UPDATE: Rupert back in court, refused passport

Many thanks to regular reader JW, who brought us this report from Rupert’s court appearance this morning:

Well, I’m told that poor poor Rupert had an unsuccessful morning. His bail conditions were not varied and the Judge treated the application as “withdrawn” but with an option to revive at a later date. The Judge was apparently critical that the statement of Rupert had not been given to the Court.

The Judge refused to discuss an offer of a surety.

The trial remains listed to proceed.

Rupert had applied to have his bail conditions varied to allow the return of his passport, so he could return to the USA pending his trial, which is scheduled for late August 2017.

We’d like to point out that as of Saturday, Angela Power-Disney was claiming that Rupert’s passport had already been returned to him. Angela made a number of other statements at that time which we would suggest are equally correct.

49 thoughts on “UPDATE: Rupert back in court, refused passport

  1. Late August for trial!

    I know the wheels of justice supposedly grind slow, but these wheels must be being driven by a 90 year old in a cap and driving gloves.

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    • LOL, I reckon arrest 13th September 2016 to trial 21st August isn’t too bad, I’ve heard of worse.

      Doesn’t help when you’ve got no job and also no job though!

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    • Endless delays in a complicated case like this are quite normal but no matter what you think of the defendant it’s incredibly unfair. But it’s also outrageous that some goose can enter the country, mock the laws which must be upheld and cost the country probably 100s of 1000s of pounds by the time it’s all over.

      If this were me? (would never be) I would have pleaded guilty at the first instance which probably would probably involve a good behavior bond and exclusion from the UK for 3 years. Over in a flash.

      I think this is of importance to Hampstead :

      “Huddersfield researchers look at Twitter trolls attacking Madeleine McCann’s family”


      You should read the appalling “Jill Havern” ‘s demands to the University that this report be withdrawn including claims she / he and her gutless anonymous 7000 members (inferring because there are that many batshit crazy loons is also a reason it must be withdrawn) have never accused or attacked the McCanns which is of course exactly what they do relentlessly. The unbelievable arrogance of these swine.

      Even more alarming is the Havern 7000 plus C*nts who claim to be experts on the McCann matter can’t even fucking well interpret the recent Portuguese court judgement which ruled that the ex-detective Amaral had “freedom of speech” under Portuguese law and that was why the McCanns could not sue for defamation. The judges made bo ruling on the McCanns themselves.

      As for the McCann troll who committed suicide : the more I read of the case the more evident it is that she was a classic sociopath narcissist with the usual lack of empathy and only reacted in horror when she herself was under attack.
      Narcissists often end up committing suicide when they are ‘trapped’ after a lifetime of attacking and the tables are turned on them. Because underneath they mask an abnormal inferiority complex with an exaggerated superiority complex that includes the right (in their minds) to pronounce guilt and destroy someone’s life.

      I believe cases like the unfortunate Madeline McCann and Hoaxtead attract sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths who join together to revel in false accusations, rumor and insults with the like-minded.

      As a tiny example of the sheer idiocy of this mob, look at this snap which they believe proves Gerry McCann isn’t really a heart specialist because his stethoscope is on the wrong side of the body except, and a Very Big Except, is that anyone who has regular heart check-ups as I did last last Friday (heart of a lion – the rest is a crumbling mess) knows doctors check all over your chest, and your back.
      Clueless Idiots.

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      • In psychological terms one can see the typical narcissist as a balloon filled with air. The narcissist’s outer persona is thin and easily punctured, and so the person requires an almost constant flow of “narcissistic supply”, or attention. This attention can be positive or negative, public or private, but when the narcissistic person isn’t receiving enough of it, he or she feels empty and terrified. This is the sense of inferiority you mention, and it is virtually intolerable for the narcissist, who will do almost anything to avoid it.

        Like you, I have noticed a much larger than expected quotient of narcissists amongst those who promote this hoax. It’s not surprising, as promoting something like this brings its own rewards in the form of narcissistic supply, both from fellow hoaxers (who offer support and praise) to those who oppose the hoax (who offer notoriety and anger). To the narcissist it doesn’t matter, so long as people pay attention to them.

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      • “As a tiny example of the sheer idiocy of this mob, look at this snap which they believe proves Gerry McCann isn’t really a heart specialist because his stethoscope is on the wrong side of the body except, and a Very Big Except, is that anyone who has regular heart check-ups as I did last last Friday (heart of a lion – the rest is a crumbling mess) knows doctors check all over your chest, and your back.”

        I recently (a couple of months ago) had a checkup when my doctor detected a slight heart murmur
        He indeed listened on both sides and on my back on both sides

        from http://www.modernmedicine.com/modern-medicine/content/heart-and-breath-sounds-listening-skill?page=full

        ” How to listen for breath sounds

        When you’ve finished assessing heart sounds, move on to auscultate lung sounds. Start with the back, and, if possible, have the patient sit up, lean forward, and cross his arms in front of his chest.

        When you’re finished, have the patient lie back with his arms slightly extended from his sides and begin auscultating the anterior chest.Use the same approach as you did for the back

        Again, move from side to side and work from top to bottom at the midclavicular line. When you reach the nipple line, move out along the side of the chest to the midaxillary line. Be sure to include the sixth and seventh intercostal spaces, because that’s where you’ll find the lung bases”

        So listening on `the wrong side’ is in fact an essential part of doing a heart check and that fact can be found with a simple google check…

        Indeed he would be( at the point shown in the pic) wanting to listen to everything EXCEPT the heart
        I would have expected an `ex vet’ to know this (as the procedure is the same in animals)

        `appeal to authority’???

