Alex Jones: Between a rock and a hard place

For the vast majority of the normal people, one of the great mysteries of all time is this: do conspirasheep really, honestly believe the bilge they spew forth? It’s an honest question, as most of us just cannot fathom why someone would decide that the Illuminati/elites/lizard people are trying to kill us all off and/or control our minds via bizarre sex rituals performed with children and babies. In the real world, this kind of thing just doesn’t make sense, and most of us would like to believe that the conspiranoids are just play-acting in a fantasy world of their own concoction.

Or are they?

The current custody battle between U.S. Conspiraloon-in-Chief Alex Jones and his ex-wife, Kelly, has thrown this question into the public sphere.

Last week, Mr Jones’ lawyer, Randall Wilhite, told a court in Austin, TX, that Mr Jones is simply “playing a character” when he goes on air and tells his followers that the mass murder of schoolchildren at Sandy Hook was “faked with actors”, or that the government is putting chemicals into the water to “turn people gay”.

“He is a performance artist”, Mr Wilhite stated. He claimed that evaluating Mr Jones according to his on-air comments is like judging Jack Nicholson based on his role as the Joker in Batman.

This is not what Mr Jones’ ex-wife says, however:

Kelly Jones finalized the divorce in 2015 and the two have been fighting over custody of their 14-year-old son and 9- and 12-year-old daughters since then.

“He’s not a stable person. He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin’s neck. He wants J Lo to get raped,” she said in court, according to the American-Statesman.

“He broadcasts from home. The children are there, watching him broadcast.”

Now there’s a happy thought.

Between a rock and a hard place

Mr Jones, meanwhile, is in a very tricky position.

According to an article last week in the Washington Post,

The veracity of [his] persona is essential to Jones’s empire. It helped him make millions and led to a loyal following — and the ear of President Trump.

According to a Forbes piece in 2013, Jones’s syndicated radio show, YouTube channel and documentaries netted revenue of about $1.5 million per year in 2010 “enough to support a staff of 15 and enable him to buy an $800,000 house and 7,600 square foot studio.”

If he admits to his legions of followers—estimated at about 70 million people per week—that he’s been feeding them fraud after fraud for ratings, he will lose his crown as King of the Conspiraloons, and the not inconsiderable income and lifestyle that has afforded him. (Read ’em and weep, Angela!)

If he claims that he actually believes what he shrieks on-air, the court may very well find him too unstable to assume custody of his three children, ages 9, 12, and 14.

Currently, Mr Jones is trying to hold the middle ground: he testified Wednesday that he is sincere in what he says, but that he often uses “satire and comedy” on his shows.

Hmm. Somehow the “comedy” escapes us. Rather, it sounds like Mr Jones is doing the old Troofer Shuffle—trying to appease the millions of fans he’s led down the garden path, whilst also trying to appear sane and normal to a judge who has the power to ensure he cannot pass along his toxic views to his children.

Won’t someone think of his children?

Meanwhile, as troofers worldwide debate the sincerity of his epic on-air rants, Mr Jones has issued the following statement:

My statement regarding the media and my ongoing custody trial:

Above all, this is a private matter. This is about my family and only my family. I have endeavored very faithfully for three years to keep this circumstance confidential for the sake of my children to protect their innocence.

I urge the press to be respectful and responsible and to show due deference to the process of the law and respect the boundaries defined for this case so that a fair result can be found.

As there is a gag/protective order on the trial for the safety, welfare, and preservation of our children’s private rights and what is in their best interest, I am holding my responses until the end of trial.

—Alex Jones

Yes, we’re serious. He actually said this.

This is the man who has insisted, and convinced many, many people, that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, that the children who were murdered did not actually die, but were portrayed by child actors:

If Mr Jones wants to talk about respecting the privacy and sanctity of the family, and protecting the privacy and innocence of children, perhaps he’d like to start by standing face-to-face with the families of the Sandy Hook victims and apologising to them. While he’s there, he might also like to explain to them how he uses “satire and comedy” in his shows. We’re sure the parents of those dead children will be delighted to hear it.

