Remember: We were all noobs once

Oh, deary deary dear. Someone’s feelings are just a tiny bit hurt, it seems.

Apparently we weren’t supposed to have noticed Kristie Sue Costa’s latest lame attempt at a blog—and we absolutely weren’t supposed to say mean things about it…at least, not until it was ready! The completely anonymous author of HoaxteadBloggersAreBigFatPooPooHeads (don’t worry, you can click that link; it’ll take you to the page we saved on, not the actual blog) have now put up a very mature and reasoned post about how we spoiled their surprise and upset them very very much.

We’re sorry, Kris…er, Completely Anonymous Blogger. We didn’t mean to step on your toes, really we didn’t.

But you see, you kept sending us notifications that you were quoting us in your brand new blog, and, well, we just couldn’t help ourselves. We had to look.

What, you didn’t know you’d sent us notifications?

Ah, you see, that’s because you don’t know how blogging works. Let us explain it to you. We’ll try to speak slowly.

When you are writing a blog post about our blog (which apparently fascinates you greatly, and really who can blame you?) and you want to link back to something we’ve said (because let’s face it, we say a lot of brilliant stuff), you will generally insert our blog’s URL (that long lettery-numbery thing up at the top of your computer screen) into the “Insert/edit link” tool, right?

When you do that, you are creating a “trackback” to our blog.

That means that in the comments section of the post that you link to on our blog, our readers will see a “comment” that says something like “HoaxteadBloggersAreBigFatPooPooHeadsFerRealz comments: Blah blah blah blah waaah Satanists poopypants”.

To make the trackback work, the admin of this blog (that would be the real El Coyote, not your sad fake imitation one) must approve the link. If he does not…whoopsies, no comment on our blog, and no extra traffic to your blog. Too bad.

But here’s the funny bit: whenever anyone sends a comment of any kind to this blog, we receive a notification. That means that each time you linked to our blog last weekend, WordPress sent us a notice saying you’d done it! Isn’t that hilarious? Yeah, we thought you’d find it just as amusing as we did.

Here’s what one of your notices looked like:

Instead of keeping your Big Bad Scary Blog under wraps until you were ready to release it, you were actually announcing it to us with a bloody great loud-hailer, set to 11.

There now, you see? You’ve learned something, haven’t you? Next time, if you ask very nicely, we might tell you how your blog is actually sending our blog more traffic, through the magic of Google keywords. But we don’t want to overtax you too much.

Baby steps, right?

p.s. We timed ourselves on how long it took us to write this post. 43 minutes, start to finish. So much for that whole “five hours per post” thing, huh? Ah well, back to the drawing board….

146 thoughts on “Remember: We were all noobs once

  1. The ignorance and stupidity of these people is beyond all comprehension. They should not be walking the streets without a carer. I honestly think the average eight-year-old would know better.

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  2. PMSL

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to tonights blogoff

    In this corner, representing Hoaxtead Research we have- El Coyote!!!

    and in the other corner we have, representing HoaxteadBloggersAreBigFatPooPooHeads- (not so)WileyCoyote058!!

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  3. WordPress, Google, Blogger, Youtube, Facebook etc etc are all Tools of The Devil according to this mob and are owned by the Illuminati (Zuckerberg / Rockefellar /Rothschild / Soros) who use GCHQ, Mossad the CIA and so on to manipulate world events as they are Satanist baby eaters so why do they actually get into bed with the supposed enemy?.

    Is it that deep down they are so fascinated by the Dark Side they want in?. Or just barking mad.
    # Spiny Norman as usual gets his own side bar mention. Is he paid more than me by MI6?

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    • Wooohhh..I didn’t mean it to be that big. Could El Coyote kindly replace it with this modified one..sorry, I know it will take you 5 hours but put in for overtime.

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        • “El Coyote
          April 13, 2017 at 4:36 am

          Done! I was up all night with it, but do the Iluminati care? They do not. They’re really shit employers, truth be told.”

          look at the time, he wasn’t kidding




        • I don’t know what the Illuminati are thinking of. I don’t even get minimum wage on a zero hours contract. I’m paid by the comment so it’s ‘piece work’. Me granny got paid by ‘piece work’ in the East End in the 1930’s making raincoats, so nothing’s moved on. We need a Union. I’d suggest we start ‘The Cooperative Brother/sisterhood of Honourable Trolls for the Common Good’ or something like that. We’d get to call each other ‘comrade’. I’ve always wanted to do that!

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          • Lol Comrade Mad Carew.

            Evidently on fb (I’ve got an account at the mo) I have a “Pay Master” sent to “spy/harass/check out” on Caul Grant. Lol he won’t tell me who this Mystical Pay Master is.

            Bunch of loons that are up their own bums.

