Angela teaches us how not to write a condolence letter

It’s difficult to know where to begin dissecting Angela Power-Disney’s latest rambling, self-indulgent dog’s breakfast of a video, posted yesterday. Should we share a chuckle over her repeated assertions that Kristie Sue Costa is an “excellent researcher”, which proves that her “false allegations” against Angie must be deliberate, rather than evidence of glaring incompetence? Or perhaps we could talk about her continuing support for a certain American nutbar who shall go unnamed, who Angela believes is truthful because…well, she doesn’t actually say why she believes this. She just does.

In our humble estimation, though, Angie truly outdoes herself when she performs a double-reverse flip, from supporting the recently bereaved mother of Aaron Dover to slagging her off, in the space of about five minutes.

It seems that when we broke the news of Aaron’s untimely death a couple of weeks back, Angela took it upon herself to email the funeral home, asking them to pass on her condolences to his family. So far so good, right?

Angela says that Aaron’s mother responded: “She just said something like ‘Oh, I’m very discombobulated; your name seems familiar but I can’t place you'”.

Angela then wrote Ms Dover the following,which we have subtitled…

How not to write a condolence letter

Hello [name redacted] and I completely understand the befuddled state.

I only know Aaron online and I am a campaigner and activist working for more than two years trying to overturn the HAMPSTEAD COVER UP after the video disclosures online by [names redacted] referring to a satanic ritual abuse cult based in their Primary School CHRISTCHURCH HAMPSTEAD. [1]

Aaron contacted me early in the campaign saying he was a past pupil and had a story to tell. He kindly offered me refuge in Thailand if ever I needed it and was going to disseminate the details of his experience. He said he had been so intimidated he was afraid to return to the UK as he had been threatened with immediate arrest. [2]

I am heavily trolled and discredited online because of my attempts to uncover the paedophile ring and government colluding cover up. Part of the discrediting was telling Aaron I was a GOVERNMENT AGENT which could not be further from the truth. Aaron temporarily believed the trolls, and in a tizzy issued online death threats against me. [3]

I took no action because I knew his heart was in the right place and he had been manipulated with misinformation. I contacted Aaron and assured him we were fighting the same battle.

The same trolls mostly based on HOAXTEAD RESEARCH see link below are trying to implicate ME in Aaron’s sudden and untimely death, with a horrible video titled AARON DOVER 42 DEAD MONTHS AFTER NAMING ANGELA POWER DISNEY AS GOVERNMENT AGENT. [4]

I am less upset by their ongoing attempted smear campaign than I am at AARON’S SUDDEN DEATH. I would REALLY appreciate knowing the circumstances of his death if indeed you know them? I would not rule out suspicious circumstances but it is heart breaking not to know any details as I am sure it must be for you. [5]

I truly appreciate you e mailing me back. I pray you have comfort through this difficult time. I understand if you cannot get your head round the ins and outs of this but when you are ready I can share the brief emails exchanged between Aaron and myself.

If you feel able to fill me in with whatever you know I would appreciate it. [6] You can find some of my work on my website [link redacted for lack of interest]. [7]

God Bless and again condolences for this horrible loss


Let’s take this point by point, shall we?

[1] We have no reason to believe that Aaron’s mother is a conspiraloon. In what universe does Angie believe that a bereaved mother would be even slightly interested in hearing about a thoroughly debunked hoax involving paedophiles, infanticide, and cannibalism, centred on the primary school where she sent her son many years ago?

[2] Aaron was afraid to return to the UK because of the threat of arrest, all right. But the arrest he feared had nothing to do with Hoaxtead, and everything to do with the fact that he had issued credible death threats to various members of his family. We’re going to take a flyer and suggest that his grieving mother might not wish to be reminded of this.

[3] For similar reasons as in [2], we suspect Ms Dover might not wish to hear that her recently deceased son had been issuing death threats left, right, and centre.

[4] This blog had nothing to do with any videos about Angela being responsible for Aaron’s death. We did, however, publish a response to Angela’s surprising statement, which she issued as soon as she was aware of Aaron’s death, that she had had nothing to do with it.