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  1. Excellent post. I absolutely loathe Alex Jones. Yes, you’re spot-on, EC. AJ is caught between and rock and a hard place. An apology to the Sandy Hook families is long overdue.

    Omni made an excellent video about AJ which I tagged onto the end of a previous post, so some people may not have watched it but it’s worth watching.

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  2. Outrageous hypocrisy, for Jones to beg “special consideration” from the press “for the sake of his children!
    What about the children of the American police officers, who were butchered in ambushes by documented fans of yours, you POS?
    What about the children of innocent ordinary folk, slaughtered by Jihadis that were radicalized at least in part by YOUR own lies, Jones?

    What the heck is Justin on about here, eh? Jihadis? Radicalized by Alex Jones’ lies? Watch the first two minutes of this epic piece of evidence – you’ll see and hear a very notorious UK Jihadi using Jones’ SRA lies to whip up hatred of all Westerners. (The cameraman is Dave Bones, a self-professed Socialist Wanker and all-round good guy):

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    • Agree. A thoroughly despicable man who has let loose so many demons against innocent people.
      I do not think his privacy should be respected and it’s within his children’s interests they know what a vile piece of goods their father is. I hope their mother succeeds.

      I did think at one stage the Sandy Hook parents should arrange a meeting between them and Jones and try and put to rest his shocking and cruel claims but it would just make the ‘truther’ movement claim Jones is a shill for the CIA or some rubbish.

      I noticed about a year ago they started attacking his ex-wife because she is Jewish so there is almost no escape from these insane nutters. Shame we can’t invent an antibiotic to protect us from this mob. Kill 2 birds with one stone (no don;t want to kill any birds)..isolate the truther mob from us and cock a snook at their anti-vaccination campaigns.

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      • @GOS – I’ve got the solution…this here “Shutter Island” 🙂

        If anyone hasn’t seen this film, I highly recommend it! It has subtle plot relevance to the work of this blog that I won’t spell out, ’cause that would be a ‘spoiler’ 🙂

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      • Antibiotics? Aren’t they just like a vaccines – a plot by “big pharma” and the NWO to kill us all by preventing us from dying of curable diseases!

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        • thank God for Big Pharma- kept me alive for the last few years and indeed bloody antibiotics killed a stomach bug dead last week.

          Shutter Island is superb and not an exaggeration.


    • To be perfectly honest I see Alex Jones, David Icke and his kind as distractions. When you look around at the realities we do seem to be like frogs in a pot of water on a stove. Just look at what’s been happening in the real world over the past year or so. And it’s now the easiest thing in the world to dismiss legitimate concerns over the Neros of this world fiddling away as “fake news and conspiracy theory”. -Great job AJ & Co!

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    • Where Alex Jones is all brash American noise complete with brass band and cheerleaders, Gerrish is more vilage fete-worse-than-death and Tubby the tuba.

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  3. The hypocrisy of Jones is stunning. He sees anyone involved in a real news story as fair game. You could say, why not avoid putting real victims of tragedy in the limelight if they risk this sort of negative attention – but actually, the McCann case might have been avoided if there had been more coverage of the break ins and rapes in the town where her parents were staying. Real reporting has a purpose.

    Shouldn’t we be asking questions like does Alex Jones really have an ex-wife, are his children all crisis actors? Putting photographs of them on line comparing them to vaguely similar children in news stories and adverts? Well, no we shouldn’t because I hope we all know, unlike Alex Jones, what the bounds of human decency are.

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    • Well said FS. Personally I sincerely hope this is the end-game for Alex Jones. He’s part of a group who have made a living out of trading on the misfortune of others. And if, in the dog-eat-dog world he helped create he finds he’s now “lunch” well hell mend him. That’s karma for you.

      I must say, his figures don’t stack up overly-well though….. 2010 prices quoted above?

