Angie versus Heifer: Well, that escalated quickly

Was it only a few short weeks ago that Angela and Heifer were the new dream team, cackling together on videos while they slagged and slandered all and sundry?

If the spate of messages on Angela’s Facebook page are anything to go by, it seems that those happy days have come to an abrupt, though not unexpected, end.

It started on Tuesday, when Heifer put Angela on notice that she was no longer interested in being linked with Hoaxtead. (Non taken, Heifer; we don’t really want to be linked with you, either.)

Angela responded in her usual tone-deaf fashion. And then put up a post…linking Heifer to the Hampstead SRA hoax. Because of course she did.

Heifer seemed unimpressed:

Wow. Just…wow. Trust Heifer to go straight for the nuclear option.

Next thing we knew, Angela was trying to claim that the Grenfell Tower tragedy had been a deliberate act on the part of…government? Trolls? the Lizard People? Not really clear. Just Angie, trying to sound “in the know”…and failing, as usual.

Once again, Heifer was less than delighted:

“The Jiihiadis (sic) should chop you (sic) head off you vile cunt”? Seriously? We mean, sure, prison would be an excellent alternative housing option for Angie, but decapitation? Seems a bit extreme to us. Not to mention messy.

Then again, this is Heather we’re talking about. Once she targets someone, she’s like a rhinoceros on PCP: large, dangerous, short-sighted, and unpredictable.

She started attacking some of Angela’s friends, who’d stopped by to wish her a happy 60th birthday…

…and managed to call out Hoaxgirl’s QEG scam and threaten to kneecap Angie, while calling someone else a “Jesus fucker” (yes, you read that right):

Finally, though, the real source of Heifer’s rage started to become clear:

Join the club, Heifer old girl—you’re not the first person Angela has secretly recorded, and it’s unlikely you’ll be the last.

When we left (reluctantly), Heifer seemed to be pausing to take a breath, but it’s entirely possible that she’ll resume her rampage over the next few hours. Pass the popcorn.

p.s. One last thing…seems that Tracey Morris has now joined the fray:

Looks like things are just getting started, folks….

99 thoughts on “Angie versus Heifer: Well, that escalated quickly

  1. There was a certain inevitability about these hate fueled inflatables colliding given neither appears to have anything resembling a sober pilot or navigator at the helm.Somewhat surprised it took quite so long.

    This could run a while as there is an awful lot of gas to burn off.With Morris and Fagin at ringside even Red Adair would struggle capping this one off.

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      • Well Youtube don’t seem to care, the police cannot even get their own interviews removed, surely that is a massive breach in protecting abused children’s disclosures. I have no idea what you user name or comment is about I am sure it is hilarious to mock myself or the other mentally ill people that are covered in this thread.
        It all is starting to seem very trivial if no action is ever taken. How long are people going to have to wait to see some sort of justice? I have no idea why Abe didn’t get arrested as soon as he was named as a child abuser, he even has a history of it.

        Imagine if Abe had taken the children back to Morocco the day after the JC recorded conversation?
        Would he still be making videos of them? would the police have acted, or just stood by.
        I do not know the laws, I just know that justice is not being done and out of all these people HB is actually making sense about how vile Angela is acting over another tragedy. Yea HB is horrible for saying to TM about certain things, but I doubt I would have any sympathy for those who are making a conspiracy out of all these peoples deaths.


        • Hang on, hang on, who’s mocking you? Not I! I was agreeing with you, saying that Heather is “all id, no super-ego”. Believe me, I would never presume to mock anyone here. Sorry if it sounded that way, I should have explained myself better.

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        • I agree with you, especially about the police interview disclosures. Surely that must erode people’s trust in the legal system, worrying that some nitwit will get hold of one’s police interview vids and release them for all and sundry to pick over. Like you, I’m shocked that nothing has been done about this.

          And yes, I think that if Abe and Ella hadn’t been intercepted by Jean-Clement handing his recording to the police and precipitating a visit from the Barnet police, those children would now be employed full-time making grotesque videos to push Papa Hemp’s Magic Trauma-Based Mind Control Cure.

          As for Heather and Angie, a pox on both their houses. (And no, Angie, that’s not a bloody death threat. Calm your giblets.)

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          • I can tell you from experience that its very hard for the police to get you what you believe is justice. Even if they go to the trouble of tracking down and catching Abrella they will probably not go to prison. Ella will probably never return to the UK and as Abe no longer does interviews he can blame all the Free the Hampstead 2 stuff on her, they will never prove its him in control. The Jean Clement recording is the most damning piece of evidence that shows Abe’s guilt.

