Watching the defectives

It must be spring again—yet another blog has sprung up, this time from the loins of the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™, in a lame attempt to “expose” those of us who research and write Hoaxtead Research. 

Haters are nothing new to us. In 2015 there was something called “Trollstead”, which was voluntarily taken down by its owner when we clearly demonstrated that they were drawing an incorrect conclusion from the evidence at hand. Then last year there was a short-lived blog that rejoiced in the name “Hoaxteadresearchmessiahlawyer666” (again, removed by its owner for reasons unknown). Suffice to say, we’ve come to expect this sort of thing, and when several of our readers pointed out that “Hoaxtead Blog Satanists Exposed” was up and running, we weren’t terribly surprised.

In case you’d like to check it out for yourself, we’ve saved an archived copy here, so you needn’t worry about inadvertently giving these clowns any extra page views.

The entire blog is a bit of a dog’s breakfast, full of the usual flawed assumptions, incorrect conclusions, and deranged hyperbole, but we’ll say this for it: because they copied the Hoaxtead Research template, at least it’s slightly more navigable, though not more readable, than Kristie Sue Costa’s early pathetic efforts. Seriously, has anyone ever managed to get all the way through one of her DDH posts?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Speaking of Kristie Sue, it seems that the authors of the new blog are great admirers of her work. We mean, they like it a lot. In fact, several of the posts are simply reruns of her brilliant deductive pieces. Even when the new blog doesn’t literally scrape her blog for material, they’re definitely singing from the same hymn sheet. You’ll no doubt recognise these old chestnuts, sung in a distinctly Yankee accent:

  • El Coyote, Spiny Norman, and pretty much everyone who’s ever spoken out about the Hampstead SRA hoax are (surprise!) RD;
  • Our friend Sheva is a witch;
  • The people who run MKD are “paid satanists” (say what?);
  • Oh, and all our commenters are actually just one or two people with a great many identities, viewpoints, and writing styles. Sorry, dear readers. The vast majority of you don’t really exist. You heard it here first.

Honestly, we cannot be arsed to debunk any of this—we all know who we are, and we can’t help it that the Hoaxtead mobsters have seriously underestimated the number of people who are angered by their vicious and cruel hoax.

Dude, where’s my paycheque?

For overall amusement value, we recommend the page where the writer demonstrates to her own satisfaction that Hoaxtead Research is, like, totes a psyop run by like, agents or something. Fer shure.

So in case you were wondering, here’s how things work here at Hoaxtead Research:

Wait, we all “openly practice (not “practise”) Satanism”? One of our regular readers definitely does, but to our knowledge, the rest of us span the spectrum of religious belief (including atheism).

Oh, and does anybody know the identity of the”former blog that was shut down (prior to May 2015) due to harassment complaints”? We’re wracking our brains, but can’t recall anything like that.

Thanks for stating that this blog is well-written, though anyone who reads it will know that most days we publish one post per day, unless extraordinary news breaks. As for the original graphics, we must thank our generous readers. And if we have a mailing list, it’s news to us.

Wait, what’s this? “At least 20 comments” per day? How about closer to 120? Sheesh. We know the educational system in America has faced massive underfunding in the past few decades, but you’d think Kristie Sue could at least count past her fingers and toes.

And speaking of toes, how long does she think it takes to put together a blog post? Five hours? Seriously? What does she type with, her feet? Around these parts, if El Coyote is off his feed a single post might take him an hour and a half, start to finish.

As for video content, we’ll say this again, though we realise it’s farting against thunder: McKenzies Devils are not run by anyone connected with HR. They are completely independent from this blog. Oh, and the fact that they are talented, fast, and efficient is hardly evidence that they’re up to anything nefarious. We don’t know how long it takes them to produce their videos, but we’re sure they’re laughing just as hard as we are at KSC’s estimates.

Now here we really must draw the line. Twenty comments per post? Hardly. More like 120. Our readers use this as a discussion board, and we welcome them.

Oh, and the fact that comments begin to appear shortly after we publish our post of the day is easily explained: a number of our night-owl readers hover around their computers at around midnight, waiting for the next day’s post to appear. Not to be all braggy ‘n’ shit, but apparently they think our posts are worth it. Unlike certain other blogs we could name.

