More on the tattoos: Abe’s claims to ‘special knowledge’

Earlier this week, we talked about the infamous alleged tattoos which Abraham Christie and Ella Draper forced RD’s children to draw (with a little help from Abe, whose hand can be seen in one of the videos…whoops!).

Second only to Dr Hodes’ medical findings, which she later retracted when challenged by a group of her peers, the tattoos have been one of the Hoaxtead pushers’ biggest obsessions. They insist, wrongly, that those who were accused of being members of the imaginary “cult” ought to have immediately run out and subjected themselves to intimate inspections, to prove their innocence. There are many reasons why this wouldn’t work; if you missed Monday’s post on the topic, you can find it here.

Today, though, we’d like to talk about another aspect of the tattoo issue, once again inspired by a suggestion from long-time commenter Justin Sanity.

Tattoos as ‘special knowledge’

The claims about genital tattoos are really claims to possessing “special knowledge”, which we’ve talked about before. This isn’t a claim to divinely inspired knowledge, of course, but you could call it “privileged” knowledge. It is a claim to possessing knowledge that only certain persons under certain conditions could possess, specifically – only someone who had seen the genitals in question.

This particular claim may have been inspired by similar claims made against Michael Jackson, since those claims enjoyed universal media saturation. The claim was, that there was something distinctive about his genitals that only someone who had seen him naked could know about.

In both cases, the provability of the claims – whether they are factually true or not – is irrelevant to the motivation for making the claim. The purpose of the claim is to plant the idea in people’s minds, that the claimant possesses privileged knowledge about the accused and therefore could believably possess other ‘secrets’ about them – in Jackson’s case that he was a child molester, in this case that the accused are satanic abuse cultists. (That’s flawed, but common, popular logic) I’m sure everyone understands this.

There are a number of options, for debunking claims to possessing “special knowledge”:
1) Direct evidence that the claim is false – (you could create a gallery of photos, of accused person standing there naked, that demonstrate there are no such tattoos. As you’ve observed several times, True Believers would simply claim that the photos are ‘doctored’, so there’s really no point to that approach in this case).
2) Evidence that the claim is impossible/ irrational/ illogical
3) Evidence which contradicts central aspects of the claim – (documentation that satanic cultists used some other symbol, in this case)
4) Evidence that the claimant has made false claims to possessing “special knowledge” in the past
5) Evidence that the claimant is otherwise an untrustworthy source of info, i.e., they are a proven liar, a criminal, a drug-addict or a loony – (this is considered a weak argument in formal logic, but it can also be the most fun)

This raises a number of interesting questions, starting with the idea that “only someone who had seen (the alleged abusers) naked could know about” the tattoos.

This seems to have been the motive for claiming that the tattoos existed: to anyone coming to the hoax, the fact that the children were able to describe various tattoo motifs—and, seemingly, to draw them—could serve as “proof” that the children must have seen the genitals in question. (Interestingly, although the children were made to describe tattoos on the males, only female genitalia were drawn. Why was this?)

Abe and Ella must have realised the impossibility of proving or disproving the tattoo claim; and given that we know they specifically targetted people at the school and in the community who they felt had slighted them, it must have give them some degree of pleasure to contemplate their “enemies” having to humiliate themselves to disprove their guilt. However, the accused were never asked to do this, which could explain why Abraham was so vehement with his taunts to “show us your TATTOOS!”

Debunking the tattoos

As Justin points out, various options exist for debunking the existence of the tattoos.

We’ve discussed the impracticality and illegality of having everyone expose themselves; and in our earlier post we talked about the the illogicality of using cheesy Hollywood-inspired devil lore as the “logo” of this supposedly super-powerful and elite international gang of child abusing cannibals. Since no other such cults have ever been uncovered, it’s not possible to say whether they might use some other symbol.

Option #5 is pretty obvious: we’ve written reams of material on Abraham’s criminal past, his history of child abuse, the allegation of attempted rape against him, and his acknowledged abuse of RD’s children. On that basis alone, we would suggest that any claim he makes about anything should be regarded with a jaundiced eye.