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          • That is one particular thing in this case that has really annoyed me. We have a high court judge saying the videos should not be on Youtube. Now when we report the videos to YT sometimes they remove them sometimes they don’t. Surely our police should be able to make YT remove the childrens videos. Are these internet giants above the law of the land because it certainly looks that way.

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  2. I completely Agree “Who Cares Anymore”. Are you doing o.k. Buddy? Take a break from this B.S. for a bit. Heather has Some cheek to try to throw a “disclaimer” up on farcebook to assuage her affront by Mangella.

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    • Cheers buddy. I had a little bit of a n eye opener the other day and even if some of it is making fun of Abe, it can be very painful for those who the hoax has affected to make fun of Abe and his horrible ways.
      The last thing I would want to see if a member of my family had been hurt by this evil man, would be Abe with a spoon in his hand.
      Then there is the “why is everything so weird” element, which for me is avoiding copyright mainly.
      But I do see how disrespectful it can be to make a feature of the two culprits.
      Maybe defaming the defamers without that, but it doesn’t really achieve much.
      It seems that without any real action by authorities it is just passing time.
      Budgets, resources, laws etc from one hoax must be a bind on the police, when they have so many other day to day case overloads to get through.
      Seems it maybe just exist on the internet, which is dangerous enough and prevents people getting on with their lives with it all hanging over them.

      Every time Angela posts it is another fury moment, the Limbo queen of Oldcastle.

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      • I understand what you’re saying about not wanting to make things even worse for those who’ve been hurt by this hoax, but I have heard from many, many Hampstead residents over the past two years, and all of them have said how much it’s helped them to be able to laugh at the people who’ve perpetrated this thing. Chops them down to size, I guess—somehow it’s easier to deal with the bad guys when you can see how ludicrous they really are.

        Sometimes when it feels like we’ve been abandoned by the legal system and police, what keeps me going is the knowledge that we are in some ways a lifeline for the people of Hampstead, even if most of them just read the blog and don’t say much.

        That’s not to say you’re wrong in feeling that you might not like it if it were your family affected; but so far, aside from the Hoaxtead mobsters who come here from time to time, we’ve had nothing but positive feedback.

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        • Thank you for letting us know about hearing from some of the Hampstead residents and their thoughts on how we approach the subject matter. It is very reassuring to hear we have their support.

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  3. Still escalating.



    If only someone had warned Angela about Heather from the outset. Oh wait.

    Oh well, at least Angela can now see that this blog didn’t fake those screenshots of Heather’s previous vile comments about Tracey, as Heather angrily claimed at the time.

    And who ridicules a grieving mother over the recent suicide of her daughter? Seriously, who the feck does that? 😮

    Meanwhile, Kristie Sue Costa is currently promoting a two-year-old video by her arch enemy Charlotte Ward. Desperate much, Kris?

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    • Wind her up and watch her go! And yes, who does that to a grieving mother? smh

      Incidentally, I wonder whether Angie saying that her recording of Heifer is “still private…” was meant as a subtle threat? Time will tell, I suppose.

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      • Jeez, can you imagine being stuck in a room with these women going at each others throats like that? It would be a bloody nightmare.

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          • Whats scary is hevva threatening to `kneecap’ her, she’s insane enough to try it too

            (but it is sorta amusing to watch the inevitable happen, we knew it would come to something like this- but the pure venom and hatred these former `bosom buddies’ now display to each other is incredible!)


          • Agree Steved.I cannot help feeling many(if not all) these characters are lifes failures,bitter and twisted outcasts largely sidelined by their community and even their own families.

            Rather than maturely taking responsibility and working on their own issues they have compounded their outsider status by blaming everyone else for their circumstances and lack of self worth or community status.

            Conspiracy theories play right into the hands of such dispossessed who can “club together” to confirm that a myriad of external “dark forces” are to blame for any shit thus providinng succour and absolving themselves from facing the real cause and terror of their situation.

            Of course this group mentality is only a temporary fix and the inner decay of hatred,angst and spiteful loathing continues to fester and gnaw away internal.

            The build up of gas turns such beings into potentially lethal incendiary devices as any whom dare confront them quickly discover.

            When two or more spark each other off there can be only one consequence and it can never be pretty or end particularly well albeit has comedy value from the sidelines.


