Tiny Magical Death Threats and the Bitter Romper Battle

A couple of weeks ago we had an email alerting us that an old friend, “Tiny Magical Creatures”, aka Dawn Moses, was back on the prowl again, sending harassing messages to a YouTube user and generally kicking up a fuss in the online “reborn” doll-collecting community.

Ms Moses, long-time readers might recall, is a London-based fan of Abe and Ella, who took it upon herself in late 2015 to post multiple illegal videos featuring images of the Hampstead families who were alleged to belong to the imaginary baby-eating “cult”, as well as images of RD’s children. As a result, she was issued with a formal harassment warning by the police, and her YouTube channel was closed.

She made a brief reappearance in late December 2015, plastering a Facebook business page with false allegations that a Hampstead parent who had been associated with that business in the past was a Satanic paedophile and cannibal. We wrote about that at the time, but were asked to remove that post by people close to Ms Moses, who stated that she was mentally ill and would not be posting anything further about the Hampstead SRA hoax. Out of respect for this person, we agreed.

As we’ve frequently stated here, we have no wish to exacerbate anyone’s mental health problems by drawing further attention to them online.

However, it was brought to our notice yesterday that Ms Moses had begun writing about this blog on her Google+ page, apparently in relation to an ongoing feud over (of all things) a “romper” outfit which she’d purchased for one of her baby dolls, which she felt that another “reborn” collector had copied.

Yes. A romper. We shit you not.

We’re not sufficiently au courant with the “reborn” community’s ins and outs to know precisely when the feud started, but on 15 April Ms Moses posted this video titled “A live message for My Little World aka Katie the woman from the Czech Republic”:

We were alarmed to note that at 01:02, Ms Moses stated: “I will make you stop or I will find somebody who will make you stop”. It seems that others found this perturbing as well.

Another YouTuber called My Little World posted this video, in response to death threats made by Ms Moses or her followers—we must emphasise that we don’t know which, but it seems to have been part of the Great Romper Melée—in which the woman’s husband and dog were threatened with violence. In the description under the video, the poster linked to our 2015 article about Ms Moses…

…and this spurred the following response from Ms Moses, on her Google+ page: Hmm.

Do you know what Hoaxtead is?! Have you any idea what that site is you are so proudly displaying beneath your description? I will tell you ~ It is a slander site, where paid trolls hund down, track, & try hard 2 (sic) destroy decent, law abiding truth seekers [Ooh, rich! —Ed.] who have each done something to raise awareness or bring the truth 2 (sic) many different justice causes [We have? —Ed.] ~ All of the highlighted people have been attacked, bullied & slandered for their good deeds for society, humanity, child abuse, family courts [Oh God, I’m dying here —Ed.] ~ The people running this site are the kind who will track you down 2 (sic) your home & threaten your life ~ They track every single IP address of whoever visits, too [Nope. No can do. —Ed.], so be very cautious ~ I really shouldn’t care or give you any warning, but I am the better person here [Snort! —Ed.] & letting you know that this was not the treasure of evidence you all think it is ~ Everything on there is slander [Starting to regret removing that post now —Ed.] ~ The police have tried 2 take it down, but it returns, all protected by a proxy [Huh?? —Ed.] ~ If you bother 2 (sic) do a little research on the people being trashed on that site, you will see they each did something very brave or very honourable for society [Sick bag! Stat! —Ed.] ~ Go & see what it’s all about before thinking it will help your cause, it won’t, it has only strengthened mine… [Is this woman on drugs? —Ed.]


p.s. If you are willing 2 (sic) stop the lies, I will make peace!! [Hark! Is that the sound of TMC panicking we hear? —Ed.]

Let’s put it this way: if we were Ms Moses, we wouldn’t want anyone from the online dolly community reading a blog post about how we harassed a group of innocent citizens and had a wee visit from the police over it. We cannot imagine that this would play well with that community, who all seem quite law-abiding and non-trooferish.

We’ve heard from some of the doll community members, and have provided them with the contact number of the relevant police station. We’ll be following this story and will update our readers as events unfold.

