Kristie Sue: Garbage in, garbage out

A couple of days ago we examined how a series of lies, half-truths, and ignorance combined to help Charlotte Ward create the completely false idea that RD had been “forensically proven” to run commercial child sexual abuse sites online. Charlotte was all too willing to accept the word of an anonymous “web expert” who turned out to have no idea what he was doing—because his suggestions confirmed her own beliefs. And once she’d created the lie, she disseminated it as far and wide as she could, even in the face of evidence that her lie could not possibly be true. This made her look like the utter buffoon that she is.

But here’s something funny: lately we’ve been entertained by the ongoing feud between Charlotte Ward and Kristie Sue Costa. Neither of them ever misses a chance to slag the other, which has led to some hilarious spats.

We suspect it’s a case of like repelling like, though: neither Charlotte nor Kristie Sue is the sharpest bulb in the chandelier, and both have unbelievably lazy “research” habits.

Take Kristie Sue’s assertion that James Hind, who comments on this blog as Satanic Views, is in fact a person called Julian Vayne. It’s a silly idea on the face of it, as we understand that SV and Mr Vayne espouse completely different religions, and have never met.

If you can bear to read it, Kristie Sue has posted a long and hilariously error-ridden “exposé” on her DDH blog. However, we know exactly where she got her information, and like Charlotte with John Smith’s “DNS is an IP address with special powers” theory, Kristie Sue has been far too eager to accept the word of someone who is, shall we say, not exactly a credible witness.

Her informant is a person named Nathaniel Harris, who started off as a witch/wiccan, then switched to join the Illuminates of Thanateros, an “international magical organization focusing on practical group work in chaos magic” according to Wikipedia. At some point, Mr Harris seems to have suffered some sort of mental breakdown, following which his behaviour became quite erratic, and he turned against the IOT and its adherents, including Julian Vayne.

It’s difficult to get a clear picture of Mr Harris, as he has a habit of changing his blog frequently, apparently as a result of his numerous arrests and court-imposed conditions.

However, a few things stand out. Mr Harris is obsessed, and not in a good way, with a woman named Nikki Wyrd, his former partner, whom he hates with a passion that burns. Ms Wyrd apparently left Mr Harris for…guess who? Yep. Julian Vayne. Mr Vayne and Ms Wyrd have two children and live together (happily as far as we’re aware). We understand that Mr Harris’ behaviour toward them has caused them to take out restraining orders against him, and he has been arrested several times for his online harassment of the couple.

Julian Vayne has this to say about Mr Harris’ behaviour:

We are aware of further details regarding the child in question, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to air them here. Suffice to say, Mr Harris’ behaviour has been far less than exemplary, and in some ways his actions have mirrored those of Abraham Christie, who basically used his partner’s children as a weapon with which to batter anyone in Hampstead who had ever offended him, or even looked at him sideways.

This is the person who informed Kristie Sue that SV is really Julian Vayne. And because that fit with what she wanted to believe, she built up an elaborate false narrative that “proved” to her satisfaction that Mr Harris was correct. Her “proof” was that she’d announced this as fact, and no one from this blog had said anything. Oh, in that post Kristie Sue also claimed that Pallas Athene, another regular commenter on this blog, is in fact an admin here, and is probably Ms Wyrd herself.

How did Kristie Sue work this out?

Apparently her new best friend Nathaniel Harris told her, and she bought it.

In her rambling, incoherent post, she seems to be claiming that her allegations have been proven true, because no one from Hoaxtead Research has ever bothered to refute them.

In fact, that’s because we only recently found out about the post—while Kristie Sue reads us regularly, we’re afraid we don’t return the compliment, as we are generally washing our hair, changing the cat’s litter box, or cleaning out our socks drawer when her posts come out. Sorry, prior engagements, you know how it is.

