When will police and courts step up for the people of Hampstead?

Since the Hampstead SRA hoax went viral online in February 2015, the hoax promoters and supporters have for the most part been able to act with complete impunity.

Yes, there have been some arrests made, and some people have received police cautions about their harassment and defamation of the families, teachers, and clergy in the Hampstead community. And of course in July 2016, Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry walked away from charges of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, but were given lifetime restraining orders. These orders ostensibly prevented them from further harassing the four witnesses they’d been acquitted of intimidating, and from mentioning cannibalism, sexual abuse, or Satanism in relation to any pupil, former or current, at Christchurch Primary School.

At the time the restraining orders were imposed, we optimistically dared to hope that this legal step would ultimately kill the Hampstead SRA hoax. Our understanding of “restraining order” was that any breach would enable the police to make an almost immediate arrest, which would put a serious damper on the activities of two of the most vocal Hoaxtead mobsters. Indeed, there were several breeches, and several arrests, culminating in Sabine pleading guilty to breech of her restraining order in October.

However, Hoaxtead has continued to lurch on, and those who’ve been victimised by its promoters and supporters continue to feel targetted and apprehensive. Their names, and the names of their children, are still splashed across the internet for anyone to see—family, friends, employers, colleagues. Vicious and/or deluded people have posted reams of inflammatory, defamatory, illegal material; the death threats continue.

And we are left to wonder where these people can find protection under the law.

Survey says victims let down

It seems we’re not the only ones asking this: last month, a survey conducted by Plaid Cymru and Voice4Victims found that

(p)olice and court action, including the imposition of restraining orders, is failing to prevent domestic abusers and stalkers from carrying on their campaigns of harassment and abuse against their victims online.

The Guardian reported that 122 victims of stalking, harassment, domestic abuse, and coercive behaviour were surveyed to determine their experiences with police, courts, and other criminal justice agencies.

(I)n only 52% of cases – 63 out of 122 – there was a restraining order in place against their attacker. Two-thirds of those restraining orders did not explicitly ban attackers from contacting them online despite the dominance of online communication through social media, email and internet messaging.

Similarly, while the restraining orders issued last summer stated that Sabine and Neelu must not go near Christ Church or the school, they failed to address their contacting, harassing, or continuing to defame any of the parents or teachers who’ve borne much of the brunt of the hoax.

More than half of the victims surveyed who had a restraining order had been contacted at least once online by the person convicted of stalking or harassing them, with more than quarter of victims contacted three or more times. Two-thirds of the surveyed victims rated the response by the police as “poor” or “extremely poor”.

While the survey group is obviously not directly comparable to the victims of Hoaxtead—those surveyed were being harassed and stalked primarily by people who were known to them—we think parallels may be drawn. We’ve heard from residents of Hampstead who’ve found that despite repeated attempts to bring their harassers to justice, they’ve run up against brick wall after brick wall. The reliance on restraining orders, which are intended to protect the vulnerable from harassment, whether online or in person, seems almost laughable, as harassers simply ignore them.

Liz Saville-Roberts, then Plaid Cymru’s justice spokesperson, stated,

We found that the situation was much bleaker than we expected, and that there seems to be serious failings by criminal justice agencies. The police, Crown Prosecution Service and all other agencies that work with victims of crime must be liable in law if they fail to comply with the Victims’ Code and provide a sub-standard service.

So if restraining orders are viewed as a joke by those who choose to mount campaigns of harassment against innocent people, where can Hoaxtead’s victims find justice? At what point will the police and Crown Prosecution Service decide that it’s not okay to target and harass individuals and families, whether online or otherwise?

And let’s face it: only two of the entire multitude of Hoaxtead mobsters were even issued with restraining orders. Some remain on bail, while others have received only verbal warnings from the police, but few charges have been laid. One person, Rupert Quaintance, awaits trial at the end of August on charges of harassment.

But the real leaders of the hoax, Abe and Ella, remain at large, free to continue spreading their lies to those gullible enough to believe them. Their deluded followers continue to threaten and harass at will, secure in the knowledge that they’re very unlikely to face any legal consequences for their illegal actions.