Edited to add: Within two hours of our posting this, Ms Moses apparently had a change of heart and removed all her harassing videos; within another hour, the responses from My Little World were gone too. This has to count as one of the fastest turnarounds we’ve seen, but it does mean that our readers won’t be able to judge for themselves whether the videos were threatening in any way. On balance, though, we would prefer that the entire matter be resolved quickly and with as little police involvement as possible, so…yay?

115 thoughts on “Tiny Magical Death Threats and the Bitter Romper Battle

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  2. Re this blog – ‘The police have tried 2 take it down…’
    Now, let’s not be silly. The moderators of this blog might wish to confirm that this has NEVER happened.
    What the police have done is visited Dawn at home so they could issue her with a legal order though
    Has she forgotten so soon? Is she itching for another visit? Perhaps she likes men in uniform?

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  3. She’s such a whinger! Can’t she make one bloody doll video without resorting to undignified rants about the other people in the reborn doll community? Here’s her full upload collection:

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  4. Yes, the vast majority of what she says is either a falsehood or just ridiculous.

    The idea that we can “harvest” IP addresses from blog visitors, for example: if anyone has ever had a WordPress.com blog, they will know how ludicrous that is. Sure, we can see the IP addresses of people who write comments to us, but we haven’t the foggiest idea of who just comes by and views the blog. Some blogs—the expensive kind, with analytics plugins and such—can see people’s IP addresses, but we can’t.

    And the idea that the police have tried to shut us down is utterly preposterous. We’ve voluntarily removed a couple of posts in our nearly two years of operation, either because they violated injunctions that were enacted after the posts had been published, or because the police told us, and we agreed, that the posts could be detrimental to someone’s mental health. That would include the second post we wrote about Ms Moses.

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  5. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said ‘legal order’. My understanding is she was issued with a Harassment Warning and I’m not sure if that is a legal order.

    This explains ‘Harassment Warning’:

    ‘When a single act alone is alleged to have occurred the police can issue a ‘harassment warning’. They will visit the individual and issue this warning to them.  The warning is designed to make it known to the individual that their act has caused harassment and is to try and deter the individual from carrying out a further act.  If a further act is alleged the police can go on to arrest and charge for the offence of harassment.’


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  6. I like her voice but she sounds like she’s about fourteen. She’s actually an adult woman with grown up children – hard to believe eh!

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  7. 6:54 – “So for me, this is the end of it. I shall not be responding to any more comments on this subject. Peace out to all the truth-seekers and jog along to all those with cheese stuffed inside their ears and blindfolds on their eyes.”

    And that was 10 ranty videos ago, folks. Good to see she stuck to her guns.

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  8. No offence meant to these collector people but…this “reborning” really CREEPS me out. I’m sure it’s just me though.

    In other news – the lawyer for a fat, stupid, hillbilly-on-meth broadcaster claims that “it’s all an act” and “he’s playing a character”, in AJ’s custody battle.
    In other words, Alex Jones fans…he doesn’t BELIEVE a god-damned word that he utters on air or publishes on his site. SUCKERS!


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  9. Watching that video where the babies eyes open & shut gave me the willies. I find these real life dolls creepy but each to his/her own.
    And rabbits, bunnies everywhere in her videos which remind me of an American friend I stayed with once whose flatmate collected toy bunnies and pictures & statues of rabbits and my friend moaned (ina Southern drawl) that every time he had a hangover he got freaked out..”those Goddamned rabbits they’re everywhere, I don’t know which ones are real and which ones I imagine..”.

    Of course we tend to forget that having a mental illness doesn’t change the character of a person so if you are a nasty piece of goods whilst healthy you will probably be the same if you unfortunately become mentally ill.

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  10. Justin Sanity it’s not just you.

    Those adults with their reborn dolls creep me out too.

    No way are they normal.

    Mentally ill in some way, grieving a loss/es of a child but certainly unwell.

