What was the point of Ella’s new video?

There’s been a fair bit of speculation about what, exactly, Abraham Christie and Ella Draper hoped to achieve with their latest rather bizarre video release.

There’s the “riding on the coattails of Pizzagate” theory, which postulates that the fugitive pair decided to cash in on the Washington-based SRA hoax. If this is the case, though, they’re a few months late and several pounds short: interest in Pizzagate peaked a couple of months back, just after the gunman entered the restaurant to find out for himself where the abused children were hidden (answer: nowhere, as there weren’t any). Pizzagate is now mostly picked over by the truly devoted who haven’t yet realised that they were taken in by a bunch of 4Channers…but that’s another story for another day. Another theory, which seems more likely to us, is that Abe and Ella have reached the end of their rope, financially speaking. They made this clear when they set up not one but two fundraising sites, where they perpetuated the same tired old lies, and requested that the few remaining stragglers who still give a rat’s arse about them donate to “help them get the kids back”. Since the children have been permanently removed from Ella’s care, and the police have stated that both Ella and Abe are wanted on charges of child abuse, that seems like a very unlikely outcome, and probably just a proxy for “give us a hand here, we’re starving!”

We know that Ella’s first husband had been providing her with £1,000 per month in support, but it seems very probable that that has been cut off for some time now. What reason would Mr Draper have to continue to support a wife who has virtually no contact with their son, Ella’s oldest child? Particularly when she’s outside the country, and would have to take him to court to have the stipend reinstated.

Yesterday, Abe helped to clarify what the video was really all about: he began plastering the comments section with adverts for…you guessed it. Hemp.

The comments section under Ella’s video now looks like an infomercial for hemp. We kept waiting for Abe to say, “And that’s not all! Order your starter pack of Pure 100% Vegan Magical Hempseed now, and we’ll throw in this amazing vegetable chopper! Our operators are standing by to take your orders! Don’t be left out, quantities are limited! Cure autism, venereal disease, housemaid’s knee, and general lurginess! Order now!”

Of course, it’s not working.

Abe and Ella’s band of useful idiots has been sharing the video on Facebook, and it’s had over 6,500 views on YouTube at last count…but the cash hasn’t materialised. On their Generosity site, they’re looking at a whopping US$180 (less than £150):…while over on Patreon, they’ve netted US$27 (£22) per month. Nice of Kristie Sue Costa to chip in a whole US$50—that’s real dedication for you. Guess she’s too busy chasing down pizza lovers to put her money where her mouth is, Hoaxtead-wise.

As for Abe and Ella, we can’t help thinking that for a grand total of US$207/£169, Ella has once again sold her two youngest children. If this isn’t the final piece of evidence that she shouldn’t have access to them until they are adults, we don’t know what is. 


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  1. You can buy organic hempseed shelled or unshelled off Amazon in large quantities for reasonable prices, so why buy from scamming child abusers?

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      • Ford’s twisted imp-jester and his imaginary “luciferian” witchcraft…
        Years ago I used to pontificate about “reverse-Christianity Satanism” being inherently nonsensical, on an occult topics forum associated with a small occult press publisher. There was a very odd character haunting those forums, complaining about being diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder. His rants were always followed by a series of link-posts praising some occult “genius” and promoting their website. (This was long before the Lunatic In The Room blog). This genius’ website was a peculiar mixture of rants, extolling Truther satanic panic conspiracy theory AND medieval superstition “black magic” grimoires as “true magic”. I thought: “wow, this person wants people to believe that Hollywood black magic is real, and that he’s a practitioner of it. that’s incredibly childish and pathetic”.

        But there was something suspiciously familiar about the link-post praising this occult guru – they were very obviously self-promotion of the guru, by the guru but under other screen names. Which is the tell-tale behaviour of whom?

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        • Mr Ford has a questionable sense of judgement, firstly the imp-jester, then ONA, and more recently a Reverse Christian called Jacob No.

          As to the scholarship of the said imp-jester, it is so awful, naive and ignorant, especially on the subject of Satanism.


  2. Check out the latest video upload by this idiot, according to them, the children were possessed during their police interviews. They give their slo-mo analysis of it. I didn’t leave a link to the video as it has a picture of the children on the thumbnail. While you’re there, don’t forget to dislike and report!


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    • My first time viewing “2Circles” vids, thanks for the tip.

      Amazing how brazen such conspiranoids have become about propounding the looniest bullshit as though it was documented fact and “common knowledge”, eh? And equally brazen, blatantly lying about their life history and knowledge of supposed “secrets”.