“This is the pattern of a professionally run operation”…Really? Is it? Wouldn’t know. Never seen one.

“Let’s say it takes about 5 hours per day for at least 630 days total to swap in and out of multiple accounts to do comment creation on the blog and YouTube channels”. Well, we suppose it might, if that’s what was happening. Since our commenters are real live people, we’re afraid this statement comes under the heading of Utter Bunkum.

“15,000 hours of non-stop daily labor (not labour) is a lot of time to do something for free”. Indeed it would be, if Kristie Sue’s estimates had not emerged fully formed from her rear nether regions.

And speaking of doing things for free, we wonder how much time Kristie Sue and her troll buddies devote to scouring the internet for “evidence” that Satanist reptilians rule the world, raping and murdering babies in order to feast on their adrenal glands or whatever it is they’re supposed to do?

Oh, here’s a gem: “The moment a whistleblower goes public, they usually lose their job, and whatever financial income they have. In order to survive and continue exposing pedophiles (not paedophiles), they can only seek donations from people who wish to help them”.

Is that a fact? We’d very much like to know the precise number of so-called whistleblowers who’ve lost their jobs and are now spending their days looking for imaginary tunnels under a pizza parlour in Washington DC, or harassing innocent people in a suburb of London. Funnily enough, we’ve never actually met one of these mysterious newly unemployed whistleblowers.

We have met any number of scammers and charity fraudsters who’ve attempted to jump aboard the Hoaxtead gravy train, exploiting images and videos of two physically and emotionally abused children for their own ends. But that’s not really the same thing, is it?

Yep, we do keep an eye on what the Hoaxtead mobsters are doing. We’ve learnt the hard way that ignoring them and letting them get away with their shenanigans just encourages them.

By the way, Kristie Sue, it’s not necessary to “monitor all their YouTube channels for new videos”. There’s this amazing new technological advance called “subscribing” to someone’s channel, so that you receive “alerts” when new material is published. You might want to look into that.

Oh, and yes, we do think that McMartin, Pizzagate, and many other alleged “SRA paedophile rings” are fake. That’s because we follow a little thing called “evidence”, which always trumps ideology in our books.

“Normal people do not behave this way”…oh dear, where to even begin.

When people are motivated by the belief that they are combatting something truly evil, something which could, if left unchecked, destroy hundreds or thousands of innocent lives, then yes. They can become very dedicated indeed. We know that those who research and write this blog believe very strongly in what we’re doing. And we know that we’re winning…which is probably why Kristie Sue, Sonya, et al were motivated to throw together their new blog.

The coup de grâce

The link at the end of the above post promises to take the reader to an article titled “Help shut down the Satanic Hoaxtead Operation”. Out of curiosity, we clicked the link. (Yes, this is how far we are willing to go for you, our loyal readers.) Here’s where it took us:

You can’t make this shit up, can you?

122 thoughts on “Watching the defectives

    • Good question, B. They don’t say. My guess is that they don’t know, as we are extremely careful to work within the law. The fact that we show them up for the fools they are isn’t illegal, it just pisses them off.

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      • Throwing around accusations of paedophilia and inciting satanic panic can bring very narrow-minded people to your door, I hope that they never find out.

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  1. Witty, humorous, insulting, crude, juvenile. Sheesh, that barbed humour blows the whole house of straw down. No one can fight the evil humour. Better get those complaints out to YT and everyone. Close them down for the mocking of non existent #pizzacrap victims I implore you!

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  2. Oscar Wilde — ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.

    Rather than wading through lots f figures,it would save an awful lot of bother if HMRC would simply accept my turnover for 2016-17 tax year as zero based on the above deduction that I am merely the figment of someone elses deluded imagination.

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      • Will do EC.

        The HMRC do get some great ones though :

        My wife helps me with my tax return, but she had a headache for ten days.

        My dog ate my tax return…and all of the reminders.

        I couldn’t complete my tax return, because my husband left me and took our accountant with him. I am currently trying to find a new accountant.

