Hoaxtead mobsters’ favourite paedophile to face extradition proceedings this week

It’s been some time since we heard from Sabine McNeill, who after two years seems to have finally got the memo about not publishing material about the Hampstead SRA hoax. Mostly.

However, all good things must come to an end, we suppose. On yesterday’s Victims Unite! blog, Sabine notes that convicted paedophile and sometime military historian Peter Hofschroer is due back in court on Wednesday to begin the final hearing in his appeal against extradition proceedings.

Quoting from the Cathy Fox Blog, Sabine notes,

Peter Hofschroer is a whistleblower who has been denied due process to hide a crime network involving the North Yorkshire Police and York Social Services….Supporters are meeting at 10 am on Wed 14 June at the Royal Courts of Justice….Grandma Barbara website Alert! Whistle Blower In Danger! Boots On Ground Needed [2]

We think what Sabine really meant to say was,

Peter Hofschroer is a convicted paedophile who was found with 36,000 images of child sexual abuse on his computer. He was found guilty on 11 July 2016, following a trial in which he attempted to fling blame at his family, police, public servants, a civil judge, and anyone else he could think of. He was given a 30-month sentence, and put on the sex offenders’ register for life. Anyone who wishes to support this convicted offender should take several deep breaths and consider the fact that the images found on Mr Hofschroer’s computer represent 36,000 instances of child sexual abuse, in which real children suffered. Here, let us distract you with a reference to a nice old lady. Oh, and if we call Mr Hofschroer a “whistleblower”, perhaps you’ll forget about the whole paedophile thing, right? Boots on ground needed, because everyone knows that sending huge crowds of people to court to ‘support’ people will make the judge change his or her mind.

According to the York Press, which reported on Mr Hofschroer’s trial last summer,

Judge Tony Briggs QC described (Mr Hofschroer’s) defence, in which he tried to blame many other people including his own family for the illegal images, as “quite outrageous”.

He said: “You are clearly a man of talent and ability. You have a high reputation as a writer of Napoleonic affairs. It is a great pity to see you before the court answering for offences of this nature.”

“These offences were very nasty and unpleasant. It is perfectly plain that for some considerable time, you have been interested in paedophilic images.“ Hofschroer, 60, formerly of Rosedale Avenue, Acomb, had denied all 16 charges of downloading indecent images of children….

The jury at Teesside Crown Court heard the pictures and films, including some of the most serious form of sexual abuse of children, mostly featured boys aged from six to 14, and had been downloaded from the internet over at least 15 years….

The jury heard Hofschroer was arrested at York Magistrates Court carrying a laptop with 20,000 illegal images when he arrived to start a private prosecution alleging kidnap and other crimes against three of his relatives, whom he had harassed them (sic) through the civil courts and through complaints to the police.

The jury were not told Leeds County Court had declared Hofschroer a “vexatious litigant” because of the many cases he started, and banned him from bringing civil cases for two years. A month later he started the private prosecution against his family….

Hofschroer has been made subject to a High Court injunction preventing him from making slanderous or libellous comments about named police employees and has been barred from using a respected national website which gives details about elected people because he was continually posting potentially libellous comments on it.

He was also ordered to pay at least £10,000 in libel damages, plus costs to a military historian over comments he had made.

In September 2016, we reported that Mr Hofschroer was facing extradition proceedings.

According to the blog Before It’s News (Now there’s a highly reliable source! —Ed.), on 10 November 2016 Mr Hofschroer was ordered to return to his native Austria to face charges there, and was remanded to HMP Wandsworth. He was released just before Christmas, and launched an appeal against the extradition proceedings, of which this week’s hearing will be the culmination.

As we’ve noted in the past, Mr Hofschroer seems to be a particular favourite of Sabine, Neelu, and their pals. We probably should have grown accustomed to the fact that this alleged group of “child protection activists” give their unqualified support to people who’ve been convicted of crimes against children, but it still rankles. As we noted last September,

(S)omehow, their deluded followers never pause to ask themselves why the Hoaxteaders’ pet paedophiles are all ‘victims of stitch-ups’, while the blameless parents, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead are all presumed guilty.

