Kane Slater rears his ugly head again

It looks as though Kane Slater, noted paedophile (alleged) and drugs afficionado (confirmed) has returned from a 30-day Facebook ban:

Oddly, we didn’t miss him during his absence.

You might recall that back in January we managed to get his YouTube account pulled down, and we wondered at that time whether he’d attempt to resurrect it on another platform.

Sure enough, he’s now moved all his child-abusing, defamatory videos over to Vid.me—all 88 of them.

While most of us are familiar with the complaints process on YouTube, Vid.me is a bit less obvious, so we thought we’d offer some tips and instructions for anyone who’d like to join in reporting Kane Slater’s channel.

Vid.me rules and regs

If one looks hard enough, one will eventually stumble across a page on which Vid.me lists its various no-nos:

From the above, we can see that Vid.me prohibits content which

  • “involves children…in a sexually suggestive, violent, or pornographic manner”: We believe that when two small children are forced to recount detailed allegations of alleged sexual abuse, including “licking privates”, “plastic willies”, and anal sex, this constitutes a form of child pornography.
  • “promotes information that is false or misleading or promotes…conduct that is threatening, intimidating, obscene, abusive, defamatory, or libelous”: Kane Slater promotes information which has been found by a High Court to be false and misleading. His videos are obscene, defamatory, and libellous toward RD, his children, and the parents, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.
  • “poses or creates a privacy or security risk to any person”: Kane Slater’s videos routinely violate the privacy of RD, his children, and the parents, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.
  • “harasses or advocates harassment of another person”: Kane Slater’s videos harass multiple individuals, and in many cases he urges others to join him in harassing RD, his children, and the parents, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.
  • “violates the privacy rights…of any person or entity”: Kane Slater’s videos routinely violate the privacy rights of RD, his children, and the parents, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead.

In addition to Vid.me’s “Prohibited Content”, we also found a list of “Prohibited Activities”:

While we saw fewer definite violations on this list, we believe an argument could be made that Kane Slater is not only violating privacy and anti-harassment laws, but he is also encouraging others to share the videos, thus encouraging them to break the same laws. As well, we think it’s pretty obvious that his videos harm minors.

What to do with all this?

We will be writing Vid.me this weekend, citing the violations given above, and including examples from Kane Slater’s Vid.me channel. We’ll be emphasising that his video channel on YouTube was removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines, and that he has deliberately re-uploaded the same videos onto the Vid.me platform, in the full knowledge that they are illegal and defamatory.

If any of our readers would like to help out, we invite you to use as much (or as little) of the above information as you wish; it’s best to use your own wording, if possible.

It took us a while to find the appropriate contact information, but it by process of elimination, the best email contact address appears to be hello@vid.me.

All right, you intrepid Hoaxtead Researchers…you know what to do.

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  1. Thanks for the guide, EC. I look forward to us putting another spanner in Kane Slater’s works.

    The fruitloops appear to be queuing up this week to pointed at and ridiculed. It’s like they’re so desperate for attention that they’ll happily make tits of themselves just to avoid the ghastly experience of being ignored.

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  2. Drug addled sick idiot. His timeline is filled with pictures of the children. I wish someone would take on Facebook as they are allowing the abuse of children to be promoted.

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  3. I just watched an Irish program on the Tuam Babies matter. Very moving. Most of it was interviews with the original researcher and a good explanation of the terrible conditions the sad unmarried mothers were subject to. Some very moving accounts from adults who were given to foster parents as children when they were sent to the Catholic orphanages- some found loving adults and a new life and others became cheap farm labour. There were some happy reconciliations with poor mothers who had their babies taken and who had forged new lives in the UK, and some rejections.

    Two things stood out to me:
    the original researcher was aghast that her research had been picked up by the world’s media and translated into a false claim of “800 babies’ bodies found in sewer” when nothing of the kind was found nor have they discovered how many bodies may lay in the “crypts’ which were once part of a sewer. (I complained to the BBC that this was false and they rejected my complaint. It was Fake News)

    And how these hideous people like Slater, AMP, Sabine latch on to terrible historical tragedies that we should look at top see what lessons we can learn, and weave them into their own perverted ‘Satanic’ rubbish. They insult the real victims by doing so. They are contemptible in the way they co-opt so many events to promote the evil fantasies in their own minds.