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  11. Well it just goes to show the fascinating facts one can learn every day. Not cannibals or McDonalds venturing into baby burgers, but the weird and most strange world of ‘reborn’ dolls!

    At this moment in time. it is hard to find polite comment concerning this very bizarre and demented practice. Apart from the foregoing, any further comment may just run into several pages of expletives and general “who the hell came up with this moronic dumb-ass idea” type of thing.

    The only reasonable explanation is that these idiots sucked too much plastic and lead (as in ‘metal’ – not as in ‘dog’) when they were growing up.

    Perhaps threatening to curse all their dolls with an Gwbanga juju curse may have interesting results – they may hallucinate them turning into ‘Chuckie’ (would like to see the videos popping up like wildfire)..

    (In case you wonder, a chap on the Pointless quiz programme had the name Gwbanga and it sounds quite good – very nice to pronounce with passion),

    Right then – now time to drag oneself back to a version of reality that isn’t quite as colourful as theirs.

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  12. Seems I mistook him for a supporter of Abe & Ella, when it seems he hates Angela as much as most people due to his love for Aaron D. Pointed him in the right direction towards her pages, lol.
    Seems everyone is after Angie including Heather.

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  13. Well I did call him Akmad which could be called racist and offensive and made references to his child brides, so I am no better. He’s an idiot but I would rather he focused those efforts on Angela. I really couldn’t care less if he hates me or anyone else for being white, gay or otherwise.


  14. Okay mate, sorry I didn’t mean to be insensitive, just couldn’t care less about that type of person at this point. Too many of these types, and if he is a fan of AD, he is bound to have some awful judgement and vile opinions. He’s all mouth like all of them.

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  15. Yeah I thought Angela said her and Heifer were going to do a weekly broadcast??

    That didn’t last.

    Perhaps Heifer could tell us what they fell out over?

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  16. Very strange I think Hetty brought a lot of negative attention, remember that part 2/4 that became part 2/3 and then just 2/2 with a few seconds of another video. I think most of Heathers rant couldn’t be aired even for Angie.
    I wonder if Angela will come visit Heather whilst in the UK, lol. Probably not. Some one needs a plumber in to sort that leaking Wifi problem. Maybe Angie can beg, borrow, steal a pund off an American Werewolf in London to pay the bills.
    On a separate unrelated note, where’s my Jakey.

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  17. Barchon JC is out and still sharing the photos of the 2 Children on his fb page.

    On another post Angela No Power is still encouraging him.

    I would share if I could, but I’m a bit thick in the knowledge of how to do so…

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  18. No worries FA, Angie will never change, it seems creepy JC won’t either while he is being encouraged by Angela. I did mean Jake Blake though lol 🙂
    Maybe as it’s Easter JC is on an Easter Egg hunt somewhere, hopefully not near any children, same goes for Angela and the rest of the creeps.

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  19. Lol Barchon, yep the Easter Egg hunt would suit JC.

    You’re right I can’t see either him or his Mentor Angela No Power changing, nor Arfur for that matter.

    I’m not sure what good this Sectioning has done for either of the 2 males, not a lot it seems…

    Arfur has all his sisters children to mix with and maybe JC has his siblings to engage with too, I’m not sure with him.

    Delusional the pair of the males, although I’m sure Angela’s behaviour is her playing her actress role and she is loving it, though she doesn’t seem to get many likes or shares on her fb posts.

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  20. You’ve reminded me, has RQ bogged off back to Virginia yet?

    I reckon Angela is more likely to visit him, if he’s still in London, rather than Heifer, though if Heifer is capable of bunging Angela a few quid from Heifer’s ESA, then it’s possible. The 2 Witches could conjurer up some spells and plots against a few people. Both recording each other and Angela asking towards the end of the visit, if it was okay that she had recorded the conversation. Heifer not revealing that she had already done the same.

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  21. Fabulous. I worshiped Karen Black when I was young. I can imagine one of those fake babies – the ones with the eyes that move – could go berserk like that.
    Doesn’t she know you never lock yourself in the bathroom as there is no way out as the window is always too small ?. Not a lot of people know that.

