Facing the music: How to hit the internet where it hurts

By now many of our readers will already know that Alex “Puffy” Jones, American blowhard extraordinaire who never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like, has issued an apology regarding his involvement in pushing the Pizzagate fraud.

As the Washington Post reported yesterday,

In a surprising and rare bit of backtracking, Jones posted a six-minute video on his website, “InfoWars,” in which he read a prepared statement formally distancing himself and his site from what became a textbook story of fake news run amok. He addressed his apology to James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, the restaurant that was the supposed locale of the alleged conspiracy last year.

The text of the statement, in which Mr Jones apologised to Mr Alefantis (though he failed to do the same to Hillary Clinton or John Podesta), had a distinct lawyerly ring to it. The Post speculated that the timing of Mr Jones’ statement was not coincidental:

Jones didn’t say what prompted his apology but it may have been motivated by a letter Alefantis wrote to him in February. The letter demands an apology and retraction for InfoWars’ postings about Pizzagate; it does not threaten legal action, but refers to what Alefantis describes as “defaming” comments by InfoWars.

But the timing of Jones’s apology suggests he was concerned about a potential lawsuit. Under Texas law, the Austin-based Jones had to retract or apologize for the stories by Friday — one full month after receiving Alefantis’s letter — to avoid exposing InfoWars to punitive damages in a libel suit.

Mr Jones’ lawyers might have reminded their client of the US$140,000,000 in damages that were awarded to Hulk Hogan last year by online magazine Gawker, which published a “celebrity sex tape” showing Mr Hogan having sex with a woman. The lawsuit crushed the website: within weeks, Gawker had shut down. Mr Jones, or his InfoWars site, would certainly not be immune to such an outcome, and he must surely be aware of this.

The fact is, while the internet has operated as a kind of wild west for the past 20 or so years, it’s now being forced to come to grips with the legal realities that face any publisher, in any media. Just because one’s venue happens to be digital rather than paper, radio, or television, doesn’t mean it’s possible to get away with violating people’s privacy, telling lies about them, or defaming their character.

Google faces the music

Regular HR commenter Ghost of Sam has filled us in on a landmark court decision in Australia, in which internet colossus Google was taken to court by a private citizen, Dr Janice Duffy. She sued Google for defamation, and for failing to remove links to defamatory material from their search engine. While Google was only ordered to pay $100,000 plus interest in damages, the legal costs were astronomical—and an important legal precedent was set. When barristers representing YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter showed up as “observers” in the courtroom, it became clear that this case was being carefully watched by the major social media platforms:

But libel suits, no matter how costly or high-profile, will likely not spell the end of the current wild west regime. Ultimately, real change on the internet will only come about when profits are at stake.

Money talks

As GoS points out, when advertisers were made aware that their products and services were being linked with material that defamed Dr Duffy, they began ordering Google to ensure that this practice was halted, and threatening to withdraw their advertising revenue if it wasn’t.

In the past month or so, various advertising agencies have started making good on their threats to pull their money out of adverts that appear on offensive or extremist videos on YouTube. Google and its subsidiary, YouTube, have been dealt a number of devastating losses. For example, The Guardian reports that Havas, the world’s sixth largest marketing services group, which spends about £175 million per annum on digital advertising on behalf of its UK clients, has pulled its business from Google and YouTube.

The trade journal Silicon Valley Business Journal states, “McDonald’s UK, retailers Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Argos and banks HSBC and RBS have stopped ads on Google sites, according to Reuters. The British government also suspended ads on YouTube after its public sector ads showed next to videos with homophobic and anti-Semitic messages. Others brands, including Vodafone, Barclays and Tesco, are reviewing their ad policies”.

And Tech Crunch reports, “AT&T and Verizon are the latest companies to pull advertising from Google’s display network amid concerns that it does not do enough to prevent ads from appearing on YouTube videos promoting terrorism and hate speech”.

All of this could be very good news for those of us who’d like to see the abusive and illegal images of RD’s children, and the names of other Hampstead children, removed from the internet.

With advertisers deeply sensitive to the prospect that their money could be used to fund illegal material online, and YouTube and Google smarting over recent losses, now is the time to apply pressure on the advertisers whose names appear, for example, on the recent SGTReports video. Over the next few days we’ll start compiling a list of advertisers, and we welcome our readers’ input into how best to approach them to ensure maximum impact. We’ve had some remarkable success at having defamatory and illegal material taken down in the past—and this could be our big opportunity to finally deal with YouTube and Google’s apparent unwillingness to act in the best interest of the children of Hampstead.

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  1. Fascinating post, EC. I had been unaware of the Dr Janice Duffy, until GofS first brought it up.

    Yes, we are known for getting results on here, so great idea to contact the advertisers on all the Hoax videos and include all the info each of us sent to both the Generosity team and the Patreon team, who correctly removed the fundraising pages of two fugitives wanted by Police in the UK.

    I,for one, will definitely be contacting the Advertisers.

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  2. An apology from Alex “king of the dipsticks” Jones? FAN-frickin’-TASTIC!
    Never thought I’d see the day.
    Haven’t read the Post story yet, but I suspect the trial of the pizzagate shooter played a role in this. He is certain to blame incitement by Jones & Infowars. Correctly.

    I wonder how Russian military propagandists, such as Comrade Sean of SGTreport, will react to this…

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  3. Whilst ambulance chasing PPI lawyers and the like may leave a bit to be desired they will be looking for their next big fish to fry as the deadline for PPI claims draws ever near.The Financial Conduct Authority are proposing to bring the whole PPI saga “to an orderly conclusion” by spring 2018 albeit this yet to be finalized.