        I work for myself, but a colleague borrowed my tax return to photocopy it and lost it.

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    • And, I’d like to be Roger Flutterby as well. ‘Cause I think that’s one of the cleverest screen names ever, and I’m insanely jealous that I didn’t think of it 🙂

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  3. What do they hope to achieve with that blog? I had a good chuckle at it, is it chuckles they want? if so, it worked. I do like how they think this blog is a well-funded operation. That’s high praise indeed, eh EC? 😀

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  4. LOL! Beautifully analysed, EC.

    To be honest, s/he appears to have given up already, with no new posts going up in days. Pity, as I love a good work of fiction. This is my favourite quote from this particular fantasy novel:

    “Since as early as May of 2015 and perhaps even earlier on a former blog that was shut down due to harassment complaints”

    Really? News to me, LOL!

    (Sorry, EC – I know you already mentioned that in your post but it still cracks me up.)

    Oh and it goes without saying that s/he rehashes the tired old claim about us sending out death threats (without a shred of evidence to support it, natch), whilst conveniently ignoring the countless death threats that they’ve sent us and which are featured on this blog’s ‘Trolls’ page.

    Mind you, they do point out more than once that EC’s posts are “well written”, so at least they got that right.

    By the way, has anyone noticed that the content and writing style match those of the person who previously posted on this blog as “The People of Hampstead” and “Jacqui”? Check out this post in particular:

    Then check out these previous comments from the aforementioned fruitloop:

    And this previous blog post was about him/her too:

    Oh and I love Angela’s claim that said anti-blog is run by “American Anon”:

    Young Journalist of the Year, you say, Ange? LMAO 😀

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    • Here’s our account of last year’s hacking attempt. Check out the image that accompanied “Jacqui’s” threat that the blog would be toast within 48 hours. The wig doesn’t lie, LOL. Costa commenting as Jacqui
      This is the person who commented both as “Jacqui” and “The People of Hampstead”. At the time, she was following our blog, and so when she posted it automatically gave us a picture of her Gravatar, LOL. When I pointed this out, she unfollowed us, but the damage was done.

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      • So you mean ex-military police officer cyber crimes investigator isn’t something that is real in this here real life? I know crimes against the person won’t be investigated by a cyber-crime team, who actually investigate financial crime. Crimes against a person are still investigated against the same team even if someone uses the word cyber for no apparent reason.

        But hey, that’s a “Hampstead resident” that I saw was a shill post the moment I read it. And I mean shill. A shill post which is meant to be by an unconnected bystander but is a planted shill post meant to deceive that is orchestrated in this case knowingly (shills can be unwitting) by the scammer.

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  5. LOL! They’re stating that EC is the children’s Father! Oh, this is too funny..

    The U.S. spelling of paedophile is used too. Big clue there. 😉

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  6. “Labor” instead of labour is a dead giveaway.
    The spelling only used in Australia for a political party & the USA for all meanings of the word. So that website is authored in the USA.

    The irony of a anonymously authored website moaning about others remaining anonymous & the number of hours put into their efforts when it’s clear one person has devoted way too much time regurgitating a lot of bullshit.
    They get fired from their jobs. One of the funniest claims.

    An anonymous post on some website claiming to be from ‘the people of Hampstead’ is blindly accepted as speaking for an entire community. Give me a break.

    And George Soros gets the full treatment (more US claptrap) when he is politically active but I do love how these nutcases completely ignore that extreme right-wing media outlets like Fox or Breitbart who have been fanatically active in demonizing anyone & anything perceived to be to the left of Attila the Hun by promoting @pizzavomitgate and are owned by people like Rupert Murdoch who admits he uses his media to manipulate public opinion and change governments to those more to his liking.

    A number of court cases are pending? They sure are.

    # very much like that EC has copied the material and archived at a spot we can all read it so these dills don’t get extra clicks. I say we should do this all the time. Even with Youtube videos.

    ## Spiny Norman as always gets the all the plaudits while I am ignored. It’s just not fair.

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    • All right, GoS, I’ll write to them and let them know that you would like your own page, how’s that?