In addition, option #4, “evidence that the claimant has made false claims to possessing ‘special knowledge’ in the past”, definitely struck a chord.

Abraham Christie’s imaginary honorary PhD

Abe has, in fact, made claims to being an expert, and not just any old expert, on the subject of hemp. In December 2015, we wrote:

Back in May (2015), a commenter on the late and very much unlamented Hamster Research asked him about this:

W says: May 20, 2015 at 3:08 pm
Abraham, I would be most interested to hear more about your research into hemp. Can you tell me which university awarded you your honorary doctorate and who supervised your research? Thank you.

Abe responded:

Hempstars says: May 20, 2015 at 3:42 pm
W, thank you for your interest, as a rule we don’t generally reply to individual posts, however Dr.Anneke Westra from Glastonbury awarded my honorary doctorate in 2013.
We begun full time Nutritional research in 1996 at the House Of Hemp in Redchurch St. London, where we were invited to head the House of Hemp, Hempseed research dept. We were supported in our research by David Wolfe, an Internationally recognised authority on Raw food nutrition, a young scientist from Southampton and others . We can’t say that we were supervised by anyone other than ourselves . We trust that this is useful.
As previously mentioned, we feel that it is our work with fresh raw Cannabis juice as an ideal “plant based” blood transfusion liquid for humans, ( that precludes the consumption of human blood for blood transfusion purposes ) which causes us to be the natural nemesis of this murderous human blood drinking/flesh eating cult.
For more information see

“(F)ull time Nutritional research in 1996 at the House Of Hemp”…because that’s a fully recognised academic degree-granting institution, yep. “We can’t say that we were supervised by anyone other than ourselves”…oh, stop!

We probably don’t need to tell you that individuals are not empowered to grant any sort of academic degree, much less a PhD. Accredited educational institutions may, at their discretion, award honorary degrees to certain people who have not completed the usual requirements, including matriculation, residence, study, and the passing of examinations. Honorary degrees, when given, are not considered academic qualifications, nor listed on one’s resumé as such.

Unless one is Abraham Christie, of course.

Abe’s claims of “special knowledge” about hemp are astonishing and a bit horrifying: he believes that raw, juiced hemp may be used as a direct substitute for blood transfusions, and that hemp is a literal—not figurative—elixir of life. That is, hemp prepared according to Abe’s special instructions and consumed regularly, will cause a person to live forever.

He has also made the extraordinary claim that hemp juice should be fed to victims of what he calls “State-Sponsored Trauma-Based Mind Control”, as it is the only substance that will allow the victim to overcome the mind control and escape its evil clutches. We’re thinking it might be a bit tricky to get treatment and control groups together to prove or disprove that one, but hey, we have real degrees so perhaps we’re a bit stuffy and old-fashioned.

So yes. Abraham Christie has most definitely made claims to hold “special knowledge”—not only imaginary academic qualifications, but strange and unverifiable claims about raw hemp juice, on which he claims to be a leading world authority.

How surprising is it, then, that he’d also claim to be an expert in “Satanic” tattoos?

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  1. Yep. The tattoos and the Medical Report are the only things they still bang on about in comments on YT.
    The hoaxers theories on them have been debunked time and time again on here but they can’t give them up as they would have nothing left.

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  2. One might have thought that Ella would have something to say about these genital tattoos, that people get as children, as part of a multi generational cult, when both parents are in the cult, as is EXACTLY what is claimed for the children’s father. But, not a peep, not even to deny he had one at the time she was in a sexual relationship with supposed genitally tattooed boss man himself.

    Suspicious, no?

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      • It’s almost as if they have script and cannot deviate from it. No wonder neither of them gave evidence or was cross examined in court.

        Yet, despite his claims his life was at risk, Abraham managed to be right outside the court, not even wearing a sooper secret disguise, talking to people who were making a noise about the case, without getting whisked away. Maybe the police were snoozing. Or, maybe he makes stuff up.