  4. The trigger for this lovers’ tiff appears to have been Angela claiming that Heather had stated she had a contact in Barnet Social Services who’d been feeding her info’ about the Hampstead case (see EC’s screenshots and comment in the main post above):

    For those who missed it, here’s the proof that Heather lied – the recordings of her making those claims:

    35:40 – “The boy wouldn’t speak to Dearman in Dearman’s car and Dearman threw the two children – now, these are children maybe seven or eight years old – so he stops on the freeway and puts them out of the car to the side of the road, and leaves them there for three quarters of an hour. So somebody like that…I happen to have had a conversation with somebody inside Barnet and this is how I know this. Somebody who does this can’t be trusted with them.”

    33:10 – “I…er…don’t want to say it on camera but I have information from inside of Barnet Social Services about these children. Erm…I had a private conversation with somebody, because they asked me what I know about…The children are not in danger…This person would not be telling me lies…No, I know the person, so he would not be telling me lies.”

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  5. Peedo fury lost his thang earlier, he didn’t like hearing that moniker broadcast earlier.

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  6. That “vile Irish cunt” Angela is classic passive aggressive. How pathetic is she asking for donations and presents for her birthday?.

    I suppose the police and UK government can call off any investigations into Grenfell now that Power-Disney has declared is was a deliberate fire. Even though the chap who owns the faulty fridge alleged to be the cause has now told of his utter anguish at what has occurred.

    And one must ask that famous question : “cui bono ?”. So many “false flags” and “crisis actors” and deliberate plots over decades for what? Nothing changes, nothing achieved. For all the claims about this VIP Soros, Rothschild yadda yadda etc cultist plot nothing is gained and the New World Order is a flop.

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    • Yes, very good question: what exactly is the point of all the conspiraloon theorising? What has it accomplished, other than making some people feel smug and superior? Or is that the whole point?

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  7. Remember what I said, about warnings sent to the FBI and US senate & congressional leaders, back in 2010-2011? Warnings that the unregulated circulation of certain conspiracy theories put them all at risk, of unbalanced persons attempting to assassinate them?

    It may be worth noting, that the whole “pizzagate” story line was originally aimed at Republicans, i.e., “the Franklin conspiracy”, and also that once Jared Loughner had been successfully incited in 2011 the unthinkable was rendered thinkable for others.

    Alex Jones and Steve Bannon remain the most dangerous men in America.

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  8. They are all pretty much as bad as each other whether it be Heathers straight forward disgusting remarks or Angies ‘oh i’m just theorising’ approach. What a shower of assholes.

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  9. Creepy Video of The Day.

    Poor Laura is a Targeted Individual and has taken a walk in a Dublin park to give us the lowdown on this shocking phenomenon. It’s so bad she says she was in hospital recently and 90% of the patients were targeted individuals and they didn’t even know it.
    Laura reckons “they” take out insurance policies and bump of the targeted individuals and even some of those who do the targeting.
    She also says they have all sorts of schemes and methods to extract money from you, even small amounts and I think I know someone she may be referring to but out of politeness I won’t mention the name although the words Angela, Power and Disney come to mind.

    I found this video a letdown as it 6 minutes of poor Laura stalking through the park and I fully expected a flasher in a Mac to leap out from the trees but alas, he never appears.
    Still APD finds it “inspirational” whereas I find it more evidence of how many Barking Mad people there are out there.

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      • He’s also still telling blatant lies in every video about us making threats to commit terrorist acts in his home town, when in fact we’ve never said anything of the sort. In fact, it’s him who’s repeatedly threatened “retribution” and “revenge” against both us and his neighbours. I’m seriously concerned that he’s planning some kind of attack in his home town but thankfully his local police are monitoring his videos and blog so will hopefully stop him from carrying anything out.

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      • If Shurter wants to shoot anyone, he’ll have to get past me first.

        By the way – if he asks you ain’t seen me, right.

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      • Piss off Shurter, nothing is going to happen and you will still be here next year still spouting the same old shite.

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      • What an idiot this guy is. If he’s gonna quote from Revelations, could he please at least get it right?

        It wasn’t written by a contemporaneous disciple of Jesus, but by a devout Jew (not even a Christian) exiled on the Greek island of Patmos.

        He wasn’t talking about the end of the world, but about how he thought his own world had ended up. He wrote the thing right after the siege of Jerusalem by the Romans, which was a horrible, bloody event involving burning down the Great Temple and leaving the city in ruins.