      I agree with you that it’s authored in the good ol’ U.S. of A….and SN is quite right that whoever did it is very closely linked to the very clever person who wrote to us under several names (but only one IP address) to say that they were Hampstead residents who were mightily offended that we existed, and could we please go away right away quick. This was followed by a series of hilariously amateurish hacking attempts, by someone who’d clearly read a “how to hack fer shits’n’giggles” manual and was trying out every technique they found. Ah, good times.

      Glad you liked the manoeuvre. I’ll keep doing that where possible. I haven’t tried it on YouTube videos yet, but will see if it works. 🙂

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    • Yeah, sorry Sam. But if it’s any consolation the post about me is a straight copy-and-paste of a two-year-old KSC ‘article’ from ‘Dearman Does Hampstead, complete with Crusty Poop-Coaster’s amazing deduction that because I referred to my hypothetical children in a comment about privacy invasion, I must be Ricky Dearman. LOL

      Oh and if it’s any consolation, I don’t get to hog the limelight on there, as there are also articles about El Coyote, Sheva Burton, James Hind and McKenzie’s Devils and honourable mentions for Mk Ultra 666, Maggs Shaw O’Neill, Keelan Balderson, UK Callum, Sharon Kilby, Google Hoaxtead, UK Callum, Hands Off Hampstead and others 🙂

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  7. Hilarious read, EC 🙂

    I reckon you’re right about Sonya being a prime suspect, though I suspect that Melissa Williams may be lurking in the background too.

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  8. Sonya, Melissa et al aren’t the only ones who are convinced that we’re government-sponsored trolls. Poor old Dave Shurter thinks we are too. In his latest tragic meltdown, Hoaxtead Research, Sheva Burton, McKenzie’s Devils and Spiny Norman all get a special mention:

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    • Wait..we flew across the Atlantic to plant stones in his garden? For him to pour gasoline over and then wonder why they burned for 5mns? LOL! I thought he was blaming the people in the house near him? Now he’s blaming HR?

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      • It was extraordinary how the rock doused in gasoline burned for 5 minutes and left no charring to either the stone or surrounding grass


    • I think a full shut down on anything DS has to happen. He is getting worse.
      Maybe leave him be on all platforms of social media. He has an audience he can play to.

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      • Yes, I agree. I think when we mention him, even trying to be helpful, it just makes him worse. I would not like to feel that we had driven him, or anyone, to hurt themselves or others.

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          • I think you just brought to light something that others like myself hadn’t been aware of. That video was an eye opener for me. There are people like APD & KSC etc that are malicious but they are not aware of their actions or not affected by them. Then there are some of those that imo maybe should be left alone for a while. I won’t name anybody as that just makes them more paranoid, but I can think of a handful that are rarely covered on here that do seem to need some breathing space, whether they want it or not.

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        • If anyone here can help him then that’s great. We are the enemy as far as he is concerned. Personally I don’t know how to make his life better, maybe others do.

          I just hope he can get back some normality and enjoy life again.

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      • Definitely signs there of deterioration but I’m pleased to see he’s attended his teeth and they look very much better. I mean that sincerely of course as any shrink or psychiatric nurse knows they physical deterioration or neglect of health and cleanliness can be a signal of a troubled mind. I hope the poor chap gets better.

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    • He does not look well. Yet another case where a consultation with a mental health professional would be the best thing.

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    • I,ve mostly igored him, but his personal slurs, on Oppermans show with Fiona Barnett, lead to death threats via OpdeatheatersNSW, Pedohunters Downunder. The recording revealed them ~ their dirtytrick


  9. I have to say – the obsessive misuse of the term “whistleblower”, in reference to themselves, is one of the most annoying traits of these SRA-MC conspiracy promoters. They’ve cheapened the term to such an extent – by applying it to themselves – that it is effectively meaningless now. That’s why I always put it in quotations, to express my sarcasm. If you could hear my voice when I type, you’d experience the extreme sneering that it deserves.

    They don’t even understand that a whistleblower has to be an insider! They can’t be “hampstead whistlebowers”, unless they are members of this imaginary demonic alien baby muncher cult themselves!

    Conspiracy theory promoters is all that you are.

