Hoaxtead Research: Who are we really?

We were amused yesterday while reading the comments under one of McKenzies Devils’ excellent videos, to read a post from the presumed owner of the “anti-Hoaxtead” blog, “HoaxteadSatanistsExposed“. They were earnestly explaining to a fake “Robyn Hamme” account that if she wanted to come and see the REAL TRUTH about the evil Satanists who run Hoaxtead Research, she should visit them. The part we liked best was this: “They are all self confessed Satanists, and paid government trolls”.

We are?

We don’t recall “confessing” to being Satanists, with the obvious exception of James Hind, who comments here as Satanic Views, and who is currently on hiatus. And he doesn’t “confess” to being a Satanist; he announces it, loudly and proudly.

Not that there would be anything wrong if more of us were, in fact, Satanists—it’s a valid religious choice, and the last time we checked we lived in a society where people are free to decide for themselves which religious path they wish to follow.

But apart from James, no one here is a Satanist so far as we’re aware.

We don’t ask anyone here to disclose their religious beliefs, as it would be wrong to do so, but over the past two years many of our commenters have disclosed that they come from a variety of religious standpoints. We have several atheists, a number of Anglicans, someone who attends a Spiritualist church, a couple of Unitarian Universalists, several Jews, some Catholics, a few Presbyterians…and we’re quite certain there are many more denominations and belief systems represented.

Ultimately, we’re not at all concerned with the church, synagogue, temple, or mosque one chooses to attend, or chooses not to attend. Religious belief simply isn’t relevant here, except inasmuch as it informs people’s behaviour toward one another.

What unites those of us who spend time on this blog, whether as commenters, readers, researchers, or writers, is this: we have all made the choice to speak out against those who bully and terrorise innocent people. We all dislike witch-hunts, and are willing to stand up to those who conduct them.

Each of us, in his or her own way, was drawn into responding to the Hampstead SRA hoax via different routes. Some started by reading about it in the mainstream media; others saw references to it on various troofer sites. Some just stumbled across the explosion of videos, blogs, and social media posts which occurred shortly after the initial videos went viral. Some made innocent comments suggesting that the thing might not be true, and were immediately attacked and called “paedo supporters”, “shills”, or “abusers”.

All of us, in some way and at some time, decided that it wasn’t okay to target a community of families, teachers, clergy, and businesses, based on videos of children who’d so clearly been forced to recite the lurid details of abuse that had never occurred. All of us knew that online vigilantism is wrong. All of us understood from the outset that any of us could just as easily have been named as “cult members” by people like Abe, Ella, and their promoters and supporters.

Ultimately, choosing to oppose this hoax is a moral decision, firmly rooted in the belief that no person should ever have to face a baying mob of false accusers, out for blood. No matter what religion or lack thereof any of us espouse, we think it’s fair to say that we try to abide by the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller, who spoke out against Nazism in Germany, and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


181 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Research: Who are we really?

  1. I practice yoga and am probably a pagan or satanist or gnostic christian, not to be contrived but that just describes where I seem to be. I think that many of the people so quick to accuse people of being paedophiles just hate themselves and need to keep projecting their guilt onto others.

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  2. Great post and cracking marvellous quote mate.
    Religious wise I am nothing, as labels are what religious people use to pigeon hole people.
    If anything I have an interest in the old religions of the British Isles, not the foreign middle eastern junk pushed onto us, sorry guys.
    All Hail King Penda of Mercia. Oh and the Green Man has a special place in my heart as a am a country bumpkin and love nature.

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    • “the foreign middle eastern junk pushed onto us” Apart from not being historically accurate, do you think you might try to be a little bit more respectful of christians and their beliefs?


      • Lol, no thanks matey had enough of all the preaching and listening to the garbage some of them spew over the years, each to their own though. Btw I have seen enough Hammer Horror movies and read enough Dennis Wheatley novels, to know what you devil worshippers are all about too, lol.


