More on Holliehoax and Hoaxtead

On this blog, we’ve referred many times to the idea that the Hollie Greig sexual abuse hoax, which more or less sank into oblivion just prior to the Hampstead SRA hoax’s internet debut, was in many ways both a precursor to, and a rough template for, Hoaxtead.

In both instances, innocent children were forced to make foul allegations against not only their own fathers, but against a host of others—some of whom, in the Holliehoax case, turned out not to exist. Both involved public and private harassment of individuals, based on nothing more than those who “believe the children”, without stopping to think that perhaps the children might have been manipulated or abused in order to force them to say what unscrupulous adults wanted them to say. Both made extensive use of the online troofer community to ensure that the stories stayed uppermost in the minds of those prone to believing in conspiracy theories.

And of course, both involved certain actors—Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Charlotte Ward—who seemed involved in stage managing the hoaxes to maximise their appeal to the troofer community, while pointing to the ever-present “donate” button.

We were interested, then, when one of our commenters, more familiar than we are with the Holliehoax, offered some valuable insights into the hoax.

I’m very reliably informed by a “third party” that George Kouris of Manchester (the full address is easily found) registered the domain name on the 2nd of April this year – just after Google took down the Blogspot version of the site. The blog itself was and is still mainly the work of Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy – just read what’s written…… Ogilvy is infamous for “not being able to spell the word I” and insists on using the unexplanable “ima” grunting like the chimp he is……..

“@Holliegreigjust: surely you dinnae believe watkins?” – “Dinnae”, the Scots form of “do not” also commonly used by Ogilvy in his writing.

Lest we forget – Ogilvy is the very same man who tried and failed the very same scam as Draper and Christie did in an attempt to frame his daughter’s grandfather. The mistake he made was to actually hand the phone over to the police who quickly discovered evidence of him coaching her!

A word of explanation: Apparently Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy attempted to force his daughter to make false allegations of sexual abuse against her grandfather. Like Abe Christie and Ella Draper, he filmed the girl as she spoke…but he made the error of leaving the “practice sessions” on the phone for the police to find.

It’s widely thought that this was the inspiration for Abe and Ella’s brilliant idea of filming RD’s children and spreading it around the internet as “evidence” that they should be permanently barred from seeing their father again. As with Ogilvy, the cunning plan failed.

I also point out that Ogilvy is (I’ve been told to put alleged in here) alleged to have made a number of cranks phone calls and sent malicious emails to someone else who called him out on his nonsense. He made the mistake of using what is a fairly rare thing, a fixed IP belonging to a company near Aberdeen who rent what’s called a “T1 Line” from another company in Yorkshire, this was very quickly traced. The same person who was targeted has also had “certain individuals” turn up at what the hoaxers would believe to be their front door; not for a cosy chat either one would think. The “stalker” was arrested as the place is covered by extensive CCTV.

I was actually played a recording of one of the crank calls this morning, there is (to my ears) no doubting whose voice that is, and curiously enough something struck me about the language. The target of this abuse was urged in quasi-pious tone to (quote) “repent” – some similarity there I think to the rhetoric used by someone who thinks they’re in a position to grant “absolution” to Anna.

Ogilvy is a really nasty vicious thug not averse to sending his stoner mates round to try and put the frighteners on people. Attacking and inflicting psychological torment on dying, paralysed woman is just about his style and level.

We have to admit we find it strange that Ogilvy (and Kouris, who actually owns the “HollieGreigJustice” blog) would continue trying to beat that long-dead horse, but it would seem that troofers are nothing if not persistent (often to the point of diagnosable mental illness).

Alfred continues:

I’ve been asked to stress here, and I’ll quote as I don’t feel able to paraphrase…..

“Believing that Hollie Greig was abused does not mean that one also believes any aspect of what was promoted by the hoaxers. The findings of the CICA are perfectly clear and based on a professional examination of the facts. They go as far as the law can go in the circumstances. And they illuminate a ‘tiny grain of truth’ which is, and Mark Daly observed, washed away in a tide of nonsense.

And that is, in my view the thing that is at the heart of the purpose of the Hollie Grieg hoax, the obfuscation of that tiny grain of truth which, if further illuminated, will cause a ‘can of worms’ to be opened.

For the avoidance of doubt; those CICA findings do not, for a microsecond, support anything beyond what is the sickeningly-prosaic abuse of a vulnerable child by close relatives; as is so often the case where child abuse is concerned. – For clarity, that means the report does not support Robert Green’s claims. Equally well though the notion of there being “NO EVIDENCE” that Hollie was “EVER” abused really doth have a touch of the ‘Player Queen’ about it… Truly, queen Gertrude walks here, rattling her chains loudly! ”

As some have been saying all along, the Hollie Greig case/hoax is just not as “binary” as it’s usually painted. Had that “tiny grain of truth” been pursued it might well have lead to a whole nest of vipers being uncovered.

And personally I’m 100% convinced by those who say that both hoax and counter-hoax were part of one and the same operation to obscure that “tiny grain” – with a lot of innocent people sucked in on both sides. That’s particularly well-illustrated in the rotund shape of Greg Lance-Watkins who, as a matter of inescapable fact, has attempted to lead the charge ( and gain status for himself) from both sides! As Lincoln said, you can fool all of the people some of the time and I don’t blame Anna for being taken in by Watkins in the first instance, many people were and still are. But you don’t have to dig very far into him to discover what a complete and utter fraud he is – right up there with Belinda McKenzie! Fortunately, it seems that (as predicted) that nest of vipers is being dug out from another direction. And I for one hope that the inmates in certain Scottish prisons who don’t like nonces apply a little pressure for two particular scumbags to start talking. What we do know for sure though is that many roads lead to Morocco and Portugal.