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  10. Greetings from another non existent sockpuppet
    I had to laugh at their time estimates, I usually pop in about lunchtime and again after work and have a read (and a bit of a giggle usually) then settle in after dinner with the tv and the lappy and surf back and forth between here and about a dozen or so places.
    First thing I do is my emails, and of course if any new posts have been made (you been busy today, TWO posts!!) I pop in and have a read, because there is this thing called notifications, and every time a new post is put up, I get an email (thanks to my surpurb hakka skilzz lol, I click the box marked notify me of new posts/comments) I probably spend maybe a half hr, hour tops spread out over an entire day, mostly while watching tv in the evenings, I just leave a window open with Hoaxtead open in my browser and every now and then pop back in and refresh to see any new comments- do that with all my usual hangouts- currently firefox has18 separate tabs open
    One thing I dont like is that despite my using proper english settings, wordpress seems to take offence and wants to americanise everything- annoying

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    • My pattern is similar to yours, Steved, except that I spend an hour or so in the evenings writing the next day’s post. The advantage to having a large, decentralised group working on this is that quite often it’s just a question of sifting through my email and IMs online, picking the day’s story, and dashing off a post. Now and then (like today) there will be an “extra”—generally involving news of a legal nature—but those are usually very short as we need to be careful to abide by reporting restrictions.

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    • Lots of mentions of Bridget Yorke. Kris Costa was obsessed with Bridget Yorke too. The shitty research over there is similar to Kris Costa’s as well..


      • Truth1 used to comment frequently on both Charlotte Ward’s blog and Sabine’s various sites. I have no doubt that this is where Kris Costa plagiarised her “info” about Bridget Yorke really being Charlotte Ward—a ludicrous assertion, but that’s par for the course.

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        • This obvious Pedotard belives that RD and both children were in the Superbowl commercial.

          “Hoaxtead Busted! – Birthmark Freckles!

          This ought stir some things. For your viewing enjoyment, Hoaxsy gets hoisted up by their own petards! Allow me! On the left below will be A’s photo from Morocco Holidays, say maybe August 2014. On the right, obtained directly from Hoaxsy Doaxsy, is a frame grab at 14 seconds. What you will clearly see, in A’s-Morocco is one of the few times Ella did not have A with makeup on so that we get to see her freckles/birthmarks on her right nostril (our left) and the front of her nose, too. And frame 14 on the right which shows the very same freckles. And all her commercial face shots show the very same freckles.

          Can you believe the implications? These freckles are unique and distinct marks that no one else would share. Had they used makeup, they could have hidden it. God is not going to let anything be hidden in this case. But they probably wanted to avoid looking similar to most of A’s typical pictures with makeup. They thought freckles would throw us off. It actually backfired and sealed the deal. All those face pictures are A. Every last one of them!

          In order to make the pictures more similar for comparison, I rotated the Morocco picture 7 degrees counter clockwise so that the nose comparisons would be the same angle. I tried to lighten up the frame 14 pic and enhance the contrast, but had little success. I did save back ups in case anything went wrong. I kept an untitled Morocco picture as well.

          So there ya have it. Hoaxtead Busted Wide Open. Now where to run, and nowhere to hide. Touchdown! Score!!!! Truth1 7 > Hoaxsy 0! Or is that 666?”

          Mr. Dearman I Presume?
          Both men have their hair swept back. Both noses are the same. Both straight. Both have the same chins. Even the ears look close. the hair lines are the same height 1 & 2. Both above and below his brows are similar to his kids.
          I don’t have any doubt that the father in the ad is RD himself. Added to this is a discovery by Kris C. that Gabriel was also in this video briefly.

          I went and got some more screen shots. I had a video editing program that let me view all frames in a second of video. Wait till ya see.”


          • Sounds like a threat from this bible bashing obvious pedophile.

            “This is not a negative comment just a realistic one.

