Here we go again: More ‘Ellagate’ bollox from Angie

Last September, Angela Power-Disney made a startling allegation: she claimed to have spoken to someone who had first-hand evidence that Ella Draper had been involved in producing a commercial child sexual abuse video, which might or might not have involved one of her own children. Hoaxtead mobsters went wild: some, like Kristie Sue Costa and Sonya Van Gelder, staunchly maintained that Ella was innocent; others, like Tracey Morris and Charlotte Ward, came down on the “Ella done it” side. Angela, as always, swore up and down that her source was “impeccable”. Despite our demands that she reveal her source or shut up, she has remained silent on that aspect (though she’s repeated her allegations ad nauseam)…that is, until yesterday.

In a bizarre, lie- and fantasy-filled video conversation, Angela has finally revealed the identity of her so-called “impeccable” informant.

We’ve transcribed the conversation, but we’ve opted not to disclose the name of the alleged informant, for the simple reason that we don’t wish to defame anybody. We think you’ll see why as you read this. The relevant bit begins at 38:33 of the above video:

Angela: Before we spoke, I was saying my prayers and I actually am ready to say who gave me, in September last year, the intelligence that Ella’s device had been hacked, for the modest price of £3,000, and that two videos in particular were found on her device—one of a woman masturbating (a male child) aged about 3, and although it wasn’t conclusive that it was Ella, it certainly indicated such, and the other video was of a disabled boy—this was a snuff movie which Ella was also alleged to have been complicit in distributing—it was a disabled boy being raped and sodomised and then set on fire by RD. Ugh, Jesus Christ. So I’ve taken the heat…
Heather: Did you see these alleged movies?
A: No, no, the person that gave me the intel last September, and had been trying to give it to me for at least six months, said that it had been reported to MI6, the evidence had been given to MI6, MI6 had said off the record that they would put surveillance on both Abe and…on both RD and Ella, and…
H: Why would MI6 be looking into this, because this is all in the UK?
A: No, you see…no, you see…I know, but the thing is, it’s becoming more and more clear, somebody with Pizzagate, a supposed CIA insider, said that the reason the Americans were dragging their feet about fully exposing Pizzagate was because it could bring the British establishment down. I think it’s become very clear that Hampstead—
H: Well, who told you this? Tell us the name of the people.
A: Well I’m going to do, right?
H: Yeah.
A: And this is not done flippantly. So I’ll just give you some background first: the person that gave me the intel is married to somebody who predominantly lives in Saudi Arabia. He’s the child of an Anglo-Iranian parentage. His father was in the Royal Air Force for a long time, and he was married to a woman from Iran, and his father was I think dishonourably discharged from the Royal Air Force after quite a lot of long-time service, and I don’t know if it was on espionage grounds, or I can’t remember grounds that his father was dishonourably discharged, but anyway, when his father was discharged from the Royal Air Force, he then became a spy. You know the way they’ll fire you, and then they’ll instantly re-recruit you—“Right, we know you’ve been fired, but we’ll give you 200 grand or whatever it is to now go underground and be one of our assets”. So this person, her father-in-law was alleged to have been—well he was definitely ex-Royal Air Force, he was definitely married to an Iranian woman, and he was alleged to have gone over after being dishonourably discharged, he was alleged to have then been recruited as a spy. The son, who’s probably 40, works mostly in Saudi Arabia, and I just pray in Jesus’ name that the offspring, the children are protected, but the son’s name is [redacted], and his wife’s name, who is my source, the intel that I was given, is [redacted]. She goes on Facebook by [redacted].
H: Never heard of her.
A: Well, she was interviewed along with myself by Melanie Abbott…
H: Never heard of her.
A: Well, this is Hampstead going back more than two years ago. She and I were both interviewed by Melanie Abbot of the BBC Radio 4, thinking that we were Hampstead residents, which we weren’t. She lives in [redacted], he lives and works in Saudi Arabia, his father is ex-Royal Air Force, married to an Iranian, and alleged by [redacted] to have been recruited by MI6 after his air force career ended. So the thing that gave me the courage to release her name was that Kristen Elizabeth, the one that said when she was blocked by Kris Costa, it synchronistically blocked her from Sheva Burton, she said to me that she had defended Kris Costa to the moon and back because she didn’t want Kris’ children targeted, and it’s the same with [redacted], she and [redacted] have a child who’s very adorable, but I’ve protected her since September, and my children have been targeted, and here’s me protecting her. Now she hung me out to dry. She gave me this intel, in September—
H: But how does she know this thing anyway?
A: From her husband, and from the MI6 contact.
H: Well why would they tell her?
A: Because she is the wife of an agent!
H: Are they not supposed to keep everything secret?
A: Well, they’re not supposed to tell their wives, but isn’t it true that, you know, that’s how the most old-fashioned spying ever went on…
H: (inaudible)
A: Pillow talk. Exactly. But this is where it broke down because her husband gave her, you know…her husband didn’t like her being involved with researching Hampstead. So he allegedly paid somebody three grand to go and hack RD and Ella’s devices. The devices turned out that it was to do with drugs, it was to do with the Russian mafia, and that Ella had pimped the children from a young age, and that Ella was furious because RD stiffed her for £240,000.
H: Well where’s the £240,000 now, then?
A: Well apparently, RD was too greedy, and the Russian mafia were paying RD commission, but he was taking the commission, and then he would take more than the commission, and then he was pimping the children at school secretly, without Ella’s knowledge, and then she felt like she’d been stiffed of £240,000, and so she blew the whistle on him. So although…this is all allegedly…although I don’t think she was as complicit, I do think the Russian drug cartel side of things might have been her side of the business, and that she was definitely a co-director with RD, with, it was supposed to be health and nutrition websites, but they were porn and snuff distribution websites. But I just want you to say on camera what you thought you’d seen Abra—now, I must just say this first, let me just say this first, the intel [redacted], aka [redacted] gave me, was that ironically the innocent person in this whole drama was Abraham.
H: No, I don’t believe…I wouldn’t think so.
A: Well she said, according to the MI6 investigation, MI5, MI6, whatever, was that RD was the most guilty, Ella was pretty dirty in the involvement, and Abraham was just the petty crook who got—he was going to be a patsy. Abraham was intended to be the patsy. He was just a small-time drug dealer, had some anger management issues, and then the part you told me off-camera last time, possibly a pimp.