[5] Is it really appropriate to ask a grieving parent to share the details of their child’s death…and then to suggest that the death might have been a murder? Seriously, Angie? Seriously?

[6] And then to reiterate that request, which she should not have made in the first place?

[7] We would also suggest that a letter of condolence might not be the best place to advertise one’s new blog. Just a thought.

Perhaps we are being overly stuffy, but phrases like “common decency” and “what in hell is wrong with her?” kept running through our heads as Angela read her email aloud.

But she didn’t stop there.

As rude, insensitive, and offensive as Angela’s email was, she didn’t stop there, oh no!

Having read out the email, she proceeded to fumble through the messages on a Facebook group for conspirasheep, in search of a post that Aaron had put up about his mother. At this point, our Cringe Sensors were in overdrive. We were not wrong. Here’s the hateful post, which Angela shared without redacting names or addresses:

On 29 August 2016, Aaron wrote:

Be my guest, start with my mother [redacted] Dover. She has been kidnapping kids to “care homes” her entire career. Absolute monster of a woman. [Full address and directions to house redacted]. Interrogate her. Don’t hold back. She’s a fuckin cunt and a half I should know. Even if she talks, make sure to smash her up properly she’s got untold bodycount. She used to pretend to be concerned about pedos and signalled it was really widespread, As she continued in her successful career supplying pedos.

Did Angela read this and say, “Hmm, sounds like Aaron might have had a screw or three loose when he wrote that?”

Did she say, “Oh, poor Ms Dover, to have her son say such terrible things about her in a public forum”?

Did she say, “What a load of bollocks, if my son said that about me, we would have strong words”?

She did not.

Instead, she commented, “So that was a bit of a shocker, needless to say. When I explained to [redacted] Dover that Aaron had worked with me on…well, a little bit worked with me, we never did fully interview or whatever, and I missed…a lot of people get outraged because they think I ignore them, but I just was not familiar with the YouTube comments, I mean YouTube messages. They move them around, and you know it’s hard to find this stuff sometimes, especially when you’re maintaining like a huge Facebook profile, an active, two active YouTube channels, and emails, and so many groups and pages and…it’s a lot, which is why financial support and practical support, like the tech team has just stepped forward and said ‘we’d like to help’. But you know, it’s not a one-man band, this work is not a one-man band for anybody. And I don’t claim to be the figurehead or the lead, or whatever. The stupid petty jealousy crap that goes on amongst campaigners. No man, no woman can do this on their own….”

In other words, rather than condemning or otherwise addressing this very obvious piece of hate literature directed at Aaron’s now-bereaved mother, Angela went waffling off about herself. For a change.

That’s the thing with Angela, though: one must keep one’s expectations suitably low at all times. And whenever we think they’re low enough, we must lower them several notches further. It’s the only way, really.

111 thoughts on “Angela teaches us how not to write a condolence letter

  1. Angie has no depths to which she will not stoop, especially where other peoples lives, deaths and grief are concerned. I just hope she isn’t saying these type of things to Tracey about her daughters sad passing.
    There are all kinds of sickos saying AD faked his own death on youtube.

    Vile creeps, who think everythings a conspiracy and a game.
    Can anyone point me to the video where Jason Streatham made his vile rants about TG8?
    As someone who has both parents recovering from Cancer operations at the moment, I was absolutely sickenend by his disgusting comments.

    Great write up EC, as always. Thanks mate.

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      • Thanks EC, they have both had the all clear following their operaions and are going on holiday now to celebrate/relax.

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        • /watch?v=6x4hxV2JfsY

          He’s put the comment at the bottom of 2 different threads on that video. Calling for me to be “shot through the face” and for people to pray I get bowel cancer, breast cancer and another one I’m not even going to mention.

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          • Thank you TorkGirl. So sorry that he said such vile things to you, he really is a very sad and lonely individual.
            Absolutely disgusting comments and I hope you are feeling okay, please don’t let him get to you, his opinion and threats are pathetic and to counter balance his sick words, I will pray to the Green Man and King Penda to protect and ward of any evil.
            I just hope it’s not this Green Man that turns up 🙂

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          • He truly is disgusting for saying that to you TorkGirl8. I imagine that he has no friends and that is why he is so angry and bitter all the time.

