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As a few of our readers suggested the other day, it would be ideal if this blog had a landing page for newcomers. Sadly, the version of WordPress that we use doesn’t accommodate such fripperies, so we’ve decided to make do with a page titled “New to Hoaxtead?”

On it, we’ve included the following précis of the Hampstead SRA hoax, to help bring newbies up to speed.

Here’s the text so far (and don’t worry, we’re still busily incorporating readers’ suggestions into the “How we know it’s a hoax” page):


If you’re new to the Hampstead SRA hoax, or if you remember reading about it when it was in the news in early 2015 but now cannot recall the details, this page is a good place to start.

The Hampstead hoax, nicknamed “Hoaxtead”, can seem very complicated, and as time has gone on, more people have become involved in attempting to promote it. On this page, we’ll try to boil it down for you. For more detail on each element of the hoax, you can click on the highlighted text.

If you’d like to delve even further, please check out our FAQ section, on the far right of the menu bar at the top of the page. And please don’t hesitate to ask questions! We’re happy to help.

Start with the High Court judgement

The best place to start looking into the hoax is the High Court judgement which was brought down by Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley on 19 March 2015. The judgement offers a very comprehensive overview of what was alleged, and why those allegations were found to have been false.

It’s a long judgement, but it’s fascinating reading, and will give you a good grounding in how the case began.

The basics:

Ella Gareeva Draper, a Russian woman living in Hampstead, London, is the mother of three children. She has a son, now a young adult, from her marriage to Mr Draper; and two children, a girl and a boy, from her live-in relationship with Ricky Dearman.

In early September 2014, these two children, called “P” and “Q”, were recorded on a series of smartphone videos claiming that they were part of a group of 20 “special” children from Hampstead who had been sexually abused and made to abuse one another as part of a cult in which there was significant paedophile activity. The cult was said to be widespread, but the “main action” took place at Christchurch Primary School and in the church adjacent to it.

The children alleged that:

  • Babies were supplied from all over the world. They were bought, injected with drugs, and sent by TNT or DHL to London to be abused, tortured, and sacrificed.
  • The babies’ throats were slit, blood was drunk, and cult members would then dance wearing 20 babies’ skulls apiece on their bodies.
  • Cult members wore shoes fashioned out of  baby skin. The shoes were made in a shoe repair kiosk in the local tube station.
  • The children were anally abused by adult cult members using “plastic willies”.
  • Another venue was East Finchley swimming pool, where more than 30 adults and children would crowd into the disabled persons’ toilet to sexually abuse the children.
  • Rituals were performed in an upstairs room at the McDonald’s restaurant. Babies were prepared, cooked in the ovens in a secret kitchen, then eaten by cult members.

The children alleged that their father, Ricky Dearman, was the “boss” of the cult. They also named various teachers from their school, the priest at the adjacent church, a large number of named parents of the “special children”, social workers, CAFCASS employees, police officers, and their older brother (their mother’s son from a previous marriage).

Mrs Justice Pauffley stated in the 19 March 2015 judgement:

I am entirely certain that everything Ms Draper, her partner Abraham Christie and the children said about those matters was fabricated. The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetuate them are evil and / or foolish.

All the indications are that over a period of some weeks last summer [2014], P and Q were forced by Mr Christie and Ms Draper, working in partnership, to provide concocted accounts of horrific events. The stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse. Torture is a strong word but it is the most accurate way to describe what was done to the children by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms Draper.

The children were made to take part in filmed mobile ‘phone recordings in which they relayed a series of fabricated satanic practices. Subsequently, at the instigation of Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, the children repeated their false stories to Jean-Clement Yaohirou, Mr Christie’s brother in law, in a late night discussion. It lasted for about three hours; Mr Christie and Ms Draper did most of the talking.

P and Q were ABE (Achieving Best Evidence) interviewed on 5, 11 and 17 September 2014. On the first two occasions, they supplied information about events they claimed had occurred, similar in their overall content to the mobile ‘phone video clips and audio recording. On 17 September, in ABE interview, both children withdrew their allegations. Each stated they had been made to say things by Abraham Christie, the mother’s partner, which were not true; and they gave very full details of the way in which he had secured their compliance.

