formalized, SRA-MC victims and perpetrators Truth and Reconciliation Coalition. Empowered to issue legal summonses for alleged suspected SRA-MC perps to appear before them, at which point the falsely accused, totally innocent, impossibly guilty, victim is given a choice…
        Publicly confess your crimes, here, and name all the co-conspirators to your crimes, and you can participate in our Restorative Justice program – you might have to pay a fine of, say, everything your worth to help cover compensation for Kathleen and David and the other survivors – and if you are successfully reconciled and demonstrate true repentance (by becoming a public SRA-MC true believer and victim advocate), and you won’t have to go to prison. OR…we will start traditional justice proceedings against you, based on these sealed affidavits from the dozens of Nick-esque false victim witnesses against you. In that case, you WILL be convicted and sentenced to 500 years of imprisonment. Or whatever, the point being you’ll never get out. Your choice?

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  9. Yes, the essential hypocrisy at the heart of so-called “Truther” community-culture.

    Supposedly, their first & foremost goal and ‘value’ is TOTAL DISCLOSURE. All information, about anything and everything, must be freely available to everyone. If anyone, especially governments, attempts to hide or suppress information, it must be uncovered and disclosed. No more secrets, no more propaganda-esque official narratives which leave out contradictory perspectives. Right?

    So, you’d think that any Truther-run sites/pages/forums would be sanctuaries for the most free and open discussions the world has ever seen. Yes? NO!
    The hypocritical truth of the matter, is that Truther “truth posses” are more fanatical and vicious about suppressing dissenting opinions and information which contradicts their currently trendy (and therefore ‘official’) narratives, than Soviet Russia or Communist China! There are no closed-minded & filtered information echo chambers like a Truth community echo chamber, and this is especially true of the SRA-MC true believer Truthers.

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    • The troofers aren’t good at distinguishing between things that are secret and those that are private. The reason no one in Hampstead is rushing to prove they don’t have tattooed genitals, is not because they are keeping a secret, but because private parts are just that.

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  10. Brand new supersoldier bullshitfest from Angie (& Holly)…

    I say new but it’s the same old bullshit (with added shape-shifting lizards for good measure).

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    • Professor Disney starts this week’s Science lesson at 31:12.

      “God didn’t say it lightly when he said, you know, ‘Two will become one flesh.’ And science is recently confirming that when you have sex with another person, the female takes on the DNA of whichever male sperm is entering into her system, so you’re diluting…”

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    • It’s an absolute scandal that the NSA’s Sooper Soldier program turned out so many bat-shit crazy fruitloops. I think it was all just a giant Boondoggle to relieve the government of cash and some generals are somewhere on a Bahamian island sipping MaiTais and laughing their heads off. Must speak to Mr Trump about this.


    • The dumbest load of nonsense from two lying lunatics. Angela never believes a single word she spews out of her own mouth. Both repeating stories they’ve read and youtube videos they’ve watched, riddled with other peoples fake stories. Pathetic. Dave Marrow and Max Spiers super soldiers, lmao, super high fantasists more like.

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    • Hmm. Abe and Ella haven’t published any IPCC decisions yet, that I know of. I honestly have no idea what they hope to achieve with their constant appeal anyway, since the IPCC has no power to mandate a re-investigation. All they’ll do is say, “Yeah, this might not have gone as well as it might, we’ll have someone give the officer involved a bit of a chat”. Anyone who believes otherwise is a delusional fool.

      Oh, wait.

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      • But if she goes to the ITCCS, we’re all doomed. That nice Mr. Annett doesn’t f*ck around. LOL

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        • Yes,I am sure at the G20 gathering recently the main subject on the agenda would have been to achieve common ground on appeasment of Kevin so he doesnt throw one of his pre pubescent hissy fits.

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          • Yes these imbiciles do seem somewhat hell bent on publishing their embarrassing activities for future generations to laugh their socks off over.Very careless of Annett to have missed that classic but I guess sometimes we are left to merely ponder(or not).


    • Better still send it all to Princess Ved who has her own arrest warrants for the ITCSS on her facebook page ready to be printed out.
      I think Daft Debbie should be encouraged to start arresting local authorities.

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  11. LOL, Shurter obsesses over us and then bitches that we look on his Farcebook page. Look up the word ‘hypocrite’ and it’ll have a picture of Dave.

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