The eyes have it: Let’s settle the fuss over that Audi advert

An Audi car advert played during the American Super Bowl game a couple of weeks ago has got the Hoaxtead mobsters all in a tizzy, as apparently Ella Draper is claiming that the young girl featured in the ad is in fact RD’s daughter.

Leaving aside the improbability of it—why would anyone take the risk that someone might recognise the girl and track her down?—there are a few very good reasons to believe that people like, oh, say, Kristie Sue Costa and Angela Power-Disney are talking out their arses. Again.

A short lesson in genetics

We know from their photographs that both RD and Ella have blue eyes, correct? Here’s a brief refresher, just in case anyone has forgotten:

eye-colour-1Now, back when we were in secondary school, we learned that two parents with blue eyes absolutely, positively, definitely cannot produce children with brown or hazel eyes. Our teachers explained to us that the gene for blue eyes was “recessive”—that is, a person with blue eyes carries only the gene for blue eyes, and therefore has no brown-eyed gene to pass on to his or her offspring.

We now know that this is an oversimplification: it turns out that more than one gene is involved in producing eye colour. Eye colour inheritance is now considered a polygenic trait, meaning that it’s controlled by the interaction of several genes. However, while it’s possible for two blue-eyed parents to produce a brown-eyed child, it’s still very, very unusual.

And sure enough, when we look at the pictures of RD’s two children, we see that they both have bright blue eyes…like their parents.

The young Audi actress

A few days ago, Kristie Sue Costa posted pictures of the young girl from the Audi advert on her Facebook page:kristie-sue-costa-audi-actress-2017-03-04-3

She points to the girl’s teeth, presumably as some sort of “evidence”. (By the way, KSC, children’s teeth shift and change dramatically in the years between primary school age and the pre-teenage years. You are a parent yourself, but perhaps you spend too much time combing the internet for “evidence” and posting on Facebook and Voat to bother noticing details like that in your own children.)

However, Kristie Sue was so preoccupied with the girl’s dentition that she failed to notice the most obvious telltale clue: her eyes.

They are most decidedly not blue. Take a look at that advert again. Not a blue eye in sight.

We made up this handy chart, for reference: blue-eyes1

Anyone with more than a couple of functioning neurons can also see that the the two girls’ eyes aren’t the same shape, they’re not the same size relative to their noses, and their eyebrows are different. Other than that, they’re a perfect match, right?

But Ella says…

When challenged yesterday with this obvious evidence that she is falling prey, yet again, to the dread folly of confirmation bias, Kristie Sue responded tartly:



Ah, well then.

Ella, the mother who deserted her two children even though she claimed to believe that they were being brutally raped and forced to participate in grisly baby-murder and cannibalism rituals, said she’s “100%” certain that the Audi actress is her daughter. This is the same mother who starved her children, allowed her boyfriend to beat, kick, burn, and threaten them, all in the service of “getting back” at their father and preventing him from having a relationship with his kids.

So Ella can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that a child she has seen while watching an American football game is the daughter she abandoned to her fate two years ago? Say no more, say no more.

Apparently Ella didn’t bother looking too closely at the Audi actress’ eyes either.

Or maybe she doesn’t exactly remember what colour her children’s eyes are. After all, she’s a busy woman. That ganja isn’t going to grow itself, after all. And then there’s all the arranging of fruit on plates, and posing in fields of cannabis, and practicing her face yoga. Who has time for details like eye colour?

What’s the point of all this?

Why are Ella and Abe attempting to whip their gullible little friends into a frenzy over a car advertisement? Most likely for the same reason they’ve been uploading videos to their YouTube channel like there’s no tomorrow, and linking videos to their “Generosity” fundraising page: they’re taking one last kick at the can, attempting once again to use images of RD’s children to squeeze money from the weak-minded and fanatical.

After all, the Hampstead SRA hoax was always intended as a jumping-off point for an online fundraising campaign. Why stop now?


157 thoughts on “The eyes have it: Let’s settle the fuss over that Audi advert

  1. Same with all of the current running hoaxes, sensationalism and the need for new content to keep the conspirators attention and make them all feel wanted and special.
    No doubt they will probably start trying to track down this young girl as well, I mean it must really be so important breaking news that Ange finds it worthy of mentioning when recording a phone call with a mentally ill man in recovery.