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    • That is something that I don’t think is widely recognised….Many groups focus on their particular area, campaigns, and it can all be very demanding, many groups, have me in tears, regularly, reading their comments, and seeing the support many endeavour to offer, along the rocky road towards recieving justice, help, support, recognition……. I watched that film too.
      Part of what behooves me to be involved in undoing the hoaxers capacity to infect, co opt, vamp off, the real struggles, and those that deserve encouragement. Simply, I did use my influence to encourage more speaking out, breaking down the stigma attached to survivors of child rape, torture, abuse, at the hands of anyone….. I fell down, looking back, i can see that these lurking monsters had me in their sights, way before 2010…… In that way, the bigger UK players gained credibility undeserved, unearned, and have since done so much harm, as have their hordes of groupies….. It has been noticable, that if my name appears moreso, included in videos, or my comments cause a reaction, then so do the attacks aimed at me. I can assure people that many of us campaigning on this issue, recieve all kinds of attacks, but usually it is clear who our enemies are……….. The Sabines, Belindas, Gerrishs, Ickes, Peachers, MadMoo Debs, Greens, Annetts, of this world pretend to be out there fighting for people, but are wolves, that gathered onto this issue as those of us brave enough to speak out, made it impossible to ignore…
      Stop grooming me 😉 lol.

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      • Terrific piece from Ms Raccoon.
        One very heart-rending moment was the researcher showing the written records of the up-to 800 children who died from all manner of diseases. Lists of names of kiddies ranging from a few months to 4 /5 or 6 years old, faithfully recorded with birth & death date and cause of death.
        His written research was very specific and she speculated, probably accurately, that many who died were interned in crypts in the site where there were once sewers. After all, the bodies must be somewhere.
        Of course the media seized upon this aspect and gave the false impression that all the bodies “were dumped in a sewer” which did not reflect her research.
        It was a terrible time in a very grim Ireland with it’s strict morals of the day and the ongoing inquiry should be enlightening. I watched this with a (lapsed ?) Irish Catholic who said her experience was that nuns were 30% psychopaths and the rest kindly but were forced to adhere to a mentality of the day that ‘fallen’ women & unmarried mothers were being punished from their lapse in morals.
        This program almost studiously avoided any mention of sexual abuse which I thought positive (certainly a subject for another documentary for another day) as it was trying to show that overall, innocent woman were being punished unfairly for the simple fact of being human,

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  4. Riding Through The Ruts…

    Dear K & X,

    I hope you will accept that the ONLY reason i’ve bothered to write this is because i DO care about you as both friends and fellow humans. I need my friends to understand what’s really going on and WHY i am presently, battling for a reason to continue existing in this world.

    I cannot apologize for being in deep distress right now, i am sorry that yourselves along with other friends, have had to witness it and then, even more sorry that my distress has invited further judgements. I am sorry about that equally for your own sakes being as clearly, you do not fully comprehend the severity and imminence of the risks against our collective, well being.

    It’s not that i do not appreciate X’s help, i did not appreciate his patronizing comments and obvious irritation on witnessing my distress to be confronted YET AGAIN, with a whole heap of material stuff as part of the ‘fall-out’ from VILE people who called themselves “friend”.

    I paid £1,000 for our caravan site last year; ONE week later, i’m literally SUICIDAL after my ‘friend-landlord’ would rather witness me HOMELESS than apologize for his VILE accusations or take any responsibility for the fact he triggered very deeply distressing memories involving himself and impacts on my relationship with my ONLY child, and that trigger coming at a time when i’m ALREADY very disturbed over results of IICSA investigations AND the fact that only the day before, a case i’ve worked on tirelessly for a YEAR, has proved fruitless, despite the CLEARLY PRESENTED EVIDENCE, resulting in 6 children being forcibly extradited abroad against their wishes and for NO reason other than profits to Social Services.