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        • They had/have a script, they learnt what worked, by the tactics used to viralise the previous holliehoax. And also, by victimising so many people, whether vulnerable, easily spotted or stronger survivors, actively speaking out….the players, have gotten their claws into many, and misused, used and abused people…pushing many over their limits. And, yes they all MAKE STUFF UP 🙂

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  3. Oh my goodness, I forgot this, if you push Abraham about how someone might get themselves examined to Abraham’s satisfaction, is there a specialist doctor lined up who can do a report, what needs to be done with the report, where should it be sent, not a peep. He goes all hemp nemesis goo goo poo poo race is not for the swift bollocksy gibberish.

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    • LOL! Yes, indeed he does. Though for quite some time I was sure he was saying he wasn’t too swift; then I realised he was trying to be all literary, in that way he does.

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  4. Something else I forgot, Abraham is peed off with a friend he shared the videos with, who somehow managed to let a parent know, who went straight to the police. Fancy that.

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  5. “With a little help from Abe, whose hand can be seen in one of the videos…whoops!”

    LMAO! Nice spot, EC 🙂 😀 XD

    Let’s hear you explain that one, Kristie Sue… 😀

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  6. Love it, EC! Great work exposing these dirty little feckers, as always. Christ, what wouldn’t I give to see Abe’s face when he reads this. He must be taking squirmage to a whole new level right now 😀

    PS: ooh, “squirmage” – I must remember that one.

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    • Nice word! 🙂 I suspect Abe would just go all “aren’t you scared of me, Tricky Demon???” or whatever…that’s what he does when he knows he hasn’t a leg to stand on.

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    • First glance suggested Spiny had added to the growing lexicon of Hoaxtead inspired neologisms.Alas,in 2007 Angus Wolfe Murray whilst penning a film review wrote ” Pants down gags are as loud and lively as fart jokes, but willy waving in a restaurant kitchen is a whole new area of squirmage, hitherto unexplored”.

      Now were we to adopt the pretentious,plagiaristic,arsoholic bullshittery of a certain unwelcome transient Oldcastle outcast mange flusterfuck(below)and include an acute accent eg Squirmagé we could avoid the willy waving wrath of Angus and manage to raise a wee justified gloatettê or two.

      Stirling work all round me hearties.They dont like it up em.

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  7. [From the tail end of the last post]

    Really, Angela? Do elaborate:

    And pssst: try to give us a little more than “It’s true because Neelu told me”. In fact, given your aversion to smear campaigns (as you’re constantly keen to point out) and your assertion that you always check your facts with three reliable sources, I’m expecting quite a detailed response to this question (especially given the serious nature of the allegation you’ve made against this named police officer), so whenever you’re ready…

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    • LOL! Yes, this is a definite Neelu-ism. And keep in mind that Angie also thinks that Belinda is an Eastern Star member, because poor Yolande Lindridge, who has been sectioned several times because of her delusion that everyone is a freemason and they’re all out to get her, told her so.

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      • I bet Angie only knows the name Betsy Davey as it was mentioned on this blog a few days ago. Of course Angie will deny that she reads the posts here but we all know that she does.

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  8. I think her “baboon’s arse syndrome” is kicking in again:

    Poor luv. Can’t we set up a GoFundMe to support sufferers of this debilitating condition?

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  9. Fanaticism seems to breed fanaticism and I’m not sure how it can be controlled in this internet age except with laws that drag these liars kicking and screaming into court. I do not think mental illness should be treated as a factor. A lot of very nasty people suffer from it and they were just as nasty before they became ill.

    All these fake experts in Satanism and their ridiculous comic book ideas of tattoos etc remind me that at the height of the Jimmy Savile claims one gutter UK newspaper actually ran a story from a claimant saying she had been taken to a Satanist ritual and knew Savile was the man behind a horned Devil mask and cape because she saw his blonde hair sticking out, he was smoking a cigar and say “now then, now then, how’s about that folks”.