    I have a distinct feeling the “no win no fee” industry vultures will (if not already) be starting to lick its collective lips at the vast school of metaphorical beached whales lining the shore just awaiting being feasted upon .

    It is going to be very interesting how this all plays out,very interesting indeed.

    Its a pity A&E are already £50k+ in debt really but Angies house with its wonderful views over looking the local dogging hotspot must be worth a few bob.She needs to get back to Oldcastle sharpish and squirrel her ill gotten assets away in Belindas tunnel or she will find hersely doing a Neelu.Guffaw.

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    • Good point, Mik. Maybe we’ll started getting spam texts and cold calls now saying, “Have you been defamed by a shouty conspiritard in the last three years?” Or: “Has your name been missold on Google? Call now for no-win-no-fee removal.”

      Loving your new company logo, by the way 😀

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  4. I read or heard recently somewhere (Heather?) that YT were blocking particular videos as they were being uploaded. Something similar happened to me too, once, after one of my video’s was taken down. I reuploaded it on another (completely unconnected) account, but the new copy was deleted within 15 mins of it processing. I try not to base my beliefs on single incidents, as there could have been some other reason……. but I could not be bothered to spend any more time on it.

    But perhaps someone here could confirm/explain exactly what is being done/ what is possible on platforms such as YT, right now. If a solution does not already exist to digitally recognise banned material as it gets uploaded, how much it would cost to develop such a system, would it be viable, could it stop further instances of already rejected, offensive material from reappearing? I bet it would be much, much cheaper to ensure continual revenue generation by implementing better, proactive filtering mechanisms, both human and machine rather than lose all that money, eh, YT? It hurts me to admit I am asking for censorship here, but sadly something needs to happen to stop the proliferation of damaging material that can cause so much misery to such targetted individuals. Here I am talking about actually targetted individuals, by the likes of APD, and her very temporary mates.

    EC, this post is a very important one.

    Abrella must have thought Pizzagate was manna from heaven for them. Instead, it may be their undoing. At the same time, we have been given an as yet unsharpened tool that could have so much potential.

    Big thanks to GoS too, here. Momentum will increase over this issue…..we need to be quick collecting evidence – which advertisers are being associated with the offensive videos, or is it completely random? I hope the people who have been named in this case will come together in a group action, if it is possible, as this could provide money for the people who are not rich, who have suffered in so many ways.Imagine the long term damage done already, when so many many complaints have been made, yet were not responded to adequately.

    And what good timing .In the first instance the companies involved need evidence, ie screenshot/poss source code html? and a letter to make them aware of what is going on, followed or including a legal threat if they do not instantly take down the material and stop it from being uploaded again in its various forms. That is the standard advice given in legal cases: try to resolve amicably, without going to court….first.

    I really agree:

    All of this could be very good news for those of us who’d like to see the abusive and illegal images of RD’s children, and the names of other Hampstead children, removed from the internet.

    With advertisers deeply sensitive to the prospect that their money could be used to fund illegal material online, and YouTube and Google smarting over recent losses, now is the time to apply pressure on the advertisers whose names appear, for example, on the recent SGTReports video. Over the next few days we’ll start compiling a list of advertisers, and we welcome our readers’ input into how best to approach them to ensure maximum impact.

    Making advertisers aware of being associated – thus promoting further victimisation and harm to vulnerable children/people in a case that went through a variety of legal stages and has come to its final conclusion will be necessary, coupled with legal warning letters, of the type that Alex Jones must have received. The Alex Jones’s Pizzagate response is just perfect and should be uploaded amidst all the pizzagate conspiracy stuff……

    Writing letters to any advertisers linked with the videos of the children involved in this case/named by Ella etc should be made aware of the gagging order and of their complicity and culpability in future legal actions against them by now forming group action for defamation and other damages they are involved in. I was very sad to read the comment yesterday describing what it impact the situation would have on the children if their friends were to recognise them. People who are still ‘spreading the word’ are, as commenter BM pointed out today, stupid, unconvinceable, unfixable, hold beliefs, nothing to do with evidence, logic or reason. They hold unshakable beliefs despite much evidence to the contrary (DSM=delusional). So the only way to stop the material from going up is via the people that provide the platform that it is viewed on. And since they have no ethics, the only way to hit them is in the pocket.

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    • YT algorithm software picks up immediately on copyright if you’ve used a song that it recognises and it will either remove, restrict or monetise your video, depending on what arrangement any given publisher/copyright-owner has with YT. The first thing I always do when I’ve uploaded a video is check this by going to:

      Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos

      There you will see details of any restrictions/issues, including copyright problems, age restrictions (set by you), privacy settings, duplication issues etc.

      A good tip is if you search for a band or singer on YT and it shows that loads of people have uploaded stuff with no issue, it’s probably ok to use their songs (though ads might appear on them). In my experience, for instance, the Stones’ publisher doesn’t have a problem with people using their music. Ditto the Jam and the Who. Conversely, try searching for any Hendrix studio recordings or any remastered Beatles songs – these are good examples of ones that would be taken down.

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      • Can the existing software also recognise images ? (that are also capable of digitally spotting footage that has been distorted etc? For the hampstead case, it would be crucial to know if YT already has this capacity, or that it could acquire and implement it as a safety measure. This is one of the first things that would be looked at in a court case. Who is responsible, the individual uploader or the platform?Have hosts taken all reasonable measures to ensure they are not committing illegal acts (that could cost them dearly in damages claims). By not doing anything, are they complicit, more concerned about revenue than whether they are acting illegally. Their reluctance to do anything to take down these videos and images shows negligence.

