Sabine invited to police interview next week

According to Sabine McNeill’s Victims Unite! blog, the police have “invited” her to yet another interview, the first since she pleaded guilty to violating her lifetime restraining order last October. At that time, she was given a conditional discharge for 12 months. Should she re-offend within that period, she can be re-sentenced for the original offence.

She’s due at Holborn Police Station on Thursday, 13 July, and to say she’s unhappy about it would be a gross understatement.

Without even the slightest hint of irony, she headed yesterday’s post, in which she bitterly complains about her persecution by “corrupt” authorities, “Oh! What a Tangled Web we Weave when First we Practice to Deceive!” Yet within the first few lines, she manages to breach her restraining order twice over:

Click the link marked “social life and meaning” and you’ll find yourself here:

Surprise! She’s posted a link to her Whistleblower Kids blog, which contains a plethora of details which she is forbidden to discuss.

The second link, “politics and passion”, leads here: Ta-da! Back to the Hampstead SRA hoax! We wonder: exactly what part of the following does Sabine not understand?

“Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before making of this Order: A) Anything relating to any persons set out in Paragraph 1 above; B) Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School” (emphasis ours)

In a stunning display of self-pity, Sabine somehow turns reality on its head. Rather than accepting that she has continued to breach the restraining order, she says, “I shall have a new opportunity of tearing down that web in which innocent people are criminalised and named abusers are left free to libel, slander and defame supporters of children’s rights”:

Sabine seems to inhabit some alternate universe, in which her own illegal actions constitute a “lawful course of action of ‘preventing or detecting crime'”, while those of us who keep an eagle eye on her activities are somehow “named abusers” and “criminals ‘suspects'”:Here are a couple of home truths which Sabine might like to consider:

  1. When a restraining order is issued, one does not have the option of accepting or refusing it. The restraining order in question was issued following the collapse of Sabine and Neelu’s case last summer—that does not make it somehow “less valid”.
  2. Sabine had the opportunity to speak out against the restraining order when she went to court last October for having breached it. Instead, she chose to plead guilty and accept a 12-month conditional discharge. This implies that she accepted the validity of the order at that time; why does she now seem to think that it’s invalid?

We’re interested in Sabine’s statement that the police also want to “see her” on 14 October—what’s that date about? So far as we’re aware, no charges have been laid yet, but a date three months in the future seems a bit strange to us. We’ll continue to track that.

Continuing her self-pitying rant, Sabine states:

I’m told I’ll meet a new Officer. What questions will he ask me? Will they be worth answering or should I continue the ‘no comment’ routine to leave yet more room for manipulation, inference and mind games?

In any case I shall be armed with a bundle of documents as if I could demonstrate to a jury the difference between the innocence of children and the deviousness of malicious and deceptive adults who have only one interest at heart: to keep their job and their career, especially if it includes protecting their brethren, at no matter what cost…

All supposed breaches of that Restraining Order so far have been due to software following its rules beyond my control. But The Law does not know how to ‘think digital’. And the Police? They plant ‘evidence’ not acknowledging that this can be done as ‘fake evidence’!

Well, there’s a defence we’ve not heard before: “I didn’t do it, guv’nor! It were that software, I swear! It follows its own rules, see, and I couldn’t control it!”

We’d suggest that a woman who runs as many blogs as Sabine does (upwards of 45 at last count) might know a thing or two about how to prevent certain material from being re-published online. Here’s a hint: she could start by removing the offending material. Amazing but true.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground regarding the upcoming police interview, so stay tuned….


38 thoughts on “Sabine invited to police interview next week

    • Yes, I have to admit I was stunned by the combination of self-pity, hypocrisy, and deliberate twisting of facts to suit her own bizarre world view. This was an amazing one, even for Sabine.


  1. Sabine may go boldly into battle armed with “a bundle of documents” but if the law has any teeth and hold her to account she will morph seamlessly into her batty old victimized septuagenarian alta,repleat with downhill skiis,handy andies and no doubt clutching her one way ticket to somewhere.

    Condolenses in advance to the unlucky officer who drew the short straw.Shit happens.

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  2. She says that the last time she got nicked, she lost her speech. Both of us are keeping our fingers crossed for a similarly satisfying outcome this time round too 😀

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    • Would help if she lost her ability to type.
      Is Sabine really the right person to be teaching us about “social life with meaning”?. Social life with chaos maybe.

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      • Social life that consists of watching “MK Ultra porn” (as someone once said), defaming innocent people, and whining about the consequences.


    • “She says that the last time she got nicked, she lost her speech. Both of us are keeping our fingers crossed for a similarly satisfying outcome this time round too”

      Hope springeth eternal….


  3. Jeez, welcome to topsy turvy world, where up is down, evil is good and wrong is right

    Barman, I’ll have two of whatever she’s been drinking lol

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  4. A few thoughts:
    a) will her Forum for Stable Currencies teach me how to make my pension go further?
    b)”can they spot the difference between an innocent citizen and a “criminal suspect”? Think that’s why they investigate rather than assume a little old hobbling (?) lady bursting into tears is innocent but hey ! …if you can get away with it.
    c) “a former police officer” Why do the words Ray & Savage come to mind?
    d) errr, that’s it. Too much gobbledygook reasoning to make sense of anything else.

