Sabine re-invents the wheel…again

Some of our readers might recall Sabine’s Amazing Digital Invention from a few months ago: her totally brand-new and revolutionary “Smart Knowledge Engine” has the astonishing and heretofore unknown ability to…erm…well, it’s capable of taking various images and assigning each greyscale pixel an automated colour, in order to create interesting three-dimensional images which aren’t really useful, but look kind of mildly interesting. If you’re into that sort of thing.

This stupendous invention is known to most people who manipulate images on computers as “parametric bitmapping”, and it’s been around for a couple of decades, but according to Sabine, the invention is hers and hers alone.

She even got dressed up and did a little cosplay demonstration of her fabulous amazing thingamabob. If you’re dying for a change from Whingeing Sabine, here’s your chance to witness Simpering Sabine:

Would you believe it? She can make the Mona Lisa blink! Is that revolutionary or is that revolutionary, we ask you!

Sadly, she can dress up her Magical Mystical Smart Image Whatsis as much as she likes, but it won’t make it a “revolutionary invention”. As for Sabine’s attempt to dress herself up as a Renaissance woman, we’ll only note that we don’t think nail polish was much in use back then. Just saying.

But the Smart Knowledge Engine isn’t the only reinvented hogwash Sabine has been pushing lately: on her Victims Unite! blog yesterday, she published a link to this petition: Here’s what the petitioners say:

The police complaints system is not fit for purpose. When a complaint is made to the police it is handled by The Professional Standards Department which are members of the police force. I have had cases where they have not followed the P.A.C.E guidelines, have just generally tried to stall responses and exasperate the complainant in the hope they will give in. The police do not have to pay for their legal representatives and are paid too respond to you, where as the majority of public are not entitled to legal aid and have to find the time and resources to respond to the catalogue of police letters they receive, either skirting around the issue or the content in the letters is not related to the complaint. The police can point blank refuse to investigate your case, regardless of if this adheres to the P.A.C.E guidelines. Police will rarely report them selves to the I.P.C.C and every case I have sent to the I.P.C.C they have sent it back to the Professional Standards Department. They seem only to be interested in high profile cases.

So basically, because the IPCC has been turning down their complaints and referring them back to the Professional Standards Department, the petitioners want…another IPCC?

And Sabine, bless her cotton socks, is only too happy to help the petitioners push this gargantuan waste of time and energy.

We did ask her about it on Twitter: But answer, as they say, came there none.

Ah well. Sabine is probably far too busy preparing to defend herself with a stack of documents this Thursday to worry about the fact that creating a second IPCC, with exactly the same function as the first, except that it accepts complaints which the petitioners want it to, makes absolutely no bleedin’ sense.

She’s got many, even more nonsensical things to concern herself with, we’re sure. Such as, oh, we don’t know, explaining how she can simultaneously claim to be a computer genius on a par with Einstein and yet be unable to remove material from the internet which violates her restraining order.


33 thoughts on “Sabine re-invents the wheel…again

  1. You may recall this one. It’s from before she got to the dress rehearsal stage but she’d already decided on the colour scheme for her costume 😀

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  2. My nomination for Wanker of the Week

    NB: not to be confused with the real Fnord, who’s a good egg.
    I think the ‘F’ in this twat’s case stands for ‘fuckwit’…

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    • Let’s face it, those pesky Joos are everywhere and my own personal experience is that when I occasionally asked my own mother who came from East Europe before 1939 why she never embraced the Jooish faith she would darkly respond: “shake a family tree and a Joo drops out” so Fnord Fnordington should not mock as if he only dug a little deeper he would know that “Fnordinton” is an ancient Jooish name that the infamous Rothschild family were originally called before they changed it upon advice from the local Freemason branch.
      (I always suspected mummy was a paid shill for George Soros).

      You have made my day by bringing me the excellent news that Spiny Norman is an “old tattooed bum” as I suspected as much.


    • Believes every passing ‘satanic panic’ hoax and says we’re all satanic paedo Freemason government shills paid to attack him, that we’re all the same person in disguise and that the government is secretly run by evil “Joos”…and WE’RE the paranoid ones! How does that work?

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    • The family name! I’m so ashamed!

      Doesn’t surprised me that Spiny Norman has a tattooed bum. We’ve all been on those stag nights in Dublin and come back thinking ‘How did that happen! What was I thinking!’.