        This is what is considered when asking for a no win no fee arrangement with a legal firm that handles defamation cases: http://www.slatergordon.co.uk/media-libel-and-privacy/funding-of-legal-costs/

        I wonder if they would be willing to take the likes of google on?

        Defamation claims are as varied as our clients so we do not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to making these decisions. We have outlined below some of the information we might require and set out some of the factors we might consider and the steps we often take:

        What, where, who & when?

        Initially a New Client Adviser will talk to you and establish the factual circumstances of your complaint, for example:

        What, precisely, was published about you?
        Where was the publication: in a newspaper, online or elsewhere?
        Was publication in the UK or abroad?
        Who is responsible for the publication: an individual or a media company?
        When did the publication appear? Recently or more than a year ago?

        We would likely go on to ask a few more questions, such as:

        Is there any truth in the allegation?
        How many people would be likely to have viewed the publication?
        Are there any documents or witnesses that could help or hinder your case?
        Will there be any issues identifying you?
        From gathering information such as this, it is possible that we will be able to inform whether a CFA is appropriate for your case.

        We may also ask you to send us a copy of the publication complained of and any relevant documents and one of our defamation team will go on to consider the matter in more detail. If they think that, among other things, your potential claim has both a reasonable prospect of success and a reasonable prospect of costs recovery they can submit your case to our CFA committee who will further consider the matter and make a decision.

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        • unfortunately S&G arent the best to rely on atm, (rethought what i was going to say)

          lets just say dont be counting on them for the long run atm


    • YouTube, about 8 years ago had developed a software that could read the content of what is in a video, be it at that time 75% accurate.

      There was some talk two years after that that the software was at 100%.

      So this BS! that YouYube spurt of not been able to recognise videos is rubbish, and they are there ONLY FOR PROFIT regardless of the damage they have done and doing to innocent people.

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      • @Anonymous: If this can be verified, ie that google can easily turn on a switch and recognise and then remove images and stills that are on a ban list, that have already been proven to be illegally posted, that it is hosting offensive material that sexually exploits minors, and puts them at risk, etc, ALL FOR ADVERTISING REVENUE then I think it would be easy to prove negligence and get damages. Perhaps the barrister who used to write on the Hampstead case would give an opinion of what the people whose nightmare is continuing in real time should do.

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          • Thanks, EC: So it sounds like they definitely have the capacity to stop the publishing of offending images that have been ‘hashed’. So it does sound like willful negligence. Once YT have been alerted to multiple complaints yet do nothing in response, let alone take preventative action by eg hashing common images being used, in order to block any further instances being published, one has to come to the conclusion that the means are available but they are only concerned about viewer numbers and the advertising revenue these people generate. In other words, they knowingly commit crimes.

            ‘Hashing can be used to identify known illegal photos, like child sexual abuse material — in the case of PhotoDNA, even if they have been altered. Prior to hashing technology, law enforcement agencies and technology companies were unable to distinguish between already-known images of child sexual abuse from those that were brand new, which slowed the process of detecting the illegal photos and identifying victims.
            By creating unique identifying values, or “hashes,” of this imagery, the process of detecting and removing illegal imagery is streamlined. Companies can now find and remove content quickly and detectives can focus on images that are new and are of children who have not yet been identified.’



    • My understanding, which I have gleaned from someone who writes programs that scrape certain videos on YouTube, is that there’s no algorithm that specifically picks up on video content (with the exception of music, as Spiny notes).

      However, it’s quite possible to identify videos that have been tagged with specific keywords, and sort them into databases for further examination. This isn’t something that YouTube has any wish to do, as they prefer to let users report objectionable videos, which they then ignore for a few weeks and take down at their leisure. Not that I’m bitter.

      The other approach, of course, is to let YouTube know that you (or your children) have been named in specific videos, and that you wish them to remove this defamatory content. They drag their feet just a little less slowly when this happens, but we’ve heard that some have had good results in the end.

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  5. Excellent work, EC and GoS. The tide is turning, methinks, and social media companies (I’m including YT and Google there) and shouty conspiraloons can no longer allow/spread blatant lies with gay abandon. Even if the majority are still (for now) getting away with it, cases like the two cited above will at least make them nervous and need to keep looking over their “lawful shoulders” (as Deirdre M would put it).

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  6. Yes, lovely piece of journalism, Coyote and the Ghost (Smokey and the Bandit eat your heart out).

    The beached whale Alex Jones isn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart, of course, or he’d also apologising to the people whose lawyers haven’t threatened him (Podesta, Clinton etc., as EC mentioned). It’s an exercise in insincerity in order to save his own wobbly bottom.

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  7. The strangest thing just happened. I posted this comment on Ella’s video:

    “Both their Indiegogo and Patreon fundraising pages have been taken down. Great work, team.
    Abe, let me know if you need to borrow a fiver to get some Savron for the black eye you gave Ella.”

    And it’s just been thumbed up by…Atya Sca!

    Curiouser and curiouser…

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    • Highlights:

      “Lawful suspicion…lawful suspicion…Donald Trump…lawful suspicion…lawful suspicion…lawful suspicion…Trump.”

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      • Thanks, Liza.