Meanwhile, Kristie Sue might wish to consider this: when you accept information from a person with Mr Harris’ track record, chances are the information will not be untainted. And when you spread that information around, just because it happens to match with what you want to believe, you wind up looking even more of a fool.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Charlotte.

78 thoughts on “Kristie Sue: Garbage in, garbage out

    • Poor thing doesn’t realise it was Hoaxtead’s agitation that eventually saw that suspect on serious charges,.
      Hope he is keeping a watch out for those Illuminati Potholes.

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    • Does he have any friends I wonder? Does he sit alone at night wishing he had someone to talk to? Does he cry into his beer as he realises that many ears ago he confused fear with respect and pity with sympathy? Or does he imagine that in his glorious isolation that his waking up in the morning is what make the sun rise?

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    • “People who perceive idle comments as death threats”…”to be clear I HAVE NOT threatened anyone”
      I sincerely want all you evil wankers to burn.

      “I was TRYING to refrain from insults..”
      u fucking foolish cunt
      maybe you had sex with the teachers
      u daft cunt
      fucking disgusting bastards

      “I didn’t realise the extent of ur sock hoaxer profiles”

      Another genius who came last in the Self Awareness class.

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    • You know an author has strayed deep into deranged plot losing territory when pedogogic pandas being to surface from the bowels of unconscious nether sludge.

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    • “Luciferians are the top ranking officials and satanists are below them.”

      Wrong. Satanism and Luciferianism are two separate branches of the Left Hand Path, but they tend to overlap and it is difficult to tell the subtle differences between them. Neither Satanism or Luciferianism is better or superior than the other, they have distinct outlooks that will appeal to different types of people.

      Satan Hunters obsess over a fiction that the branches of the Left Hand Path are heirachical, group-minded and have master-slave relationships. No, they are focused on individualism, where the participants co-exist in a decentralised anarchic relationship. Attempts to impose control and order over those of the LHP is like trying to herd cats, doomed to failure. Yes, there are groups in the LHP, but a close examination of them reveals that the participants are individualistic rather than group-minded.

      Satanists and Luciferians have clashed, they will continue to do so, indeed the nature of the LHP with so many individuals make for a lively, vigorous and argumentative religion of many definitions, ideas and theories. No one LHP individual is the same, a clear example of why the Satan Hunters make such deluded claims, for a religion based on heirarchy, order and control requires a degree of conformity, unity and submission such as happens in the Roman Catholic Church.

      There are some individuals such as Tom Erik Raspotnik who have tried to impose or claim authority over Satanists and Luciferians, they have all failed, and come out of their attempts looking stupid. This clown is worth reading, I booted him out of two LHP forums I once moderated, and he was hit with a legal action from Lucien Greaves of Satanic Temple for his activity.

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    • I was reading the posts by Mektopath on Youtube and he said he believed the 2 children were dead. When told that if that’s what he truly believes then he should report it to the police by calling them his response was that he couldn’t because he doesn’t live in England.
      Just goes to show that a lot of these trolls really do not believe the things they say.

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      • Satan Hunters claim truth or fact which they have no empirical evidence of based upon observation or experience. Take the example of Mektopath, how does he know the RD children are dead? Did he see the children being killed, did he personally experience the RD children being killed? No, he did not. Satan Hunters confuse truth with opinion. What Mektopath is really saying is he has an opinion that the RD children are dead, based upon the fact that there has been no public information about them for 2 years. However, a reasoned mind will conclude that the RD children are fully protected from being abducted and harrassed by keeping their current location and activities away from public scrutiny.

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  1. Despite many public statements and even commenting directly to Kris Costa on Facebook I have said I am not Julian Vayne, but all these Satan Hunters are fixated upon the idea, like they are fixated about the SRA fiction in Hampstead.

    Nathaniel Harris is a mentally ill and twisted individual, who has become more active in promoting Hampstead SRA hoax in recent months. He is believed to have been the one who made five threatening comments on my blog recently targetted at Vayne, his partner and child. Harris continues to also pander the delusion that I am Vayne.

