Angela’s lies: Garden fence gossip gone mad

It can be very difficult for those of us who are more or less normal to comprehend what makes someone like Angela Power-Disney tick. Watching last week’s video with Angela and Heather Brown/Pru Halliwell (or Andrea Garland, no wait, we mean Susan Garland…or whatever she’s calling herself today) we were struck by the almost complete absence of truth, from start to finish.

Similarly, this snippet of Angie-speak, shared yesterday by Liza Radley, illustrates Angela’s ability to create fiction seemingly from thin air, and then wave it about triumphantly, as though it were truth:

Where to even begin?

We know for a fact that no one at Barnet Social Services has leaked any info—despite Heather Brown’s claim that she called and spoke to someone. Two of our readers, separately, contacted Barnet Social Services with the allegation. Both readers reported back that Barnet took the possibility of a leak seriously, but following internal inquiries, they were able to provide assurances that no one had leaked anything at all about RD or his children.

So it follows that none of what Angie claims about “unsupervised access including weekends away” and “social services saying they are not old enough to get Judge to stop his access” is even remotely true.

Angela claims to have “got info that Abe was a pimp in the past”—yes, she “got info” all right. Once again, straight from Heather Brown, whose acquaintance with the truth is just as distant as Angela’s.

We’ve already discussed Angela’s false allegations about Ella having participated in making child sex abuse videos, and thoroughly debunked them. (Incidentally, we note that the person who Angela claimed gave her the “intel” [no one ever shares gossip with Angie, it’s always “intel”] has fled Facebook, and really, who can blame her?)

Why all the lies?

The phrase “ipsa scientia potestas est” (“knowledge itself is power”) is an old one, appearing in Francis Bacon’s Meditationes Sacrae in 1597. Of course, Bacon was speaking of “knowledge” as belonging to God, but it’s a truism that the person who holds knowledge has an advantage over those who don’t. Several hundred years before Bacon, Imam Ali wrote, “Knowledge is power and it can command obedience. A man of knowledge during his lifetime can make people obey and follow him and he is praised and venerated after his death. Remember that knowledge is a ruler and wealth is its subject”.

Angela’s claims to “special” knowledge, while completely spurious, nevertheless have succeeded in convincing some of the more gullible troofers (those who are still speaking to her, at least). She collects “intel”, and doles it out to her followers as though she’s offering them a precious gift—something they won’t get from anyone else. The fact that none of her “intel” happens to be true is really of no consequence to her, or to them: the power comes in the ability to be seen to have the knowledge…er, excuse us, “intel”.

Now and then, as in the story about Ella and the CSA videos, Angela’s “intel” backfires on her. She lost dozens of previously loyal followers over that one, many of whom defected to the Team Costa. Many people would have called it quits at that point, but not Angela. Without missing a beat, she simply carried on.

Whispers as weapons

Before the advent of the internet, Angela would have been (and probably was) the proverbial garden fence gossip. She’d have been the person who claimed to know everything about everyone, and once you were inside her charmed circle, she’d have told you, in a gleeful whisper, whose husband was seen coming out of another neighbour’s back door in the middle of the night, or which teenaged girl had to be whisked away for a “long holiday” after getting a bit too friendly with a boy down the road.

The neighbourhood gossip uses whispers as weapons. Knowledge, whether true or not, becomes ammunition, to be aimed at anyone who displeases in any way.

Angela denigrates those she doesn’t like—anyone who’s offended her, as Abe and Ella did by turning against her and depriving her of her “special status” within the Hampstead SRA hoax. She saves up “intel”, hoarding bits of malicious gossip, for the inevitable time when her current best friend steps out of line and becomes her bitterest enemy…and they always do. Angela’s friends have learned to their sorrow that anything shared with her can and will be twisted into hateful gossip, and used against them repeatedly.

Betrayal and backstabbing are second nature to her—whatever it takes to help cement her status at the top of the Hoaxtead mobster heap.

In sociological circles, this behaviour falls under the heading of “relational aggression”: it’s a way for an individual to become powerful within their peer group, to be viewed as central to the group.

However, while this behaviour can lead some people to follow someone like Angela, in the end it will work against her, undermining her position as more and more people recognise her gossip and smear tactics for the lying, vicious power grabs that they really are.

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  1. Nicely done, EC 🙂

    Also from yesterday: disabled woman trolled by non-existent Farcebook account, Westminster victims “proven” to be actors and suicide coercion declared acceptable by Jesus (apparently)…

    My, that garden fence is big.

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    • One big difference since the internet came on the scene, of course, is that now gossips can insert RANDOM all-caps words or phrases into their text, to make it look more important.