    The ‘reason’ for T’s nastiness? I brought IICSA police to his door. Suddenly, i’m a “risky tenant”. So, USE knowledge i suffer from PTSD against me – be openly nasty, dismissive and judgemental and make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to return to my home. Judge ME for being angry and upset about total lack of the empathy and understanding that TRUE FRIENDS assume are a NATURAL aspect of friendship. Don’t APOLOGIZE; i’m just a piece of shite and who wants to LOWER themselves to apologize to shite?

    It’s an ‘injury’ to one’s ‘pride’ to be forgiven by ME isn’t it?

    I was unable to spend even one night at the caravan, being forced to spend the Summer coping with severe depression, finding a home, helping my equally, suicidal nephew and then spend the last of my funds and my overdraft, to organise furnishing and moving into a new home which turns out to be a NIGHTMARE that leaves me ill and battling for the will to live again. Oh and ‘nephew’ turns nasty and informs me he’s “not surprised all my friends dislike me” when i politely ask him for his share toward bills. At least, HE had strength enough to APOLOGIZE and BE FORGIVEN.

    Yes, it IS very upsetting to be losing the ONE chance i had of a holiday – to have thrown money away and be left with NOTHING for deposit and rent for a new ‘home’ i had not remotely envisaged having to find, after spending over £300 to prepare and move into a new room for the 4th time in a house, i’d previously exchanged TWO rooms in, for sake of accomodating other needy tenants. T made DAMN SURE, i never got chance to spend even ONE NIGHT in my new room. Oh but HE’S the “victim” of MY “madness”!!!

    Poor lovely T, who does nothing for except look after himself. I make him “feel sick” for discussing the issue of crimes against children being committed by people in authority.

    I am judged “mad and a liar” for addressing the issues, for daring to care enough to speak out publicly and take whatever direct action is in my power. It has been a source of dismay to know my closest “friends” not only ignore my work but even, have refused to do something as simple as share posts etc on facebook, who do not bother to support or even ‘like’ my videos which are sharing important information and expressing dire concerns as well as, many positive and viable solutions that demand instant attention.

    Instead, i’m told by “friends”/FIENDS like S, that i’m “negative” or, i’m actually, only focusing on the issues for a “distraction” from my “own problems” – i’m “in denial” and “running away”.

    All the horrible comments/LIES written under my videos and not ONE of my physical friends could counter-comment in my favour with the TRUTH. At end of day, it’s only ME isn’t it? Mad, lying Debbie – she attracts trouble – she deserves it, she needs to get “real” and focus on maintaining her FACADE of being human – a few smiles and food for ego’s. I need to paint pretty pictures or knit crap for people’s already full-of-crap homes…

    I have never done anything to warrant the disgusting negativity from any of the people who have attacked, slandered, libeled, used, abused and judged me. In fact, i’ve been very generous, understanding, considerate and supportive.

    I just can’t cope with friendships which include judgements that i’m “mad” and which do not include empathy over the despicable treatment i’ve received from “friends” and “family” while i’ve been going through deeply traumatic PTSD triggers, after dealings with IICSA; right in the middle of that, T decides to tell me i “lack common decency” after casually assuming i’m a liar when i politely explained he is misinformed.

    It’s those casual judgements that betray so much.

    I wonder how well either of you would cope with gossip among both friend circles and general public, saying;

    A) you’re a child abuser and had a child removed from your care
    B) you robbed your family of their inheritence
    C) you send “100’s of hate emails” to your landlord
    D) you’re crazy, you accuse innocent people of stealing off you
    E) you falsely accuse a professional child psychologist of being a child abuser
    F) you’ve got a criminal record and are on a sex offenders register for possessing child-porn
    G) you’re a “cunt” and are “part of MI5”
    H) you’re inconsiderate, insensitive and lack common decency so you arrange a party while a friend is sick
    I) you’ve set yourself up as a “fake EU Lawyer”
    J) you’re “F*ed up” because you survived severe child abuse
    K) you physically attack a co-tenant and threaten her child.

    Try living with the collective result i.e. suspicion, neglect, rejection and isolation – try dealing with people you barely know but who know “all about” YOU via a PACK OF EVIL LIES & JUDGEMENTS.