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  2. So really what has been established via this loopy claim that software exists that can read a surfer’s internet habits (not mentioned by the way in the latest Wikileak’s released info on CIA created software)- and also confirmed by my brilliant Indian web builder who is building a very complicated business website for me, that no such thing exists as he would dearly love some if it did – is that Charlotte Ward has accessed child pornography (evil child abuse material) on the internet.

    Did her colleague also view this material which makes certainly her, and maybe her so-called expert criminals of the worst kind.

    Odd – those who promote this hoax all have a history of child abuse via neglect or physical and mental or viewing child abuse material (Abraham Christie, Charlotte Ward, Ella Draper, Angela Power-Disney), or marry such people or are very best friends with or business partners with known pedophiles.
    And they call us odd.

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  3. It would take another blog to dig through the cesspit that is Nathaniel Harris’s mind. I can tell Hoaxtead that he is estranged from every member of his family due to his appalling behaviour. In particular, his daughter, whose privacy he violated in quite a repulsive way on his blog, by alluding to her early sexual history in way that no loving or protective father could ever dream of (I have screenshots).
    He also revealed the identity of the “child” whom he says disclosed abuse to him, not just once, but twice – on his own blog and on Kristie Sue’s. This is the child who was removed from the custody of Harris’s partner, Jasmine de Ville for child protection reasons, including, but not limited to extensive coaching of said young person in accusations of ritual abuse….. sound familiar? This very vulnerable young person has a learning disability….. shades of Hollie Greig?
    The accusations of abuse were fully investigated by the police and by social workers who found that the young person had been coached/coerced, hence triggering protection proceedings and loss of custody.

    Harris has some kind of personality disorder with an insatiable appetite for attention. Also, like many paranoiacs, he is never wrong, it’s just that the sheeple can’t connect the dots like he can. He cannot deal with rejection – just look at his vendetta against pretty much every single person he has ever had a falling out with. And by an extraordinary series of coincidence, they all just happen to be “satanic” child abusers too! He is an enthusiastic supporter of Witchfinder General Valerie Sinason.
    He’s pretty much failed at everything in life, his most recent attempts in writing fiction are the kind of thing a psychiatrist might use as a teaching aid to demonstrate psychopathology. Ditto his art – too many hallucinogens, not enough skill or creativity.
    Though if you want some actual amusement – you can see Harris in this documentary being all magical and powerful and stuff – about 30 minutes in.

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  4. Heads up – Harris often uses the name Nathaniel Mortlock. Beware facebook friend requests. His MO is to target people’s friend lists and then start friending them.

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    • Just to add to what Pallas Athena has said. When Nathaniel Harris learns about this blog post, he will be all over it in comments like a nasty rash, he will be making threats, usually at Vayne, and there may be a lot of comments. He might post links, avoid clicking on these as he will be gathering IPs and might have installed viruses onto the linked sites.

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      • Well, if Angie expects me to believe those two articles as “proof” of ritual abuse, she’s wrong.


        • I can’t imagine what a stonemason with a contract for work in a graveyard (really??) actually had to say that was valuable the way Angela relates it. The whole POINT is that the infants and children were not buried in a graveyard. Plus, stonemasons don’t actually carve monuments in the actual graveyard. I’ve known a few stonemasons, I even know the difference between real cobbles and setts.

          Angela is annoying me now.

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    • I’ve followed this quite closely as I know someone involved. Sadly the mass media have falsely reported “800 bodies” or “over 800 bodies” of children were buried there but it’s complete bullshit as the original researcher confirmed.
      The Irish government is conducting an inquiry after the researcher found death records for around 800 children but no recorded resting places. Some bones had been found in the Tuam sewer and she speculated some bodies may have been buried there.

      The Irish government is conducting an archeological dig but it’s proving to be a risky, time consuming and slow process. They have uncovered bones of children of varying ages (apparently 14 so far) and there may be 100s more, dozens more or ten more. They have not established a figure as they can’t at this stage.