Abraham Christie is a small-time criminal who has approximately 36 convictions to his name, primarily for assault, forgery, fraud, and the like. He and Ella met in May 2014, and within a few weeks he had begun staying overnight at her house. He had several clashes with parents and staff at the children’s school.

In August 2015, Abe and Ella took the children to a house in the Moroccan countryside for a four-week vacation. During this time, with Ella’s tacit approval and assistance, Abraham interrogated the children relentlessly, claiming that their father had sexually abused them. Abe and Ella would wake the children at night to question them, and spent hours “brainstorming” the details of the alleged cult. When the children were reluctant to go along with the story they were concocting, Abraham beat them with a metal spoon, kicked them, hit them in the head, and threatened to bury them alive in the desert and leave them there.

En route from Morocco to London, Abe and Ella made videos of the children’s allegations. When they arrived in London on the evening of 4 September, Abe took the children to the home of Jean-Clement Yaohirou, a Special Constable with the London Metropolitan Police. Jean-Clement made a recording of what was said during that visit, and was concerned enough about its contents that he called Scotland Yard the next morning.

The police investigation

For an in-depth discussion of what happened during the police investigation, check out the FAQ here. The police description of the full investigation into the allegations originally made by P and Q is described in detail in the report from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The investigating officers were led and overseen by Detective Inspector (DI) Cannon. DI Cannon is the head of the Barnet and Enfield Child Abuse Investigation Team (CAIT). Clearly such an allegation is taken very seriously and it was for this reason an officer of this rank oversaw the investigation.

Officers were immediately dispatched to your [Ella’s] home address. First accounts were taken from both your children who were aged 8 and 9. That same day evidential accounts were obtained using the Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) process. It is through this process that your childrens’ accounts can be entered into evidence at any subsequent court proceedings.

Video accounts from the children made by Special Constable Yaohirou were also seized. This would be corroborative material to support your children’s ABE interviews.

Given the nature of the case it was raised to senior officers.

On Monday 8th September your children were driven around in an attempt to identify addresses where your children alleged the abuse had taken place. Although both children had previously indicated that they could identify the addresses where the alleged abuse had occurred and the address of their father, they were unable to identify any connected venues.

One address was pointed out to police but it did not contain the features described by the children. It was examined externally by officers. The children indicated that they had been taken on a “drive around” of the area the previous day (7th Sept 2014) by Mr Christie. The officers conducting the enquiry stated that the children were unsure of where they were going and seemed to be pointing out addresses at random.

Whilst I am sure you and Mr Christie may have believed that you were being helpful, the actions significantly undermined the integrity of the process to identify any potential suspect addresses.

I have reproduced a relevant section of DS Fernandez’s statement under caution response.

“The allegation of abuse was first recorded on 5 September 2014 on CRIS 2419891/14. Mr DEARMAN was identified as a Suspect following the first ABE of the children and research was conducted to locate him.
“Several addresses in London were identified as being linked to Mr DEARMAN and police attended these addresses with a negative result.
DC Martin in addition to this attempted to narrow the search by Use of Google maps again this was unsuccessful.
“Both Victims claimed that they had been to Mr DEARMAN’s address several times and could identify the premises which due to the late hour and the age of the Victims was not carried out that night.
“Before CAIT officers could arrange for the drive round to be conducted Mr ABRAHAM conducted his own drive round with the children using a taxi this was reported by a concerned member of the public. Both Ella DRAPER and Mr CHRISTIE did not inform police of this until they were challenged with the information”. 

You will note the entry above makes reference to information which was received from concerned members of the public who called police. The members of the public describe seeing a female child and Mr Christie (on one occasion confirmed by CCTV). It was described that Mr Christie was saying that he had just been released from prison and was discussing decapitation. The girl appeared distressed.

Having viewed the CCTV, I am satisfied that it was Mr Christie taking your children around the area to identify potential addresses of relevance.

It is relevant to mention that members of the public describe a black male with a young girl approximately 6 to 8 years old. The male has been heard to say “You know she’s a baby killer. Then talking to the girl he has said “What do you do after you kill babies?” to which the girl replied “I eat them.” The male has then said “What do you do after you eat them?” to which the girl replied “I drink their blood”. The male has then said “What does your dad do to you?” to which she replied “sex”.