Is it just us, or are there enough holes in this story to drive a fleet of trucks through?

First, why—and how—would the alleged informant’s husband arrange to have two computers hacked for the low, low price of £3,000…because he was irritated with his wife’s Hampstead SRA hoax fixation? As a premise, this really needs some work. It seems to us that if the husband were really annoyed at his wife’s strange hobby, he would refuse to have anything to do with it, not spend £3,000 on it…for what? To prove her wrong?

Second, of course, is the immutable fact that Ella’s devices were not in her possession at any time after September 2014—they were seized by the police, and are quite likely still sitting in a storage facility somewhere as we write this.

Third, Heather may be a vicious liar, but she’s right that there’s absolutely no reason that someone allegedly employed by MI6 (or was that MI5? Angela seems to lose the thread as she goes along) would disclose this information to his wife.

Fourth, what has the father-in-law got to do with the price of eggs in Egypt? We don’t really see where he figures in the story, other than as an opportunity for Angela to repeat the phrases “Royal Air Force” and “dishoourably discharged” as often as possible. Oh, wait, maybe it was under his auspices that the husband was able to have the non-existent computers hacked, to prove to his wife that her hobby which he disapproved of was not a worthy one.

Sure, Angela, it’s all starting to fall into place.


94 thoughts on “Here we go again: More ‘Ellagate’ bollox from Angie

  1. How either of them can talk about defamation and the law when between them they have defamed countless innocent people. Angela in particular has just defamed pretty much half of London, two of Ella’s ex-husbands as child abusing, satanic cult leaders, James Alefantis, The Clintons, Ella etc.
    Whilst she mentions a disabled woman in America being targeted, who very, very likely if this person even exists is a person probably defaming a whole community with the vilest of satanic panic fantasies.

    So in Angies opinion she can go around calling hundreds of innocent people child abusing murderers who eat and sacrifice babies, then cry about her videos being copied by MKD. Talk about standing in a sewer and throwing shit around.

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  2. Forgot to mention in the above post:

    What kind of excuse is it that “Kristen Elizabeth was protecting Kris Costa’s kids but her son was getting trolled (allegedly), so I decided fuck it, I was protecting [alleged source’s] kid and my kids were getting trolled too (allegedly), so to hell with [alleged source’s] kid”?

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  3. Thanks for transcribing all that, EC.