    So widely accepted are those judgements/gossip, friends like A, just matter-of-factly state “you ARE mad” to my face: WHO spent more time living in my 1st room at T’s than i did? A! Naturally, only a “mad” person has compassion enough to provide shelter for a homeless friend.

    Another “friend”/S, i’ve done nothing but help in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, steals off me and I get made homeless on strength of LIES from the thieving “friend”, told i’m “mad and a liar” and informed that “everyone knows it”.

    Poor lovely S who ‘needs’ to feed her ego with adoring children while choosing to employ inept staff who thus, pose no competition to her own popularity; Ofsted closed them down for two weeks until staff were retrained and THAT after a year of her telling me regular horror stories of their treatment of children and me advising that they either be sacked or retrained. S, a woman who WORKS with children and who thinks NOTHING of the fact that a popular individual among our circles, had “really bad kiddie porn on his computer”.

    Not very easy to endure when you’ve just had IICSA repeat your sister’s sworn on oath statement, saying you’re “mad and liar” in order to protect a child abuser who sexually assaulted that same sister for 2 years and also, our niece from age 6-11, who broke our brother’s nose, who battered you at age 13 and manufactured events leading to you be evicted from the family home at age 14 to get sexually abused and raped at the “home” of the woman he PAID to “care” for you. A man who 2 years ago, got an award for his “outstanding contribution to child psychology” and who remains a risk to children and with many of his probable special-needs victims left unidentified. A man who KNEW you’d already suffered 13 years physical, psychological, sexual and emotional abuse.

    Don’t give me any respect or credit for SURVIVING all of that enough to be a force for GOOD in this world – for nonetheless, continuing in my efforts of research, writing reports, phoning EVERY authority who portends to ‘care. No, judge me irrepairably “damaged” and treat me with disdain – trivialize, scorn or outright condemn my actions and concerns.

    Thanks to T and his drug-related PARANOIA, speed-head S had another chance to covertly attack me, L had chance to relay all the disgusting gossip from my ex, his partner and their friends, my messed-up family find a way back into my life and use me like a doormat again, i’ve lost my caravan, i’m battling for the will to live, my PTSD is retriggered, i’m getting panic attacks before going out, my stuff’s scattered about all over the place – stuff i’ve done NOTHING but pack and unpack EVERY YEAR FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS.
    Try on top of having to deal with all of that mostly ALONE, having a whole webpage dedicated to denigrating you and set up by a gang of sadistic child abusers who publish your address and phone number.

    And WHY was i even at T’s in the first place? Oh because i drained my bank account to find a home for another “friend” who appeared in tears at my door BEGGING FOR HELP and who rewarded my kindness by verbally and physically attacking me on strength of the fact that SHE decided to IGNORE our agreement that my payments for renting ONE room in our house could NOT include payments for HALF the bills incurred by herself, her two sons and boyfriend! = Another house i moved all my stuff into and had to leave before spending ONE night in it!

    I’m then left with a huge bump on my forehead, having to clean and decorate T’s FILTHY house which i’d had to FLEE into and while realizing that previous co-tenant/’friend’ had simply ABUSED ‘friendship’ as a means of getting ME to cough up half the rent & bond and even, FIND a home for herself, her family and partner.

    It is I who am judged “mad” – apparently, i not only attacked HER, i even, THREATENED HER SON! Not ONE of my so-called “friends” felt upset enough about those despicable LIES, to directly confront her about that on my behalf – no instead, P and others, continue to work with her.

    Oh and let’s not forget another two ‘friends’ in desperate need who i was extremely generous to and loaned £100’s of pounds to and who immediately after, issue VILE judgements against me on strength of LIES and then just CUT ME OFF! Never paid me a penny back.

    And me, being so “mad” – have i done ANYTHING by way of ‘vengence’? Have i physically attacked them or verbally abused them ? Have i gone and slashed their car-tyres or smashed their windows> GO AND TAKE A LOOK AT IRAQ ON STRENGTH OF LIES OF 9/11 – oh but what OUR Parliament does has NOTHING to do with us BRITISH PEOPLE does it?

    FEW among my friends want to hear ANY of it, it’s too much to have a FEELING or a disturbing CONCERN in their heart; I’m told to “move on now” – really – WHERE TO – is there another planet?