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  22. Was he replying to Spiny Norman?
    Didn’t someone else say Spiny had a vitamin deficiency?
    I love the way he is basically going to tear your throat out and eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, burn your house down, rape your dog and murder all your relatives but is still concerned that you aren’t getting all your vitamins.

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  23. You just reminded me I must renew my PE subscription.
    Murdoch also hates Google because he thinks they enable all the illegal torrent downloads of his Fox films.
    But this can be used to our advantage as they will use any possible reason to attack Google etc over ghastly websites.
    # I’m coordinating a long term campaign with this in mind for a person who successfully sued Google for libel and a News Corp owned publisher has expressed great interest in publishing her story of her “David & Goliath” struggle against the search engine. The possibilities of promotion via all News’ entities is a joy.
    ## Another reason the Hampstead dad should consider writing his life story.
    ### I worked for a short time for News Corp in Sydney when Lachlan Murdoch was CEO. He once sent a memo around saying employees should not waste time on the internet as it was “a passing fad”.

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  24. I should have been old enough to know better, when I first saw that on TV, but I still got serious chilly-willies from it. Had some Nordic troll guards made of wood, holding spears. Locked them in the closet for weeks after 🙂

    Eventually, she turns the oven up to max and tosses the li’l bugger in there – but that ultimately proves a big mistake as well…

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  25. Yeah, I’m with you there, Sam. With my hat of pragmatism placed squarely on my head, I’d say that I loathe and detest Rupert Murdoch for a whole variety of reasons but that if he can help in the fight against hatemongering, racism, antisemitism, fake news and defamation on YouTube – whatever his ulterior motives may or may not be – then go Rupert!

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  26. Wow that must be the quickest result ever. This blog is building quite a formidable reputation and deservedly so. Well done indeed

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  27. Yes those dolls freak me out as well. I remember looking at some of their videos last time and there was even zombie baby dolls, how bloody strange is that? Very unusual hobby to say the least but each to their own i guess. It’s just not for me.

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  28. Alex Jones is SCREWED and will be bankrupt soon like some of the lesser known Loonies butting into the case of P and Q! LOL Those dolls are creepy too! Wth? Trilogy of Terror was quite the fright movie and caused numerous bedtime room sec. checks! Looks like it’s time to have “no quarter” E.C., mentally ill or no, if the Authorities do not do their proper jobs! I wonder how much THEY would like to be the focus of these lunatics? It’s all fun and games until They are accused of the vilest crimes others are supposed to shrug off? When they become part of the story I’m sure they will act with more rapidity protecting their communities on both sides of the pond….As Always, thanks for the report and commentary links. Time to chortle over the A.J. Link. Just wait till the Newtown Parents are done with him.

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  29. Looking at that channel it’s utterly grotesque. I was going to pass the link on to someone I know who is monitoring the story, but I’m glad I didn’t since I know they lost their firstborn as an extreme preemie. Some of those images would give a person in that position nightmares! I’ve no idea what’s wrong with these sick fuckwits when they think its OK to post pictures of dismembered lifelike dolls and others that look like the corpses of lost infants. That woman is some sort of ghoul!


  30. Someone from the reborn community here! Just wanted to address some misconceptions about us doll collectors. 😉 In spite of some very creepy animations on TMC’s videos, these dolls do not move or blink on their own. They are just dolls and we are just doll collectors. No one among us actually treats them like real children, and although some may collect zombie or vampire versions of these doll, the only monster among us was TMC. Our endless thanks for any part you played in removing this cancer from our community.

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  31. That sun tan faded within days. All that continual gazing up at the ceiling- is there a big spider about to drop on her?

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  32. It’s Angie alright although she could be Bellend McKenzie as well and it seems journalist John Pilger is waiting there to interview her about her amazing investigations into child abuse (ie: posting endless news stories on her Facebook timeline)
    Did she have a cap on the ground for donations?