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  1. Ella and Abe cannot be arrested because they are in Spain. Do you know if Ella hurt the children’s dog?


    • I don’t know whether Ella hurt the dog. I do know that people can be extradited from certain countries back to the UK for trial; I think it might be the only way to stop Ella & Abe.


        • I remember from the Jean clement video the children being very fond of the dog and one of them saying it was a staffy x whippet. A nice cross in general, very loving and tolerant of children. Both dogs were favourites of the chainmakers and working class in the black country at one time, hence the name Staffordshire Bull Terrier. although the dogs known as Bull and terriers were all over the UK and Ireland, then imported to America by migrants in the 1800’s becoming the APBT eventually. When the so called “sport” died out the men switched to Whippet and pigeon racing, where as the Americans took the imports and bred on an industrial scale. It’s sad that APBT’s are banned in England, as they are the closet thing left that resembles the original Bulldogs of the British Isles and Ireland. Joe Mallen claims the Stafford should be the British emblem and not the chines pug infused English Bulldog.
          Footage from an old documentary about the black country. https://youtu.be/gHkSYZMefHY

          Is it the dog in the photograph and heard whimpering in the Finbars audio?
          I read somewhere that Ella threatened to hurt the dog if they didnt come back to live with her and abe, but i have no idea how that would be known or proven. Did RD mention it in the BBC interview?

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    • I have been surprised that they haven’t been extradited, I thought the loophole with Spain was now closed. From the BBC website:
      The former reputation of parts of Spain as the Costa del Crime rested largely on the collapse of a 100-year-old treaty, which Benjamin Disraeli had a hand in negotiating. When it ran out in 1978, Spain did not hurry to renew it because it felt that it had not benefitted, with only a few extradition applications being accepted by the UK. “Spain uses civil law, and the UK has common law, and Spain didn’t really understand how to make successful extradition treaty requests, which at that time required prima facie evidence, to the UK and so the relationship wasn’t working,” says Anand Doobay, an extradition expert at law firm Peters & Peters. “So during this period, practically every criminal in the UK went to Spain.” A new bilateral agreement was signed in 1985.

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  2. What you’re saying is, this all powerful cult that has connections right to the top can’t use their influence to get people nicked. Funny that innit.

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  3. I have so much contempt for these online harassers especially after reading of the distress of the daughter of the school teacher killed at Sandy Hook when she heard Megyn Kelly was to interview Alex Jones.
    And very good point..despite their ridiculous claims a powerful cult controls everything it can’t silence some creeps on the net.
    Note: Jones now says it was everyone else who claimed it was a false flag hoax. Coward

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  4. Just a few thing that have been bugging me, and i’m sure they have been covered no end on here before.

    Coming from the point of view that this is all real, no pick and choosing and selecting parts you think are real, it’s all real. Would it not be the biggest case on many levels of mass murder in recent times outside of wartime atrocities?
    I know children may exaggerate when they say a million people are involved, that’s a given, but when Abe backs them up saying thousands, then 400 people involved, all wearing baby skulls adding upto 8,000 skulls alone just for dancing around, would this alone not be the biggest case of child murder ever recorded? How do you get rid of 8,000 skulls and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Babies for sacrifice are being shipped in on an industrial scale, somehow all kept alive to be injected and sacrificed later on.

    This cult, operating in a fairly heavily populated suburb of London would be responsible for being the worst and most prolific group of serial killers ever recorded.

    If they have killed at least 8,000 babies, that we know about, and as this cult is generational and has been operating at least since the two children were born, wouldn’t they ever get found out before Mystical Christicle comes along with a bag of weed and his copy of Michelle Remembers?

    It would have to be the biggest paedophile Ring, the worst case of group serial killers, and responsible for the largest number of child sacrifices ever recorded.

    I think some of our friends across the pond may not realise just how small and densely populated our little Island actually is. I grew up in a rural area, yet it was only 2 miles to the nearest shop, and just over 10 miles to one of England’s largest cities.
    This is not some vast rural land where serial killers can get away with their crimes for decades, it is England. Even the most notorious of child murders Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were not responsible for an industrial scale level of child killing.