All of the officers on our Command are experienced child protection officers who have completed the Specialist Child Abuse Investigations Development Program and are registered practitioners on the National Professional Child Abuse Investigators’ register.

I believe that Mr Christie’s actions were extremely counterproductive from an investigative point of view as it could taint the integrity of any potential evidence that was to be forthcoming from your children. Officers are trained how to speak to and illicit (sic) information from children who may have been victims of abuse and the approach by Mr Christie was unhelpful to the investigation.

In the following days CAIT officers liaised with Children’s Social Care (CSC), education and health partners at formal strategy meetings regarding the children’s welfare. A strategy meeting was held on the 9th September. CAIT officers attended.

The children were further ABE interviewed on 11th September 2014. The male child described an incident when his father had taken him and his sister to a public swimming pool. The boy alleged that he had been taken to a disabled toilet where they were joined by twenty parents, a number of teachers and other children. Whilst in the toilet some of the adults touched his penis. He described a church where abuse took place. He stated that babies’ skulls were kept at the venue. His sister, in her interview, also described the church and spoke of a fridge where the bodies of dead babies were kept. She described a cupboard where babies’ skulls were kept.

The children also described being physically assaulted by Ms Draper’s partner, Mr Abraham Christie, the physical abuse taking place during a recent holiday in Morocco.

It is important to detail the entry above as it does require managing within the investigation and is another facet to consider from a safeguarding point of view.

You provided police with a Significant Witness statement. Following meeting you, the investigating officers expressed concerns for your mental health.

The children were placed in Police Protection (PP) on 11th September 2015. This followed the allegations of physical abuse by Mr Christie linked to serious concerns over your mental health and specifically your ability to protect your children. The primary role of our Command is the safeguarding of children and the actions of the officers were not taken lightly.

An Emergency Protection Order (EPO) was obtained soon after. Had the court formed a different view this would not have been granted. The children were placed into foster care outside London. The officers who took the children into PP described them as becoming relaxed and happy. They stated that they showed a change in attitude when told they were being taken into care. The officers believed that this was as a result of fear and dislike of Mr Christie.

I accept that this is the officers’ perception but as previously described the officers involved in this investigation are experienced qualified Child Abuse Investigators. The children retracted their allegations of ritualistic abuse in due course.

The children were medically examined on two occasions. Some scarring was found on the anus area of both children. The initial findings by the examining doctor, Dr Hoades (sic) were that the injuries were consistent with allegations of sexual abuse. The first Child Protection (CP) medical took place on the 12th Sept 2014. A verbal report was provided to police. The doctor described the injury but she did not report that the injury was consistent with sexual assault. She did, however, provide potential medical reasons for the injuries. Dr Hoades’ report was not received by police until the 8th January 2015.

The medical report also identified that the assault by Mr Christie resulted in your child having a perforated eardrum. I have placed this in the outcome report because this I believe would account for why the children appeared relieved when taken into police protection.

Due to the number of enquiries that were required officers were diverted from other child abuse investigations and it was necessary to cancel officers’ weekends to ensure essential enquiries progressed.

Action was taken in relation to crime scenes or potential crime scenes. Of note was the church which is beside your children’s school.

Below I have provided details from an email you sent regarding the potential offences that took place in the church.

“Ritual satanic child sexual abuse and sacrifice cult, serial murder.
Main action is happening in Christchurch with at least another 10, possibly more schools involved.
The baby sexual abuse and sacrifices are going on Tuesday, Wednesday (big sex day), Thursday.
There are 2 secret rooms in the church where they perform the rituals.
They first sexually abuse babies and the children, doing sex to boys bottoms and girls front private and bottoms. Adults get children to do oral sex.
Babies are supplied regularly for the rituals: abused, tortured with rat traps, dropped on the floor, then killed. They throat baby’s throat (sic), drain blood, drink the blood and then cook the body by either roasting or frying.
The meat is eaten by Mr Dearman, teachers, 20 special children and their parents.
Ritual involves special costumes: children wear 13 skulls (sometimes with blood and hair still on the skull), adults – 20, – on their bodies.
Everybody has 13 skulls worn around the neck (4), on breast, front private, belly, knees, elbows. Special children wear 10 skulls.

