‘No child could know that much’: Why this is bullshit

Since the inception of the Hampstead SRA hoax, one of the refrains most often heard from the true believers is, “But those children know so much, so many details about sex! How is it possible for children that age to know that much, unless they’ve experienced it themselves?”

Many newcomers have taken the Hoaxtead mob at their word and accepted that the children were forced to learn and then parrot on video a slew of information about bizarre sexual practices…but a close examination of the videos Abe and Ella made en route from Morocco tell a very different story.

Please note: the following may be disturbing to anyone who has experienced sexual abuse. Please proceed with caution.

We have gone through the transcripts of the Morocco/UK videos, and have extracted every statement the children made which had to do with sex. We’ve sorted the children’s statements by video, and have included every mention of sex we could find.

Our findings might surprise you: with a very few exceptions, the children are exceptionally vague about the details, though they do use the word “sex” a lot.

1. Naming children & social services

Child P: This cult is, because when we, the first time, whenever we did done it.
Abraham: Did what?
Child P: First ever, we saw Papa kill a baby, and me and Q done and when they done sex to me and Q…when we first….
Abraham: Who did sex to you?

This is followed by questions about who is in the alleged cult, and P’s assertion that RD is the “boss” of it. Then:

Abraham: And what’s the, and what do they do, this cult?
Child P: They do sex, uh, they do babies….
Abraham: Sex to who?
P: Sex to children. They do it to each other.
Abraham: And what are the babies for? Where do you get the babies?

The rest of this video is taken up with discussion of how babies are obtained from social services.

2. Supply of babies

Abraham:  What do they do with these babies?

Child P: They eat it.  Do sex…first….
Abraham: Why do they eat the baby?

P: They.…
Abraham: Is the baby alive?

P: No, they inject it to make it go to sleep and.…
Abraham: And then?

P: And then after, papa tells us to hold the knife and then he puts his big hand on, he pushes it into the neck, cuts it and after, when it’s upside down, so he goes like that!

Abraham: How do get the baby so it’s upside down?

P: So you get a string, hang it up, and it’s upside down when it’s asleep. Well.…

Abraham: {inaudible]

P: Yes.

This is followed by a description of a nurse giving a baby an injection.

3. Sweets, schools

Ella: Who most hurt….what do they do to children
Child Q: They hurt them. They do sex to them. Then they pay sweeties for them.

Ella: What do you mean?  What did they do to you?

Abraham: Sweeties.…

Q: They pay sweeties, for sex, and bumper bags of sweets. And we have Mentos, we have Snickers, we have Mars. We have…M & Ms
Abraham: How did they know which ones were…don’t look at me, look at the camera….how did they know which ones are your favourite sweets?
Q: They know how…do you know how they know our favourite sweeties?  They…my sister’s P she is in Year 4 and…errrm…there’s a man, a teacher of her, called [Xxxxxxxx], and they were learning about sweets and then P talks to [Xxxxxxx], her best friend, and then…errrm…she speaks to…errrrm…she speaks to all her friends and then, all her best friends, about her favourite sweeties and then [Xxxxxxxx]…errm…goes near them and peeks what they love. Which sweet they like, and they, say my favourite sweet is…Mars…and my favourite chocolate is Oreo chocolate and then they…and then [Xxxxxxxx] hears and then the other classes start to talk about their chocolate and their favourite sweets because they were learning about sweets and chocolate. So other, so other classes start to talk about sweets…they were saying they were really lucky and…errrmmmm…. 

Q seems much more interested in the sweets than he does in describing sex acts.

The remainder of this video involves naming other schools allegedly involved in the “cult”.

4. Papa kills babies

Child Q: We decided to stop touching other children…

Child P and Child Q: …stop touching each other…

Q: …and stop touching ourselves.

P: …and face our urge.

Abraham: What else are you going to stop doing?

P & Q: We’re going to stop touching ourselves.

Abraham: What else are you going to stop?

Q: We’re going to stop killing babies.

P: Stop killing babies. And we’re going to face our fear and face our urge.

Abraham: You’re going to face your fear, because fear is what?

P: Fear is the mind killer.

This is followed by a list of people they are going to “catch”. Then…

Abraham: What did they do to you?

