Staying on the right side of the ethical line

Yesterday we learned that one of our longest-standing supporters, James Hind, aka Satanic Views, had been accused of sending harassing messages to Rupert Quaintance. To say we were surprised would be a gross understatement: James has strong opinions which he’s not afraid to express, but we’ve never witnessed him actually threatening or harassing anyone. satanic-views-harassment-complaint-2017-03-02James has been in touch with the police over this allegation, and is confident, as are we, that he’s done nothing wrong. He has written on his own blog about it, under the title “Satanism and Child Abuse”. We recommend this article, which spells out James’ position very clearly.

What we can learn

While we’re very sorry that James has been singled out in this way, he raised some excellent points in his comments yesterday, which we think have relevance here.

Since we began this blog in May 2015, we’ve been the unwilling recipients of a multitude of death threats. In fact, we maintain a page here dedicated to these threats; here are just a few examples:

death-threat-1 iowagirl-freedom-of-speech-death-threat john-taylor-death-threat michelle-berry-death-threat miss-behaving-death-threat truth1It’s sometimes hard to know exactly how to respond to this sort of thing. The natural human response is either fight or flight—lash out or run away.

But we’ve found that neither of those responses is really very satisfactory.

Lashing out, responding in kind, just puts us on a par with those we are fighting against. They believe that they have the right to purge the world of anyone whose ideas they disagree with; and since we most emphatically disagree with them, they feel justified in labelling us “paedo-sympathisers”, “shills”, or “agents”. If we respond in a similar vein, we simply prove that we are just as wrong as they are—more so, in fact, because we claim to know better.

Running away doesn’t work, either. It’s important to stand our ground in the face of this kind of behaviour, as it illustrates that we have nothing to be ashamed of, and that we know we are on the right track.

On this blog, we tend to respond to threats (of death or otherwise) with sarcasm. Not to mention dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and satire. All fair game in our view.

When you’re out on the coal-face

Many of our readers have encountered some pretty vicious responses when they’ve responded to posts on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or the like. When you’re out there by yourself, threats and abuse can feel much more upsetting than when you’re chatting with your mates here in the comments section. It can be tempting to overreact, just to let the troll know you’re not putting up with any nonsense.

This is where James’ advice comes in: it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the law regarding harassment and malicious communications. You really don’t want to find yourself on the wrong end of a charge like that. And worse still, it would suck to be arrested when you feel you were just responding to something that someone else started.

So take a deep breath, and have a bit of a think before you hit “send”.

Things to bear in mind

The Malicious Communications Act 1988 is relatively straightforward: if you send a person a message that’s indecent or grossly offensive, a threat, or information you know to be false, with the intention of causing distress or anxiety to the recipient, you’ve committed an offence under the Act. Any of the above threatening posts would certainly qualify.

malicious-communications-act-1988The other Act to keep in mind is the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, which essentially says that it’s not okay to harass other people by sending them material which could, for example, put them in fear of violence. protection-from-harassment-act-1997

It’s not just about staying out of trouble with the police, though. It’s also important for each of us to know that we are always walking on the right side of the ethical line. After all, what good does it do to fight the good fight using dirty tactics? We wind up resembling the very shit-slingers whose false narrative we challenge every day.

We know that feelings can run high in online discussions of the Hampstead SRA hoax. After all, we are talking about the safety and well-being of children and infants, and most people feel a strong gut reaction where kids are concerned. As well, this hoax has had a strong negative impact upon an entire community, and some of you probably know at least one or two people who’ve been affected. You know the lurid stories about cults and baby-eaters aren’t true, and it can be unbelievably frustrating to try to communicate this to someone on the other side who seems determined to rely on “intuition” and “gut feeling” rather than plain unadorned evidence and logic.

We’re very sorry that James is having to deal with this issue, but we feel it gives all of us—those who write and research material for the blog, and those who read and comment here—an opportunity to think very carefully about how we wish to conduct ourselves. Things can get awfully complicated online, and boundaries can blur, but it’s important to remember who we are and why we’re here. hoaxtead-jedi


161 thoughts on “Staying on the right side of the ethical line

  1. Great post and very useful to be aware of these things. So many horrible things can be said over social media, from foul language, threats of harm or violence, extreme racist views and ignorance. All it takes is one reply back to these tools and then taken out of context and used against a person to spin another cycle of hate.

    Good reminder to continue to not stoop to the levels of the crazy, weird, conspiracy idiots.
    It can be extremely difficult not to respond back, but when they all label us trolls for telling the truth, who really are the trolls? Those that continue to spread horrendous and life damaging fraudulent accusations with zero information or evidence to back up those claims, that is who.