Your children alleged that babies had been sacrificed and baby skulls were kept at the venue. No evidence was found to support this. The children described a fridge where body parts were stored. A fridge was located but was in a common part of the church accessible to all who used the facility. No human remains were present. Officers reported that the description of the premises bore no resemblance to that described by the children. There were no secret chambers.

I have produced an extract from DS Fernandez statement under caution.

“A search at the church was conducted by DC MARTIN and DC FERNANDEZ and the description of secret rooms and draws were found to be wrong and impossible due to the very specific disclosure. a fridge in the church being used to keep the remains of dead babies which a nursery used but never reported, draws in the vestry which held dead babies skulls but were too shallow to hold the skull approx.2 inches deep.”

It should be noted that the church was not forewarned of police attendance and officers had full access to all of the church. In relation to the skulls being kept in a drawer there was only one set of drawers (vestment drawers). As such they were far too shallow to hold any skulls.

Obviously the church was a specific identified venue. Those at the church had no opportunity to be aware of police involvement or to remove or discard any evidence. Officers were able to search the whole of the church and it is clear that there was no evidence to support your children’s account and indeed evidence in the form of the drawers which clearly refuted what was being said.

On 15th September 2014 Mr Dearman was questioned under caution regarding the swimming pool incident. He stated that he took the children swimming on 5th July 2014. He confirmed that the family had used a larger sized cubicle. He described it as big enough for him and his two children. He denied any assault.

He denied the allegations that his children had made against him.

Mr Dearman stated that he had had limited access to his children in recent times. Access had been obtained by him via a court order. The officers did not seize Mr Drapers lap top but arrangements were made for it to be surrendered after he had copied work files.

In respect of the seizure of the laptop this will be addressed under Point 12.

On 16th September Dr Hoades conducted a second CP medical on behalf of CSC. Results were not available to the investigating team until the 8th January 2015. It should be noted that on numerous occasions officers requested a copy of the medical report but that this was not forthcoming.

A third ABE interview was carried out by officers on 17th September. The children had been in foster care for six days. En route to be interviewed and unprompted, both children stated that they had lied and made up the allegations. The children were asked not to discuss the matter further until it could be properly recorded.

In interview both children independently stated that they had lied about the allegations. They stated that Mr Christie had made them do so. They stated that they thought this was as a result of him finding them touching each other sexually whilst on the Moroccan holiday. The girl said she had ‘learned’ this behaviour from a girl in school, but Mr Christie insisted that her father had shown her.

On 22nd September the police investigation into the satanic allegations was closed for a number of reasons:

  • The children had withdrawn their allegations and had stated that they had been made to lie by Mr Christie.
  • Police enquiries found no corroborative evidence for the allegations.
  • Venues described by the victims did not exist.
  • No child interviewed by Children and Social Care, who had allegedly been involved in the abuse, made any allegations.

It should be noted that CSC did speak to children at your child’s school to establish if there were any safeguarding concerns in light of the allegations you had raised. It was felt that this was the most appropriate first course of action prior to police involvement given the age of the children. No child spoken to raised any concerns.

  • Names of ‘suspects’ provided by the children were false.

Your children had provided names of police officers within the Metropolitan Police Service. Full research was conducted and it was found that no such officers existed.

With the withdrawal of the allegations there was no power to seize further property, search premises or arrest/interview others named.

The CAIT team consisted of one Detective Inspector, five Detective Sergeants and sixteen Detective Constables split into two investigation teams. The unit is responsible for day to day investigation of referrals of child abuse received from partner agencies within the Boroughs of Barnet and Enfield. Each officer carries a high workload. It is one of the busiest CAIT units in the MPS. The CAIT officers deployed on this case were still required to service the needs of their own workloads. Despite this all appropriate lines of enquiry were explored.

I am of the opinion that there came a point in this investigation when it was clearly established that the offences being alleged could not have taken place. In the face of this and the retractions from the children it would be disproportionate and wrong to continue any form of investigation. There would be no grounds to arrest any person or seize any property as there was no evidence to support that an offence had taken place.

