Sabine: From Einstein’s peer to Renaissance woman?

Some of our long-time readers will probably recall that time when Hampstead SRA hoax promoter Sabine McNeill claimed her place as a scientist worthy of comparison with Einstein. Yes, she really did. (As a side-note of interest, the first video she references in this post was by someone who ran a YouTube channel called “Eddie the Cat”. Three guesses who that was?**)

So yes. Sabine actually claimed that as a “system analyst and philosopher of science”, she has “complemented Einstein’s general and special relativity by absolute relativity”.

When she calls herself a “system analyst” she actually means “worked on computers at CERN…in the 1970s, when the FORTRAN programming language was in wide use, and data needed to be fed into the massive IBM mainframe computers via punch cards”. This is like claiming to be a television repair person…who only works on models sold prior to 1960.

Given Sabine’s apparent inability to grasp even the most basic fundamentals of modern computer technology, we’re going to take a flyer and state that her self-description as a modern technical genius is just a teensy-tiny bit overstated. As for “science philosopher”, we don’t even care to comment.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped her from indulging in ever more self-aggrandizing fantasy: these days, she’s comparing herself to Leonardo da Vinci, and calling herself (wait for it) a “Renaissance woman”. And she’s even got the outfit to match:

Remember a few weeks back, when we were congratulating Sabine for having, er, “invented” the parametric bitmap?

Apparently she’s prepared a little presentation on her brilliant invention, which she’s presented to reps from companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Fujitsu. We’re sure they were jumping out of their seats with excitement:

From our perspective, though, the really interesting part of Sabine’s attempt to re-invent herself as a tech wizard was found in the comments section of her blog post:

It looks as though Sabine’s legal tribulations haven’t come to an end: we’ve heard of no recent arrests, but it does sound as though the police might be discussing whether to charge Sabine with (yet again) violating the restraining order that was issued at the end of her trial last summer. Both Sabine and Neelu objected strenuously to the orders, claiming that since their case had been dismissed, the court had no right to issue them. This, of course, is arrant nonsense.

The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 states, “A court before which a person (“ the defendant ”) is acquitted of an offence may, if it considers it necessary to do so to protect a person from harassment by the defendant, make an order prohibiting the defendant from doing anything described in the order”.

Sabine was arrested twice for violating her order, and Neelu at least once, and last October Sabine pleaded guilty to charges of violating the order. She was given a conditional discharge for 12 months. This means that no further action would be taken…unless she were to be found to have committed a further offence within that 12-month period.

So we’re particularly interested in Sabine’s admission that “they still think I…may have violated that Restraining Order that should never have been issued in the first place”. We’ll be keeping our eyes open for any activity on that front.

**Did you guess Charlotte Ward, who would go on to work with Sabine and Belinda as one of the primary pushers of Hoaxtead? If so, hats off to you!


108 thoughts on “Sabine: From Einstein’s peer to Renaissance woman?

  1. The sickly sycophantic “Kim” who seems so keen to egg on Sabine’s Hampstead harassment drive in the screenshot above couldn’t perchance be Kim Lawrence, could it?

    For the uninitiated, Kim was the “author” (cough cough) of the highly defamatory book ‘What the Hell Happened in Hampstead?’, which was covered by that nice Mr. Coyote back in April 2016 and which the as ever irrepressible HR regulars managed to get removed from sale:

    The miscreant in question:

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  2. I can’t see the photo well enough to determine the period of the dress Sabine is wearing but I’m hoping it’s medieval as befits her role. In those days they dragged people out of their houses and hanged and burned them as witches didn’t they. If you’re going to act like you’re medieval you may as well dress the part.

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  3. She looks like a female Pope in that outfit.
    I’m sure IBM will be beating a path to Pope Sabine’s door after that thrilling performance with her series of laminated thingies if only to water that sad wilting plant in the corner.
    Barking. Absolutely barking mad.

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  4. EinHoaxturd will be chicken head bobbing and drinking her mystery zippy liquid much sooner than she thinks…..As for the other two scammers, the Fear is palpable for a couple very good reasons….

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    • I consulted an expert on such things……….. They made it quite clear that nothing that she’s doing in that video remotely resembles anything that you’re supposed to do in a serious professional video pitch directed at high end blue chip corporations. They also pointed out that Sabine might have been a computer operator (i.e. data entry Clerk) somewhere sometime, but that her behaviour makes it fairly obvious she was never any kind of programmer.

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  6. Well, we certainly know she doesn’t believe in absolute truth, just her personal truth (ie made up fantasy). Interesting though to see Sabine describe her ‘digital renaissance’ as being far more important than the child issue.
    I would have thought someone interested in a digital renaissance would have presented the information from the laminates in digital form. That way people might actually be able to see and read them,lol.

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  7. On a serious note, Dr Janice Duffy who won her libel case against Google (under appeal) in the South Australia Supreme Court is now receiving death threats from trolls who actually defend Google’s right to host defamation.

    All reported to police and sadly for said troll he/she left a trail. But she has been quite devastated so I can only image how that Hampstead folk must feel.

    You can read more here on her blog.

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  8. I once heard a phrase about a work colleague of mine which always springs to mind when Sabine bigs up her data clerk job. “Delusions of adequacy” – it just fits somehow.

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    • Bloody Hell, Hope Girl has scammed a FORTUNE, no wonder Angela No Power has attached herself to her to learn how to improve her own Gofundme scamming.

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  9. What Angie allows on her Farcebook page:

    Well, it does feature antisemitism and tax-evasion tips, so it’s right up her street.