    They will eventually all be held accountable in the end I hope.

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  2. “Now fuck off”
    Ooh, that was very cheeky of me 😀
    Mind you, Miss behaving does appear to have well and truly fucked off now and floated off into the ether of the Hoaxtead hasbeen community, along with the likes of Margaret Sneddon, Zeph Daniels, Pinecone Utopia, Oneperfectoutfit, Neil the badger-shagger, Earthicastar et al. LOL

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  3. As I recall, Scarlet replied to that ‘Truth’ comment about burning her alive in the street with something along the lines of: “Great – I can’t wait – it’s fucking freezing here.” 😀

    Intriguing article, by the way, EC. And Rupert doesn’t have a leg to stand on, quite frankly. How he thinks this could help his case against Hampstead residents who are completely unconnected to James is beyond me. He must be getting desperate. If he must report anyone, he should report the scraggy-haired, faggy-breathed, saggy-arsed old cougar who “attacked him from the rear”.

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  4. It’s wise to be very very careful in your wordings these days, a online friend of had some very anxious moments recently, he had a complaint lodged at his work that he was discriminating against disabled people on facebook.

    Turns out a running commentary about a person of dubious business practices he was involved in (and that he hadn’t even talked about himself) had lodged complaints with the local police and the company he was working with, he ended up being hauled over the coals by his company and was nearly sacked due to the complaint, and in fact had to show them his private facebook posts to prove the other person was lying/ misrepresenting things he had said in order to make the complaint seem valid (the excerpts he had sent to the company had been lets us say `creatively edited’ )
    Its one reason I don’t facebook (under my real name) in fact I don’t exist online apart from one google response (that you would have to know it was me)

    This tactic of reverse lodging of complaints seems to be recent and on the rise


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    • `For you own safely’
      So put your listening ears on- not your non listening ears or your seeing ears or your tasting ears or your touching ears….

      Because heather brown will come after you with the intention of killing you!!!

      (what was that about hoaxstead posters dont do death threats, whereas hoaxheaders regularly do death threats??- point in case…)

      Damn our high intelligence and good spelling- I would have given it away by saying `For your own safety’ instead…

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    • How long before Heather ends up regretting getting involved with Angie? Seems like such a nice lady shame she wants to kill us.

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  5. The latest rant from Detective Costa:

    Some pertinent points there, to be fair, but then she spoils it all by once again peddling that idiotic unsubstantiated logically flawed hogwash about Bridget Yorke being Charlotte Ward. There’s a point where stupidity ceases to be funny and endearing and just becomes annoying.

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  6. Relevant:
    Former Sunday Times editor Sir Harold Evans has branded Facebook and Google “disgraceful” for their failure to tackle the spread of the fake news stories which have acted as political propaganda.

    We’ve all experienced how these internet entities are either very slow or haphazard in removing libelous or threatening and racially motivated posts.
    Will it take some really dreadful calamity that can be directly linked to them before they get serious?

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    • look at `Generosity’ as an example-


      Request #1125781 Prohibited Content
      Wednesday at 13:46

      friday @ 18:00

      still up

      48 hrs plus later- and response is `deafening’

      deafeningly silent that is

      these sites are going to be struggling to prove their innocence when some idiot kills someone

      (altho they already have that on their hands, and to date they just shrug their shoulders and say `so what”)


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      • Steved
        March 3, 2017 at 7:58 am

        look at `Generosity’ as an example-


        Request #1125781 Prohibited Content
        Wednesday at 13:46

        friday @ 18:00

        still up

        48 hrs plus later- and response is `deafening’

        deafeningly silent that is

        lets look again

        Not only is it still up, but several new (and illegal) utube movies have been added.. but its still `open’ and they are still `investigating’

        saturday 20.12

        apparently generosity staff members are all members of genus Lymnaea and are deciding (at the pace of their genus) whether the complaints are food to digest or not…

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  7. Rupert Quaintance has made harrassement complaints against several persons, not just me. The police are duty bound to investigate any complaints made to them. I am in e-mail contact with the police, and at this stage I am not sure which of my internet postings is subject to these complaints against me.

    I do not want to put a chilling impact on all our good work fighting this hoax, but nor do I want to think that we play into the hands of the Satan Hunters by straying into illegal or unethical ground. Satan Hunters will use any opportunity given, and milk it, to play the victim card and destroy the targets of their malice.

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    • What is sadder is that not only has he cost the UK taxpayers $$$ by his reprehensible behavior, but he is now actually adding to those costs by using UK taxpayers money to pay for his `harassment’ claims

      Is there anything this pond scum bottom dweller wont stoop to?