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  33. When I was a youth I saw a car with a window sticker saying something to that effect.
    I think it was something along the lines of “sometimes I wake up at the crack of Dawn’ sometimes I let her sleep”, sounds like one of Chubby Brown’s, I mean Pru Halliwells jokes.

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  34. FA Angela is indeed the recording artist, i did enjoy how much she pissed off Abe with her pig headedness (in more ways than one) refusal to delete a recording she made without asking them first, she accidentally pressed record lol. Abe was going apeshit in the background like a clanger, lol.
    Not heard any updates on Rupee.
    Heather could fall out with her shadow so thats no suprise she turned on old ange in swift vindictive fashion. Maybe shes out looking for angies 40 year old stolen horse or her 30 year old cat.

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  35. Thanks, DC. I appreciate your coming by, and I’m sure no one here would intentionally offend anyone in the reborn community—as someone said earlier, à chacun son goût! 🙂

    As for TMC, I hope she’ll learn from this, though I must confess I don’t have high hopes. I believe she did realise that she’d overstepped when we began talking about notifying the authorities that she’d started her old tricks again, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see whether the lesson “took” this time.

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  36. Oh is John Pilger Angela’s husband?

    I bet she wishes he was.

    More likely Angela No Power than Bellender.

    Love the way Angela nearly forgot her handbag and then picked up the bottle of beer.

    Btw Angela’s amazing investigations are posts she has pinched from her “fb friend’s” timelines, which she does not give them credit for when she shares them to her timeline via her Angie Power Disney fb account.

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  37. I hope that i didn’t as well Jake, the last thing i need is the Child Support Agency on my case asking for money.

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  38. Yes, some people like watching horror movies, some like building models out of toothpicks, some like crocheting…all harmless hobbies that don’t bother anyone. I’m not into any of the above, but that’s fine too.

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  39. Be interesting to see exactly where and when this was `supposed’ to have happened…

    You know Dawn- little things like the time/date these attempts were made and why they failed, the people that tried

    You know those pesky `facts’

    or are you willing to admit you made it all up, there was never any slanderous comments made, and the police have never tried to `take it down’

    LMAO- like THAT would ever happen…..

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  40. Sam, that’s not a new clip of Angie. She’s been relatively quiet over the last week.


  41. I agree. It’s hard to say what the future holds. How many times can one get their hand slapped before they are too embarrassed to keep at it? I also wonder why the family members (who seem to be aware of her mental illness) don’t step in and take away her internet access. That seems like a quick fix to me. And, no offense taken. 🙂

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  42. Please take down this video of me. I don’t know where you got it but I’m not having it. I didn’t get bombed in the war to put up with this. All I was doing was remember my days down the Roxy when the G.I.’s were in town. Really, I could bang all your heads together.

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  43. I think Arthur knows this. He wants to show what people in the ‘reborn community’ think of her. And I think the above is Katie, not Keeley.

    I can’t figure out who’s insulting/stalking who although as we know a certain person has ‘form’ for this kind of thing.

    Advice to Katie and her friends….I know you like your competitions but you shouldn’t be giving your names and addresses to people you meet on the internet! It only takes one person to abuse this trust – and then you’re in the poop!

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  44. I tried not to LOL at some of his comments, then I read them, and

    I’m too weak….
    I just had to LOL at them

    `suck my inbred arab cock’

    stupid says what?

    Amhed Bundakji says `what’


    `maybe you should all inbread like me’

    maybe having sex and offspring with your immediate relatives explains both your immature attitude, your juvenile spelling and your lust for wheat products……

    Amhed Bundakji says `what’

    What gets me is that in attempt to insult someone else, he insults himself even `more worsedly’

    if he had only just stopped at `suck my arab cock’ he would be a racist prick

    but he just had to try and one up everyone else

    resulting in `suck my inbred arab cock’
    Now he’s just a stupid moronic (but worthy of being included in the hall of WTF) racist prick

    Congratulations Ahmed, you are now going to be world famous…..
    `suck my inbred arab cock’ will be a meme of mammoth proportions I suspect

    (just think- in 50 years , I can say to my grandkids- I was there when Ahmed first made his `suck my inbred arab cock’ comment- that’s why the Arabs to this day spit and curse his name)

    Can I get your autograph????

