Hungry days for Ella and Abe

Despite the recent spate of videos featuring Ella describing her terrible plight to a new audience of gullible nitwits, things have been a bit tight financially for Ella and Abe lately.

We have heard rumours that Ella is no longer in receipt of her monthly stipend from her ex-husband, and hasn’t been for some time; and in her last interview, chickens could be heard clucking in the background. So much for raw veganism, then. Not to mention the concept of the much vaunted all-hemp all-the-time diet—we suppose that had to wear thin at some point, even for “Papa Hemp”.

Speaking of thin, Ella’s looking a bit on the scrawny side these days, isn’t she?

Aside from those chickens, though, Abe and Ella have been dropping not-too-subtle hints about their current financial crisis. Like this video, for example:

It’s nothing new, really: just one of the illegally released police interview videos, with a couple of new tags added—”Pizzagate” (which is irrelevant now that people are calling it “Pedogate”; do try to keep up, Abe) and “Masonic Mind Controlled” rather than the earlier “Trauma-based Mind Controlled”.

But hark! What’s this we see in the description section:

After the usual bilge about the “courageous brother and sister” who were “unlawfully kidnapped” (has Abe been speaking to Deborah MaddyMoo?), there’s the begging bowl pitch:

As many of you might know our ‘Free the Hampstead 2’ campaign pages were taken down both on Generosity, Patreon and GoFundme [“Both” implies two, shurely—Ed.]

For the more reliable way to contribute towards the campaign to free [redacted] and [redacted] consider direct transfer via ‘send friends/family’ option on PayPal ( (sic).

Aside from the fact that Ella was too stoned to spell her own surname correctly, it’s pretty clear from this that the gruesome twosome are in desperate straits, thanks to all our readers who jumped aboard and helped take down their illegal funding sites. Given that this last video was posted on 30 April, and has seen only a measly 231 viewers and 26 comments, we expect the donations aren’t exactly pouring in.

Gosh, perhaps this will encourage Abe and Ella to return to the UK, where at least they stand a chance of having three squares a day…even if much of that will be porridge.

88 thoughts on “Hungry days for Ella and Abe

  1. Can Abe and Ella tell us how receiving money from gullible people via PayPal is going to “free the children” ?
    Hmm.. I wonder if it’s worth contacting PayPal to say some fugitives are begging for money using it? 😀

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      • Angela’s Gofundme needs someone clever to look into that also.
        I’m pretty sure update 12 is in violation of their terms of service, kidnapping is generally frowned upon, especially when it involves children and hunting them down.

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    • Reported 🙂

      “Ms. Power-Disney is using this money to promote a debunked ‘satanic panic’ hoax which has wreckeded a number of innocent families in Hampstead, London. Many people have been harassed and intimidated for over two years courtesy of this person and her associates. We have been repeatedly accused of serial baby-raping, ritual sacrifice and cannibalism.

      In Update 1 she states: ‘Enclosed a poem, an interview about THE HAMPSTEAD COVER UP.’ In this and several other updates, she has posted a number of slanderous, threatening videos directed at the Hampstead families she is targeting.

      In Update 9 she states: ‘And by the way…my video of that title regarding the HAMPSTEAD COVER UP made last year is the SECOND video on the subject to no longer be viewable IN THE UK on youtube due to a GOVERNMENT LEGAL COMPLAINT!!! Can you believe it?’

      I am also extremely concerned for the children whose kidnap Ms. Power-Disney is calling for in Update 12, point 1. These are the two children at the centre of the aforementioned SRA abuse hoax. Ms. Power-Disney continues to harass their father and threaten their children. In this YouTube comment, for example, you can see that she threatened to have their father (Ricky Dearman) murdered by gangs when she (wrongly) thought they were in the Philippines:

      Miss Power-Disney is wanted by the UK police and is under investigation in Ireland.

      Thank you
      Kind regards

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  2. Strange how they never state what the money is actually going towards, and how they would use it to even try to get the children back, which will NEVER HAPPEN.
    Money for old rope, money for old dope, money for your troubles and your sins, in a desperate drug fuelled hoax where nobody wins.

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  3. I dont know how the UK system works, but ours usually has after a divorce, the parent having been given custody get child support, this is usually via a court ordered direct debit
    A close friend who went through the normal nasty process was directed to have direct debit (organised and done by the courts, he could neither stop nor modify them)
    A few months later the mum (whose drug problems were directly the cause of the divorce in the first place) ended up in jail, and after a brief court appearance, he ended up with the kids back

    Now here is the stupid part, the second court cant reverse the results of the first case, so the money is debited automatically to his ex’s account, then the second court immediately debits it back from her account and redeposits it in his account, then it deducts a new family support payment from her to give to him, because he now has custody of the kids……


    Now to add insult to injury, he actually has to declare the money that went from his account to hers and then was returned as additional income and is charged tax on it- again

    The legal system, you just have to shake your head in bewilderment at times

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  4. It always boils down to money with these characters. I guess “A&E”, as a project, are being written off by the main organisers in favour of a new charity scam somewhere….. But these things are always some combination of attention-seeking individuals and a money-extraction scheme. Whether it’s selling books or DVDs or shite about free energy machines or even, as is very often the case, just sitting in the virtual street with your cap out. Just follow the money!

