Conspirasheep…they’ll believe anything they’re told

It’s nothing new to see a conspirasheep posting some new and horrifying piece of alleged news on their social media pages—really, they do it all the time. So we couldn’t really say what it was about Alan Alanson’s recent Facebook post that offended us so deeply…unless it was the fact that once again, one of the Hoaxtead mob was exploiting disgusting images of children to sell a lie…and his fellow sheep were falling right in line behind him.

Here’s what he posted yesterday:

Original images have been pixelated.

Alanson’s claim that these images of dead children depicted an alleged “organ farm” on the Malaysia-Thailand border is, of course, utterly false. Both he and his eager-beaver fart-sniffer Kristie Sue could have determined this with a quick Google search…but somehow that elementary level of fact-checking just never occurred to them.

Instead, like the good little conspirasheep that they are, they swallowed the story on the hysterically shouty conspiracy site TheCoverage, hook, line, and sinker. And then they tried to pass it off as somehow related to the Hampstead SRA hoax. As one does.

What ‘TheCoverage’ claimed

Disturbing images of dead children, allegedly killed by “organ farmers” in the Malaysia-Thailand border went viral online, warning parents never to let their children off their sight lest their young fall victim to these syndicates too.

The images, shared by Facebook user Goh Soo Heng, said that over 700 dead bodies of children were found with their organs being emptied. The images showed children lined up like livestock with cut marks all over them, some being tied up or ‘packed’ into cardboard boxes. The gruesome images suggest these are the work of organ farming syndicates, looking to kidnap children in order to harvest their organs for sale in the black market.

That’s it. That’s the whole story.

This entire “news story” is actually just something they found on someone’s Facebook page.

Why do they assume the children were “allegedly killed by ‘organ farmers’ in the Malaysia-Thailand border”? What makes them think that the children depicted have had their organs harvested? Why are some of the children laid out in rows, whilst one child is bound with packing tape and then taped into a cardboard box? What makes them think that the children were kidnapped and killed by syndicates in order to harvest their organs for sale in the black market?

Who knows?

No one asked those questions. No one is quoted in the article, no one is interviewed, no dates or times or specific places are given. There is no evidence except some disturbing photos.

Let’s say it loudly, so the conspirasheep can hear: THIS IS NOT A NEWS STORY.

It is three gory pictures and a bunch of very, very speculative text. It’s clickbait for the gullible; it’s a way to lure viewers to their site, probably to increase their ad revenues. Worst of all, it’s using the naked bodies of real dead children (for yes, they are all really dead) as nothing more than an exhibit in an online horror show.

What the pictures really are

These photographs come from two separate real-life news stories. One occurred in Syria; the other in Indonesia. Tragically, in both pictures, the children are dead.

In Image #1, the children laid out in rows died following one of the worst (at that time) chemical weapons attacks in Syria, during the month of August 2013. You can find the identical image on a blog published in 2013.

The children were laid out for identification, some still in diapers; the bits of tape on their bodies were numbered, as no one knew the names of the victims. Many of the parents of these children were also killed, so it’s likely that most of these young bodies were never claimed for family burial. It’s a horrific story of truly epic proportions.

But to claim that the children were killed after having had their organs harvested is both disrespectful and exploitative. These children were innocent victims of a war crime. To use them to bolster a false narrative to get clicks and Facebook likes is an appalling abuse of their memory.

Image #2 depicts the body of a young Indonesian girl named Putri Nur Fauzia, whose body was discovered in a rubbish heap, taped into a cardboard box to hide it from searchers. The young girl had been kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and murdered in early October 2015. You can read the story on The Jakarta Post. This image, with Putri’s body respectfully blurred out, was published on 5 October 2015 in the Malaysian Digest:

Again, it’s a truly shocking and horrifying story. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with organ-harvesting syndicates.

It took us approximately two minutes of fact-checking to determine that the article which Alanson so gleefully posted as “evidence” of mass-scale organ harvesting was in fact a crock of shit. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that people who optimistically refer to themselves as “truthers” might wish to do a bit of fact-checking themselves, rather than blindly accepting every ludicrous story that comes down the pike.

But then, that’s probably why we call them conspirasheep.

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  1. Thanks, EC. Great post. I just posted about this on the previous article without realising that this one was going up, so I hope you don’t mind me repeating it here:

    We’ve told you before, Alanson – it doesn’t work like that. You’re STILL breaching your bail conditions…

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    • Damn, I was going to threaten to murder Kris Costa, as I…er…frequently do (apparently). But then she laughed at me and made a joke about me, which drove me crazy and I completely changed my mind. She’s outsmarted me again and my life now lies in tatters. Zzzzzzzzz. Er, sorry – where was I?