      I hope this tactic is being brought to his bail officers attention, I suspect that they wont be amused and are likely to push for more severe penalties against him in his upcoming trial….

      I know with his diminutive stature his brain is small, but he seems intent on proving its actually a black hole!

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      • I believe the same police officer dealing with Quaintance is the same one handling these complaints against me and others.

        Out of interest some background from 2010 about the character of Quaintance who was part of a group accused of harrassment against a radio network.

        “Now we will address Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Rupert was a host on Nformd for several months, there was a slow downward spiral with rupert where he began drinking heavily while on air. On Sept. 6th 2010, Rupert had Charlie Veitch on for an interview, Toward the end of the interview Ziggy was able to jump on air and began attacking Charlie about how she had gotten him a lawyer back when he was arrested in Canada and that she was very upset that he disrespected her by finding another lawyer. That evening, Rupert had came on air, very drunk and began attacking several of the NFormd hosts, including myself. That evening we decided it would be best if Rupert take a break from NFormd.”

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        • That evening we decided it would be best if Rupert take a break from NFormd.”

          Almost word for word what was said when APD `left’ CCN….

          a pattern emerges…

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    • I’m a bit surprised the Police told you there were several complaints as surely that is unethical of them to mention anyone else?

      I’m also surprised they have spoken to you without stating what the actual complaint/s is about.

      I would have thought this whole blog will have had a complaint made about it also.

      Strange going ons.

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      • The police did not mention the names of others, but they did say he had made complaints against several posters.

        They asked me to contact them a month ago, but my e-mail reply was lost in their spam system. A second e-mail was recently sent to me, my reply was also lost in their spam system, but after a telephone follow up, they found both e-mails. The actual complaint is harrassment, but the posts being used to back up that complaint is at this stage unknown to me.

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        • It seems hilarious (but rather sad as well) that his lowness can complain about being harassed, when he himself traveled halfway around the world in order to harass others!!!

          not to mention trying to acquire illegal weapons, and urinating on buildings…. that’s OK, but don’t talk mean to him- `dats nasty’

          I would hope that somewhere someone is totaling up the costs of his `harassment’ claims to ALL parties [redacted].

          I suspect already that number is much larger than anything he is likely to be able to pay back ever- unfortunately, everyone else (once again) gets to pick up the tab for these lowlifes via their taxes…


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          • When one is facing a situation when someone is travelling half-way across the world, paid for by other malicious individuals, refusing to listen to reason, ignoring all attempts offering evidence contrary to what they believe, refusing to be objective, determined to believe a false narative regardless, making threats, saying some very alarming things, the police at the time doing nothing, immigration not stopping him, I and others are having to make judgement calls whilst staying moderate and inside the law whilst a situation was developing showing all indications of doing serious harm to people and children. Had something happened, I would have had a hard time to live with that, damn the man has the nerve to play the victim card, it was an alarming and anxious situation only releaved when Quaintance was arrested.

            Angela Power Disney has a lot to answer for by recruiting a malicious fanatic like Quaintance and two mentally ill individuals (Jake Clarke and Arthur) to her cause. A European Warrant has to be issued against Disney, and for her to be brought in, she is going to get someone killed.

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          • If we substitute Rupert for Arthur and Angie sent him cash (knowing full well his mind set) to come over here and kick down some doors. Would she not be guilty of collusion or conspiracy if Arthur really did hurt someone?

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          • midicon
            March 3, 2017 at 10:26 am

            If we substitute Rupert for Arthur and Angie sent him cash (knowing full well his mind set) to come over here and kick down some doors. Would she not be guilty of collusion or conspiracy if Arthur really did hurt someone?

            What amazes me is with all the money being spent on wiretapping, eavesdropping and the debacle of security at airports, people who admit – themselves- that they intend to come into a country and break the law, and are reported by multiple people, even got into the country in the first place….

            imho value for money on the various `security’ organizations isn’t there, and consistently so

            Better off closing the whole lot down and starting again from scratch- to date they aren’t worth 1/10000th of the money poured into the ever hungry moneypit of `security’

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          • Hi Steved–I appreciate your comments, but have had to redact part of your statements to keep this blog within the law. Whilst Rupert’s case is before the courts, it’s important that we not discuss its outcome, or speculate in any way on what could happen. I really hate to be draconian, but I’m also acutely aware that our blog is read by many on the “other side” who would use any slip-ups on our part to bring charges against us.

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        • I would have thought the harassment complaints made by RQ would be unlikely to go anywhere.