            >>Here is where I alone will stand. There is no getting the kids back by legal means long ago corrupted. The only hope, Says I with emphatic out-of-control hollering is: Only God can fix this mess at all, and all my pleas are directed to Him, without any idea that even my own efforts can amount to anything without Him. But with Him, if He decides to bless me and back me, there will be nothing anywhere to stop me.<<"


      • When I first saw it a week or so ago I book marked the site. I initially thought it might have been something related to here, as it had a rundown of some of the Hoaxers. Then when I checked it again today, I realised it is full of crazyness and bullshit. Some interesting screenshots such as the Araya one about Annett lol.

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  11. The name Truth1 rings a bell but i can’t recall where from. Mo Money Mommies is a Youtube channel that has been reported countless times for hosting the police interviews with the children videos.

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  13. These people are so f’ing annoying. They don’t believe what they see and is obvious to anyone with a brain, they dont believe any source, the courts the police, they only believe shitty blogs.
    They are beyond help with their perverted fantasies. You could have abe, ella and both children saying it was all false and they would spin that into a forced confession or some other bullshit. Pedophiles is what they are, they want every child to have been abused, preferably by some Jesuit, mind controlled, satanic baby munching pedo ring that spans the whole globe and infiltrates every government and operates at every level of society.
    All the thousands of other everyday cases of child abuse since the Hampers Hoax do not interest them in the slightest. Pathetic creepy nonces. Rant over.

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    • I can relate to your anger at these dimwits, Barchon. Yep, if there’s no Jews, Satanic Rituals or Freemasons, mentioned in a child abuse case, they don’t give a damn. They haven’t the slightest care for any children, they simply want to push conspiracies.

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  14. Executive Summary of Twitus Frosty knickers visit to Comet.

    Twitus is shown wearing a smart shirt talking about some spare time from a Convention, NAMBLA? (worth checking DC area for recent conventions, lol). Throughout you will feel sick by the shaky camera work from this amateur gumshoe.
    He changes into more leisurely attire then walks towards the traffic cameras stating that there are now pointed back to facing Comet Ping Pong referring to the claims that during the gunman incident the cameras were pointing away. Umm okay and? What difference would that make, you would still claim false flag or Psy-Op even if the guy had shot children dead.

    After crossing the road he talks to a friendly gentleman outside Bucks restaurant. The conversion ends and turns sour when Twitus rudely and laughing asks about the basement.
    He then turns his attentions towards the Besta Pizza sign saying they still have the Pedo logo up. This is incorrect as the Boy Lover logo is Blue and does not match every triangle you want it to match inluding a pizza slice being triangular in shape. This fruitloop obviously never did triggernometary at school. These Triangle hunters have stopped seeing Illuminati everywhere, now it is Pedos.

    Twatus then goes into Besta and claims an old lady followed him in and argued but he ran out of storage for recording or some bollocks. He doesn’t get the full name of the manager just his first name, probably everyone in the area is sick of these creeps by now.

    He then goes round the back of the buildings shitting his pants and rambling about Bucks having a basement, Politics and Prose having one but Comet may or may not. Holy shit lock everybody up with basements.
    Back at the hotel bar a very thirst titus reflects on his amazing adventure commenting that Politics and Prose had the weirdest atmosphere he had ever encountered and this is from a guy who used to cover supernatural bollocks to boot, so it must have been extra special creepy.
    Now time for the big reveal, Politics and Prose not only has a basement, but it was full of childrens books and gasp, actual children for twitus to gawp at. No wonder he had a dry mouth after all that excitement.
    At this point it is clear Titus is a massive creep and our GCHQ Agent could not finish the last few minutes of this conspiritards warblings. The comment section as always is full of staggering levels of stupidity and praise for this Eejit.

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    • From The Comments Section with an added logo Comparison of Trudeau Foundation Log, BL Pedo Logo, Besta Pizza Logo.

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      • Oops, Soundcloud. Its just some stupid edgy teens. The video of “Podesta” matches the voice of the artist. There is no way of knowing if the screaming voice is a girl or a women.


        • Thanks, GBD, but what is that video all about? I never once entertained the thought that it was JP but I just don’t get it.

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          • There are lots of ARG’s with weird and dark footage.

            Its Just like that, with someone shouting odd stuff at someone like “Im your father ” whilst a girl is screaming. Could be a woman, who knows? More than likely.

            Not much is going on in the video apart from that. Just some odd purple flashing background.

