SGTReport feels the pain of YouTube, Google crackdown

Was it only a week or so ago that we were discussing the potential power of advertisers to help the major social media platforms see the error of their ways in promoting hoaxes and so-called “fake news”?

At that time, we noted a growing trend toward advertisers pulling their accounts from sites like YouTube and Google, as they didn’t want their business brands to be associated with the lies, misinformation, propaganda, and general dishonesty peddled by certain YouTube channels.

We reported:

In the past month or so, various advertising agencies have started making good on their threats to pull their money out of adverts that appear on offensive or extremist videos on YouTube. Google and its subsidiary, YouTube, have been dealt a number of devastating losses. For example, The Guardian reports that Havas, the world’s sixth largest marketing services group, which spends about £175 million per annum on digital advertising on behalf of its UK clients, has pulled its business from Google and YouTube.

The trade journal Silicon Valley Business Journal states, “McDonald’s UK, retailers Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Argos and banks HSBC and RBS have stopped ads on Google sites, according to Reuters. The British government also suspended ads on YouTube after its public sector ads showed next to videos with homophobic and anti-Semitic messages. Others brands, including Vodafone, Barclays and Tesco, are reviewing their ad policies”.

And Tech Crunch reports, “AT&T and Verizon are the latest companies to pull advertising from Google’s display network amid concerns that it does not do enough to prevent ads from appearing on YouTube videos promoting terrorism and hate speech”.

It hasn’t taken long for YouTube and Google to realise which way the wind is blowing, and now certain YouTube channels which rely heavily on revenues from advertising have begun to feel a distinct chill.

SGTReports, which readers will remember as the not-at-all-linked-to-Russia conspiranoid channel which has featured two interviews with Ella Draper over the past couple of weeks, is complaining bitterly. In a video titled “Help!! You Tube Wants to Kill My Channel!”, Comrade Sean No-Last-Name-Given noted that YouTube has told him to shape up:

In wounded tones, he states that “YouTube is changing the rules of the game, it’s not (sic) longer a level playing field. Not only are they flagging more and more videos as “not advertiser friendly”, for the past few days they have turned off ALL of the advertising on my videos. They want to kill my channel and they want me to go away”.

He points to notes that YouTube has placed on certain of his videos, which state that they are “Not advertiser-friendly. Request review”.

Oh, dearie dearie dear. It seems, in fact, that one of the videos YouTube has flagged might be familiar to our regular readers:

Here’s that thumbnail in close-up:

Gosh, is Comrade Sean saying that YouTube thinks his slavishly sycophantic interview with wanted criminal suspect about how she and her boyfriend tortured her children into repeating horrific lies about their father, their teachers, their church, their schoolmates and families, and even businesses in their former neighbourhood is “not advertiser-friendly”? Really, we cannot for the life of us think why that might be. (And thanks to all our readers who wrote to the advertisers, by the way.)

But YouTube’s reaction to the exodus of advertisers doesn’t end with warnings on offenders’ videos. Comrade Sean whines pitifully that his actual daily income has been sliced to a mere US$3.39 per day:He  states that he earned US$4.52 the previous day, noting that this is a “97 or 98 per cent decrease” from his average daily YouTube revenue. We scratched our heads, took out our pencils, and calculated that he had previously been earning in the range of US$150 per day from his YouTube video channel. Not a fortune, but nothing to sneeze at either.

And now it’s gone, all gone. Can we hear a big “Awwwwwww” for Comrade Sean?

But never fear: he has a backup plan in mind. He is going to count on the gullibility generosity of the hopped-up hillbillies who listen to his videos: he’s opening a Patreon account, where he hopes to recoup at least some of his lost earnings.

He may well do it, too. He’s carefully listed only the number of supporters who’ve agreed to fork over tuppence a month for the privilege of listening to him interview people like Ella, but he’s not displaying the actual amount they’ve pledged, nor the total received. This is a clever tactic whether he earns a great deal or nearly nothing: it prevents his supporters from thinking, “Oh, he’s making bucket-loads of money, he doesn’t need mine”; and in the event that the plan fails, it prevents anyone from realising that he’s only managed to scrape together a pittance.

The start of something big?

It’s frustrating to watch Comrade Sean immediately set up shop, but he is far from the only YouTube channel owner who relies on advertising revenue. A myriad of conspiranoid sites such as “UK Column”, “Above Top Secret”, and Alfred Lambremont Webre’s “Exopolitics” will feel the pain as well. Will all of them expect their viewers to support them via crowdfunding?