      • Coupled with Sabines quote from Walter scotts “Marmion” regarding practicing deception by the weaving of tangled webs,one feels obliged to quoth:

        “Daft bint can`t tell er arse from er bleedin elbow”. Bloke in the pub(Dog and Duck,circa 1987)


  3. Well spotted there with the red nail varnish but may I suggest that for all the great advances in thought during the Renaissance period I cannot recall – I may be wrong here so please correct me- that no-one at the time had invented that device thingy that said Sabine painted nail points to.

    And what a great loss to mankind this has been. One can only imagine that if “Smart Knowledge Engine” had been around during Michelangelo’s lifetime the Sistine Chapel would have taken on a glorious 3D Technicolor look rather than the dull old 2D guff it presently consists of.

    But I think you unfairly mock the futuristic brilliance of Sabine as using her brilliant system I have transformed said Mona Lisa into what it’s original creator could only agree is the look he would have been proud to call his own.
    # readers will note that I used Sabine’s portrait to create this unique work of art and I’m sure most people may be unaware that she was in fact the original model for great artist Leonardo di Caprio- she was known as Moaner at the time which is why no-one has ever seen Mona & Moaner in the same room at the same time.

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    • Honestly like,Sabine is soo like,behind the curve.She is like,soo like,yesterdays news like actually like,actually.Bitch needs to like,get with the like game like.

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  4. Sabine McNeill, spent most of her life doing unremarkable things in unremarkable jobs. On retirement Our Sabine McNeill, rather than doing what other unremarkable old people do, decided that she wanted to be remarkable, by being outrageously remarkably unremarkable. Yes, Sabine McNeill has finally left her mark upon the road, a dent in the lives and minds of little children, that will live on to impact them long after she dies.

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    • You do have to wonder why, as her links to various cases demonstrate, she is highly attracted to such lost causes and ones which the courts have examined in detail to come to the right decision.

      It’s bizarre as she uses these cases to try and claim there is rampant corruption
      in the media daily there are reports of successful prosecutions for child abuse.

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    • Probably just some old lady that Sabine has managed to fool for the moment.


    • Another old biddy who needs to seriously consider developing a better hobby than supporting people who engage in criminal harassment.


  5. Fair point appearing in the comments below that video just now……………..

    “Do you actually imagine the engineering and/or scientific world is comprised of uneducated idiots? People with even a moderate education in science and technology just won’t be taken in by this rubbish. – Senior management will laugh you out of the room; that’s if they don’t just get security to throw you out of the building first! So one can only assume that this is some sort of revenue raising scam along the lines of the QEG Scams; i.e. half-baked snake oil framed in pseudo-scientific terms to part the mostly-ignorant from their cash. – That or a spectacular example of the Dunning Kruger effect in full flow as the possibility exists you are actually stupid enough yourself to imagine you’ve discovered something!”

    Trying to get hold of someone who can explain the technical point a bit better to me, but if this is just blatant quackery does it not remind you of the starchild hoax which also had pseudo-scientific underpinnings? Belinda strikes again!

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    • Woops I posted on the wrong page

      “I think his comment at 3.37 might be the clue…
      `you know he’s gunna take care of it? I’m moving out’

      dads p.o. and he’s been kicked out of the basement….”

      Considering what he’s been saying about dear old dad, I think its not so much a case of `I’m moving out’ as `I’ve been kicked out and told never to darken his door again’

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    • If that is what his “top intel sources” said, under “Hello Craig”, then he is only pretending to have intel sources, because that’s all a crock of sh*t.

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      • Shurter and Sawyer – pair of whinging bullshitting dickheads who deserve each other.

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    • OK, listen up, you lot. Here’s the rules:

      1. When we get one of your videos taken down, it’s called “troll-slaying”.

      2. When you get one of ours taken down, it’s called “proof that we’re right and that we’ve touched a nerve”.


      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to look up ‘hypocrisy’ in the dictionary.

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  6. Kristie Sue Costa – Sycophant of the Year

    Don’t give up your day job, Abe
    Oh wait – you don’t have one, do you? Useless twat.

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    • @Moo – do I have one? No.
      Don’t see the point, really.
      The Finders related info I placed here recently, is for rational folks who would like to understand all the “Finders, Finders, Finders…” obsession at a deeper level – some of what was going on there that no one else ever talks about (because that info doesn’t help push their agendas).

      But obsessive dot joiners and decoders just don’t seem sincere to me. I don’t believe they really want to know, or understand, objective facts. About anything, really. All they want is fake, falsified, or simply imaginary “evidence” to support their own “startling discoveries”. Sometimes, they might wake up a bit if you obsessively decode THEM.

      I could deconstruct most of what’s out there on youtube right now, but that would be a lot of work, and frankly if anyone is going to do that it ought to be some younger folk with more time and energy.

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