          There are many reasons for this but one would be that I believe many complaints were made by many people that RQ was going to visit the UK and cause harm both to the Police and to the UK Border Agency.

          It was not until 13th September that he was arrested.

          It seems to me that RQ’s harassment complaints were only made to the Police when he realised he was actually going to have to go to court to defend himself and the matter against him was not being dropped.

          Talk about the “pot calling the kettle”.

          As is pointed out above in the blog he was told repeatedly not to come to the UK for everyone’s good including his own.

          No threats of violence were made.

          I can’t see he has any real complaint at all.

          Perhaps I’m wrong.

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          • Rupert said and did many things that gave cause for concern that he would break the law, was a danger to public safety, was a threat to life and property, was a threat to wellbeing of children. I made an assessment of lots of possible scenerios that could have happened with Quaintance, one possibility that he could have tracked down the RD children and become part of a plot to abduct them. A lot of people including me worked hard to spin Quaintance off from the path he was walking, not harrassing, but trying to prevent crime and people getting hurt.

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        • Strange that he made complaints against several posters, I thought he was under the impression (as all the hoaxers do) that all these people were Ricky Dearman!

          Warning him about travelling to the UK and about what could happen pertaining to probable arrest, when he was on video threatening the people of Hampstead and RD does not constitute harassment.

          Like you said, SV, you don’t know which particular post he is complaining about but I’m confident it will not be construed as harassment of him in legal terms.

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          • Once a complaint is made, the police investigate if there is a crime that has been committed. I am assuming that a complaint against me refers to section 2 harrassment. This post relates to the harrassment complaint against me by RQ.

            There is evidently a six month rule in play, so the time of when the complaint was lodged will matter. The bulk of my interactions with RQ is feb-apr 2016 on Twitter. RQ blocked me on Twitter around the middle of 2016.

            Elements of section 2 harrassment:
            “which the defendant knows, or ought to know amounts to harassment of another.”
            It did not occur to me, or likely anyone else in the arguments with RQ that internet postings was harrassing. I am doubtful this legislation is designed to prosecute people involved in internet arguments, especially when an individual is pursuing a path that is going to harm other people, is being challenged over it. There is a huge difference between an innocent like RD who has done nothing wrong being targetted, and an individual who has by their action, words and conduct antagonised and initiated a mass of protests and argument against him. I also have a personal stake in opposing any narrative or activity that is hitting my religion and opens me up because of my religion to being murdered, my family targetted or home burnt down. This law is not designed to give anyone protection from doing and saying what RQ did, or to chill the liberty to challenge conduct that threatens the well being of others with violence etc.

            Element of section 1(1)
            “not to do something that he is entitled or required to do; or ”
            RQ made it quite clear in many internet postings his purpose for coming to the UK, and indicated what he planned to do when he came to the UK. Such conduct was not something he was entitled to do, nor was it required, falling into a situation that was harmful to the wellbeing of others, and on the face of it illegal. I was opposing that purpose and his stated strategies such as gathering a group of thugs to pursue innocent people.

            “that the course of conduct was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime; ”
            It is a matter of public record of what RQ has said and done that on a basic level amounted to harm to persons and property, potentially contrary to a lot of laws. All internet activity was targetted to persuade RQ to not pursue the purpose of his visit, and the strategies he had indicated he would employ.
            His actions impacted the safety of the people of Hampstead, all targets of the SRA hoax, anyone connected to or identfied with my religion. RQ was pursuing conduct that I found threatening and alarming, I opposed that conduct.

            “that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.”
            One is dealing with a fanatic who was not listening, was not rational, saying some alarming things, giving all reason that his activity would result in serious harm to someone. There did not seem to be any activity to stop him by immigration or legal authorities, all some people had was the internet. Methods were used to wake him up, get through to him, nothing worked. Humor, satire, juxtposition, insults, hard words was thrown at him to get him to see sense, to stop people getting hurt. He had created such an awful, frightening and frustrating situation, that it was necessary to challenge him with greater intensity than if it was against a more reasonable unthreatening person. What does one have to do or say to stop an innocent or child from being hurt?

            Nothing anyone wrote in challenging RQ impacted his liberties to travel around the world, say the things he did, or conduct himself in ways he did. RQ seemed to relish and enjoy the opposition to what he was doing, he actively encouraged it, he was always the agent conducting what has become the events of his own misfortune. He is no victim.


