How the internet can magnify mental illness

A couple of days ago, regular reader Jake Blake posted a very interesting video in the comments section. Created by MrMentalInertia, a self-confessed reformed conspiracy theorist, the video describes the strange internet phenomenon known as “gang-stalking”—or at least, it describes the people who believe that such a thing as gang-stalking exists. We highly recommend that you watch it—it’s both fascinating and well-made:

In the strange world of gangstalking, people refer to themselves, without even a trace of irony, as “targeted individuals”, or TIs. They believe they are being watched, though who exactly is watching them is not always clear; however, they tend to misinterpret everyday events as clearcut evidence that someone is after them—Freemasons, Satanists, Rothschilds, Jews, the Illuminati, shape-shifting reptilians, you name it. They believe that these nefarious organisations employ “handlers” to keep them under surveillance at all times, and they think “voice to skull” (or V2K) technology is used to transmit thoughts directly into their brains.

In the past, those who believe they are being gang-stalked might have been referred to a mental health professional. These days, they’re more likely to be found online, where they’ve found communities of others who, like them, are suffering symptoms of paranoid delusions. Only they don’t call it that; they call it “whistle-blowing” or “resisting mind control”. And people in these groups will often counsel one another to avoid contact with the mental health system, which they feel will only make their problems worse: gangstalking-video-mrmentalinertia-1

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?

Many of those who promote the Hampstead SRA hoax have expressed similar concerns—fear that they might be losing control, that they might need help to overcome a mental health problerm—and have been given false reassurances, or had their treatment undermined, by their alleged “friends”:

angela-power-disney-2017-02-28-arthurRather than accepting that Arfur (or Jake for that matter) had been showing very clear signs of mental deterioration in the couple of weeks before he was finally sectioned, Angela continues to push the idea that he is some sort of “prisoner of conscience”. She did the same with Jake Clarke last autumn, to his detriment.

Before Arfur was sectioned, he left several garbled, profane phone messages on Sonya van Gelder’s voicemail:

None of Arfur’s so-called friends urged him to seek help; most seemed utterly shocked when he was sectioned, and like Angela, appear to believe that he was “silenced by the authorities”, rather than receiving badly needed help.

In a 2008 article in the New York Times, Sarah Kershaw wrote:

Although many Internet groups that offer peer support are considered helpful to the mentally ill, some experts say Web sites that amplify reports of mind control and group stalking represent a dark side of social networking. They may reinforce the troubled thinking of the mentally ill and impede treatment.

Dr. Ralph Hoffman, a psychiatry professor at Yale who studies delusions, said a growing number of his research subjects have told him of visiting mind-control sites, and finding in them confirmation of their own experiences.

The views of these belief systems are like a shark that has to be constantly fed,” Dr. Hoffman said. “If you don’t feed the delusion, sooner or later it will die out or diminish on its own accord. The key thing is that it needs to be repetitively reinforced.”

That is what the Web sites do, he said.

While it’s easy to write some people off as “internet crazies”, the gang-stalking video makes an important point: when these people turn to their internet communities for support, rather than seeking the help they so badly need, tragedy can ensue.

For example, in November 2014, a gunman opened fire in the library at Florida State University, wounding three students before he was shot and killed by police. The gunman’s name was Myron May, and while no one realised it at the time of the shooting, he had been a member of a Facebook group called “Targetted Individuals International”. In the week before he went to the FSU library, he tried to reach out to one of his fellow “TIs”, a woman named Renee Pittman Mitchell:

targeted-individual-myron-may-nbc-coverageWhile a non-TI would probably have clued into Myron’s very clear distress calls and insisted that he get psychiatric help, Ms Mitchell became suspicious of him, believing he might be a danger to her.

And in the “Targeted Individuals International” Facebook group, no one seemed to think that Myron’s message about being “encouraged by (his) handler to kill with a promise of freedom” was anything unusual, or worth reporting:

myron-may-message-facebook-groupInstead of recognising that Myron might have been having auditory hallucinations, his friends in the Facebook group did nothing…because they were too busy thinking about their own “handlers” and “V2K” messages and such. Following his death, Myron became a kind of Christ-figure to the TI community online, glorified as a martyr to their cause.

While we aren’t trying to claim that any of the Hoaxtead promoters are planning a mass shooting, it’s clear that some of them suffer from thought disorders, delusions, and even hallucinations—and that they are not getting the help they need from their friends online.


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  1. The BBC showed a programme about the death of Max Spiers , I haven’t watched it yet but its been promoted with a straight face, the ‘blurb’ mentioning the black vomit (which was just blood of course, no mystery there really) but I hope they don’t play to the paranoid and make it all seem suspicious. The BBC even. I mean, this is ridiculous. You’re right of course El C, about the exploitation of the mentally fragile and one wonders what the percentage would be at any of these gatherings or in their online chats. Pretty high I reckon. Its the tyranny of the printed word; things printed have an authority about them that all but the most discerning are taken in by. I count myself as highly suspicious and paranoid about the conspiracy theorists and all they pass off as evidence.