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  2. Thanks for this post, EC.

    By the way, I think it was stroppy Scouser John Taylor who kicked this crap off, with this comment on Kristie Sue’s FB page:

    This is the post he was referring to:

    He’d taken time out from chemtrail-spotting and littering his page with illegal A & G videos to check out the Superbowl, it seems. Trouble is, I think he may have had one too many cans whilst watching.

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          • Come off it Jake,now your being ridiculous.Why the hell would some guy be innocently waiting around for someone for 15 whole minutes?Explain that.Such things simply dont happen in the real world in 2017,its not 1993 anymore dont you know?.

            If perhaps the car had been registered anywhere else on the planet your theory could at a stretch hold some water but Croatia???Come on,no one in a car registered in an Eastern European country with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea encompassing more than a thousand islands and crossed by the Dinaric Alps could be innocent of anything,ever.Its hardly rocket science.

            The very fact that this individual had the bare faced nerve to be filmed at all also means he should be automatically banged to rights and placed on the sexual offenders list for life at the very least.

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    • Michelle Reid sound likes such a lovely lady. 6ft and can fight like fuck. Bet the gentleman are queuing for a date. But can you take her home to meet mum?

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    • Who sent her messages telling her he would come and mess her up? If this happened she should have reported it to the police.

      People just haven’t come to grips with the internet. There are all sorts of nutcases sending all sorts of messages to manipulate people. It’s amazing to me how people who call themselves ‘awake’ are so flippin’ dim!

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  3. Oh, I see Angie’s changed her mind about the “brave evil satanic mind control bravo” BBC again:

    Her previous thoughts for those fortunate enough to have missed them:

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  4. Yep, a quick browse of the thumbnails of John Taylor’s illegal videos on his Farcebook page confirms that Child Q absolutely definitely positively has blue eyes. back to the drawing board, eh, Kristie Sue 😀

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    • Still, credit where it’s due – she proved that both “Audi Girl” and “Hampstead Girl” have teeth. That’s compelling evidence of an international conspiracy right there.

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      • Chris Spiteful must be furious he didn’t spot this. He would be claiming the Hampstead girl has now become a Crisis Actor.
        Must be too busy writing his own version of De Profundis.

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        • He’s a liar, said he was a lawyer and then changed the description of himself on one of his fb profiles.

          Yep in his imagination he is.

          Pot and kettle with him from what I’ve read.

          Him and Angela 2 peas in a pod, though she’ll beat him any day of the week.

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  5. Jesus, god, christ, I hate these despicable people.
    Just wait for the flood of claims from these loop holes of society, from contact lenses, CGI, Cosmetic surgery, tanning, sunny climate brings out her freckles, I know it’s her, Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams, Yaddayaddayadda bleed’n Yada.
    Go fruit loops, you have just come runner up in a beauty contest, do not pass go, do not pick up £200, go straight to jail for being in contact with child abusers.
    Super Toilet Bowl more like.

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    • LOL! I was scrolling down to leave a similar comment to yours. I can hear them now. “She’s been made to wear contacts!”, “They’ve given her a nose job!”.. “She’s had dental work done!”..

      As usual they will spin anything to suit their narrative.

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        • Why not cover their sorry arses completely and go for the tried and tested,good old fashioned alien abduction/random body morphing implant technology thang.

          Note for aliens from out of space reading this blog: If you are running low on humanoids to permanantly whisk away to far flung corners of the galaxy we can provide a handy list of ideal candidates.

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      • Yeah and I added my comments before I read from the top down!

        Lol I really must start reading that way instead of the last comment up,

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      • Quite apart form the fact it’s been 2 years now and they were at that crucial stage were they grow fairly quickly and their looks can change dramatically.

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      • I’ve yet to see a comment from Abe or Ella under any of these Audi videos, stating they believe it to be the child. If Ella is really saying it, then I’ll bet she’s only doing it to revive interest in the hoax and not because she believes it’s her daughter.

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  6. “BOTH A & G are in this commercial.”