        • I think “each to their own” was excactly the point Pallas was making, BM. S/he wasn’t trying to preach to you, just asking you to be tolerant (of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, which are what I assume you meant by “middle eastern junk”). Not taking sides here, by the way, just clarifying.

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          • I know, the preaching part is aimed at the online christians who seem to be all over YT pizzagator types, not aimed at Pallas. Yeah i didnt mean to offend anyone, shouldnt have said it, apologies to any offended by what i have said. Not doing too well here lol, when im been an accidental racist or intolerant of religions. if something is deemed a religion, it has to be respected, no matter how extreme, i get it now :). Just off to set up my cult of Barchon Mad, only the insane can apply, so that it doesnt descriminate against the hoaxers.

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          • No problem, Barchon–one of the annoying features of life online is that we can’t see or hear one another, so it’s often easy for misunderstandings to occur. I do like the sound of your new religion though. Could be onto something promising there. Set up a crowdfunding page, and you’re off to the races!

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  3. Since 2015, I’ve had every name thrown at me out there in YT land by rabid Hoaxturds, along with everyone else on here. Luckily I can remain anonymous to any threats, unlike the people of Hampstead and RD who have to live with it on a daily basis.

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    • Absolutely. Most of us have chosen to remain anonymous for that reason: we don’t want to expose ourselves and our families to the rage of the rabid Hoaxtead vigilantes. We’ve seen what they can do, and it’s not pretty.

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    • You won’t be saying that when I manage to pin the Holly Greggs daylight robbery of a Steak Bake, two Vanilla Slices and a sausage roll on you Jake.
      Tick Tock lmao.

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      • I don’t stand for threats from rabid Greggerites either, Barchon. So what if I’m partial to a Steak Bake and the odd sausage roll? You gave me a vanilla slice as a bonus last week remember? I didn’t STEAL that one, you gave it willingly.

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        • Jake, heed my words. The net is closing in on you and your crimes against snackdom!
          I have you fingered as the main supect in the Hollie Greggs Robbery!
          Please go easily and your crimes against British Bakeries will be accounted for.
          That Vanilla Slice and shilling from last week may be considered Entrapment in a UK Court of Law, but this evidence is more than clear we have enough to put you away for at least a 5 hour community Service.

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  4. I’ve been called many things over the years and had my face plastered all over the internet – MI5 agent, Government shill, threats on my life and of course if I don’t agree with the Hoaxtards then I must be a pedo at least!!

    Brian Gerrish of the UK Collumn said so much in an email to me once LOL!

    But I also detest religion!

    Nothing in the history of mankind has caused more death, destruction, wars & murder including division of human kind. That’s not my opinion, it’s historical fact and yet sill billions believe in the mystical man in the sky of one sort or another.

    HOWEVER……I would defend to the death anyone’s choice to believe what they want to believe……..

    So what does that truly make me I wonder……..

    Certainly a focal point of hatred for our “friends” I would suggest. 🙂

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  5. Anyone who reads the comments on here for a while can see that everyone is from widely different backgrounds and viewpoints, its about as diverse a group as you could find. The one thing we have in common is we are sick of these hoaxers spreading hate and lies. If the best they can do is call us Satanists it proves that they don’t have an argument. Keep exposing these freaks.

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  6. I’m a humanist. I have in the past sometimes called myself a “Gaian” – a term of my own devising, which I define as: a person who values the planetary ecosystem AS THOUGH it were a living being & the Mother of all life, whether or not that might be literally true.