        The drugs kick in around 20:28:

        “And I say we are each a single raindrop and together we are the storm that delivers the raiinbow into life. So, you know, get strong. Be strong in the spirit of truth, in righteousness. Hold the hand of the child.”

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        • Cheers. Anyone like Becki who sets up a gofundme account to escape from some cult, shows her face and talks about it, means she is not in any danger whatsoever. Maybe she is a victim of abuse, if so, I feel sorry for her. But to try and profit off that and in the brief bit of the Seaman interview with her that I saw, she said maybe, could have been, possibly a cult. Clutching at straws and targetting the Americans with her Jesus angle to get a funded sponsership to the U.S.

          Pretty sad really.

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          • Just like Angela!

            Sets up a Gofundme account because her life is at risk from her “work!”

            Heifer tell Ang to pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

            The only way her life is in danger is because of her excessive smoking and her lack of exercise.

            Possibly from drinking if she’s necking more than a few Happy Hour drinks down Mulligans.

            I must go there if I ever go to Lanzarote.

            One of my sons is going there in June, I’ll ask him to pop along and say hi to the band.

            Becki is just jumping on the bandwagon as she saw how much Ab.ra.ham and Ella NEARLY received.

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        • Cheers Spiny, made it to 7 minutes. I really hate the argument that Pizzagate is Real because of Hastert, Epstein, Lolita Express etc. Then they usually throw in McMartin, Dutroux, Saville, Franklin Credit Union, etc. None of these are Pizzagate. Noone is saying Pedophiles do not exist, just that Pizzagate is bullshit. Now the call it Pedogate and make it about every single case of alleged child abuse ever, even Titass Frost and others saying it’s a British thing and mentioning Hoaxtead and government Pedo Rings.

          These people are nuts, and act like rabid dogs towards anyone who challenges them, they didn’t like my Seaman video much, lol. But when Seaman was calling for public hangings, making money of off child abuse scandals and promoting a hoax where people get wound up enough to shoot up a restraunt comparing him to Hitler sending these loons after Nathan, it’s a fair comparison.

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  8. “The Secret of my Unsuccess, or Cutting Loose from Sodom

    [By Kevin Annett]

    …Meanwhile, the show does carry on, but none of it is our concern. For unsuccessful performers like us never make a splash in Sodom or Gomorrah, since we aren’t meant to settle down and set up shop in the fallen city. Instead, by our defeats and the hard lessons thus learned we are made ready for our departure to something better. That’s something we keep forgetting.

    In the meantime, I’ll leave the Lizards to Dave.”


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  9. First youtube, then hopefully the cesspit that is facebook. I have (as some of you know) been relentlessly flagging the piss-drinking loon Araya Soma. Examples of things which don’t “go against our community standards” according to facebook are things like: a photograph of a dead child with several bullet holes in his tiny body, accusations of “satanism” and paedophilia against a number of living people, written descriptions of extreme violence against real and imagined people, clearly identifying children whose identity is protected by law and specific court order….. and so on.
    I notice that the sidebar ads in facebook are mostly scammers now rather than big name business… I wonder if advertisers there are getting cold feed at being associated with all the negative side of facebook and their reluctance to clean up their site?
    My other half worked for the government during the last Labour administration in the area of internet stuff. A certain fat, bespectacled minister would not hear of content regulation/responsibility as his old buddies (and business partners) in telecoms/ISP didn’t like it. Oddly enough… same minister was/is an enthusiastic supporter of the now defunct exaro and the tainted evidence of crazy fantasist “Nick”…..

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    • I have been relentlessly reporting Araya’s FB feed too. I notice with delight that’s she’s not been able to post for over a week now.
      She fascinates me. Her intellect is SO low, yet she is such a zealot. The meme’s she posts regarding the Flat Earth show an insanely low understanding of physics. But her Anti-Semitism is horrendous.


  10. Calm down, sickos. it’s not usual practice for the military to share their strategy/deployment details with random members of the Troof Community. It’s nothing personal, it’s just a very sensible and time-honoured securrity measure. And it doesn’t make the attack a hoax or an inside job. You get how that works, right? Sigh

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    • As I’m planning a visit soon to London which I am so looking forward to, I welcome the fact British troops may be deployed in case of a terror attack. And why wouldn’t the residents think likewise?
      I bet millions of Brits who live in London or in the country and who visit the capital have relatives who fought in various British units to protect the freedoms we enjoy.
      So that’s a massive fail for the conspiraloons if they think the populace somehow are aghast the army may be there at times of trouble.
      Bit like that nasty Chris Spiteful who soon found his awful attacks on a murdered British soldier drew the revulsion they deserved.

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      • Exactly, GofS. it’s a good thing the British Troops are being deployed and nothing I’m embarrassed about. Susan Thomas is being an absolute idiot with that comment of hers. Hope you have a safe and happy trip to London.

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        • Its a yank thing about never deploying their troops on home soil…

          (although I bet if they did actually get foreign invaders invading the US soil, that particular bit of legalese would be dropped in a hurry lol)

          Its only because they (by virtue of their extreme isolation) haven’t actually had to worry about a land invasion of their territories that they can have such `high’ ideals…


          • The national guard and the coast guard are supposedly not actually members of the armed forces (ie they are civilian controlled rather than military controlled)

            but even then, many yanks get up in arms every time they are actually used (even if they save lives- thats not a good enough reason)

            yanks are weird…

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          • Ooh, me me me! I remember this one from ’24’, series 7. I believe it’s called the Posse Comitatus Act and it made it much more difficult for Jack Bauer to bring down Jon Voight. See – only the most reliable sources for me 😀

            PS: I think, if memory serves, that the president’s powers in such matters are also limited by the Insurrection Act.