    Not very easy to “move on” when you’re struggling financially, emotionally and physically and trying to get justice for children, share the message of light being and simultaneously, care for a severely disabled mutual-friend as well as, give support to those around you. Oh my Light Being experience = MORE EVIDENCE OF MY MADNESS – we all know Jah and Jesus are just a FICTION don’t we? Maybe that’s why humanity in Britain is a FICTION now too?

    It’s just too much to face any more shallow regard from friends – it’s lack of empathy that allows this sick society to continue and you need to search your HEART and ask yourselves WHY are British people NOT following TRUE intelligence? What’s in our head?

    Take a look at reality – d’you really think there’s a future worth living if we don’t get real? If we don’t start holding faith in this universal intelligence that created us? If we fail to get WITH universal law? We’re about to LOSE our HUMAN RIGHTS! We can just ignore the IMMENSE SACRIFICE people like my granddad made for sake of establishing those rights – i mean, my granddad – he was just cannon-fodder wasn’t he? I should just forget about him except, to buy a paper-poppy.

    It’s time to drop the ego-facades – we need effort and action now and i need support: Have you showed any interest in my NHS Say-It-With-Flowers campaign? Oh but if e.g. Dr D had set it up, you’d be shouting it from the hilltops!!! She’s “credible” and i am just “mad” – can’t be seen supporting mad people eh?

    Am i asking you to support the NHS campaign for my personal ego-trip or, do WE not really NEED an NHS? Have you got any better ideas?

    I’m lonely for people who love Jesus and Jah – do any of the people around me even believe in or know Jesus and Jah? Not really and that’s why i’ve been kicked about like a F*ing plastic doll – that’s why THOUSANDS of children in Britain and abroad are suffering TERRIBLE abuse which we can simply, either ignore or put to the back of our minds can’t we? Sorry – it’s hard enough to keep the trauma placated and ACTIVELY try to prevent the same, terrible trauma being inflicted on others.

    My hand is always open to friendship, my heart is always forgiving to those who can receive it and think on – a couple of words judged “offensive” from ME warrant total cut-off – well, try multiplying the impact of offensive words by 190 and then add, being made repeatedly homeless, robbed and basically THROWN AWAY on the slightest suspicion or excuse, by people you’ve done NOTHING but show immense kindness and respect to. Maybe THEN, you’ll have some idea about WHY i’ve now got zero-tolerance for ANY signs of casual disrespect and neglect of righteousness and compassion from those calling themselves my “friends”. It’s passive aggression and i will NOT tolerate it under guise of “friendship”.

    If you can find room for empathy in your heart and true understanding in your head, then i can have ample room for you in my life as true friends.

    Love & Light, Debbie x

    My true friends know who they are.

    https://www.facebook. com/deborah.mahmoudieh/posts/10154649724897898


    • Diary of A Madwoman.

      An amazing self diagnosis from Debs who apparently thinks it’s perfectly OK to slander, lie and accuse all manner of people of despicable crimes (the irony of her claiming others publish her name and address when she does exactly that to dozens of innocent people as demonstrated in her BBC phone call).

      At least we know all who have come into physical contact with her soon realise she is an unmanageable nutcase.
      As always there is a problem with many people who are mentally ill : some are extremely nice people who simply cannot cope with the burdens of a life that can be very tough at times.
      And then there are the Debs of the world- a vicious nasty false accuser and whether sane or ill she remains that same nasty person with obvious narcissistic and sociopath traits whereby even as they try to trash the reputations of others and lash out vindictively at perceived deceptions, moan that it is they who are the victim.

      Her (for once) accurate quote: ” Oh but HE’S the “victim” of MY “madness”!!!

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  5. Deborah Mahmoudieh
    1 hr ·

    Hi Deborah,

    thank you for sharing this with us.

    Absolutely disgraceful that journalists are being prevented from investigating pedophile rings.
    Thank you and the McKenzie angels for all that you are doing to bring this to light.

    The world is waking up to this and fast, it is only a matter of time before all involved are named and shamed for their actions and get the karma they deserve.