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  2. “He does not want to lose his job”..surely lose his job and pension, face prosecution and a huge fine and possible jail sentence and a ban from ever working in social services ever again especially where children are concerned.

    Basically he “doesn’t want to totally fuck up his life” (perhaps losing his home without being able to service a mortgage or pay rent) just to speak to a lying scumbag who would throw her own family under the bus if need be.
    Who in the hell does this ratbag think she’s kidding?

    In other news I have an insider at Oldcastle social security office who tells me Angela Power-Disney is being investigated for pension fraud and not declaring income (million$ GoFund Me) and for basically being an ugly-minded harridan who sets out to destroy the reputations of innocent people. He won;t lose his job as it’s to investigate cheap fraudsters and he reckons he’s found a perfect example.

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      • I’ve had my nightly prescription G&T now so I’ve calmed down.

        I get quite angry with these sociopath trolls as my dear friend who just won a court case against this type of stuff is now under a sustained attack from loony trolls just like APD.
        Not only is her father extremely ill which just adds to the stress she has now taken to sleeping with a (licensed) gun under the bed. She has endless sleepless nights as even though she is in the right with the law on her side the attacks from these ghastly internet creeps like APD are relentless.

        A normal person has feelings and is sensitive to these sustained attacks which really have never happened before in history until the birth of the internet. The internet has brought such great advances for us but a terrible side product is that it has given those completely lacking in empathy and with the relentless energy that sociopaths or narcissists have (often why those in business are so successful- I would never mention a name but the word Trump comes to mind) a unique ability to steam roller ordinary humans.

        I hope those kids are made of very strong stuff. God only knows how they may feel in 5 years time. I mean for God’s sake does it every occur to these fools that the father in question also has a family network who must feel puzzled or hurt by these sustained attacks?

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        • “I mean for God’s sake does it ever occur to these fools that the father in question also has a family network who must feel puzzled or hurt by these sustained attacks?”

          …Including a grandmother who was harassed mercilessly by Kris Costa, the lowlife scum that she is.

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          • I’ve recently learned that the grandmother died very shortly after Kris Costa wrote that revolting post. I don’t know that the two events are linked, but I do think it’s likely that RD’s entire family knew about the attacks against him, and suffered because of them.

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    • Outrageous scammer. Hypocritical seller of dreams that can never come true. Deliberate fraud. No wonder she is maliciously reporting Mc Kenzies Devils, and slagging off Doazic. Maybe like others, adjoining with the Hampstead hoaxers will be her downfall.

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    • What a SCAMMER, CON WOMAN “Hope Girl” is!

      Who in their right mind would pay more than $5?

      I wouldn’t pay a cent, as one I’m not interested and two it is blatantly a load of old bollox.

      As if this Porker from the States knows jack shit apart from how to SCAM people.

      Does she have any Engineering or Electrical qualifications?

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        • One thing I would like to point out is that his claim of being selftaught doesnt actually mean he didnt know anything about it, I am also`self taught’ in the electronics field (altho trained as an electrical fitter)
          I built my first working (valve) radio at 8 from scrapped tv’s from my grandads shed on a piece of chipboard, wired with self tapping screws to hold the wires together
          at 9 I wired my nans laundry up for 240vac so she could use an electric washing machine instead of the hand driven one she had used up until then
          13 I bought (well mum did) my first computer and within days had pulled it apart and made modifications to it for extra memory
          14 converted a 23 channel PLL cb to 120 channels (totally illegal) plus had several home brewed cb antenna and a home brewed `footwarmer’ (illegal linear amplifier, used to boost CB radios waaaay above their legal limits 100w instead of 12w)
          15 made a multichannel computer driven programmable light chaser for use with stage lighting for a band (was in use until mid 2000’s)
          17 started apprenticeship as an electrical fitter (first actual `formal’ training in electronics/electrical)
          I spent from 1996 until 4 years ago designing and manufacturing/repairing electronics both for retail (small business) and in the mining industry (computerised bulk liquid flow controllers via the internet)

          Never actually got around to getting formal qualifications in the electronics field, didnt stop me tho

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    • One thing that gave me a chuckle was Angela promoting this amazing unlimited energy machine on Facebook, on the exact same page that she was begging for money to pay her electric bills 😀

      Couldn’t make it up, could you?

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      • Priceless! Just like how she accuses people of defamation, whilst accusing a whole community of being part of a satanic baby eating pedophile death cult, based on no evidence except the words of two tortured children who later recanted as soon as they were safe from child abusing lifelong criminal Abraham Christie.

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          • I’m just being mean.

            She is quite a bit overweight, not just say 10 pounds or even 10 kilos but about 5 stone.