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  1. As I’m here…

    In my view there was actually very little input from Hollie herself. The poor girl was simply paraded around like an exhibit. Like others I do believe she was abused and I am in accord with the conclusions reached in the CICA report. But that only reflects a probability of historical familial abuse. These certainly warrant further investigation, and in my view the individuals named should have been at least placed under close monitoring for evidence of further deviant behaviour ( maybe they were for all I know!). But it’s the claims beyond that point, what ‘TC’ calls the “extended allegations” are for me the hoax element to the case.

    On Ogilvy’s attempted hoax I believe he didn’t so much ‘leave’ the failed attempts at coaching his daughter as fail to realise that when you ‘erase’ a file from any computer device it is only the electronic ‘table of contents’ that gets updated (to mark the space as ‘free’) and the file itself isn’t erased until overwritten. He handed the phone over and when it was examined by police experts his deception was uncovered.

    The only reason he was merely bared from seeing his daughter instead of being prosecuted is that such an action would have meant several years in an already disrupted young life where this case was being prosecuted. That process would have further traumatised the victim and probably achieved very little by way of punishment.

    Again I’m simply echoing what others have said; but I do have good reason to believe that the reality of the HG case links to organised crime and particularly the trade in child pornography and drugs (inextricably interleaved in my opinion). And yes, Morocco and Portugal are focal points for this…

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  2. “…fail to realise that when you ‘erase’ a file from any computer device it is only the electronic ‘table of contents’ that gets updated (to mark the space as ‘free’) and the file itself isn’t erased until overwritten…”

    Y’all recall my warning about this, with respect to images. How they never really go away…so it’s best not to view anything contentious in the first place.

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  3. Excellent point to make as many of the promoters of various different hoaxes/Conspiracy theory’s have openly admitted even screenshotted and made videos about supposedly finding evidence on certain individuals. Even if they pass that information to the police which they have, they are not exempt under the guise of ‘research’ from any laws no matter whether they really do uncover something nefarious.

    It doesn’t matter if a person uses bleaching or overwriting software to shred the free-space or encrpt/delete files to even the highest standard, the forensic specialists will have better software and a few years later those wiping methods will be outdated/cracked even if they haven’t got recovery software at that time.

    It’s also worth noting that using a VPN won’t save someone, all the free ones will hand the persons details over as soon as Police request any data. I remember very paranoid conspiracy theorists talking on Reddit about how they use a paid and specialist VPN service hosted in a country that doesn’t have to comply with US laws. Even then that won’t stop them from getting the information.

    Same goes for people who use onions/Tor/Deep web/Dark net to buy illegal fire arms, drugs or view illegal content, Tor goes through multiple proxies or hosts, and if someone is in an area where Tor is not used by many people they can be breached by hackers, not to mention that most purchasing sites are criminal scammers or Law enforcement monitered. so in short, using an anonymous VPN or Tor browser does not give a person the right to say or do something they wouldn’t do on a regular connection, all it does is offer better security from malicious sites and better protection against hackers. Even the best hackers get located in the end.

    I did see a special on TV years ago where people had recycled their computers, and the hard drives were being sold off and ending up in third world, mainly African countries where scammers would get the credit card, personal banking information and use that to steal money from accounts and to make fake passports.
    The producers of the show had bought these hard drives back of criminals selling credit card details, and then confronted the original owners with all the personal and financial details they had recovered from the drives. Basically all the banking details, CV, personal photos, details of their children, all their emails etc.

    On a lighter note to the scumbags making prank calls threatening people as mentioned in the OP, eating your sim card doesn’t work either, lol. And shaking your head from side to side does not work against CCTV like they do in The Four Lions movie.
    Nor does ordering industrial quantities of bleach my using a fake accent and covering up your beard.

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  4. I’d say it’s more like a game of leap frog with anonymous experts out-gunning authorities who soon catch up and visa versa.
    I recently watched a program about the Dark Web and was mystified that anyone would actually send off $1000s for an illicit weapon or drugs and expect the deal to be completed!. Maybe the dark web is just another giant internet scam.

    As to Holliehoax and Hoaxtead: so much evidence here of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in both cases but that is such a very hard charge for police to prove. It needs to be made easier.

    These monsters are all the same, they don’t just believe (?) in one hoax that believe the whole gamut of internet lunacies including the madness that the Earth is flat.

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  5. “He filmed the girl as she spoke…but he made the error of leaving the ‘practice sessions’ on the phone for the police to find.”

    Jesus Christ, so as well as being an obnoxious wanker and a colossal pervert, Ogilvy is also a monumental idiot. Form an orderly queue, ladies. Phwoar!

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  6. The fortunate thing about these two hoaxes is that they were both attempted by colossal fucktards who managed to screw it all up from the outset. It kinda worries me that one day someone with a modicum of intelligence who actually knows what they’re doing has a go and manages to dupe the police and the courts into believing their bullshit, resulting in innocent people being put away.

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  7. The people who think children can be abused by hundreds of people a week, for years, and never be hospitalised are a mix of the mentally deranged, junkies or pedophiles who are trying to normalise sexual abuse. 400 people wearing 20 baby skulls each, making over 8,000 baby skulls all in one room, dancing around and sodomising children with plastic willies is just the most depraved fantasies of a drug addled criminal child sex predator.

    Abe is obsessed with ridiculous and impossible scenarios, that make no sense involving satanic panic stories and sodomy, where as Dearman seems fairly normal and has no interest in satanism or these bizarre ideas of opening the third eye to enlighten a child through abuse.