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    • I watched the BBC Max Spiers piece, which was not terrible, but not especially enlightening either. They did focus on the fact that aside from being a troofer icon, Spiers was a son and a parent, and they talked to his mum quite extensively. The fact that Miles Johnstone, aka “the Pied Piper to the mentally ill”, was featured in the thing made it into a bit of a circus, I thought.

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  3. Angie just blatantly lies. She says Arthur was sectioned for reporting death threats from trolls, knowing full well he wasn’t. We watched Arthur call the police and when asked if he had been threatened he said ‘no’. That woman disgusts me more than most. She also deliberately lies about his previous ‘whistleblowing’ incarceration. This from a woman who claims some sort of spiritual moral high ground. What a nasty, self serving uncaring bitch.

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    • The title BITCH certainly goes to APD. Agree with you midicon. She’s the one I detest the most as she is easily the no.1 person for pushing people under the bus.

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      • Warning rant mode on.

        Angie is below the below.She gives pond life a really bad name.She trawls the slime from the deepest cess pools on the internet gathering up droppings and filters out the most purile globules and claims them as her very own precious pearls.

        She then proceeds to spew these balls of rancid puss out through a crap microphone mixed with every buzz phrase and cliche known to mankind in an attempt to provide a cloak of credibility.The fact that innocent people are harmed along the way is mere collateral damage and not on her concern radar(which blinked out long ago anyway).

        The MK mind control is simply an ever-so-handy get out of jail free card conjured up to blame in case she gets rumbled..which is just about everytime she opens her smoke infused gob.

        The “God thang” simply another tool in her armoury of shit to cover her slime trails.I dont suppose any divine entity worth its salt would be overly chuffed about being Angelas fall guy.Not looking particularly great on the pearly gate/karma points spreadsheet thingy is it?

        The only possible use Angie has to mankind is as a ethical behaviour measuring dipstick.If one is ever faced with a moral dilemma simply imagine what Angie would do…and then dont fucking well do that!

        Other than that shes ok.

        Rant mode off.

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    • She also lies. The NSW Police cannot section anyone. They do not have the power.

      But they would be very re-miss in their duty to not recognise a person is going through a some sort of disturbing mental episode and not refer him to a doctor.
      The cop Arthur spoke sounded sympathetic and clearly Arthur has had interactions with him before or he would not have called him for help.
      The cop did the right thing for Arthur’s mental health and should be congratulated.

      It’s bad enough that various governments have reduced mental health services and basically handed responsibility to deal with those who are afflicted over to the police whose main role is to combat crime, not be defacto social workers but that’s the way it now is.

      Angela Power Disney is a disgrace the way she urges people to contact health officials and harass them as she has now done with Arthur.
      Don’t forget, an American now on serious charges was sucked into visiting a UK mental health facility with Power Disney and then proceeded to mock and insult a hapless nurse on the internet.

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      • Thanks for the reminder GOS.

        I’d completely forgotten about the nurse on duty at the Luton Mental Health Unit.

        RQ was extremely rude about her.

        It’s all very well for Power Disney to roll up there in her hired car pretending to come to the rescue.

        I would think the people that work in these places have enough to contend with, without her and her imaginary bf at the time showing up to waste time.

        This vile woman pretends to care about children that are abused, yeah likely tale, I’m not fooled.

        Blatantly it’s all about her and she names the 2 Hampstead Children so many times I’ve lost count.

        Ms Bitch take note.

        Those 2 children are alleged CSA victims and that alone gives them anonymity.

        I am not saying they are victims of CSA, but their names should not be broadcast across the internet, they, their father, nor the Courts have given permission for their names or photos/images to be disclosed or shared.

        I can’t wait for her to be in the DOCK.


      • Yes, I think it’s important to point out that Arthur did call for help, recognising that he was in deep trouble and heading into something that looked very much like an acute manic episode (I have a friend with this disorder, and it’s horrible).


    • Spot on there Midicon. Angie cares for no one other than herself and if anyone is foolish enough to become involved with her she inevitably ends up betraying their trust.

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      • Agree with all the comments about Power Disney.

        People on here have her well and truly sussed.

        She’s a Black Widow luring people into her web.

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  4. I wonder whether that nice Ms. Disney would be kind enough to post some links or screenshots to back up her not-at-all dishonest claim that “trolls” sent death threats to Arthur. as she categorically claims. I’ve seen him (and her) send them to us but none from us to him.

    And darn my britches, I haven’t seen or heard anything that suggests that he reported anything like that to the authorities. Not in his posts, his comments, his videos or his voicemails. I’ve never even seen or heard him claiming that he received any death threats. I’m now starting to worry that I may be going deaf and blind, so if Angela could post the evidence that this happened in the real World and not just in her head, it would be much appreciated.

