Teach your children: How conspiracy theories damage kids

Late Thursday evening, conspiracy-touting shock jock Alex Jones received some very bad news. As we noted last week, Mr Jones had been involved in a custody battle with his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, over their three children. Just before midnight local time, after nine hours of deliberation by a jury, Mr Jones lost sole custody of the children, aged 9, 12, and 14. The court awarded Ms Jones joint custody, with the right to choose where the children should live.

At various points, the very public trial almost seemed to become a trial of Mr Jones’ public statements, which have ranged from allegations that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was a fraud, in which children were employed as “crisis actors” and no real children died, to a 31 December 1999 broadcast in which he alleged that 100,000 were dead in Chechnya, rocket attacks had begun in the USA, stores wererunning out of food in Austin, Texas, and the military was moving in.

Mr Jones’ lawyer attempted to downplay his client’s bombastic, far-fetched on-air claims by saying that it was all an act, and that Mr Jones is a “performance artist”; but almost immediately, Mr Jones contradicted his lawyer, asserting on his InfoWars show, “They’ve got articles out today that say I’m fake, all of this other crap. Total bull….The media is deceiving everywhere. I 110% believe what I stand for”.

During the trial, Ms Jones accused her ex-husband of attempting to mould their children into conspiracy theorists. According to Rolling Stone, “Kelly’s lawyers argued that Jones is unstable both on and off camera, and that he ‘intends to enmesh the children’ into his profession. ‘That’s his plan for them,’ Newman said, according to the Huffington Post. Jones told the court that his 14-year-old son is interested in working for InfoWars and has ‘done some great reports for us'”.

Given the nature of the falsehoods Mr Jones regularly spews on air, this is alarming: it’s one thing to make outrageous claims to the public as some sort of perverse “performance art”, but quite another to subject young children to those views, and encourage them to create their own conspiracy theories.

In fact, this is an issue we find concerning with respect to certain people who promote the Hampstead SRA hoax: do they discuss their bizarre views with their own young children? And if so, what impact is that having?

Children tend to absorb their parents’ opinions as fact, and lack the ability to challenge them. So what to make, then, of parents who believe that the world is run by a dastardly cabal of cannibalistic paedophile Satanists?

During the Jones trial, Ms Jones’ lawyers “sought to prove that exposure to conspiratorial thinking and easily disproved theories can be injurious to children”, according to an article on Fatherly.com.

“Children don’t have the cognitive resources yet to process information in a healthy way,” says [psychologist Dr Laurie Berdahl]. “And studies show they are not good at all in assessing the credibility of that information.”

[T]he danger truly begins when that information starts to sow paranoia in the home. Conspiracy theories are made to destabilize. The belief that pure malevolence has infiltrated the highest levels of government, for instance, creates profound distrust in institutions and other people. For children, this means that the world starts to look like a dangerous place.

While some who believe in conspiracy theories would argue that they are making their children’s worlds “safer” by helping prepare them for a world full of child-raping, baby-eating lizard people, most child psychologists would disagree. The paranoia that accompanies these beliefs leads to fearfulness and a sense of isolation, much as in some isolationist religious cults. Children who grow up in the presence of these beliefs can become fearful…and they often lack the ability to discern truth from fiction.

But it’s not the worst situation borne of exposure to conspiracy theories, by far. [Dr Laurie] Berdahl suggests that the internalized fear, anxiety and paranoia from parents, or direct exposure to conspiratorial information, could promote “aggrieved entitlement.” Berdahl characterizes aggrieved entitlement as a psychological state that elicits strong violent reactions to perceived injustice. The term was coined by sociologist Michael Kimmel to describe a sentiment often harbored by terrorists and mass shooters. “When an entitled young person perceives they’re being treated unfairly or cruelly by a class or group of people, this grievance can cause rage and result in violent revenge,” Berdahl says. And the root of the most tenacious conspiracy theories tends to be a lack of fairness and overwhelming cruelty at the hands of some unseen other.

To us, teaching children to believe in conspiracy theories sounds a great deal like a form of emotional child abuse. Ironically, parents who believe that they are fighting to “save” children from fictional cults may be doing their own children no favours.

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  1. Thank you for this nice little bit of reportage, EC.

    I’m not surprised Jones lost. It seems that he backed himself into a corner: admit you’re a performance artist, thereby saving your career as a conspiraturd but gaining custody of your kids; or say you meant every word you said, thereby preserving your conspraturd career but losing your kiddy custody 🙂

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  2. That reminds me of a court case a few years back involving one of the Telegraph’s weirdo owners the Barclay brothers.

    He failed to turn up in court for something or other he was being sued over, saying that he was too ill to attend. However, when another newspaper reported that he was ill, he realised how being seriously ill could affect public confidence in him – and thereby the Telegraph Group’s share prices, presumably – so attempted to sue said newspaper for libel. So…admit you’re ill and lose your libel case…or claim to be the picture of health and get done for contempt of court…? 😀

    Thanks for reporting this, by the way, EC. Very interesting news and it’s nice to see someone get the better of that piggy-eyed web-footed wanker.

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  3. Due to Hoax Girl’s tendency to ramble incomprehensibly, I can’t tell whether this is a death threat or not…

    …But fuck it – I’ve reported it anyway.

