UPDATE: Rupert in court tomorrow

According to the Daily List, Rupert Quaintance will be appearing at Southwark Crown Court at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, 4 April 2017, with an application to vary his bail conditions.

While this was not unexpected, it does call into further question the announcement made by Angela Power-Disney on Saturday.

At that time she unequivocally claimed that “Rupert is being given back his passport and is free to travel pending August charade”.

While we would not venture to speculate as to the outcome of tomorrow’s court appearance, it seems that Angela’s information, as usual, was tainted with her own biases and wishful thinking.

We will bring you updates on tomorrow’s court session as we receive them. Accept no substitutes.

25 thoughts on “UPDATE: Rupert in court tomorrow

    • Thanks for the link. It’s important to be able to read of any case like this and I personally compile links to such judgements.

      # In my previously mentioned case of Duffy Vs Google which she won (although under appeal & could go to cross appeal) I didn’t mention that Duffy is also suing Yahoo & Bing for the same.

      Yahoo are pretty quick off the mark to remove links to defamation’s – remember people can write anything they want but if there are no links in search engines to their libels their rantings are meaningless.

      In a landmark Oz case this man won $200K from Google and also the same from Yahoo for linking to claims he was a gangster.
      “Google hit with $200,000 damages bill over Mokbel shots ”

      ## I predict this will be a rapidly growing ‘industry’ in litigious happy USA. The tale Occam’s Razor links to says it is unlikely the damages will be paid (for a whole host of reasons) but importantly, a defendant could be stung for a fortune in legal fees trying to defend the indefensible and especially in libel cases no solicitor will take on a defense without a hefty deposit for fees and even guarantees on future costs : I’ve heard of cases in the USA where lawyers have taken a defendant’s house deeds in lieu of cash.

      #whatever the outcome of this bail appearance once again APD speaks claptrap. Some ‘investigative’ journalist – she’s writing the “news” before it happens.

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      • Or, as one of our readers suggested, Angela was simply parroting what she read in a certain newsletter that was sent out by a prominent hoaxer on Saturday.


  1. Given all the concern that was expressed at the time, he should never have been allowed into the country in the first place, for he is as much a terrorist as any other individual UKBA might have been alerted to. It seems to me he has something in common with Maurice Kirk! And really the courts need to ensure he does finally face them.


    • I’d like to know how he’s going to afford to pay the air fare back home and then back to England for the trial beginning Monday 21st August , 2017 if he’s got no money, no job, nothing?

      Is someone going to guarantee his return and act as a Guarantor?


      • Plus where will he stay in August, surely his host/s won’t want him back as a guest having had him for the last 7 months.

        If he can afford the air fare I hope he is going to reimburse his host/s for rent at the very least.

        So it could be that he will be off the shores of England tomorrow or Wednesday…


        • Noticed RQ has removed all his YT/Google+ content bar a few fairly innocuos items.Not sure when he made the digital culling raid but feel reasonably confident the human species is resilient enough to survive such a loss.


    • I think I could put up with Maurice easier than I could RQ.

      At least Maurice would make me laugh, providing he didn’t have that gun in his hand and I bet he’s got some tales to tell…

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    • Kristies is always putting her foot in it. I remember when we first found out how old Jake Clarke was, I remember James Hind saying “he’s 29! that’s not much less than me” James sounds young at times, his emotions get heated. Julian Vayne on the other hand is probably late 40s and from what ive seen quite mellow, I really cant see them being the same person. Kristie should realise she’s defaming an innocent man (one of a hundred or so she’s doing that to) and take him off her blog. Her research skills are laughable

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    • I’ve consulted the Illuminati Cookbook : From Kitchen to Table, 9 Easy-to-Cook Boneless Kiddie Broths – in the trigger word section and interestingly the term ‘Anne Bradley’ is code for “I’m barking mad & carry a big whistle to blow if you dare look at me”.

      I found a snap of Anne from her old Year Book and you can see why she is very protective of her wondrous hair- usually a family of hamsters live in these innovative ( MKUltra) “tunnels” but the hamsters were stolen once when she was on a train & fell asleep. She’s never recovered from the trauma. Who would?

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  2. Oh what a surprise.Angies desperate,vainglorious attempt at a career in futurology has fallen at the first hurdle.Sure anything is possible tomorrow and that is entirely at the courts discretion.Angie cant even correctly predict what happened yesterday.

    Should the RQ outcome even accord to Angies attention seeking guesswork the objective facts are she has no more ability to determine future events than an octopus called “paul” in a tank at the world cup.Paul however was both notably more photogenic and more adept in the dark art of uninvitedly touching up arses.

    Angie may have some aptitude as a transvestite sphincter siren but modern day Nostra bleeding darmus she aint.

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    • “Drive them crazy” coming from a batshit nutbag.
      “Lowers our vibrations” lol. That old malfunctioning dildo again.

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  3. I’m a little unclear. Is the plan to vomit first and then punch you in the face, or vomit while punching you in the face? I can see inherent logistical problems with both approaches, to be honest.

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