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          • I think there is history here and it ties in with the ‘deplorables’ and the racist redneck Trump supporters who were claiming Obama was setting up Fema camps to lock people up in and the army or National Guard would be used to round them up.

            And I’m pretty sure it goes right back to 60s and the struggles in the civil right’s movement when Kennedy and then LBJ used the National Guard to guard black kids going to school. In the 70s when I planned a Greyhound bus trip around the US pals in New York warned me to avoid the South as it was still raging with hate and I and my then girlfriend would be perceived as being hippies.

            So we caught the bus from New York to LA and it was sensational except, at a rest stop in Texas where the whole restaurant fell silent as we walked in and 2 sheriff deputies looked at us with dark eyes. We quickly bought some takeaway things and slunk back to the bus by which time the sheriffs were outside staring at us, hands on hips. Never was so happy until hat bus engine started again. Looks funny in the movies, in real life, terrifying.


  11. The way the conspirasheep think, really disturbs me. They accuse James Alefantis of posting “little girl bondage” and James explains his God-Daughter and her friend were larking around, playing and the friend of his God-Daughter taped his God-Daughter’s hands onto the table. James thought it was funny, so he posted a picture of his God-Daughter. But, oh no..in the eyes of the pizzagaters it’s “little girl bondage”. How sick are they to think like that?

    James invites them in to have a look around, he leads them up to the back room to show them it’s a children’s party room (nothing strange in that, lots of restaurants have private party rooms.) but the Pizzagaters make it sound disgusting with their insinuations of “Kids Private Parties??”

    Honestly, it’s the pizzagaters way of thinking which worries me more..

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        • Crikey there is a McDonalds not far from me in Perth that has a very popular kid’s party room separated from the rest of the restaurant. There seems to be non-stop birthday parties every day as it’s built up a reputation among the locals but…do those kids go in and never come out?
          I’m pleased Comet Pizza’s business appears to have boomed since the nutters started their @pissgate conspiracy but let’s never forget- Wikileaks despite their claims to be non-partisan tweeted repeatedly the @pissingate claptrap every day, all day right up until the US election day. They knew it was crap but they ensured the loonie brigade soaked it up. Was it an attempt by Assange to deflect from pedo claims being made about him ? (not that I think he’s a pedo, just a partisan Putin shill and a Leninist society destroyer & who probably thinks Ayn Rand is a hot lady)

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          • A party room..in McDonalds, the family-friendly chain? Gosh! You’ll be giving the rabid pizzagaters palpitations. 🙂

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      • They keep saying they wouldn’t be caught dead with the photo they are, err displaying on a poster. ‘Wouldn’t be caught dead’ could mean they have a stash of child porn but they will make sure they’ll never be caught with it.
        Poor Alefantis thinks he is responding to reasonable people but they are fanatics.

        # That’s allegedly and Without Prejudice & all the usual caveats: you know..Big boy did & ran away etc

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      • Indeed GoS.The protestations of perversions at every turn reveals much about the mindset of these attention seeking megaphone virtue signalers.Why the burning need to insist to the world and its dog how seemingly everyone except themselves need “awakening” or are otherwise actors in some vast sick x rated paedophilic reality show sweeping the planet?

        Seems to me the vast majority are nobodies trying to be somebody by riding on the emotive back of genuine suffering of children that unfortunately always has been a sad aspect of the human condition.Do they train and volunteer their time and resources to assist unfortunate children in their communities?Do they donate hard earned cash to childrens causes?Do they hell because they are to busy deflecting attention and resources from the plight of children and genuine folk quietly doing what they can in the real world.

        Shame on the lot of them.

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      • That thought had crossed my mind re Abe- the kids certainly didn’t get the ideas they were talking about on their various videos- so I can only assume that the ones coaching them have an interest in the topics under discussion…




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    • Someone posted the well worn crap about the “creepy artwork” earlier. My response:

      “Aww, bless – you conspirasheep think that art is real, don’t you. Would you like us to arrest Bruce Willis for throwing Alan Rickman out of that skyscraper and Anthony Hopkins for eating human flesh while we’re at it? And as for Kevin Spacey chopping off Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, I say throw the fucking book at him.”

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    • Many years ago when my kids were small, my daughter (then about 5) learned how to draw 5-pointed stars. Like most children who have learnt something new and exciting, she went about the house scrawling stars on every conceivable surface. Once the house had been ‘decorated’ to her satisfaction she started drawing them on herself. What would the Pizzagators think if they saw the photos we took of our little girl lying on her bed, having just inscribed a giant pentagram on her bare tummy with a sharpie? I shudder to think.

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  12. What’s all this about, then?

    This appears to be a random repost of an old CCN show. Going by the title, I’d say someone’s getting scared about what might happen if she goes back to Ireland, where she’s wanted for questioning by the Garda.

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      • She’s running out of places to hide and now she’s going to be wishing she hadn’t pissed off so many of her friends.

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        • `She’s running out of places to hide and now she’s going to be wishing she hadn’t pissed off so many of her friends.’


          she still has plenty of places to hide…

          Like Africa- oh wait, she pissed off the orphanages there, and they like to carry guns…

          umm well she could go to America- oh wait- they dont like her either and they have guns as well

          ummm. Europe’s already wise to her…

          Oz?- um no thanks I think she’s already been outed there as well

          ummmm…. Asia (and have Mr Dearman chasing her down according to her sources?)

          ummm well Antarctica???

          well as yet no penguins have complained about her, so she might be safe there for a while…

          oh noes

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          • I suspect Heaven,Hell,Purgatory and all places in between will have the “out to lunch” signs close to hand.There is however a smal rock(gamma 973041b) in the Oort cloud on the outer rim of the solar system that is apparently taking on planetary detritus.She could always try there.