The police investigation ended on 17 September 2014, as the children, now safely in foster care and away from Abe and Ella, retracted their original allegations.

Ella began legal proceedings to attempt to have the children returned to her.

In November 2014, she sacked her legal advisors and asked for assistance from an organisation called the Association of McKenzie Friends. Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie, notorious for their roles in various family court cases, began to assist Ella. When it began to look as though the children would not be returned to their mother, Sabine released the videos of the children to Henry Curteis, a conspiracy theorist who runs The Tap Blog. He published the videos, which quickly went viral on the internet. By the time the Pauffley judgement was released, it was estimated that more than 4 million people had viewed the videos. That number would continue to rise.

In response to a court order demanding that both Ella and Sabine remove any and all publications about the case from the internet, and that they cease identifying either the children or their father, both women fled the country: Sabine bolted to her native Germany, where she would spend the next few months with her nephew outside Berlin, while Ella and Abraham ran away when the police came to Ella’s house to ask her about the material she had allowed to be released online.


As usual, if you’d like us to add anything that you think would help a newcomer get a better grasp on the case, please let us know!


18 thoughts on “FAQ update #2: A page for newcomers to Hoaxtead

  1. Quite comprehensive and also puts to rest many of the claims about the police investigations. It is often claimed that the police investigation was `cursory’ and didnt check out any of the childrens allegations- however it is apparent that there was an actual investigation and it certainly wasnt just the `local beat copper dropping in for a quick chat with the local vicar’ (perhaps while identifying himself with the supa secrit sqirral handshake)
    One thing that was apparent was there must have been intensive inquiries made if they were using a full 22 members of the CAIT team, and that this was both expensive (paid for by the tax payers) and wasting their time, time that was taken away from other and possibly more dangerous cases, actually placing true victims at further risk of harm

    What is more upsetting is that there was indeed evidence of child abuse taking place, unfortunately due to the perpetrators fleeing abroad, they have never been made to pay for their crimes against the two children, and continue to this day to further injure innocent people, I’m talking of course of Abe and Ella……

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  2. The boy suffering a perforated eardrum resonates with me (unlike my ear at the moment).
    I’m still recovering from a perforated eardrum but mine was caused by an infection. It’s very slow to heal and gradually the hearing is coming back.

    But for the boy to have the same injury it must have been an almighty blow that creep Christie delivered to him. I cannot in my wildest imagination envisage any adult hitting a child (my parents never did) but to strike a child over the head is so wicked and dangerous. What an utter beast Abe is and what on earth was Ella thinking allowing a relative stranger – or anyone for that matter – to strike her children?. What was going on her head to allow that to happen?.

    Nicely laid out EC and the judge must be congratulated for making such a comprehensive judgement to put to rest the false claims. I think she did the right thing by making it public as these bastards had already released the videos.
    Hope they are happy now.

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  3. Some Franklin scandal tidbits…
    Before I publish my article on Bonacci, I want to quickly fill in some of the info I left out of the previous Franklin expose published here. That discussion ended with the collapse of the first investigations into child sex abuse accusations against various prominent (mostly Republican) Nebraskans. To review:

    – While John DeCamp was a state senator in Nebraska in the early 1980’s, he and his wife were falsely accused of sexually abusing their daughter. The allegations were investigated but ruled to be unfounded.
    – When DeCamp announced that he would next be running for US senator, the Republican establishment asked him not to. They wanted to run a female candidate in his district, to boost the representation of women in their party and thereby attract more female voters. DeCamp declined to honor their wishes and aggressively pursued his own nomination campaign.
    – A Republican party functionary filed a complaint against DeCamp’s nomination, on the basis of the previous (false) allegation that DeCamp and his wife sexually abused their daughter. This got a lot of embarrassing press coverage, particularly in the Omaha World-Herald paper, and DeCamp did lose the nomination. He was certain that the entire Republican establishment, along with others he considered legislative and/or personal enemies, had conspired to screw him.
    – In the following years, the Nebraska Foster Care Review Board, which DeCamp had been the legislative “guardian angel” for, started claiming that they were receiving complaints from children in care, that various prominent Nebraskans – mostly Republican party establishment – had subjected them to horrific crimes of sexual abuse, prostitution, and even SRA. Imagine that. What a coincidence.
    – An offshoot committee from the Franklin Credit Union investigation formed to investigate these allegations, but all three major policing agencies were unable to substantiate them. The investigation collapsed, their lead investigator and half the committee quit, but they re-formed and hired Caradori as their new lead investigator/.
    – Caradori eventually turned up three young adults who made detailed claims and allegations about attending “sex parties” with some prominent Nebraskans, as teens. They were Alisha Owen, Troy Boner and Danny King. They named some Republicans, (surprise!), some members of media including the publisher of the World-Herald, (surprise, surprise!) and others. They were specifically asked to name EVERY other minor person that they knew at these parties, to further extend the investigation, and they did. But NONE of them named Bonacci – who had yet to be interviewed…