        He wrote the book to try and encourage Jewish Christians, who’d fully expected that Jesus would come back and save Jerusalem from the Romans. Sadly Jesus failed to show, so John of Patmos, aka John the Divine, wrote Revelations to try and explain what had happened, and what he hoped would happen when Jesus finally did make it.

        Oh, and while he does mention the numbers “666” as the “mark of the Beast”, he’s not referring to Satan. He’s using Hebrew numerology to refer to the Roman emperor Nero, who he held responsible for the bloody destruction of his homeland.

        BTW, John of Patmos had no use for the Pauline Christians, who believed that non-Jews could follow Christ without the hassle of getting circumcised and converting to Judaism and obeying all the laws in the Torah and so forth. When he talks about the “synagogue of Satan”, he means the Christian Church as it was evolving under St Paul (who was his own kind of special).

        So people like Angie and Shurter, who quote this shit all the time, might want to be aware that they’re quoting an actual, bona fide early anti-Christian.


  10. Hey, can you guys let me know when you’ve finished pissing about with that microwave, please – I’ve got a massive sausage to stick in it and I’m famished.

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  11. Tonight’s ‘Friday Night Pagga’ (as that nice Ms. Radley would call it) is an Alanson v Sheridan special and comes live from Newcastle Toon…

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  12. Some classic Debbie climaxes in this one. And for once she actually admits that it’s lack of attention that’s made her so angry!

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    • The thing that seems to have driven her so mad is her ‘Mars Curiosity Rover NASA Image’ video being taken down. She says “they” hacked into her YT account and took it down to shut her up and stop her getting credit for her work. The problem with that theory is….the bloody video in question is still up!

      Answer: Nobody

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    • Debs at her very best.
      Not one person bothered getting back to her including “the Mar’s people I sent it to”. Uhh? Does she mean she sent it to people on Mars?
      Doesn’t she know that if the Martians are getting back to her it will take a few million light years?


  13. This video is hilarious. I am actually sorry for Debs, because she is so tragic, so passionate, so lost, so funny, for us, which is even sadder but needs to be watched by her. Classic, Lou Scannon, award for best research. This is very good evidence for Debs to watch herself become convinced and concocted a big paranoid publicity. ‘ Who are you, secure team?’ LOL. They missed her comment amongst the many thousands of views, how very dare they. One of the symptoms of PTSD is volatility of emotions, Debs. Get treatment.

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    • I have no compassion for her, she is an idiot who is to dumb to realise Hampstead is a hoax and Pizzagate is absolute drivel. She loves to talk about children and adults engaged it sexual activities by using the most disgusting language, clearly it excites her. She doesn’t mind accusing innocent people, so any claims made against her she should have no problem with, glass houses. After all, naming everyone is helping the children right?

      She also thinks that out of millions of people looking at NASA images she is the only one that found those images, lol.


  14. For peace, there is a search function within YT channels, the video came straight up using the search term ‘mars’. You’re welcome. Maybe someone can explain the double twitter stuff to D.

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    • “ALL my videos made prior to 2016 have been REMOVED.”

      Er…really, Debs?

      At this point you have to ask yourself whether she’s spotted the “Load more” button at the bottom of her “Videos” page!


    • Deb’s ‘Children for free Patrck Rock” video which she says has been removed by a hacker from her channel is still there too. She’s lost the plot.


      • She is vile, and supports that sick depraved person covered in the Trolls section many times.


  15. Does anyone know about the allegations about debbies past – the stuff she mentions at the end? Is any of this true?


    • Someone used to ask for her police certificate to prove she is safe to work with children. I have no idea if she has a criminal record, but I’ve never seen evidence that she does.

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      • There’s more to that certificate thing, Tracey. That all started without anyone asking her for it. It started with her repeatedly saying she was going to post it (presumably to show the World that this somehow qualified her as a child rights expert) and when it never appeared, a few people called her out on it and asked her what the hold-up was but she got all uppity and is still moaning about it two years later.

        One thing that was odd, though, was her saying it was a “recent CRB certificate”, when CRBs were replaced by DBS certificates 6 years ago.

        At the time, we did ask her to show us her credentials as an “EU law specialist” and to cite which “EU child rights directive” states that children have to be believed in any abuse case, as she was vehemently claiming, but answers came there none.

        As for her claim that she’s been accused of being arrested for having 800 child porn images on her computer, I must admit that’s a new one on me.

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