Ultimately, we’re looking at a marketplace that’s saturated with conspiranoid crackpots and cranks, whose viewers will likely tire very quickly of being asked to hand over larger and larger portions of their benefits cheques for something they’ve always been able to watch for free.

And meanwhile, with advertising revenues shrinking for certain types of YouTube channels, it’s likely that YouTube’s parent company, Google, will adjust its algorithms to downgrade videos that have been flagged as “not advertiser-friendly”. They’ll start showing up lower and lower in Google searches, which as any online marketer knows is the kiss of death for a brand.

All we can say is that it’s about bloody well time.


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  1. Great news, EC. And this has the potential for significant impact on the troofhoaxer community – and, dare I say it, a potential opportunity for the likes of YouBoob and Farcebook to pretend to take the moral high ground and tell the World they’re working to clean up the internet, when they are in fact just working to clean up their profits! Still, let’s remain pragmatic and savour the moment, whatever their motives 🙂

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    • Facebook should take note. Trying to get some of the most disgusting images and hate speech removed is no easy task with FB. I find it so hard to believe that some of the posts i’ve seen and reported do not break their guidelines.

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  2. The beauty of this advertising boycott is that it is a perfect example of Capitalism at work : the customers says “fuck you & your product, you are easily replaced” if are going to advertise on a certain defamatory website and the advertisers respond – but only now – asap.

    Bill O’Reilly pulls in a reputed $100M a year for Fox News but since the revelations he has paid out huge sums for alleged sexual harassment, advertisers are fleeing in droves.
    “O’Reilly Factor’ Advertiser Exit Grows After Alleged Harassment Settlements”

    This will grow & grow accompanied by the threat of legal action ( ie: Alex Jones’ pathetic back down on @peegate)

    Coming up next will be the EU enforcing regulations and laws on defamers like APD who like Guido Fawkes thinks that basing himself in Ireland exempts him from UK law. But EU laws will soon be expanded.

    In a strange way, Vlad Putin and the hacking of the US election has awakened a sleeping monster. But it actually took that to stir these giant tax dodgers into action.

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    • “Coming up next will be the EU enforcing regulations and laws on defamers like APD who like Guido Fawkes thinks that basing himself in Ireland exempts him from UK law. But EU laws will soon be expanded.”

      Have you thought this through?

      With Brexit, Guido just changes his base back to the UK, no?


        • When the UK goes to war with Spain over Gibraltar Angie will be interned. Her future looks grim whatever happens. Mind you with no internment camps they may commandeer Mulligans and lock her up on there.

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      • Post Brexit, EC laws will endure until replaced by UK parliament. Which may be quickly or may be never. We won’t suddenly lose, e.g., the law which forbids lorry drivers from driving 40 ton lorries non-stop for 3 days.


  3. Nice 🙂

    This trend is the sort of thing Private Eye covers in their ‘Ad Nauseum’ column. It’ll be interesting to see if they pick up on it. I’ll keep you posted…

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    • Good question, Wes. I think that so long as Comrade Sean isn’t actually doing anything illegal, there’s no reason to report his account. However, should he choose to (just for example) share illegal videos on his Patreon account, I think it would be important to report those.

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      • Yes, Patreon aready banned Abe and Ella, so they won’t allow SGT to promote them.

        As if McD’s and Starbucks et al want to be associated with any video promoting the Hampstead Hoax?
        LOL! All the conspiraloons crying on YT just now about their loss of revenue is lovely to watch.

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  4. If Anette is right about this happening to other channels, this is really good news:

    Not sure what jugular Sean’s talking about, though – or what safety net he’s referring to. From his video, I’d guess he’s talking about his “crowdfunders” and his Patreon fundraising page. I note that he wastes no time in bringing those up in his video and taking this opportunity to get out the begging bowl (rather ironically, considering YouTubes’ own profit-powered motives).

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    • But let’s not forget that GoFundMe and similar websites could also be in the legal frame if they are promoting falsehoods and libels and allowing those like Draper & SGTReport to raise funds via their platforms.

      So while they initially may have some success it will be limited in the end and again, once Patreon etc receive a few legal letters this will end quick smart.

      Libel is libel is libel and no matter how & where you produce it, there is a legal comeback. Applies to web hosts Google and so on. It will be slow but it will build.