This isn’t an idle question: we think it points to something foul and disturbing that lies at the heart of the Hampstead SRA hoax’s promoters.

At some point, one wonders when the police will begin to ask questions about the strange preponderance of paedophiles amongst a group of people who describe themselves as ‘children’s rights advocates’, and yet who will admit when pressed that they have never won a single case, nor protected a single child from harm.

Our opinion hasn’t changed. And we’ll be interested to note the outcome of this week’s proceedings. Will all those “boots on the ground” make any perceptible difference? Stay tuned….

63 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mobsters’ favourite paedophile to face extradition proceedings this week

  1. ‘Sabine McNeill Im Certain That Children Who Make Satanic Abuse Claims Worldwide, Are Genu’

    This is an old one (from 05/12/16) that’s been re-uploaded:

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  2. I just watched Sabine in her incomprehensible video about “3D Metrics” being demonstrated with the Mona Lisa.
    I recall buying a 3D postcard of the Mona Lisa at a French railway station over 30 years ago.
    Anyone have a clue what she’s on about?
    She seems to be claiming this is some sort of new technology.

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  3. Does anyone know what this is all about or who this creepy weirdo is who can’t seem to decide which side s/he’s on? And what the bloody hell is a “GLINSDALE PROBOSCIS”? LOL

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    • I dunno.
      But these folk seem to have an ostrich syndrome with respect to the reputation OF their platforms. They don’t seem to comprehend that people like us are the activist tip for tens of thousands of persons (not to mention governments) who are pressuring Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to clean up their act by wiping these clown off their platforms entirely. For good. Or to fundamentally change they way these platforms operate, so that anti-social, anti-society & anti-government shitheads can’t abuse them at all.

      They appear deaf to the thunder, but the coming deluge will sweep them away regardless.

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      • Well considering the reputation of most keyboard warriors (ie overweight, pale, sickly looking basement dwellers who live in their mums basement until her passing and hardly ever see the light of day until 2 or 3 weeks after mum has passed and they run out of chips and cokeacola) I am quite sure that I’d pass on them as well.
        Maybe it was a helpful warning rather than a death threat? The elderly haunted car might have thought you had amorous intentions towards it and was warning you lol


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    • This is the unfair advantage Spiny has over me.. a bloody great big GLINSDALE PROBOSCIS.
      I think that’s why he got on so well with Arfur.

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    • Google search offers little assistance regarding exactly what a “GLINSDALE PROBOSCIS” is although image search reveals one of these fellows.

      I can understand why Mr Anonydeth would prefer to avoid incorporating one of these into his extramarital relations but why he should suspect you of plotting to force such a ménage à trois quite frankly fuck knows.

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  4. I dunno.
    But these folk seem to have an ostrich syndrome with respect to the reputation OF their platforms. They don’t seem to comprehend that people like us are the activist tip for tens of thousands of persons (not to mention governments) who are pressuring Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to clean up their act by wiping these clown off their platforms entirely. For good. Or to fundamentally change they way these platforms operate, so that anti-social, anti-society & anti-government shitheads can’t abuse them at all.

    They appear deaf to the thunder, but the coming deluge will sweep them away regardless.

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    • Fascinating Kristie Sue fact: she’s been all over YouTube trying to stamp out the growing rejection of the Hampstead SRA hoax, but she has not said a single word about it on her “I believe the children when they say they’re raped by devil-worshippers but not when they say their mother’s boyfriend tortured them” page on Facebook. Funny, that. You’d almost think she didn’t want anyone to know.


      • Funnily enough, I had noticed that. Not a word on her blog, her BtC Farcebook page or her KSC Farcebook page. Head on the chopping block, I’d say she knows deep down that this was all a hoax but she’s terrified to admit it and accept that the last two years of her life have been wasted on supporting a scam.