    How these idiots cannot see how stupid the whole think, is just absolutely maddening. I am going to have to give YouTube comments a rest, this Nathan is practically drooling with excitement at the childrens videos, it’s like his big break now he declared pizzagate dead.

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  8. Sorry, how many posts is that now since her “last word on the subject”?

    Whatever, Angie. Yawn. Now go have a fag and calm down, dear.

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  9. Cheers, Steve. It’s just about before my time too, though I did use to watch the re-runs.

    And lest we forget that Mr. Ogilvy also has kudos in the witch-hunter-hunting sphere:

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  10. Oh Gawd, here he goes…

    And check out this “roll your eyes” comment posted under the video:

    By the way, kudos to the poster who responded to the above comment by asking who these elite Jews are who are supposedly running the UK and saying that the only one he could think of was Alan Sugar 😀

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  11. Nathan the nonce can post illegal images and video of children talking about child abuse for his sick drooling fanbase and they dont get deleted, but his pedophile supporting trolls can get my video on him singing about fucking cats removed.

    Nathan just shot himself in the foot, gloves are off, no more mr nice guy.

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  12. Report Guide and time codes

    “UK Court Order for Removal
    The videos feature two young children describing intimate details of horrific sexual abuse.
    The two children describe being anally raped with dildos, they talk about being “licked” on the “front privates”,
    Illegally leaked Police Videos of Child abuse interviews & personal Sexual medical reports.
    The children in the video are being forced to make de facto child pornography.
    This material appeals to paedophiles who have targeted the children.”

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  13. Alan Sugar LOL.
    Looking at Antony Gallagher’s profile and picture you would think he was a shining example of humanity. It’s always the same- these far right anti-Semitic goons are basically lumps of lard who are prematurely bald with huge guts and think they are great examples of the Master Race like the chap below.

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  14. It would appear he thought that simply pressing ‘delete’ was enough. My information is that the practice sessions were found when police technicians examined the phone. In Ogilvy’s case I think he simply wanted to ‘lash out’ at a man who quite clearly had the measure of him from day one. And being of that deviant mindset ‘projecting’ his own perverted fantasies at the fellow seemed ‘logical’.

    Another glimpse into Ogilvy’s head can be gleaned from the ‘accusations’ he leveled at his ex partner and child’s mother – he ‘accused’ her of being a lesbian; as if that were some twisted perverted thing. Perhaps it is in his homophobic head? Or possibly forms part of some other sexual fantasy of his? the ‘sex with dogs’ fantasy projected at the two ladies in Aberdeen? What has Malcolm been watching I wonder? Maybe we should all start jumping up and down demanding that the police seize his computers? Personally, I don’t think that would be a waste of their time!

    On Christie, from the point of view of creating a hoax narrative it’s better to be a key witness in a police-lead investigation than the instigator of something that is later picked up by the police. However, it’s more important from the grifting perspective to simply get the story ‘out there’. I’m prepared to speculate this was part of the reason why ‘honourary Dr’ Christie (clearly a towering intellectual giant compared to Ogilvy) chose to go public via Youtube. Obviously if he’d gone directly to the police thy would have asked for the original recordings and device. I am much in agreement with ‘TC’s’ view that salacious tales of child sexual abuse are a form of child pornography sought out by perverts. I readily acknowledge the importance of Judge Paulfrey’s welcome comments in this regard. And note that material of a comparable nature featured in the Mitchell case.

    One question that occurs to me relates to the exact purpose of the original Hampstead kids recordings. – Were they in fact ‘trailers’ for some sort of paid content Christie, Draper and McKenzie ( and I’ll be clear that I see her as ‘ringmistress’ in this case) hoped to sell on by some means? Or worse, did the serial criminal Christie intend actually making pornographic films with these children? Is it not the case that the boy at least was exposed to the sight of Christie having sex with his mother? These attempts to ‘normalise’ perverted sexual practices in the minds of small children seem to me to hind at something beyond the average con-trick.

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  15. Part 2 – Timecodes

    Additional Information
    “UK Court Order for Removal
    The videos feature two young children describing intimate details of horrific sexual abuse.
    The two children describe being anally raped with dildos, they talk about being “licked” on the “front privates”,
    Illegally leaked Police Videos of Child abuse interviews & personal Sexual medical reports.
    The children in the video are being forced to make de facto child pornography.
    This material appeals to paedophiles who have targeted the children.”

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  16. ………In other words, consider live-in prostitution! What if you’re an ugly barsteward? I feel sure Nathan knows the answer!

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  17. “By the way, kudos to the poster who responded to the above comment by asking who these elite Jews are who are supposedly running the UK and saying that the only one he could think of was Alan Sugar”

    LOL….. Alan Sugar, the man who invented the sawn-off loudspeaker that sounded as if it was underwater, a three-legged turntable, the video phone you can’t actually see anyone on and the satellite receiver that melts on top of your telly! Explains a great deal about why the country is as screwed as it is!

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  18. Oh I like him too don’t get me wrong! He’s the ultimate barra-boy and there ain’t nuffin wrong with that! Sugar knocks Trump into a cocked hat any day of the week – Big Al achieved what he did from the ground up and I really respect that. -Even if his record players were crap! 😉

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  19. “I’m already in the queue, Spiny, right behind the shampoo salesman and the nit nurse”

    Wearing a paper suit, a mask and one of those big backpack sprayer things full of DDT I hope!


  20. Yes, the cellular sim cards themselves are not usually the evidence. The records of the call are what matter. All the more so these days when so many public places have CCTV. Perhaps in these circumstances it is even possible to gather photographic evidence? I should not give too much away perhaps, but in these circumstances it is also often possible to tie the purchase of the sim card with the purchaser, even if made in cash and especially if it is bought with a debit card. I am not so sure this is a light side however.


