From our mailbox: Swings & roundabouts

Life at the helm of Hoaxtead Research can be many things, but it’s absolutely never dull. Take this comment which we received yesterday afternoon, from someone called Andrea Garland:


What’s going on here?I know that woman in the films with the one called Angela and she’s not called Heather nor Pru either. Its not my place to tell her right name to you as it looks like she doesn’t want you to know it But Shea a paralegal .She did my employment tribunal for me and got me a good settlement,as well she won my sons ESA tribunal and got him his back pay.What is the reason you people are after her? From what I’ve read on here I don’t think anybody here has even met her.I’d be a bit careful if I were you because she’s well read especially where legal things are concerned and you don’t know just what she can do.

It seemed that Heather has at least one fan! How nice.

What was unclear to us at first, though, is why Andrea’s kind testimonial had been shunted straight to the blog’s “Trash” folder. After all, while we might or might not agree with her assessment of Heather, there was nothing rude or abusive in what she was saying.

Then the penny dropped: we’d heard from Andrea before. In fact, she’d written to us via our Contact Us box just last week, about another of Angela’s friends:

1: Comment: NEWS Tracy Morriss daughter has hung herself yesterday, Angela is going to Belfast [address redacted] for the funeral , (cops may pick her up) social services set to remove Morriss children due to Hampstead involvement . Disney is responsible for the blog and youtube cloning.

2: Comment: MORE NEWS …. Disney is of the view that the “satanists” killed Corrine Morriss

3: Comment: Call social services northern ireland XXXXXXXXXXX and speak to VXXXXXX MXXXXXXX she is Tracy Morris social worker because she would like further info re the Hoax and what Tracy is dragging her 3 sons into ,the are at risk from her she is a self confessed “stoner” , you need to speak directly to VXXXXXXX and tell her what you know about Tracy and Disney the more people who call the better.

As our readers know, we did some fact-checking and then announced the sad death of Tracey’s daughter.

However, we decided that much as we might dislike what Tracey has said and done about the Hampstead SRA hoax in the past two years, we did not wish to compound her grief by taking Andrea’s advice and reporting her to her social worker. Odd as it might seem to those who believe we are evil baby-eating paedophiles, we felt that this is a situation where compassion and not revenge should rule the day.

Who is Andrea?

The question that arose yesterday when Andrea wrote us about Heather was: “Who is this person?”

The answer can be found in Andrea’s IP address:

Turns out that we’d blocked that IP from the blog several weeks back, which is why Andrea’s comment about Heather had gone straight to the Trash bin rather than the Pending Approval folder. Perhaps you’d care to guess why?

Oh, never mind. We’ll tell you: Yep. “Andrea Garland” is our old friend Heather Brown.

Well, tie our beaks and call us speechless.

Strange how these things come around, isn’t it? We started off by warning Heather that being interviewed by her new BFF Angela would probably not do her any good; Heather responded with cursing and death threats—definitely an attention-getter, that.

But it seems that Heather has now decided to play both ends against the middle, trying to get us to call Tracey’s social worker and have her remaining children removed while she’s most likely still in shock about her daughter, and letting us know the address where Angela would be staying, in case the police would like to swoop in and arrest her. We have a hard time imagining anyone wanting to do that to a newly bereaved mother, let alone one who’s supposed to be on Heather’s side. That’s a new low by any standard.

To be honest, we were shocked.

It does make us wonder, though, what’s happened behind the scenes. Has Heather finally decided that we were right after all, in suggesting that Angela might not be the best choice of friends? And why the special vindictiveness towards Tracey? Have they clashed? (Actually, the thought of Tracey and Heather in the same room is a bit frightening—talk about a rage overdose!)

But that’s life amongst the Hoaxtead mob and their hangers-on: it’s all just swings and roundabouts, innit?