            It’s a bit much and she surely must have the prize for the No.1 FATTEST Scammer?


          • I try to avoid any comments on her that are just personal abuse; anyone can get fat, we aren’t all beautiful and nobody’s getting any younger. However the hoaxers are generally incredibly judgemental and superficial. The way they interpret the tiniest gesture in a photo as indicating “satanism” or some vast photoshopped government conspiracy is just mad. Really they deserve most of the abuse they attract.


  4. “The royals changed the law when this stuff started to surface after Savile´s death…making them exempt from questioning or dna testing” *

    Er…when did this happen, Angela?

    And more importantly, since when have the Royal Family been allowed to change the law?

    * Source:

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    • Savile was banned from going near the Duchess of Wessex after he groped her back in the ’90s. I think he was much less in favour with the Royals and the establishment than he liked to make out.


  5. Angie Power-Disney‏ @angiepowerdisne 55s55 seconds ago

    Good reason to believe Intel that D.C.MARTIN of #Hampstead infamy has gone into protective custody to WHISTLEBLOW
    Watch this space


        • I wonder if Angela’s “source” is as trustworthy as the one she outed last week? The one who instantly packed up her fake-name account and fled Facebook, that is.

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        • When Wesley posted on my page, in reaction, snarling, accusing, Angela Power Disney, jumped straight in, Wesley Tagged those same people and more, so I removed the post, so as not to drag them in, at that time……. But they will need to now take some heed of evidence, of the facts…… I was concerned when Daniiel appeared on Shurters, shitshow….. Phil is obviously building well, with strong support, but he needs to allow people around him to work at creating boundaries, to keep scammers, abusers, cybercriminals, away from victims. I’ll be trying to put together some comprehensive tools, for people……. meantime, they all have my number, we have all spoken before…….. I’m happy to clear up any misunderstandings, but am not happy that our survivors panel members are enabling this, by default….it seems……
          But the shabby heroes, like bill maloney, icke and gerrish, put on a good show, created a good illusion, but they have been sabotaging you guys, and many other groups, activists, events.
          I would imagine though now, especially with recent Ambassador David Lean, that some resourceful investigation can be done, and that we can create some much more significant and beautiful events.
          As I commented to David on Join The Dots, today, Survivors have needed more, support, special needs recognition, for decades, we have been saying this, for decades…… The millions spent on the inquiry so far is not yet producing real results.
          I know people with horrific internal injuries, PSTD for decades, untreated, maligned, stigmatised, labelled, drugged, re victimised, Yet they have struggled on, some incredible long term, committed, perserverence has brought the inquiries into being. They deserve some better help, quickly.
          It looks to me, as if the hoaxers have interfered in our inquiries and growth for decades, and still are now, globally, and some where some nasty people are pulling nasty strokes….. I reckon….
          Then it goes down levels, to all the people that this blog highlights.


  6. Yes, claims to possessing “special knowledge” lie at the base of all conspiracy theorizing. This was brilliantly explicated in Hofstadter’s “The Paranoid Style in American Politics”, way back in 1964!

    As previously mentioned here, there was a peculiar style of pseudo-Christian, pseudo-Gnostic, literature produced circa 1st century – 4th century AD, in which various biblical figures including Jesus and Mother Mary supposedly answer questions that only a heaven-connected entity could possibly know the answer to. For example, the exact nature of the divine punishments meted out to various classes of sinners. The point of this fantasy literature was to “prove” that these biblical figures MUST share in Gawd’s divinity, since they clearly possess “special heavenly knowledge”.

    And of course, prophets & pseudo-prophets need to demonstrate they really are divinely inspired in a similar manner, they have to know things they could not know unless Gawd himself, (or his angels), were whispering directly into their dreams, visions, etc. A more recent example of this would be Emanuel Swedenborg, whose “divinely inspired” writings form the basis of the Swedenborgian Church – still active to this day. Swedenborg claimed that the precise layout of “the kingdom of heaven” was revealed to him, right down to maps of where various biblical characters live in relation to each other, in Gawd’s heavenly city.

    Maybe someone else can save me a ton of pointless search efforts, by answering this. Did Abrella ever specify exactly what the alleged satanic genital tattoos are supposed to look like?

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  7. I knew it! I knew this was going to be the STUPIDEST conspiraloon-faked “evidence” I’ve ever heard of!

    Hahahahahaha- OMG – hahahaha!!

    Seriously? Horned faces? hahahaha!!

    Naturally 🙂
    Inspired by Pan, because he was surely Satan? WRONG!
    Inspired then by the ancient stag-headed god Cernunnos, because he was surely Satan? WRONG!
    Inspired at least by Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet, because that must certainly be Satan? WRONG!