  21. Yes, I misspoke there—should have clarified that it wasn’t so much that he left the material on the phone as that the material hadn’t been overwritten. Same outcome, but still.


  22. Well he did it anyway, of that there is no doubt. My feelings are mixed about the police making the choice not to prosecute him. I am sure it was best for his child and she is the important one. However this lets him away freely and now he claims he is the one wronged! It is extraordinary! I cannot imagine what he thinks he will make change with this stupid lie. It’s not as if he has led a productive life since! Very obviously the Hampstead hoax is a copy cat crime, where else could such a horrible idea have come from?

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  23. “On Christie, from the point of view of creating a hoax narrative it’s better to be a key witness in a police-lead investigation than the instigator of something that is later picked up by the police. However, it’s more important from the grifting perspective to simply get the story ‘out there’. I’m prepared to speculate this was part of the reason why ‘honourary Dr’ Christie (clearly a towering intellectual giant compared to Ogilvy) chose to go public via Youtube”.

    In fact he didn’t go public via YouTube—Sabine McNeill emailed the videos to Henry Curteis of The Tap Blog, who did the dirty work for her. However, this angered Abe & Ella, who had wanted to maintain control of the hoax, and they subsequently disavowed Sabine (and Belinda), claiming they were agents of the state. In this particular game, who controlled the videos controlled the hoax, and Abe and Ella have been trying to reclaim the thing ever since.

    “One question that occurs to me relates to the exact purpose of the original Hampstead kids recordings. – Were they in fact ‘trailers’ for some sort of paid content Christie, Draper and McKenzie ( and I’ll be clear that I see her as ‘ringmistress’ in this case) hoped to sell on by some means? Or worse, did the serial criminal Christie intend actually making pornographic films with these children?”

    I believe they were intended as short trailers which would have been released one at a time, to build suspense among their followers. It’s not impossible that they hoped to sell them, though. Probably something to consider.

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  24. I can understand your frustration Barchon Mad. I recently went on bit of a spree reporting videos of any Hampstead police interviews with the children that were on YouTube. I left it a few weeks before checking back and so far it appears that Youtube have not removed a single video that i reported.

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  25. Nice work Barchon Mad, i shall also report his videos and see if we have any luck with Youtube, it would be a refreshing change if they do see fit to remove them.

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  26. I personally think that Hollie was abused, not because of the compensation rubbish, it was fairly easy in those days to get that, it was only on a probable theory and not anything else. I believe she as abused by her uncle who committed suicide. They all lived together in the same house, Anne would never let Hollies Uncle look after Hollie. When they were all together Hollie was allowed to go up to her Ucles room where he had sweets and comics for her, he would close the door when she was in his room. Shortly before Hollie’s eighteenth birthday, Roy gave Hollie a ring, I believe Anne confronted Roy about what he was doing, and forbid him to go to Hollie’s party. According to Anne the ring was stolen, was it? Or did she throw it away. He committed suicide in his car, it was seen by another motorist who tried to save his life. Robert Green says it was miles away from the road, so it couldn’t of been seen. Robert never went there so how would he of known. Anne said it was but the side of a motorway, it was actually a duel carriage way, and still to this day can quite clearly be seen.

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  27. How awful. Going to prison is bad enough but going to prison for a crime you didn’t commit must be absolute torture.

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  28. Seconded. The time stamps were very useful indeed Barchon. I’ve been and reported his channel and the videos mentioned. Fingers crossed that Youtube actually listen to us.

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  29. Yes, don’t know what I was thinking using the term “would make a lovely couple” Not exactly a suitable term of speech for what I meant!

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  30. That Priya Maharaj also has a few Hampstead police interview videos, they were among the ones i reported but they are still up on her channel. Fecking useless Youtube.

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  31. This is the kind of comments the new uploaders of the children’s Police interview videos are leaving up, while they delete like crazy all the factual statements and links about the case.

    The innocent people of Hampstead are once again going to be targeted. This is diabolical.

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  32. Please be aware that far away from the glare of the internet there exists a group of venerable people who have kept a watching eye on this case and continue to do so. That group includes people who work in law enforcement as well as the more obvious people of the media and others.

    I think of first consideration the compensation awarded and the process of getting it is irrelevant. The CICA report is the end product of a professional investigation which was carried out to a high standard. This is as inconvenient for the hoaxers as it is those who seem so very desperate to avoid its inconvenient conclusions.

    On Roy Greig I can express the personal opinion that you may not be too far off the mark. Anne Greig claims her brother was murdered and that he was a good man who had no reason to commit suicide. In reality Roy Greig was under official investigation for embezzlement and owed large amounts of money to gangland figures. The situation is that the death of Roy was on the face of it suicide. That is considered the kindest verdict for the sake of the family. But it is not necessarily the correct one and why is this woman so keen to give alibi to her brother if she suspected he was raping her vulnerable daughter?

    Consider the alternative and its implications. The theory exists that Hollie’s abuse is connected in some way to an industry of producing and distributing very illegal forms of pornography including images of child abuse. It is alleged that one of the people named in the CICA report at least (I will say ‘A’) is a known associate of a man who is now in jail for child rape and was also a pornographer and that this pornographer has connections to others who involved themselves in the case. These two particular swords of suspicion have hung over that individual ‘A’ since the very early days of the HG matter reaching the public’s attention in around 2010. The possibility that Roy Greig was a criminal of some sort is for me at least proven beyond any reasonable doubt. At the very least he was a thief for sure. I think also he was involved in drugs (either as a dealer or a facilitator – i.e. he took money for silence) as it is known some of the premises he was in charge of were due to be raided. But if, as you suggest, he was also a child abuser then that only strengthens the possible connection between Hollie’s rape and the industry culture of illegal pornography. A number of scenarios emerge from that.