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  1. You really couldn’t make it up. I was shocked about her crude description of TM’s Daughters death, very blunt and very sad to hear that news the other day no matter what TM has said in the past.
    Great Detective work matey.
    “Well, tie our beaks and call us speechless.” – You can’t fool or silence El Coyote.

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  2. That comment Heather sent about not being Heather or Pru had me in stitches.
    She really underestimates you, EC. 😀

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      • So far today I’ve had two emails from “Andrea” insisting that we’ve got it all wrong. Oddly, she sounds just like Heather. Perhaps she has a twin?

        “HAHAHA!!!!you people are a wee geg so you are. You’re trying to call me “Heather”now are you? Away and fix your detective skills and catch yourself on ,by the way I’m in London staying with my mate in the same block using the same WiFi connection as the lady you think is called”Heather” so therefore the IP will be the same .Where Tracey Morris is concerned you know nothing ,you don’t live in Belfast and you don’t know what goes on .You’re a circus.Why don’t you go and get yourself a job instead of sitting wanking yourself off at your keyboard all day,and by the way I hear that Ms X is going to take legal action by some thing called ex party to get your name and address from WordPress.I hope she does and I hope she gives it to the bloke you thinks called “Finnbarr” because he’d soon have you sorted out. Now I’m very busy and I’ve no time to be bothering with you so GOODBYE!!!”

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        • And isn’t it funny how this mysterious flatmate of hers also calls herself “Pru Halliwell” and also has a son who won’t speak to her:

          By the way, if she’s a fan of the TV character Prue Halliwell, shouldn’t she learn to spell it correctly? LOL

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        • I take it she means ‘ex parte’, but it’s academic, as it has nothing whatsoever to do with people being required to reveal their names and addresses to random strangers (surprise surprise). It’s a process by which a judge can make a decision without requiring all parties to be present in court.

          Oh and WordPress doesn’t require a name and address to join anyway.

          Heather, I think this is my polite way of telling you to go fuck yourself.

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          • I was going to mention it’s ex parte etc. but somehow I lost my comments.

            Anyway, Heifer is obviously trying to make out that Amanda is Irish now, lives in Belfast and is a paralegal for Finnbarr. His spokeswoman it seems, though he’ll be unaware of that.

            At least she is spelling Tracey correctly now but still puts her commas and full stops after a space, just like the Original Heifer does.

            Try a different style Heifer, you give the game away every time…

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        • An ‘ex party’ doesn’t sound like much fun to me.. do they all throw keys in a bowl or something like that. 🙂

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        • BAHAHAHAHA……….BAHAHAHAHAHA….Sorry but that is the stupidest response and excuse I ever heard.
          A communial Wi-Fi eh? Funny that because when I log onto my Wifi I can see all the other peoples Wifi connections in the other houses around mine. It’s not the old days when Wifi often didn’t have auto passwords set up and people could just connect to anothers next door lol.
          What a fruit loop, Krusy Pooh levels of technical stupidity. of course she just so happens to be staying in very close proximity to that persons wifi and bothered about all of this enough to email Hoaxtead, something HB/PH like to do. yes another threat from clownshoes, enjoy your imaginary friend Hetty and have a great Easter 😉 and BAHAHAHAHA

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  3. The bit about her being a “Paralegal” made me smile.

    “I’d be a bit careful if I were you because she’s well read especially where legal things are concerned and you don’t know just what she can do.”

    Exactly fuck-all I should imagine. A paralegal cannot conduct litigation (i.e. start or defend court proceedings) nor do they have rights of audience (i.e. the right to speak on behalf of a client in court). And of course a Paralegal would know better than to indulge in webcam-licking fuckwittery.

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    • I am constantly shocked at how downright evil some people are. Heather has really plunged the depths here, i am truly disgusted with her.

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  4. Re. the comments in the feedback folder, I’m utterly shocked by the posting times. It was just just one minute between Heather announcing Corrine’s death and her using it to get at Angela. And it was then just another 45 minutes before she asked us to report Tracey to Social Services and gave us their phone number. Not even an hour after announcing the poor woman’s daughter’s suicide! 😮

    I honestly feel sick. Shame on you, Heather. Shame on you.