    • @SV. Fuck Rupert, You tried reasoning with him many times but he wouldn’t listen, he was the one threatening to come to London with a mob and hurt people, he threatened RD by name many times as Angie kept telling him that it was RD trolling him, she is on video winding him up and visibly getting off on it as he makes threats. If he really thought you were threatening him he wouldn’t have bragged about peeing on the church. Why he was ever allowed into the country is baffling.

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      • Rupert has said and done a lot of things that is going to do him serious damage. The incident about him urinating in/on a church won’t do him much damage in UK, but in USA that will hurt him if people know about it when he is looking for customers or employers etc.

        At one time six people gave their time, patience and humour to Rupert to persuade him to stay away from the hoax and pursuing harrassing conduct against the pople of Hampstead, he ignored all these opportunities to turn away from the path that would result in his arrest. He is the agent of his own misfortune.

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      • Whatever Rupert is up before the beak for it is beyond any reasonable doubt that Angie actively aided and abetted in the very least.On top of lord knows how many other offences she commits on a daily basis.

        IMHO Angie was the primary instigator(I nearly typed “brains”)behind the venture,sending material,funding it etc.Perhaps the powers that be are simply building up a juicy folder on Angie or the Crown prosecution computers have finally imploded under the strain of all the mind numbing data on her.I already have genuine compassion for her defence brief to be.

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    • Your post about being accused of harassment has been a useful reminder to us all on how we should conduct ourselves SV. I’m sure you will be ok, we know you are a decent man who wouldn’t stoop to their level.

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        • SV I was looking for your predictions for a bunch of people some time ago, but cant find a link, just to refresh my memory. I imagine RQ’s lawyer has told him to think of any thing he can use to countersue/give context to his behaviour as some kind of defence-angle tactic, it will be seen for what it is, a legal strategy. You were not threatening to kick down doors or doing anything actively to hurt him, as he was to a whole community, so you have nothing to fear, ethically or otherwise.

          Re Angie, she says she is in exile from home in one recent video, and in the next she says she is probably going to be sued for defamation and may lose her home in ireland. The chickens always come home to roost in the end.

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    • Yes, it can be a fine line to walk. It’s important to challenge their narrative, as it has damaged so many people’s lives and is based on nothing more than fantasy and supposition.

      But it’s also important not to descend to their level, and to keep our own moral compasses firmly set.

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  8. `Angela Power Disney has a lot to answer for by recruiting a malicious fanatic like Quaintance and two mentally ill individuals (Jake Clarke and Arthur) to her cause. A European Warrant has to be issued against Disney, and for her to be brought in, she is going to get someone killed.’

    She’s not the only one- the whole bloomin lot should be in jail….

    look at that generosity fundme `Free ‘The Hampstead 2′ – Free xxx and xxxx complete with names, pictures of the kids- and it basically says give me money to find and kidnap two children and return them to the mother who (in collusion with her boyfriend) tortured and assaulted the two kids and who is unable to return to the UK because they want to arrest her!!!

    IF some lunatic decided to say `travel halfway around the world’ and kidnapped them in order to get the money…

    never happen you say???

    Well some `lunatic’ did almost that………


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    • It highlights the two issues that social media companies are too slow or failing to act on referrals of the material that is clearly illegal or breaking their T&C; and the legal authorities being too slow at responding to threats such as abducting children or killing people like the Heather Brown post above.

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  9. btw, I would like to `like’ many of the comments here, but for some reason the blog doesnt play nice with my firefox- when I like a post it sits and thinks about it for a while, then reopens to that post but no `like’ ever appears in the numbers (I liked several posts above but the like is still zero on all of them atm)

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    • Steved,are you a registered wordpress member?you need to be to access “like” function.Only a handful of commenters are full wordpress members thus relatively low “like” figures.

      As least that is my understanding. HTH

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        • Ok Steved definately odd then.Ive noticed that those who can “like” have wordpress accounts and by clicking on their name it accesses their wordpress blog.Your name does not link to anywhere. Stranger and stranger lol

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          • Actually I’m glad you checked- as my wordpress is my business account (self employed) and as such not really something I would like available to various weirdos (esp as some ozzie ones are actually quite close to me)

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          • I would definitely recommend caution with settings on the wordpress sign ins as they can inadvertently lead to things you may not wish to display. You must log on from another user to test every link that comes up when you like something, in my experience. I would like a better liking system as I would often like to like but due to the issues with the sign in I avoid it. Which is a shame as I would like to acknowledge good comments without fear of exposure.

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          • What is also good and appreciated is when Admin remove comments (made by regulars) when in the heat of the moment we may post something innocently, not realising it could be damaging or misconstrued by the hoaxers. This action protects both us and this blog.