    I love how Kristie Sue suddenly, out of the blue, with no explanation, sneaked “G” into her narrative. Not even the stroppy Scouser had claimed that he was involved. LOL

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    • Yes and of course RD filmed, directed and produced that video and paid the “like 30 Million” it costs for a Super Bowl Halftime commercial, y’know.
      Probably paid for by the Goobermint just to piss off a handful of nutjobs off who may or may not ever see it.
      Cheap at half the price or what.

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        • I’m guessing RD would be shielding them from any limelight or publicity, not broadcasting them to the world, like Ella and Abe did on the worldwide web.

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          • I bet Angela is well jealous at the thought that one or 2 of the children are in that ad.

            I know it’s not the girl, any twat can see that a mile off.

            Did the ahem Mother really think that was her daughter or is that a figment of her imagination.

            You know the conspiracy lot will say the girl was wearing brown tinted contact lenses next.

            If Power freak hasn’t said that already, she will.

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          • Power freak will be jealous because despite her declaring Holywood is full of illuminati she wanted her grandchildren to pass their auditions are star in some Holywood block buster.

            Wonder how that went?

            Updates Power freak?

            Do you take Saturday’s off because you are recovering from your piss up at the Irish bar Mulligans in Lanzarote Friday lunchtimes until close of business.

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          • Lol at “I know it’s not the girl, any twat can see that a mile off.”
            They will push anything at this point, to stay relevant to their ever diminishing circles, desperatation me thinks.
            Saturday is the Sabbath for these fruitcakes. Just another excuse to scrounge and be a special snowflake.

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      • Amazing since he’s still apparently recovering from his gunshot wounds in that shoot-out in Manila when President Duterte named RD as a drug user.

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    • With Tuamgate, it’s worth bearing in mind that until the conspiraloons got hold of it, there was no implication of murder – the controversy was around the burying of people who had died at the home, by whatever cause. Not necessarily justifying it but that was apparently standard practice at the time:

      “The discovery confirms decades of suspicions that the vast majority of children who died at the home were interred on the site in unmarked graves, a common practice at such Catholic-run facilities amid high child mortality rates in early 20th-century Ireland.”

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      • And the deaths of children within the orphanages or Catholic run children’s homes reflected the figures of all child deaths in Ireland as terrible scourges and diseases were rampant.
        The unusual thing is because of the concentration of children in one home means the deaths seem to be greater but they aren’t.
        Combined with a lack of funds for formal burials and no families to mourn the poor Nuns did the best they could with limited resources. But manna from Heaven for the conspiraloons.

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    • Yeah, the local Tuam historian, Catherine Corless found Death Certificates for nearly 800 children who were residents at the Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home but burial records for only two.. but watch people put #Pizzagate on YT videos or even put a “Satanic” spin on it.

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      • When she was on Miles Johnson video with Cathy she didn’t even know a thing about Tuam or even where it was located lol.

        Isn’t she part Irish?

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        • Part Irish, part Spencer (cousin of Princess Diana) part Romanov (could well be the missing Anastasia) and for all we know, part Rothschild but basically, 90% common garden variety bullshit.

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          • You are far too charitable Sam with the 90% bullshit factor assessment.A leading poll from within her own community had it registering at 99.999 % 🙂

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    • Omg, the Flag pub!

      Those lot will be all over that like a rash.

      Expect Power freak to post on fb after she’s checked in here this morning for her regular update on the facts.

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      • The hoaxers will go to see this movie in their droves, scouring every inch of the screen, throughout the movie’s duration, just to try and catch a glimpse of the children, who the “elite” have put in the movie in certain scenes. 😉

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        • Yes, the “elite” are constantly doing things like that, just to mess with the troofers. Then they sit back, sip their g&t’s, and smirk in that superior way they have. Most irritating people.


    • Well Diane Keaton used to go out with Woody Allen and Brenda Gleeson is an Irish Catholic and therefore the pope has been at him and he can’t be trusted. I’m just joining the dots for you lot. Wake up!

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      • Time for police action. Death threats, air rifle and a cannabis Grinder.
        Nice video exposing this loose cannon.
        Their intentions have been more than made clear.
        are the authorities waiting for blood on thier hands?
        Imagine these were muslim terrorists making the same threats, the police would be like bees on honey.

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        • I am shocked!!