          • `LOL! I have this vision of Angie trying to sell the penguins on her “I was an MK Ultra survivor” nonsense. ‘

            `Awwwk Awwwaaakk awwwaaak awwak awwk’


            “I was an MinK whale survivor”

            note the usual APD attention to detail- mink = killer

            (hey its makes as much sense as anything she posts!)

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    • Tracey Morris should join the WWF as she reckons she has kicked so many arses. Let’s see her go up against Kane or The Undertaker 🙂

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  13. This has probably been covered here before – JC posted a link two days ago on his Facebook page in support of Angie Power Disneys “go fund me” collection, a quick click and your there – another click and you arrive at Angies update 16 days ago:

    “Hi Friends and please share this monthly update with videos!!
    The three featured videos this month are a Bible Study about child sacrifice and the Jewish People, Part 2 of an interview with CHRIS SPIVEY who has survived and to some degree overcome vast judicial persecution for his whistleblowing and finally an interview with poor audio on my part but crystal clear testimony of a woman called HEATHER BROWN, interviewed four times by WILTSHIRE POLICE investigating TED HEATH, as well as testifying to the shocking disappearance of her only son who was taken into ´care´at the age of six on frivolous grounds, and then DISAPPEARED as he started the process of ageing out of the care system which facilitated his abuse…this wonderful Mother is still SEARCHING for her son aged 25….his name is BINNIUM BROWN and it is believed BEXLEY HEATH COUNTY COUNCIL know his whereabouts but are withholding the details
    FOR THOSE WHO ARE MONTHLY FINANCIAL PARTNERS PLEASE DO MAKE YOUR DONATION MANUALLY EITHER HERE OR BY PAYPAL as I plan on hitting the road again towards the end of this month on another field trip! For any wanting to make one off donations this month would be a great time as I still owe the car rental company 400 pounds from my LAST field trip! And for any who CANNOT contribute financially, please pray and share…..we each are doing what we can in the battle for a world where children are SAFE!
    Visit my new website tho sparsely populated I WILL start blogging and posting there regularly in the coming week angelascaches.com
    Pray for ARTHUR and JAKE still in the mental health care system for whistleblowing, pray for Sabine, Rupert, Neelu, Lee, Alan & John all maliciously arrested and harrassed for whistle blowing and most especially pray for CHILDREN globally caught up in child sex trafficking and ritual sexual abuse and murder.
    p.s. The first video addresses in an overview my recent falls from grace and RECOVERIES…it matters not that we stumble so much as that we GET BACK UP AGAIN!
    God bless and THANKYOU especially to those who stand with me financially in this battle to expose evil and OCCUPY the land until Jesus returns!!

    What a load of shit……. £400 owing for car rental, umm.

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    • Re Heather’s son. “BEXLEY HEATH COUNTY COUNCIL know his whereabouts but are withholding the details.” Of course they are. He’s 25 and the decision to make contact will be up to him and not his mother. Besides, unless he is special needs, he’ll be off the council’s books and it’s likely they really don’t know where is.

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    • If Angela ACTUALLY owes £400 to the car rental company I would have thought she would have shown herself to be a responsible adult and pay off the money before she went on any more FIELD TRIPS!

      What a load of old tosh.

      If, big IF she really did owe £400, it’ll be to her Credit Card Company.

      As for FIELD TRIPS?

      She’s hoping to bog off back to Oldcastle to sort out Kim, sort out some more social security benefits for herself and her sons and maybe go and see RQ in Court on Tuesday???

      Other than that, perhaps she’s going to go on a Picnic with JC in a field to thank him for the money he has recently donated and to make sure he does some dirty work for her, possibly camp out at Neelu’s, but a FIELD TRIP?



  14. Angela, let me start off by saying that as every person knows it takes a few days to apply for the transfercode of a domain. Your late response to my request to be send an email took too long and the old transfercode expired. Then we get to your statement on how much i charged you. Let me start by saying that you are lying. I have the invoices in front of me. If you are going to claim that I charged you certain amounts make sure that this is in fact correct. You become a liar by providing incorrect information. You did not pay 450 for creation. You did not pay 120 for hosting. You did not pay 140 for the security including cert, you paid for the domain information being hidden and it was 18.82. You were invoiced for your security including certificate a total of 6 times and you never paid for it. I am not certain how you think that trying to make it seem that you paid more then you did benefits you outside of trying to make you out to be the victim. You aren’t. You have been nothing short of manipulative, classless and agressive without an iota of common decency. What you should have done is contact me by email or skype which you still have off me and talk about this instead of going onto social media to try and give people the impression of a woman taken advantage off. Now unlike you I have class so I won’t be dragged into a public slanging match on Social Media. But rest assured. I have all our correspondance and will be releasing that if you insist on continuing to try and blacken my name on Social Media. I will not be assisting you in the transfer of your domain as you claim to have experts. But anything going wrong, and considering your track record the likelyhood of that happening is great, it will be entirely on your head. As soon as the transfercode is received I will be emailing that to you. Be aware though this still might take a few more days. This is not my doing , this is what every single domain registrar does to ensure correct procedure being followed.
    Your latest request being the email requesting the domaintransfer was only received last Thursday 23rd of March 2017, it has only been a few days since the hostile letter was received. You clearly are confused in how matters work regarding domaintransfers, as usual you are therefore externalising and attacking and showing yourself up for the incompetent and agressive person that you are.