    Roy could it’s possible have been using the name of ‘A’ to source various equipments necessary to this industry and even in trade. In this way ‘A’ could be as much the victim in all this as anyone. In which case his name must be cleared. Alternatively ‘A’ and Roy could just have been in business together. Honestly this seems more likely to me but there is no way of knowing until it is openly investigated.

    Certainly Roy’s behaviour is odd as you say Farmer Giles. But in such a scenario in your home why would you tolerate it? What kind of man would have someone who is even vaguely suspected of raping his daughter in his house? I think you would struggle to stop any normal man from trying to kill his daughter’s abuser, particularly as the girl in question is so vulnerable! This brings to mind the abnormal behaviour of the wider family group. Suspect ‘B’ as named in the CICA report has a history of sexual offences does he not? In fact the whole set up within the Greig household seem to me just not functional and very strange indeed.

    So let’s go back to the death of Roy Greig. I understand the scene has been visited by others and confirmed to be near enough the road so that the ‘passing motorist’ and suicide story does stand up so I think Green is talking rubbish as always. Although the suicide story is not completely without its concerns I do not believe there are grounds to re-open the investigation into that. But for a short time consider the possibility of a gangland killing and official cover-up just for the sake of considering the theory.

    What is the impact of an investigation into a gangland killing on the dead person’s family? For they too become subject to investigation for similar connections. If such connections exist then, as it was once termed a ‘can of worms’ becomes opened. Robert Green claims among the many things he wants is an investigation into Roy Greig’s death. Inevitably that will destroy the claims of Anne Grieg. But I think he makes this demand as a bluff. He knows it can never happen.

    Something is certainly very strange here. The pornographer and suspected associate of ‘A’ I mentioned was only prosecuted for child rape in 2015 after one of his victims was persuaded to go to the police. But he had been reported for his activities as far back as 1998 and even confronted by the father of one of his victims. Previously he had been sacked from a position as a school assistant because he was unnerving the young girl pupils with his leering at them. I think for sure the local police and other officials were under his influence and there was a definite cover up there. The link between this guy and ‘A’? Not proven but not disproved either, I for one fully accept it. I also find it extraordinary and strange the way the legal authorities in Great Britain have handled the matter. While some people seem to have the non-stick coating of a frying pan others are treated very oddly.

    Incidentally, there has been some discussion today of Malkom Konrad Ogilvy accusing innocent women of having sex with dogs, I think this tells you something of his choice of movies! We know he is very much part of the smoke screen being blown around by Robert Green. We also know he is a drug addict and child abuser. Is it also possible he is some minion to this vile trade in pornography and that is the reason for his desperation to keep the deception going? Is there perhaps some lost trade that he misses? What kind of person except a pervert has imaginings of bestiality in his head to project onto others? As much as Morocco and Portugal are believed to be major axis for child abuse and the trade in drug and pornography, the rout into Great Britain is via its fishing ports where boats often come and go unquestioned without the usual formalities. Aberdeen is still such a centre is it not?

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  33. Did the person, I am not sure if we are supposed to name or not, whose initials are DS ever visit Scotland?

    I think he may have left something behind, DS and Ogilvy have got to be related?

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  34. We can only hope, AP. Doesn’t seem at all fair to me, that while Barchon’s video was removed, Nathan is allowed to put up videos, identifying the children describing the most sordid and disgusting things which Abe forced to them to say by means of relentless coaching and physical abuse.

    These videos must attract paedophiles. I’ve been disturbed by some recent comments from men, calling the child a “beautiful boy” and not mentioning their disgust at what the boy is saying.

    Why can’t YT understand that young children talking about “licking adult’s privates” could be titillating to online paedophiles?

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  35. I am certain Jake that you have highlighted the issue exactly, the pedophiles very obviously are entertained.

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  36. Berlin Bertie I do actually know more about it than you think I do, there was actually people in the Hollie Greig hoax team that turned against each other and that we’re working on both sides, passing information to MKO I’ve seen all the videos I personally investigated all this for six years, my marriage actually ended partly because of it. You really don’t know the half of the Hollie Greig bull shit.


  37. If only a decent hairdresser would target David,
    Anyone know why the MKUltra ‘cult’ chooses such poor examples of humans to make into sooper soldiers?
    Hasn’t the penny dropped yet that all their chosen subjects are also barking mad?

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  38. With all due respect Farmer Giles, I have passed no assessment or comment on what you know and other than what I have written you can have no possible idea what I think or what I or others actually know.

    As I say, the group I refer to includes law enforcement officers and other professional investigators. These people are not, as some would like to have the world believe, fools, amateurs, incompetent, corrupted nor are they without authority and influence. The case overall has not been without influence and some of the information emerging from it has in the past and will continue to produce very real results. I am sorry to hear of the negative effect this had on your marriage. It is a very unfortunate fact that some very serious attacks (including physical attacks) have been made on people, and I think this is a measure of the desperation of those who fear where the case might lead. But it is not a question of ego or competition.

    MKO? Merely an blustering, unwashed, unemployable uneducated thug and one of several such fools who try to feed off the case. A minor player whose main concern in life is the maintenance of a cheap drug supply.