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  5. Shurter’s still praying for us all to be killed. It doesn’t appear to be working, though – unless I’ve missed something, we’re all still standing. God’s clearly not listening to him 🙂

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    • Ok. I have no idea who Lori King & Amber Volatin (sp?) are, and I’ve certainly never met them.
      And the last time I was in the USA, was way back in 1968.
      Which, by the way, was a long time BEFORE Doug Mesner was born.

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      • IT’s good that you have a positive relationship with your local PD now, Davey. I’ve always had an excellent relationship with mine.
        I’ve stated, many times in many places, that I worked with my local Integrated Intelligence Unit during the satanic panic, circa. 1988-1992. But you’re too stupid to do the math on that as well, apparently.
        I don’t have a working relationship with the local PD anymore, but I’ve kept in touch. I’ve had cause to have occasional contact with your FBI too, over the years. You idiot.

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      • There is a Lori King who writes raunchy “romantic” novels. Maybe DS is jealous that she has outsold his “Up the Rabbit’s Hole” book.

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        • @FS – well, it does all have to do with jealousy.
          In that video, DS tries to rag us about being anonymous. We understand that’s just being prudent.
          DS likes to claim that using his legal name and putting his face on camera makes him a “courageous” “whistleblower”. But considering that all he spouts is preposterous nonsense and very obvious bullshit that actually discredits him, you would think he’d have been better being anonymous himself? Eh? It’s actually pretty stupid to use your family name and put yourself on camera, if you’re just going to lie your silly head off and make yourself look stupid, right? But…you’d be wrong about that.

          Because, the whole point all along, for Davey, has been to cause maximum embarrassment and distress to his other family members. And in order to do that, he WANTS to be as identifiable as possible. Not because he’s “courageous”, but to ensure that other people who know his family will have no doubt about exactly who he is and whom he is slandering with vile lies. He actually doesn’t care how stupid he appears, because that just adds to his family’s embarrassment. And this is why he always returns to: “I’m just doing this to get my Dad investigated…” for all manner of vile criminal acts the man never committed.

          But why? What’s the point. The point is, and always was, that Davey and his older sister were left out of their father’s will. They got nada. And this is their vengeance.

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          • I know a certain old Anglo-Irish gal that did something similar over losing out on her inheritance.
            Quite happily photographed alongside her father and family, yet went on to make the most sordid allegations against him, when daddies little spoiled brat, didn’t get what she thought she was entitled to. No need to keep the story simple either, tales of RAF military bases, MKULTRA, Alien child hunts and so on. Of course she recently said that was all Miles Johnston’s doing, but that didn’t stop her interviewing a vunerable man claiming to be a super soldier who trained with Cathy O’Brien no less, and Max Spiers. Unsurprising, Angela suddenly came forth with new elements to her story to match, including being trained as a child to fight to the death, having to hold her breath underwater and been dropped off at sea in shark infested waters.
            She was one of only a few that survived all these ordeals.
            In reality, it sounds like she had a very privileged upbringing,had her own horse to ride around courting young suitors, took a few Judo lessons with her sister that may have got a bit heated by sibling rivalry and took regular swimming lessons.

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          • Surely Davey and Angie could bury the hatchet as they have so much in common.They could run off to live on some remote desert island and where they can spend their remaining years trying to out-bollocks each other and the world could all live happily ever after.

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    • I am praying he get sectioned and gets the help he so desperately needs…..

      We’ll see whose prayers get answered first….


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      • Personally, I think it would be more entertaining to watch him degenerate to the level of ol’ Francis E. Dec!


    • I had a word with God last night (he’s visiting Perth) and he told me that yes indeed, he has something very special coming up.
      He’s organising another Great Flood but it’s to be centered around Omaha and in particular only D.Shurter’s house, so the neighbours are safe.
      God tells me he organised the recent rain so potholes would appear on all the roads leading out of David’s neighbourhood to target him.
      So I would flee David, pack up and flee.