    Thank you for everything you are doing to bring justice to these children.

    Love & Light

    Director at UBUNTU Planet

    My video was sent in response to a request from Michael Tellinger as shared below:

    I have nominated you with all the other UBUNTU members for this challenge because in the spirit of UBUNTU it is up to us, to lead by example. We would like to get this spreading across the world as quickly as possible, so I started the ball rolling with my little Good Deed – which is posted as the first deed on the new FB Page. Don’t worry if you are not a member of facebook, you can respond to contact@ubuntuplanet.org with a short description and picture or short video of your good deed, and we will upload it for you.


    Do a good deed (no act of kindness is too small).

    Share your good deed on our ‘Ubuntu Good Deed Challenge’ facebook page – using a picture or video AND a description of your good deed.

    Nominate 3 of your friends to do the same. Make sure to tag “@ubuntu good deed challenge” in your post.

    Why take part in the Ubuntu Good Deed Challenge?

    To pave the way to a new world of unity and prosperity, we must first begin to manifest our new reality. We all know that sitting around waiting for something to happen is of little help, and so we must begin with ourselves to start the ripple effect – the chain reaction.

    The more good we add to the world, the faster we will not only raise our own vibrations but the consciousness of those around us and the world we live in. The higher the vibration the more tranquil, balanced and peaceful we all become, thus paving the way for our new reality which we are all helping to co-create.

    A world of prosperity and abundance for all. A world free from economic slavery where we work together instead of against each other, in the spirit of UBUNTU.

    We are all passengers on this ship we call life, and if we want to make a difference, we need to start paddling in the same direction. For too long we have been taught to fear our fellow man and to compete with our brothers and sisters for every little thing. Now is the time for change. The world is waking up, and is ready for action.

    By taking part in the UBUNTU Good Deed Challenge you are not only doing your part by doing a good deed, you are also helping to inspire others to do the same. Whether or not they are nominated, people will see your actions, and they will be inspired. It will also help to raise awareness of UBUNTU and our simple plan to change the world.

    And for the recipient of your good deed, it could mean much more to them than you will ever know.
    We all care, we all want to inspire and be good to others, but sometimes life gets in the way and we just never get around to making the difference we know we are capable of making. Now is your time to shine. Now you have a reason to take action, to show how much you care and to start the ripple effect of goodness around the world.

    Get out there, perform a simple GOOD DEED, and show our brothers and sisters that there are still good people in this world. Restore people’s faith in humanity by setting the standard you would like to see for our future.

    Thank you and have fun with this!
    In Unity & Resonance – Michael Tellinger


    • ……Ummmm What part of it being over SEVEN FUCKING YEARS since Mark Daly dumped the case on the basis that the BBC’s investigations proved Robert Green’s claims about Sheriff Buchanan to be a complete and utter load of shite did she miss?

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  6. EC, will the HR budget stretch to a prize for anyone who can sit through this entire interview without projectile vomiting…?

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    • Lucifer, the Christian Bishop and archetypal anal retentive, who was so stubbornly orthodox that over the course of his lifetime he became an excommunicated heretic! – just by refusing to change his opinion:


      Lucifer of Cagliari IS the Lucifer referenced in the Bible, due to an “accidental” translation error by Jerome.
      Which means their silly conference should actually be titled: “Super-orthodox Christian, the Son of Satan”

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  7. Here’s what I wrote to Vid.me:

    I wish to complain about a Vid.me channel, https://vid.me/KaneSlater

    This account was started by Kane Slater after his YouTube channel was removed on 24 January 2017 for violation of YouTube’s terms of service. He has deliberately re-uploaded them to Vid.me, as part of a two-year-long campaign of defamation and harassment.

    My specific complaints about Mr Slater’s Vid.me channel are as follows:

    * At least 37 of his 88 uploaded videos feature two young children, [Redacted] and [Redacted] Dearman, ages 8 and 9 at the time of recording. The children describe in graphic detail their allegations of violent sexual abuse, in response to prompting from their mother’s new boyfriend. They describe such acts as “being forced to lick (someone’s) front privates”, being anally raped with dildoes, etc. These videos constitute child exploitation, and would be of great interest to paedophiles seeking online child pornography.