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  4. “Admit you’re a performance artist, thereby saving your career as a conspiraturd but gaining custody of your kids; or say you meant every word you said, thereby preserving your conspraturd career but losing your kiddy custody”

    And he appears to have chosen the latter. I guess his career as a tenth-rate shock jock means more to him than his children do. Or am I being too judgmental?

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  5. I told AJ long ago they will take your kids like they did my Daughter but I just wrote a crappy book and made up a story about her being a prisoner of the State in a Mental Ward and Enjoyed pretending to be an MK with my pervy BF Marc Fillips bilking all the Twoofers and showing my Devil-faced twunt on-line while lying about my family and celebs for Dollars! 🍕🍕🍕🍦🍦🍦🍗🍗🍗< <<Abe's Fav chikin!

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  6. ‘Anatomy of a free energy scam’
    May 29, 2014 by MrEricSir


    “Back in September a ‘free energy machine’ which had crowdfunded a bunch of money on IndieGoGo came to my attention. When I followed up later, I found this same project had not one but two more crowdfunding campaigns, raising a grand total of $57,590.

    Now if you really built a free energy device — that is to say a device that takes no input and emits electricity (or something that can be converted to electricity, such as motion) — you would not settle for less than $60,000. The device would be worth hundreds of billions of dollars if not more. The amount saved on coal mining and oil drilling alone would be astronomical.

    Of course, anyone who remembers anything from their high school physics class knows that energy has to come from somewhere. That doesn’t stop people from trying the impossible; there’s dozens of websites and forums on the internet for those who “just want to believe.” But most of those people simply have strange ideas and too much time on their hands — they’re not asking people to pony up tens of thousands of dollars so they can take a free vacation around the world…”


    “…Naima Feagin, aka Hope Girl, runs an organization with the completely understated title ‘Fix The World’. According to her LinkedIn profile, this organization came about after exposing a massive conspiracy:

    ‘In 2012 Naima conducted a research project under the pen name “HopeGirl” that exposed hidden levels of global financial issues and their effects on society. This research resulted in a book of solutions written by 300 people from 37 countries titled “How to Fix the World” which quickly went viral on the hopegirl2012@wordpress.com [sic] blog’

    Sure enough, Hope Girl’s first blog post blames ‘the Cabal’, a nefarious group who control all major corporations and the government. Obviously their secret goal is to start World War 3 to establish a global currency system, which they’ve already begun by causing banking scandals. What the Cabal doesn’t want us to know is that free energy is real, crop circles mean we’ve encountered aliens, etc. etc. She even cites a discredited Iranian scientist who has his own personal model of the sub-atomic universe. Yikes.

    She goes on to claim that in six months (from August 2012) we’ll all see that this is true because a resistance movement will have changed everything:

    There will be enough food and water for everyone…’
    ‘Many people will not have to get sick, suffer and die…’
    ‘There will be free energy for everyone.’
    ‘New technology will dramatically change the way we live and do commerce, making interstellar travel possible for everyone.’

    How do we know this is true? Well of course: ‘This is the future that I am choosing to believe in.’ Sounds like someone read ‘The Secret’!

    Surprisingly, there was never a follow up post after six months that explained why this future didn’t occur in six months. I guess we’re stuck with the 2,000+ years as predicted by Star Trek?”


    “Clearly, WITTS makes some pretty wild claims. But what are claims without proof? Well, WITTS would love to prove to you that their technology is sound, provided you’ll make some pretty sizable donations to their sister group, Enlightened Technology. The plans alone cost $300, and the required training starts at $1,000 an hour. Yikes!

    Hope Girl’s stepfather found out about the WITTS quantum generator, somehow decided it was real, and decided to copy it without the help of WITTS and/or Jesus 2.0. Their new device would be called the Quantum Energy Generator, and Robitaille’s electrical expertise could bring this device to every corner of the world.

    But WITTS countered back, explaining on their page Identifying Counterfeits:

    ‘World Improvement Ministries HAS OVER 300 independent Engineers that have made video testimonies and/or audio testimonies and or written, signed and notarized sworn to under oath, written testimonies of each of their independent verifications.’

    It would be interesting to compare the list of those 300 engineers with the ‘300 people from 37 countries’ Hope Girl mentioned, wouldn’t it? Or is 300 just a number you pull out of your ass when you wish to sound like many people agree with you?”


    Etc… 😀


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  7. Hmmm and I bet I know how he will do it….

    he’ll get it into `resonance’ and hook up a couple of multimeters to show its `making more power’ than its inputing (probably via a dc motor to drive it)
    meters on dc input to drive motor show `X’ volts and amps, mulitply to get wattage used to drive motor
    meters on output will show `Y’ which at certain frequencies will be magically larger than `X’, showing overunity……

    Now huddle round close folks, because I’m about to show how the magician does his magic trick…

    The trick is in that statement `around 2.4KHz’
    AC voltage meters and power meters are almost universally designed to run on 50 or 60hz mains power systems- what runs ya lights in ya houses 😉
    The meters are usually measuring peak voltages, and they `assume’ that it is a 50/60 Hz AC waveform (because most are)- the meter then uses that assumption to find the rms (root mean square) of the peak to peak value to give you the voltage it displays on the screen (ie 110vac, or 220/230/240vac, depending on where you are in the world)

    Now the sneaky part is that if the waveform ISNT 50/60Hz, then the calculated value shown on the screen wont be the actual rms value it would actually be if measured on a `true rms’ meter (they can be bought but are VERY expensive, and in 99% of jobs arent required, so very much an unusual beast to have lying around)