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    • Death curse: he’s doing it wrong.

      I just took my own pulse, and it seems to be bounding along at a nice clip. I also checked my own breath on a mirror. Yep. Still fogging it up with the best of ’em.

      Wonder whether DS left out the eye of newt/toe of frog thing? I’ve heard it’s essential if you want the recipe to work.

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    • The woman is a creep and posts absolute lies. She has a link to a story claiming Polish police announced Max Spiers was murdered.
      The accompanying story says no such thing. The headline is a fabrication not supported in any way by the text.

      And that’s how these monsters operate. Half truths and gossip are translated into “facts” or “evidence”. While Spiers death is a bit of a mystery, 100s of people die every week from, at first, reasons unknown.
      One of my brothers died over 10 years ago from kidney failure but he was coughing up blood & liquid that appeared to be black. As he was in hospital doctors could determine the reason he died. But if I hadn’t fought tooth & nail to get him there against his own stubborn wishes, probably an autopsy would have been necessary.

      I feel sorry for his mother who seems to have bought into the conspiracy claims and is being manipulated by these ghouls but the claim he was murdered because he got “too close” to claims aliens visit us is just laughable. Apart from YooToob being filled with UFO videos, numerous government ministers in different countries claim they believe in alien visitations with some saying they have met with aliens. None have murdered yet.

      The way these creatures absorb every odd event into their own crackpot beliefs is bizarre,

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  6. As the trial is an appeal against extradition, rather than related to his other activities, I thought it would be safe to share this image of Mr Hofschroer combining his various interests:

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    • Do people who hang around Belinda’s highgate hub get brainwashed ? Deb appeared at a few events, and shouted the same shite each time, I’ve listened to others on same or similar scripts, that then try to tell me that I too was sacrificed, but don’t know it yet, i need to read….. look at …into…. down the rabbit hole…. How many others have been sucked into their schemes….. is there an agenda led by real child abusers and those benifiting from the spreading of these beliefs ?……
      How dare they all throw out these disgusting accusations that diminish many who are working for real change….

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    • Can you imagine the poor officer that was on the end of that report?
      `Good afternoon, Hampstead Police’
      `Fine madam, but you don’t need to shout, now what was the crime?’
      `Fine madam, do you have any names’ (sounds of typing audible on phone line)
      (text appearing on internal messaging system at police station`quick everyone, pick up on line 3, this ones a full on laugh riot’)
      `Fine madam, and what was the crime they all committed?’

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      • Yeah, I occasionally check and there’s been nothing for ages. And that one that Angie linked is an “epic fail”, as the kids say, because it ends with:


        I guess we’ll never know. LOL

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        • LOL. Would love to be a fly on the wall in their editorial room. “So…we have to stop Hoaxtead Research. Ideas?” “Um…maybe we could rent a steamroller?” Long silence. “You’re right. Fuck it, let’s go home”.

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  7. Somebody is trying to recover from her last MASSIVE foot bullet AGAIN….lol Not gonna work..Wouldn’t be Prudent….

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  8. Is it too much for Echo’s Fan to show just a little respect.
    Just a little Respect..I am seriously losing patience with these “people”, and they all still think Ricky is Evil even Kitty has posted so in comments, and she supports 90% of Abrahams ideas on SRA and Mind control, as she stated in the Titus Frost video, even has a video about Satan in schools.

    And dont get me started on the vile racist death threats their supporters send me.

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      • Yes, as well. I do not agree with the comment that was made to Echo about that, however emotional they were, but it was over a Manchester bombing video I believe which would get anyone riled up.
        I am willing to give MO my address if he wants to see how things will play out.

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    • JtH2N says later on that thread that I might have blocked him. May I just stress that I haven’t. Thanks.

      I think the reason he can’t see my comments is because ET has blocked me (months ago).

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