UPDATE: Rupert Quaintance bail variation denied…sort of?

Thanks to one of our readers for the following information from Rupert Quaintance’s court appearance today:

Sometimes its hard to understand the English justice system. An 18-minute hearing today has resulted in only one change of detail to Quaintance’s bail.

The judge has allowed Quaintance to have his passport back so he CAN GET A JOB and use it to prove his identity to a prospective employer. The Judge said that he would not allow any other variation of the bail conditions until the 21st August trial date is confirmed (the trial might move into November).

A question – does a foreign national have the automatic right to work in the UK whilst held on bail, if not what is the UKBA stance on granting a work permit?

We confess we are confused by this, as initial reports from Southwark Crown Court this afternoon indicated that Rupert’s application for bail variation had been denied. The return of his passport certainly sounds like a variation to us.

In addition, so far as we are aware, seeking employment would breach the remit of Rupert’s travel status, as he is currently in the UK for “leisure”, not to work. In order to legally obtain employment he would require a work visa; having his passport to “prove his identity” to an employer would accomplish little, so far as we’re aware.

We will attempt to get to the bottom of this and will update here as soon as we can confirm details.

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  1. If he gets it back, he’ll be out of the country so fast you’ll be able to follow him by the flame tracks on the ground….

    Not good IMHO

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  2. Ridiculous! UKBA Couldn’t keep him OUT of the country, I think there is little prospect of him being kept IN!

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  3. If he wants to work, he’ll need to do more than prove his identity to an employer. He’ll need to prove he has a right to do the work in question.

    Some visitors can do some work in the UK, but I can’t see how that would apply.


    Seems an odd reason to get his passport back.

    If there is an employer thinking of employing him, they’ll need to factor in the potential £20k fine.

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    • Is it possible a judge can or would change bail conditions in order for a person to commit an illegal act such as work illegally if that was the reason given ?

      He couldn’t possibly have changed his visa status because- he doesn’t have his passport.

      Can you imagine the outcry if he flees after this? The judge would be crucified and rightly so, in the media.
      Was there no police officer in court to oppose or comment on such a bail application as is the normal?

      This sound so odd. Never heard it happen before unless some one like Bellend is claiming she would employ him but needs proof of identity.

      And this : how come APD was aware of this forthcoming appearance and posted some weeks ago that he had got his passport back?

      I thought Rupert did not have a lawyer. Such a change in bail conditions usually needs a lawyer as it’s complicated.
      Recall Neelu used a solicitor who breached all normal court process (another trait of these sociopath / narcissists is the ability to convince others to put themselves at risk). If anyone had given false information re this bail application the consequences will be dire.

      If he got his passport back and there was no order to stay away from airports etc and not leave the country then he is perfectly at liberty to leave the UK. As someone else commented it’s not serious enough to warrant extradition and in the unlikely event RQ would visit Europe again, we have seen with Ella Draper & Abraham Christie that authorities can’t get their act together to put these two wanted fugitives on the Interpol list.

      And if this happens it would be another instance of a failure of police to do their duty in which they have failed miserably where Hoaxtead is concerned.

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      • “From January 2004 to the end of December 2011, 7 known US citizens were extradited from the US to the UK.[19] No US citizen was extradited for an alleged crime while the person was based in the US.[14] The U.S. embassy in London reports that, as of April 2013, 38 individuals have been extradited from the US to the UK.[20]”

        If he does get his passport back and then flees the country, chances of getting him back to face court- practically zero

        It would have an upside, he’d never get back in again ever

        Downside, the court appearance would hopefully drag a lot of the hoaxers out from under their rocks kicking and screaming and his non appearance would scupper that opportunity


      • GOS, this is the 2nd time recently RQ has been back at Southwark Crown Court trying to get his passport.

        Last week he didn’t get it, Monday 10th April he did, not sure when he will be able to pick it up or if it is sent to him though.

        Angela No Power jumped the gun before the 1st hearing and said he was getting it back – he didn’t.

        She made no mention of the 2nd hearing, I doubt she knew anything about it.

        Still No Power has made no comment probably because she looked really stupid the first time round, so is keeping quiet this time. She might put a different spin on it but she is a proven LIAR so my understanding of the situation will be more accurate I think.

        RQ has Pam Almaz’s (friend/acquaintance of Belinda McKenzie) son as his Solicitor, who would have instructed a Barrister to represent RQ.

        If any of that is incorrect EC, could you please correct?

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    • Arthur, I would have thought so but maybe you can get an emergency National Insurance No. from the DWP or the relevant Employment Department?


  4. In response to some of the sick PizzaGators who have been making all kinds of videos about recent tragic events in London, Sweden and Syria, saying that these are hoaxes, false flags, psy-ops etc.

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