Child P: They do sex. They touch each other. They touch me and…
Child Q. They have plastic willies.

 And they stick it in our bottom.

Abraham: Who does? Who sticks it in your bottom?

Q: The social services. Everybody does.

Again, this is followed by a list of alleged cult members.

5. Starbucks, Pizza Express

Child Q: We also have a church, a big church, and we use it for sex, eating babies, drinking baby’s blood. We kill…sacrifice the baby. We do sex to the babies. We throw…when we are dancing with the skulls when the babies are dead.

Abraham: What skulls?  What skulls?

This is followed by discussion of how they kill babies, and then a list of various local restaurants and swimming pools where abuse is alleged to have happen.

6. Social services and Cafcass

Ella: Wait, wait, wait. Slowly, don’t rush.

Child Q: And Xxxxxx, Social Service, he sticks a plastic willy right up my bottom. I can feel it on my belly.

Abraham: Who does this?

This is followed by discussion of who the alleged cult members are, how they know RD. Then…

Child Q: And they do sex to me in a building. Well, like a big office, and they asked me all kinds of personal questions. They asked me does your mum feed you well? And we say yes, and yes and yes. Everything yes.
Ella: They asked  you many times, didn’t they?

Q: Yes. To make me say  yes and no. They….

Abraham: They want you to say no, that your mother doesn’t feed you well.

Once again, this is followed by more discussion of who was supposedly involved and how RD might have known them.

7. Sex on Wednesdays

Abraham: Can you tell me what happens on a Wednesday please.

Child Q: Wednesday is the most busiest day of sex. And today it’s Wednesday and if I was right now on Wednesday in school, they would have done lots and lots of sex to me. And it, errm, and Wednesday is the most sex day and it’s the most busiest day.  And do…we do sex
Abraham: What else happens on a Wednesday?

Q: We do lots and lots of sex. They give out  lots of sweets. Really much of sweets and this is also the day when they give us, when they give us lots of sweets and money too.

Abraham: They give you money?

Q: Yeah. They have special days of money.

Abraham: Right.

Q: On Wednesday, it’s the day of money and they [inaudible] sex cause it’s the most busiest day.

This is followed by a claim that he is abused by 100 people each Wednesday.

Abraham: How do they do sex to you?  How do they abuse you?

Q: They stick their willies in my bottom. They touch my privates, sexually. They kick my privates. They…errrm…rub until the white stuff comes out.

Abraham: They rub your penis, they rub your willy, yeah?

Q: Yeah. Yes, until the white stuff comes out.

Abraham: Yeah, yeah.  Who does that?

There is a brief discussion of who does this and where it takes place.

Important note: Child Q at this time was eight years of age. It is physically impossible for a child who is pre-pubertal to ejaculate. Ejaculation only begins once the testes have matured, usually at around 12 years of age.

8. Distinguishing marks

Abraham: Okay. And what of these does she … [inaudible].

Child Q: She sticks a willy on my bottom. She touches my privates. She kicks my privates. She rubs until the white things come out. She rubs it really nice. She flicks it. Flicks it really hard and she also, like, do that.

Abraham: What does she do?

Q: Errm … she like pushes it.

A brief note here: whereas in the previous video Child Q referred to “white stuff”, he is now saying “white things”. Clearly he doesn’t really understand what ejaculate actually is. Later, in one of his police interviews, he will assert that he ejaculated approximately half a litre at one time, a physical impossibility even for a grown man.

Abraham: Who does that?  Xxxxxxxxxxx?
Q: Yes.  But really, really hard.

Abraham: And what willy does she stick in…she’s a lady. She doesn’t have a willy, does she?

Q: Yes, she does. A plastic willy.

Abraham: Oh, she has a plastic willy.

Q: Yes.

Abraham: And how does she attach it to herself?

Q: With a like, rubber band.

Abraham: Okay.
Q: Like a, like a trousers band.

A: Okay. Oh, right, like a belt?

Q: And then, and then, they like.  Do you know the shoes like this?  Sssh ssssh…

A: Oh!  Velcro?

Q: Yes. It’s like this … sssh ssshhh

Abraham: Like a Velcro belt. Well done. Anyone else  you can think of you would like to tell us about? Who have distinguishing marks?