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    • A psychiatrist writes:

      To give Angela some credit ( I’m gagging) she has completely avoided any mention of Tracey’s tragedy as even she must have preceived what unimaginable despair the poor woman must be going through.

      The Hampstead hoax is driven though by 2 types of people. The larger crowd are like Heather who seems quite deranged and her physical threats (which could be just bluster) show an inner rage that latches onto anything and then unpredictably lashes out. They are numerous like Mr Shurter who is obviously badly in need of psychiatric help. Sabine is in that camp.

      The smaller hard core group are like Angie (you didn’t think I would let her off the hook did you?) or Bellend McK. who are either a narcissists or sociopaths. Attacks upon Ange are water off a duck’s back as she lacks empathy so is untouched herself when we lay out the facts and evidence and expose her shenanigans.

      She also reeks of someone who thought there may be a financial living to be made by jumping on the Hampstead Hoax bandwagon, hence her ridiculous FB timeline which is just cobbled together new’s reports of pedo busts etc (claiming this is research) in an effort to claim because a 5’9″ man was found guilty of robbing a bank in Blackpool it proves a man accused of defrauding an insurance company in Tennessee is obviously guilty as he is 5’9″ tall (you get my drift)

      This type often indulges in illegality always mindful of the legal boundaries but more often than not, they come a cropper eventually. If anyone were to pursue Power-Dizzy over her numerous libels she would end up in the poor house.

      # Clinical session ends here as Nursie has discovered I stole a warder’s white coat and busted me doing the rounds of patients claiming to be a reincarnation of Dr Freud MD, Ph.D., LCSW, MFT.

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      • Give her time. Angela has not been shy about kicking grieving parents when they’re down in the past. Check out any of her “false flag” rants/links, often posted before heartbroken relatives’ tears are even dry. If Tracey annoyed her in any way, or if she suspected for one second that there was some conspiracy behind Corinne’s death, Angela would not hesitate to scream it from the rooftops.

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  5. That email from “Amanda” smacked of Heifer from the off.

    Not just the “big upping” of Heifer but the last line “and you don’t know just what she can do.”

    It’s the kind of sting in the tail that Heifer has ended her comments with before.

    I’m glad this blog doesn’t support reporting Tracey to the Northern Ireland Social Services as regards her children and grandchildren.

    Heifer really is a f…ing BITCH.

    There is no need for her to try and get some kind of sick pleasure out of knocking people when they are down. Tracey was not involved in Heifer “losing” her son, so back away Heifer.

    Perhaps we should have been warning No Power Disney about Heifer, rather than the other way around.

    Heifer is dangerous. Not in the “Glaswegian” Kiss mode but in her absolute vindictiveness.

    I can imagine that Tracey is “in a right state” at the moment. Do you ever get over something like a daughter’s suicide? I doubt it.

    Heifer just butt out of Tracey’s life. In the grand scheme of things you are not important, in fact you are not important in anyone’s life…

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    • “Perhaps we should have been warning No Power Disney about Heifer, rather than the other way around.”

      With respect, we were more than upfront with Angela re. our concerns about Heather and even if we hadn’t been, how blind would Angela need to be to not have seen from the outset that there was something very very wrong about this woman? Frankly, Angela was in denial and put the blinkers up the moment she realised she’d met someone else who hated the same people she did. She even denied that Heather had threatened Beth Jockney and Sheva burton, when she’d openly threatened them both in her own interviews with her!

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        • We messaged her a number of times on YouTube and it was sated on here several times that Heather was only using Angela and that Angela would regret her association with her.


          • It’s academic, though – Angela would have needed to be living on Mars with her head in a bucket not to have been able to see that Heather was one to give an extremely wide berth to. She should not have needed warning.