    The video starts with a prayer to God for a stable internet connection and it goes downhill from there.

    A butt-hurt rant about how we’re all “crackers”, “mental”, “on drugs” and suffering from “cornered rat syndrome” then ensues, followed by a bizarre conversation about “wogs”, “niggers”, “coons” and “gollywogs”.

    Heifer then goes off on one about how “no one outside of Hoaxtead likes Sheva Burton” and how “she must be the most hated person ever”. So what does that make Angie, who’s loathed and detested by most people on both sides of the Hoaxtead fence? LOL

    We also get another round of utter bilge about Heifer’s made-up contact at Barnet Council and more complete bollocks about the current status of RD and his children. As I recall, someone from here called Barnet last time Heifer made this ridiculous claims and unsurprisingly it turned out to be utter bollocks.

    Pleasingly, Heifer – having vehemently denied it last week – admits to being the psycho who messaged this blog several times last week, threatening to get hold of our names and addresses from WordPress through non-existent legal provisions. (WordPress don’t have any of our names and addresses anyway.) By amazing “coincidence”, what she says in this interview is almost word for word what was in the emails 😀

    Heifer also describes how she knew a 15-year-old girl who was being pimped out by an acquaintance of hers. Seems she never got round to reporting it to the police, though. Interesting.

    By the way, when the funk did any of us make a video about Heifer Brown being a drug-trafficker? Lying old bitch!

    And can someone please point me in the direction of this “Spiny Norman” Facebook account that has supposedly been terrorising a disabled American woman (see 1:19:40)? Or any “Spiny Norman” Facebook account for that matter?! Another bit of blatant slander to report. (For the record, “Spiny Norman” only exists on YouTube.)

    In fact, is anything in this video actually true? Seriously, even just one thing? The only participant I trust in the whole damned thing is the dog!

    By they way, it’s odd that Angie doesn’t question Heifer over the nasty comments she was caught making about her and Tracey Morris behind their backs, though I see that that nice Mr. Coyote has addressed that point here:

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    • Yes, I left out many, many other lies, distortions, and bizarre interactions, including the part where Angie accuses Belinda of being a lady Freemason on the say-so of Yolande Lindridge…who thinks pretty nearly everyone in the world is a Freemason, and they’re all after her. Sigh.

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      • Oh, you didn’t leave anything out, as your focus was on the Ellagate stuff, which you’ve covered in impressive detail. No, I was just adding my thoughts about some of the other crap (though I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface). In fact, I was just transferring some of the points I’d made in the notoriously invisible zone that is “the tail end of the last post”.

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    • What if their troll brigade have created sox mimicking? or yannis style chain yanking? Just poor heidi seemed convinced, i,d set trolls on her, was encouraged, maybe Belinda devotees or JW’s targeted


        • We first met @ Welcare. I just want you to know. But for know, those who understand these implications, ~ know how ALL has been made possible thru stigma, victim blaming, coverups. They took advantage
          We are working to create better use of resources. Hoaxers work anti progress, because many are innit. All sides coverup or sneer re our 1st March n rally? WHY? It was mega!!! Anyhoo, i,ll get the old documentaries
          online soon. Unless EC can get some strings pulled & get Auntie, Sky, etc to pull archives. I,ve some ideas for raising funds for ethical, effective use.

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    • One good thing to come out from this video of Angela No Power and Heifer talking shite is at least my concerns about the Red Setter have been solved. The dog is still around…

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  4. Hey Angie, you any good at whistling out of your arse? ‘Cause that’s what you’ll have to do if you want a penny out of me.

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      • Angela’s like a sick dog vomitting everywhere. Just when you think she’s done, she starts puking up some more rancid bile. Maybe she needs to go and eat some grass to calm her stomach, silly cow. Although by the sounds of her plans for a cannabis garden in Lanzarote, she’s mosre interested in smoking it, I mean, blending it into one of those wonderful nutritious smoothies Abe used to make.
        Abe a patsy, lol, yeah right, yank the other one it flushes your bullshit away Ange.
        Abe’s the perverted little criminal who started all this with his weird obsession over SRA, Mind Control and selling his hemp based cure. Patsy, Rupee’s arse in the kitchen, he is.

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  5. 1. you can’t just “hack into” a specific person’s computer, from the internet, not even if that person had a static IP & you possessed the IP address corresponding to their account. You’d have to successfully sucker them into downloading your Trojan, which isn’t necessarily as simple and easy as people imagine.