    I don’t know how accurate this article is, but the children supposedly murdered in Hampstead would surpass these levels many times over.

    “She was dubbed the ‘Angel Maker’, a prolific serial killer responsible for the murders of around 400 babies, horrific crimes that sent a shock wave through 19th century Britain

    Amelia Dyer preyed on the down-on-their-luck, desperate unmarried mothers who paid her to have their children adopted in the naive belief she would find them a better life.

    But there would be no fairytale endings, instead this despicable woman simply took the money before strangling the helpless infants with dressmaking tape and dumping their bodies in the River Thames

    For over 30 years Dyer was able to conduct her grisly trade with apparent impunity. Little wonder that she is now believed to be Britain’s worst ever serial killer.”

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    • Yes, if this were true it would have exploded into the largest, most gruesome and disturbing story of multiple murder in history. All of those involved would be behind bars, whether awaiting trial or serving life sentences.

      And that’s not even counting the fact that somehow every courier bringing in the mysterious shipments of babies from around the world remained silent about it. Speaking of logistical impossibilities, did they mark the boxes “this side up” and “do not crush”? Did the boxes have breathing holes? How did babies never wake up and cry, soil their nappies and create an unholy smell, or fidget and arouse suspicion? The mind boggles.

      And that’s just one very small aspect of this ridiculous hoax. So much of it just does not make sense, and yet there are people who would swear on a stack of bibles that it’s all completely true. I’m thinking of poor old Plymouth Fury’s meltdown the other day when he finally realised that Ella had lied about one aspect of the hoax, which called everything else into question. It was comical on one level, but terribly sad on another: sad, because I think he represents those who truly want to believe that Hoaxtead was real.

      They’re now acting like small children who’ve been informed that Father Christmas isn’t real: horrified, distraught, angry, grasping at straws, screaming at the cat to shut the fuck up. (All right, I made that last bit up, but I do think it’s a highlight of that video.)

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      • Someone sent me a link to a song Plymouth Fury made about Hampstead, they warned me it was disgusting, so I knew not to watch it as I just get too mad with the sickos.
        I’m just hoping it wasnt a rap or spoken word version of Abes poem.

        Thees seems to be a lot of people now aware of Abes torture of the children and hate him, but it seems they still side with ella and that it is all true, and RD is as bad as the rest of them, based on??? Never being allowed to see his children? Not even having access to even be able to abuse them? Bad actor? Shifty?
        A lot of Pizzagate logic, and no surprise many of them are fully pledged pizzagators.
        Another conspiracy where they are not above lying or recirculating debunked material back round again. The amount of photos of other peoples babies and children those people kept republishing was disgusting, but the excuse is the same as APD and many have stated about Hampstead, they are doing it to help the children, hmmm.
        The sexual comments about the kids are sickening, some of them make would make Kane Slater and Neil the badger CGI Plains blush. I cant even bring myself to repeat what I have read them say in comments, it is vomit inducing and the minds of very disturbed people.

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        • On top of the multifold logistical impossibilities inherant in bonkers Abes cash making fantasy there was never even the slightest scrap of verifiable evidence whatsoever.Not a morsel,jot,scintilla,crumb,micro-grain or even a sub atomic ha’p’orthas worth.

          One can only conclude that anyone who took the bait and attempted to support and offer traction are:

          A) fraudulent opportunists utilizing sensation/hyperbole as a traffic herding,revenue cow;

          B) Perverts who want it to be real for personal sexual gratification;

          C) Dangerously gullible nutjobs who would believe it if someone suggested their boy/girl friend is “in fact” 3 people in a trench coat.

          Whatever version or combination of the above apply they need locking up for their own and everybody elses safety and wellbeing.If of course those tasked with protecting the citizenry ever fancy finishing up their soddin tea break that is. Grr, mutter….

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    • But..but..Princess Neelu says she witnessed baby carriages being wheeled into the church early one Wednesday morning (was there a DHL truck?).
      Sadly she neglected to film this event even though she’s the Spielberg of the IPhone and never bothered going back on another Wednesday

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      • Well, none of the babies “assaulted” her, you see. She’d have been right on top of it if one of them had tried to push her phone away.