            Plus since when does Angela listen anyway. She just ignores and blocks anyone who questions her or says anything that makes her uncomfortable (i.e. the truth).

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          • Yeah, we’ve been yelling about Heather from the rooftops from the moment she arrived on the scene. There’s even a whole section dedicated to her on the ‘Trolls’ page.

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    • I’d say that Tracey is more than down. Words can’t describe what she must be going through right now. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what losing a child is like. And to go out of her way to attack someone on the same day that they’ve lost their daughter is utterly despicable 😦

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      • Exactly, it would be extremely difficult to describe how Tracey must be feeling with masses of emotions and thoughts running through her head.

        I just hope Heifer leaves Tracey alone.

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  6. About three years ago a friend of mine lost her son in an accident. To this day, the effect it’s had on her has been profound. I don’t think there’s anything worse than losing a son or daughter and for Heather to lay into a mother straight after the tragic death of her child – on the same bloody day!!! – is beneath contempt.

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    • Heifer is despicable.

      I don’t know what is wrong with her but she needs psychological help.

      Vile, horrible woman, not just in looks but what is in her “heart”.

      Horrible, just horrible.

      I hope she takes a step back and looks at herself, she won’t influence me with her wicked wants and I can’t see her influencing anyone else here on this blog.

      So do one Heifer, I will not do your bidding for you. You’re not important.

      Improve your own life, instead of trying to pull other people down into yours.

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      • creepy pedo twats all of them are obsessed with the girl, some fruitloop would probably try and kidnap the actress. on a separate note “photo graphic” gave me a good laugh, so thanks. Any ways Just off to eat my break fast, may be take a pic ture of it to post on Insta gram for la ter.

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    • I wish the government would STOP employing the 1000s of secret agents they do and direct said agent’s energies into more useful employment like liaising the Oz pension’s system more smoothly with the UK’s International Pension Centre and possibly the West Aust. government could employ more operatives in the Energy and Water Ombudsman office to answer the frigging phones.

      But no, they have plenty of money to pay El Coyote £10,000 a week to spend 9 hours on one post.
      It’s just not fair.

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  7. Diligence/Truth1 is a disgusting perverted paedo wanker who is obsessed with little girls’ private parts and has no qualms about talking about the Hampstead girl in that regard, fantasising that she was raped and illegally using her name in the process:

    “The vidme’s work but the Vimeos don’t. Also these are [name redacted]’s police interviews in frame by frame analysis in places. In the last 3rd interview, [name redacted] appears as an emotional wreck and her body posture is very defensive and protective of her pubic area. her medical reports are in this, too. My suspicion was that she was raped.
    The truth is that the 2 hampstead kids give far more info into all aspects of the cult, typical of cults, and the world wide network, goals, and so much more. By comparison, Pizza Gate offers almost nothing, The hampstead is the premier exposure of all this evil going on. It is the best representation of exposing everything SRA and cultic.”

    He’s also a creepy Bible-thumper who hears voices in his head:

    “You might be wasting your time with Vimeo. But that Vidme still has them is impressive. And we can forget youscrewb-youtube. A google satanic operation. Sorry just feeling a bit nasty about them all preventing 2 children from speaking. Ya know, I don’t believe hell is real or literal. It was a symbolic thing in the bible. However, for some, maybe hell was not such a bad idea. I took it up with God. But He says no, its dumb idea. I don’t know. Hearing the SOBs scream has an appeal that’s hard to let go of. Well, anyway, tommorrow is the date of the winter solstice back about 2000 years ago. Earth pre-cession is at Dec. 21 now. But Saturn/Satan/Santa crap is very real. Now there is a religion worth banning.”

    ~ From:

    I’m sure this child is really pleased with him for humiliating her like this. Right?

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  8. After All the lies and misery that Lady has sown onto innocent people with her sick pals, she is very Lucky that this is not the kind of blog to take advantage of a Golden Opportunity for the Payback! You truly are a Better Man than Most E.C.
    Bless your Sweet Heart! Keep trotting the walk you talk. Very Classy!