            As if anyone would pay me to whatever with Caul Grant or any of the other Narcissists on fb, YouTube or wherever.

            They are so arrogant, conceited and unimportant.

            Oh sigh!

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          • I’ll be in that as I come from an old union family so I am well placed to be Union Convenor for the Co-operative.
            I also feel that my 2/6p monthly stipend may not be in line with current wage rates (the office rumour is that El Coyote said “that’s all he’s worth as he bashes his posts out in 5 minutes when we go-slow and take 9 hours”- but that could be Spiny Norman gossip) . Just give me a whistle and I’ll have every co-vert spy out on on strike in a flash.

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          • I think “Comrade El Coyote” or “Comrade EC” sounds a bit odd though. Could I please be just “Comrade Coyote”?

            Not sure how Spiny Norman will take to this though. He gets a bit prickly at times.


      • I’m beginning to question just how high up you are in the Coven. Wouldn’t be surprised if you are just the mail boy. Or tea lady.

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        • How very dare you, Comrade Ghost of Sam.

          I’ll have you know that I am in a position of great power and authority. Sure, they haven’t told me what it is yet, but I’m sure they will. Eventually.

          Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here in my sub-basement room and await my orders.


  4. “Also we’ve decided not to allow comments from the Mckenziedevilhoaxteadresearch trolls on this blog. (that was all put together on purpose, cause they are all the same thing…though they INSIST otherwise) They already have enough space on their own, with their….um EXCUSE US…. 120 NOT just 20 comments per trash dog poo pile of garbage article they put out. Yeah, they’re actually proud of that.”

    Well I’m sure we would welcome anyone to comment on this site as long as they aren’t posting anything illegal or gratuitously offensive. We would particularly like to see the proof that we are paid shills – or anything like proof of any of the other ludicrous allegations made.

    Pro tip: if you want to prove something have some proper evidence rather than just making contrarian assertions.

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    • Ooh, good idea! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕


  5. It looks like KSC is feeling butt hurt again. Bless her, she tries her best but fails at every step. Great post EC you may have actually taught her something today.

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  6. I had to laugh when i saw that Kristie Sue was using the name el coyote058, how she must wish that she was at least half as talented as the real EC.

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  7. Why are sick sites ran by obvious pedophiles allowed? please delete if not appropriate.
    [redacted at commenter’s request]

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    • Mindful that this site is itself hosted on Wordress, I’m told that Automattic are among the very worst offenders when it comes to failure or refusal to take down harmful material. They point-blank refuse to heed anything other than a U.S. Court order, even when there are serious allegations such as Blackmail or child abuse involved. And of course if someone has gone and bought a domain name, it muddies the water even further.

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      • Is that not the site Christine Sands was shouting about in the street, when she was arrested.. and at every other given opportunity?

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        • Yes, that’s Crazy Christine’s site.

          Alfred, to be fair we were actually able to complain to WordPress (often and loudly) that the late and completely unlamented site “Hampstead Research” (known hereabouts as “Hamster Research”) was not only violating the law in the UK, but was also endangering the lives and safety of many children. It took some time, but eventually WordPress removed the site.

          That said, they are generally not very helpful, I agree.

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          • I’ve learned of a person who was subjected to a blackmail attempt, they didn’t fold so a “hate” site was put up on WordPress with a pack of lies about them and a hoaxed doxing using forgeries, there is a child endangerment element to it too. -Stolen pictures an infant. WordPress have been been told of this but refuse to take it down, I hear there is now talk of holding them as a party to the extortion attempt and “uttering a false instrument”. They’ve refused to respond to a formal request for a legal service address, and the thinking now is to cite Matt Mullenweg personally in a criminal complaint. I’m not entirely sure I follow the logic, but it could be a PR disaster for them, and hell mend ’em I say! With what I’ve recently learned of the way they behave, I would not advertise with them nor would I host a professional site with them.

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      • I only scrolled through that junk site but noticed the “Proudly hosted by WordPress” at the bottom. Sickening.

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      • Again to refer back to the Duffy vs Google case which she won, the precedent established and which saw YT, Twitter etc have barristers in court for the ruling was that advertisers on websites could also be held liable for defamation.
        # Google is appealing the ruling & Duffy can cross-appeal. Google are so wealthy they can wear down a plaintiff with endless litigation.
        Duffy is also suing Bing & Yahoo for the same.
        ## Google tired to claim they had no control over how their algorithms placed adverts but the judge was pretty scathing and dismissed that claim.

        However this is a South Australian case although as all the Oz states have uniform laws it will apply countrywide.
        A judge in a UK court established in a UK court that Google was not a publisher – it was in the infancy of the internet and I believe a mistake but it’s the new advertisers being liable that has seen lately the rush of advertisers to flee certain websites.