    So by using this false `calculated’ rms value instead of the real rms value, you can make it show more power coming out than is going in- and its all done `legit’, the meters havent been fiddled with, you can bring and use your own (normal) meters, and it still happens- its a trick only a few electrical people are aware of (funnily enough radio engineers are one group who would definitely know about it -hmmm)

    So no magic, no overunity power for nothing, just a cheap confidence trickster

    (i have seen many on utube, some simply dont know and may believe they are getting power for nothing, others definitely know, and are trying to transfer $$ from your wallet to theirs)

    I think that given his work history given in that post, he falls definitely in the 2nd category- or he was the most inept tech on the planet…

    I’ll leave that up to the readers to decide

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  8. Oddly, according to the Austin American-Statesman, Mr Jones’ show wasn’t the deciding factor:

    As the last juror left, unlocking his bicycle from a bike rack outside the courthouse for the ride home on the cooly comfortable night, he said the jurors thought both Joneses were good parents. “That’s why we deliberated so long,” he said.

    The juror, who did not identify himself, said that Infowars did not figure in the verdict.

    “It was not dispositive,” he said.

    Rather, according to the Daily Beast, Ms Jones argued that her children had been turned against her:

    Kelly’s defense has centered on the concept of parental alienation, and an attempt to portray Alex as having severely manipulated his children against their mother in a form of deep emotional abuse and who is “erasing positive memories” of their mother.

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  9. I see that Angela No Power is taking the credit for a 6th Mc Kenzies Devils YouTube channel having bitten the dust.

    What is wrong with these people and her supporters like John Duane?

    People need to hear both sides of an argument/story to make their own minds up, not just the sick and “James Bond” type fantasies of No Power and her side kicks.

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  10. MKD expect their channels to go down courtesy of Angela and Hoax Girl. They factor that into their planning, I understand. In fact, they’ve stated that they want them to be removed, as it’s damning evidence of the aforementioned Jesus freaks’ desperation to stop the truth getting out.

    If MKD really were perturbed about it, they’d move over to Vimeo or VidMe, where videos are much harder to get taken down, but they haven’t. I suggested it to them some time ago but they said they were getting way too much out of showing Angie and Hoax Girl up on YouTube 😀

    And they have plenty of spare YT channels anyway. I’d take a punt that this is the one they’ll use next (but don’t quote me on that):


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  11. You’re welcome, it’s something I happen to share with him in that sense, as I played around with both CBs and `ham’ radio for many years (still own both a couple of cbs and a few amateur radio rigs) and have worked in the electronics industry for many years, having designed and build many circuits over the last 40 years.
    So I have a pretty good idea of the `tricks’ many use to get their false readings- like I said many utube beginners do get fooled by the `quirks’ of the metering systems used into believing they have indeed cracked the `overunity’ wall

    Some people might wonder why the RMS value is so important in AC power, why not just use the peak to peak on the meters screen?- that would stop all this problem?

    It comes down to the work done
    In a DC (battery) system, you have your voltage and your current, multiply them to get the wattage (power) consumed by the load

    eg 12VDC, drawing 1A gives 12W (V times A = W)
    now I wont shift the voltage, so assume you are using a 12v transformer (plugpack or walwart) so it makes it simpler
    we get our 12VAC walwart and again plug in our lightbulb
    assume we measure it as 12VAC Peak to Peak with our not standard meter (usually we would use an oscilloscope, you can see one up above in his picture- looks like a TV screen with heaps of extra knobs)

    we plug it in and- hey our lightbulb is hardly lighting up at all- dull little glow…
    thats no good to us, so we bump up the voltage until its the same brightness- but now we are measuring up around 18VAC peak to peak!!!
    what we want is to have it the same brightness as our DC supplied bulb

    So we use a RMS (root mean square) meter instead of one measuring peak to peak
    magically the power consumption (and the brightness) of our 12VAC system matches the brightness of our 12VDC system- thats what we want- to make both bulbs do the same effective work

    So our 12v works when plugged into the ohms law equations etc irregardless of whether its AC or DC- so thats why we use RMS meters

    but they do assume that they are being fed 50/60 Hz sinewave AC voltages, fiddle with either the waveform (triangular, square instead of sinewave), or fiddle with the frequency (2400Hz in his quote instead of 50/60 Hz) and the internal magic bits dont show the right number on the screen anymore

    OK I’ll stop now (groans of relief heard echoing)

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  12. ….I am glad the parental alienation syndrome is becoming something people are aware of. I think it is a hugely under-reported form of abuse, and rightly, this jury took it very seriously. It is practiced by both sexes, and does not respect but abuses children. As someone who suffered this form of abuse from a stepmother towards an already dead mother, my inability to defend her, and the rage that constant unfair criticism creates as those criticisms might as well have been made against me – as every child who experiences this carries the genes of the parent being criticised. It is indeed a form of abuse that is ‘carried’ by the poor child who has to hear the messages of hatred towards part of themselves. After time, the child runs away or somehow leaves the corrosive situation. This type of behaviour erodes the self-worth of the children involved, and creates a pervasive form low self-esteem during those delicate, formative years. It is something that can have consequences for life. It is a form of cruelty and rightly should be seen as such. I only wish I could go back in time and defend my mother, with an adult voice. And more.