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  5. The Finders – conclusion.
    I skipped over the alleged “smoking gun” from the Finders case, in my previous post about them. I will address that now.

    “The CIA shut down all of the investigations into the Finders” – didn’t they?
    This idea is the basis for all the ooo-ee-ooo! alleged government cover-up conspiracy aspect of the case. It is derived from the last paragraphs of SS/A Ramon J Martinez US Customs report:

    “On Thursday, February 5, 1987, Senior Special Agent Harrold and I assisted the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) with two search warrants involving the possible sexual exploitation of children. During the course of the search warrants, numerous documents were discovered which appeared to be concerned with international trafficking in children, high tech transfer to the United Kingdom, and international transfer of currency.

    “On March 31, 1987, I contacted Detective Jim Bradley of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). I was to meet with Detective Bradley to review the documents seized pursuant to two search warrants executed in January, 1987. The meeting was to take place on April 2 or 3, 1987.

    “On April 2, 1987, I arrived at MPD at approximately 9:00 a.m. Detective Bradley was not available. I spoke to a third party who was willing to discuss the case with me on a strictly ‘off the record’ basis.

    “I was advised that all the passport data had been turned over to the State Department for their investigation. The State Department in turn, advised the MPD that all travel and use of the passports by the holders of the passports was within the law and no action would be taken. This included travel to Moscow, North Korea, and North Vietnam from the late 1950s to mid 1970s.

    “The individual further advised me of circumstances which indicated that the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD report has been classified SECRET and was not available for review. I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counter Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired.

    “No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.”

    OOO-EEE-OOO! Indeed.
    The first thing to understand, is that this is the only documented mention of CIA interest in the Finders from the original investigation. The Tallahassee PD say their investigation was closed by The Tallahassee PD. The Washington MPD say their investigation was closed by the Washington MPD. So where did Martinez get this information?

    From “a third party”. That’s all we know about Martinez alleged source. No one, including Martinez, has ever publicly stated their identity. For all anyone knows, Martinez might have made this person and their statements up himself – there’s no proof that he didn’t. But if not, we know nothing about the credibility of this person as a source of such information. We only know they were “an unnamed third party”. Here’s a partial list of persons who could qualify for that description;
    – Martinez’ barber
    – a homeless panhandler that hung around the 7-11 in Martinez neighborhood
    – an 8 year old cub scout named Bobby
    – your Aunt Sally
    – my Aunt Sally
    – any human being alive on the planet on that date

    That’s how ridiculous it is, that ANYONE has ever taken the supposed words of an alleged third party source, who has not and never will be named, seriously.

    Here’s what happened: Martinez has an appointment with Detective Bradley of Washington MPD, to review documents. When he arrives, he’s told that Bradley can’t see him. Not now, not today, and never again in relation to this case. Goodbye!
    I doubt that he was offered an explanation at all, but the most likely reason would be – that news media reports about the case, reviewed by MPD, documented that someone in US Customs has a big mouth and likes to leak information about joint investigation cases to the press without consulting the other investigators, and therefore can’t be trusted. Door shut, end of story, goodbye.
    So, now Martinez is screwed. He can’t complete his own report with: “I was shown the door…”, but he’s in luck – because Ted Gunderson just happens to also be in Washington DC on this date, attending hearings over at the House of Representatives.
    And all of this nonsense sure sounds like a standard Gunderson paranoid fantasy explanation for why he, or someone else, has been cut out of the information loop: “the Finders had become a CIA internal matter”. “The MPD report has been classified SECRET and was not available for review’. “the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and…the FBI Foreign Counter Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired”.
    “No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.” Hello there, Mr Gunderson!

    It should be noted that Martinez was confronted with the proposition that Gunderson was his source, in a private correspondence, and denied even knowing who Gunderson was. But, Martinez also claimed that he’d kept up with public discussion of the case and his reports about it, and Gunderson was for many years the most prominent and prolific publicist for Martinez reports, even selling copies everywhere he went. Martinez claims, then, cannot both be true.

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  6. I’ve got no time for Sabine, the Whinger.

    I’m wondering when No Power-Disney is going back to Lanzarote, she’s had her 3 months in Oldcastle that she said she was spending there?

    Or is she staying put to go to Southwark Crown Court on 21st August to watch her beau in action?

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  7. Sabine McNeill, please take up knitting and retire from all this, you are old and past it.

    Sabine said: “In any case I shall be armed with a bundle of documents…”

    The document defence has been tried before, and it does not work. Look at what happens in this video from 1:55 onwards:

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    • With the likes of Sabine at the helm things are looking decidedly terminal for all things Hoaxmob.I am not convinced the general strategy of the blind leading the blind ever deeper into a void of utter pointlessness is going to bear much in the way of fruit,barring of course the highly warrented odd rotting projectile or three launched in their general direction.