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      • Indeed. Except in this instance I had the good fortune of said comment being relevant to the new post, so it seems kinda natural in its new home 😀

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  2. Nice work, EC. If only KSC, Alanson et al could get off their arses and do just 5 minutes of fact-checking before they opened their fat gobs in public. But of course, that wouldn’t suit their twisted narrative, plus it would be too much like hard work.

    This one reminds me of the “Chinese foetus soup” bollocks that was doing the rounds round about the start of the Hoaxtead fiasco two years ago.

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    • These appalling individuals want such horrific scenarios to be true.They would celebrate “till the break of dawn” any actual evidence supporting their fear laden stories so that they can glorify in being the ones first to expose the hell on Earth in our midst.Their dream of being actually noticed would be fullfilled and they could go on chat shows and live out their days wallowing in asses milk from the royalties of the obligatory Spielberg blockbuster alone.

      Meanwhile back in Realityville the only legacy such loathsome slime dwellers have any hope of achieving is they may get to carve their initials on the cesspit wall of human waste.

      There really needs to be a board game based on these repugnant farts.

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  3. I love how Alanson managed to prise Hoaxtead Research into his rant. Nothing contrived or desperate there, Al – carry on.

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  4. What a bunch of sick creeps, don’t let facts get in the way. Great work EC.
    That reminds me a certain 54 Year Old, Vegan-Hippy-Flower-Power-60’s-Universal-Free-Spirit-Woman-Child, Esperanto Learning, advocate of increasing hemp production, Spiritual but Non-Religious Wiccan/Pagan/Druid who’s life was changed by reading the bible and Koran,
    Who once witnessed a human figure emerge from a ball of light in a cloud, Single Woman from Sheffield, is back on the BBC & RD Train again.

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    • You know, not to pick nits with said Vegan-Hippy-Flower-Power-60’s-Universal-Free-Spirit-Woman-Child, Esperanto Learning, advocate of increasing hemp production, Spiritual but Non-Religious Wiccan/Pagan/Druid, but if she’s only 54, she can’t really remember the parts of the 1960s that counted. Can we add “Poser” to her list of qualifications?

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      • I forgot the Jewel in her crown “My philosophy is based on evidence, facts, reason, understanding, caring and love”

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    • Pssst: Kris, they don’t say that at all, you daft bint. They say it’s the “sincerest form of flattery”. Can’t you get anything right?

      And yeah, we all believe you when you say you didn’t follow the link and frantically start adding to your screenshot collection.

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      • She really does think someone would have a frontal lobotomy, smoke a 100 joints to induce severe mental illness in the form of paranoid delusions and howl at the Full Moon every month as that’s the only way you could clone Kris Costa.


    • Wow….she’s actually starting to turn into Abe, isn’t she? If you catch her out, she claims you made it all up and tries to say you’re the evil one. She needs to learn more of his vocabulary to really pull it off, though. Here are a few of his special words: lubricious, pubenda, masodomites….try to work those into every sentence, Kristie Sue, and next thing you know you’ll sound just like the greasy little midget. We’re rooting for you!

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    • “I haven’t checked your link yet”

      Yet despite that, she’s still happy to state categorically that it features a clone of her profile? Wow. What was that you were saying about fact-checking, EC?

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    • I think the animation one is better with the hangman poem, but the song is nice.
      Whatever happened to Slurpy’s Book? She posted an article “The Camoing of an Age” back in July 2015 from her soon to be published book “The Widows Plea”. How many of these people all have books lined up that never happen?

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      • Vanity publishing is now for everyone with e-books and Amazon readily accepts them. Selling two copies is consider a success to these nutters.

        Many jump on the bandwagon thinking they will make some easy pin money seeing it’s so easy to see what these dills would love to read.
        I’d never be so rude and mention a name of such a creep trying to take advantage like this but the words Angela, Power & Disney come to mind.

        As under 50 people turned up for the famous @PissGate demo in Washington and there are over 320 Million Yanks there is still hope for the country.

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    • I see : so Podesta & Clinton should receive ‘fair trials’ and the be publicly hanged. Why bother with “fair” trials seeing these goose has decided they are already guilty ?

      I think he means the sort of “fair trial’s” witches were subject to with the dunking chair : if she floated she was a witch so she could be hanged : if she drowned she was innocent.