      His $800,000 Dollar house translates to just over £623K at today’s exchange rates and it’s said that includes the really big garden shed he runs his operation from. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising the man for working from home, that can be a good lifestyle choice if you have a family etc. But it doesn’t measure up well to Belinda McKenzie’s operation with her £1.2 Million pound (2010 estimate) Highgate hangout. His $1.5 million per year turnover is quite a bit. For a staff of 15 say on an average of $50,000 each wages and overhead (likely far less), less maybe $250,000 operating costs, that’s $500K profit before taxes – not a bad living at all….. But to throw this into perspective, in the UK – using the current EU definition – your business does not count as officially “small” until it’s turning over £1.6M or a little over $2M! – Below that it’s a “micro business”. -And that’s one of the biggest fish in this small smelly pond!

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  4. Just reposting this documentary about Alex Jones as it is relevant to todays post. “The following documentary examines far-right radio host Alex Jones and the effect his fear-mongering and conspiracy theories has had on the public.”

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  5. A couple of funny quotes taken from the mentioned Rationalwiki about Alex Jones,

    “Jones can’t fart without blaming a conspiracy of bean producers.[citation NOT needed]”

    “Gay bomb: The government is using chemicals to create gay people. It’s putting “estrogen mimickers” in juice boxes and water bottles. This makes the men want to wear women’s clothes and makeup and no one will have children, all ultimately designed to depopulate the world.”

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    • Love it! I’d forgotten about that one 🙂

      Yes, Jones is an idiot in all the synonymous meanings of that term; fool, ass, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, moron, imbecile, simpleton, and also by the medical definition: “In 19th- and early 20th-century medicine and psychology, an “idiot” was a person with a very severe intellectual disability…” [Wikipedia]
      A hallmark of severely stupid persons, is their conviction that making things up somehow proves that they are actually very clever or even brilliant thinkers. In reality, making things up and insisting they must be true actually demonstrates how unintelligent they are.

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      • Either that or he knows darn well what he’s about and has made a lotta money off of it.

        It’s the age-old conspiracy theorist question – are they mad or bad?

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        • Or both 🙂
          That’s not impossible. Severely stupid persons can still possess a type of animal-level cunning.
          But how to explain his fan base? (Other than the obvious political partisans). Are they even stupider than Jones? How could that be?

          Some will simply be young & naive. Others, having destroyed half of their brain cells through chronic abuse of alcohol, oxycontin and/or crystal meth, really will have such low grade cognitive function that utter gibberish makes more sense to them than facts and reality do – because they can freely misinterpret the gibberish and participate in the fantasizing without being confronted by factual inaccuracy. If you make shit up, guess what – YOU are the only authority on what you made up.

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  6. LOL, is this the best Angie can come up with?

    Because hey, everyone searches for MKD on Google, not YouTube. Right, Angie? LMAO! 😀

    MKD, your standing doesn’t go back to zero anyway, as you’re the only site called McKenzie’s Devils. If there were hundreds of them, she might have a point, but you’re the only one! Daft old bint.

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  7. Take all the time you need, Angie. Our colleagues at the CIA will look after your Farcebook and YouTwat sites while you’re gone.


  8. El Coyote has been busted, apparently, breaking down someone’s door and going through their underwear drawer. Look if that’s what turns him on fine by me but does he indulge in this fetish on GCHQ time?.
    Another nutbag (has he/she/it been featured on here before?) is rambling on about Hoaxtead in between rants about the New Jew Order but seems to repeat themselves over and over.