  4. Great work.
    It’s just a shame troofers can’t read, they only watch youtube and will call it a cover up without ever researching the case, but require every minute detail before even entertaining the idea it might be a hoax.

    The whole thing really shouldn’t need debunking, all this for Abraham’s ridiculous stories.
    It’s like arguing over parts of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, except its written badly by a drugged up criminal, makes no sense, it’s filled with childish ideas on SRA, none of it’s plausible, and to add insult to injury the author keeps releasing re-edits and new editions making changing major parts of the plot and characters.
    Despite all this, the terminally demented and depraved criminals like Kristie Sue Costa and Angela Power Disney lap it all up and then add their own perverted chapters.
    It never ceases to amaze me, the amount of involvement with violent criminals these so called “Christians” and “Believe the Children” group of misfits have, even to the extent of having married Paedophile’s or are currently married to thugs who don’t believe in their own children enough to bother paying child support.

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    • Thanks! That was the review, here are some tidbits.

      After Caradori made the filmed versions of the depositions, the committee squabbled over whether or not to release them publicly. They decided not to. So DeCamp over-rules them! He’s not even on the committee, (but he IS Senator Loran Schmit personal lawyer…),
      He has his own version of events, which you can read in his book if you wish. Essentially, he’s not getting any satisfaction! Everything is set up and ready to go, but his targets aren’t feeling the heat. So he drafts “the DeCamp memo” – in which he baldly names 5 “accused men’ and lays out what they are accused of, and releases it to the press himself! So who was really running things? Not the committee…
      How does he even know what’s in the depositions?
      Eventually there are 2 Grand Juries – one state, one federal. One of them calls the whole thing a “carefully crafted hoax” and names DeCamp as the mastermind! There was a type of cover-up. Several groups of “citizen investigator”/ witch-hunters were implicated in false allegations, by one Grand Jury. THEY successfully sued to have THEIR names & activities “permanently sealed” from public view.


      • I have DeCamp’s book in PDF format from my brief spell of being interested in Conspiracies, never read it, quite glad I didn’t now lol.
        I enjoyed reading this review of his book, although the author does seem to believe in MPD/DID.
        The comments section is the usual shit-show of lunatics.

        I would love to read a book on all your writings on various topics. The things you have wrote on Franklin and other topics just show how little myself and most people understand about these things.
        Sadly most google searches come up with junk about most subjects to do with scandals or SRA.
        The less said about YouTube the better.


        • Well – everything I’ve said here, today, comes from either DeCamp’s book or Nick Bryant’s book.
          I’ve stripped out their story-telling and their personal agendas to get at what really took place. Bryant did debunk some of the crazier conspiracy stuff and provided much more detail, but an agenda is still discernible.
          When Bryant talks about Paul Bonacci’s depositions with Cardori, he phrases it like this: “Bonacci’s deposition, which came last, validated those of the other 3 witnesses (Owen, Boner & King)..”, which how everyone else describes it too.
          But Bryant actually had the tapes, he viewed them and listened to them,so he couldn’t possibly have missed the fact that the same was not true in reverse – the first 3 witness statements don’t validate Bonacci AT ALL. Why not mention that, and the implicates of that. How did Bonacci apparently know everything about them -but they knew nothing of him”?