      She is an utter liar to claim ‘decapitation’ and so on as the bones found so far are in a lab but it has not been established yet or speculated on how the children died (most likely from some of the terrible scourges that swept though Ireland).
      Sadly this will take a lot longer but with creeps like Angie they makes up her own ‘alternative facts’ from incorrect newspaper reports.

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      • As for Fake News, they and Angie tried to pull off the claim an ‘investigator’ was prevented from entering the UK over the (false) claim Jimmy Savile was involved in Haut de la Gareene. The woman’s name isn’t worth mentioning since she has been totally discredited over a false story she wrote for the online Newsweek (thrashing their reputation by doing so).
        The simple fact is she lied on her visa application claiming she was a tourist. Visa was cancelled and she was advised to re-apply.
        Power-Disney’s claim may be false, a Kevin Annett trype creature or the man himself but everything she says is a lie.

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    • I can’t find the video either. I’m interested in seeing the woman who thought it was fine to threaten us all.

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    • This ‘sugar burn’ stuff popped up in a TV film just recently so like the utter clueless dolts they are they nabbed yet another fiction to 1. claim they uncovered something 2. they are researchers, when the lazy twats sit at home sucking on fags and trying to invent new ways of asking for ‘donations’.
      Also obviously haven’t a frigging clue how condiments are NOT dished out liberally to prisoners. Fuckwits.

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  6. For the record Indiegogo and Patreon have now lost my business for two future crowdfunding projects. They are permanently boycotted, regardless of what happens about their slow efforts to address the Ella Draper crowdfunding scams.

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    • They must be visiting their fundraising pages often as today they’ve put another video of Ella at the top, it doesn’t play though as it’s on “Private”, of course, they will no doubt rectify that after reading this comment.

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  7. Endangering her and her son? Considering Angie has two past interviewees be put in mental hospitals after her “shows” I’d be far more concerned about Angie personally.

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  8. My intuition tells me that Angela Power Disney may be in serious financial difficulties in her bolt hole, and the police should prepare to grab her when she is forced into either Eire or the UK. I also think Ella Draper and Abraham Christie might also be suffering some financial pressure.

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      • I’m not so sure about her finances though she doesn’t seem very good with money.

        Would she still be owing the car rental company £400? It all seems very strange to me?

        Surely they had a credit/debit card from her and would have just charged the card the £400?

        She’s saving at least 100/200 Euros a month by not being on CCN.

        Re her arrest, I’m wondering what is the alleged crime that she is most likely to be arrested and charged with?

        Will she have the nerve to go to Southwark Crown Court at the end of the month?

        Or does she want to catch a glimpse of her prey and will be lurking around in the vicinity like a Stalker would?


  9. You speak several languages “conversatationally”, do you , luv? Somehow I doubt that, considering you’ve barely mastered English.

    Still, don’t be embarrassed, Angie – that’s only been on prominent display on your GoBegging page for 15 months, during which time you felt fit to rant about how Mel Ve shouldn’t call herself a journalist because she makes spelling mistakes. Oops! 😀

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  11. Looks like “Heather” is Hell Bent for Leather. Dummy doesn’t know her “pals” are the one’s doing the threatening? Another Dim bulb paranoiac ….RE-OPEN NUTHOUSES 2017! 😛 I bet Neelu will be sectioned next after “Common Law BUNKUM Standoff”. Hope no cops are injured …Happens all the time here….She has nothing to lose and she is crazy and has violent contacts…..I hope she sees Reason in her Shiny Bits. Some people just can’t be trusted to mentally handle the dead bodies of their relatives properly….Her Family should have known better….Her trauma seems to stem from the tragic death of her niece that she has spun into a HUGE False “conspiracy”. The incidents with Patrick’s Family illustrate this morbid hoax fascination and inappropriate social conduct.

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