    • Yes income tax is a fraud but luckily for anti-Semite goon John Paterson it pays his dole and rent assistance which he boasts about to the police in one of his recordings. This utter creep worked on cruise liners as a croupier so probably paid little income tax in the UK but the frigging scrounger is quite happy to accept money from other hard working tax payers. Hypocrite.

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    • No Power is frightening.

      And wtf is Heifer doing showing all her drawers drying out behind her.

      Sloppy, sloppy and her roots are starting to show.

      Tut, tut.

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      • I only watched the first few minutes and Angie was revelling in all the stories about Hoaxtead.
        I still have some sympathy for Heather, I feel sorry for her somewhat to be honest. Her attack on Sheva was horrible though, but I think we put her in a corner she wasn’t prepared for and bit back.

        I think she has a lot of pain and bitterness and anger to vent.

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    • Sorry, guys, but I’m just a few minutes in and so far Heather has spouted some incomprehensible shite about us being “crackers”, “mental” and “on drugs” and Angie (who in a recent video stated that all black men are bad fathers) has gone off on one about “niggers”, “coons” and “gollywogs” and I’ve started vomiting blood and losing the will to live. I don’t know whether I can last the whole 80 minutes.

      By the way, is Angie not aware of the shit that Heather posted about her and Tracey Morris behind their backs?

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      • Yeah, I should have watched more of it before commenting. I don’t feel sorry for her any longer, the things they both say about Sheva is a disgrace and the racist comments are very bad.


      • I think Angie might have confronted Heather about that, which is why Heather is insisting that we’re mixing her up with someone else…someone she claims to have worked with as a McKenzie friend, yet whose name she apparently cannot recall. Who shares the same IP address as her own. And has the same writing style. But hey, stranger things have happened, right?


  10. Lol Hetty used to be a mystery shopper so she has surveillance gear, watches with cameras and Bluetooth earpiece, bahahaha. A pen with a camera in it, a pinhole camera lmao.

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    • And who’s had several Farcebook bans and YouTube strikes recently? Oh yeah, that’ll be Angie, who just happens to now be lashing out at us. So I think it’s clear who the cornered rat is around here 🙂


      • Exactly. Heather also said that she’s spoken to WordPress about us and said she “just may have posted” all our personal details on the internet as she can “trace us all as we’ve left an indelible footprint on the web”.


        • They really have a childish understanding of such things, don’t they?
          Well…good luck, ladies. Where I am, we have dynamic IP. That means, every time we log onto the ‘net we are assigned a random IP address by our service provider. If I log on & off ten times in ten minutes, I will have a different IP address each time. So, IP tracing only takes the tracer to the name of the ISP, never to the details of a specific account holder. To get our ISP’s records of who had what IP address at any given point in time (assuming they keep such records – many do not) would require our local constabulary obtaining a court order, an arduous process that they certainly wouldn’t bother to undertake for the sake of YOUR petty concerns.

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    • And when the funk did any of us make a video about Heifer Brown being a drug-trafficker? LOL

      By the way, I’m pleased to see Heifer effectively admitting to being the psycho who emailed the blog several times threatening to get our names and addresses from WordPress. What she says in the video about “ex parte” applications is almost word for word what was in the emails!


    • Heifer goes off on one about how “no one outside of Hoaxtead likes Sheva Burton – she must be the most hated person ever”. So what does that make Angie, who’s loathed and detested by most people on both sides of the Hoaxtead fence? LOL 😀


  11. 35 minutes in, Hetty is saying about an insider at Barnet that for some unknown reason is feeding her information about confidential matters about RD. It sounds more like washing line gossip over the garden fence to smear an innocent man who has already had his life messed up by lunatics who believe in a baby munching club involving thousands of people.


      • I feel sick after Angela’s claims a few minutes on from that. If someone was paid £3,000 to find some illegal material which sounds vile then they need locking up and are not protected from the law. Same for the so called Comet hacker. They only seem to make those sort of claims because noone can verify it. I do not believe in snuff movies either, unless you class terrorist type videos.


        • Frankly, I don’t think there’s one thing in this video that is correct and truthful. Angie can’t even decide if her son’s dog is a boy or girl, for Christ’s sake. If anyone has a time stamp for one single thing that’s true, I’d be most grateful.

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          • I still can’t actually believe after all this time Angela, without any proof or evidence, thinks there is satanic child sacrifice cults operating on a mass scale.
            Surely on a legal level she should be the one worried for defaming an entire community.


          • Who on earth is the disabled lady in America you’ve been supposedly “terrorising”, Spiny? She’s been scratching her head and pulling out her hair with anxiety according to APD. Have you reached the end of the video yet?

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    • So Heifer admits she knew a 15-year-old girl who was being pimped out by an acquaintance of hers. Seems she never managed to report it to the police, though. Interesting.

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      • Surely based on this one video, Angie should be locked up for the vilest false accusations. And, Abe is the patsy lol, what a load of bullshit, pure fictional story telling of a disgusting mind.


          • Heather doesn’t believe a word of Angies accusations or some satanic cult, lol. I have practically no knowledge of Satanism, unless you count watching old Hammer Horror movies based on Dennis Wheatley novels. Heather knows ten times more about the different paths of that religion.

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    • 1:19:40 – Can someone please point me in the direction of this alleged “Spiny Norman” Facebook account that has supposedly been terrorising a disabled American woman? Or any “Spiny Norman” Facebook account for that matter?! Another bit of blatant slander to report. (For the record, “Spiny Norman” only exists on YouTube.)

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