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  13. Talking of high school physics -“30,000 volts of reactive power” Well for a start “power” isn’t measured in Volts. We’d need to know what current is flowing (in Amperes) and be multiply the two together to give us the power in Watts. – You can “generate” 100,000V just by wearing some artificial fibres and walking across a nylon carpet in a dry room. The proof of this is when you touch a filing cabinet or a radiator and discharge the lot suddenly to earth with a crack. It might nip a bit but there is no real “power” there because very little current flows.

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  14. The other side of the trick is of course that they focus entirely on the voltage that’s being “produced” and conflate that with the power being output….. And he’s right about the meters of course – they’re OK in a relatively narrow band from about 20Hz to maybe 200Hz but become increasingly inaccurate as the frequency increases -as you might with the output of an alternator that isn’t “governed” to give a particular AC frequency. And he conflates other terms too….. “Reactive power”? Reactance is the opposition of a circuit element to a change in current or voltage, due to that element’s inductance or capacitance. And it causes all sorts of fun and games when you actually start distributing AC and running things off it. So what exactly does he mean by “Reactive power”

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  15. Sorry, I just read that back and realised what I wrote was ambiguous; what I meant to say is Steve is right about the meters not measuring correctly outside a narrow band of frequencies. -And that the QED guy is misleading people by focusing only on voltage output.

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  16. I say to Naima – Luke 6:27 – ““But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,”

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  17. I say to Naima – Book of Sam 5:23 “Yah the Lord sayeth- ye who take my name in vain and use it to flog faulty goods like a perpetual motion machine to my flock I shall smite you and report ye to federal authorities”.

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  18. I have never before come across such a bunch of FAKE Christians as this lot. You can find lots of different viewpoints in the bible and what you choose to quote says a lot about your own personall standpoint and psychology. You wanna bash people? Find passages about bashing people. You wanna make peace? Find passages about making peace.
    I’ve come to the conclusion it doesn’t matter what you believe. It matters how you act and how you treat people. If there is an afterlife and a judgement I think you’ll be judged on your actions and not whether you said all the right words to the right people.
    Anyone can stand up and quote Genesis or Exodus or whatever. But can they walk through their lives being honest and decent towards people? For me that’s the important thing.

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  19. Those commentators lack insight, whereas your article demonstrates insight.
    Infowars, and Alex Jones’ “parental alienation” efforts, are both expressions of the evil in his heart – the same evil he hoped to transfer to his children by teaching them his professed conspiranoid beliefs. It’s all part & parcel.

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  20. Thanks, JS–I feel the same about the parental alienation thing. To my mind, trying to convince children to hate a parent who loves them and trying to convince the public of evil conspiracies are really part of a larger, very ugly picture. Now, who do we know who’ve also done this? (CoughAbe&Ellacough)

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  21. Yeah, it seems Arthur has been trolling Roger Flutterby on all the old Angela threads on his videos. Roger responded by politely pointing out that Angela isn’t to be trusted. I don’t think Angela likes being accused of things.

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  22. criminal harassment – tick
    libel – tick
    slander – tick
    defamation – tick
    cyber stalking – tick

    These are the activities she has recently done…

    Oh she’s complaining about them being done to her????
    I thought she was listing all the things she’s done in the last few videos and I kinda was wondering why she was bothering to tell us about having done them- we already know this angie!

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  23. So yeah, the court sooo made the right decision not to convict Spivey over his harassment of Lee Rigby’s family, weren’t they. He’s clearly learnt his bloody lesson, hasn’t he. Oh wait.

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  24. “Pond Life” was a funny show. Angela and Co-conspirators are Mud Puddle Scum Life! Imagine that Nutty R4 still not getting how APD set him up! What was that cop’s name again? Another Manic Tear? Projection is the name of their Lyin Liars tellin Lies Game. Tick Tock!

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  25. I can’t read all Spivey’s stuff.

    Well I could, but I can’t be bothered.

    Why doesn’t he condense it down?

    I won’t be the only one that can’t be bothered.

    Talk about waffle on.

    I can’t stand the way he is so aggressive asking for money all the time.

    I wonder if Angela has donated to him? Seeing as she is a fan and all that.

    Possibly using the money JC has donated to her?

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  26. A very sad example of a mothers mental illness, belief in SRA conspiracy theories and how so called therapists who believe in this nonsense can lead to the death of an innocent disabled child.
    A warning to these types of people who think it is harmless to push Satanic Panic stories, Multipersonality disorder/DID, and other conspiracy theories, because it only takes one mentally unstable person to belief in it all, for a child to lose their life.

    “Thursday, May 08, 2015, multimillionaire Manhattan socialite, Gigi Jordan, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the manslaughter of her eight-year old autistic son, Jude Michael Mirra.
    Jordan never denied that she had intended to kill her child by way of forced pill overdose five years previous in a New York City hotel. To her troubled mind, the forced pill overdose was a “mercy killing”, preserving the child from the inevitable horrors he was to suffer at the hands of an unseen, yet omnipresent, Satanic cult conspiracy.
    Warning signs of Jordan’s dangerous state-of-mind had been clear for years. Jordan expressed deeply paranoid, irrational fears that the cult was actively tracking her every activity while ritually abusing Jude into a state of trauma-induced cognitive disability (he was, in fact, severely autistic).”