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  5. Quite apart from the fact this matter has been settled in court and upon appeal so no different outcome will be forthcoming, I cannot imagine what sort of mind fools themselves into thinking they can achieve the impossible – return of the children to Ella and the child abuser Abraham Christie. While Ella is living with Christie there isn’t a snowballs chance in Hell of a different outcome. But given Ella’s actions, even if she left Christie she would have no chance of getting those kids back now that are presumably settled elsewhere. Is she going to return to the UK and face possible legal action that may include criminal charges?

    And this desperate plea for money which many quite rightly point out is such a fraud implying that somehow it will be sued in pursuit of the children and the falsely accused Hampstead residents. Ella would need expert legal help which would cost a small fortune as there is no way she would receive legal aid.

    While they beg for money to survive they really are on a fool’s errand. In the beginning they may receive some donations but the sort of people who believe this dangerous nonsense move on to a new sensation quickly. Ella & Abraham are just two lone souls begging for money and are now no different to desperate people ( or organised gangs) in Nigeria begging for money.

    How on earth did they possibly think this mad escapade would succeed? I think it’s a sign of drug psychosis which is quite common among people who smoke dope every day. They can get caught up in a dream world where they craft a perfect scenario in their minds but which in the real world is a fantasy.

    Ella’s options are dire. She can either go to Russia, live in Morocco with Abe living on a pittance or return to the UK to face the music. I believe in the end they will be forced to return to the UK. Abe most definitely will face a jail sentence. Ella would probably get a good behavior bond. She should just get it over with.

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    • GOS I think she should stay as far away from the UK as possible. Being in exile is a sort of punishment. Being in poverty at the same time is a slap of reality, and a time to reflect on how she got into this position she will never experience otherwise. I would think RD and his children really just want peace to be able to get on with their lives, perhaps her returning to the UK will just stir things up again.

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      • I have to say I’m conflicted about whether Abe and Ella should return to the UK to face the music. On one hand, yes, I want to see the book thrown at them. But as BU says, it would most definitely stir things up again.

        On the other other hand, though…perhaps a trial in open court would settle this thing once and for all. People would be able to judge for themselves who was lying, who was telling the truth, and what initially motivated the hoax.

        Ultimately, I think I must come down on the side of “cutting the head off the snake”.


        • “El Coyote
          May 5, 2017 at 6:32 pm

          I have to say I’m conflicted about whether Abe and Ella should return to the UK to face the music. On one hand, yes, I want to see the book thrown at them. But as BU says, it would most definitely stir things up again. ”

          I’m conflicted as well- A good solid case found against them would possibly clear the air, however it would drag the parents/people concerned back into the public spotlight, of which I have no doubt they are well and truly sick of

          As well I dont know that even if another court case did solidly (and I mean the courts would have to dot every i and cross every t) rock solidly find A&E guilty beyond all doubt the conspiraloons would just shrug it off as `yet another corrupt court’

          I’ve run out of hands, El Coyote has 4 paws and ran out as well- I doubt even a bloomin millipede would have enough limbs to be able to follow this mess

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  6. You asked for an example of True Madness so here it is and endorsed by one Araya Manna:

    A lovely ditty by a real (literally) swivel-eyed loon about the Holocaust “hoax”. Don’t know whether to laugh, scream or cry.

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    • The London Forum say this about her;

      “Last year she leapt to fame at The Edinburgh Fringe by giving ‘the quenelle’ salute in front of the city’s iconic Castle. This time she has become even more famous by being banned! She is now the first ever person to be banned from The Edinburgh Fringe. Alison’s controversial show ‘Tell Me More Lies’ was inspired by a poem written by British-Swiss writer and publisher, Gerard Menuhin, which Alison set to music. It’s a crazy, irregular waltz in 15/8 time which helps to push the message of how mainstream media twists the truth. The rhythm also expresses frustrations caused by smear campaigns waged against ‘Holocaust’ revisionists. These themes are developed in word and music, relating Alison’s path along the rocky road of Revisionism. The song (((Survivors))) has provoked a sharp contrast of reactions, ranging from cries of ‘absolute genius’ to repeated calls from certain quarters to have Alison arrested. We welcome her to The London Forum – the last refuge of free speech, free debate, free discussion and freedom!

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      • Quite apart from her hideous anti-Semitism (love how she claims to be only an anti-Zionist but writes horrible personal things about Jews) she exudes an extraordinary arrogance whereby she seems to believe she is an earth shattering fantastic entertainer when in reality if you removed her nasty words, she’s just a boring old cow who would be run off the High Street if she attempted to busk.

        Those shining eyes and her obsession with the Holocaust reveal yet another nutcase.
        And I’m so over these frigging Holocaust deniers who quote every fucking ratbag under the sun and therefore accuse the British, American and Russian soldiers who freed those who remained in the concentration camps and wrote harrowing witness statements as to the horrors they saw- they are accusing these soldiers of being liars.