        As an example: the flight of very big advertisers from Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News website with their morality claims masks a reality. The advertisers themselves if it was shown they had knowledge of Fox settling sexual harassment claims could be held liable in litigation happy US for encouraging his alleged actions.

        We’ve also seen the dog’s breakfast PR disaster United Airlines made over the dragging of a man off their flight and the way the CEO initially tried to blame the passenger & how it swept social media. Another example of how naive people are about the power of defaming someone via the internet and the possible consequences which we will probably never hear about as United would be crazy not to come to a generous settlement in the proposed law suit.

        We’ve seen 2 lots of nutters on YT, Facebook etc. One who are moaning they cannot now make money via adverts which gives away their real motives, and the fanatics who don’t care about ads. But they engage, as in the website in EC’s post, in shocking victim blaming, defamation and even in the USA they could be legally pursued on so many levels that they must be mad to continue. Kristie Sue & David Shurter are prime examples of people with assets who put their entire financial future in jeopardy.

        That dreadful “Free Speech” claim so often used in the US masks other ways in which entities can be held legally liable and we see now the sudden rush by FB, Google etc to realize hosting libelous sites can lead to litigation.
        I would say that Google’s refusal in the past to remove defamatory websites under their ‘free speech’ claim could see litigants re-visiting their matter if they could show Google profited from advertising for years by allowing these libels to flourish.

        ## another pending case in the US is that one well funded website that for years now has used the law to beat into submission any claimants who demand removal of hurtful libels is now being investigated under the RICO laws which carry long prison sentences in civil matters.

        Google etc could find themselves in the frame under RICO which is wide sweeping (at times I don’t like the notion of elected DAs etc in the USA but at other times the benefit is they are eager to prove their worth).
        Of course that doesn’t help those in Hampstead who are under attack by a barrage of sickening falsehoods at present.

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    • yeah I shouldn’t have posted that site. It does need removing from the internet completely.
      Could you be kind enough to delete the link Mr Coyote?


        • I wish i could remove the memory of Christine shouting out the web address but alas her screeching voice shouting out the address is burnt into my brain.

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          • Yeah, even when I read the link, I was repeating Christine’s mantra in my mind. As you say, it’s burnt into people’s brains.


  8. Pig-headed? Check.
    Stubborn prick? Check.
    Knows the difference between ‘perchance’ and ‘penchant’? Er…

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    • The Facebook commenter ‘Richiewah’ presumably refers to the statue of Eric Gill outside BBC HQ.

      Gill was indeed a child abuser. We know this because his own writings admitted to it.


      • The statues he’s referring to are of Ariel and Prospero, from what is thought to be Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest. Ariel as a spirit of the air was felt to be an appropriate personification of broadcasting.


    • Heeheehee…nice one, SN.

      Er, Comrade SN, that is. While you were off we apparently unionised in an effort to get a better deal from the Illuminati. See above comments for details.

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    • So Free the Hampstead 2 admits dining with satanist friends who devour chicken at the same table as him?
      At least I now know Spiny’s fame within the Fruitcake Nutbag Set is because he lacks Essential Fatty Acids. I’ll increase mine and see what happens.

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    • “fun sex party” day??
      And yet not one kid has come forward (that abe hasnt been able to terrorise into submission), not one!
      And despite all this `relentless sodomising` (that would probably land a fully grown adult in hospital) not one has needed urgent medical care afterwards

      abe me old mate- the only one needing urgent medical care is YOU!!

      (and lay off the weed too, its not good for your mental health- your own issues show that to be all well founded)

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      • Also, has anyone ever questioned the theory that children could be persuaded to engage in painful, doubtless injurious sex with adults…by offering them sweets?

        This strikes me as one of the most ridiculous assertions in the hoax (alongside the colour-coded dildoes, and the dildo hat, which tie for a close second).

        Only in a child’s imagination could a fistful of candy, no matter how delicious, serve as adequate payment for what the children were forced to describe. It sounds much more like Abe and Ella said, during one of their “brainstorming sessions”, “Okay, if a grownup wanted to do something to you that might hurt, what could they give you that would make you accept it?”

        An innocent child, completely unaware of the reality of what they were proposing, might offer the idea of candy as payment, as it would seem reasonable to someone who’d never actually been anally raped.

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        • Rape and talking about sexual themes involving children, just another day in the life of Abraham Christie.
          For a person to even suggest or bring up sexual themes with a child is vile, if he really thought there was any abuse going on, the first port of call would be straight to the police, not take them off to Morocco, get them to talk about it whilst filming in public, then torture the children into giving him the answers and aventually agreeing to his sick perverted opinions because it was easier than suffering all the shouting, bullying and physical abuse not limited to starvation, water torture, spoon licks, beatings, threats and vile words.
          Ella is a disgrace for not only turning a blind eye, but also being involved in Abe’s sadism. A normal human being would have called the police and told Abe to sling his dirty little perverted criminal hook.
          I think Ella was just too far gone to do much about it.