    2. as soon as someone uses the phrase “snuff video”, you can be certain they are full of sh*t.

    3. when REAL russian “mafia” were busted, running a REAL boy prostitution & pornography operation (Blue Orchid), they had been selling videotapes with 2 hours of content (that’s a LOT of content) for $150 – $300 US, and had a very modest international list of clients. That’s about the highest end I’ve ever heard of commercial CSA images being peddled for. The stupid fantasies of people like Angela, that a few minutes of CSA video would somehow fetch $10,000 (regardless of what the content was alleged to be), and that commercial CSA production is a multi-billion dollar industry, are exactly that – STUPID. Most commercial purveyors have lived in poverty themselves, happy to get ANYTHING AT ALL – and generally, not much – for their product.

    4. MI6 has not reason to give a sh*t about this case, and I’m quite certain that they don’t. More idiotic fantasies from someone who is simply making shit up. (That someone could be Angela, or her alleged source, or both).

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    • It’s about like US George Bush Jnr AG Gonzales saying that at any one time there were “50,000 child porn websites” on the internet. The mantra was repeated ad infinitum in the media which made some law enforcement agencies say if “we know they are 50,000 why don’t they give us the frigging internet addresses and we’ll get them taken down”.

      The Russians were pretty lax about this in the beginning but began major busts in the early 2000s because of the terrible publicity they were getting. You are right that most websites were amateurish solo efforts just uploading already produced stuff with the majority from the early 70s when there were actually no laws about kiddy porn. or using local children who were desperate for cash.

      APD’s utter ignorance is again demonstrated : there is probably no need for a commercial child porn website today because-
      1. the internet is probably a minefield of stuff from over the decades with ‘collectors’ freely distributing like-minded material to each other. There hasn’t actually been a bust anywhere in the past 15 years of a commercial website.

      2. The rise of the cameraphone, webcam, webcam websites & texting where 10,000s of teens chat to each other daily and send their own nude material to each other which has alarmed everyone as once anything is on the net it can spread like a wildfire and it’s 1000s of teens doing this daily.

      It’s given rise to the awful conundrum where, particularly in the USA children can be legally accused of being both a perpetrator and victim at the same time for exchanging material with a boy/girlfriend during those heady years where teens think ‘love’ is forever rather than the usual teen fling.

      Power-Disney is not only so flipping far behind the times and demonstrates utter ignorance as to reality as it is today.
      Authoriies are basically tearing their hair out as to how they can educate kids about this while at the same time not persecuting them over normal teen ‘exploration’.

      She is in fact a real menace because she perpetuates myths and tries to divert attention from real problems.

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      • There is much truth to what you’ve said here.
        Even in the 70’s, CSA images were a tiny niche market, so companies like Color Climax Corp. expressed no regrets over ultimately being legally required to end their distribution of it, as it was never a major revenue stream for them. The big money is and always has been in heterosexual adult porn, simply because the customer base is a million times the size of niche markets.
        Which is not to downplay what a serious & tragic problem CSA image creation and distribution is today, but the COMMERCIAL viability is just as compromised by the current technologies as mainstream video sales. “Blue Orchids” customers famously made digital copies of their videotapes and then uploaded them to News Groups for their perverted buddies to download for FREE. Mike Echols claimed that a certain Ukrainian producer periodically posted complaints to such news groups, that his “copyrighted” product was being distributed through them and people better stop doing that or he would stop producing it – which would be hilarious if the subject wasn’t so horrific.

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      • That’s a really good point, GoS. “Sexting” (do they still call it that? they did as of about 5 years ago, but things move quickly) is a huge source of illegal images. Once they’re out of the (temporarily love-blind) young couple’s hands, they spread like wildfire, and can cause untold devastation.


    • Strange that creepy criminals like Angela and Abraham are the ones to expose or bust these pedo rings, that have taken cooperation across many different law enforcement and interpol in the past. So easy to just say, derp, derp, hackers, na na nana na, but when its allegations against those they know its planted evidence by hackers and a set up, because only they know the good honourable hackers. Like this Comet bollocks, I don’t believe twitus frosts claims for a second.

      Everything Angie claims bad that happens to her or people she know is MI5, M62, CIA, B&Q involvement and suspicious, but then she gets away with all her crimes. Reminds me of Ted Gunderson saying the FBI were out to silence him, yet it took them 30 years before he finally died aged 82.

