ACTION: Help us remove Abe & Ella’s Patreon page

Times must be tough for Abe and Ella these days. Not only have they set up a funding page on, but now it seems they’re trying to scam their tiny cadre of remaining supporters via Patreon, too.We won’t bother screenshotting the entire page—let’s just say it’s identical to their page, with the exception of their financial target: Patreon is intended to fund “creators” on a monthly basis, and Abe and Ella are asking for US$100,000…per month. Must be expensive, living on the run from the law.

We still have not seen any results from our protests against Abe and Ella’s account, though several of us have been in touch with the site via email.

Frustrating as that is, though, we believe we have an even stronger case to compel Patreon to remove Abe and Ella’s page. Here are some of Patreon’s guidelines for its “creators”: Abe and Ella have been very clear: their goal is to mobilise the troofer community to “free the Hampstead 2”. Since the children’s custody was settled during Ella’s appeal in August 2015, and there is now no possibility of further appeal, they can only mean that they want people to use illegal methods to locate and kidnap the children.

In addition, Abraham Christie has a long and colourful criminal record. He’s been arrested no fewer than 56 times, and has been found guilty on 37 of those charges. His record includes convictions for fraud, counterfeiting, theft, and child abuse. Both Abe and Ella are currently wanted in the UK on charges of child abuse.

How to report Abe and Ella’s page to Patreon

We found Patreon’s reporting format relatively clear and easy to navigate…once we discovered where it was located on their site! It took a bit of work, but we’re sharing what we found in hopes that some of our readers will join us in reporting Abe and Ella’s page.

Here’s the link to find “Where can I report a creator’s page?“.

Once you’re on that page, you can click through to Patreon’s reporting form: As with, Patreon states that they do not inform complainants about the actions they take; however, they do leave lots of room to attach links. If you’d like to attach Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement from the March 2015 fact-finding hearing, you’ll find a link on our Official Reports page. Other possible attachments could include:

Ella and Abe have clearly come upon hard times, and are hoping that online crowdfunding will help them. Let’s not allow that to happen.


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  1. I saw the link for that patreon under a video on YT today. You’ve just reminded me to report it! Thanks.
    Abe and Ella have some nerve to try and raise funds to kidnap the children.

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    • Patreon: Report A Campaign
      Thank you for looking out for the well-being of our community. Our Trust and Safety team is committed to upholding Patreon’s community guidelines and thoroughly reviews each report that we receive. Due to the volume of reports, reporters will not receive a response unless additional information is needed.
      * Required
      What is the Creator’s Patreon URL? *
      What part of our guidelines does this page violate? *
      *Bullying, Harassment, or Hatespeech
      Nudity or Pornography
      Copyright Infringement
      Please give a brief explanation of the situation. *
      The mother and her boyfriend falsely accused the children’s father, teachers, churchgoers and officials of abusing and killing children and are now wanted criminals, having fled from the UK and unable to return for fear of arrest

      excerpts from the court case summary which can be found at

      – All of the material promulgated by Ms Draper now published on the internet is nothing other than utter nonsense.
      – The children’s false stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse. Torture is the most accurate way to describe what was done by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms Draper.
      – Both children were assaulted by Mr Christie by being hit with a metal spoon on multiple occasions over their head and legs, by being pushed into walls, punched, pinched and kicked. Water was poured over them as they knelt semi-clothed.
      – The long term emotional and psychological harm of what was done to the children is incalculable. The impact of the internet campaign is likely to have the most devastating consequences for P and Q.
      Evidence – Link 1 *
      (If a video link, please include TIME STAMP of violation)
      Evidence – Link 2
      (If a video link, please include TIME STAMP of violation)
      Evidence – 3
      (If a video link, please include TIME STAMP of violation)
      Please provide your email address in case we need to request additional information. *
      (me at memailplace)

      Patreon: Report A Campaign
      We appreciate you being proactive and looking out for the Patreon community.

      Thank you!

      (now lets see what they do, rather than what they SAY they will do, unlike certain other` less than generous’ sites)
      fingers x’d

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  2. Thanks Coyote for all the brilliant work.
    This is what I did following your orders.

    Report Page –

    Account Url to post in first box.

    Chose other – “Facilitating Harmful or dangerous Activities”

    Brief Explanation box: “Kidnapping Fund operated by child abusers on the run from the UK Law”

    Evidence Links:

    Enter email and send.

    Looks like Spiny beat me too it, lol. The more varied the better to avoid spam filters.

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  3. LOVED the graphic with ‘Liz! Literally fell out of my chair 🙂

    Stressful times of late, so…
    From a time before Newage turned to sewage, the soothing tones of Shadowfax. Oh yea!

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    • Interesting.

      She recorded the phone call but she must have been put through to the Ward by a telephonist, who might have asked if she was a relative.

      Who knows what the Policy is for the patients/clients to receive phone calls from troublemakers.

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  4. Reported.

    I was wondering though, what information would they hold on the possible location of Abe/Ella. Surely you can’t just sign up to these sites and get money without some sort of checkable address/ID?