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      • Seaman is a massive hypocrite, if he cared about the very real issue of pedophillia, why did he not abandon the promoting of Bitcoin when alleged child abuser Brock Pierce was put on the board and became chairman of the bitcoin foundation back in 2014? Many others protested and withdrew their support, yet David still pumps it up like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

        He calls for public hangings based on fake email codes and a conspiracy hysteria of a witch hunt, yet the allegations against Brock Pierce have actual victims that came forward and much more substance to them. Why did he not want a fair trial and then a public hanging for Pierce?
        Or is he one of the good ones with allegations against him?
        People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or they may ened up with egg on their face lol.

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  5. Meanwhile, back “over there” (this almost makes up for their failure to deliver a ‘Friday Night Pagga’ last week)…

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  6. Fantastic expose work, EC!! 🙂

    Yet another worn-out old tactic of the SRA-MC crowd. Since they have no real evidence that can prove their fantasies are reality, they attempt to FAKE evidence and claim their frauds & falsehoods support them. This has been going on…from the very beginning, many decades ago.

    Here’s an article all about that:

    SRA-DID patient-claimants, and/or their supporter-advocates, have been the people making threats against patients and their doctors! [Dr] Richard Kluft provides some illustrative examples…

    “I had the further experience of receiving repeated threats on my life.For example, on many occaisions during a two month period when I answered my phone personally, a deep voice would say that I was getting too close to cult secrets and would be killed if I did not back off. Although these phone calls were extremely disquieting, after a brief period of serious concern I sensed a pattern in them. I confronted the patient I suspected was either making or instigating the calls. Although I got no admission or confirmation, I never received another threatening call”.

    “On one occaision, an inpatient reported that she was receiving telephone messages from the cult instructing her to kill one of my colleagues and/or me…I arranged for the patient to be kept away from the telephone for a few days without the patient being aware of this intent. She continued to report receiving calls from the cult“.

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  7. Re-call the infamous Ved / Neelu claiming she witnessed dozens of baby carriages being wheeled into a Hampstead church one morning although Ved, who has become a very proficient IPhone camera person failed to film this event.

    So did she go back on other mornings to covertly film this event? Did she alert the other Hoaxers so they could organise 24/7 surveillance on the premises (surprisingly easy these days & you don’t have to be there) and capture this outrage on film as clear proof?

    Did the fuck she ever, no they are lazy cowards in the end whose physical efforts involve making coffee and walking to their PC to ‘investigate’ these imaginary events which involves surfing to ‘fake news’ anonymous websites to have their prejudices confirmed.

    And that’s apart from their ugly appropriation of other people’s tragedies (Sandy Hook) to hyperventilate about. Syria? They wouldn’t have a frigging clue where it was and show nil interest in the real life tragedies, many involving children, happening daily.

    Example : the revolting Christine Sands screeching like a banshee at innocent parishioners going about their worship (and hurling gospel quotes at them). When she is finally booted from the country she’s moved onto a dozen other falsehoods . It’s the drama they love and I think the only reason a tiny group ever appeared in front of that church was probably on the promise of a McDonalds and train fare home from Bellend McKenzie.

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    • She also later claimed that she and Christine had first-hand witnessed a baby being sacrificed by the priest during the church service. They hadn’t mentioned it at the time and had been so concerned about it that they’d buggered off for a pub piss-up instead or reporting it. The most bizarre part was several people still believing her to have any credibility after that.

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      • I thought she said she could hear the baby being killed in another room.

        Yet she did f… all.

        Another frigging liar.

        As for Christine Ann Sands, FRIGHTENING…

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    • Oooo does she pay train fare?

      I don’t want any soggy or dry Ham sandwiches masquerading as Vegetarian but Belinda can gladly pay my train fare home for me.

      Will she be paying the airfare?

      I can’t see it myself.

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        • Belinda’s henchmen tried to “fork” me over for cash!

          She has no scruples about taking money off vulnerable people – I can imagine she has occasional fits of generosity with her ill gotten gains.


          • Belinda does like to stick her big oar in when it comes to money.

            One of my sons wanted some decorating work done on his place and I was discussing this with an acquaintance of Belinda’s who did painting and decorating.

            Belinda overheard the conversation and told her acquaintance to make sure they charged for their travel time etc.

            Needless to say the work/transaction between my son and Belinda’s acquaintance did not happen.

            I did not appreciate Belinda’s interference and it put be off recommending the person to my son.

            So well done Bell end.

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          • I wonder if Bellender really did give any money to No Power Disney as No Power claims?

            Having witnessed Bellender’s behaviour, of lack of action, in buying a drink in a pub, I find it so unlikely as to be almost impossible.


    • Garrish Brain: Anti child abuse campaigners are now online terrorists?

      No Brainless.Only the false masquerading ones who threaten innocent folk and detract from real work to protect real children.