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  45. Ah! Sorry, lads – I appear to have misunderstood what you meant by ‘view’. You meant it in the sense of ‘opinion’, whereas I erroneously interpreted it as meaning ‘something that can be seen’. I’ll get me coat.

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  46. Yeah, Liza..but then Anon left this comment on a further post on HR. We couldn’t clarify it though.


  47. Oh, I’ve either put this under the wrong thread of comments or Liza’s comment has disappeared!


  48. Fiona Barnett is one of the biggest fantasists I’ve seen on the internet. That woman doesn’t just have a screw loose, more in the region of 50.

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  49. She’s a fucking nasty piece of goods who has caused immense grief for at least one political family that had a grandchild bullied at school forcing his parents to move him to a new one away from his friends fearful the very same thing could happen again. We do not know what other grief she may have caused the dozens of people she has falsely accused.

    This vile woman accuses all manner of politicians and celebrities but all her ‘abusers’ are famous (no Tom Dick & Harry’s) including Walt Disney who ‘abused ‘ her 2 years after he died and she was born.Two police forces investigated her ludicrous claims and found not a scintilla of evidence so naturally they are now part of the Satanic Cult.

    She rang local police and claimed a hit man with a gun was waiting for her in a car near her home. They arrived sirens blaring and rushed the car with guns drawn and pulled the ‘hit man’ from his vehicle. He was a 72 year old pensioner visiting his daughter and was waiting in the car until she got home from work. Her neighbors loathe her but feel sorry for her children and think social services should have removed them by now as she is a mental abuser.

    She lies, lies and tells more lies and attacks real victims and their advocates (Sheva) in a sort of “how dare they be more a victim than me!” mode.
    Lied outrageously that she had given evidence ‘in front’ of the current Oz Royal Commission in Institutional Child Abuse but all she did was make a written submission which anyone can do. The Commissioners refused to entertain her fantasies.

    In other words : an ideal soulmate for the ghastly sociopath con merchant Angela Power Disney.

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  50. Yes that sounds right doesn’t it?
    Claims to have been raped 100s of times as a child by dozens of men , prostituted out, participated in child hunts and witnessed children being slaughtered in front of her and their bodies ripped apart, participated in the murders of children herself (and this is just a fraction of this nutcases claims) but police etc being skeptical (running & hiding in a cupboard at the sight of the fruitloop) was ‘far worse. Very believable.

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  51. Angie is really delving deep into the shit barrel to be aligning with Barnett.In her case its not so much the screws that are loose its that all her hinges are completely out of synch with reality.

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  52. The hideous creature (can’t find enough strong words for this horror as she is an active abuser of so many real victims) claimed Nixon (who never visited Oz) arrived at an airport in Airforce One, an airport surrounded by international embassies and 100s of journalists and public servants and no-one saw his plane (invisible? Philadelphia Experiment?).
    And no-one spotted the up-to 50 Secret Service agents who arrive at any destination a US president is going to at least 3 months before he arrives (why Trump’s golf days are so expensive).

    My ex-PI pal was furious a would be Oz news website published her lunacies and the editor attacked him in emails. He then tweeted a Labor Party activist & contributor to the website and asked why he supported this hogwash as she accuses only Labor Party politicians and he said he hadn’t read her ramblings ( we all called bullshit on that) and then found him tweeting links to her rubbish a few days later. Fortunately his dreams of being a Labor candidate for Parliament are now in the bin.

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  53. Hence AngelaPowerDisney enlisting Wes ~ cos of Opdeatheaters, like malcolm, fmotl bullyboys, Pedohunters Downunder, ex killer satanists, Nat, Freeze & Shitty, GetOutofDebtFree merchants. All colluding
    to defraud Tim Minchins ballarat fund.

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  54. Lol, I saw a Northern equivalent of that “This vans filthier than our lasses sister”. How specific it was, made me laugh 🙂


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