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  9. In the time of another Justin, Justin Martyr (reportedly circa 150 a.d.), there were many communities of persons who were all called “Christians”. One community, with churches all over the Eastern parts of the Roman Empire, was founded by a man named MARCION who was the first person to publish a collection of new testament texts.

    The original of the phrase “Moab is my washpot” is to be found in Psalms 60. Therein, Jehovah calls a nation neighboring on Israel his “washpot”. In very ancient days, people literally walked through animal & human shit all day, going about their work & business. At the end of the day, they washed the shit off their feet in a specific pot or basin designated for that purpose. So, Jehovah calls this other NATION of persons, a receptacle for shit. Nice, eh? And of course, this is a very minor expression of hatred & deprecation by this alleged deity – there are commandments for the Israelites to commit mass rape, genocide, etc., etc.,

    Marcion concluded that this creator being, described by old testament texts just COULD NOT be “The Father” of Christ referred to in new testament texts. He did not dispute Jehovah as creator of the world, but concluded that he really had created it “in his own image”, that in fact the creator and his creation were one & the same “being” and therefore shared all of the tragic and horrible traits disavowed by Christ’s teachings.
    So, Marcion posited Christ’s heavenly father to have been a being of poor good, existing solely beyond this plane of existence, unknown to all – except for his own son, sent into our world to provide us with a hope and a means of escaping the “hell” of Jehovah’s creation.

    Marcion’s “Gospel of the Lord” celebrates all of the positive teachings attributed to Christ, and edits out all of the nasty bad historic stuff. I’m going to have a Marcionite Easter this year, centered on the positive messages left to us by communities of persons who no longer exist. Such as this wonderful hymn from another virtually extinct community:

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      • Oh, sorry 🙂 It is “Simple Gifts”…

        ‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free
        ‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
        And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
        ‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
        When true simplicity is gained,
        To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed,
        To turn, turn will be our delight,
        Till by turning, turning we come ’round right

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        • There are various other verses, penned by other folk. This one is my favorite:
          “Tis the gift to be loving, tis the best gift of all
          Like a quiet rain it blesses where it falls
          And with it we will truly believe
          Tis better to give than it is to receive”


    • Had Mel and Biggi lowered themselves to get proper jobs doing something vaguely useful they may have been able to tuck a little away for a rainy day,maybe even fund a handy health insurance policy.They could still have had dabbled in the art of talking utter shoite in their spare time.

      Unfortunately they elected to hype themselves into believing they are at the vangaurd of some new age of enlightenment(aka cuntwaffle) and that by churning out infinite videos interviewing other confused feckless lunatics the rest of humanity would eventually have a collect epiphany, enthrone them and no doubt happily clean their shoes etc.And Lo it came to pass………

      Everything is paid for in one form or another and false pride comes with particularly heavy pricetag.Top tuition never came cheap.

      Hopefully Mels ankle issue will find resolution.Maybe she should simply bribe Angie with a sleeve of knocked off fags to remove the dragons curse as that would be cheaper than a trip back to Seth Efrica 🙂

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      • “CCN has gone on to become one of the most successful projects to come to fruition in the Truth and Freedom Movement, having hosted some of the most influential voices of our time, presenting ground breaking information”.

        Err.. nope.

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          • `As thick as shit’????
            Is our wonder `journalist’ of the confusing two different sayings perhaps?
            I’ve heard of `as thick as a brick’
            I’ve heard of `as dumb as shit’
            (both of these imho apply quite well to APD)