    The rather childish “online bitchfight” (as one particular person has calls it) that went on, who passed what to whom and in particular to this prize fool is not entirely irrelevant; but it is all really rather a distraction from the reality that ultimately the case links to organised crime. – Twelve years the (I am certain) associate of ‘A’ was jailed for because he raped a number of little girls from 9 years of old. It’s a good result and on that basis I think getting to the bottom of who his associates were, who else was in the same trade as him and who protected him is rather more important than the games of some random drug addict from nowhere.


  39. @Berlin Bertie – I see only rumor-mongering, in all that you’ve said. You don’t even name this alleged pornographer. No proof of gangland associations, no proof of commercial images production & distribution, just baseless assertions. Facts, please.


  40. “but what goes around comes around.”

    …..(click) around comes around. (click) around comes around. (click) around comes around. (click) around comes around. (click) around comes around.


  41. Justin…. I believe you will find Bertie is referring to Hugh Mitchell. Read up on the case, it emerged in court that Mitchell ( an ex-TV cameraman) had been shooting videos of his victims. He also infamously authored a fictionalised account of how he raped one of his victims which his wife (an MBE no less) hid for him at her office in a children’s charity. Obviously he didn’t do this without a market! About 20 years ago Mitchell was given his marching orders from the school my own daughter attended where he was a technician; he’d been caught filming the girls in their gym clothes and quietly pushed out the door…. Personally I’m still raging as my daughter was one of those kids and the school just didn’t do the right thing, it was all hushed up. I only learned about it when the cunt was had up for raping kids! Mitchell is, quite genuinely, an ex army intelligence officer, you’ll find both his army number and reference to his service from his colleages (see the regimental website) if you dig around. There are a number of different sources from where the background can be corroborated. And it’s certainly true that Roy Greig was up for embzzlement. On the day he died (IIRC) he’d been to Glasgow to see his union about the disciplinary charges he was facing. It’s amazing how silent the conspiritards are on the Mitchell case, but the facts are there. I think Bertie is just being cautious naming names because he’s not in the UK and many stern warnings have been issued about not doing anything that could ultimately lead to a mistrial – like naming ‘A’ for instance.


  42. Sgt Hugh Mitchell, 24101157 Ex B♭ Clarinet player with the 1st Bn Royal Highland Fusiliers and latterly a photographer with the Intelligence Cell of that regiment. He served in the army between 1966 and 1990… Was posted to both Berlin and Belfast at various times and blotted his copybook in both places. You can cross check much of this with many of the Army forums or the regimental forum – I’ll let you research these yourself as I don’t want accused of gaslighting here! News of the conviction………….

    Dig around and you’ll find that one of his victims father confronted him in 1998 and he was additionally reported to the police, the Scottish Daly Record has reports he’s a known associate of another convicted nonce called Ian Samson who was running a porn/pedo ring in and around Edinburgh. “A” is believed to be an ‘friend’ of Mitchell’s. It’s a bit obscure but you should be able to establish “A” trying to inveigle himself into the video trade at one point despite having no background in it!


  43. Law enforcement you must be joking, they don’t do anything, all they did was to warn Belinda about her wrongful accusations she made about a certain person being on the sex offenders list in Aberdeen.


  44. No Justin, I monger no rumours and I will mention that do not write for the purpose of providing salacious entertainment.

    As Alfred says the convicted child abuser and pornographer I refer to is Hugh Mitchell and I withheld his name simply because I was unaware if he could legally be named in Great Britain without jeopardising any future case that he might be implicated in. As to the matters surrounding Roy Greig, I will remind you that it was not me who raised the idea of him being Hollie Greig’s abuser, I simply admit that it is a good possibility. What is certainly obvious is the the entire Greig/Mackie family were and remain a seriously dysfunctional lot! I don’t think there is any real doubt as to MKO’s status as a petty-criminal type and a child abuser either!

    I think I understand now though why I have been warned that this DB is ‘dangerous’ and ‘to be monitored but avoided’. It seems to be there really is a strong determination from many directions to avoid examining that ‘tiny grain of truth’ that even the BBC Journalist Mr Daly so readily acknowledged. It seems it does not matter which way the light is directed, so long as it’s away from that one very inconvenient point; both sides want everyone to look the other way – just as I was told it would be!

    As to the other matter, it’s very clear that there are strong signs of cover up in relation to the Mitchell case. And an equally strong determination among those who claim to be concerned both about CSA hoaxes and CSA itself to properly dig into this most extraordinary of matters. For my own part I shall take the sound advice of a respected professional and now remove myself from this board. I am quite sure I shall not be missed!

    With kind regards Alfred, I believe I will find conversation with you elsewhere?


  45. Many of us reported their Patreon page but it still remains, I’m happy to see no gullible people are giving them money though. 🙂

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  46. It might be worth changing time codes by a few seconds and making your own description as I am starting to thing the original YouTube removal script even changed up, is just hitting spam filters or maybe it’s just because Nathan has a large following, a monetised channel and creates ad revenue for youtube.
    Similar to how Infowars are allowed to defamed everybody and never have their channel removed, yet make a video about infowars doing the same and you will lose your channel.

    I appealed the removal of my video in a tiny one line box stating Nathan is showing illegal images of children describing sexual abuse that appeals to pedophiles and is de-facto child pornography.

    Youtube were swift responding and within an hour I got this message basically telling me to go f’ myself.


  47. Yes, I did actually change them by more than a few seconds but used your timestamps as a starting point for myself, as I suspected YT would maybe spam them if they were all the same. I also used a different link in the narrative, which meant I had to shorten and change the wording a bit too.

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  48. cheers 🙂
    I just skimmed through and stopped everytime the children appeared to be talking and chose those points as soon as they mentioned anything untowards as I have no intention of listening or viewing those videos.
    It was quite quick just right clicking the thumbnail and open in new tab for each one.
    Although Nathan stops the videos so often to drool over the children talking about abuse it took slightly longer.
    I have also reported him at 03:40 of his last video for claiming RD runs my channel, and he has several videos calling Mr Dearman very slanderous things.