      BREAKING:Hoaxmobbers recently spotted preparing for Sabines final solution on Hampstead Heath recently(Courtesy of Bottyleaks).

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        • I wouldn’t be so sure Sam they’re a bit like woodlice you life one wee corner of damp lino and millions of them seem to flood out from nowhere.

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  8. “I didn’t do it, guv’nor! It were that software, I swear! It follows its own rules, see, and I couldn’t control it!”

    It always amazes me with these people when they trot out rubbish like this. We know Sabine is lying when she claims to be a computer expert. I’ve been told she was once a data entry clerk who married some smart bloke who worked in computing. That doesn’t make her any kind of expert in anything and her stupidity and ignorance is obvious when she spouts rubbish like that. Does she not actually realise that the police actually go out and hire for-real 100% genuine computer experts to refute piffle like this. – As you say EC, just fucking delete the stuff! That’s all she had to do! I’m astonished that she thinks she can leave it up there, even link to it, and then try and blame it on some virtual robot! FFS! Leprechauns are are a more credible explanation! At least nobody can actually prove they don’t exist!

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  9. “But how am I supposed to know that such orders are used to silence people like me?”
    She’s really pissing me off now. What in the hell does she think a restraining order is? All her libels and harassment are still there on the web and she urges people to read them.
    The law must punish this woman for flagrantly breaching court orders and thumbing her nose at the law.

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    • I’m also really over these ratbags continually implying that they are somehow addressing Parliament merely because they hire a frigging room in the building which anyone can do.

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    • Yes, the entire point of the restraining order is to make her shut up about the Hampstead SRA hoax. This shouldn’t be difficult to grasp—even Neelu seems to have finally figured it out.

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  10. Can I explain likely procedure, it’s changed recently.
    1. Commit crime.
    2. Police find out
    3.Police investigate, including talking to suspects
    4. Which they can do by a) arresting, or b) not arresting. They need grounds to arrest and even so should not arrest if a polite invitation would do as well. Often they can’t arrest at this stage as they haven’t gathered enough information.
    5. Once they’ve decided they should prosecute a specific person they should either a) arrest, charge and produce to court in custody, b) arrest, charge and bail to court, c) issue a requisition, which is a request to come to court. Recent legal changes encourage police NOT to arrest and bail but use requistion instead.
    So Sabine appears to be at stage
    4b. Following that she might go to court on bail or requisition, but she wouldn’t be charged yet.

    Arrest is possible at any stage once there are grounds to suspect her, if she fails to co-operate. Certainly if she failed to attend on requisition.

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    • Ah, this makes sense, thank you. I have been trying to make sense of the recent changes, as I know they’re important to understanding how this case could progress, but this spells it out well.

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    • She sounds like Kermit!

      Oh and surprise surprise, at 6:20 and 7:46 she rants about Hampstead and how the children were “passed around 300 people per day to be raped”.

      I’m so embarrassed to be American right now. Fuck it, that’s it – I’m moving to Canada.

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    • Just watch this person’s face. She isn’t upset that she believes children might be raped or killed. Her eyes are sparkling, her cheeks are flushed, she’s smiling and laughing…she’s having fun!

      I think this tells us everything we need to know about Pizzagate (and Hoaxtead): the people who are “researching” it aren’t doing it out of any concern for the children. They’re doing it because it’s a whole lot of fun to play Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys with strangers’ lives. They don’t stop to consider that they could be destroying the careers, relationships, mental health, etc. of the people they target, because to them, those people aren’t fully real. They’re just cardboard cutouts, “players” in a sick game they never asked to join.

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      • Worth a blog post in its own right.

        This is only a game,like those shoot-them-up classics. Everyone gets more than one life. When the game is over, nobody dies. Welcome to the world of the internet, where nothing is really real, and nobody gets hurt by what is put on the internet.


  11. I was thinking today how I felt glad that the police abandoned their softly-softly approach to Jihadists after they murdered innocent people and children, taking down three terrorists in a hail of 50 bullets, with maximum prejudice.

    I am now of the same mind about domestic terrorists like Sabine McNeill. I am tired of hearing about Satan Hunters like McNeill playing I am an old tart, disabled, bad health and a victim card… and the legal authorities falling for that shit. I want the same hard approach to these Satan Hunters as with the Jihadists, they break the law, go in hard: drag them out of bed in an early morning raid; arrest; book them; charge them; into magistrates and crown court same day; remand them without bail in a maximum security prison; jail them if found guilty. If any of their computer equipment was used in any crime, confiscate and destroy it. If they use domain names to break the law; get those domain names reverted to crown property. Get Angela Power Disney, Abraham Christie and Ella Draper arrested on the European Arrest Warrant Scheme and into a UK prison cell. Get all the assets, houses and bank accounts of Kris Costa, the Quaintances, Beiinda McKenzie and Angela Power Disney frozen and liquidated to pay compensation to everyobody they have hurt. Lets see some hard action. The people and children of Hampstead have suffered too long.

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