      Angie just reads bits and pieces and cobbles it together with her perverted myths and fantasies, very similar to how Abraham did with his SRA and Mind control stories, birds of a feather.

      I wonder if Angie has ever read this?

      “TORONTO — At least 386 children have been rescued from sexual exploitation and hundreds of suspects arrested in a sweeping child pornography investigation that began with a Toronto man, police revealed Thursday.

      “It’s a first for the magnitude of the victims saved,” said Insp Joanna Beaven-Desjardins, of the force’s Sex Crimes Unit. “The amount of arrests internationally, also a first.”

      At least 348 people were arrested around the world as part of Project Spade, including 50 in Ontario and 58 from other parts of Canada.

      Police allege Brian Way, 42, had been running an “exploitation movie, production and distribution company” called Azov Films since 2005, and had made more than $4-million from the business.

      Through his company, the man would allegedly contract people to create child porn videos involving kids, largely boys, between the ages of five and 12. Many of those videos were allegedly shot in Ukraine and Romania in apartments, dingy saunas and backyards.
      Police allege the videos were then distributed from Toronto — through the mail and the Internet — to customers around the world.
      Toronto authorities moved in to arrest Way in May 2011 and then, along with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, spent months re-creating a customer database.
      That information was shared with the RCMP and Interpol, which led to arrests of customers around the world and to the apprehension of those who allegedly created the videos.”

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      • Oh, I almost forgot Angelas previous Ellagations videos with Jake Clarke were Angela said that these hackers had being trying to get in touch with her for the last 6 months to a year because she was so important. The very James Bond like meeting that she had with them where they told her all about Ella and the videos they had found, and she had to put her mobile phones and recording devices in a secure box and go without wifi but was allowed to take notes. So these supposed hackers that were paid the modest sum of £3,000, as she puts it, to hack Ella’s and RD’s computer, took time out and broke their super secret anonymity to fly to Lanzarote and meet her for a meeting, when surely they could email her or tell her about this, as she is not exactly hard to find on the internet.
        Why some supposed secret service agent was paying random hackers in the first place then these hackers going out of their way to contact the oh so important Angie, and break their contract which was with this MI6 agent beggers belief. How does Angie know £3,000 is a very modest fee for hackers? Has she contacted hackers before about obtaining illegal content, and how does she know they didn’t just take the money then say, ummm yeah, we found this awful illegal stuff.

        Presumably most hackers would be scammers and more interested in credit card fraud than obtaining illegal content and incriminating themselves.
        The problem with lies Angela, is that one lie turns into a spider web of lies to cover your initial lie, and then it’s very hard to keep your story straight, especially you document previous said lies in past youtube videos that discredit your latest lies.

        Noone buys it, and you WILL be facing some very serious charges for defaming innocent people I hope sooner than later. Why she is still free to spread her malicious gossip about people can only be down to her protections as an informant or criminal connections.

        To then claim others are defaming her by calling her out on her bullshit is beyond ludicrous. I hope that the tellytubby fake christian Hope Girl liked Angies immediate talk of setting up her own cannabis garden very soon after Heather mentioning the drug smuggling allegations against hope.
        Which means Angela knew exactly what Hope is dealing in.

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        • Yes, very good analysis, Barchon–especially when you add in all the background lies to the current ones, it really illustrates what a ridiculous woman Angela is. Methinks she has watched one too many grade-B spy flicks.

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    • Thanks for the insight into the commercial child sex abuse industry. Angela’s fantasy clearly has very little to do with reality. As to whether she or her alleged source is the primary liar…hard to say. No doubt her alleged source will be less than delighted to have been outed on Angie’s video, though.


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  7. I’ve often wondered what sort of women jostled to get front row seats and sat for hours (with a packed lunch) knitting and cheering as another head was lopped off during the French Revolution.
    I’ve found an old history book with some snaps taken by a 1700s Box Brownie.

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    • Debs is claiming that Child G held to his allegations against one teacher in his retraction statement. Er…nope. Mad old bint.

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    • The ghastly bat studiously ignores the several passages in the medical report that describe how the convicted career criminal and child abusing fugitive Abraham Christie physically abused the children and threatened them with death if they did not repeat his lies (as they all do of course).