          • LOL! She’s definitely an avid reader of HR. I suppose she has no comments on her own site to browse through though…


  5. All the babies you can eat. (Selected extracts)

    “Surviving the Unbelievable” is the first-person account of one Elizabeth Rose, who describes herself as the survivor of satanic ritual abuse. Rose claims that, starting when she was four or five, her mother would drag her off to be a participant in horrifying occult rituals. She claims to have been physically and psychologically abused, raped repeatedly (both by adult men and by women using such objects as branches and crucifixes), and forced to consume flesh and blood from human sacrifices. She also claims that her infant sister was decapitated and eaten in one of these sacrifices, leaving behind not so much as a birth certificate, soiled diaper, or teething ring. Her father, on the other hand, was away in Vietnam during all of this and, like most doubters, has gone into “denial” when confronted with these facts.”

    Perhaps because she felt the article needed a feminist angle, Rose links ritual abuse with male domination and claims, “A woman’s role in the cult was based solely on her sexuality…. The men in the cult dominated the women, physically and emotionally.” But her own account describes a female-dominated cult, in which

    “My mother’s otherwise ordinary middle-class family participated. …I can trace the family’s involvement back to my grandmother’s generation at the very least, although it probably goes back further….
    “My mother’s sister was the first person to perform acts of ritual abuse on me. My aunt told me I was being punished because I was a wicked little girl. In the months following, I witnessed my aunt commit many acts of ritual abuse.”

    “Another interesting shift – perhaps in reaction to objections raised by the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set, or more likely to separate her article from Geraldo-style Satan-mongering – is that Rose goes to some pains to drop the usual references to satanism. But she nonetheless describes rituals that fit the classic “satanic” stereotypes – complete with robes, chanting, violation with crucifixes, and prayers to Satan and evil.

    In keeping with most other such accounts, at no point does Rose present any evidence that these events actually occurred. She doesn’t say whether she’s filed charges against any of these satanists, many of whom are probably still alive today. She doesn’t say whether she’s provided the police with any information leading to their acquiring solid forensic evidence of ritual infanticide and child abuse – both felony crimes she claims to have seen first-hand. She claims to have witnessed the removal of a boy’s testicle in a ceremony – couldn’t this kid be located today? (It would be an interesting phone call to make, at the least.) And with all these babies being sacrificed, where are the bodies? Where are the bones? What physical evidence exists that would make her story some, what more believable than a Weekly World News headline? None. Even the name “Elizabeth Rose” is phony; the credit line on the article says that “Rose” is the pseudonym of a writer currently working on a novel about ritual abuse.

    In little more than a decade, the “satanic panic” has followed the same course that UFOlogy took some 40 years to travel. The hard physical evidence for either flying saucers or a nationwide conspiracy of child-slaughtering satanists never really turned up. But the basic myth-model became known to everyone thanks to years of fringe-culture circulation and media sensationalism; after a while, hundreds of people were turning up with stories that “confirmed” these mythologies. ”

    Lately, both claims have gained new life through the same method: the use of hypnosis and trance-induced states to elicit “hidden” or “repressed” memories of abduction, ritualized abuse, and personal violation. A recent “Prime Time Live” segment demonstrated how strong these memories can seem: regressed patients were shown in convulsions, strangling their teddy bears and screaming about how they hated their parents for being satanists. There has also been a confluence of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) claims with similar therapies designed to uncover hidden memories of childhood abuse – thereby giving SRA claims a legitimacy among many therapists that even the lack of actual forensic evidence can’t shake.

    The issues regarding hypnosis and memory are far more complex than the “uncovered repressed memory” model most people are told about. For example, most SRA therapists claim that the events described are so horrible that children have no choice but to blot out all conscious memory. The problem is, this requires believing that these particular events cause every child to react in an extreme and uniform manner.

    And hypnotic regression is more likely to create false memories than it is to uncover any hidden or repressed truths. The patient is in a dependent, suggestible state, and a variety of motivations (desire to please the therapist, the need to make sense of one’s problems, leading questions from the therapist, and so on) contribute to the creation of a shared fantasy. George Ganaway, director of the Ridgeview Center for Dissociative Disorders in Atlanta, Georgia, says:

    Many of the clinicians in my field began to attend seminars held by authorities around the country, who were reporting that their patients seemed to be telling similar stories about transgenerational mega-cults involved in human sacrifices. The people who attended these seminars would go back to their practices with fists of questions for their patients in the trance state, and began to report stories from their own patients.”