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        • Richie Allen also interviewed her on 30th March this year on his channel. His views are atrocious too in that interview.

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    • Strange how these fucktards thing real life atrocities and the death of millions including babies was a hoax, yet one crazy junkie criminals SRA fantasies should be believed. SMH, no hope for these sick twats. It’s like they just pick out of spite and bitterness of their own life, which battles to oppose the msm or general opinion on something.
      Can the not all bugger of to Antarctica, the moon or get lost trying to find Atlantis?

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      • Unfortunately, moving them to Antarctica is impossible. It is protected by shadowy government types so that we don’t discover the edge of the Flat Earth.

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        • Right, the shadowy government types and Mulder and Scully from the X-Files are down there. Not a great place for the conspiranoids to flee to. And with the Moon being taken up by the shape-shifting lizard people and their comms base, that leaves only Atlantis.


  7. Kevin Annett is claiming his ITCCS special forces arrested 19 ninth circle cult members and rescued 8 children last weekend. Where are these children? how do we know he hasn’t just taken 8 A+G type children from their families? obviously he’s talking out of his arse but the police should arrest him just in case. The man is a psycho and one of the biggest child sacrifice scam pushers.

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    • I think Princess Neelu of Zog is the only fan he has left. And if she gets evicted he’ll soon drop her when she doesn’t have a floor for him to crash on.


      • What an absolutely sick fantasist Kevin Annett is. It is frightening how many people have fallen for his lies.

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    • Kevin Annett did an interview on ‘Galactic Connection’ on You Tube just prior to the alleged ‘arrests’. He said the ‘shift’ is happening! Hold onto the railings folks! Get yourselves to the cupboard under the stairs!


  8. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy submitting reports to Facebook about Araya Soma, Araya Manna and Ninon Dulac’s posts. She’s currently banned on the first 2 for a few days. Yet still posts vile comments from Ninon Dulac.
    She really is a revolting and gullible creature.

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  9. Slightly off-topic here but…..

    The Fresh Start foundation Ltd – The organisation that ran that CSA conference in Perth the other day at which Robert Green appeared. Somebody (pretty credible) said to me the other day it had Belinda McKenzie’s paw prints all over it. I’m looking just to corroborate a few things and ring alarm bells. McKenzie’s fake charities sometimes take the form of a “limited company” with a name very close to a real genuine charity? – Like there’s a real “Knight Foundation”……….. It was pointed out to me today that there is a genuine “Fresh Start Foundation” registered with the Charity Commission!!! What’s really upset me this morning is that the real charity exists to help orphans in the Gambia, and it seems to check out totally! I’m horrified that these conning bastards Peacher, McKenzie, Green and the rest of their band might be taking the bread out of innocent vulnerable children’s mouths! My contact says its usual for McKenzie to set up others as “fall guys” for her scams – is Penny Pullen the “new Sabine” or that Scott idiot the new Robert Green I wonder? -Talking of whom, why wasn’t Green arrested if there’s a court order out against him?

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    • Still no response to Snake Logan’s questions then. You’d think he have something to say about the tattoos as he has gone about them enough times.

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  10. Tony Alamo, one of the genuine Illuminati paranoia pushers and a convicted child abuser, has kicked the bucket:

    “Tony Alamo, a one-time street preacher whose apocalyptic ministry grew into a multimillion-dollar network of businesses and property before he was convicted in Arkansas of sexually abusing young girls he considered his wives, has died in prison”

    Yet another satanic panic scumbag that I’ve managed to outlive…

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  11. Debbie Mad-Moo bigging up ‘A Call For An Uprising’. Yawn…

    I’m sure we know who ‘A Call For An Uprising’ is, don’t we? It’s bugging me.


    • “Debbie Mad-Moo bigging up ‘A Call For An Uprising’.”

      Pretty futile I’d say, most of this lot only get out of bed on Giro day or for a slash….. Some of them don’t even bother to do that!

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  12. “The word for the day is ‘militant ignorance’.”
    Another one for ‘The Hoaxtead Book of Fruitcake Quotes’ 😀

    Other great hoaxer malapropisms therein include…

    “The emperor’s got no clothes”
    “Impolitically correct”
    “You’ve worked your fingernails to the bone”
    “The police were so futile to themselves”
    “Our intentions are ignoble”
    “Those who despitefully use you”
    “He speaks with folk tongue”
    “I can’t work with this level of idiocity”
    “Don’t throw unnecessary allegories our way”
    “Swaps don’t drain themselves.”
    “To horn in on what’s worth pursuing”
    “I will not be putting Arthur on a pedalstool.”
    “My grandkids are auctioning today for roles in a movie.”
    “I relish you have concerns.”
    “Dilutions of grandeur”
    “So as David Livingstone I think it was said, ‘I am going into the jungle – I may be some time.'”
    “Your atrocious murder of the English language indicates you might have went to school in the US.”
    “You shout learn how to spell.”
    “We need to put aside our indifferences”


  13. Lol, some real corkers in that list. A favourite of mine was “i’ll bring the ham sandwiches for the vegetarians”.

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