There is further discussion of who is in the alleged cult and what marks they have. Then:

Abraham: How big is this wart?  I’ve heard you mention it before.

Child Q: It’s as big as a five pence piece because I measured it.

Abraham: You measured it?

Q: Yes.

Abraham: How did you get to measure it?

Q: When, errm, she told me to .. when I asked her to measure it after the sex.

Abraham: After what sex?

Q: After sticking a willy in my bottom.  And also after…licking.
Abraham: Who stuck a willy up your bottom…after the licking!

Q: Too, yeah.

Abraham: Licking what?  What were you licking?

Q: The privates. The middles.

Abraham: Whose privates were you licking?

Q: Xxxxxxxx. I asked can I measure it and I measured it.

Abraham: And committed sex acts upon you as well.

Q: Yeah.
Abraham: What sex acts did she commit.

Q: She’d stick a willy in my bottom and also sometimes people, errm, stick, errm, balls too, of the willy in my bottom and then when they take it out it  bleeds more than when they stick a willy in. It bleeds more.

Abraham: OK. Thank you very much.  OK.

Does is strike anyone else as utterly absurd that a sexual abuser would, once they had finished their vile deeds, permit their victim to measure the diameter of their wart?

And that’s it, really

When people ooh and aah over the “amazing amount of detail” in the children’s descriptions in the videos made en route from Morocco, this is what they are referring to:

  1. They “do sex”.
  2. They touch each other.
  3. They have plastic willies stuck in their bottoms; they also stick balls in. (This causes their bottoms to bleed, though for some reason Ella never seemed to notice bloodstains on their underpants.)
  4. When they have plastic willies up their bottoms, Child Q says “I can feel it on my belly”. In fact, abdominal cramping and diarhoea are sometimes experienced after anal sex. “Feel(ing) it on” one’s belly is an odd way to describe these rather painful effects.
  5. They “touch privates sexually”.
  6. They kick privates.
  7. They rub Child Q’s penis until white stuff or white things come out (physically impossible).
  8. They force the children to lick their privates.

And that’s it.

When Hoaxtead believers claim they cannot believe that children that age would know this much about sex, this is what they are talking about.

In fact, when one listens to the videos, the vast majority of the time is spent attempting to stitch up RD and the people of Hampstead, than actually discussing sex acts. We should note that we aren’t including the descriptions of sex included in the police interview videos, but they are essentially similar.

The fact that the children are made to recite a very limited roster of “sex acts” doesn’t make the material any the less disturbing: forcing children of that age to memorise and repeat this sort of material is, we believe, a form of sexual abuse in itself. But when people say they “can’t believe” kids could be trained to memorise all that, we can now confidently call bullshit.

81 thoughts on “‘No child could know that much’: Why this is bullshit

  1. Great analysis, Your Howlness. I must remember to post a link to this one whenever one of the hoaxtwunts tries to use the baseless “No child could know that much” argument.

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  2. You have to consider how much children can absorb when they are surrounded by people like Abraham. Of course they would repeat what he said, and what else they heard in the house, during conversations between him and Ella. During the ‘brainstorming sessions’.

    Please can the other side explain to me why these ‘brainstorming sessions’ were required? He is the one that in his art of questioning probably actually educated the children for the first time about sex, about licking middles, dildoes and anal bleeding. What a great opportunity for a closet paedophile to get near to children and talk about sex with them. Ella was up for it, and was complicit in the abuse.

    Yes, the police were right to remove the children from her care, since she could not discern who was or was not someone who was of the highest risk to her children. A convicted child abuser, and wife beater too Someone like that could fuck them up for life. Well done Ella.

    Ella lied in a recent interview that the children were taken from her because she could not protect them from the abuse at school. But that is simply not true: The children were put in emergency care as she was not able to see the abuse Abe was putting them through and protect them against it. ‘My mum thinks it’s a good thing’, shows she did nothing, and even encouraged it by enabling Abe in many ways. Abe is the one who was recognised as the man she could not protect them against.

    Abe the paranoid schizophrenic could not understand or distinguish how crazy the story they put together was, and how quickly it would be picked up as pure fabrication. He could not understand how bizarre the things he was inserting into young brains would sound to any person of normal intelligence.