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          • Thanks, guys. Yeah, it was upsetting for me as I’m currently awaiting a hospital surgery appointment for which I’m hoping there will be a good outcome, so his comment really affected me, I know I shouldn’t have let him get to me but it was just the circumstances.

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          • I’ve lost count of the times i’ve reported that video on that channel and still YouTube don’t see fit to remove it. There are a lot of sick comments from sick people there, don’t let them get you down TG, we’ve got your back.

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          • Really sorry, TG. And best wishes for your health.
            We all think the World of you here and won’t stand by and let this psycho attack you in such a vile disgusting manner.
            And if it helps in any way, I’ve given Jason “a bit of a talking to” about this on one of the threads that the moron frequents.
            Best wishes

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  2. My God! has she sent that thing to Aarons parents? she is a psychopath there is no two way about it. She wants interviews with the family about Hampstead, that’s why she’s doing this, what a nasty insensitive bitch.

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    • Yes, she was reading a letter she’d already sent. I really feel for Ms Dover—not only has she lost her son, but it sounds like he was very abusive towards her, and now along comes Angela in her size 43 boots, stomping through the poor woman’s grief and then sounding as though she believes Aaron’s ugly allegations. There really are no words.

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    • 100% karnevilnine that is what Angela No Power wants, she is trying to rile Aaaron’s Mother in to a response and catch Mrs. Dover at her lowest ebb.

      I must confess, I’ve not watched the new video yet, as I seriously have to brace myself to watch any of her crap.

      As for Angela interacting with Tracey at this moment in time, I would have a good bet that she is “stirring the pot “with Tracey too with some conspiracy theory.

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    • Yes, the word psychopath is no exaggeration. She constantly displays psychopathy, this means she will never listen, she will never admit that she is incorrect and she will never feel guilt for anything she says or does. She has a complete lack of empathy.
      This also accounts for her narcissism. Psychopathy and narcissism go hand in hand.
      She will only ever think of herself. You will never ever be able to reason with her.

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        • Good question.
          Psychopaths are born like it. On rare occasions it can occur through a brain injury.
          Narcissism is thinking only of yourself, a self belief that you are better than others. Being constantly egotistical.
          You can be a narcissist without being a psychopath, maybe with slight sociopathic traits.
          However psychopaths are generally extremely narcissistic. Look up the medical definition of a psychopath and you will see why.
          Psychopath and sociopath are really the same thing as it is a sliding scale. We generally call extreme sociopaths, psychopaths.
          I don’t wish to lecture or sound like a narcissist, lol. It’s just that I have a close family member that is an extreme sociopath that effected me greatly whilst growing up.
          I now see it as a positive as I can spot them a mile off and can easily deal with them.
          You have to out psychopath a psychopath. That means don’t get emotional and defeat them with reason in public.

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          • Thanks Jim and I like your “out psychopath a psychopath” “don’t get emotional and defeat them with reason in public”.

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  3. I thought Angie’s phone calls to the mental health unit were the absolute nadir, but she has got lower still. The Limbo Queen strikes again.

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    • “The Limbo Queen strikes again.”

      I suspect that if you managed to bury that bar 20 miles underground, she would still manage to slither under it….

      She really has no shame has she….


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    • “YouTube to offer fake news workshops to teenagers”

      And I hear next week Rosemary West is hosting a seminar on home-making from her lovely residence at Low Newton!

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    • Cheeky bastards indeed. When ‘Internet Citizens’ report fake news, hate speech and online abuse to YouTube they don’t appear to care the majority of the time. Illegally released videos of the childrens police interviews have been reported dozens of times on channels over a period of time and yet those videos are still there on the same channels as YouTube somehow deem them ok for people to watch.

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    • If Mel fell and damaged herself because of the road works, she wants to claim against the firm/authority doing the repairs/construction.

      That’s providing it’s not her fault of course.

      If Mel had fallen over 2 times before, it all seems rather questionable as to what really happened.