    But as you know, inspired by the tales of Neelu’s cosmic enlightenment master – Roger the 8 foot tall butterfly – I spontaneously “ascended” awhile back. Hard to say what that makes me, but I’m still an ardent rationalist. It’s great fun, when I’m ascending around in the heavens, to encounter some other ascendee – and then DISBELIEVE in their powers. They fall out of the skies in mid-flight, or clouds suddenly stop supporting them & they plummet, or otherwise lose the magical abilities which make them ‘possible’, and fall apart, dissolve, spontaneously combust, etc.
    They aren’t permanently harmed, of course, because they AREN’T REAL. It’s like hanging out in Toon Town…

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  7. Straight from the pulpit of Reverend Mahmoudieh of the Northern Church of Methane-Slaying Vegans™…

    “Nobody believes in the Devil. Nobody believes in God. Nobody belies that there’s Satanists – paedo-sadist fucking Satanists – working in every Central London authority. Nobody believes that. Nobody believes the children. But we’re all supposed to believe the official fucking report on 9/11, aren’t we. The biggest fairy tale ever. Except it’s not a fairy tale, is it? It’s a fuckng horror story that they’ve turned into an absolutely real nightmare and now we’re all supposed to quietly sit down, nervously sipping our tea and watching the news to see when the fuck World War 3’s going to start. ‘Cause that’s the kind of world that we live in, a world of ignorant twats who just sit about doing fuck-all. But I tell you now, the street people ain’t gonna fucking stand up for it [sic]. We ain’t gonna stand for this shit and we are gonna come out. The street people are talking now and we are going to be out. WE’RE GONNA DO AN ICELAND ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER. OK?!”

    Amen, Sister. TESTIFAH! LOL 😀

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  8. Just stumbled upon this copy of MKD’s Aaron Dover video:

    The reason I’m posting it is that there are some interesting comments underneath it and I also reckon you’ll all get a kick out of the remarks about Angela the “man beast” 😀

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  9. For me, and quite a few other level headed “Rationalists” as you might call us, there seems to be an agenda to blend concerns over the very serious and real crimes that are committed against children with what really do just amount to childish fairy stories. The purpose behind that seems to be to cause the average person to take one look at it all, and dismiss it at just nutters making a lot of noise. That comment the other day from Richard Carwath where he tries to differentiate between “ordinary” abuse and “satanic” abuse is a bit of a “through the keyhole” example and thinking of the Holly Greg hoax, is it not just relatively recently that became “Satanised”? Presumably mainly for effect and to keep it lucrative but also to “keep it mad” so that nobody serious can drill too far into it. Let’s remember that in the Hoaxtead case what you have at the heart of it is a genuinely violent pretty crook and drug dealer backed up by a serial fraudster with a chorus of other petty crims, perverts forgers, and druggies. -It’s just crime. It was the same with the Holy hoax, its the same with the Scottish couple that went running off to Ireland (it’s said the father trued to SELL his kids as aa oppsed to anyone trying to buy them) the Musers, that mad skanky woman who was locked up for setting fire to someone’s shed……. The common thread and the main thing they seem to be trying to avoid is anyone taking these cases too seriously and looking too closely at them.

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  10. Well I’m a self confessed church going Christian, drawn into this site because I realised my charitable instincts had been severely abused by Belinda McKenzie who has been behind a lot of serious mischief. Would love to prove to “HoaxteadSatanistsExposed” exactly who I am, but I don’t want Charlie Ward style investigators sending rude messages to my friends and family.

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    • I’m from a Catholic family and these hoaxers first came to my attention because of Kevin Annetts rabid anti-Catholicism. That fucker had the gall to claim that all Catholics are ordered to cover up child abuse on pain of excommunication. I have young children in my family that are being brought up catholic and that bastard spreading hate is a threat to my loved ones. I had never heard of child sacrifice in the west until I saw some of his psycho videos.

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  11. What separates this blog from the hoaxers stuff is that you allow freedom of speech and only remove abusive posts, when I first saw this blog I was a bit shocked at first to see James Hinds openness about Satanism but once you get to know him (as much as you can on an anon blog) he seems like a decent bloke. I have posted on quite a few of the hoaxers blogs and it has always been removed even though I have been polite. Just remember that though the hoaxers are noisy and have the web full of their hate propaganda that they are a tiny but loud minority of freaks. They in no way represent normal people.

