Abe and Ella’s new video: A very unwise move

Ella and Abe have made a very, very unwise move.

When they unleashed the Hampstead SRA hoax on an unsuspecting community back in early 2015, they caught everyone off guard. No one could have anticipated the impact of the hoax: families were thrown into turmoil, as social workers were sent to interview children; the church and school felt as though they were under siege, and found it necessary to increase security measures; and of course those at the epicentre of the hoax found their lives placed under a microscope, as eager would-be witch-hunters pawed through their personal and professional social media pages.

Those who initiated the hoax—Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Charlotte Ward, Abraham Christie, and Ella Draper—used the element of surprise to their advantage. They spread the story as far and wide as it would go, using the videos they had forced RD’s two children to make en route home from Morocco as bait to entice the gullible and fanatical, and turn them into willing servants.

Some have remained loyal for the past two years, while others examined the evidence, asked probing questions about the multiple inconsistencies in Abe and Ella’s story, and either lost interest or began trying to convince the faithful that they were mistaken. Some of the latter group gravitated toward this blog, and have been amongst our most dedicated supporters.

The Hoaxtead mob have done their level best to keep the hoax alive, but they failed to account for one thing: a strong, vocal, consistent opposition.

This is where our blog’s readers come in.

In the beginning, the people who now contribute to this blog were just a small, disparate group on YouTube, trying to add the voice of sanity and sober second thought to the hysterical baying of the witch-hunters. Some of us knew a bit about the online troofer community; others were complete novices, stunned at what they were seeing. We needed a place to convene, discuss what was happening, and support one another against the multiple death threats and doxxing attempts we were all encountering. We came from many walks of life, and brought a variety of skills and interests to bear. We shared one thing in common: we were angry at the bullying we were seeing, and we were determined to debunk the lies we were hearing.

Within a couple of months, this blog was founded, and from the beginning we began to attract other like-minded individuals. Our readers—you—have stuck by us, spurring us to delve deeper, look harder and longer at the facts, and report on the hoax and those who promote it and prop it up.

The Hoaxtead mob never expected us. It did not occur to them that their lies would be countered with facts and evidence, that their histrionics and foul innuendo would be met with laughter, not fear. Like all bullies, they were used to getting their way, and they don’t like being told where to get off.

All of this has taken place during the two years in which Abe and Ella have been away. They had nearly given up completely, until they received an unexpected gift: the Pizzagate hoax broke in the United States, and a few enterprising Hoaxtead mobsters decided to do some industrial-scale joining of imaginary dots, with the result that Hoaxtead began to pick up new followers.

Abe and Ella clearly saw their chance, and they took it.

In the past two weeks they’ve set up two begging-bowl sites, which they’ve populated with a multitude of videos. Most recently, they released a video in which Ella reiterated many of the hoax’s initial lies, and added a few new ones for good measure.

But times are different now. Abe and Ella have been out of the troofer loop for many months, and it’s unlikely that they were prepared for the ferocity of the anger that would be turned upon their latest offering. They used to be able to say what they wished, knowing that their devotees would flood to their assistance.

That’s not how it works any more.

The game has changed. We’re better informed, we have examined the hoax from a multitude of angles, and most of all, we’re battle-hardened. We’re used to their nonsense, and we eat troofers for breakfast (no, not literally, sit down Kristie Sue).

We firmly believe that this latest effort will be Abe and Ella’s ultimate undoing. They have made a very foolish and ill-informed error, and it will backfire on them.

136 thoughts on “Abe and Ella’s new video: A very unwise move

  1. Great post, EC!.. and may I add that we’ve even picked up a lot of the hoaxers, along the way, who come here now for the latest news. LOL!

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  3. In anticipation of the inevitable split of the not so Sonny and Cher duo of Abe and Ella, I already have the album cover done for Ella’s first solo venture.

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  4. Bam! Crackingly eloquent testimonial, Mr. Coyote.

    Kudos to all your regular contributors for their tireless efforts.

    And lest we forget the good folk who aren’t regular visitors to the blog but who do/have done stirling independent work to keep the fruitloop brigade in check. McKenzie’s Devils, Normal Wisdom, Steve Pritchard, Frances Mulligan. Paul Tudor, Jack Burton, Normal Wisdom, Wide Awake Club, MKUltra666, Jim Dandy, September Starr…

    Take a bow, guys!

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  5. George the Geek Dick Tucker has the video up as well along with some death threats and calls for protests from conspirifruits.

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    • Plenty of approaches have been made to the two crowd funding sites to have the crowd funding by Ella Draper and Abraham Christie closed down. The crowd funding sites have done nothing so far.

      All the Silicon Valley internet businesses need to be taxed by the UK to fund an independent regulator to enforce the removal of illegal and harrassing content. It is a joke that the BBC approaches Facebook to remove child abuse images and Facebook not only fails to remove the content but reports the BBC to the police.