    So many of these claims seem to have emanated from Hollywood movies if not Hammer Horror Films. But of course these fruit loops accuse Hollywood of being run by the “Jewish cabal” including the entire pop music industry with the ‘fake’ Beatles etc.

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    • “I do not think mental illness should be treated as a factor. A lot of very nasty people suffer from it and they were just as nasty before they became ill”.

      Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe mental illness is only a legal defense if it can be shown that the defendant’s type or degree of mental illness prevented them from being aware of the consequences of their actions.


  10. Comment posted by ‘Clara’ on 12.07.15:


    From the Icke forum:
    Originally Posted by ninorc


    I’ve just been told about this grim business by A’s estranged wife. I
    haven’t read through the whole thread, which I’m told was pretty much
    resolved on page 157 by a post from silent revolution, which has it
    fairly straight, especially when he says, ‘I was left thinking how
    insane the mums boyfriend would have to be to concoct this whole thing,
    especially as it targeted not only the children’s father but many people
    in the local Hampstead community.’

    I must be careful of what I say in public about AC, because I am very
    fond of his ex and their four kids, plus others from both sides of the
    family, all of whom have been affected by this, so I don’t want to
    publicly identify them. Suffice it to say, he is quite insane. A is a
    heavy cannabis user who doesn’t smoke since he got TB in a Spanish jail,
    years ago, but ingests it orally. He was an early and passionate
    advocate of hemp nutrition and a raw foodie, interested in urology. A
    insisted that the cannabinoids in one’s urine after ingesting cannabis
    were intensified, so if one drank one’s wee… This is nonsense, but a
    pretext for A to whip out his big cock, piss in a pint glass and drink
    it warm. That was his outrageous party piece!

    I’m not saying cannabis made A mad; perish the thought. Indeed, for
    years I thought A was brilliant; he had some profound insights and
    amazing ideas. However, there was another AC, a hardened criminal,
    expert in intimidation. “I’ve never been to prison and I’m not going
    back,” was one of his catch phrases. I never saw nasty A until I went
    round to see him one day in 2008, after he’d watched the Guy Ritchie
    film, Rock’n’Rolla, which is apparently about violent, epigrammatic
    gangsters. Anyway, it seemed to strike a chord with A because he was
    confrontational and insulting (we were supposed to be celebrating our
    shared birthdays, since we’re within days of each other). I refused to
    tolerate his abuse, left, and haven’t spoken to him since.

    A was a voracious reader and theoriser. His favourite book is, ‘Dune,’
    which he sees as an allegory. In the video interview with Kid A, you can
    hear him reminding her that, “fear is the mind killer,” (a quotation
    from that book). In fact, fear will shut down a kids thinking and terror
    is an essential tool in compartmentalising kid’s minds. A knows that
    because he has read all the same stuff and has seen all the same videos
    as you lot have. That’s why, in order to start an internet meme about
    Satanic Ritual Abuse, he knew just what to make the kids say.
    A had some very far out ideas about 2012 and what might happen. But in
    dull reality, he was a hustler with a violent past that was not
    integrated into his personality as ****’. I think that’s key to A’s
    fractured personality and his cannabis use. At one level, he’s
    self-medicating the trauma of his past and, on another, he inhabits a
    self-created world in which he is a spiritual savant. A guru, that is,
    who is also extremely avaricious and will readily resort to violence.
    Two things tilted him over the edge: first, his oldest son died of
    addiction; then he lost the family home in an ill-judged business

    A blamed his wife for his son’s death, although it was non of her
    business, as she was not the man’s mother. Clearly, growing up with an
    absentee father who was involved with drugs did the young man no
    favours, but A blamed his wife for not being sufficiently sympathetic,
    or whatever. AC beat the living # out of his wife and put her in the
    hospital. There were remonstrations and crocodile tears, but eventually
    he moved out and took up with a pole dancer, to the chagrin of his ex. A
    believed he could make a killing as a gold trader and sold their house
    in North London to finance his new business, but he bought his gold at
    the top of the market and it lost a third of its value over the
    following year! A left the wife he’d assaulted and walked out on and
    their four children with nowhere to live!