    Perhaps she could put it up with her degree certificate, her ‘Kenya’ bank statements, her published newspaper/magazine articles and her ADHD diagnosis report that she keeps accidentally forgetting to upload. (If she’s not too busy scuppering Arthur’s chances of recovery by illegally harassing him and his hospital staff in her blatant effort to get back at Kristie Sue and Sonya, that is.)

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      • You said it much better Spiny….and in more detail. I also neglected to mention her ‘scuppering’ of Arthur’s chances of recovery by publishing his contact details and encouraging others to call him. I have enjoyed your comments.

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        • Perhaps the Australian’s can put a stop to this awful, VILE woman.

          Does Arfur’s Mental Health Team know what she is doing, does anyone know?

          I am losing hope that this BITCH will ever stop.

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    • As someone with the ADD version of ADHD I am unable to get a sense of anything that identifies as ADHD with Angela Power Disney. Based upon two of the 44 qualities of ADD/ADHD I know about Angela Power Disney does not manifest it:

      1. at the core ADD/ADHD people have a desire for authenticity even if they do not follow social conformity, this is because they are driven to have a concrete sensory reference point in which to make choices and action, without which they fall into distressing chaos.

      I cannot tie down anything authentic about Disney.

      2. ADD/ADHD people will suffer feelings, ideas and sensations at ten to a hundred times more stronger than a normal person, becauses there is insufficient dopamine to process incoming information and filter it down. For instance I can visualise what Satan Hunter actions are doing to RD and his children, I can shift that image to the Satanist fathers and children I know of, and I feel very very angry, I then struggle to calm these feelings down. Angela Power Disney would be unable to do and say the things she has done if she suffered the challenges with feelings as I do.

      I personally think Disney feigned ADHD to get her hands on Ritalin, which is a drug that some people abuse.

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      • For the record ADD/ADHD is not a mental illness, but a genetic disposition that is lifelong and has no “cure.” I support the theory that ADD/ADHD is a hunter-gatherer genetic manifestation, which only becomes disabling in our farmer-orientated society for instance it is particularly disabling in an academic context. ADD/ADHD because it manifests in such a wide set of qualities tends to be misdiagnosed as autism, schizophrenia, pychosis, OCD, bi-polar, oppositional disorder and other fancy mental illness terms. ADD/ADHD shine in the right environment, but they can crash and burn in the wrong one.

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        • Thank you for sharing this SV. There is still a lot of misunderstanding around neurologically untypical people. And it is important to separate out these issues from mental illnesses.
          You made a very interesting point about “challenges with feelings” relating to authenticity and empathy. Sociopaths like APD totally lack genuine feelings of any kind. Everything is fake, contrived and manipulative. That’s why she can blithely talk about atrocities against other humans (even imaginary ones) with such lack of affect.

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      • I agree Disney is not authentic in any of her claims.

        She feigned all her diagnosis’ past and present to get her hands on Disability Benefits is my belief, so that makes it a FACT according to Ms. Tracey Morris.

        You may be correct about the Ritalin SV, I know little about it, apart from it is given to ADD/ADHD children.

        Who knows what she did with it?

        Many possibilities…

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      • I know a little about ADHD, my twelve year old grandson has been diagnosed as such. It was always apparent, even when he was very young. I would say that like you he leans towards the ADD side of the spectrum. He has a strong inbuilt sense of justice which causes problems but I think that is part and parcel of his condition. He is on Ritalin during school days and the weekends are left free to primarily let his appetite recover and that his growth might not be affected. His condition has been a ‘bone of contention’ between his mother and myself so much so that only yesterday she fell out with me because I am always sticking up for him. I have seen absolutely no sign of it in Disney and cannot for the life of me see that she is suffering from anything that would hinder her getting off her lazy backside and working.

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        • Based upon my own experience, my sense of justice would cause me to go down fighting. When certain politicians did something I felt was unjust, not only did I end the injustice, I also destroyed those politicians, but did my self a lot of damage at the same time. My sense of injustice has kicked in with regards to Rupert Quaintance, and I have had to work really hard to keep myself objective and moderate, but as soon as his trial concludes I will incinerate what is left of his reputation, his trial is all that holds me back.

          I personally only self-medicate on caffeine. I don’t touch drugs like Ritalin, as they have bad side effects. People who come off from Ritalin are at some risk of suicide, so be aware of that. I keep away from things like alcohol and cannabis because I do not trust myself with what it could cause me to do, since my feelings and resulting actions can go off the scale.

          Unfortunately Ritalin is necessary to cope in environments like the linear left-brained education system. An ADD/ADHD individual is neither lazy, stupid or bad, they process and react to information slightly different from normal people.