    * Of the 37 videos featuring the two children, 17 are illegally leaked videos of police interviews, which the children’s mother allowed to be put online in defiance of a court order at the High Court in London, UK.

    * Several of the videos violate Vid.me’s “Prohibited Content” rules, as they make false, defamatory, and harassing claims that Ricky Dearman, the father of the two children mentioned above was the leader of a paedophile cult in Hampstead, a suburb of north London. The videos make extraordinary allegations against Mr Dearman, including the allegation that he trades in child pornography and that he has made “snuff films” involving children. In some instances these videos encourage viewers to hunt Mr Dearman down to exact revenge for his alleged crimes against children.

    * The video titled “Hampstead Cover-up: Ella Gareeva Witness Statement” features Ella Gareeva Draper, the mother of [Redacted] and [Redacted]. She reads a prepared statement in which she gives the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of various parents and children, as well as teachers, social workers, and police officers who she claims were “members of the cult” which allegedly abused her children. She also makes false claims about “20 special children” at Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, stating which of them enjoy being raped by the cult members. Again, I believe this violates several of your terms of service.

    I have linked the High Court, Family Division judgement which lays out the facts of this extraordinary case. The judge ruled very clearly that not only was Mr Dearman completely innocent of all the allegations against him, but that Ms Gareeva Draper and her boyfriend Abraham Christie had quite literally tortured her two children into making false allegations against their father.

    Mr Slater is aware of this judgement, but persists in spreading false, defamatory, harassing claims on various internet platforms. The videos which he has uploaded to Vid.me routinely and callously violate the privacy of RD, his children, and the parents, children, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead. Police in Hampstead are well aware of his activities, but have been unable to stop him since he lives in Toronto, Canada, outside their jurisdiction.

    I hope you will give serious consideration to removing Mr Slater’s Vid.me channel, if only for the benefit of all the children involved. They should not have to grow up knowing that their images, voices, and personal information will be forever available on sites like Vid.me.

    If I can offer any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  8. Thoughts on positive use of Youtube.
    Initially, my only interest in Youtube was as a means of relieving earworm attacks. I had zero interest in, and little knowledge of, the vlogging community. Then some friends brought to my attention the problem of Youtube pedos, posing as “talent agents” for non-existent modelling agencies, music studios or movie studios, and preying primarily on tweenage vloggers. The tweens weren’t supposed to be there, anyway, since accounts were restricted to 14 and older, but…
    So, we spent some time researching & exposing Youtube pervs.
    In the course of this work, I also stumbled upon some heroic Youtube youths. Young men & women doing very positive, creative work – no hate, no real life violence, no overt sexual content, whom many of the younger vloggers looked up to. People like Neil Cicierega and his friends. I became a fan, and fed them more thoughtful, “meaty”, comments than they normally got. They seemed to like that, and were quite friendly in return. At one point, however, I made the mistake of telling them that I thought they were admirable role-models for the younger vloggers. Almost immediately, they put up a video mocking the idea that they might be role-models of any kind for any one. Of course 🙂
    Anyway, I was curious as to what Neil’s been up to since the days of “Ben Bernanke”. Here’s a sample:


    • She’s very unhappy with the public for voting down her videos, not listening to her and not believing her claims about light beings/ LOL 😀


    • Debbie Mad Moo Poem.

      As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
      I take a look at my life and realize there’s nothin’ left
      ‘Cause I’ve been Defaming’ and laughin’ so long
      That even my Landlord thinks that my mind is gone
      But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it
      Me be treated like a punk, you know that’s unheard of
      You better watch how you talkin’ and where you walkin’
      Or you and your friends might be lined in chalk
      I really hate to trip, but I gotta loc
      As they croak, I see myself in the Ganja smoke
      Fool, I’m the kinda B that Nobody wanna be like
      On my knees in the night, Earning in the street light
      Keep Lying most our lives
      Livin’ in a Pedo’s paradise
      Been spending most their lives
      Livin’ in a Pedo’s paradise


      • I think she must have really annoyed a lot of her “friends” and people who have had the misfortune to deal with her in the real world.

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