    AC is highly manipulative and he plays his children expertly, so that
    their mum has to be very careful not to say anything that might alienate
    them, or oblige them to take sides. His abuse of his own kids and wife
    is emotional and enforced with violence, or threats. He used to hit his
    wife with the back of a spoon (reduces bruising) and has evidently done
    the same to the girl in the videos (as she mentions). I wouldn’t be
    surprised if he’s clipped little Kid G round the ear and damaged his
    hearing. I don’t know when he took up with the Russian woman, but
    clearly she is totally under his thumb and has signally failed to
    protect her kids from him.

    In the police interviews, you’ll notice that both children say that the
    physical abuse took place in Morocco. A owns a riyadh in Marrakech,
    where the laws regarding the treatment of children are a lot more lax.
    Maybe he thought he could get away with indoctrinating them there. Who
    knows what goes on in that sick #er’s head. The children have been in
    care since September and that’s got to be better than being around Papa
    Hemp. His own kids are bewildered and angry and his ex-wife is
    distraught, but holding it together. They saw AC last week, but ignored
    him. Since then, he’s been raided by the police, who took computers and
    phones, and has disappeared again, no doubt to Morocco or Spain.
    His fantasy world is crashing in on AC. He has made seriously defamatory
    accusations and wasted much time and resources. He has evidently
    traumatised those two children, even if he was careful not to physically
    abuse them on UK soil. Nobody in their right mind wants anything to do
    with him, even if his associates are not ready to give him up to the
    law. I agree with silent revolution when he says, ‘I think papa hemp
    needs to be found and made to answer for all this.


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  12. Well at least we know abe and ellas secret elixir of youth works, i mean look how radiant and healthy both of them look …..

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      • I wonder how they live now? They can’t be making much money selling the eggs from their chickens at the side of the road. They must be so pissed off we thwart any of their fundraising activities.

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    • I feel there’s no hope left for Echo Truths, she is just another internet conspirasheep happy to tell lies about innocent people.

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        • These so called truthers cannot handle any alternative opinions at all. They certainly don’t believe in free speech, all they want is their little flock of sheep to admire them and kiss their arse.

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          • I really hate the was she mockingly laughs at these things no matter how horrible the situation.
            As if the gunman at Comet was an excuse to get rid of the hard drive. Surely if there was anything untowards it all would have been cleared months before, it doesn’t make sense.
            In the video, after reading an article out, she just reads a load of garbage about cults from the 18th century and illuminati, rothschilds etc from Reddit threads.

            Pretty sure when investigating accusations of pedophile rings, the authorities look at the actual factual evidence not read a history of some so called “secret” cults that family members of people accused may or may not have been a part of 100’s of years ago.

            It’s all such stupid endless dot joining and has nothing to do with actual crimes.

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  13. I noticed this morning that YouTube have finally decided to take down another video of one of the childrens police interviews. Great news as this particular video had over 3500 comments and was where the fruitloops liked to congregate and talk rubbish.

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  14. It’s no surprise that Abraham was supported by David Wolfe, another con artist that makes claims of special knowledge and pseudoscience in order to push his products. It’s clear that Abraham has woven the story together as he goes, using his fraud/con skills, Hollywood concepts of Satanism and well established conspiracy crap. Crap such as making his own interpretations of the Bible, and of course Hemp plays a central role as the Tree of Life. Using the idea of Trauma Based Mind Control, much associated with Cathy O’ Brien. A dose of Tavistock conspiracy theories and even the rather racist pseudoscience of ‘Melanin Theory’ mixed together with his obsession with sodomy, which he attributes to Crowley. And not forgetting his rubbish about hemp being a blood transfusion substitute.

    This was not Line Manager Ted from B&Q getting together with a new girlfriend and discovering an abusive father. This is life long criminal con artist, conspiracy fan and child abusing lunatic Abraham Christie. The story was always going to absolutely bonkers. Any rational person would look at his history and see right through him. A repeat offender and jailbird that calls himself Nemesis, but also goes by Papa Hemp and studied at the House of Hemp (aka druggie hang out).