      Why is this so? Why do people like Desperate Debs want it to be true?: that children and babies have been murdered by EVERY London council?. This is a sickness. Rather than rejoice that this is a fiction they demand that the 2 kids were repeatedly raped 100s of times ( sorry but the poor babes would be dead if that had happened as Christie’s perverted imagination were true) and that 100s of babies are eaten on Wednesdays.

      Why doesn’t the stupid bat perhaps turn her attention to the 100,000s of children in Africa, Syria and so on who are suffering? No, she rather concentrate on a fiction.

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      • Debs also believes that the satanists have ruined her families lives for generations, and talks in an extremely graphic fashion about teachers showing their “fannies” and what they make children do.
        She is a vile creature, hates men and pretty much the whole of the world.
        Debs seems to enjoy talking sexually about the subject matter like so many of these creepy hoaxers who want to believe in the CSA SRA lurid perverted fantasies of AJC.

        These people are the type that would wait outside schools in the area hoping to get in on the action or try to find a way to join this fictional cult, putting actual childrens lives in danger with their perversions. And Angela is still talking about paying to kidnap the two children, even Heather put her right about that.

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  8. Whoever decided to stick Angie in what looks like an 8`x8`foot cell with an industrial smoke extractor gets my vote.Nowt like a bit of future preparation.

    2 abject failures in the dance of life who have NEVER ever taken personal responsibilty for ANYTHING still blaming EVERYTHING external for their alienation.Entitlement gone BONKERS.

    A study of Joylessness personified.

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  9. Have I got Angie’s story right?
    A man was dishonourably discharged from the RAF and became a spy.
    His son is married to Angie’s source and this son didn’t like his wife researching Hampstead so paid someone £3000 to hack the computers (which sounds a lot like researching Hampstead).
    His wife learned of this from ‘pillow talk’ with an agent, but it’s her father in law that is the agent?…or is Angie claiming father and son are both agents?….then she reported it to MI6, even though she learned it from MI6 via pillow talk, which would suggest MI6 already knew?

    Also, where does the Belgian paedophile ring fit into that?
    Angie told JC that the source had previously brought down a large paedophile in Belgium. I can’t find such a case connected to the woman named by Angie. Though I do remember one of Angie’s Irish friends making a claim of bringing down a large paedophile ring, that I believe was claimed to be in Belgium.

    Regardless, the source did not leave Angie high and dry. Angie could have demanded to see some solid evidence before repeating gossip and hearsay on the internet, or phoning up JC while he was sectioned to tell him the gossip. That was Angie’s choice and Angie’s responsibility.

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    • I believe you are correct, Dave.

      I also wonder whether the source is aware yet that she has been named—and had her real name, husband’s name, and location revealed—by Angela? I can’t think she’d be too happy about that, whatever story she did or didn’t tell.

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  10. Angie thinks that handing out Wanted style posters to people with a reward of £1000 for finding a child that is in foster care is “a nice thing do”. What planet does this woman live on?

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  11. I’ve been asking around about this. As far as Ella and her making a Paedo\snuff movie are concerned, I’ve spoken to two good reliable sources (one a CID Officer) who “suggest” there is a “possibility” that Ella is the woman who appears in a particular “fairly straightforward” piece of “MILF type” pornography where the plot consists of a young (but not that young) tradesman appearing at the door of a “lonely housewife” and servicing the old boiler! It was suggested to me that looking for the link let alone posting it was a step too far. But it is apparently not hard to find if you know where to look for these things. I’ve been told it “doesn’t break any laws, the actors are all very obviously over 18” and the police think it is “not relevant” to anything they might have “a locus in” . And for that reason there is no good reason for anyone to go digging into it. I listened to the first few minutes of that video. the Heather character claims that when you click on pictures of her and Angie you are taken to “porn sites”. I’m told be several people that do know about IT that the reason for this is her own search history. And that what she’s more or less confirming is that she’s spent a lot of her own time looking for “Blue Movies”. I’m also among a number of people who are slightly puzzled why that old skank Angie is dressing up as “a random 1960s brothel-keeper”. To the other one I’ve been asked to pass on the tip that you should tidy your hovel up a bit before going on telly!

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    • I made it 1 min and 9 seconds in before she told me “if you don’t like being called an ignorant bastard, stop being one, stop being one”. Thanks Slurpy Mad Moo.