    “The stories Ms. Jordan would tell of her son’s suffering at the hands of a Satanic conspiracy were indeed convoluted. By her own telling, she never left the boy’s side, yet she would report that Jude communicated to her (not that she witnessed) that he had been made to receive electric shocks to his genitals, forced “to drink blood, kill animals and have sex with several babysitters and close relatives.”[2]”

    “Jude was 7 years old when Florida-based “trauma therapist” Carol Crow diagnosed him with Multiple Personality Disorder (more recently known as Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID]). It’s a diagnosis that is problematic even in ideal therapeutic settings, as the condition enjoys no scientific validation and is largely viewed as discredited. In Jude’s case, however, such a diagnosis is further complicated in that it was arrived at by analysis of the boy’s own self-reports — reports he was clearly unable to convey in reality, but that were manufactured in his name via “facilitated communication”.”


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  27. Especially relevant with the things Shurter has been coming out with regarding people should kill their children.

    Extracts from Spiny’s comment on last thread.

    “I am the second coming. I have abilities that no one else has. I have the power to command.

    My first command is that all of your children are slaughtered. Coz the only way to stop this evil and save the children that you have…the only thing that will save them is death, because otherwise your evil is going to taint them and the best way to stop this is to get rid of your children.

    And that also goes for the duplex. I know you guys watch this, so let me tell you – after you’ve lost your child and once you’ve lost it, everyone will see that I had nothing to do with it, that it was directed by Heaven and the angels are the ones who are doing it. And when it happens, I just want you to know you will never have another, neither of you, with each other or anyone else. You will be barren and alone…

    It’s about fucking retribution and that is what I am going to have…I have claimed your children… They are all about to die…”


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  28. Maybe someone could edit that if they have the time and make it clear it was Spiny quoting David Shurter, not Spiny saying those awful things. Thanks if it is necessary if not no need to reply 🙂


  29. Terribly, terribly tragic.
    There have been more than one, similar, tragedy by the way. Woman murdering their own child to “save” them from wholly imaginary abuse. And when you think about it, not that different from the children murdered by relatives supposedly attempting to ‘exorcise’ The Devil out of them.

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  30. I’m very disappointed in this new Second Coming claimant. He’s still so relentlessly, painfully, BORING.
    I was hoping for a more entertaining manifestation, like this one:

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  31. Doh! Now I see what you were saying. When Dipstick Shyster said this:

    “Coz the only way to stop this evil and save the children that you have…the only thing that will save them is death, because otherwise your evil is going to taint them and the best way to stop this is to get rid of your children”.

    He was expressing the same, essential, homicidal fantasy. A fantasy wherein, children are in danger of becoming “tainted by evil”, and the only way to “save them” would be to kill them. If that’s what you’re saying, then I agree with you.

    Sicko pervert Dr Lawrence Pazder, the inventor of the terms “satanic ritual abuse” and “ritualistic abuse”, expressed a similar type of concern, except that the evidence suggests he was privately turned on by his fantasy scenario. Dr Pazder fantasized that subjecting 4 year olds to a long term & systematic ordeal of rape and sexual torture would cause them to “become evil” and crave the ultimate perversion of being Satan’s personal sex slave.

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  32. Yes, I can only imagine the pain and rage that must result from that kind of abuse. In a way, though, it sounds to me as though the rage was a healthy symptom, as it means that you were aware that your mother was being maligned, and it made you very appropriately angry. The alternative—which happens to far too many children including (we’re told) the Jones’ kids—is to believe the lying parent and accept their version of reality. Ultimately this can only result in confusion and distress, especially as the kids grow older and realise that the maligned parent was not, in fact, the evil uncaring monster they were made out to be.

    I believe this is what happened with RD’s children, once they were free from Abe and Ella’s toxic influence. Both of them expressed the desire to remain far away from their mother, who with Abe’s help had attempted to turn them against their father. And even when Ella tried to blackmail them into writing to the judge to say they wished to be returned to Ella, they refused. They were angry, with very good reason, and I believe that this will stand them in good stead as they grow older.

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  33. Yeah that what I was trying to say about the dangers of people whether online, in the real world or even heaven forbid therapist’s pushing the satanic ritual abuse and MPD/DID agenda.

    The people who truly seem to belive in this and make youtube videos about SRA and Mind control etc or even comment, some of them are just conspiracy theories for financial gain, or continue to make videos because people give them positive feedback. Some of them are mentally ill, but dangerous, especially when one of their followers gets the idea into their head that invisible demonic forces are attacking their child or children.

    For example that lady I posted a video of a while ago that had been re-remembering satanic ritual abuse and also encouraging her children to make up stories and then believing them.
    I won’t link or mention her, but she was the one with the nice garage and home.

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  34. From Richard Beck’s Book “We Believe the Children…”

    “Schreiber’s book never said these rituals were specifically satanic, but in the same year that Sybil was published, a psychiatrist working in British Columbia began seeing a new patient. Dr. Lawrence Pazder was in his early forties, a married Catholic with children, when he embarked on a course of intensive psychotherapy with a twenty-seven-year-old patient named Michelle Proby. He ran his psychiatric practice out of the Fort Royal Medical Centre in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, and he shared facilities with four other psychiatrists.73 In 1980, having left their respective spouses and married each other after seven years of off-and-on treatment, Pazder and Proby, the latter using the pseudonym Michelle Smith, published their coauthored account of what they had discovered together. It was called Michelle Remembers.