      And why wait 6 days to go to hospital with a broken foot? Severe pain??

      Has Mel not taken out the Medical Insurance for whatever reason?


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      • A claim has already been registered with The Hague City Council, but it can take up to 4 years before they pay for anything. I have no health insurance as I can’t afford it. Yes it is mandatory for all Dutch citizens, but I am a South African citizen, living in Holland as a spouse of an EU National. For the same reason I am excluded from claiming any benefits at all, as part of my visa provisions for being allowed to reside in Holland. Yes it is complicated. Nothing sinister or false in what has happened.

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      • To be fair, I had a few falls before the “big one” in which my tibia and fibula were completely shattered and couldn’t be put back together without extensive surgery, plates, and metal pins. What you don’t want to hear when you wake up from the anaesthetic: “We think we got most of the pieces”. Also, it’s really fun going through airport metal detectors these days and trying to convince the nice security people that I’m not carrying a bomb in my ankle. I generally have to show them the scars to get through.

        On my penultimate fall, I remember my doctor telling me that I really needed to watch what I was doing, as the next one could be disastrous for my ankle. Turns out that each not-quite-so-serious fall was “prepping” my ankle for the next, slightly worse one. Throwing off my balance when I walked, etc. The things one learns, eh?

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        • I have all manner of bits of meccano in ankle,femur,skull,shoulder etc keeping my frame intact as a result of assorted motorcycle prangs back in the day.Probably idiotic with hindsight but went on to play a lot of football and broke same femur again during a match.Xray dept at hosp told me the metal had kept femur from being a complete break and that effectively I had already had any required operations etc.Still had leg in a cast for 3/4 months.

          Yep metal detectors at airports etc are a tad annoying,perhaps I should wear my metal Micky T shirt for such occasions 😉

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  4. Should we also share a chuckle over Angie’s repeated assertions that Sheva Burton runs both this blog and Krisite Sue’s ‘Listen to the Children’ page?

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  5. What jumps out at me is that Angie thinks posting on Facebook is ‘work’. I’m on Facebook a lot but I don’t expect to get paid for it. You know….if I had to choose I’d donate to Mel’s foot. She should start a campaign ‘For Every Donation You Get a Signed Photo of Mel’s Foot’.

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    • Spot On Mad Carew, that’s exactly what Angela No Power thinks.

      Posting on Facebook is work. Lol.

      How thick are her supporters?

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  6. “Angela says that Aaron’s mother responded: “She just said something like ‘Oh, I’m very discombobulated; your name seems familiar but I can’t place you’”.

    And I suspect that’s the case for most of the population. Something that defines these people in my view is their delusions of grandeur. Angie’s a complete nobody who has achieved nothing in her life. She’s not even been able to create and maintain a normal family. Why would anyone outside the “Tragic Circle” readily know her name or what she’s about let alone acknowledge her? She’s no celebrity, nor even someone who does anything of any note, just some sad saggy old cow who dribbles incessantly into a webcam. Even the “big players” in this game of fools are nonentities. -Mel and Biggi with their pathetic youtube channel, trying to pass it off as anything other than webcam-licking. Barmy Brian Gerrish in his garden shed with his green screen, Robert Green and his band of merry meatheads “on tour”. – FFS! Delusional attention-seeking ego-tripping twats the lot of them!

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    • Great summing up Alfred.


      Aaron’s Mother probably just “knew” the DISNEY bit of the Angela Power-Disney name (as she likes to call herself).

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    • Angies name probably only sounds vaguely familar due to the Disney part, or the mother was just being polite or had better things to do than answer Angie at a time of grieving.
      I find Angie so maddening, the bullshit is just astronomical, her self awareness is non existant, how she cannot see that she is the one slandering innocent people and deserves everything she gets is beyond delusional same with Debbie Mad Moo, Kristie Pooh and Mel Ve.

      Nothing is ever these peoples fault, everything is a conspiracy or someone elses doing, including Mels foot. I bet she hurt it stepping down from that Ivory tower in the sky when getting down from that Game of thrones style ego throne she so loves to lord it up in.