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          • Totally echo that Jake.It is most welcome to know admin oversee postings and redact where necessary in event that any comment could be malconstrued or in anyway interfere with justice taking its course.

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          • quote
            Jake Blake
            March 3, 2017 at 6:52 pm

            What is also good and appreciated is when Admin remove comments (made by regulars) when in the heat of the moment we may post something innocently, not realising it could be damaging or misconstrued by the hoaxers. This action protects both us and this blog.

            This from me as well- I inadvertently said something that could have jeopardized legal proceedings and that’s something I would hate to see happen, much happier to see anyone’s comments edited if required, we don’t want to give them any excuse to be able to slip the nets

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        • Here is an example of strategy I use in combating the Hampstead SRA hoax.
          Goal: contain and kill the Hampstead SRA hoax.
          In order to contain the hoax it is important no new people become involved promoting it.
          Most people recycling the hoax narrative such as on Twitter are mindless copy and pasters, the important ones are those like Rupert Quaintance.

          The latest promoter of the Hampstead SRA hoax is a YouTuber known as Echo Truths (ET.) ET is possibly based in the Ipswich area of Suffolk and falls under the Suffolk Police Authority. ET appeared out of knowhere a few months ago, with some intensity posting a large number of videos pandering to conspiracy narratives such as pizzagate. It was probably pizzagate that triggered them, and they came upon Hampstead SRA hoax because pizzagate has become partly associated by some to Hampstead. ET has a strong obsession over pizzagate, has passion about child protection, is strong research and observation ability, and some rationality. Sheva and I have been working on ET. ET has made a few videos targetted against RD and Hampstead, they have backed off somewhat after feedback from some posters that this is a hoax and she is potentially acting illegally. ET is not particualrly focused on Hampstead, but their videos show they have a file on their computer dedicated to it as well as other topics like pizzagate. I believe they might have an autistic spectrum personality.

          My strategy is not to do anything to cause ET to obsess over Hampstead, but to try and use their positive qualities such as a passion over child protection and their reason to spin them off into a new direction that is win-win for everyone. I have posted a suggestion to ET to contact Shy Keenan and Dr Sara Payne of Phoenix. These two individuals are veteran child protection campaigners and the refocussed energy of ET might benefit Phoenix and ET whilst spinning ET off a possible path that would cause more suffering for the Hampstead victims, widen the hoax and get ET busted by the police. Phoenix website:

          ET is gathering increasing support on a daily basis, and it would be a potential concern that this individual could reignite a dying hoax.

          The challenge with Rupert Quaintance is his psychopathic personality had nothing authentic, empathic, rational or positive that I could work with to spin him off his path. I am more hopeful with ET.

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          • Shy Keenan is based inside 50 miles from Ipswich. I have planted the idea, which is good enough for now. ET will follow her current path and will at some point hit a brickwall and disappointment, it will be then that the idea I planted might kick in. ET is a developing situation.

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          • Sounds like good honest tactics there, good work.
            She reminds me a little bit of an American Youtuber called “reallygraceful”, who has been dining out on Pizzagate for a good while now. Although she may look full to the eye, it seems she is still hungry for more, dredging out the old conspiracy cases. The difference is she has over 6 million views and a very healthy subscriber list of over 31,000. Child abuse hoax’s are money for these people. Whilst there is still interest they will continue.

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          • Echo Truths also attracts a lot of psychos. The venom and bile and death threats posted by her fellow fruitloops on there to those of us who dared to question her narrative took me back to the early days of the hoax, when lynch mobs were threatening to burn us alive in the streets.

            This is one of ET’s nutty mates in action:

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    Do not miss it! Get a copy before it is sold out.
    Expect the “paedo trolls” to try and get the book banned!


      • I know, GBD… even the thought of clicking on it and watching the two of them is bringing me out in a cold sweat. Here I go…

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    • Thanks for the link, Hugh.

      I tried a little experiment a week or so back and wasn’t too surprised by the results. Basically, if you post a comment on this so-called champion of free speech’s blog and he doesn’t agree with it, he edits it. I posted about 10 altogether and he heavily edited all of them, deliberately changing things I’d said.

      Bear that in mind at the start of this video, when Angie introduces him as “one of the English heroes of truth-telling”. Yup.

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    • Good luck with this, Angie. Let’s hope you don’t piss Spivey off like you do to all your other allies, because you’ll have a damned bumpy ride if you do. @#jusayininnit

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      • 4 minutes into the first video, for the next 30 seconds or so, is Angela having some weird issues? either about to fall asleep, or looking longingly at Spivster. she does tend to zone out though, possibly the worst listener I have seen.