      The hoaxers and defamers are suddenly finding out that their Poison Pen Letter campaigns which were always illegal, are now coming back to bite. It was bound to happen eventually and I did not expect it so soon.

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  5. I got slightly pissed off when I saw he reputedly was making approx $5 a day from advertising but when I look at his channel that would include dozens of videos. A lot of hard work for a small return but this is obviously what so many have been doing : re-hashing 100s of other fanatical conspiracy videos into their ‘own’ production and relying on troofers thirst for more and more.

    This is so obviously Angie Powerful Dickhead’s MO as she seeks beer & ciggie money on the false claim she is an “investigative child protection campaigner” (another crowded field) .

    I think this will grow and grow on YT & Facebook and they haven’t even taken into account that advertisers can also be sued if they appear alongside libels. Just wait until a few big advertisers get legal letters of complaint.
    This is just the beginning.

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  6. Heads-up, folks. You may have encountered a rather pyschotic loon called Hoaxtead Troll Hunter on your Youtubial travels. I have reason to believe that this is Alan ‘Alanson’ Boyes.

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    • Angie really does not have any shame at all does she? She would take the coins out of a beggars cup if she thought she could get away with it.

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  7. Off topic, sorry.

    Why it matters, that David Seaman is a jew…
    “Jews were accused of the crime of Zionism, convicted in mock trials and hanged in public hangings which were treated like public holidays”.
    WARNING – video contains gruesome images & testimony, potentially traumatizing!

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    • Sorry, not following you. I assume David Seaman is the US ‘pizzagate researcher’ rather than the former England football (soccer) goal keeper?


      • Ah I see what you mean. Clearly the David Seaman you refer to is the former and you are basically saying he really ought to have known better if he is Jewish?

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        • @TDF – correct. In an earlier comment, I mocked a David Seaman statement that certain persons should be “given a fair trial and then publicly hanged” – intimating the outcome of the trial would be pre-determined – by remarking that he calls himself a jew and therefore: shame on him!

          It occurred to me later, that I had failed to explain what I was thinking about when I said that. So, now I have let everyone else in on what was in my mind.
          Happens to me sometimes. I realize after the fact, others might not “get” my meaning because I haven’t expressed everything I was thinking when I typed a comment.

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  8. @Alan ‘Alanson’ Boyes

    It’s not my blog, you silly sod.
    But I hear you burnt your bridges when you went and called us bitches.

    (Actually, you called us baby-eating paedophiles but that doesn’t scan.)

    By the way, I rather think you meant ‘parler’.

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    • @James Haskell
      Yes, he’s really making us suffer. I honestly don’t know how we cope with Alan’s awesome keyboard warrior campaign. Seriously, if he continues to make snide comments about us on his own Facebook page, I fear that the Universe may implode in a ball of flames. Whatever can we do? Zzzzzzzzz

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    • What a moron he is–we opted weeks ago that if he thought he could behave himself in a more or less civil manner he could drop by the blog. He just keeps whining that he’s been banned, when that hasn’t been the case for some time now.

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      • And I attempted a spot of diplomacy on his Facebook threads but he was extremely abusive to me nonetheless. To use a technical term that’s quite popular on YouTube, he’s an arsehole.

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    • I’m so upset not being able to converse with Mr Alanson on here (NOT). Wouldn’t he love to be taken seriously?.
      I see he’s on the old “Adolf was a nice guy who they done bad by” bandwagon. There are still plenty of old grand-dads around who fought in WW2 so my advice to AA is to not raise this subject with one of them.

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    • LOL..”instead of snooping..” coming from someone who had to snoop on Hoaxtead in order to correct one of his hysterical false stories.

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    • “I also believe satanic ritual abuse takes place..” but you have no evidence do you? Of course we all know that down in Britain’s 100s of cop shops they have nothing better to do than dance around in capes and goat masks.

      “I would love to wrap your children up..” what in your arms? in newspaper? Why would you want to even go near someone elses kids?

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  10. Amusingly, there is now a movement amongst the youtube hoaxers to boycott companies and brands that boycott youtube, lol.
    Once of these tools is a guy called “random rants of ryan” who has his fawning fans all signing up. Non embed

    To give you an idea of what ‘Random Rants of Ryan’ is all about, I recommend this excellent short video from BZ.

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      • Not sure Fairly Sane but it could have been the Oysters which she wished her prospective suitor had fed her over a candlelit dinner for 2 at Chez Mulligans last Summer…

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        • Oyster stout would be more her style, and Guinness. At home she drinks from the bottle, in the pub she lies on her back under the pump with her mouth open.