      This is someone who has made endless hours of footage of videos discussioning Dragonology.
      At least her and Biggi are actually human though compared to some of these vile creatures.

      Angie for prison, abraham “nonce” Christie and Ella “KGB” Gareeva for prison, Krusty Pooh for prison and the rest of the hoaxers rounded up into rehabilitation centres for the terminally stupid.

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      • “Angies name probably only sounds vaguely familar due to the Disney part”

        LOL yeah, the part of her name that “disnae” belong to her and she “disnae” have any right to use!

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  7. “that Game of thrones style ego throne she so loves to lord it up in.”

    More easily identified as a piece of scruffy tat rescued from a skip round the back of a local department store shortly after they’d shut down that year’s “Santa’s Grotto”. – Set against a manky wall that needs repainting and lit by a table lamp and some old railway torches. -Lifestyles of the rich (LOL) and famous (ROFLMAO) eh? BTW, I reckon what she really needs is a bullet removing from her foot.

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  8. Pizzagate was Utter Bull, so in order to not be wrong the conspiratards relabelled it Pedogate (every case of child abuse ever included TM), and WOW the sheep were right all along, just look at all these arrests in Canada.

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  9. You don’t have to be a mental health professional to have realised that Aaron was struggling. Heck, he even used to link to an occasion when his family/friends were worried about him and sent a search team to help him. And most people know that sometimes it is the people closest to us that we lash out at when struggling to cope, for the very reason they are the people closest to us. The ones that know we don’t mean it and won’t walk away. There really are no words to describe how low and disgusting Angie actually is.

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    • Yes, it was pretty clear to us that he was in trouble, mental-health-wise. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been for his family, and then to have him die without ever resolving it…awful.

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  10. Hi all

    You don’t know me but I’m just dropping by to share this with you. It pertains to the video by Angela Power-Disney referred to in the above article. Good news, I trust?

    Best wishes, everyone
    I’m impressed by your blog, by the way. I hope it all works out for you.

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    • Great news, DB! I’m glad you took action against the video. Angela has a habit of just randomly defaming people, without a thought for the people whose lives she might be harming. Thanks for stopping by to let us know.

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  11. “Hello Friends and here is a later than usual monthly update from rather chilly (to me anyway!) IRELAND!

    Huge thanks to the supporters who helped with the financial logistics of the transition …you know who you are!

    STILL excited at having this new website altho new skills again needed by yours truly to operate it HA HA ….if we stop learning we stop living!

    Of a couple things I forgot to mention in the first update in a while is my unequivocal DISGUST at dear Miles Johnston of Bases and UFO as well as formerly SKY and BBC fame…..for interviewing the nightmare MKUltra programmer and alleged child paedo ring mastermind (check Douglas Dietrich re the PRESIDIO COVER UP) the infamous Colonel Michael Aquino….so evil even Satan apparently no longer wants to deal with him. Max would turn in his grave. Survivors and victims worldwide betrayed, and if any further evidence of a sell out were needed, Miles is now actively promoting Aquino´s book by private message to people and other means. Dear GOD

    Ok folks, am getting back in the saddle and just about to do another show with the PEPSI to my SHIRLEY of the TRUTH MOVEMENT as a recent commenter referred to myself and HEATHER BROWN! And an interview scheduled Monday with David Scott and Andy Peacher about the very exciting upcoming May conference in Scotland. It seems to have the establishment on the back foot already!

    i would LOVE to attend the conference and do some interviews there, so as always, monthly partners as well as one off sponsors are shamelessly and indeed PROUDLY sought!

    No man is an island and it is going to take TEAM WORK to expose child abuse and create a safe world for CHILDREN everywhere xx”

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  13. ‘Something You Need To See That They Do Not Want You To See’

    Another illegal video bites the dust.

    Karma 🙂

    That video title seems rather ironic now, doesn’t it 😀


  14. The silly moo is in for a disappointment (see below). Firstly, YT has algorithms that recognise a banned video that’s been re-uploaded and immediately re-blocks it. Secondly, even if it got through that, I’m sure the people who reported it first time would be happy to do so again and get her channel yet another strike 😀


  15. LOL! She’s so determined to get that defamatory cuntwaffle aired! Where is her “tech team” when she needs them? ROFL. 😀

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    • I beg your pardon Jake, a man in your position, currently the prime suspect in The Hollie Greggs Bakery Robbery, might be more careful about what language you use young man.