      Interfering Prat.Oh and Ha ha ha.


      • Only trouble is he simply moved it to WordPress claiming he was going to set his lawyers on Google. Which is quite funny seeing as he’s been living off Giros for most of his adult life and (it’s alleged, without prejudice in my opinion yer onner) steals his wifi from some nearby factory and neighbours.


  8. I must respectfully suggest that re-posting these horrific images is itself inappropriate, at least without them being very much more heavily obscured The ones at the top, particularly that of the child taped up, are in plain sight, load with the page and that one in particular, is really not an image I ever needed put in my head. -Having just switched on my computer, come to this page and been confronted with this it has literally made me feel sick and have to vomit. And I’m very glad the children weren’t in the room. Others are I know routinely reporting conspiritard web pages on the basis of them carrying gratuitous images of abused children, i.e. borderline “pornography” which is just inside the law or images and stories such as the Hampstead children themselves. You will recall I’m sure, the point made by the judge that this type material will be viewed by some as “titillating”. There is a line of thought (with which I agree) that a lot of these faux “campaigners” are actually child abusers themselves and use their activities to both hide in plain sight and find and interact with others of a similar mindset. Out of context this material is comparable to scenes from one of these alleged “snuff” movies that are supposed to exist. Publication (even re-publication) of the images cannot be justified in terms of accurately reporting events to which they directly relate and I’ve been told that would be the basic criteria used by a reporter or picture editor. Even then, that centre picture is “way beyond the pale”. If it appeared at all it certainly wouldn’t be on a front page or one without a warning. Sorry, that picture is just horrendous and I had to register my protest.

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    • I sort of agree. There is a balance between illustrating what AA has posted on his page and compounding the misuse of these horrific images. I too would prefer it if the top image were a little more blurred of pixilated. But I do think Alan’s post does need to be recorded somewhere for future reference.

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    • It’s a balance between illustrating the problem and protecting the privacy of the children whose pictures were misused. I agree, ideally the images should have been more blurred or pixelated, but my photoshop skills are very limited. My apologies.

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      • No one can see these pictures without feeling utter sadness. There are some things that you can never ‘unsee’, and the photos here are some of them. I understand that they are being posted here in order to demonstrate the tragic facts of the stories behind the photos. Not to fit in with a salacious hoax, which is I fear a reflection on those who do so.


      • I asked a friend who knows about these things, hopefully this works. Feel free to use.

        “In Photoshop use the polygonal lasso tool to create an irregular selection around what you want pixilated. Under Filters>Pixelate>Crystallize> select a ‘size’ of about 15 and you’re done, repeat for each area that needs editing. Save as .Jpg and upload”

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      • Unfortunately one “tactic” being tried at the moment is to report anything that might be interpreted as potentially offensive and that includes most particularly pictures of abused children as well and the almost-pornographic images they sometimes use. It would be unfortunate if a site with good intent were swept up with that as having established a rule or precedent it becomes just that.


  9. Typical of the conspirasheep. I’m not sure it would have made much of a difference even if they had tried to fact check. I believe there is a good chance Alanson would have posted them within the organ farming context anyway. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he reads this and still tries to make some claim about them being for organ farming. Though it’s good that a public record exists of his nonsense.


  10. Well, I’m told that poor poor Rupert had an unsuccessful morning. His bail conditions were not varied and the Judge treated the application as “withdrawn”.but with an option to revive at a later date. The Judge was apparently critical that the statement of Rupert had not been given to the Court.

    The Judge refused to discuss an offer of a surety.

    The trial remains listed to proceed.


    • Oh Well No Power got that one wrong then.

      I expect her to make a statement soon having got the information from here and you JW.

      Wtf didn’t his Barrister submit a statement??


    • I also cannot understand why RQ’s Solicitor did not apply to vary the bail order months ago?

      And who would have been putting up the Surety?

      If these questions would prejudice anything, please delete my post/s.


    • The right decision in my view. If he were allowed to leave the country, given the hubris he expresses and his previously rash behaviour, he would not, in my opinion, return to face trial. Not that this man intent on spreading terror among the good people of Hampstead should ever have been allowed in, UKBA had plenty of warning as I recall.


  11. So you did leave the latch off the gate then EC? nice… be back in a few days to chew the fat lolz… a msge of allowing me back would’ve been nice, but nee mind… remember I ain’t no drug taking, and or mind manipulated like AK… & I give you my word I’ll be cordial… much Love & prays for you lot of lost, but not redeemable souls… x


  12. Why the admin approval on posts? in case someone posts something you can’t handle? …lol Alan Xxxxx… yep…


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