    OMG. The most childish, hollywood inspired understanding of “Satan” & “Satanism” – THAT is all this supposedly ultra-sophisticated international cult of Satan worshippers could come up with to symbolize themselves? They must surely have ridden on brooms then, and been obsessed with the number 13 and ouija boards – like Dr Pazder believed? The same childish understanding of an Abe, or an Ella, or an Angie?

    What a farce. How does this nonsense even manage to perpetuate itself? It’s beyond me…

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    • Justin, if you check out the CathyFoxBlog, it had a long post with Fiona Barnetts drawings, That’s why they and Researching Reform are on my Blacklist, because they link with Sabine, Belinda, Hoaxers, But there are probably similarities, I could never study them,


      • Great Scott! What piles of poop over there on Ms Fox’s blog. That’s a shame, yet another CSA victim advocate succumbs to fantasy bullshit and goes off the deep end.
        And all those references to the totally discredited “Project Monarch” fantasy, not to mention the infamous Fritz Springmeier and his disturbed fantasies. If it really was possible to turn little children into mind-controlled sex slaves, Fritz would for certain be churning themselves out HIMSELF, for his own pleasure. That’s how sick & twisted he really is.

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        • I openly challenged Cathyfox on Twitter, along with others, i recieved quite a hostile reaction or just avoidance. It was when i decided to contact John Brown downunder, cos i knew he;d be straight, honest, what was Fiona Barnett, with regards to Australian groups, survivors, etc, he immediately sent me the Pedohunterdownunder, recorded death threats/admitted defamation of good advocates, who have been very involved in different, but important ways, with the Royal Commission.
          It was shocking, I knew the others, so contacted them, to find, Kathy a wonderful, support, to many, over 8 plus years, that i have witnessed…….being harrassed in vile ways….
          So the videos went up, I published the connections to Fiona Barnett, via Sabine McNeill, Angelala, etc, and all at once, visited some oz groups to find spam hampstead comments. Some common types, and their responses to me, challenging them, were vile.
          At the same time, a page appeared, as if it belonged to Tim Minchin, as he was raising funds so pell had to face survivors……….in Rome..
          They too had a mirrored video on Youtube, and were setting up a fundraiser, which was going through to fiona barnyard……..and pals, like sh hurter, disney, ???????? could have raised alot.
          Pure fluke, with timing, that they were caught, foiled, so ………well, then what was written about me, became more vicious.
          It’s been quite a journey……… I hope that makes enough sense, my fingers are faster than my brain 🙂 and going from 1 to 10 is exhilirating 🙂
          Anyway, i think that was when the CSA Blacklist was formed on my blog, which needs some work, as does the Whitelist…..


          • Sheva, if you ever need a local for Aussie stuff, feel free to ask me and I can poke around


  8. Inquisitors: Knock-knock!
    Innocent wife: Oh! the Inquisition is here, dear, put your plastic horns on.
    Innocent husband (wearing plastic horns): Hello? Can I help you?
    Inquisitors: Eeeeeks!
    Innocent husband: That’s right! Oooga-booga! Now run away a lot at this time, and don’t come back!

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      • Quatloos has some extremely astute legal people on it and have been watching this for a while

        I’m not a member there, but it’s a good resource for finding out about these types (esp FMOTL/ sov cit ones) have their own subforum, with a further 3 set aside for the UK, USA and Canada many familiar names will be found looking through the topics there

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        • I like reading the Quatloos website as well. As you say Steved it’s great for reading up on the FMOTL folks and our friend Neelu is even written about on there.

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    • ” `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
      Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
      All mimsy were the borogoves,
      And the mome raths outgrabe”.

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    • To all of David’s supporters – I hope you can live with promoting a gross, disgusting, panhandling psychotic who claims to be both the Anti-Christ and The Second Coming of Christ, who is an unrepentant apologist for convicted pedophiles, and who has publicly confessed to molesting and “beating the shit out of” his own 3 year old nephew.
      But if you can, then you must be either delusional or a POS yourselves.

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    • Wow, so concious, loving, christ like …….NOT You are all acting like groupies, probably just hoping David will go off the edge and get sectioned or imprisoned or do something stupid, then you can all quote him as clickbait, like all the other crooks, scammers, and what it is that he is, cos i’m not Sure, but hes gone hurter more if he doesn’t stop, and i neither wish, nor hope for that……his groupies encourage, probably just fakes, who need mouthpieces, so they can quote their bullshit, on on their hoaxing, hawking, abusing way.
      That is to people, who could be taking responsiblility if they actually care.

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  9. GAWD.They are So despicable. How dare they make this crap up about DC Martin and everyone else. Phuc that noise Spiny! We will see them in chains.


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