    Listen to the nonsense they may have heard from ‘friends’

    The story about ejaculation. This might be the kind of nonsense the children overheard from mum’s friends: obsessional people like Abe, similar to the chap here, who clearly use such opportunities to excite themselves. Why talk about it otherwise? See the face on Belinda, consider the people she hangs about with. Belinda shows her relationship to Christine Sands here, as her good friend she can no longer hug when she leaves, and is sending off. Belinda seems to have been doing a lot of steering, supplying of the characters in the Hampstead cast: Did she bring in both Christine Sands and Detective Ray in, thus manipulating and creating momentum in the protests she seemed to have engineered right from the very start? Did she have anything to do with the ‘chance’ meeting between Ella and Abe?

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  3. Has anyone noticed that Angie hasn’t posted anything on her shiny new blog since April 7th? She hasn’t exactly embraced this new opportunity to preach bollocks to the masses.

    She hasn’t made a video since March 29th either.

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  4. That is quite a lot of criminal damage “Sheriff” Sands is omitting in that video. I haven’t seen this one before!

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  5. Excellent header post as per ever EC,you really have got Abe and Ella`s fading acolytes and adherents stumped by the very googlies at silly mid on

    Let us briefly pause awhile and imagine an alternative universe(without a name),one where virtually everyone is permanently off their trollies,have no critical faculties and fall for pretty much any old cock and bull story hook, line and sinker.

    In that universe most of Hampstead,in fact probably most of the world population(who would all be called RD) would be be interned in vast concentration camps or be made into pasties.Abe and Ella would be in control of everything and grant themselves free reign to enlighten any 3 year olds by anally raping them.

    Anyone daring to question Arch-demigod Abe or very high priestess Ella would be immediately buried alive in the desert,Nathan Stolpman would have sole control of world media,menstual blood universal exchange currency,Olympic church wall pissing replace the 100 metres and worst of all the local chippy would only serve friggin raw hemp butties.The list goes on……

    Meanwhile back in the real world(phew) I really must get a days work done to help support the minority hard of thinking,moralty bankrupt wastrels that have nothing better to do than sit around on their arses with both feet in cloud cuckoo land pandering (see image)to such brain fried extremist idiot idiologies.


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  6. Well, I think it SHOULD have been called: “stop giving me enemas, please!”
    I was never subjected to that, as a child, and I’ve never had cause to administer an enema to anyone. So, the picture someone posted here of all the colorful enema bottles and their nozzles of varying dimensions was a revelation for me. Great Scott! Certainly could explain where the idea of “plastic willys” being stuck into little bums came from. They are rather dildo-esque, aren’t they? And suspect #1 for any “anal scarring” observed by a doctor, if carelessly administered, I should think.

    It was intriguing, that the child said dad was: “boss of the whole religion, the whole culture”, (more or less), but then couldn’t put a name to it. What religion? What culture?
    Clearly absorbed the concepts of religion & culture from Abe & Ella’s conversations, but seems to have missed the intended point and failed to say: “why, satanism of course!”

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  7. Abe is one sick fucker. He sounds quite delighted at what he’s hearing after his prompts. Can’t be even bothered with mock horror. Ella the same.

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  8. Abe strikes me as similar to this classic british social parasite, but with none of the charm. He’s actually much more sinister though. I think a review of Abe’s nefarious history would make a good article, (or a reposting of such from the archives).

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  9. Yes, FS. At the time, I emailed them through their website and sent them a link to this video to show and identify the person who had caused the criminal damage in their caves.

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  10. From what I’ve read, heard and learned about Belinda McKenzie there isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that she set up and orchestrated the entire hoax as one of the latest in a long line of hoaxes. She surrounds herself with these nutters, sets them up “in business” then hauls in the royalties while they’re lined up to take the hit for it.

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  11. Nice find, TG. He’s threatening to take this guy to court. I’ve just left this message on there: “Guidance, if you take anyone to court, you’ll have to reveal your real name and therefore get arrested for your crimes. Eeny-meeny-miny-mo…”

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  12. Lol old Kevin. The street soldier with his own army that isn’t afraid of the police or anybody. A real action man type, in his head anyway.