    As others have pointed out, the children knew very little about their ‘strange religion’, while Abraham appears to know every detail even without being in the ‘cult’ and only knowing the family a matter of months. He even had the presence of mind to arrange for Finbarr, a man associated with conspiracy site UK Column, to come around just days after returning from Morocco. Interestingly, Abraham was not too keen on discussing the tattoos when Jean Clement brought them up. At that time Abraham didn’t think they would prove anything.

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    • Yes, Abraham’s ability to fabricate lies on the spot played an enormous role in the Hampstead SRA hoax. It seems that as the hoax went along, he would change his story to suit the circumstances: first it was just a “cult”, then it was a “Satanic cult”, then it was “state-sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control”—essentially, Abe was willing to adapt his brainchild to whatever seemed to be flavour of the month on the conspiracy sites.

      As the conspirasheep seized upon various aspects of the hoax, Abe was happy to emphasise (or de-emphasise) anything that would bring it into the public spotlight, and lend it credence amongst those gullible enough to accept such things at face value. His long criminal history and experience as a professional (but not very successful) fraudster, forger, and con artist served him in good stead.

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      • Whilst extoling the virtues of hemp from his half baked paedostal Christie radiates abject worthlessness and poverty of spirit.Anyone capable of a modicom of discernment will take some heed of these actual results of excessive cannabis usage rather than the hyperbolloxy and verbiage.

        It is highly unlikely the cannabis marketing board will be using Christie as the face of a marketing campaign anytime soon unless of course they too are all completely off their faces.

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  15. This is off topic.
    I see that Ben Bernanke is back in the news, in the US, so I’m inspired to bring this weird & wonderful video to the attention of the video makers around here. All original material, including the music, by a group of talented young men in Massachusetts.

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    • The use of Bernanke’s name & image was just click-baiting (he was in US administration then). Just python-esque silliness showing off their combined vid-making skills.


      • On the Blog Birthday thread, I forgot to give special thanks to everyone who has created the wonderful videos & graphics that make hanging out here so entertaining – doing it now! Thanks, all! 🙂

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  16. Thanks for pulling AC’s story together so concisely. I had missed the UK Calamity Link with the “Finbarr” recording. …Jason Dalton the K-zoo Uber Taxi Driver” triggered by iphone images of DEVIL(red=shoot,, ect.) and Eastern Star” (blue=mercy?) language killed 7 awaiting trial. Was He riled up by the likes of Alex Jones or an Angie? But, never mind because it “was all a hoax”…..GAWD! I could puke.


  17. Urgh. Just hit “publish” by accident on a story I’m still working on. Sorry, everyone who noticed…it’ll be ready at our usual publication time, just past midnight or thereabouts.


    • I’ve got to the point that I can only stand a few sentences from this mad loon. Always “lawful suspects, lawful suspects”. WTF? Is there such a thing as unlawful suspects?
      “Allegations” is another. These creeps use words like this, “alleged” and so on but conclude guilt without proof. Even in a case where it’s been categorically proved it was a hoax.

      As for this “protective custody” claptrap : who in the fucking hell do they think a copper needs to be protected from? They claim every police station and local council is run by a cabal so how in the hell could anyone be protected from them? Their ‘logic’ is as twisted as their minds.

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      • Funny that this satanic empire that has ruined her family for generations hasn’t been able to shut down the hoax, or arrest Ella and Abe. These fruitloops are all the same, claim interference from unknown government entities after them ruining their lives and targeting them, but they can get on youtube just fine and speak out about it all safely. None of it holds up, just paranoid delusions of grandeur and self importance. The Special ones eh?
        They can talk shit for decades but when any of these conspiracists die of a heart attack, cancer, drink/drug issues, or any other pre-existing medical condition they claim cover up/silenced/blah blah blah.

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    • She’s on the fence about the DC Steve story. Anyone who imagines this could possibly be true must be off their heads. Oh I forgot….they’re troofers so they are!

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