    The book is a tour-de-force of un-self-awareness. It is, on the one hand, an unwittingly faithful document of the sequence of therapeutic disasters whereby doctor and patient came to believe that Michelle had not only been abused as a child by her psychotic mother but also that she had been handed over to an organized and secretive satanic cult whose leader was named Malachi. On the other hand, the book also fails to avoid documenting the doctor-patient love affair that grew out of therapy and served as that therapy’s true motivation and substance. Their descriptions of each other read like classroom love notes passed from one desk to another.”

    “Michelle told Dr. Pazder that the man’s name was Malachi, and she told him not as an adult woman but in the frightened voice of a five-year-old girl. This little girl, Pazder came to believe, lived inside Michelle’s unconscious and functioned as a kind of mental black box, storing up memories of trauma and keeping them away from the fragile woman Michelle had become. Pazder thought that if he could comfort that inner child—in part by snuggling with Michelle on the couch during therapy—if he could gain her trust, then he and Michelle, who had no recollection of Malachi until her episode on the couch, would be able to learn what had taken place years ago. In subsequent therapy sessions, Michelle’s child personality revealed that Malachi and his cult members had forced Michelle to watch and participate in ritual sex. She said she had been placed in a car with a woman’s corpse and that the car had been set on fire and then pushed down an embankment into a ravine, landing her in the hospital. She said the satanic cult maintained an operating room and that doctors had once surgically implanted horns and a tail into Michelle’s tiny body. At home, Pazder took phone calls from Michelle and sat in comforting silence as she cried on the other end of the line. At the office both doctor and patient wound up crying together at the end of marathon sessions that lasted for as many as six hours. “In her depths, Michelle was like a child, and like a child she needed contact,” Pazder recalled thinking. “Sometimes she would have her head on his shoulder. ”

    “Finally, it turned out that although Proby had not mentioned them at all in the book, she had two sisters, Tertia and Charyl, and in interviews these sisters would eventually state that their middle sibling had never taken part in any satanic or abusive rituals. But this did nothing to stand in the way of the book’s publication. Proby and Pazder received a $100,000 hardcover advance for Michelle Remembers, with an additional $242,000 to follow when the book went into a paperback edition. Proby made a formal conversion to Catholicism and went on a thirty-nine-day publicity tour to promote the book, which, helped along by full-page newspaper ads and reviews that ranged from bemused to horrified to bewildered, sold well. For his part, Dr. Pazder gave a presentation on the book at the 1980 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in which he coined a term that would come into wide circulation over the next ten years: “ritual abuse.”86 In interviews Dr. Pazder insisted that Michelle’s experiences had taken place, that her memories were too consistent and too detailed to be written off to some internal fantasy or therapeutic error. “In the beginning I wondered if she had made things up,” he told a reporter. “But if this is a hoax, it would be the most incredible hoax ever.”87 The meaning of Pazder’s appeal to the consistency and precision of Michelle’s memories was clear: she had to be believed.”

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  35. I like this persistent digging away at Angela Power-Disney as the real nature of the “lowlife peroxide scumbag” comes out no matter how much she tries to cover the nasty side of herself with Hail Marys.

    I suspect this has been evident all her life and why her family are so estranged from her and why she cannot maintain relationships both personal and public.

    But what is her real agenda?. I do not believe she believes any of the garbage she spouts but has been a low level grifter her entire life, in and out of jobs and trying to stay one step ahead of the law.

    I think for all her hyperventilating her main goal is donations and like so many con-artists I have encountered, you can get confused by the grandiose pleas for a million quid when her real aim only becomes apparent later: she left you in the restaurant after dazzling and almost hypnotizing you with extraordinary tales but an hour after Angie had a glorious slap-up meal you were left to pick up the tab.

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  36. I especially liked the bit at then end of the book where the Virgin Mary shows up and conveniently removes all of Michelle’s scars and other “evidence” of her alleged abuse.

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  37. This one’s going out to “Anoymous Spinster” in Oldcazarote…

    ♫ Ride it on out like a bird in the skyways
    Ride it on out like you were a bird
    Fly it all out like an eagle in a sunbeam
    Ride it on out like you were a bird

    Wear a tall hat like a druid in the old days
    Wear a tall hat and a tatooed gown
    Ride a white swan like the people of the Beltane
    Wear your hair long, babe you can’t go wrong

    Catch a bright star and a place it on your forehead
    Say a few spells and baby, there you go
    Take a black cat and sit it on your shoulder
    And in the morning you’ll know all you know, oh

    Da-da-di-di-daa, da-da-di-di-daa….


  38. Lol. It’s amazing how many of these SRA victims, super soldier Gladiators, mind control victims are not covered in scars and horrendous injuries.
    They maybe mentally ill and ruining their own lives with these fantasies, but they are also encouraging hordes of others on the internet to believe in all this nonsense which can lead to events like we have already mentioned including the Comet Gun man.
    It leads to people like Abraham reading all the Satanic Panic stories and then using that knowledge to torture two children.

    When a comment like this gets this many likes, you know there is a problem with the world, a 1st world problem, lol.

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  39. Someone who wants to pay to kidnap children, beat her own kids, married a pedophile and on and on, giving advice about keeping children safe.
    Keep all children away from Angela. The way she focused her filming on that child at the wedding was more than I little unsettling. I just hope she doesn’t have plans to abduct her and claim the parents are involved in some cult and because of the father being Black, in Angie’s eyes, he already has a strike against him.