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  5. The vitriol and hate of the hoaxers is ridiculous. Take a look at the comments under this video.
    RD narrated a promotional video for them. Somebody once made a tweet linking them to Clinton, so bam!..they linked RD to pizzagate.

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  6. Has anyone else seen Abe and Ella’s promotional video for their latest charity, scam.


  7. Ive been listening to The Thinking Athiests shows, the last 2 & next 3 are relevant. I,ve left a comment on the memory one. So far other Patreon members, like AronRa, Omni, expose hypocritical, evil


        • Don’t worry about Angela, Sheva.

          I don’t really think many people are taking any notice of her now and if I ever bump into her, I shall tell her she is a Fraud and you are Genuine.

          She knows that of course and hates it.

          Power is a joke, has no credibility and has lost many supporters.

          I don’t think any of her family have anything good to say about her.

          If I hear anyone say anything good about her, I will put them straight.

          I’ll be surprised if anyone does.

          She is a fake.

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        • `Angela really wants me igored or dissmissed, demonised, attacked, humiliated, mistrusted. Trouble is my foundation is strong, Downunder attacks via Hollie/Hampstead/Barnett/Annett gangs was serious,’

          APD `wants’ lots of things, problem is what she wants, she doesnt get- and what she gets, she doesnt want lol

          Long gone are her heady days(daze??) of her vast broadcasting empire at cnn (oh wait it was ccn wasnt it lol, no attempt at deception there either) when nearly a dozen loyal listeners (mostly from Hoaxtead Research LOL) clung to her every word (mostly to find out what she would screw up this time lol)

          sighs, the good old days, when (in her oxygen deprived and alcohol fueled braincells) she thought she really mattered

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          • There are serious investigators, it caught attention, when, luckily they were spotlighted via John Brown’s ‘Trauma Theory with Laurence Coghlan. ‘ if you listen , perhaps, you might understand more?


        • As you would know Sheva Hampstead style claims in Oz really don’t get off the ground despite the various Royal Commissions it’s basically opportunistic child abuse and mostly from a era where all of society turned a blind eye. Not that that condones it but few people from the years, say when priests were rampant just didn’t want to know about it.
          Child care is an evolving issue in society. Recall it was only 100 years ago when society condoned 8/9/10 year olds working in mines and so on or with deadly machinery for a pittance.

          There is the occasionally nutty politician such as in NSW when a female MP described in Parliament a terrible plot of an almost Satanist Cult that involved rich families, MPs and private school students but it turned out she was describing the exact plot of a movie at the time called The Everlasting Secret Family.

          Ironically the brother of the author of that film who was a Judge committed suicide when the same MP revealed in Parliament to shouts of ‘shut-up” that he had once been arrested importuning a schoolboy at a railway station and was from then on basically blackmailed by the infamous Special Branch squad of bent cops who had a tame judge in their pockets.

          I put the basically disinterest in Satanic Abuse down to good weather and people having more physical outlets seeing half the population are originally from the UK.

          Barnett has been particularly active but various police have investigated her claims and not found a shred of proof. She seems a pretty nasty number though. There is also Liz Mulliner that former agent for some top Hollywood stars who set up a ‘retreat’ in NSW called ‘Heal 4 Life’ who claims there are satanist cults all over the place but she has had such bad press she’s gone very quiet and apparently put off her plans to open similar retreats in the UK after backers pulled out. She claims her father, atop doctor at Guys Hospital belonged to a Satanist Child Abuse Cult. Bizarre things have happened- Mulliner was the driving force behind a ‘patient’ who was the claimant in the Hey Dad abuse trial who was convicted and he was also the husband of Mulliner’s ex-partner in the agency business. She demanded her ex-partner’s top show biz names leave the agency but none did.

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          • I didn’t know alot of that, thanks. Yes attitudes are changing, These hoaxers are clueless of efforts made. I,m learning alot from watching the RoyalCommission unfold. The hoaxers dissmiss ior ignore


    • I’m fairly sure Kirstie Sue WAS dreaming or having nightmares. I became aware through experience with relatives and neighbours who were developing dementia that in certain circumstances the distinction between reality and dreams becomes lost and they can accuse people of things that never happened. I worry Kirstie Sue’s mental health may not be that good.

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      • Yes, and I think this gives us a strong hint of what will happen should RD’s children ever decide to speak out about Hoaxtead. Those who believe with all their little hearts that the kids were raped on an industrial scale and murdered and ate babies will insist that the children have fallen prey to the “cult” and its brainwashing tactics. It’s a no-win, trying to argue with these people. The best we can do is try to keep them cordoned off so they cannot infect others with their terminal gullibility.

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    • I’ve been reading through a lot of them today. I always have a good a laugh when I see Kris, SVG and Charlotte Ward arguing.

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      • They also appear to be talking about two different Barbara Kahan’s in that Becki Percy thread. Becki’s father worked at Planet Coffee. A couple of people haves left comments saying:

        “Barbara Kahan (born June 1931) is appointed director of Planet Coffee 26 Jan 2009, and she resigned 16 Feb 2009. She, or her name, is used in thousands of companies: apparently she works for a company that sells ‘ready made companies’ –> startups that are started to sell immediately to the person who had asked for it. It’s an involvement that is real, but she has nothing to do with the company as such.”

