Latest Wesley scam: Fake ‘March for the Homeless’ nipped in the bud

Thanks to several alert readers, we’ve caught wind of another Wesley P.P. Hall scam-in-the-making. You’ll recall that only a couple of weeks ago, Wesley was filmed placing a cannabis bud on a chocolate waffle dessert in a popular Burnley dessert café…and then denying he’d done it.

Now it seems that he’s decided to organise a march to benefit the homeless:Looks legit, right? A picture of a war veteran against a “Lest We Forget” backdrop, several people already expressing interest…and the event description is both heart-breaking and inspiring:

Jack sounds like a strong, determined man who’s doing his best to recover from his war experience, and we wish him and his family all the best. However, when contacted, Jack was completely unaware that Weasley was planning to use him as the centre-piece of his “march for the homeless”.

Not only had Jack heard nothing about this alleged march, but Nurul Hoque, who Weasley claimed was going to “give the group full use of a building” so they could “change people’s lives, no matter what problems they’ve faced”, has had previous dealings with Weasley, and wants nothing more to do with him or his charity scamming:

According to local activists we spoke with, this is far from Weasley’s first attempt to use the plight of the homeless as a springboard to fill his own pockets. One commenter on the “March with Jack for the Homeless” page put it quite succinctly:According to this commenter, the “March with Jack for the Homeless” event is just one in a string of fake events organised by Weasley:

Another scam no doubt like his Sublimate festival that has never actually been held in the three years he has been advertising it. Never names the venue because there isn’t one and takes money for stand bookings, which people never see again.

But Weasley’s event-planning skills are only the tip of the iceberg. Like his bestie Angela, he has a very hard time hanging onto his possessions, particularly expensive ones like his camera, computer, or mobile phone. But never fear! Despite his astonishing ability to “lose” these items, he’s somehow always able to persuade people to part with their hard-earned cash to help him buy new…which very often look identical to the “lost” items.

As another commenter on the “March with Jack for the Homeless” page put it,

We second that motion.

Breaking: Just before this blog post was published, we received word that the “March with Jack for the Homeless” event page had been removed from Facebook. Perhaps Weasley didn’t appreciate the negative comments on the page? In any case, it seems that this particular scam has been averted:Let’s hope it stays that way.


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  1. Surely the police should be taking an interest in these type of `made up’ events- they are pure scam and theft by deception, He’s obviously well known for organising these `events’ that never happen, and imho should be prosecuted for it

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    • The police, generally should be “taking an interest” in a lot of things. But they’re more interested in maintaining nice tidy statistics than actually doing anything to reduce or prevent crime. That’s what’s wrong with public services today in general, they’re all about generating stats that their political masters can boast about and spin, not delivering service.

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      • Exactly right Alfred, the police should be doing something about this Wesley bloke. He has scammed a lot of people it appears and not just once as it seems to be a habit of his. Plenty of people are aware of how dodgy he is and know all about his scams as they post about it on Facebook. Surely some of these folk have alerted the police about Wesley so why is he still walking the streets thinking up new scams. Come on Coppers sort it out.

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      • To be fair to public servants, their hands are often tied. The pressure comes from above to hit statistics. Most of us care but we have higher powers to answer to.

        And don’t even get me started on budgeting.

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        • I’m afraid Sally there is a point, somewhere just above filing clerk, where “just following orders” doesn’t wash. It’s not just the police by any means, but I’ve seen too many instances of petty Hitlers bullying the people they’re supposed to serve, that’s when they’re not busy avoiding providing the service they’re supposed to be providing. The whole culture of public service looks to me to be utterly corrupted and rotting on the bones of what it was and should be. It seems to me to affect everything from the people that should empty your bins (and don’t!) through to those we’re supposed to elect to parliament in a month or so’s time. And there is no holding them to account. Is it any wonder so many people don’t even bother voting?


          • I never claimed that we were ‘just following orders’. That is categorically not the same as ‘our hands are tied’.

            I can only vouch for my own profession and I can assure you that I spend a lot of time (including much of my own) striving to make life easier for our children, for whom I care deeply. And I am certainly no ‘petty Hitler’. However, I have little or no control over my line managers, the school governors, budgeting, legislation, the local education authority or the unrealistic demands of some parents, though I often fight my corner to get our kids better provision.

