Angela Power-Disney up for Oldcastle Citizen of the Year award

We’ve mentioned before that our email inbox is a constant source of fascination, horror, and sometimes delight. Readers from all over send us all sorts of things: kudos, the occasional bit of trolling, but mostly information that we might not otherwise find.

One of the most popular topics of discussion is Oldcastle’s own Angela Power-Disney: it seems her neighbours just can’t say enough about her.

For instance, just yesterday we received this note:

Allegedly & without prejudice, she was in to see the community welfare officer last week, perhaps she needed money for her phone bill. I wonder if she declared the last donation on her Go Fund Me page?

She may be under investigation also about renting out the apartment in Lanzarote & also her Go Fund Me page, all undeclared income.

That last €40 GFM donation, by the way, was made 12 days ago, in case any welfare officers are paying attention here. We do like to be helpful when we can.

But yesterday’s wasn’t the first, and it probably won’t be the last we’ll hear about Oldcastle’s favourite citizen. Since we opened the “Contact Us” box (see above, on the black toolbar, left-hand side), we’ve heard a great deal about Our Angie.
There was that time when another of her neighbours wanted to let us know that Angela’s claims to have moved to Lanzarote last summer (2016) were…just a little tiny bit wrong:

As for her stating she only moved to Lanzarote in July 2016, that is complete BS. She’s been there longer than that…she was offering to have friends visit definitely as far back as 2015. She has to be careful with her dates as the social welfare people wouldn’t like to know she was claiming but not living in Oldcastle.

She was planning on moving to Lanzarote months before Jamie’s operation [in September 2015]. She was going to go to America with him, but thought against it as she publicly disclosed about the whole green card thing….She doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long.

On the question of whether Angela owns her current house in Oldcastle, a reader had this to say:

Does she really own her council house? The story goes, allegedly & without prejudice of course, that she was renting it to a family, but the local authorities evicted them because there are rules about letting out council houses that have been bought at a special price.

But Angie’s neighbours care about more than just her money and housing difficulties. One wanted to set us straight about one of Angie’s favourite grievances, the inheritance she feels she is being wrongfully denied:

The family home is not Rainbow Farm as she claims, it has nothing to do with the Power family. Her sister is married to a man who owns Rainbow Farm. Angela’s father put up some money for the farm, and her sister may or may not own the farm with her husband but it has nothing to do with the Powers as Angela keeps claiming.
The people of Oldcastle, Co. Meath want nothing to do with her, she is a disgrace to the town. 
We hate her saying she is Irish, then states that she was brought up to hate the English, pure nonsense.
And they’re not overly fond of her constantly banging the drum for Jesus, either:

Yes , I’m getting tired of this hiding behind God’s skirt when things are not going her way, she most definitely has the direct red phone line to him!

But when it comes to being a good neighbour, Angie really takes the crown:

Oldcastle is small and she has pissed people off….she does say things the way she thinks they are but not necessarily the way they actually are. TBH I don’t recognise the person she’s become on YouTube/Facebook, vicious, vindictive as she has become. Before I would have seen her as being straight and honest which the majority of people don’t like anyway, but not nasty like she is now….She’s losing local friends left right & centre on Facebook.

I saw with unmitigated delight that she had been handed a 30 day ban. I also report quite a lot of her garbage, some of course are taken down & some not.

Actually, we’ve heard from a number of people who say they regularly report Angie’s posts. Must be nice to be so loved!

Aye, who wants a snake who babbles incessantly about herself, makes no sense whatsoever, continues to hurt her local community with unfounded allegations on her FB page & shows the name & address of a young mother online, obviously not caring for the safety of this young mother & her children.

She is a woman who arrived here who thought she would have control of a community but instead people steered clear of her for various reasons, not least because she believes herself to be superior to others. Because of her allegedly do-good intentions, the other people involved are now looked at with suspicion also, so she has blackened their names. I notice she did not get many, if any birthday wishes locally this year.

So stand up and take a bow, Angie—you’re clearly one of Oldcastle’s most talked-about citizens! Allegedly and without prejudice, of course.


42 thoughts on “Angela Power-Disney up for Oldcastle Citizen of the Year award

  1. Aha, an Angie post! I always love reading about the Wicked Witch of Oldcazarote and there are some phenomenal revelations here. Thank you, Your Howlness 😀

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    • It’s amazing the number of people who’ve written us about her over the past year and a half or so…let’s just say I hope I’m never that popular. 🙂

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  2. Angie like many of the hoax promoters uses her religious beliefs as her get out of hell free card, never having any qualms about slandering whoever she pleases of the worst crimes, on he said, she said gossip. Forget facts and evidence, the once young Journalist of the year hasn’t got time for those silly trivial details as long as it fits her narrative, she will pull it out of her arse or one of her equally vile friends mouths, as gospel truth.
    Promote the problem, market the solution, and keep those tax free donations coming in.