        SteveD (just me, speaking as an expatient)

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      • APD wrong again
        100% accuracy as usual (100% wrong)
        You would have expected her to get something right by now, even just tossing a coin you expect to get it right sometimes

        As for our yankee friend, I bet he’s regretting pleading not guilty by now- he would have already been home months ago (possibly with a fine, likely with just a caution) and now he’s stuck staying anything up to a year or more, with restrictive conditions (by the time he can crow about his `fight with the corrupt authorities’ he’ll be old news and the conspirasheeple will have moved on to their latest target)

        Karma wins again

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    • He’ll have wasted away by 21st August then.

      But he does say he is a Survivalist on one of his many videos.

      If he keeps not eating, he’s going to end up in the eating disorder unit of the local hospital.

      I hope the old woman he lives with ensures he eats and vice versa.

      Justice needs to be seen to be done.

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  2. As Always, thanks for the update! As case scheduling goes in U.S., One can consider this FAST Justice. Minor cases can drag on for over a year sometimes. Fortunate to have been granted the courtesy of HRH’s bail favor. Hopefully, the QC is not familiar with A.J…..? LOL The channel “E.T’s” needs flaggin down. What a DOPE! She(sounds UKish) is posting the Kid’s Images and voices and acting all, “without prejudice” about it and hookin it up with the Massive REAL (as opposed to HHoax, not that there were not real damages in H) MASSACRE in Newtown, CT. Newtown friends should have a blog like this one to ATTACK those Vile LIARS and RIP Down those mendacious Pukes! It’s Despicable and moving into mainstream…. For Ex: yesterday a mid-aged lady in the dentist’s office (Youch!) brought up fake news as a topic while we waited for our turns…We shared our shock and I filled her in on the “new satanic panic” ala the 80’s and “hoax memers” and the criminality behind it. I think I recruited another spare time YT hoax “flagger”. One of the Newtown parents is Suing one of the leading Newtown hoaxers finally! If someone was shooping my dead kid’s image I would have filed an TRO a.sa.p., NOT waited until Four years later. WOLFGANG HALBIG AND ALEX JONES FOR PRISON! JAIL THE HEMPSEED 2!

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    • Havent checked but she will most likely claim her high up sources have “obviously” been hacked or some bollox.Home banker no ownership of her flagrant disinformation disemination addiction.

      If one of her predictions happens to be vaguely correctly guessed we will never hear the end of how omnipotent she is. All a bit like gambling addicts who shout their winnings from the rooftops but mutter excuses and blaming this or that when the chips are down.

      Angie has a blindness where she believes others perceive her as she perceives herself.Apart from her most recent victims everyone to a letter soon enough sees through her pretentious facade.

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      • Yep mik7777 they eventually do.

        I wish Jockney would disclose the dirt on No Power, she must have plenty.

        I think Angela deserves to reap what she sows and all that malarkey.

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  3. Great news! Thanks for the update, EC. I know we can’t speculate on the outcome of the case but I can speculate that I’ll be smiling from ear to ear in about two seconds’ time… Yep – there it is.

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    • Must be a nightmare for her/him.

      The way he snapped at whoever interrupted him when he was doing a video with Angela.

      He is so rude.

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  4. Complicated Crown Court cases often take a year to get to Court. You’d think Rupert would be given temporary permission to work wouldn’t you. How’s he supposed to survive!

    Angie needs to have a stern word with her source of information.

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    • Yeah I thought the same Fnord, 11 months isn’t bad going for this case imo.

      Angela No Power needs to try and 2nd guess a bit better in the future and not count her chickens before they are hatched.

      Also throwing cash at someone doesn’t mean you get laid.

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  5. Presumably they have a door they can show him? I’d have booted the cnut out the first time the police came a knocking.

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    • Perhaps he is being useful, doing some housework for the old woman and chatting to her with tales of the Old Wild West of Ole Virginia.

      I think I would have wanted some money from him for food at the very least. After a month he’s living there and not just a guest.

      I don’t suppose he’s registered to pay Council Tax.

      The old woman could find herself well out of pocket, if she’s having to pay that for him. Not sure how it works if he’s not really resident in England or is he classed as a Resident now and not an Alien?

      Mind you, with his attitude, I might have decided, sod the dosh for the food and packed his bags if he gave me the lip he gave someone living in that house!

      He is so bloody rude!


      • “or is he classed as a Resident now and not an Alien?”
        What’s this FA? Are you saying that Rupert is from another planet and has disguised his reptile like self in a human form? OMG i can’t believe it, looks like Angie had a close escape then when he slapped her hand away from his backside. Perhaps he was worried that she may have touched his tail and not his bum. Wait until Neelu hears about this. 🙂

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  6. Maybe “Wes the Hopeless Angel” has a reserved park bench next to a culvert for him….running water. lol


    • I reckon he should try busking considering he is an accomplished Musician or so he has claimed.

      He gave children some type of Music lesson, called himself a teacher in one of those videos with No Power.

      Alternatively, he could reverse what his old friend Angela No Power did and beg a quid from the English, instead of (her) begging a quid from an American.


  7. Seen this on Twitter. The hashtag’s #Heartprogress and #Abovethehate gaining support. I’d be surprised, but this is twitter after all .


    • From what I can make out #heartprogress is a hoax created to wind up both Liberals and Conservatives using fairly recently created Twitter profiles. A lot of the Pizzagate believers are swallowing it and seem to think it confirms their beliefs.

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