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    • The first minute of that video features some very nasty Hampstead stuff. Flagged and reported under the child abuse category. And don’t even get me started on the freaks who’ve been commenting on there.


    • @dave – yes. Most persons who have chosen to publicly identify as a “satanist”, from the earliest days of LeVay’s Church of Satan to the late 1990’s at least, have also been vehemently anti-religious atheists.


        • That’s exactly what I thought Jake.

          The place must look as though it’s haunted and indeed Angela did claim that when RQ was staying there that there had been a big gust of wind, but most probably her not wanting to fart in his presence if the truth be told rather than the place having spooks.

          Neutral Angela, neutral.

          Get your arse back over to Lanzarote and take down all those awful photos of yourself.


      • I won’t… It’s an old con. A mate of mine got sucked in to this sort of scam with him Mum’s old flat in Javea. The Brit tenant with a years lease asked if they could sub-let, he said yes, next he heard the flat was emptied and nobody questioned the GB registered van that turned up as they thought it was the owners. The tenant (who is back in blighty all this time) then blames the supposed holidaymaker and there’s an insurance claim to boot. She doesn’t really want anybody to book off the back of the ad. I’d love to know who the real landlord is too….. When this happened to my mate he was questioned by both the Spanish and British Police and he Spanish told him if he put a claim in for the missing furniture he’d be done for fraud! Nobody in their right mind allows tenants to sublet like that.

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    • Sharing other people’s face book posts is No Power Disney’s work, plus scamming here and there.

      Even this is a scam.

      I’m not believing the Landlord would allow her to sub-let and No Power receive more money than they are per month.

      The Landlord receiving 450 Euros every month to

      Angela No Power’s 1100 Euros every 4 weeks, so even a little bit more that 1100 Euros a month.

      Nah, nah, nah, I call bull on her claims.

      I too would love to know who the owner of the apartment is.

      Does Lanzarote have a Land Registry like we do in England, where we could check out who the owner is?

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    • Oh thank Whomever. I was sure she was going to try and show us the photos she took of Patrick in his coffin, then shoved in his grieving family’s faces.

      Note to self: never invite Neelu to a funeral.

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          • We told her on 26/3 that we would be deleting the videos. This is the message I send her on 26/3

            Hi Angela,

            Please ensure that you download the CCN’s shows you did from our Youtube channel. We will be deleting them from our channel on 16-04-2017.

            I would suggest you ensure that you have downloaded them from our YouTube channel by that point. This is your one and only advisement of this fact.

            Kindest regards,


            This is my entire correspondance with APD on Facebook this week.

            Angela, you are not a broadcaster at Conscious Consumer Network so please remove that from your Facebook Profile. Thank you.
            Angela Power-Disney
            if you click on the info it says I AM NO LONGER A BROADCASTER and I could not find the way to change it on page but hey I will ask my tech team you said was non existent
            still waiting on that apology
            You go to the info, click on edit and you are done. No need to ask your tech team if it even exists. Flying monkeys don’t count. Jesus be with you.

            Angela Power-Disney
            Flying monkeys how ungracious. One of my former guests went to retrieve his interview with me on CCN for some court proceedings and rang me to say he could not find it. After an investment of almost 2 thousand euro are you telling me you have removed the work I did?
            Seen by Angela Power-Disney at 1:21pm
            Lol, we told you we were doing it and that you should have downloaded all of them before 16/4. Today is 20/4. If you haven’t uploaded them to your channel then that is your issue. Also please be advised you paid , when you actually paid, for the production services that we provide. That we have done. We are in complete honor and not in any obligation to keep your content on our network. If your guest wants a particular show tell them to contact us and I will be more then happy to provide the content. If you for some reason haven’t downloaded the shows as we told you you should be doing let me know which ones are missing and I will upload to Dropbox for you to download.
            see email 26/3 re the videos being taken off our youtube.