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  40. “Someone who wants to pay to kidnap children, beat her own kids, married a pedophile and on and on, giving advice about keeping children safe.”

    …And begging for a million quid to do so! 😮

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  41. She has no shame. I will never understand what people actually think they are getting for their money. Crap video rants defaming innocent people, bitchy social media posts. She has done a single thing to help any REAL victims of CSA. INstead she targets those that do actually do something to help the abused, people like Sheva, and keeps ruinging the lives of the two children that were tortured by Abe and Ella whilst defaming real whistleblowers like McCabe.

    “with the song WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE I DO ringing in my ears and I can promise you no matter what I earn it will be to share to finance and to make a difference with transparancy and accountability…..my INTERIM goal is to be able to transition from full time Carer for my youngest son with a visual impairment to part time to eventually seeing him need NO carer and myself despite my late blooming again age independantly working again as a writer and journalist ….a minimum of about 1,200 euro MONTHLY would get me on my feet…(800 sterling or 1,300 dollars) but this is an experiment so lets see what happens!

    A core group of 10 sowing a weekly 30 euro…
    or 100 sowing 3
    or one mentor/svengali saying GO FOR IT

    We shall see……mostly I want people to grasp the GIVING thing more than be embarrassed, guilt tripped or grandiose in supporting this new way of working and consuming! I have found it really IS more blessed to give than receive, and if we do it consciously it really DOES come back to us multiplied….CAST YOUR BREAD UPON THE WATERS AND IT WILL RETURN TO YOU”

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  42. 30 euro’s a week? are you f’ing kidding me, that’s 120 Euro’s a month and quite a chunk out of any Northerners pocket, lol. For free Youtube videos that don’t cost a thing to make.
    What a chuffin Tommy Two Hat Angela really is.

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  43. Barchon Mad
    April 29, 2017 at 10:48 pm
    “Michelle told Dr. Pazder that the man’s name was Malachi, and she told him not as an adult woman but in the frightened voice of a five-year-old girl. This little girl, Pazder came to believe, lived inside Michelle’s unconscious and functioned as a kind of mental black box, storing up memories of trauma and keeping them away from the fragile woman Michelle had become. Pazder thought that if he could comfort that inner child—in part by snuggling with Michelle on the couch during therapy”

    Does anyone else find this as creepy as I do?
    His patient is `playing'(not the right word, but I cant think of what else to use-pretending seems just as wrong) the part of a five year old as this personality, and his responce is to `snuggle’ with her on the couch, and ultimately start a relationship with her,ending up marrying her

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  44. The Witch of Oldcastle and The Beast of Broadmoor in one Cell, I can’t even imagine how bad that would be.
    Prisoner Cell Block H eat your heart out.

    Made even the more sinister when this came to light.
    “Veteran actress Maggie Kirkpatrick, who played a violent and sadistic warden nicknamed “The Freak” in a cult Australian soap opera set in a women’s prison, was convicted by a magistrate on Thursday of molesting a 14-year-old psychiatric hospital patient in her home more than 30 years ago.

    The series was known as “Prisoner” in Australia, and “Prisoner: Cell Block H” or “Caged Women” overseas. It ran from 1979 to 1986.

    Kirkpatrick, 74, whose character Joan “The Freak” Ferguson would molest inmates with the excuse of conducting body searches, had pleaded not guilty in the Melbourne Magistrates Court to two counts of indecently assaulting the young “Prisoner” fan in the 1984 and one count of gross indecency.”

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  45. If I am right and malicious, false allegations of me running, not only this blog but Mc Kenzies Devils Youtube accounts, as well as the whole list of spurious names I have been called: Shill, Troll, Bully Malicious Letters Author re Angela Power Disney, Liar, bla, bla, bla……. have gone to services in my area, . I will find out. Fortunately, I had some excellent support while things are sorted out.
    It’ll take me some time, to get used to : Touch typing, seeing my WP Reader, having more than 1 tab, Google plus, Facebook, Twitter & other things not crashing mid sentence, or some within minutes of logging on. I have been unable to send messages, emails, skype. Unable to see most of the screenshots here, so quite a bit Magoo.
    When I spoke about the fact that the hoaxers ignored me, until I stepped into their arena. I simply challenged them on threads on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. I also wrote as much as I could with links to show evidence of the background of the hoaxers, seeing patterns in their behaviour and connections between them that went back years. Thankfully, there are others who know even more than I, in other areas and I hope my contributions have helped.
    This is why at times I have rattled their cage at times.
    The only reason, Angela Power Disney, copies Belinda McKenzie and other hoaxers are determined to silence me or make others distrust, is because I have watched them evolve since 2009/ Their connections and conspiracy, collusion, pre meditated campaigns of hatred towards genuine survivors of abuse, except towards those they can groom/handle, get locked up and mis represent is to lead the narrative, online.
    This needs to be taken more seriously, during the Inquiry.
    Given Hope Girls recent open support of Angela, though I suspect that she may have been involved earlier give Ray Savage and his hosting of her QEG UK Demo, not long after the Christchurch event for hampstead hawkers. Also Wesley P Hall, another who tried to shut me up, another Opdeatheater, like Joe Public AKA Malcolm Blackman. Both have been foul to me, Brenda McNamara has a vendetta towards me, because I exposed the holliehoax and Baloney, etc…… all misbegotten heroes.
    Then there are the Sovereign Citizens, GetOUtofDebtFree merchants, Brian Gerrish related.
    In fact all who colluded to co opt our 2010 rally, have supported some form of scams, claimed to lead the movement on child protection. All have many victims.
    As promised, I will be able to release more evidence soon, that show that Penny Pullen was in ‘The Team’, which I was never a part of, that decided what would happen at the rally, 2010. As an avid supporter of David Icke, Miles Johnston, Kevin Annett, Neelu Berry, she has in my opinion, helped to galvanise support at meetings and events, to mislead vulnerable people towards damaging therapies, liars, scam artists, child abusers. Whether benignly, foolish or manipulating for some false spiritual belief, or ignorance……… She has encouraged the likes of Andy Peacher, who supports all the hoaxers, including Tory Smith, who Angela described in glowing terms, just as she does, David Shurter, Fiona Barnett, Chris Spivey, etc, every name she mentions, is in the loop of conspiracy or scamming circles.
    I apologise for being so blunt, cagey, prickly at times. I’ll make some videos soon, one being what working on a smart TV looks like 🙂 I’ve also been under more pressure than I have expressed openly, partly because of being unable to use private messages, partly because of constraints, in terms of investigations. Also, I havn’t had the capacity to challenge everything, sometimes, simply because I couldn’t cope with more.
    Ooh, I can copy & paste again too :-
    These are the ‘leaders’ on social media, shouting ‘Unite’, whilst dividing, scamming, undermining, mirroring, those really working on effective change. So yes, Angelala NoPower Disinfoney, I am not welcome in those groups, either that or I leave because they will not stop promoting dangerous criminals.