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      • Repulsive character. Him I mean but could apply to her as well.
        Spiteful Spivey also ripped off his entire act about ‘false flags’ and ‘crisis actors’ from a Yank. Not even original with his rubbish.

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        • Just to add, from his new article.

          “I can also tell you that the major piece of work that I am currently working on is entitled ‘Book Ends‘ and will also be the first of three – with this first part exposing how every major crime between the late 1950’s to present day, that has taken place in the UK (as well as a few from the USA), are all either directly or indirectly connected to each other.

          And by the term “major crime“, I am referring to those events that were reported on to the point of overkill by the MSM and includes – among many others – such events as:

          The Shepard Bush Massacre
          The Moors Murders
          The Beverly Allitt Bollox
          The Soham Murders
          The Babes In The Woods murder
          The murder of April Jones
          The disappearance of Ben Needham
          The disappearance of Madeleine McCann
          None, and I mean none of those events are anything like we have been led to believe and all were carried out with the full backing of the British Government in power when the event in question took place.”

          Seems Angie and Chris are well suited. Two peas in the same pod. Despicable.

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          • I reckon Power Disney is targeting him to be her next suitor.

            After all, he’s obviously single.

            He likes women very slim women in their 20s so she’s not exactly in that category.

            But the pair of them are both very heavy smokers so they’ve got that in common too.

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          • Before that, he says:

            “I have been working on non-stop since February the 2nd and which I originally envisaged being around 10,000 to 15,000 words long…this new work is now sat at 24,004 words long with a way still to go before I am finished…I have spent that time concentrating on the 3rd and final part of the Diana Trilogy, provisionally entitled: Di, Another Day… This endeavor now stands at 12,371 words long…Part 1 of that Diana trilogy – Genesis – is now on sale as an e-book, available from Amazon.”

            Good old Spivey. Quantity over quality as always.

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          • Let me guess..the thread that binds all these crimes together to prove Spiteful Spivey’s claim is…they all involve British people !.

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          • If you’re browsing the comments on there, you may be interested to know (if you don’t already) that Spivey is the one who posts under the name “Dogman”.


  12. oh my.
    “He talks here about the incredible and devastating lengths the cabal/cult have gone to in a vain attempt to silence his TRUTH TELLING. Giving advice from legal lessons learned this guy is not a QUITTER despite brutal pressure brought to bear on him and his loved ones. If we back down how would we sleep at night?

    If you can partner monthly with mine or Chris´s work PLEASE DO SO the cost is high in every sense for whistle blowing.”


  13. Angie’s peddling that crap again about us hacking Charlotte Ward’s Icelandic blog and deleting all the archives. Two problems with that, Blondie – firstly, Charlotte herself stated that she was stopping by her own choice. And secondly, the archives are all still bloody there. Lying whore of Babylon.

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    • After seeing that photo of Spivey above, I now know who he really is and I don’t need super special software to work it out. Ian Stuart Donaldson, lead singer of Nazi Rock/Punk Band Skrewdriver, he never really died in a car accident, it was a cover-up.


  14. Er…nope.

    Angela and other hoaxers are constantly banging on about their view count going down and invariably blaming it on MI5/the KGB/CIA/Mossad/the Jews/the Lizard people (delete as applicable). But there is no secret conspiracy here; YouTube are perfectly open about why this happens, which is that its software detects when views are emanating from one specific place and knocks off the excess views. In other words, it’s when the likes of APD or Mel Ve try to cheat by repeatedly refreshing their own browsers to increase their view count. Sorry, ladies – that doesn’t work. D’oh!

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    • Pity she cant completely “migrate” to her glasshouse/website where she can while away her days in magnificent isolation chucking stones about to her little cold hearted content.


  15. Angie: I’m just praying that the public will wake up and instead of saying “Oooh what’s going on with Chris Spivey or Angie Power?” Instead of that they will be saying “Why are they being shut down? Why are they being targeted? What truth are they putting out in the public arena?

    Yeah, in your dreams, Angie..

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  16. The Jimmy Carter “lusted in my heart” quote was Classic in re: Mr. RQ!! LOLOLOL I had no idea they were “dating”?….pffft lolol Angie has a “live” one on again…Btw, People CAN “make this crap” up!! tee hee “cia, “dept of Homeland security “head” muahahaha! boyfriends?” Hysterical, now that we know RQ is an Sooper Secrit Agent Man!! hahaha Hey, I though WE were the Govt. Agents??ffs S.V. , Sorry you even have to deal with the Crank Yanker….He has ZERO credibility. I’m sure He thought your screen name would offend the investigating “Xians”….plus, you deal in Facts. Hoaxers hate facts! Beware of flying Uteri Everyone! We should face-match @ “twins or not” on APD and her New Tool! Imbeciles!! 😀


  17. Has Mel not learnt anything from her past experiences of giving fake MK and SRA ‘Survivors’ a platform?
    look how well it worked out with her last two idiots.