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  9. I don’t know if any of you are aware of the conference, on the 3rd of May at the station Hotel in Perth Scotland. I think it’s being organised by Andy Peaches. Appearing in Person is Robert Green, and Wilfred Wong. Appearing by video link is Brian Gerrish, and Kevin Annett. Robert Green will be breaking his bail conditions, and he also pled guilty to harrcement charges last time he was in court, to the people he accused of abusing Hollie Greig. And no Belinda Mckenzie. The station Hotel is one of her favourite Hotels, and she did once describe her self as Robert Greens right hand man. But from what I can read, as Andy puts it, a lot of abuse of children in Scotland consists of snuff movies and children having sex with animals, I believe some one is going to be a guest speaker on that too

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      • I wouldn’t really think Green has “bail conditions” imposed on him per se. There might be some sort of injunction against him, I do recall him bleating about being “gagged for life”, but I would have thought this was just another one of his lies for effect, and he was out on licence which is now up – that’ll be the reason he’s getting noisy again. Happy to be proved wrong though, does anyone have a link to the injunction or “bail conditions”?


        • He was told not to talk about the Hollie Greig incident note mention the people he accused. I’ve seen the court papers. Also he pled guilty so I dob’t know why he’s still bleating on about it.


          • A copy of those court papers would be a useful addition to the pool of knowledge.


  10. For the remaining pizza-gators:
    “A former Kentucky judge who served as a local chair for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was arrested Friday on sex trafficking charges”.

    “Tim Nolan, 70, was charged with human trafficking and unlawful transaction with a minor, according to a press release from Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear. Nolan allegedly provided a minor with alcohol—and subjected a minor to commercial sexual activity, according to court papers first obtained by the River City News.
    The alleged trafficking occurred between July and August 2016 when he was serving as Campbell County chairman for Trump’s campaign”.

    Not fake. Not made up, not imaginary. Not based on totally subjective ‘secret codes’, not based on deliberately misinterpreted emails. Fact.

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    • “From the moment i woke in the late 1990’s onward’s my life has been a literal battleground on every level in every way they can. I have lived my adult years as a walking, talking target and freedom fighter for not only myself but for all of us whom life our life’s to free and heal all we can, hoping and praying we can do enough to change the current days of doomed systematic Satanically charged chaos, mayhem and debauchery being pre-programmed into the populations head as normality when in truth nothing is real as God intended.., not even the clouds or sunsets we see day in, day out are real or pure anymore.”

      Pretty sad to read she has had to deal with these issues for so long. As someone who has had depression as long as Nina, I can relate somewhat. Although I tend to blame a hereditary chemical imbalance for my issues, not some otherworldly forces. Either way, it’s not fun, and I hope Nina can get some happiness a relief from her symptoms whilst not defaming or implicating innocent people.

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      • @barchon – “a hereditary chemical imbalance”. Someone very close to me, has been challenged by this for…40+ years now? Relate, dude.

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        • I’m just going on the fact I have always had issues as a child, nothing ever diagnosed until I was in my 20’s.
          My Grandmother, Uncle and Cousin have all had similar problems.
          My mother took me to the doctor when I was 4 as I was going around touching things a certain number of times, and checking everything. They told her not to worry about it until I become an adult.
          Always had that OCD trait, checking numbers, memorising things, checking my feet and counting everything, very annoying. It has enabled me to get good at some things though. Possibly could have been a professional footballer and few kids I was in the same team as did make it. Everytime I headed the ball though, I would have to repeat my times tables as I thought it would damage my brain . Spoken to a lot of people about this, my uncle before he passed and he came to the same conclusion about it being heriditary. Probably to much self sharing, but sometimes it is good to give a little of yourself back. Had plenty of CBT over the years, along with NLP and other various common sense practices.

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      • And I hope she keeps away from Negative Influences like Angela No Power and money scammers like Mel V
        who took all that money from Sandy for what was I would have thought a friend giving some computer advice.

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  11. MKD’S MKD’S MKD’S! HOORAH! Why are these “twoofers” trying to Silence the Truth about their Dumb Deluded Selves? Hang in there Sheva! You inspire me to do “paperwork” on these Defaming DelusAloons. I hate “paperwork” but Enough is a Damn Nuff! Thanks for the links and updates as usual Everyone!
    Upwards and Upwards! 🎈🎈🎈🚔🚔🚔 The Timing of Another PILE of Complaints from Everyone is Perfect! HOAXERS FOR PRISON UK/US 2017!

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