  46. I went to Christchurch in April 2015, I can’t remember the exact date but it probably was 12th April, it was the day after the London Rally at the Houses of Parliament.

    I saw Angela in the Church, on the other side of the aisle to me and further down, nearer the front.

    There was no blood and she’s now claiming she didn’t see any, because as we all know she reads this blog avidly and I’ve mentioned my visit to the Church a few times on here, so she is well aware I can discount her nonsense about blood being in the Church.

    There was NO BLOOD, not even in the toilet.

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  47. Angela really needs to tell people who has this so called video then.

    It doesn’t exist of course, or the “blood on the floor video” would have been all over the internet for the past 2 years!

    I expect she means Christine Ann Sands, who was only doing audio to my knowledge or Neelu who was doing visual but didn’t enter the Church. This was on a Sunday before I or Angela visited the Church.

    The very same day when Neelu alleges she heard the blood curdling screams of babies and children being sacrificed but did sod all and went down the pub with Dave Conaghan and lots of the others.

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  48. I haven’t watched the Angela Family Wedding Video in it’s entirety, only a few seconds of it.

    This makes me cringe, as I believe Angela has only filmed and made it public so she can convince people she is not a racist when she very blatantly is.

    I still remember she was going to tell me all about Jamaican men the day I met her 2nd January, 2015, Southwark Crown Court at Ben Fellow’s bail hearing.

    She didn’t get around to telling me though as she was too busy going outside for a fag, smoking like a chimney, whilst I stayed inside the lobby in the warm.

    Any chance of telling me all about Jamaican men now Angela?

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  49. That’s better Sheva, you can write away now.

    It was so ludicrous about Angela and Heifer’s claims that you wrote this blog.

    The pair of them are as thick as 2 short planks.

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  50. I went to a few of the Ben Fellows hearings and one day of the actual trial at the Old Bailey in 2015.

    I met Angela at Southwark Crown Court for the 1st time on Friday 2nd January 2015.

    The Christchurch visit was in April 2015.

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  51. Because I knew the hoaxers would take advantage of any percieved weakness, I havn’t said much, but recently, after explaining my inability to get onto emails much, my twitter account needed pw changes 5/6 times, really difficult when the tv crashed, at least 3 times, each time, on emails. G plus got harder to use, and writing on my blog more than a few lines, tv would crash, i wrote some blinding blogs a couple of times, or comments, and sometimes, mid comment it would happen, so i can only apologise, by the time, i got back online, i may not have sourced or remembered what i’d written, with no notepad, or bookmarks, and all the tools on a lappy. Even pointing the thing to like stuff, was a nightmare at times, but as if i commented here, it could take 5 mins to load, and sometimes even likes, well, at times i know i made some people frustrated, but i seriously had to try very hard to stay with it. This lappy isn’t new, hadn’t been used for a year, so took all night to update & it’s not the best, crashes easily, but i’m not used to it, so might find better ways, Oh but the joys of touch typing again…….. Now i’m gonna have to try not to get carried away , EC, Thankyou so much, for sending the evidence, even with a lappy, i would struggle to collate it all. But I think i’ve cracked doing screenshots. 😉
    By the way, my email account also had a hack attempt.
    Probably the best thing about the TV is that it cannot download trojans, and if it was hacked, it would force a reset, it happened alot and I did suspect it was them.
    I wonder why they need to try and shut lil ole me down…….. 🙂

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  52. There might have been one 29th April ? this year. I was invited, but there were hoaxers going. So I didn’t engage at all. Personally, these days, I’d rather lobby MP’s, hold meetings that might lead to action, or help organise, some much better things…….. I think we have broken the silence, eh ? It’s time to deepen the conversation.


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