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  15. That tiny scruffy FrootGroup in D.C. was being closely monitored by LEO’s! Did ya notice the Secret Service guy? lol Kucher has a bigger problem with his new show when Masterson’s Scientology alleged and finally reported sex crimes come to light…


      • I mean I’m glad he has lent his name to Human Trafficking problem Sheva but his old and new co-star Danny Masterson aka DJ Donkey Punch has been accused by 3 women, all co-C of $ members, of historic sexual assault. Bad PR Bad Timing for their new TV show, “The Ranch”. See: tonyortega org aka the underground bunker for the story. Oo” wowzer.

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  16. Hee-hee! The inherent stupidity of “trauma-based mind control” hypothesis, inadvertently revealed by a conspiratard posing this question: “wouldn’t RD be a victim, too?”

    Well yes – if your inter-generational MC hypothesis was reality, it would mean that all “programmers” were also under mind-control, as were their programmers, and those who programmed them, on into infinity. There would never be a point in the past where you could identify original, non-programmed, wholly responsible villians.

    Jasun Horseshit is one of the few conspiraloons who actually GETS this infinite regression. Hence, he has adopted the hypothesis of a fraudulent academic in an imaginary “field” of research – that all of humanity has ALWAYS been trapped in a continuous process of one generation using “trauma mind-control” on their children, and programming them to do the same to their own children, etc., etc., etc.,

    Which would make all of those biblical figures, such as…let’s say MOSES, ABRAHAM, DAVID or JESUS…both trauma abusing villians and mind-controlled victims of those who came before.
    If you can believe that, please have a look at these bridges I’ve got for sale right now…

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    • It always makes me laugh when they accuse RD of being in an intergenerational satanic abuse cult. Can you imagine a working class northern Mining family taking any of that shit seriously? Why don’t the hoaxers get this?


      • Oh, you know how they think, they probably think the family were trying to mine their way into Hell to shake hands with Satan. 😀

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  17. A story about very real slavery and sexual abuse of children. They are slaves in cannabis growing operations, so it’ll be OK to carry on smoking the weed if you are a hypocrite or just don’t mind how it is produced.


    There’s also an insight into why these very vulnerable children go missing from care, and why all these faux anti-child abuse campaigners have no freaking idea most of the time. Satanism my arse. They are controlled by brutal traffickers to feed Abraham and his mate’s weed habit.

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    • I read that article yesterday, and yes–utterly horrifying. This is what real child trafficking looks like: teenagers isolated in empty buildings tending weed, terrified of their captors and unable to communicate with anyone who might help them. When will the faux activists launch their campaign against the organised crime gangs responsible for this? Don’t hold your breath.

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    • Well said Tracy. There is real abuse and exploitation of children in this country which needs to be tackled. Diverting resources to search for non-existent and blatantly untrue SRA means there is less for actual real children who need the police to find and protect them.

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      • And telling insane and impossible stories about alleged abuse and “survivors” of pretend cults just damages the terms “abuse” and “survivors”, making it that much more difficult for genuine survivors to receive justice in the system.

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        • Yes, EC, but if Freemasons, Jewish people or Satanic Rituals aren’t involved, these people who supposedly care about children, don’t give a damn.

          Proof that it’s not about the children, in a conspiraloon’s mind.

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  18. Around the same time Alex Jones put out his apology video, Media Matters for America (founded by Alefantis ex boyfriend) put out this video:

    I don’t know which came first but I get a feeling this was a warning to AJ that there is evidence of his allegations on video.

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    • I remember the one where he started having a breakdown he was so mad about pizzagate and the children. I am pretty sure that big chair he has is a commode as he never leaves it and his facial expression looks like he’s permanently dropping a log.
      I hope they do the same for Seaman as he even called for public hangings, including Podesta based on what exactly? Takeaway food descriptions in emails, interpretated as being pedo code by 4chan. The pizzaloops at that march yesterday were even talking about that Dr Phil episode recently posted on here, and talking about the supposed powers these satanists get from child abuse.

      Jones is lying about going to the FBI site and viewing the codes in that video, I don’t believe it is on the FBI site, only an unclassified document from the FBI revealed by Wikileaks.

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    • Wow great evidence there that Jones is a blatant liar as in his ‘apology’ video he claims he only reported that others were promoting @pissgate and he was reporting on the reporting.

      It’s becoming very clear now : US lawyers who can sniff out a crack in the law wall from 1 mile away are realising there is a small fortune to made for litigants (and lawyers) in the ‘Wild West’ of the internet world where people seem to have believed the ability given to them to publish means they can defame and falsely accuse without consequence.
      And it’s dawning on the tech giants who have spent years now profiting off libels via advertising that they are in the frame themselves.

      In the world of print publishing where a defamation occurs people do not seem to realise every single person who has worked on that libel are actionable. That includes the author, the publisher, the printer, the van driver delivering the newspapers and the newsagent selling those newspapers. However publishers indemnify all the others as they would never get a newspaper or book if they didn’t.


      • It’s a shame that one of the first libel actions against Google in the UK happened so long ago & before the latest dramas. Google successfully bamboozled a British judge into believing they were not publishers thus setting a precedent.
        I bet the result would have been very different today but precedents can also be overturned when it’s shown they are based on a false premise.
        And in the meantime the internet giants went onto to rake in billions in advertising while avoiding tax.