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          • Lol you’re making me laugh now but I’m going to take that as fact, why not, it’s nearer the truth than most of the crap No Power spouts.

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  11. It is good news as long as YT can quickly sort out a system for detecting what really is ‘non advertiser friendly’ and what isn’t. It’s great that hoax channels and conspiracy channels will get hit but apparently YT have been quite broad in what videos they have demonetized. For example, videos that debate the issues of terrorism or the politics of going into war have supposedly been hit as well.

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    • If people have “real” controversial political points then I hope they will still be able to post material to real news agencies and politics sites. YT wasn’t set up as and isn’t obliged to be a news agency – it was a way of sharing digital videos of trips to the zoo and funny cats.

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      • It is now, and always has been, entirely possible to set up a YouTube channel without monetisation. There is a great deal of whining going on about so-called “careers” being ended. But, surely if you have a point of principle to make it’s a point of principle, and shouldn’t need to be monetised?

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        • Yes, this new YouTube policy won’t affect the small players much, as most of them don’t rely on advertising in any case. However, for the larger players, it could be the kiss of death…money-wise, at least.


        • Trouble is this could all result in feckless wannabe messiahs having to actually get out and support themselves by acquiring proper day jobs and potentially even suffer the humiliation of paying taxes.Long suffering parents across the globe could soon be faced with the onerous task of converting pretentious basement webcasting studios back into er..basements.

          On a personal note,I am getting a tad concerned that the vast shedloads of cash EC/CIA/RD keep on throwing at us agents “willy nilly” could slacken up a little in the wake of all this jiggery pokery.I may have to look into cheaper mooring facilities for the fleet of gin palaces,lay off a dozen or so dancing girls and ultimately even be forced to buff my own Lamborghinis.


          • “Trouble is this could all result in feckless wannabe messiahs having to actually get out and support themselves by acquiring proper day jobs and potentially even suffer the humiliation of paying taxes.Long suffering parents across the globe could soon be faced with the onerous task of converting pretentious basement webcasting studios back into er..basements.”

            I suspect those basements will still be occupied for many many years unfortunately
            (I know one such person IRL- his mother literally doesnt see him for weeks, between her job and his vampire nightstyle where he doesnt get up until after dark most days and spends his entire time online in his room- unsurprisingly he is in his 30’s and has never had a job- ever….)


        • Created by the revolting turkey-like Christopher Fay who is still under investigation along with Bill Baloney for ‘perverting the course of justice”.
          Always a difficult matter to prove in court but the two extraordinary ‘brave’ campaigners who “won’t be silenced” as Baloney once shouted at a hapless politician who was holding a press conference in a park have gone so far underground since they were both hauled in by the Met for questioning, they would need a tunnel digger to find their way out.

          # I’m told by a very reliable source that Fay literally soiled himself when he opened his front door at 6am and was confronted by 6 police officers.

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          • Justin Sanity is correct, Ghost of Sam is perhaps only partially correct.

            The Elm Guest House ‘list’, or at least the allegations, were given credence by the print media way back in the early 1980s. Even the Times of London briefly reported on the ‘developing scandal’!

            The convicted fraudster Fay was not the person who put the list on the net, incidentally.


          • Re Bill Baloney, I remember watching his ‘Sea, Sand and Satan’ docu about Jersey a few years’ back, and just thinking ‘come off it mate’. He was accosting random pedestrians on St Helier’s main street. Most politely gave him the brush-off. Then he went driving around the island and managed to find a statue in someone’s back garden and deduced that the owner of the property was part of some Satanic child abuse conspiracy or somewhat.

            While Baloney & Fay may have ‘gone underground’, the other party to the ‘shouting at the hapless politician’ episode has an active Twitter account, and rumour has it may be appearing in court as a complainant in relation to allegations that she was subject to a ‘vile harrassment campaign’ by a Welsh-based blogger.

            In conclusion: what a mess!!!!


          • @ YdychyncachuTracey

            With all due respect, I think it’s just a LITTLE naive to suggest that all hotels/guest houses were fully compliant with those regulations, don’t you?


          • ” I always figured that that statue thing was some pisshead (or a bunch of pissed up students) messing with his head. LOL. ”

            Quite possible! IIRC he did interview a few students on the main street of St Helier, who were among the few who would talk to him.