        “According to that link, Barbara Kahan lived from 1920 to 2000. The Barbara Kahan involved in all those companies has as date of birth June 1931. Or am I missing something?”

        “During the Hampstead case, the name Barabara Kahan elicited much debate among researchers because there was also a social worker who worked with the Tavistock Institute on child abuse cases with the same name. And people were discussing whether the director of new companies and and Tavistock social worker were one and the same. It led to much confusion, understandably.”

        LOL! Seems their dot-joining is as loopy as ever.

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        • They are confused even AFTER it has been pointed out multiple times that one Barbara is dead, the other alive and working in company formation. Abraham Christie is particularly fixated on the idea that these two people are one and the same, that and his magic plant juice that grants immortality.

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    • I hope they have the right person and he ends up going away for a loooooong time.

      I always feel a bit at a loss what say about news stories like this, it’s obviously not a great thing, where a young man was killed, but it would be great if someone is brought to justice, even after almost a quarter century.

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      • I’m just in awe that it’s possible to identify such a tragic victim! – no head, no hands, no legs…
        I think just identifying this poor boy, so his family can have resolution of his disappearance and he can be properly buried under his real name, is a huge victory. If they can get a successful prosecution as well, that’s bonus in my eyes.

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    • To be honest, I’m starting to feel uncomfortable reading all their personal mud-slinging vitriol to each other.
      Their children/families must be mortified reading it all.

      Also, people must be mad telling APD anything personal, she’ll throw it back online at you for all to read in the end..


        • No, don’t. I just feel for their families. It’s them who shouldn’t put it out there.


          • I agree let’s hear what people that know Angela have to say it confirms her character.

            If Angela Power had never put any of the information out in the first place, we wouldn’t be any the wiser at least I wouldn’t.

            It’s good to be reassured your assessment of someone is spot on.

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    • If it makes her feel better I once worked for 3 Ladies Of The Night when out of work for 4 months as a chauffeur, odd job man and sticking up cards in telephone boxes around Bayswater for “Strict French Lessons” etc.
      It was common and actually the police encouraged working ladies to have a maid so they wouldn’t be murdered so they turned a blind eye to the practice as 2 or more people in a flat selling sex became an illicit brothel.
      I suppose I could have been done for living off immoral earnings (Christ the pay was good) but having spotted a fairly high ranking Scotland Yard officer and a High Court judge availing themselves of French Lessons with Miss Whiplash I figured this unlikely to ever happen.

      If one can find it the superb and very funny book by the author of the Henry Root letters, “Both the Ladies and the Gentlemen” by William Donaldson is a wonderful book on this era.

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    • Having been through quite a taxing issue recently with car insurance myself I have a tiny amount of sympathy for Shurter but he makes some mistakes. I also have plenty of experience at this.
      Firstly I never use an insurance company’s ‘preferred repairer’ as I consider this a conflict of interest. Independent repairers who deal with insurance claims on a regular basis are far better.

      His angry communications are a yugge mistake as they just get people’s backs up and do his case no good and for someone who claims there is a giant conspiracy against him he demonstrates a naive view of the world.

      If he can show a pothole caused the damage he also probably has a case against the local council if he’s a ratepayer as his rates go to keep roads repaired to avoid such accidents, he should talk to a lawyer and a repairer- not a tow truck driver – is the one who fills in a report on the car when it comes in and describes it’s whole condition as it can be a factor in an insurance claim (ie bad brakes or suspension).

      Shurter should know by now that the Rothschild Illuminati Edward Heath US Branch of the Bohemian Grove Union of Satanist Baby Eaters have a reach so wide and powerful that they can regulalry make potholes appear on the off-chance their target will drive down that particular road. I’ve told them that the local Mafia Cosa Nostra Family will do the job at a fraction of the price but will they listen?.

      Other tips: check your insurance company pays ( most have to if you are not at fault) Demurrage for a hire car until your car is repaired. Another reason not to complicate your claim with exaggerated or unproven complications as they will not pay for car hire to continue arguing with them.
      Mine paid for 8 weeks- they had no choice as they made an original mistake – and this also stops you losing the plot and complicating matters. The same would apply if the road repairers were neglectful.
      Hell it’s American David ! There is always someone you can sue.
      Lesson on car insurance ends here. I had great sympathy for Mr Shurter, well I did while typing but it’s now passed.

      Allegedly and Without Prejudice.

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      • I also meant to now add my preferred disclaimer to all my posts:
        Allegedly & Without Prejudice
        All Care Taken but No Guarantees Give
        No Cheques Cashed.( A Refusal May Give offence)
        and if I am found to be at fault with this valuable advice,
        It Wasn’t Me. A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away.

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  8. Forgot : what about the Ham & High?. They already did a story about Belinda trying to raise money for Sabine when she was on the run. They have an ongoing interest in this case.

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