          That blatantly shows his intentions to shoot RD in the head.

          Is that a new video?


        • What about the hot pink walls and the song “girls on film”. Nothing wrong with this bloke.
          Is he English? That is an out and out death threat and he needs to be hauled in by Plod.

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          • I wasn’t sure if he made the film and put on the creepy music or what?

            Still the police will be able to identify him by his watch if nothing else.


          • – Taylor is a Scouser. He’s not a new face in Hoaxteadland, by the way. He’s a hoaxer troll of long standing. At one point the creepy bastard had Child P’s photo as his icon pic.
            – At the start of the video it gives the date of the video (August 2015).
            – The Duran Duran song was already there on Taylor’s original video.
            – Taylor’s video was reported to Farcebook at the time but apparently, it didn’t breach their community rules. It’s been taken down since, though, but I don’t know whether that was by choice or not.

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  7. Detective Disney on the blog she never reads:

    Big up to can-paigners everywhere. I just hope they all do what it says on the tin 😀

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    • Indeed the children need rescuing.From the likes of self promoting adult failures who use child suffering in a pathetic attempt to ingratiate themselves.

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    • Hang on, Angie – I thought that Ricky Dearman…er…Scarlet Scoop…er…Yannis Emmanouel…er…El Coyote…er…Rik Douglas…er…McKenzie’s Devils…er…Spiny Norman…er…James Hind…er…Westminster…er…Washington…er…Rumple-bloody-Stiltskin was the originator of Hoaxtead. Point is, do you think you could make a firm decision and stick to it, luv? Cheers.

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    • If you live in Hampstead and happen to be famous you are in the Cult and that’s why Russel Brand cops it does Ricky Gervais but I’m puzzled why the late George Michael in Highgate didn’t get accused and his death labelled an Illuminati assassination.
      The late Michael Foot would have copped it as he lived right on the Heath.

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      • And now, you too can learn the wondrous secrets of the Center Foot-path – by taking my new course!
        All 333 lessons for the low, low price of $1313.13 each.
        Learn the secrets of the Ass-ended Masters! Learn to channel NBC, or CBS, or even the dread & terrible BBC!!
        But first you must take the purple pill…which will transform you from a mere Neo into an utter Tot-o!
        Step right up!

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  8. The creepy bugger now has a doctored pic of Ricky Dearman as his profile pic. I think he has a crush.

    This one’s going out to you, Johnny-boy. Don’t let those love pangs distract you from the chemtrails!

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    • Shocking that they will be searching to find out who the young girl acting in the commercial is. Someone could hunt her down and kidnap her. What they are doing is dangerous.

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  9. I’ve just had an email from a lady at Indiegogo Support to say they are going to check the links I sent them. Hope they do the right thing.

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    • Not impressed, I also got an email from them asking for the link to the page (apparently their abuse button doesnt automatically tell them the page you are submitting it from (unlike every other report button I have ever see)
      I now have an email that my report is marked as `solved’

      Request #1125781 Prohibited Content

      s d submitted this request
      First and Last Name
      Steve d lastname
      Customer Type

      Campaign ID

      Yippee me thinks, the page has been taken down

      goes to https://www
      (spaces after the www to stop link coming up as it has pics of the kids)


      its still up

      So what exactly has been `solved’????

      god knows, but I sure dont



  10. Well, they could have used make up to cover the big scar on her chin caused by Abraham slicing and scolding her face open, but it’s clearly not the same girl.
    At the end of the Audi advert the girl is seen much clearer and it is obviously not RD’s child. If, and it’s a big if, Ella seen that image and thought it was her daughter, it just shows how little Ella knows of her own children.

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    • And what a blessed woman Ms Elizabeth is with this rare gift. Those of us, the billions not chosen by God with this rare ability of face recognition, go through a living hell. I put down the fact I divorced my one and only wife after 20 years to the fact each morning I would wake up and think “who in the hell is this dame beside me?”
      She went through the same and frankly, it became tiresome having to prove to each other over breakfast that we were indeed married and not just random strangers who had wandered in off the streets for a night’s kip.

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    • Is that not the story that she, herself, told in one of her videos? I’m sure we all discussed it here a while back. The residents of Oldcastle warned the guy.


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