            I love how she first says its one person in the message to me. Then in her video she is talking about several people that were winning their cases because of their video interviews with her.

            I think I know why Angela is doing this though. She must be feeling burned that over the course of her working with CCN I refused to succumb to her flirtatious behaviour. To think that she thinks that she could drive me and Mel apart is laughable. She has come to me making allegations about Mel in an attempt to cause division, there is no low level to which this woman won’t sink.

            In regards to the people using her content. I said that I would be willing to get them the content if only they let me know which show it was and I would be happy to send it. Since she has gone online and bitched like a 2 year old child about how she feels wronged instead of getting the people that desperately need her show footage to save them from impending doom in the court room to contact me I am going out on a limb and say that the entire story is bullshit. APD is lying yet again to make herself the victim in this situation. But I will no longer be releasing those shows to them as I actually do not wish to see yet another person connected to Angela Power Disney – The wicked witch of Lanzarote be sectioned, sedated, medicated or murdered. I have seen enough of that to last me 4 lifetimes.

            Just thought I should provide full transparancy in this matter.


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          • Thanks, Biggi. I have to confess I laughed out loud at the flying monkeys comment. 😀 Nicely done.

            I agree with you, it seems likely that Angela is just using the removal of her videos from CCN as yet another excuse to claim she’s been hard done by. Plus ça change, etc.

            In any case, congratulations on ridding yourself of that particular albatross. I’m sure it must be a great relief to you both.

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    • I had to laugh when Angie said that “anyone with any discernment knows” that she’s not affiliated with Hoaxtead Research. Is that the same discernment that led her to conclude that Sheva runs ‘Believe the Children’? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! 😀

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    • She’s whining about her “sources” letting her down on the Ella abuse video evidence and telling us to take it up with them. Call me old-fashioned but wouldn’t the sensible, moral thing to do have been to WAIT until she had the evidence before plastering such serious allegations all over the internet?

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    • 28:20 – “I have no income other than a baseline income which pays my rent and…er…cigarettes. So I have been dependent on support for tech’ and travel and things like website costs, zoom costs, Vimeo costs… Most of the purchasing of my tech’ and so on I used my sister’s money to get set up. That’s what I did.”

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        • Its the same here now, I’m an ex smoker (tobacco lol), and the other day I saw my old brand being sold for $60 for a 50g pack at the servo, yet `down the pub’ you can get the wacky tobaccy for $25 for a 50g bag

          So it is now actually more than twice as expensive to smoke a legal smoke, than to smoke illegal weed….

          (and as for packs of ciggys- jeez)


      • “I have no income other than a baseline income which pays my rent and…er…cigarettes. So I have been dependent on support for tech’ and travel and things like website costs, zoom costs, Vimeo costs… Most of the purchasing of my tech’ and so on I used my sister’s money to get set up. That’s what I did.”

        WTF are “zoom costs”? Zoom is the old video conferencing thing we have on the works intranet. As far as I know it’s a “closed circuit” system and defunct.


    • 35:59 – “I did get another private YouTube message. I haven’t given the details but somebody else that said that they’d been taking in [sic] by Hoaxtead for quite some time and then realised that they’d been duped and myself and others were telling the truth and they contacted me with some intel’ and some corroboration and said that they were putting their lives in danger by switching sides.”


    • 38:06 – Two months to reply to an urgent message and then she spells her own email address wrong. Young Journalist of the Year you say, Ange?


    • 46:47 – Angie telling Aaron Dover’s grieving mother – just three days after his death had been announced – not to rule out suspicious circumstances re. his death.


    • “I’m a non religious Christian”.
      Can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something contradictory about that statement.


    • She says she’s trying to be more professional. It that’s the case I think in future she should sit somewhere where she doesn’t look like she has a pipe coming out of the side of her head.

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