            I guess it’s easy for someone outside the profession to point fingers and say we should lead a rebellion against the powers that be and wave a magic wand so all the problems go away but if you have any suggestions as to how we can achieve this, I’m all ears.


  2. Lovely bit of digging, EC .And oh my God, what a bastard! This guy is like a female Angela. Well done for stopping him in his tracks on this one. Naturally, his creepy followers will all stick up for him and carry on blindly giving him money. I’m guessing he has a GoFundMe page somewhere, right?

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      • Angela should hook up with Wesley, he’s in the age bracket she likes for a quick romp.

        Next we’ll be seeing him in his boxers in Lanzarote, that’a when she’s finished sorting out whatever she’s up to in Oldcastle. It can be no good that’s a cert.

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  3. Good work, EC and team. It amazes me that no matter how many times these hoaxer twunts are caught redhandedly attempting to scam the public, they still manage to get people to trust them. The 46 people who signed up for this fake march clearly hadn’t read about Wafflegate, or had elected to bury their heads in the sand and ignore it.

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      • Great work on exposing this latest scam attempt EC. I am surprised that Wesley can still show his face on the street without someone coming after him.

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  4. From the tail end of the last post:

    Yep – she is actually planning to interview – and stir up – the extremely vulnerable and mentally unhinged Dave Shurter.

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    • Shurter is seriously mentally ill – no question. The police have been round to his place twice yesterday with healthcare professionals in tow. According to him, they’re trying to get him committed (aka sectioned). And predictably, Angela has sniffed an opportunity and come along to encourage him to carry on acting like a loon and finally push him over the edge.The evil bitch is aiming to complete her sectioning hat-trick.

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      • Lets hope he gets some help – and is kept away from Angie before she pushes him over the edge.

        Does she keep a scorecard of how many men she has led into incarceration? It is like a fetish with her. The only middle aged woman who can be called jail bait.

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        • Love it, “The only middle aged woman who can be called jail bait.”

          Laughed so much, I scared one of my cats again!

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  5. I think people in his local community are well aware of him and his ways. He should set up a go fund me account and target the Amarican marks. Tis the way to go I tell you!

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  6. He has a GoFundMe page but no one’s donated in 15 months:

    “Manchester Angels Help The Homeless

    Right, this seems somewhat wrong to ask people for help…

    However, I’ve been stubborn long enough and I’m now at breaking point…

    I can’t keep asking people for lifts on a daily basis and it’s draining all my resources walking everywhere and paying for public transport…

    What little income I manage to get im spending on facilitating the projects I’m running and rarely have much to keep myself healthy…

    So, I’m setting up a crowdfunder to raise the cash needed to insure our van for a year; get road tax; get me driving; get a few other volunteers insured; to pay for the MOT and to maintain the van for a whole year so that I won’t ever have to ask anyone for a lift again…

    I could have so much more done if I wasn’t dependent on anyone and the times when people sadly can’t help out, it leaves us in a bad predicament where I’m spending a whole day trying to find alternatives and I’m missing out on many meetings because of this 😦

    It’s the only way I can see a resolution to the daily dilemmas I face because I have no other income…

    We’ve had a Mercedes 8 seater Van kindly donated and it needs a little bit of work doing to it, but it will achieve so much more for ‘Help The Homeless’ and ‘Manchester Angels’ because I’ll them be able to operate on more nights of the week…

    Seriously, when I get driving, there’ll be no stopping me…

    There’ll be ‪#‎OpSafeWinter‬ street kitchens ‘popping up’ everywhere…

    So, I know it sounds cheeky asking… But I just don’t have the funds to pay for it all…

    Who’s up for helping out?

    Would you contribute towards getting our vehicle ‘on the road’ so that we don’t have any worries whatsoever… Can start to transport donations of clothing etc… Get people to the support they need… And start using our van on a daily basis…

    For positive action.

    Please SHARE this if you’d be willing to help us make this happen and please donate what you can afford ❤

    For more information about our projects, please LIKE our pages:

    Manchester Angels – StreetAngelsUK

    Help The Homeless – HomesNotSpikes"

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  7. See the for the banned fb page. Look for the screenshots of one of Wes posts about soldiers and how they deserve what they get, and how even his followers had a go at him for it!

