‘Quiet Kristen’ raises more questions than answers

We don’t often hear from Kristen Elizabeth, the Canadian artist / fabric shop lady who aided and abetted Charlotte Ward’s Hamster Research blog until its long-overdue demise in October 2015. Kristen was assigned to run the blog’s Twitter feed, where she has continued to pop up and spout gibberish from time to time under the profile name @HampsteadR.

These days she’s mostly keen on pushing the moribund Piece-a-hate hoax, but she’s also been known to put in a good word or two for Angela Power-Disney and her bizarre and unsubstantiated allegations against Ella Draper:

So it was no surprise to see that Kristen had posted the following on Angela’s Facebook page yesterday:

This little convo reveals a few things, but it also raises a number of questions:

Was Kristen Elizabeth dropped on her head as a child?

First, we were aware that Charlotte was siding with Angela regarding her allegations that Ella had participated in making a child sexual abuse videoβ€”allegations that Kristie Sue and her posse roundly reject, opting instead for the “Ella was a wonderful mother” myth. That particular fight has been going on for months, to our great entertainmentβ€”and it probably should have been obvious that Kristen Elizabeth would be in there slugging away at Kristie Sue. (By the way, North American parents, would you mind not naming all your female children some variation on “Kristen [insert middle name here]”? It’s like all Australians naming their boys “Bruce”. Thanks awfully.)

But how anyone, even people with IQs lower than their shoe sizes, could possibly suspect our friend Sheva Burton of running Kristie Sue Costa’s “Believe the Children” Twitter account, completely escapes us. It’s almost as ludicrous as the idea that she runs this blog.

Sheva is a valued commenter on our blog, and has been a loyal and dedicated supporter for a very long time, but she has shared here that her technical apparatus is badly in need of upgrading. Last we heard, she was using a television remote controller in lieu of a keyboard. Frankly, it’s a testament to her persistence and dedication that she manages to post anything at all, let alone run a second Twitter page for Kristie Sue Costa, who has maligned her in public many times.

Kristen Elizabeth’s comment does make us wonder whether she’s the original source of the rumours that Sheva runs both this blog and Kristie Sue’s whatever-that-thing-is, and that Kristie Sue is a government agent of some sort. Okay, that last bit is actually pretty funny when we think about it. Can’t wait to hear KSC’s frothing-at-the-mouth denial, which we’re sure will be coming soon.

Kristen Elizabeth has reproduced?

We did learn a few things we hadn’t known before from Kristen Elizabeth’s comment to Angie: for one thing, we had no idea that Kristen has a son. We sincerely hope he’s not a minor child, as the thought of any impressionable youngster being exposed to Kristen’s particular brand of lunacy is horrifying, to put it mildly.

Her alleged offspring gets trolled?

Then again, if her son is being trolled (and we can guarantee that if this is the case it’s not by us, since we had no idea of his purported existence until today), we wonder whether he’s adopted his mother’s deranged view of the world. We shudder to think.

Ultimately, Kristen Elizabeth is a very minor figure in the overall Hoaxtead scene, but we’d like to thank her for this interesting insight into the ongoing battle between Ella’s worshippers and her detractors. Sometimes you really do learn more from the little people.

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  1. Yet another one of Angie’s videos has been removed for defamation, I see (see above). That makes at least five. There are libel lawyers out there who must rub their hands with glee every time she opens her ciggie-scented gob.

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    • Being an expert on libel (in my own living room) there is of course a 12 month time limit to take action although a warning letter within that time frame extends the time.

      However this mob & APD who is so easy to track down, do what is most unusual for newspaper etc libels : they engage in a campaign of libel over a long period of time. Their instances of libel number in the 100s.

      # I did sue a now defunct infamous UK newspaper for libel in the late 80s after they mistook me for someone else with a similar name. A well known partner also sued merely for being associated with this different person who was a well known pornography. The paper settled within 2 weeks and I received enough damages to buy a brand new Mini. My pal received 500 quid less and was quite miffed. The legal costs for the newspaper were estimated to be around Β£35K for the simplest matter.

      ## Last year a former employee of a small chain of newspapers run by a friend, posted on Facebook that she hadn’t been paid by the newspaper and that “they didn’t pay their bills”. They were disputing the hours worked.
      That FB post cost her eventually $8K in costs ( for the newspaper’s lawyer) and the parties are still negotiating a $15,000 damages payout (she was only owed around $2K now deducted from her bill) plus a full on grovelling apology on her FB profile and a promise to email her 1200 ‘friends’ with the same apology.

      In the US of course as Alex Jones back peddles at 50,000 kms an hour libel damages could be 100 times that.
      I heartily recommend anyone to sue for libel – why should they steal your good name?. And as Hamsptead involves a concerted & malicious conspiracy, the defendants would go down like ninepins. It IS going to happen and happen soon. Just which case will it be?

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    • Yes, but don’t break out the champagne just yet. He does this regularly. His partner, who had her son removed and now blames a “satanic” cabal, wrote something on his blog a few days back about how self-sacrificing he is, he gave up a successful career (sniff) to fight for “justice” for their insane conspiracy theories….. blah, blah, blah.

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      • He hasn’t given anything up.
        In the past, some charitable people helped him to publish books which he filled with fantasies, lies & bullshit.
        Now, he publishes fantasies, lies & bullshit on his blog. No dif’.
        Except that now, he’s been publicly exposed as having perpetrated a fraud, riding on the back of a six-year-old abuse victim.