    “This samizdat of conferences and photocopied papers has led to ever-more-elaborate claims, mainly to explain away the lack of forensic evidence. One therapist I spoke to – who, friends assured me, does otherwise admirable work with support groups for sexual minorities – maintained, in all seriousness, that judges, doctors, and police departments were part of the cult, thus making prosecutions impossible. She also fed me some figures that, when extrapolated, outlined a death toll of nearly two million babies sacrificed every year. These babies were provided by “breeders,” women who conceive children secretly and specifically for sacrifice. (Hearing this, I began to wonder whether her clients were papering their walls with tinfoil to keep out the mind-reading microwaves of the Chewy Bubble Gum People.)

    Perhaps most infuriating is the insistence of SRA therapists and their devotees that doubters are “in denial” over the issue. “The horror and grotesqueness of these details are too much to accept. People would rather believe that survivors – particularly women survivors – are crazy,” Rose writes. This “I’m not crazy, you’re in denial” dodge is pretty standard among the Satan-mongers.

    Somehow, other horrifying crimes (for argument’s sake, let’s imagine the mass slaughter of 11 million Jews, Gypsies, gays, dissidents, and their children) haven’t created this widespread psychological block; but a few unsubstantiated accounts of ritualized baby-eating are enough to send legions of experts into psychotic states of “denial.” And, yes, I have heard one SRA therapist compare her critics to Holocaust revisionists.

    It might have been worth it for the editors of Ms. to have contacted Pamela Freyd at the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (215-387-1865). At the very least, they would have acquired a nice thick packet of information regarding why such stories are coming out of therapy groups. They would also have found that a number of critics have raised serious, substantial questions as to the truthfulness of such claims as Rose’s. In fact, the foundation has collected at least 2,300 accounts of families destroyed and individual lives ruined by such claims.

    One of the many worthy efforts of the feminist movement has been its successful attempts to bring about an increased public awareness of sexual violence; issues such as rape, incest, and child abuse are now issues of national concern, and rightly so. But with a greater recognition of real problems comes the danger that false and irresponsible charges will be taken just as seriously.

    This is why Ms.’ embrace of the satanic panic is so infuriating. For one thing, when people come to realize what a sham the satanic panic is – and how many innocent lives it has ruined – they will be tempted to dismiss a lot of other, more credible charges of sexual abuse. (And Elizabeth Rose’s specific citation of day-care centers as hotbeds of child abuse is going to be a great comfort to working mothers. I can just see the story on “Hard Copy”: “Her children were slaughtered because Mommy wanted a career.”)

    Even more disturbing, the satanic panic has already proved a trusty weap-on in the cultural-warfare arsenal of the religious right. It’s only a single step from Elizabeth Rose’s lurid accounts of hidden diabolic covens, mutilation, and infanticide to Pat Robertsons ravings about how feminism encourages women to become lesbians, kill their children, and practice witchcraft. It’s bad enough when the Andrea Dworkins find common cause with the Jerry Falwells over pornography; but when Ms. starts siding with crackpots on the evils of the occult, they might as well start accepting ads for Virginia Slims and the Dalkon Shield. Believing the children, after all, was the basis of the Salem witchhunts.”


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  6. APD tweeted a link to a YouTube video about the McMartin case on Monday which has video of P & Q inserted at 11:56. I have reported it, other people may like to do the same:

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  7. https://theintercept.com/2017/06/20/texas-couple-exonerated-25-years-after-being-convicted-of-lurid-crimes-that-never-happened/

    Twenty-five years after they were convicted of a crime that never happened, Fran and Dan Keller were formally exonerated on June 20 in Austin, Texas.

    The couple’s prosecution in 1992 was part of a wave of cases across the country amid an episode of mass hysteria known as the Satanic Panic. Beginning in the 1980s, accusations flew that the childcare industry had been infiltrated by bands of Satanists hell-bent on brainwashing and sexually abusing young children.

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  8. Incredible delusional cow, Angela would be the first syber crime arrest. She’s used to ruining people’s lives with her defamation campaign including trying to get access to their children so she can monitor their progress.


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