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    • ” are rewarded with money they never receive” : is this the root of Abraham’s misery and fury? He expected wads of cash from sodomized children?.

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    • And let’s not forget ‘gest’ instead of jest.
      The pitfalls of trying to claim the title Miss Spelling Queen on the internet.

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          • So Scott Pattinson got reprimanded by CEOP for seeking out child abuse material on the internet and he tells the entire world about it?
            A genius walks among us. Not.

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        • Yeah, Spiny, that was my point. Obvously, we, the Government Trolls, had it blocked from viewing in the UK. 😀

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      • LOL!! The penny took its own sweet time, but it has finally dropped.

        What JB was getting at is that when one clicks “play” on the above video, anyone living in the UK will discover that it’s unwatchable. However, if one is living in (AND POSTING ON A BLOG FROM) the U.S. of A….the video will play as normal.

        Ergo: the person who posted this video on that blog did so whilst blithely unaware that it’s giving away her location.

        Nicely done, JB. Well played.

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        • Sorry, I should have made my point clearer. I was on the bloody night-shift last night again as we’ve been short-staffed here at GCHQ.. jeez.. thank goodness Spiny’s back. 🙂

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          • LOL…my fault really. I was scanning comments with my phone as I wasn’t in my sub-basement lair, and didn’t realise what you were getting at until I got to my computer and looked more closely.


    • more goud enlish

      sound affects
      (lets try `sound effects’ shall we?)

      he `looks up’ the ip address from the poster- um wtf???? abe knows shitte about how ip addresses works- going on to list a whole bunch of totally irrelevant websites and crap by looking up an ip address RANGE ( to

      Why this range?
      only his weed addled mind knows

      the one he wanted (at the time) is

      part of a range of dynamic addresses (ie you would have to have access to the ISP logs to find the actual machine/portal connected to that ip address at that particular time and date – law enforcement only could request these logs, private citizens like abe- not a chance…)

      belonging to Opal Telecom (who have a lot of complaints about lousy service online) and are based in Manchester
      who have been allocated inetnum – (note the posters IP falls in this range so is indeed a customer of Opal)

      Why abe includes IP address outside this range to show that they are RD- god only knows, because his proof that RD `is looking at kiddie porn sites’- appears to be that abe doesnt know how to look up an ip range to find the correct company and its range
      and that abe seems to know a lot of kiddie porn IP addresses that most people wouldn’t and shouldn’t know….

      and thats only in the first 2.30 min of it…

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      • Not sure what you’re referring to, as I can’t see the video, but ‘Sound Affects’ is a reference to the classic Jam album (which uses ‘affects’ as a verb):


      • I wont list them here for obvious reasons, but in that video abe shows the IP addresses of several sites that judging from the descriptions are definitely child porn material (I can’t definitely confirm this as you may understand why I am hesitant to go to them to actually judge the contents, so I am going only by the info submitted by abe himself but IF we can assume he actually got the info correct, then the site descriptor of `sharing preteen porn’ would `probably’ suggest that going there isnt the best idea


        BTW I actually made a mistake in my last post- attributing to abe that he should have used effect rather than affect, this was actually another poster, not abe, so for that I appologise

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      • Christ knows why I’m getting “This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government” when everyone else can see the bloody thing (I blame the lizard people) but going by what you’re all saying, I take it it’s that discredited bollocks about linking porn sites to Ricky’s/Scarlet’s/Callum’s IP addresses yet again. We’ve debunked this one more times than I care to remember. Can I make a special request that we ignore the twat and move on?

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          • On second thoughts, EC… maybe just delete my comment giving that video publicity. I was trying to show that they were linking to a video which is blocked in the UK due to a complaint from the Government.

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        • Spiny Norman
          April 13, 2017 at 6:46 pm

          Christ knows why I’m getting “This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government” when everyone else can see the bloody thing

          well I can see it, but only because I am not currently in the UK (GOS and should have met up while he was on the east coast lol)

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  10. “Did you not see Angela advertise the website on her page where she calls it ‘American Anon’, how the F does she know it’s an American and the author Anonymous? Is she trying to make it look like the blog is mine, maybe. Are you in collusion with her trying to discredit me?”

    ~ Kristie Sue Costa

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    • How the fuck would she not know that the site is American? Even Angela, who has the detective skills of a head of cabbage, must be able to see that.

      We’ve been collecting Americanisms from that blog like party favours since we first saw it, LOL(OLOLOLOLOL) (is that the right number of Ls and Os? I keep losing track).

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  11. LOL, for all KSC et al’s desperate pleas for people to post their complaints about your fine blog, EC, not one person has! Poor old Kristie 😀

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