      RED FLAG!
      This person’s professed belief that children, (and adults – but that doesn’t raise the same concern), can become “possessed” by supernatural or “inter-dimensional” beings, is a serious red flag. Beliefs about “possessed” children are sometimes used to justify abusing them, but can also become motivation for torturing or even murdering children:

      “Maryland mother accused of stabbing to death two of her children during an attempted exorcism”


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    • It appears that the 2Circles YT channel is a fan of the reptilian conspiracy. This is what he had to say about Lizzy Borden who had left a comment on one of his videos.

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      • More thoughts on that 2Circles video –

        This person is promoting the idea that child abusers gain supernatural and psychic powers from raping, torturing and murdering children. He has no way to know what might be in the hearts & minds of the random people who view his video, no way to know if they might be seeking a rationalization to commit crimes against children.
        Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, he is promoting the rape, torture and murder of children. I’m going to start calling out these creeps, who promote the false idea that hurting children confers supernatural benefits to the abuser, by ‘calling a spade a spade’.

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  3. I’m gobsmacked why anyone supports Abe and Ella under their videos once they see his long and rambling rants about cannabis and hemp. There’s never any concern for the children in any of their comments.

    People speak about RD having no tears in his video, why should he? He knew the children were safe by that point and away from that twisted pair of torturers. I’ve yet to see one solitary tear from their Mother and stoner boyfriend who are demanding the return of them. Hell will freeze over before THAT happens.

    Why are some people so damn gullible enough to believe their nonsense or even give them money online?

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    • I think that’s why people like Kristie Sue have given up trying to put lipstick on the pig that is Abe, and have begun referring only to Ella. In their eyes she’s a slightly more sympathetic character, as she merely stood by and offered words of encouragement while Abe tortured her children.

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    • I can’t understand that either Jake. Why don’t the fruitloops think to themselves ‘hang on a minute, why is this guy talking about hemp and not the children?’ You would think that would make them think twice about this story at least.

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      • Thing is, she doesn’t even do that. She has her little flurries but then goes weeks on end without posting anything. On her blog I think she averages about one post every two months and I’ve almost given up checking her Farcebook page because when she does comment, it’s usually to rant about Angela or put forward theories about Charlotte being Bridget Yorke blah blah. The kids barely get a look-in these days.

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          • The big problem that Kristie Sue has with that Ella video is Ella not mentioning the Audi advert and saying she doesn’t know whether the children are dead or alive, Kristie Sue had repeatedly stated that Ella had told her she was “100% certain that both Child A and Child G” were in it. Basically, her beloved Ella has just exposed her as a liar.


        • Her blog is terrible and who wants a blog that only posts once in a blue moon? She could never hope to reach the dizzy heights of Hoaxtead Research.

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    • Heifer obviously doesn’t know Angela very well.

      Heifer luv if you’re reading this blog, all your personal information, which you thought you’d told Angela in confidence will soon be exposed to the whole internet world by her.

      That’s how Angela rolls, not a jot is sacred, sorry to have to be the bearer of this news but it’s the truth.

      Don’t trust Angela, just ask RQ, Belinda Mc Kenzie et al…

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      • To tell the truth Fanny, the more trust those miscreants put in Disney, the better it is for those that seek to expose them. Better watch out for Heather though as she thinks she’s tough because she hails from Glasgow. In reality though she is just another unfit mother jumping on to the hoaxer’s bandwagon.

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      • Heather will no doubt have to learn the hard way about Angie. There’s a few folk out there who already regret not listening to the warnings they were given about Angie from the good folk on this blog.

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  4. EXILED SNAKEOIL DESPERADOS:When attempting to flog dodgy health cures and secrets of eternal youth to gullible hoardes on the internet,avoid showing your missus looking like shes just emerged from a concentration camp.A courtesy spoon set might be a deal clincher too.

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  5. It appears that Abraham has still not realised that him banging on about hemp is what turned a lot of people off him. Flooding his video with bizarre comment after bizarre comment will do them no favours. What has changed is the blocking, something Abraham never did on YT before.
    I really hope the reason is they have run out of funds.

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    • There’s definitely the whiff of desperation about them now, so I’m guessing Ella’s credit cards are maxed out, the money’s not coming in, and no matter what Abe claims, it’s really not possible to live on hemp alone.

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    • Abraham Christie should repeat after me:
      “I must not Hemp. Hemp is the mind-killer. Hemp is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my Hemp. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the Hemp has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

      Ella Draper should note:
      “Hemp is the mind-killer.”

      El Coyote might have said to Abraham Christie:
      “Try looking into that place where you dare not look! You’ll find me there, staring out at you!”