            And she gets a few right and a few wrong in the next bit too
            controversial – yep
            brave – LOL
            tactless(,) sometimes foot in mouth – well thats a 100% all the time BIG tick (a well trained journalist should have noticed that missing (,) btw
            funny – well she does make me laugh sometimes, but funny, nope ‘fraid not
            over-educated – WHAAAAA???? (see she does make you laugh sometimes doesn’t she)
            radical christian – well first bits right, not so sure about the second
            people lover – um where’s that list of people she’s pissed off when you need it (altho it would make this post twice as long)
            inveterate relentless – see inveterate (a) below relentless see (b) below
            counsellor wise lady – journalist seek thy dictionary one L, not 2. wise- no, no no, just… no. lady – only in your dreams angie, only in your dreams.
            interfering old so and so – well even a broken clock is right twice a day

            (a) inveterate
            adjective: inveterate

            having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change.
            (sums up APD all too well)

            (b) Search Results
            adjective: relentless

            unceasingly intense.
            harsh or inflexible.

            synonyms: persistent, continuing, constant, continual, continuous, non-stop, lasting, never-ending, steady, uninterrupted, unabated, unabating, unbroken, interminable, incessant, unstoppable, unceasing, endless, unending, perpetual, unremitting, unrelenting, unrelieved, sustained; More
            unfaltering, unflagging, untiring, unwavering, unswerving, undeviating, persevering, determined, resolute, purposeful, dogged, single-minded, tireless, indefatigable, patient, diligent, assiduous, sedulous, tenacious, pertinacious, insistent, importunate;
            stubborn, intransigent, obstinate, obdurate

            (many of the synonyms could be said to apply to her, but a few like diligent aren’t the first thing that springs to mind when talking about APD)

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    • Hang on
      Now I am getting confuzzled…
      Aren’t WE supposed to be the blood drinking baby killers and them the `forces of light’???
      Aren’t WE the ones supposed to be making death threats all over the net, threatening to kill anyone who dares to expose our Wednesday `fun and games’ times at the various places

      Thats what all them lot like APD, Mel, Sabine etc keep saying and they are never wrong right? (they keep telling us that so they must be right)

      So why is Angry Ahmed trying to muscle in on our turf?


      • It’s ambiguous, mate. He posted it on an MKD video but the video featured Angela. I reckon he’s the latest person to believe that Angie secretly works with us, which always gives me a chuckle.


  10. Even clicking a like is difficult. BTW Coming across Mels interview with Fritz Springsteen for SatanicPanicMongers had me groaning, didn’t do my homework ~ walked into it ~ was mainly a massive faceb


      • It,ll show in my Twitter & Google+ feeds, recent ~ so does T0m Cahills assertion ~ convinced me they’re millionaires ~ so what ifs re vatican black ops, playout for serious warriors. BTW I H8 hispeak


          • No presumption intended, Sheva. Apologies if I offended you in any way. In my defense, I did send you the question a few times via both your own blog and YT when these videos came to light but you didn’t answer. I remain an avid defender of yours, which I’m sure you secretly appreciate. Onwards an upwards and keep up the good work. Peace 🙂


          • I dare say that Tom Cahill’s hero Hitler said things occasionally that were true too. But I still wouldn’t trust him any more than I’d trust Tom.


          • May I ask – what did Cahill say about Mel Ve? That she’s an evil Jew? That’s par for the course, sadly. He does that to everyone. He probably thinks Abu Hamza is Jewish.

            Tom Cahill is a Hitler apologist, he has openly supported the BNP, EDL and Britain First and he has made comments about the superiority of the white race. Bless ‘im.


    • Right. Here it is, Easter, and Justin the alleged demonic baby-muncher is celebrating the gentle faith of the Shakers. And this hillbilly-on-meth is celebrating…what? Hatred, violence, insanity?

      “Ye shall know them by their fruits”


      • He says in the first video that he’s 37. Same age as a certain other American psycho when he got arrested.


      • Hilarious! He’s wearing a black robe, the cowl is loose on the right side (our right), and his head is framed by black orchids! Ooo-eee-ooo!
        There’s nothing suggestively sinister about YOU, is there, doofus? Har-dee-har-har 🙂


  11. Happy Easter Guys and Gals, crashed the computer so many times it was the best I could make of it 🙂


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