            Jersey, by the way – and I know something of Jersey – is without a doubt corrupt and its governance has failed on many levels and many occasions, specifically in relation to child care. The Jersey care inquiry is due to report imminently. Senior politicians on the island are already briefing against the inquiry report, which indicates to campaigners that the report will be damning.

            But Bill’s docu, unfortunately, has not been of any help to those who want to improve the state of affairs in Jersey.


        • The Elm guesthouse list is another hoax that has caused so much trouble and for so many lies to be spread about innocent people.

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          • @ Wobbly Wheel

            A hoax it almost certainly is, but also one given credence and sustenance by the mainstream media….

            Including way back in the early 1980s. Those who doubt this may wish to take a look at the contemporaneous media reports.

            The list was put online only in relatively recent years, and the scandal took off again, with renewed vigour, as it were.

            One of the things that’s occured to me is that the mainstream media seem to lack a ‘corporate memory’, as it were.


      • What a sickening scumbag she is.
        She’s referring to the matter were a complainant said Cliff had groped them at a Billy Graham crusade. Sadly for the accuser 2 police officers who accompanied Cliff during his entire visit said it couldn’t have happened as they were by his side the entire time.

        # the other main Cliff accuser said he was in a shop on the High Street and Cliff suddenly came into the shop on roller skates and groped him, wheeled around and roller skated off. He had hardly recovered from this ordeal when Richard suddenly re-entered the shop (on roller skates) groped him and rode off again. The fact said complainant was resident at a nearby mental health facility is entirely co-incidental.

        ## APD is probably why Cliff will eventually receive a settlement in the £Ms from the BBC.

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        • Disclosure : I went to a Billy Graham Crusade when I was 12 years old. No-one groped me nor was I seized by the word of God and we were so far back in the stalls Billy looked like an ant on the stage. I did get 2 ice-creams though as my mother got carried away with the whole shebang.


        • “Sadly for the accuser 2 police officers who accompanied Cliff during his entire visit said it couldn’t have happened as they were by his side the entire time. ”

          Why would a pop-star (and a particularly ludicrous one at that) have police officers accompanying him?

          Just wondering….seems a bit odd, no?


          • It’s my understanding that celebrities often hire off-duty police officers as bodyguards. Not saying that’s the case here, but I’ve heard of it happening.


    • “This is my website it used to be called BDTN (Breaking Down The News) but it changed in November 2016 to just my name as I went my own way from the BDTN Production team”
      Production team : Stu & his pet hamster Boris.

      “I clashed with Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) global leaders at the Wales conference in Swansea in 1977”.
      What is Stu’s secret to youthfulness? Looking at his photo below, despite him suffering from a serious case of gormlessness, does he look at least 60 years old?

      “90% of people on the Sex Register are FREEMASONS say police”. No they didn’t say that. Someone down at the pub might have.

      ” You may not post content that is obscene, defamatory, threatening, fraudulent, invasive of another person’s privacy rights or is otherwise unlawful ” says the man who does exactly that as he accuses all & sundry of all manner of crimes on nil evidence and ..

      “You may not post content that infringes the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity” as Stu rips off dozens of photos from websites and, errr, infringes upon the property rights of dozens of journalists and photographers.

      ## Slow burner :
      many of these basement dwellers may find a new & pressing problem in the future as I know one tabloid (famous for it’s inaccuracies) which they love to quote is investigating how many of these Loony Tune residents are receiving government benefits (probably all of them- would you give Stu a job?) and not declaring extra income (donations to fight the Global Elite) or indeed, looking for work under those harsh rules or are falsely claiming a Disability Pension.
      One downside of the internet : they have laid out their entire history for the world to read.
      I’d never mention a name in respect of this although the words Angela, Power & Disney come to mind.

      # Stu has a “Leave a comment” facility. Sadly no-one has ever bothered to.

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  12. I don’t check my YouTube PMs too often, as accessing them is like trying to solve a Chinese puzzle. So I was a bit slow on the uptake with this one:

    Anyone remember this mad shouty Muslim-hating man-loathing bint from a few months back? An Aussie mate of Mel Ve’s, if memory serves.

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  13. In response to the new influx of hoaxes SGT, Echo T, Titass Frost, Honeybee etc trying to include hoaxtead under the Pizzahate umbrella, I made a compilation of Abe’s bullshit.

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  14. Anybody notice the “88” in Abrella’s email address? She’s trollin for the far far righters!! lol


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