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  6. The Pizzagate debacle is at a dead end which is why they have been naming it Pedogate to cast a wider net and include every past scandal or case of child abuse that may or may not have happened since time began. Of course they won’t be focusing on everday cases of child abuse or cases like project spade where pedophile groups were arrested and children saved from further harm by law enforcement agencies, just the most sensationalist and lurid hoaxes they can get their grubby little pedo mitts on. The only people covering up child abuse are these idiots by bringing attention to hoaxes where the only victims are the people falsely accused.

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      • Heather’s really starting to get on my nerves. She’s like some mad old bint who gossips over a garden hedge when you’re weeding your garden.

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    • 33:50 Heather: “If we’re crafty enough we’ll sort everything out and we’ll make plenty of money for ourselves.”


    • She sounds so brave this Heather dame saying she’ll get the Home Secretary to arrest someone (as Liz Radley would say : “how does that work” LMAO !) in connection with this computer business but it seems the stupid bint meekly handed it over.
      And why wouldn’t you if a mistake was made and you received masses of personal information that breaches people’s privacy?. The legal ramifications would have been a nightmare.

      Is she purposely out of focus?. And will Angie be taking back to Ireland that vase of raddled old feather dusters behind her?
      Mad cows the pair of them.


    • This really is just two old cows gossiping isn’t it?. And then posting it on Youtube like it’s some amazing achievement.
      Mind you even Angie’s eyes started to glaze over at one stage. Watch out Heather. It’s all love and roses today but tomorrow…


    • OMG, what a pair of vile old creatures.

      A judge “suspected involved in child trafficking” and the moron Power-Disney studiously writes it down (research! ) and another defamatory meme is born and to be launched upon the world.
      No matter that these people they libel have families and grandchildren and so on, as long as these vicious Salem witch hunters can indulge in their favourite past-time, it’s of no consequence.

      As Joseph Welch famously said to the ghastly Senator McCarthy after he destroyed so many lives with his Communist witch-hunts : “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

      Nasty, ghastly viperous toads. Old cows are nice. These two are rotten to the core.


  7. LMAO! Nice graphics Barks! At least We did not have to hear another “Heather Remembers”….HAHAHA!
    JAIL THE HEMPSEED 2! I doubt we will see the “Bible Lady” since she read the comments and googled the Scammer and probably figured APD was Beyond Redemption AND Salvation vis a vis U.S. Bible Belt …..(#Chortlegate) Confabulate and Twist…Repeat. Looks like some Smokey LOVEBIRDS are SKINT in Spain….So skint, Ella is now more willing to take “stage direction” from her Evil Twin, Lil Hitler Scabs! lol I have a feeling these two will get an official visit soon! APD too. So sad to hear that She and Rupert were SO DEEPLY IN LOVE and May have broken up!!?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (just when One thinks it can’t get any more STUPID and Damaging, it gets Worse, like “Cherch of $) Maybe Slappy McC is looking for another dried up old tale-teller for his cult who “KNEW LRH”? teehee SeaHag hunted by LRH! 😀


    • Interesting article. The social media responses were pathetic.

      “The social media companies defended their current monitoring arrangements but said they had to rely on their users on a “notify and take down” basis to tackle the problem.”

      They don’t even act when notified.

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    • Sadly too few MPs laid into FB etc but I’m glad they didn’t mince words. There is a double whammy here : these web entities are destroying mainstream publishing and the newspaper industry ( I won’t use Amazon any more – I find a book shop that will order in what I want. Takes more time but so what?).

      This cannot be helped, progress etc, but to rub salt into wounds the wretches force the ordinary waged taxpayer to fund the services they need, roads etc etc and then the bastards avoid $Billions in taxes and artificially base their profits off-shore.

      Of course they wouldn’t say how many they employ to remove content because it’s handful in a tiny office at the end of a corridor. I don’t why governments are so frigging terrified of these tech giants but I reckon the EU will be the ones who will crack down upon them eventually as they did with Ireland and Google’s (non) tax contributions.

      I hope Yvette Cooper takes this up as a cause: she would find huge community support if she did.

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  8. Recent comments feed does not give full title of this page,it just reads:

    What was the point of Ella…

    Which is actually a rather good question in its own right.

    OOH just seen venerable blog has hit the 3/4 Million mark 🙂 Congrats crew and all whom sail within.

    Blog stats 750,018 hits

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    • Beyond creepy. Either too drugged up and out of it like in the hostage like video or so far gone after the last 2 years plus of Abes mind control and abusive behaviour, she cannot or isn’t allowed to speak out. Abe’s a mean little control freak, thank god he didn’t get his hands on the children for longer, I honestly believe he would have started a cult revolving around child abuse based on his own obsessions had things worked out for him and Ella.

      If he ever gets the money together and has an opportunity I can see him being some Children of God/Family International type cult guru.

      The authorities need to help free Ella from him and put Abe behind bars for the rest of his life.

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