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  49. It has been suggested to me by a few people some LTV trolls, some genuinely interested, that I should do a more balanced video instead of making stupid and creepy videos about the case.
    But when people do not believe the judge/court documents, all the excellent professional opinions from experts, newspaper reports, and other such well written articles that sum up the hoax better than a person of my intelligence ever could, what is the point. I would just be reading out articles that these people refuse to read or believe anyway. Even if I go more indepth into Abe which I think I have, they are only going to believe this information if it comes from a fellow conspiracy theorist.

    I do understand that angrily labelling anyone who believes in the hoax as mentally ill, drug addicts, pedophiles etc has not being the best approach and has put a lot of people off.
    If these people believe the children, why not believe the much more natural retraction interviews, the failure of the children to point out any of these places on a police visit and no evidence found to support what is the most ridiculous accusations I have ever heard. If people cannot work out for themselves that none of it adds up and is childish fantasies made up by a drug addled criminal, obsessed with Satanic panic, sodomy, and TBMC, who was brought in especially to promote a way of getting Ricky out of the picture, then nothing I do or say will persuade them otherwise.

    Maybe going through the FAQ’s on this blog, looking at a few of the professional opinions and press reports combined with a run down of major points from blog posts, would work well, but why record and read out what takes much less time to read, but we are in the Youtube generation, where people don’t read anymore, they get their news from videos.

    I am willing to use the court documents but not the medical or illegal videos like Lift the veil does, which is where the unscrupulous have the edge. If anyone has a good run down or any points that are the most important, I may consider covering the main points and basics. or they could, just, y’know, read, this excellent blog. From the beginning of Abe being introduced and why might be interesting, but it’s all preching to the converted who already know more than me, the rest will just shout shill, troll, pedo protector, RD, etc.

    I think Wideshut already covered it very well long before I even knew who Abe or Ella even were.

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  50. AHAHAHA!! It took him a month to think of this??? But he and Ella claimed the cult is lifelong and familial…so wouldn’t RD and Mr Draper have got their tattoos when they were young…like all the kids (except, conveniently, RD’s)? Not good enough, Abe. Keep trying.

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  51. Law enforcement is a pretty broad term Anon…… And unfortunately defamation is a civil thing not a criminal matter. I’ve not found anyone denying there are bad apples among them but the angriest people I’ve found about this are the good cops who are often as frustrated by it all as the rest of us. The cover up surrounding Mitchell is a prime example of this – even though my daughter’s in her 30s now have you any idea how angry I feel in the quiet moments when I contemplate that the video he shot of her at school is most likely to still exist and be in the hands of some pervert he sold it on to? I cannot imagine how the parents of the girls he actually raped and made hard core porn of must feel, especially knowing the cops knew about him for the best part of 20 years and covered his arse for him! Apparently the German Police picked him up when he was in the army, looks like the MPs buried it too as he completed his 24 years on good standing and was living off an army pension. What I do know is that since Lothian and Borders was disbanded there are people whose hands were previously tied that are now gunning for some of the rogues. And on a brighter note there are rumours of many of these chickens coming home to roost soon. And I do hope they have a cell made out of specially hardened concrete waiting of McKenzie. And yes Bertie, I’ll catch you in another place.


  52. There is a LOT more to the Hollie Greig case than the internet shambles which it degenerated into.

    Do we really think that this happened by accident ?

    Let’s consider 3 of the main players in this saga (Robert Green can be ignored as he is simply a gullible dupe) – Greg Lance-Watkins, Brian Gerrish and Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy. What do all of them have in common ? All are self proclaimed British Nationalists.

    When did the Hollie Greig story break into the public domain ? Just after the first ever SNP government was elected in Scotland.

    Watkins and Gerrish both served in the armed forces but what do we know about Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy ?

    As Ogilvy has a rather unusual middle name you would think he would be easy to trace on records of births, deaths and marriages but a search for his name draws a blank. He claims to have a conviction for drug dealing but when you search court records or newspaper reports you find nothing. You wonder how he can afford to live in an affluent area of Aberdeen with no job and no obvious source of income. When you do a google search for “Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy” you find NOTHING apart from his ramblings related to the Hollie Greig case.


    PS I think that Berlin Bertie is on the right track when he refers to Roy Greig’s links to a gangland figure with the initial “A”.


  53. For a start, that’s not what Bertie said. He used the initials “A” and “B” to refer to the two individuals named in the CICA report. It’s well understood that they should not be named (even though it’s easy enough to find out who they are). No-one will say who Roy owed money to or why he stole from his employer. He’d have been arrested for the latter eventually. But the official verdict is it was a suicide and I’m told it’s better to leave it at that, “nothing to see here” sort of thing. “IF” and it’s a big “IF” he was murdered it’s probably because whoever he owed money too was afraid he would talk. But my sources say no, 90% sure he just topped himself………

    “Let’s consider 3 of the main players in this saga (Robert Green can be ignored as he is simply a gullible dupe) – Greg Lance-Watkins, Brian Gerrish and Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy. What do all of them have in common ? All are self proclaimed British Nationalists.”

    Is Ogilvy a British Nationalist? I do see how he’s politicised the case and that he (or his associates) have gone to extreme lengths to paint various pictures). He’s a nasty piece of garbage for sure, but a BNP type? It would explain a lot, but I’d want to see the what evidence there is of this before buying it. The notion that Watkins served in the armed forces is also in serious doubt. It was checked at the time with a number of real ex-forces people all of whom said he was a “walt” except one….. And that one is Hugh Mitchell a child pornographer and rapist who is currently cooling his heels in jail.