  19. Funny how Angela can find her bank statements with regard to Biggi but not the Kenyan Orphanage, it stinks of corruption Angela.

    Heifer please tell me what has happened between you and Angela?

    I miss your videos, I thought you were going to do one every Thursday?

    I’m sure that was what us viewers were promised.

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    • Even the people of Oldcastle warn people off Angie, FA
      I’ve always liked this video, just in case anybody new hasn’t seen it before..


      • Yeah it’s a good one Jake.

        Always worth another watch when you fancy a bit of Comedy.

        Tell you one thing though, Angela looks a lot younger now, perhaps she could pass on a few tips to Heifer who is 8 years her junior.

        Heifer where have you gone my dear?

        I have a feeling it is the lust for young men, rather than going with the same aged German fella, that has brought the new lease of life back to La Ange.

        Heifer are you after a man?


  20. Remember that disrespectful piece of shit, Dana W? The one who made the videos about Kurt Cochran’s death on Westminster Bridge?

    He’s pissed off today as he’s been given a 30 day ban from Facebook for posting a pic of Westminster Bridge on the day of the atrocity, saying “Who threw the mannequin under the bus?”

    Now if FB can remove his posts, why can’t YT remove his disrespectful video on Kurt Cochran? These people are left to just run riot spreading their filth all over YT for grieving families to see. It’s sickening.

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    • I’m surprised that Facebook removed his post considering some of the posts they consider to be fine, better than nothing though. Totally agree with you TorkGirl8 about Youtube, they really got to get their act together.

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      • Dan W is really pissing me off, AP. He’s obviously mad about his ban and has made a video about it and he’s posting more videos of the Westminster incident. His latest is crap and he’s wondering what the people were doing walking in the road to get hit, he thinks he knows everything but doesn’t even know the car mounted the pavement. He’s also now making fun and laughing at the woman who leaped off the bridge into the Thames, saying she was a stunt woman.

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      • No, one person got sectioned because despite his obvious mental fragility Angie encouraged him to believe he was a “whistleblower” and “hero”, and he wound up getting disastrously involved in another case. The second person got sectioned because despite the fact that he was clearly deteriorating mentally, Angie encouraged him to believe he was a “whistleblower” and a “hero” (is there an echo in the room?). When he had a full-blown manic episode, his family asked that he be sectioned for his and their protection. Anyone spot the common denominator here?

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  21. I hope there will be more Heather and Angie videos together, they are as entertaining to watch as Game of Thrones. In each Game of Thrones episode at least one character dies a horrible unusual death, at least three people get knifed in the back on a Heather-Angie show. In both Game of Thrones and Heather-Angie shows there are always unexpected twists, like the dogs eat the owner or Angie’s earrings. Heather is probably equivalent of the Mountain in Game of Thrones and Angie might be Septa Unella.

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  22. What is child pornography?
    Section 2256 of Title 18, United States Code, defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age). Visual depictions include photographs, videos, digital or computer generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor. Electronically stored data that can be converted into a visual image of child pornography is also deemed illegal under federal law. Furthermore, Federal law prohibits the production, distribution, reception and possession of an image of child pornography, whereupon violation of this law is a felony, and carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison (United States Department of Justice).

    What is child sexual abuse imagery?
    Another word for child pornography, “child sexual abuse imagery” is the term that those working to put an end to this horrific crime have begun using instead of child pornography. Child sexual abuse imagery is a more widely encompassing term, which refers to content that depicts sexually explicit activities involving a child. Child sexual abuse images and videos are most often documented with the purpose of being shared widely for others to watch, and in so doing, victimizes the child many times over.

    A child talking to an adult about sexual abuse, describing details of sexual abuse (even if it is the result of coaching) therefore amounts to being involved in sharing child sexual abuse imagery/pornography. Anyone other than police that produces videos such as the ones taken on the way back from Morocco are producers of child porn. The police interviews are a necessary task to be undertaken in cases where abuse is alleged. They are for specific use only, ie to ascertain information and for the footage to be used in a court case. Sharing such videos is repurposing them, and, whatever the misguided intention, Pauffley was right, that a high percentage of people viewing this type of material will have a sexual interest (and get off on) the porn these people are supplying.

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  23. Hi. Belinda currently has more than one problem. She has also had to apply for planning permission retrospectively for the “granny flat” she apparently unlawfully erected on her back garden. This ramshackle edifice has its own entrance and bell plus a security camera. There are many questions to be asked: does Belinda have a granny? Or is there a wolf in a bonnet sitting inside it? Or has this building been part of her multi let strategy, suggested by the seven doorbells at the front? Is she merely hard of hearing and can’t hear one bell? Does she own the land she erected it on? All the houses on that side suddenly, some years ago, extended their gardens back into the patch of overgrown land, with no known owner, behind it. Belinda claims the land is hers, but is it? This land appears to fit the criteria for Right To Roam land… has the council failed to protect it? Why does the flat appear to be slowly extending back into this land, putting bins in a structure outside its back door, and creating what appears to be a raised planting area? How many people are sub letting in that house? How much building is there in the rest of the garden? And, crucially, is this over development in a conservation area? The application should be on view on Haringey’s planning portal.

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  24. But don’t put out what I’ve said till I’ve checked the lamppost with the notice again or you!ve found the application on the planning portal… just in case my brain has fused. best S

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