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  6. Less than $200 raised to pay for Ella Draper and Abraham Christies growing drug habits is a poor return for a two week campaign. It shows the level of support they now have, despite the noise and extensive content sharing, nobody wants to give them money.

    Abraham Christie and Ella Draper are crap at public relations. The video they put out featuring Ella Draper is cold and creepy, nobody is going to feel emotionally connected to the cold reptile that was featured.

    The black eye Ella Draper has reminds me of the black eye one of the RD children had in a video. Abraham Christie loves using his spoons.

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    • Got to agree, Ella does not have the X FACTOR or the XX factor for that matter.

      She has no warmth to her, as cold as a dead fish.

      She lacks the likeability factor, in fact the pair of them, Abraham Christie included just do not have IT.

      Their best bet would be to ride off into the sunset though I am a bit worried that Christie is abusing her.

      Well he has previous form so the likelihood is high.

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  7. Meanwhile, back in La-La-Lanzarote, this evil harpy is still harassing Arfur’s hospital staff (Oz time 8:30pm) and calling upon others to do the same. The sooner this nasty little tart is put behind bars, the better.

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    • No, Angela, Arthur needs to be left alone from the likes of you pestering him and fueling his delusions. The facility has probably been warned about you.

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      • Angie is determined to keep Arthur involved in this as she has run out of many of her supporters by double crossing them. If she was a real friend to Arthur she would leave him be and let him get the help that he needs. That’s not Angie’s style though as we know, she is pure venom and cares for noone but herself.

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      • Jake Blake
        March 12, 2017 at 11:57 am

        No, Angela, Arthur needs to be left alone from the likes of you pestering him and fueling his delusions. The facility has probably been warned about you.
        Correct Jake, APD is only good at getting people incarcerated in the first place, and getting their stays extended as another Jake could well testify….

        And yes
        they have certainly been made aware of APD and her tactics and role

        wink wink
        nudge nudge
        say no more

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      • Re: Left/Right Hand Path.
        Angela Power Disney and her White Lighter guest (video 04:50-) has made a typical ignorant error of saying Left Hand Path is evil and Right Hand Path is good.

        As far as I am concerned Left Hand Path (LHP) focuses on individuality where the individual makes choices and actions based upon their own rules rather than based upon the rules of external authorities. This is why Satanism and Luciferianism is LHP.

        Right Hand Path people are making choices and actions based upon the rules of external authorities or the group such as a Mormon will follow what they are told by their church, religious leaders, religious books and god. Freemasons, Thelema, Mormons, Catholic Church are all examples of RHP outlooks.

        I have written on this subject recently:

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    • 8:02 – “I’m excited because I’ve just been praying in tongues for an hour. I had a very confrontational phone call with my children and then I went and prayed in tongues for an hour and I’ve had downloads that have blown me out of the water.”


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    • 20:57 – “I feel like the Holy Spirit has told me in the last hour of praying in tongues that I need to go home for three months. Yeah, that I need to go back to Ireland.”

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  8. Bleck! I lent a couple mins suffering through the VULTURE Manipulating Mentally abusing her parents aka Elder Abuser, DESPICABLE! She is HORRID! Absolutely HORRID! Her kids should have her sectioned before she RUINS THEIR LIVES without Remedy. Ella’s new vid is SOO desperate…Spoon marks Indeed. They nust be SKINT like Angie….Poo Krustie should be on Mass.’s LOON radar!! Should SHE really be raising Children with her non-existent “Logic skillz” ? Will she throw Water on a grease fire? Will she leave them in the car on a Summer Day whilst chasing “Witches”? Will they drown in the bath tub while she is distracted by APD or Neelu? ffs lol Does her Husband know how quick a Family Court would award HIM custody based on HER FB posts pushing this Hoax? She has the Brain of a GNAT! Are not her neighbors and “friends” aware of R4??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Good Job guys!

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      • Perhaps it was Arfur that held a gun to Alan Alanson’s head as that is the serious conviction he has and for which he is on parole and now getting the mental health help he needs.

        Sad fantasy merchants who really think they’re actually an ‘activist’ by ranting and raving on the internet. Meanwhile they can carry on all that want about Hoaxtead but in the ledger book of life and law this website has many arrests on it’s score card with convictions and still more to come.

        Let alone a High Court judgement which affirms everything we say on here followed by a failed appeal which does the same and a flurry of media articles reflecting the success of us here as they tell the real story about an abusive mother and her criminal partner who fabricated a North London satanic hoax. And there is the injunction which while not always being implemented (considering how slippery this mob is) but has had effect.
        And it was Hoaxtead that alerted the Ham & High that published the story that Bellender McKenzie was raising funds for the fugitive Sabine which nipped that little escapade in the bud.

        We’ve even, despite sending her up a lot of the time, tried to convince the hapless Neelu that her Freeman of The Land beliefs will always end in tragedy and now we hear she is to be evicted from her home which I doubt one person on here relishes. But perhaps it will be a stark lesson in life for her.