        • Another let down besides the law not coming down heavy on the perpetrators of this hoax is how on earth Youtube have been allowed to still host the childrens videos. It’s not as if Youtube are not aware of the court order, it has been sent to them plenty of times when reporting the childrens videos.

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          • Youtube like Google pay lip service to their corporate responsibility.
            They will spend $millions in legal fees to batter down opponents and those with genuine grievances.

            Mark Zuckerberg is a creep of the first order: and no not because he a part of some Freemason Rothschild NWO cult which he isn’t – but because he is just a plain old fashioned capitalist carpet bagging pig leeching off the taxpayer.

            He blatantly obfuscates and makes outlandish claims such as his recent announcement he is employing 1000s more monitors but when looked at closely they turn out to be part-time workers on slave wages in the Third World working under debilitating conditions.

            The internet has given rise to this new breed of corporate ghoul and Facebook allowing itself to be used by the Russians to subvert democracy for the sake of advertising dollars is bad enough but it will take a terrible calamity before they are brought to heel.

            Politicians in the USA and UK are like deer caught in the headlights as they seem oblivious to the bleeding obvious. Smaller countries around the world and in Europe seem far more intent on protecting citizen’s rights.

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  5. I really don’t know much about them, but I would have thought a European Arrest Warrant would have been an option.

    After a quick read, it seems the UK does not use this procedure as much as other EU states. The seriousness of the crimes seems to be a factor too.

    I’m not sure what the UK’s current position within the EU would have, but would have thought other states would be more than happy to assist in the removal of dodgy types.

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    • A European Arrest Wt is just a domestic warrant with a European addition. So first the police/CPS would have to apply for a warrant under the magistrates courts act and apply for a EAW after that. So first, they must identify an offence and start the normal criminal process. I can’t now remember what Ella and Abe have done which is criminal?

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      • I would start with the ,b>Children and Young Persons Act 1933:

        Part I: 1 Cruelty to persons under sixteen.

        (1)If any person who has attained the age of sixteen years and has responsibility for any child or young person under that age, wilfully assaults, ill-treats, neglects, abandons, or exposes him, or causes or procures him to be assaulted, ill-treated, neglected, abandoned, or exposed, in a manner likely to cause him unnecessary suffering or injury to health (including injury to or loss of sight, or hearing, or limb, or organ of the body, and any mental derangement), that person shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be liable—
        (a)on conviction on indictment, to a fine or alternatively, or in addition thereto, to imprisonment for any term not exceeding ten years;
        (b)on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding £400 pounds, or alternatively, or in addition thereto, to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months.

        I would say Abrella could easily be convicted under the above legislation.

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        • I would have thought so and I dispute the fact that he inflicted injuries and abuse on these kids in Morocco and therefore is out of the UK jurisdiction.
          I thought the laws on “sex tourism” covered this area: perps who travel to Asia etc and sexually abuse can be charged in the UK. Or am I confusing this with US laws?

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          • Some offences can be tried in E&W though committed elsewhere and sex offences are in that category thanks to s. 72 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, as is murder and there are fiddly rules for offences which are committed partly here and partly abroad (internet fraud for example) but in general only offences committed in E&W can be tried here. Child cruelty is a goer I think, though the children would have to be cross-examined, and they or their carers may be unwilling. Process is the obstacle if they’re in Morocco – European arrest warrants don’t run to North Africa and we don’t have an extradition treaty with Morocco. So that is a non-starter unless Morocco deport them by handing them over to UK authorities who might then arrest them for something.

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      • I would start with child abuse, harassment, wasting police time, more harassment and the publication online of the childrens’ details.

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      • There’s already a warrant out for Ella’s arrest, on grounds of child abuse. And I would think that the two of them could be done for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, as they attempted (and continue to attempt) to have people arrested for very serious crimes they didn’t commit.