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    • These people certainly like children, if the thumbnail is anything to go on. Imagine if that was one of these peoples children pictured in association with Pedo Satanist conspiracy theories.


      • Not only that, they so love reminding the public and especially these 2 children that they have ‘admitted’ to being serial killers of babies.

        What a charming future they plot for these kids- permanent reminders (we know it’s hogwash) that they cut the throats of dozens of babies. As they approach those rather difficult teenage years they are to be always told “you killed babies” and this of course will not have any mental consequences for the children.

        Promoters of this hoax are almost beyond the definition of evil It’s difficult to contemplate what deranged thinking they have.

        And that insane Ella Draper is on that video at the airport muttering approvingly as the boy says “Mummy says it is wrong to kill babies” as though it’s as inconsequential as “mummy says it is wrong to make mud pies and eat them”.

        I think Ella Draper here is the real evil entity. She gave her children over to a sadist and basically pimped them out for his sickening sexual fantasies. I doubt her kids will ever speak to her again. Not that she seems concerned. Her main concern seems to be that she lost a battle.

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        • The infant bond can be very strong. Don’t be surprised if despite everything, the children don’t want to pursue any legal action or speak against her when they become adults.


  12. …on a lighter note, one thing Angie’s left out of her impressive (fantastical???) CV, is her short but impressive turn on Aussie TV singing (a very apt song) for a very young AC/DC. She still has an eye for the ‘wee fella’s’ it appears, despite her advancing years… Anyhow, here’s the video evidence inluding the obligatory ciggy break.

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  13. There’s hardly anything accurate in the new Angie video. Even the more mundane stuff isn’t true. For example, Heather talks about her client (who she names!) calling some Nigerians ‘The Family Robinson’ and Angie explains there used to be a Mark Robinson’s Marmalade Company. James Robertson (not Robinson) & Sons, Preserve Manufacturers are well documented on the internet and if you’re supposed to be a journalist perhaps you should google to ascertain facts rather than put out nonsense. Still, if you do it with confidence…..

    Heather gives out her client’s name and some case details on You Tube. Clear breach of confidentiality. Not sure I’d want her to help me with any legal work. If the woman she talks about exists perhaps someone should tell her that her personal details are being discussed in front of all and sundry.

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  14. Sheeesh! I allegedly leave blogland for an alleged three months, allegedly to live peacefully, but then allegedly return to find out that all the alleged rabbit holes are fully booked, and allegedly, all continues as before. Allegedly that is.
    I’m glad to see that you are (allegedly) able to continue to keep your patience with these alleged people – and wish you more power to your elbow. Personally, I’ve got so fed up with this carry on that somehow I’ve allegedly talked myself into standing for parliament. Not exactly standing, I can’t any more. Rather ‘Lying’ for parliament. But isn’t that what they all do? Allegedly. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.
    My old blog at was comprehensively slashed to ribbons by a hacker, but one of my commentators managed to save at least the front pages before they vanished, bought out of his own money the domain name, and has put the whole thing on his own private server where you can find copies of old posts that may be of interest to some of you – but I can’t add to that blog site, it is just a back up. I honestly can’t be bothered to set up another ‘proper’ blog.
    So, I have a new Twitter site at @AnnaRaccoon2017 where you are welcome to follow my progress as a candidate in the forthcoming election against some pretty rum characters – someone called ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ is also contesting the same seat? (allegedly).
    As a result of what has happened to me healthwise over the past month I have become consumed by the fact that the NHS Litigation fund has a stonking £56 billion ( not a typo, it is ‘billion’) pounds set aside to pay for personal injury claims brought against the NHS by personal injury lawyers – some familiar names have their fingers in this honey pot. Let me see, there’s a Slater & something or other……

    I guess you can probably figure where I’m going with this…….

    Thank you for letting me unashamedly hijack your blog El Coyote!

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    • I think many will join me in expressing the opinion (allegedly, without prejudice, sub judice and quod pretium canis est, ut sits in fenestra) that the world is a little brighter for the news that the Racoon is alive and biting.

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    • I’m so happy you’re still with us, Ms Raccoon! And delighted you’ve taken time out of your hectic campaign schedule to drop in here. Your political endeavours sound fascinating—I confess my eyebrow nearly shot off my forehead when I read that £56 billion figure. As you’ve said on Twitter, that kind of cash is badly needed to shore up the front lines of the NHS, and if anyone can force them to reallocate the funds, it’s you.


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