        As for Alan Alanson : do feel free to list your amazing success..you know real live ones out there in the real world, not the fantasy internet world.
        Same goes for Angela Power-Disney who is yet to achieve one single positive success apart from fleecing a few hapless supporters of some cash which would hardly pay for her daily cigarette and booze consumption at that Irish pub. And that will dry up as she loses ‘supporters’ left right and centre because she is (excuse my language) a two-faced bitch.

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        • Seems Angies meal ticket son Josh has a girlfriend (Kim)who is joining some dots of her own.Hopefully Kim has the strength and will to assist unshackle Josh from his mothers abusive grip and continue to call Angie out for the manipulative,spiteful,jeolous,hate mongering shiester she clearly is.

          Angies journey into disgraceland and inevitable alienation from the rest of the species continues apace.

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    • So…he’s not supposed to talk about Ampstead-hay, on pain of re-arrest. I’m sure the rozzers won’t get his NW3 North London reference at all. LMAO!!


  9. Love means never having to say I’m One Sorry SOB! LOL Pour her another…I bet some gossip at her local AA who picks up the main line/pay phone would be a FONT of Info. jk! The kids should call her “Sponsor”, it could be court ordered and one reason for her to return. Sounds like the kiddies don’t want Mama back..Where did she find her latest Mark? lol


  10. Abraham’s blocking people now. I don’t have multiple accounts so I’m stuck. Whatever I said in the past, it must have rattled him, because I not the abusive sort. Here’s what I would have posted

    I love that you’ve blocked me from replies to you Abraham. The truth hurts. Your teen son, 18 or 19 was he, still a child not adult? Anyway, you seem to forget he’s forever stuck as your child no matter how old he gets. How often do you speak to him? Have you tried to rescue your niece from the cult? Or forgot that you said she was in it? Or is that how easy it is to join this cult, Abraham says so, throw any remark, that’s it? Ella’s eldest? Medical reports with the children describing your abuse of them, and there being injuries? Ella wanting everything forgotten about and the children back if the court found it wasn’t true? The other children being interviewed, Ella’s children getting counselling after the court case, still not backing you up? That none of your friends or family have your back? Your phone? Your escape over the rooftops from the police like the criminal you are? Ella’s refusal to address the court even via video link or Skype from Spain? Her running off and leaving her children? This invisible medical kit you bullshit about? Your obsession with some of these themes for years, showing you are not a clean skin? Your refusal to name a doctor and a method that people can get their genitals examined, two and a half years now Abraham, so it’s getting a bit late? You leaving out that one of the parents went straight to the police, and you just complained about a grass? The taxi driver? The shopkeeper? The lack of any evidence of taking drugs or those supposed incapacitants or alcohol, except of course cannabis from testing the children’s hair? The absence of secret rooms in the church? The unlock able fridge? The cupboard for vestments with very shallow drawers? The lack of any other witnesses despite the case being in the local and national media? That only the irrelevant believe you? Your amusing belief that everyone who criticises you is the children’s father? No WAY that shows you lack critical thinking skills? You feeding the children cannabis and being too much of a coward to own it? You peddling obvious nonsense that a different girl looks like Ella’s daughter? There are marked differences, look at the lip shape? Oh, and rookie mistake, she would have to look like Ella’s daughter and look over two and a half years older than her appearance in the Morocco stills, hahaha. Shows how you both believe bullshit that can be easily disproved right? And so on …

    Not the children’s father, just a very annoyed person.

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  11. #Busted

    This time I took before and after screenshots, because hey, who would believe that Chris “champion of free speech” Spivey would be editing people’s comments before approving them?



    Mind you, at least this time he didn’t include anything about sniffing my mum’s knickers, like he did last time.


    • Well done for showing clear proof here! It makes a total mockery of his bullshit blog. LOL!


  12. At 41:08 she talks about falling in love with a certain American “CIA guy”.
    “We didn’t fornicate but it felt like falling in love to me.”


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  14. Heather Heather Heather Have your historical lovely memories of the Mental Hospital faded from your Prior Threats PROBLEM? Better hop back on those Court Ordered Meds because YOU are Again Barking Up the Wrong Tree…Bread Knives? C’mon Now. Get a Grip!


    • Sorry mate I don’t think she mentioned a bread knife, it was me just joking that we dont exactly have access to guns in the UK and as a homely looking elderly lady the worst i could imagine she could do is turn up on my doorstep with a bread knife, preferably buttered first, to ease my pain.
      The threats are all hers though just no bread knife. Sorry for any confusion.


  15. LOL No probs Barchon Mad!! I love your new Spoony “artwork”!! The stupid woman threatened to KILL someone already anyway plus her new threats!! These people are Dullards. Angie should be charged for inciting them like some kind of Alex Jones Monster!! 😀


    • Cool Philby, just didnt want to be responsible for accidentely starting a rumour, that she was some doorstep sweeney Todd off her meds.
      Old wacked out Abes on a roll on that free the hampstead 2 new video, poetry and tryingbto sell his junk product.


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