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  6. I’m not young but until the advent of the internet and from concentrating on it in the last 8 years or so, I never quite really realised what thoroughly evil and despicable people are out there.
    I come from an era where you thought the really dreadful people were, say Hitler and the Nazis or a deranged serial murderer but it’s quite frightening to realise there are 1000s of these horrible things living among us.

    First out of the blocks is this charmer who on Facebook prattles on about the usual things- Jews. Moslims (sic), praise for professional thug Tommy Robinson and so on. One saving grace- her beloved UKIP was just thrashed in the election.

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    • Well people who were awake at 1am in that block, in fact as many Muslims are during Ramadan, raised the alarm and woke up their neighbours. It doesn’t surprise me that people help their neighbours even when lives are at risk. People need to get a life and realise not everyone walks round filled with hate for others. I always wonder what planet these racists live on. It’s not recognisable as the one I inhabit.

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      • And there is ALREADY a video with a caption chuntering about “false flag” operations. They just can’t help themselves.

        User:Edward Woodward
        Published on 14 Jun 2017
        Just like 911 and nearly every other major incident there always seems to be a smoking gun. Fire brigade only visited residents on the block of flats weeks ago warning residents that if a fire was to break out then they should barricade themselves in their flats.

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  7. Do they realise just how dumb they sound?
    The ET/DLV/RD thing has been around for donkey’s. It’s the same childish way of discrediting a person, shill, troll, pedo etc. That’s all they know, Pizzagators made it an artform, even when BzTruetalk pointed out the comparison, side by side, with an original email from wikileaks and the doctored ones being promoted as truth, they went mental. Would you not want the actual Truth?

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  8. Another shooting in VA. GOP Target. Breaking now. The Sandy Hook Shooter was inspired by Anders Brevik. Alex Jones was the progenitor of that “hoax” aided by James Tracey’s “memoryhole blog”/scrubbed/edited and James Fetzer and the rest of his White Supremacy Crew. He was praising “J.T. Ready” AZ “Minuteman” who murdered his Whole family. Alex Jones should be in prison NOT giving “interviews”.

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  9. Hoaxtead can expect a visit from PC Plod..but hold on, we are all one person and I think he’s in California. We should just refer the officer to our handler at MI5.

    APD ( known by locals as the Creature from the Black Lagoon) shamelessly gearing up to call ‘False Flag’. .

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    • Does she ever take a break from thinking her opinion on every horrific event that ever happens, actually matters. Normal people might say, our thoughts are with the victims or, what a horrible tragedy, what improvements and changes can be made to make sure this never happens again.
      But nope, Angela labels it 9/11 Mark 2 like some disaster movie.
      Please tell me she’s going to prison soon, for good.

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  10. APD calling the Grenfell Tower fire a “Mass snuff movie 9/11 Mark 2” is one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen from her. I sat up watching it through the night and it was truly heartbreaking seeing those people at their windows. One woman threw her baby from a 9th floor window and a man caught the baby safely. The baby is fine, the woman could have possibly perished in the blaze. Some other people jumped rather than perish in the fire. It was harrowing.
    She is one sick bitch.

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  11. It is an absolute and utter disgrace that the authorities have not upheld the law of the land designed to protect citizens from the very activities this group of disgusting individuals have been engaged in.

    They certainly can not claim there is a lack of evidence. The perpetrators declaring their guilt by their own hands through various writings, and videos of them engaging in their activities should be more than enough to proceed with prosecution.

    And what of McNeill and Berry openly discussing their plan to kidnap the children from the foster carers with the assistance of several named conspirators and with the advisement of an ex-Sussex police officer (allegedly)? Nothing was done – and yet both McNeill and Berry discussed the plan with enough depth to indicate they were in the process of making provisions to act upon it. Nothing again, yet the police had all of the details and material.

    As with most material, people gave the police very detailed accounts of the ‘wheres and whens’, so the police didn’t even have to trawl through mounds of the conspirators insane ramblings.

    Whether it be the police or the CPS, justice has not been done by any measure. The people at the receiving end of the crazies STILL have endure ridiculous accusations and abuse.

    Understandably they want the situation to go away with minimal impact on their lives. But without the cooperation of the police and/or the CPS they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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