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  13. This appears to be the source of Guidance’s ire:

    And from what he says in the video, he’s also really pissed off about Sam’s links with UK Column but even more pissed off about him not replying to his comments. In other words, he’s upset because he isn’t getting enough attention. Awww.

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  14. They are more than happy to dance around spouting rubbish but refuse to answer the question posed to them. It proves they have no idea what they are talking about and it also illustrates where the gaps in their story lie.

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  15. I totally understand where you are coming from TorkGirl8. I read these comments and think to myself what is the world coming to, have adults lost the ability to use their brains and think for themselves?

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  16. LOLOLOL! She’s just gonna run and run with that misunderstood, misinterpreted “my children” comment.
    She just doesn’t get it!

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  17. To be fair, Jennifer White did get back to me and was pleasant when I updated her, she didn’t know much about the case at all. G2222 appears to be deleting my comments though.

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  18. Speaking of bollocks, she states that her blog has been going since February 2015. It hasn’t. It started in June 2015, more than a month after the infinitely superior Hoaxtead Research. D’oh!

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  19. Yes, do! I think it’s important to realise that these are the videos that underpinned the entire hoax. The police videos, which were released later, do contain somewhat more detail, but not a whole lot.

    To be honest I found it painful going through the transcripts for this information. No child of that age should ever be discussing their friends and family in this way, let alone be forced to talk about sex like this. It’s ugly stuff, no matter the level of detail…but the claims that the original videos were “too detailed to be false” just don’t hold up.

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  20. Yes, I agree. I think she was in on this thing from before the start. If there’s any conspiracy to be found, it starts with Belinda and her trained monkey Sabine.


  21. It’s true, she’s been unusually quiet of late. My guess is that she’s become poison in the troofer community. Everyone knows that if you speak to her, you either drop dead, get sectioned, or get arrested. Forty miles of bad road, man.

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  22. She is still Twittering away from Oldcastle.

    By the way Angie, yes it is a coincidence. Being banned from Facebook for posting a photo of oral sex, simulated or otherwise, has nothing to do with an Election in a neighbouring country.

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  23. Now just hang on a cotton-pickin’ minute there, Mr Norman. I thought I was RD? Have I been usurped now? Is Kristie Sue no longer a-gunnin’ for lil ol’ me? (Also: why have I suddenly started speaking ‘Murkin? This is all very confusing. Off to have a lie-down and consider my options.)

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  24. Totally WW.The deafening silence grows ever louder.A cat appears to have got the collective tongue of the oh-so-gobby-and-quick-to-condemn usual suspects.

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  25. SN, I took the liberty of replacing the link to her blog with a link to the archived version, so we don’t accidentally send her any traffic. Hope that’s okay with you. 🙂


  26. The children also spoke of seeing sexual images on a friends Ipad and that friend encouraging touching. Abraham apparently bought them Ipads so it would be very easy for them to see information and videos just by being able to type ‘sex’ into Google.
    If I remember correctly the boy told officers that it was their mother that taught him about ‘white stuff’ and how to avoid pregnancy..etc.


  27. Yes, the girl’s friend told her if she touched her brother she would give her sweets.
    It was never RD who told them to touch one another. The hoaxers always seem to ignore that fact.


  28. Wow talk about a visit down the legendary Rabbit Hole !

    Barnett seems far more sinister than first imagined as do many in her group. Fascinating to read she clams she was flown in Walt Disney’s private plane to see him even though, Disney died 2 years before Barnett was born.

    # And then we have actor Rebel Wilson suing a tabloid magazine in the Melbourne courts for libel saying her mother told her they were related to Disney and visited a special section of Disneyland reserved for relatives with actor Hugh Sheriden backing her story saying he had visited the secret part with her
    Surely Rebel will be now woven into Barnett’s craziness.

    One aspect of that blog -they praise the Oz “60 Minutes” as being a paragon of virtue (shurley shome mistake) and it’s so-called UK VIP Pedo ring exposure program which has since been shot down in flames & discredited by the Operation Yewtree / Lord Brammal / Harvey Proctor fiasco.

    This is a world of madness I never knew existed. The internet has allowed the residents of Nutbag Central to meet up and foster their inanities.