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        • Exactly. That’s now his life: lying, threatening, and temper tantrums. He’s being saying for years that the police are still investigating his accusations (actually they’re not), and that arrests are imminent. The only person every arrested was… Nathaniel himself, for death threats and assault.

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  2. Anyone remember that Hampstead video that Kristen posted last year in which she broke down in tears over the lack of progress in the case? She must have felt embarrassed when she watched it back, as she took it down again within the hour. It’s one video I regret not downloading.

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  3. Watching tonight probably the best program I’ve seen to date (an Oz TV
    production) about Madeline McCann. The parents came across as so bloody normal. I can’t help thinking they became the victims of a Lindy Chamberlain type syndrome yet we hear from Scotland Yard detectives they were told how to appear in public to avoid giving a pedo kidnapper a ‘thrill’ which apparently is normal in these cases.

    So much factual information as opposed to the ghastly creeps like frigging Power-Disney. Even the British editor of the local Portuguese newspaper gave more facts in five minutes than a 1000 gutter UK tabloids. And especially the new fact that there had been a spate of break-ins over the previous months with young girls being assaulted & the fact that the particular apartment block was considered unsafe for nannies to work at due to attempted rapes.

    All suppressed in fear of the loss of tourism.

    But in the end that’s where these vicious nasty trolls like Power Disney actually glean their so called ‘evidence’ from- gutter tabloid outlets whether it’s newspapers, TV or other ‘truther’ websites.

    And she dares, dares to quote from the Bible. I feel this case will be solved at some stage and the McCanns finally vindicated.

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    • I note the UK Sun has an article saying the McCann’s have slammed the program as it only used old interviews which is blatant bullshit as the interviewer is there with the McCann’s in endless scenes. She is gentle on them and they come across really well. Of course they quote a “source close to the McCanns” the usual way of saying Doris in the supermarket down the road from the Sun office was asked her opinion.

      Fake news but ideal fodder for the APDs of the world as they lap it up.

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    • “All suppressed in fear of the loss of tourism.”

      It’s been said to me by people of some considerable good standing, who are likely to have a handle on all this, that Portugal Morocco and some parts of Spain are havens for paedophiles. If you’re likely to find a “ring” anywhere it’s there and also that “bindings” to the drugs trade are strong. It seems to me more likely that much is being suppressed to protect organised crime in the area. And that the likes of APD, Abe and a few others are footsoldiers in that effort. Vilifying the McCanns is pure deflection IMHO.

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      • The suppression of the break ins and attempted rapes is very significant. My impression of Mediterranean (and European in general) cities is that they feel much safer than British ones. In a small town in Portugal I might have thought it was safe to leave a child unattended for a short time if I hadn’t heard about local crimes.


  4. On the subject of newspapers : I hope the local Glastonbury media have been alerted to the Facebook profile of one Araya Manna which is rife with anti-Semitism.
    She’s now re-imaged Adolf as a cool GQ style dude which is somewhat different to the image I got from a 90 year old Olympic runner who in 1999 told me he received a silver medal at the ’36 Berlin Olympics from Herr Hitler and shook his hand and described him as “shorter than you (I’m 5’9″) with awful pasty skin, a limp handshake and shocking halitosis”.

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      • Me too, I did manage to get a few taken down, but overall not much success except that she does get banned for posting on a regular basis, so thanks to all like yourself who keep flagging things. She’s not having a good time of it lately, what with being charged with possession with intent to supply. The irony is that as a druggy in Nazi Germany she would have been put in a camp herself.
        I keep an ever-growing file of screen shots from her vile facebook profiles. It’s only a matter of time before she breaches hate speech law.

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  5. EGADS!? “Dilutions of Grand Manure” My My. GOS is right about how EZ liable cases get settled out. Damages are “presumed” (per se) for Allegations like these Scum throw around willy-nilly and the repetition compounds the damages….I hope their unhappy Husband’s realize that We have the Doc’s to get them Sole Custody due to their Wive’s Libels! Hooray for AJ’s wife to attempt to get her kids away from that maniac piece of hater and Sandy Hoaxer. These folks are of the same bent as AJ only “smaller” and have far more to lose, comparatively…..Thanks E.C.
    PS: I think Spiny may find that “Pot Factors” like “nit head” may not possess firearms in Most Med. MJ states….Just a thought for pertinent “screen shots”…in futuro… There is a charge called “Felony Firearm”….Pics will do as evidence. ONE CELL Man HAHAHAHAHA!

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    • Sorry, buddy – I’m lost, gosh darn it.
      Who the heck is AJ?
      What’s a “liable case”?
      Whose willy did I nilly?
      Who did I factor into a pot?
      Who did I shoot and throw into a cell?
      I look forward to your clarification. Yeehaw!

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      • I think I might be able to help, SN. “AJ” is Alex Jones; and I believe YP is saying that people who are addicted to cannabis (or in possession of a lot of it) may not own firearms in the USA. He’s saying we might wish to keep this in mind when gathering screenshots of a certain nit-infested hillbilly and her weaponry. πŸ™‚


  6. I’m just watching that movie ‘Triple 9’ and I’m loving this rather apt quote from Woody Harrelson’s cop (about no one in particular):

    β€œThe monster has gone digital. Be careful what you InstaGoogleTweetFace.”

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  7. Next time Angie denies that she ever claimed to have contacts in the Philippines (when she thought RD was out there with his children), 2:00:06 in this video will come in handy πŸ˜€

    Hmmm. Doctored that screenshot, did we, Ange?

    By the way, what Angie says about CCN at 1:59:01 and 2:01:04 gave me a wry chuckle too.

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