    It would not surprise me if herself and others were using these patreon and gofundme sites to launder money to some extent. I Have my suspicions about quite a few of the scammers websites being fronts where they seem to offer a service that does not quite ring true, operate so called non profit charities, and take money on behalf of shady clients whilst skimming a percentage for the service.

    All allegedly without prejudice of course.

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    • Didn’t she put about £10,000 of her sister’s money into her GoFundMe Account so the Social Security in Ireland did not get wind of it? That would be so she could keep on claiming benefits.

      I’d call that a kind of money laundering.

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      • As would I, FA. It struck me at the time as a boneheaded move, since GoFundMe charges a percentage to take the money out of the account, so the €10,000 would immediately lose value just by having been placed in that account. Not to mention any interest she could have earned by investing it, even in the short term.

        But if it was a way of ensuring that the social security people didn’t catch wind of the money, that would actually make more sense.

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    • Before I encountered the scam merchants involved in the Hampstead SRA hoax, I thought the crowdfunding sites were an amazing way to ensure that people could donate directly to causes they care about. Let’s just say that my eyes have been opened. I share your concerns about the “non-profit charities” and campaigns for extremely dodgy causes.


  3. So to quote D.Trump, you couldn’t really say she is a High Quality person?. She is indeed entered into a special category : the Oldcastle Citizen of The Year to Avoid. She has some stiff competition though…

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    • Oh get her! What a drama queen DS is becoming.

      Do you think he wrote the message to himself or was it someone trolling him? Either way it is a great excuse for him to act tough in the face of non-existent Satanist baby killers wielding a non-existent microwave weapon that would have to defy the known laws of physics to exist.

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      • Defying the known laws of physics? Must be something from the infamous HoaxGirl Unlimited Labs™. That’s their speciality, you know.


    • The words Drama Queen were invented for Shurter. He looks much healthier in that video which leads one to think that in so many others he was fiercely stoned and affected by drugs. I think a stint in the Betty Ford Clinic would do wonders for him.

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    • Yannisss
      How am I supposed to sleep at night now?
      Quite well I suspect, same as the rest of us

      Quite unlike certain other people who have to fear a knock on the door from the police….
      Right abe, ella, belinda, apd, kristie, rupert, peter, chris, david and the many other twoofers out there

      Night night, sleep tight, dont let the bedbugs bite…..
      (thats not a bedbug biting your wrists, its handcuffs….)


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    • it would seem that people have been arrested and quite rightly so for pushing this hoax. now here we have this mad cow moo moo, and basically no one takes any notice of her, and that……..

      ………….oh wait, who we talking about here? ive forgot!

      …….several hours later…….tap, tap, tap……oh yes!!!!! Mad moo moo….no one cares for her regardless of how much she spews out from her gob shite mouth.

      Mad moo moo is sooooooo desparate to be noticed that she trys everything she can to get arrested but no one cares haha, then she can shout out loud (to no one actually) i got…….mmmmm….who is this again?

      …….oh shit, i stood in some shit as i am walking and typing…..oh yes! Mad moo moo

      Mad moo moo cannot even get herself arrested hahahahaha, BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A COW PAT ABOUT HER (you like the crescendo towards the end 🙂 ) I wanted to start about half way but forgot who it was i was writing about.


  4. Actually thats quite an interesting thought…

    We know that all of the above either get arrested, have bail and court appearances on a fairly regular basis, have the police around on a regular basis or are on the run and hiding out in foreign countries…

    How many Hoaxteaders have even had a single visit from the MIB (men in blue- no offense intended to the women in blue either- WIB just doesnt work right tho lol)????
    Let alone are currently dreading the `midnight knock’???

    I suspect that `we’ as a group have little to no experience with any of these things, unlike the above mentioned people….

    The little I had to do with them was working with them putting crooks away in jail….
    Glad to say I have never been arrested ever in my life, and the only time I wore the silver cuffs was with my kinky ex… nuff said about that lol

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    • Id love to see the police officers expression when Deborah files a complaint about someone trashing her in YouTube comments. I thought the police were all satanic baby eaters controlled by RD anyway.

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        • It must be tough to keep a stern poker face at all times and much is owed to the centurians back in the Biggus Dickus epoch.

          Whilst outbursts of uncontrolled hilarity are no doubt reserved for the officers mess back at the station,dealing with bonkers clowns like Mad Moo and her ilk must stretch facial stoicism within the ranks of the thin blue line as they proceed about their umble duties.

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  5. She’s off again on “lawful suspects” etc apparently oblivious to the fact a lawful court has cleared the people she is accusing.
    Deb claims she’s a “CSA survivor” which she may be but she’s also a good example of why such people should not be involved in child safety as her obsession would indicate she has never sought therapy apart from watching and making endless Youtube videos accusing all and sundry of various crimes.

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