    Earliest memory at 2 years old is an out of body experience, really, wow, cracking memory you have.
    I wonder how many phony SRA therapists you had to go to, before you re-remembered these ordeals.

    Mel Ve is Barchon Mad, it seems, up the wrong path, take abuse survivors money, for a free platform where they will get less views that their own channel. CCN does not validate any of these claims, as it has no positive recognition itself, just a history of scammers and liars.

    Take the money though Mel and Biggi.


    • Thanks, GBD. I did, indeed laugh. That fool thinks because he called his video “Ricky Dearman and Hoaxtead are a Paedo’ Front” that the complaint from the Government was about HR, when in fact it would have pertained to the part about RD. What an idiot!

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    • If I recall correctly, SuperEarther is John Pattinson, who’s best known for harassing and threatening our very own Maggs Shaw O’Neill online until she confronted him in Aberdeen and he shat himself.

      This is he:

      Phwoar! Form an orderly queue, ladies ❤ 😀 ❤

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      • Clearly this individual has major developmental issues.Not so much delayed but rather sub-embryonic.

        Perhaps a valid response initiative would be to task one of our regional community outreach liason integration and optimization strategic functionality interaction agents to facilitate some proactive orchestration implementationality and issue this braindead wanker with one of our dynamic resolution brain kick starter kits.These state of the art devices are more effective than MK Ultra programming a lot less mess.


  18. FFS! The videos on that Fundraising Page on the Generosity Site have been changed and new ones added, since yesterday. They must have read yesterday’s post about it containing the one removed due to Legal Complaint from the Government. Yep, everyone looks to HR for the latest info.


    • In fact, the “Free the Hampstead 2” YT channel has uploaded 2 videos yesterday which definitely need to be reported. They have also been added to the Generosity page. Abe is one sick and twisted man.


      • The good news is their inevitably “salted” plate remains at $50 for all the malificent efforts of these child abusing,drug addled desperados.

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          • satanicviews
            March 4, 2017 at 12:49 pm

            Is it really Abraham Christie and Ella Draper behind the page? It could be someone else scamming the scammer.

            Thats why such fundme pages really really REALLY need to be on the ball re complaints….
            with quick response times for complaints and an open beyond reproach system in place and showing itself to work or be branded as places likely to be harboring criminal elements such as money launderers, criminal gangs or child abusers

            just like generosity….

            oh wait…



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          • Spiny Norman
            March 4, 2017 at 12:57 pm

            The website itself could be a scam.

            I am assuming you mean generosity

            They ardent a `scam’ in that the website itself hasn’t been set up by a small group of grafters…
            (a large group- well I reserve my opinion on that)

            Its a `legit’ operation in that it wasn’t setup by any of the the main characters in the hoaxstead group of villains…
            the actual page on the website of course seems to be set up by known characters, which is why such `gofundme’ websites need to be very proactive re complaints etc

            A quick ip check and a few id checks could prove one way or the other whether the people posting the account are indeed the people they are claiming to be

            Yet another reason for generosity to be much much quicker in their responses, after all they surely wouldn’t want the attention of the entire world’s media if they were shown to be supporting a scam, such a thing could brand their name inextricably with rather than

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          • Yeah, SV. I’m pretty certain it’s Abe behind it, as he is putting the link to the generosity page under the new videos he’s been uploading yesterday and today on his “Free the Hampstead 2” channel.
            He’s also added some of those videos to the generosity page too.

            The man is an absolute disgrace. After everything he and Ella put those poor children through, they don’t have a hope in hell of getting them back, even they must know that. Any funds raised will only go to improving their life in exile.

            The child actress in the Audi commercial has brought them out of silence and they’re playing on it for all they can.

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    • I checked my complain out at generosity, it’s still `open’ and nothing further heard via email either
      Not exactly rushing this through are they…..

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    • Hats off to MKD`s who have never missed a trick and have always been many steps ahead.

      Just like to thank them for their amazing efforts and wish them everything they deserve as they announce some time out. Cheers, hip hip etc.

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  19. A big thankyou indeed to MKD’s for all their hard work at getting their videos out for all to see and to hopefully help folk see the truth about certain characters.

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