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  29. True story : as told to me by my Sydney ex-journalist pal.

    NSW had many huge Psychiatric Hospitals that had been there for 100 years (which also shows mental health has always been a major problem).
    But they had been built on land when it was cheap- harbourside land or land with extensive views in central locations.

    In the 1980s the Minster for Health sold them off to developers – they are now enormous luxury housing estates – and jumped on the Care in The Community bandwagon.

    A few years later both his sons committed suicide with both having deteriorating mental health and no-where to turn to. Ex-minister has now become an advocate for building specialist psychiatric hospitals.

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  30. I’m wondering whether this and some of your other recent posts might be worth adding to your FAQ section. Just a thought.

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  31. I visited the site of a former psychiatric hospital once, where I learned that when the place was closed down, hundreds of residents were essentially turned loose without any real support to help them readjust to life outside. For many years after the closure in the late 1960s, locals were convinced the place was haunted, as they could see candles moving about inside, and saw shadowy figures. Turns out that many of the previous patients, having nowhere to go, had broken back into the building and were squatting there, without power or water. The idea of “care in the community” only works if those who need it know how to make use of it.

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  32. “Is it a coincidence that my #Facebook got suspended for the last 24 hours running up to the UK election?”


    Seriously, Angie, who do you think you are? Woodward and Bernstein? Jeez.


  33. Indeed, EC. I am now officially everyone in the World. And poor old Ghost of Sam is gonna be so pissed off that I’m getting all this attention again! Sorry, Sam – if it’s any consolation, I think you’re next on Kristie Sue’s hit list once she gets past her crush on me 😀


  34. Ellen’s another one of those Americans who doesn’t get the difference between England and the UK (which is a bit like not getting the difference between the USA and California).


  35. When did 24 hours mutate into 36, Angie? And…er…why the slash? Which one is it? 24 or 36? And…er…how come you’re able to post stuff less than 36 hours since your ban? Perhaps because it was indeed only 24, as you yourself categorically stated yesterday? So many questions, so many lies.


  36. So Angie is genuinely claiming that her Facebook ban was part of a government conspiracy to shut her up in the run-up to the general election? No megalomania there, then.


  37. I am still soming to terms with the Superbowl, Pizzaperverts that jumped on the old Hoaxtead badwagon.
    Just imagine a bunch of Elites, which RD isn’t, wating around for years for Pizzatards to catch up, then unleashing one of the children in an Audi advert, to mock them or to auction off to other elites.

    The believe that, you would have to assume every part about the hoax was true and that the children had been part of an International satanic paedophile ring and were currently kidnapped and held against their will. The idea that even though these criminals continue to spread the children’s faces, personal documents, illegal video’s and names all over the internet, children trying to forget an move on with their lives would be appearing in an advert with millions watching, thus bringing it all up again so their classmates can mock them.

    Those that made video’s about the Superbowl Girl, took screenshots and comparison photos, even phoning up the agency, showed a bizarre obsession with other people’s children.
    That could have led to one of these lunatics kidnapping the actress in the advert, in the believe that she was the same girl.

    Just like viewing a few minutes of one of Abe’s videos, it took very little time and the use of common sense to work out it was all nonsense. Sadly, the conspiratards do not have any common sense and would rather believe everything is a hoax, unless of course it is beyond logic, then it is real.

    I wonder why they manage to label every terrrorist attack in minutes of the event happening a false flag or hoax based on the fact they didn’t get to see blood, gore and dead victims, yet they expect a never ending stream of evidence to prove their fantasies are wrong about Hampstead.

    We can all play the dot joining game, but if there is no actual evidence behind a theory, just like Abraham’s ideas of satanism, sodomy and Mind Control, we may as well be just making up what we want to be true.


  38. “Guess whos happy?!?!?!?”

    Answer: is it the two scam artists who are making lots of money from ripping off gullible new age hippies?


  39. She’d also know it was me who got her banned. I’m sick of Theresa bloody May getting credit for my work.

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  40. In other “Delusional conspiracy” news:

    Abe`s crack team of bullshit maintainance engineers are attempting to carry out major repairs following recently exposed cataclysmic internal logic issues.

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