  16. Protecting a pedophile is worse then being one. You are scum and will be dealed with. Count on it!!!.


    • @ Donkey Hoatee

      Then maybe you should stop protecting Abraham Christie, a man who has admitted to beating the children, a man who the children themselves have stated tortured them (I listened to the children, even if you didn’t), a man who proudly uploaded recordings of himself coaching the children whilst practically orgasming…

      Now do you actually have something constructive to contribute here? Some logical counter-arguments, perchance? Or some evidence to support your case? Go on – put on your big boy pants and try again…

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      • @Spiny Norman Abraham Christie is not a person I need to protect. I don’t even like this person. Its the children who should be protected from EVIL that has taken over your country as well as mine.


      • Remind me, Dutch – how many of you have been arrested, gagged, cautioned or sectioned now so far? 20+, I believe.

        And how many of us? Oh yeah – none. D’oh!

        By the way, would you care to explain why a, ahem, “child abuse campaigner” such as yourself condones Hitler, a man who imprisoned, tortured and murdered how many children?

        And if you get a mo, could you clarify for us idiots where the edge of your flat Earth is? Cheers.


            • I justed answered a question. In the YT video you can see the Hampstead children and their rapist, their father. So it seems to me its in place here. @El Coyote


          • Sooo, Donkey hates cruelty to children but supports the self-confessed child-torturer Abraham Christie and, er, Hitler. How does that work?

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          • A 3-month-old lobotomised chimp with pre-existing learning difficulties who just happened to be passing says:

            “We live on an infinite plane.”

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Even I can see how fucking stupid that is!

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          • “We live on an infinite plane”. Yeah mate, well the blade on yours is chipped and blunt due to your failure to remove the rusty nails from the rotten planks you insist on working with.

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          • “Why should I respect your mental prison? It is part of the problem with our world, not part of the solution”. – copyright MEL V 2017

            DonQ is yet another in a very long list of pedophiles hiding behind the cover of being a truther.

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        • EC, block that donkey for even posting that crappy Jizzim video on this fine blog.
          Can’t believe he returned to argue his case and called RD a rapist of his own children. You’re sick, Donkey!

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      • “Holy moly, the Hampstead case is going international. Scum will lose.”

        What? In glorious wankervision? All the fucking same these things, if its not some plonker licking a webcam it’s incoherent screenshots or two minutes of cheesy music over random public domain stock footage combined with a few pig-ignorant platitudes written in Chimpanese. Incidentally, the Hampstead case went “international” when the child abusing cunt Abe Christie (who beat those little kids into making those obscene videos for the entertainment of his pervert friends) fucked off abroad with the kids’ nightmare excuse for a mother. You’re a twat DQ, just another random twat.

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    • Thanks, CD.. and thanks to those who replied to his vile comments, which I couldn’t bring myself to do last night. A big thanks to my special someone who calmed me down and cheered me up on G+ last night too. I really appreciated it.

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  17. Angela is at a Personal Best LOW with email to Ms. Dover. This is called: Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. She does it KNOWING there will be NO TM Blowback Payback from this blog. The Hag belongs in Broadmoor for Crazy Criminals. Apparently she has not seen the LAWSUITS against “hoaxers” all over MSM, celebrity and Common Folk! lol Looks like Robyn and Crustie are starting to understand that concept, MUCH too late. They can’t scrub fast enough to lower the NUMBER Counts ON Impending Verified Complaints in U.S.! Hungry Hungry Young NICE U.S. Attys in Mass/N.C>$$$ Thanks E.C. and Everyone for grabbing all the Exhibits! “AFR” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FRAUUUUUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSSS! ALEX JONES FOR PRISON 2017 😀

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  18. Comment left under APD’s video “Ireland, safe haven or colonial outpost?”
    LOL! Can anyone tell me how you “plus down” a video? 😀


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