    “You wonder how he can afford to live in an affluent area of Aberdeen with no job and no obvious source of income.” Affluent? I’m told otherwise. Does he own the place? No. And he’s been “seen” online bleating about his benefits being sanctioned.


    As far as I can tell he’s a butt-hurt, drugged-up, unemployable, benefits bludging nobody who is just fuming because he’s been exposed as a child abuser. But I’m sure there are plenty of people who will be happy to explore other possibilities.

    As to the timing of the Hollie Greig case…….. No idea really myself. In conversation with others who have a better handle on this it seems more likely it co-incided with the rise of gullible morons getting online via Facebook and mobile phones. that said the “establishment” connections of Watkins and McKenzie are seen as significant as is their apparent immunity from prosecution no matter what laws they break. Ogilvy though? just a random ned/pervert hanging on at the coat tails.


  54. @Walter Scott


    I suspect he may be a professor of English. Have you checked the Oxford & Cambridge staff registers?


  55. Jeeezuss! Are those even words? WTF is a “nova bomb” apart from a clapped-out Vauxhall in the middle of a field with a bit of rope hanging out its petrol filler? What is Malcolm TWOC-ing about? 🙂


  56. I’m quite happy for my money to used to house and feed them, when they finally end up in prison.


  57. And another thing “Walter”….. What real part did Gerrish play in the hoax? I know he supported Green but apart from that? It was Belinda McKenzie who was pulling Green’s strings for the most of it after Greg Lance Watkins bailed on it. I’ve just had a look at looney Malcolms barmy blog. The sad ass is still obsessing that everybody is M…. Q…. including Bertie! The drugs have got this clown’s solitary brain cell well fried. and he’s still trying to push some fake story about Q having another kid? Funny how he jumps into bed with Greg Lance-Watkins when it suits him! The pair of them well butthurt! Well so fuck what if he did have another kid Malclown? Don’t get me wrong! I don’t believe this attention seeking freak show tale for a split second second but how does being a divorcee or even as you claim a dead beat dad compare to what you did you dirty filthy cunt? Filling your own wee girl’s head full of your weirdo stoner drug sex fantasies then trying to frame her grand dad? Face it Ogilvy, you’re a fucking nonce and the world knows it! And it’s well-strange how Malclown the big shot anti-pedo campaigner isn’t remotely bothered about the god-almighty coverup surrounding the Mitchell case! …..Too scared if it get dug into it’ll expose more of your mates eh Malc?


  58. What a very strange post Mr. Scott.


    Nobody of course.

    Young Malcolm is a very sad little character. A lifelong failure and laughing stock in both central Aberdeen and his home district (which is far from desirable in my opinion), he has quite correctly been exposed by the man he now obsesses over as someone who sexually abused his own child. The facts surrounding this are plain and irrefutable as were the consequences. His own twisted version of events is, to any reader of even reasonable intelligence, ridiculous. It does however provide far more information about the issue than would ever otherwise have been possible to release. This has been very useful in exposing and proving his sex-pest nature to the community at large, which in turn helps keep people safe. Thanks for making such an exhibition of yourself Malcolm.

    Having read his offer to “absolve” the unfortunate Anna Raccoon it would appear his delusions of grandeur are well ripened. Likewise his ‘allusions of gangster’ Mr. Scott. Oh, we know he has aspirations to be a big shot drug dealer and can be found in various bars a the weekend telling tall tales and trying to cadge drink from gullible youngsters. But punting a few wraps bought at the docks to the kiddies at the local swing park does not make you Howard Marks. Nor does the admiration of wayward ten year olds make you anything other than exactly the sort of creep wise mothers shoo their young children away from.

    The fellow he now seeks to vilify is in very good company. Respected Police Officers, Social Workers, court officials and even medical professionals are all “beasties” and “demons” in his strange vision. It is quite telling that the people he attacks are all respected, trusted, educated professionals. He does seem to resent those who have achieved something (anything) in life. Even the ladies he attacked in the street were successful business owners as I recall?

    Now in middle-age, I suppose his own mortality and failure to thrive eats away at him. Malcolm simply fails to realise that projecting blame onto others for his own failure changes nothing. The fact is he did try to frame a perfectly respectable man for the most horrendous of crimes. If that were not bad enough this psychopath damaged his own child in that process. Yes, the sickening stories repeated by his daughter came entirely from his own imagination. By any reasonable definition that is child abuse. I have no difficulty in going further in saying that it is child sexual abuse.

    As Alfred’s words suggest Malcolm, the whole of Aberdeenshire knew you for the sexually-deviant wastrel that you are. Now, thanks to your attention-seeking via the internet, the whole world knows exactly what you are. Throwing your little tantrums won’t distract people from that.

    See you in court soon I hope Malcolm, but do be assured it will be for nothing trivial, we bide our time and it’s high time you put some in. We want to see to that as it’s the only way you’ll ever learn. Of course, you could always just stop your nonsense and crawl quietly back under your rock, but I suspect you’re really not bright enough for that.


  59. “On this blog, we’ve referred many times to the idea that the Hollie Greig sexual abuse hoax, which more or less sank into oblivion just prior to the Hampstead SRA hoax’s internet debut, was in many ways both a precursor to, and a rough template for, Hoaxtead”

    Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated than that and traces back a lot further. This is why I saved this article, from the SAFF blog, on the Exaro/EGH scam – which, as the blogger argues, in my view correctly, was essentially a slightly more rational ‘warmed-up’ version of the 1980s SRA hoax:

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