            The whole site and the songs are quite odd to be honest. Odd images and videos of weird stains of bathtubs and other odd stuff.

            If found a guy called some ordinary gamer who goes round the deep web, reviewing odd websites, he shows on every show a video he has found that are just plain odd. Horror esque mainly. Quite short.

            Seems to be a big thing for amateur film makers on the net.


    • Maybe I was a bit too strong labelling them pedophiles but they certainly are like moths to a flame where claims of Satanic, masonic, Illuminati pedophile rings are concerned. It seems to fulfill their morbid little fantasies, exactly the same mindset Abraham Christie has.
      These people should be aware by now how creepy and cruel Abe really is. If he moved into their area he would probably have done the same, slandered and implicated everyone he had disagreements with as pedophiles and satanists. All he needed was the right woman to target that he could manipulate and bully and gain access to her children. It’s no surprised that within months of Abe moving in all these incidents started. The sheer stupidity behind it all is unbelieveable, the hoax fails at every level. The Police and the first medical examiner have to take some blame for the hoax gaining some traction.
      Surely it is obvious to anyone that the medical report does not match the horrific allegations of abuse and the children do not act like victims of extreme child abuse in any way shape or form.
      If what these creeps believe is true the children would be all off school for months at a time receiving hospital treatment, and the logistics of some pedo ring that involved thousands of people and all the schools in that area just does not compute in any real world.
      I hate going over the same points, like a broken record, but they just don’t live in the real world.

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  15. Just heard the DEFECTIVE Angela no Power is back in Oldcastle with a rather pleasant looking tan.

    Nice life if you can get it.

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      • She just says they had drugs that they used so they could rape or do anything so they couldn’t remember, then says the same about mind control and splitting down the mind etc, if they had the drugs why waste the time with Mind control? How does she remember, is this through therapy fantasies recovered by a pervy psychiatrist? “Hi my names Dr Christie, yes Angela, tell me again what the aliens did to you with their probes. Thats very good Angela, really good, just pop the tape recorder on for later, I need some new abuse material”.

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  16. LOL! The shitty research on that other blog is laughable. it’s saying we made Aaron Dover’s video, the one in which he issued a death threat to APD) and that our comments are under it. That video was emailed to APD to alert her to it. You can even see that in the screenshot.

    That death threat video was uploaded by Aaron on HIS channel and it was HIS supporters (none of which we EVER were) who were agreeing with him in comments.

    As for saying we are responsible for using a picture of dead children. NO! That was a report of Alan Alanson’s disgraceful Facebook post, you moron.

    Your research is sloppy, at best. Not one so-called “death threat” attributed to us on that site, is a death threat from us because WE DON’T MAKE ANY. The hoaxers, however, do.

    FFS, That site is hilarious!

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  17. This video is about the killing of Attorney Trinn Hyunh, who had not long filed a request for all documents relating to the Interstate 85 bridge collapse.

    This uploader is saying she was working pro bono investigating a paedophile ring and quotes no evidence to support his theory. Do these people always have to invent “facts” to get video clicks? They’re disgusting.

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      • That’s shocking. What the hell is wrong with people today?

        Just why are there so many conspiracy theorists online today as there were, say, 5 years ago? Of course, their answer to that is that they “woke up” which is nothing but conspiraspeak.. but why are there so many paranoid people today?

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        • Simple, the emergence of smart phones has made it easier for complete and utter fuckwits to access the internet. Eight, nine or ten years ago you needed an IQ north of 70 to operate a computer, not to mention the money to acquire one which generally required a job. These days every unemployable chimp and his uncle is online. The internet allows looneys to interact just like normal people, and they cross-validate each other, building their own virtual enclaves as they go.

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          • He doesn’t help, but he’s not new or original. This sort of thing has been going on for decades, all that’s new in the ability for the loonies that buy this rubbish to interact on an international basis and cross-validate each other. If there really is some sort of illuminati it must be well pleased with the distraction.

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  18. Good Question Jake! Paranoia will Destroy’em and Open them up to Serious Liability, Civil and Criminal. All for a Hoax. I don’t get it.

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