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  8. Off topic.. but I wonder why the Cindy Kay Currier post from July 2015 is in today’s most viewed list…


    • July 1st, 4:00 am sharp
      Meet outside Heartbreak Hotel, down at the end of Lonely Street
      Hot coffee and waffles provided

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    • I’m so disgusted with this activity. I feel sick, wondering whether there are hidden victims. The real homeless people, that may have been given false promises and hope. I know the harsh realities of being homeless, this is as sickening as the leeches of victims of child abuse…….Easy targets?
      Yes, some clearly are, have been.
      I have a deep burning, simmering anger….
      Now this new to me, lappy, that needed some deep cleansing, many updates, but is now purring…..I’ll try and be more effective.
      I’m still shocked by the depths these scammers keep diving down to. Overcoming any normal feelings of shame, embarrassment,some conspiritorial excuse, always to justify, or cover their sheer cynical, abuse of anyone in their sights or way. Grrrowling. 🙂
      To have gone to the trouble to shut this blog or any of us up, means we are effecting their coffers…..
      I really have no problem at all, with people creating income, for their efforts……, genuine ones.
      There are clear needs that some of us may be able to help fulfull
      Education; so many people that I’ve spoken to about this, are just totally unaware of the dangers.
      Some professionals, need clear information, so that the signs of victims of these mercenary scammers, can be helped, if they fall foul of the law, or become agitaed, suicidal, harmed, blackmailed, frightened,, get arrested, or involved with mental health services..
      In America, the police in some areas are very aware of Sovereign Citizens, as are the courts, they have methods to deal with them. Here, UK, it seems to me that too much of their shenanigans has been tolerated
      Too many have laughed it off or blamed the victims of them, or in my case, me for not just ignoring it all.
      Mind you, they are relentless, won’t stop till made to………..


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        • Why doesnt Wesley take a leaf out of Angies book and simply take food and clothing from orpanages instead.All this mucking around with invisible marches and kicking crutches from under war veterans is far too labour intensive when he could be sitting on his backside smoking weed and depriving innocents of their needs between episodes of casualty.

          I understand Angie is currently busy putting the final nails in Shurters coffin but should be free by the weekend to train Wesley up in lazy-arse plundering techniques from the comfort of his squalid gaff.All for a handy monthly donation and trademark obligatory squeeze of the derrière.


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      • A friend who is a Magistrate said there was a special briefing about Sovereign Citizens ? Freemen of the Land a few years ago and how to deal with them. I think one tactic is to avoid giving them too much publicity.

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        • The Freeman of the land seems quite harmless at first glance until you see the people that have fallen for it hook line and sinker. They end up losing their homes, cars etc and run up a load of debt through believing they don’;t have to pay parking fines, council tax etc.

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  9. It’s not for nothin’ that when I leave the house my spouse says to me ‘Be careful out there, amongst those English’.

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  10. I never understand the people who give these creeps any money and they also have a part to blame no matter how mislead. Do not give money to anyone you personally do not know unless it is part of a registered fundraising campaign. Pretty fucking simple. Otherwise you kay as well just throw your money down the drain or be funding terrorism, for all you know.
    Stupid bunch of gullible twats.

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  11. Oh surprise surprise – look who Honeynut Loop has for a fan. I wonder when the inevitable Angie-Nutloop interview’s gonna take place.

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      • Lol, Honeybee aka ShitFly is an awful researcher. She always gets her details wrong and believes in every hoax going. Her research consists of telling people to watch Youtube videos and read Wikapedia articles.
        She is one of the creepy twats that is most excited about the whole Pizzagate nonsence and tells people to view all of the illegal police interview videos of the children.
        Sick twisted bitch, who is not above looking at illegal content to prove a point. No wonder Echo Twoofs calls her a “fantastic researcher” when they have so much in common, they have really been given a voice due to child abuse hoaxes and an audience of equally sick and mentally ill creeps.
        Rant over, lol.

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    • 2:12 – “I think that’s pretty clear God’s position on child sacrifice.”


      • Actually, as I recall, God indulged in a bit of child sacrifice of his own upon occasion. Ever hear of a kid called Isaac, son of Abraham? And then there were all those poor first-born Egyptian sons at the time of Moses. Did they not count? #Justsayin’

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  12. Thank you for posting about Wesley Hall’s event scam. You say it has been taken down but it is still there so he must have just blocked you or something.
    Keep up the good work!

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