          ADD/ADHD is very challenging for both the individual and those around them. There is a stigma attached to the condition, an individual on YouTube seems to find it harder to admit to having ADD/ADHD than those who come out as gay, bisexual or trans.

          There are ways of managing all qualities associated with ADD/ADHD, if I can advise on anything, just ask.

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          • Thanks for the offer of advice S V, it is appreciated. My grandson’s situation is complicated with a step father that has been at odds with him for the past seven years. My daughter’s partner isn’t so bad but is incapable of making allowances or ever making any sort of positive contribution to my grandson’s life. Everything is negative. Negativity so constant that he has had to move out recently but as my daughter has younger children with him she can’t cope and he will be back. This isn’t the first time.
            As things stand my grandson is more or less permanently grounded. He is a good kid, clever and very kind but my daughter can’t control him in the sense that he just wants to run around with his friends and will ignore his phone and never return on time. He stayed out late a few weeks ago and was beaten up by older kids and a police investigation has begun with his assailants being charged. The Ritalin is fairly recent as it is a sort of last resort. The school mantra is that he isn’t coping and will just refuse to work. I see it all very differently but have to be careful with what I say as my daughter views my opinion as criticism and reacts. The funny thing is I am very kind and easy going. I think she feels guilty and gets defensive, but she is a good mum.
            My daughter used to live near me, up until two years ago, and I have been like a surrogate father to my grandson. He has lived with me. To be honest I think he will just have to survive these early years and once he is out of the school system he can gain employment and a life more suited to his needs.
            I had better stop, forgive me for this rant.

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            • I will mention a few things that might be useful:
              1. ADD/ADHD people will experience reactions that tell them they are stupid, crazy and bad. They must never think this, it is a curse and a gift, a genetic disposition of our hunter ancestors before farming and civilisation was invented.

              2. Relationships and social situations requires vast amounts of information processing, there is not enough dopamine to handle this information, so a person with ADD/ADHD is forced to take strategies that causes people to reject and attack them. It is painful and distressing to run out of dopamine, leading to panic attacks, emotional meltdowns, withdrawal, self-harming etc. Relationship conflicts is an issue for ADD/ADHD people.

              3. Time keeping, short-term memory problems and sense of time are issues for ADD/ADHD people.

              4. ADD/ADHD people might be described as like the thirsty man in a desert, they are always fighting to get enough dopamine, they will always seek high stimulation activities.

              5. Motion is important for someone with ADD/ADHD, moving the body, also high emotional and intellectual stimulation. An activity involving physical movement that does not have too much social pressure such as dance, athletics or something where there is passion helps. I competed to a high level in a certain sport for instance.

              6. ADD/ADHD people can hyper-focus, that is if they have passion, they can retain massive motivation and focus on a project or activty lasting days and weeks. They need to find the activities they are passionate about.

              7. ADD/ADHD people are global/holistic thinkers, they need to see the big picture, and how parts fit into the big picture, and is related to each other. If they cannot create a concrete sensory picture in their heads of information, they won’t be able to handle any learning situation.

              8. ADD/ADHD people like variety, like to use their senses, and their emotions in dealing with information.

              9. Anything that is dull, linear, disconnected information and low stimulation is pure torture and misery to a person with ADD/ADHD. They will procrastinate and do anything but face the torture.

              10. ADD/ADHD like being shown, learn by demonstration and experience. Practical rather than theory is good.

              11. ADD/ADHD people have their own moral rules, they will rebel at enforced conformist rules, especially ones that are contrary to their internal values.

              12. ADD/ADHD people love novel situations, they like exploring and playing with concepts.

              13. ADD/ADHD people ask lots of questions, they will want to know how things work and fit together. They can become deep thinkers and philosophers.

              14. ADD/ADHD people are creative problem solvers, they however need an open-ended rather than a linear approach to things.

              15. Goal setting. Goals for ADD/ADHD must be stimulating but achievable. Goals must be measurable and offer constant feedback. Large tasks broken down into smaller tasks works well.

              16. ADD/ADHD people link information together by relationships or similarity on a multi-sensory level. Normal people merely string unrelated information together in step by step linear ways, which won’t work for ADD/ADHD people.

              17. There is a legal obligation for schools to cater for challenging situations such as ADD/ADHD, and if they do not, and this puts a student at a learning disadvantage, they are potentially being unlawful.

              18. Having a teacher working with a student that knows about ADD/ADHD and the necessary learning styles required is important or the student will fail academically.

              19. ADD/ADHD people can easily become distracted, confused or overwhelmed if information hits them that is linear, disconnected or fragmented. If they cannot see a pattern in their heads, they cannot act upon it.

              20. All the traits of ADD/ADHD is exactly the same as is necessary for a hunter who is hunting food whilst avoiding being eaten at the same time.

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            • An annoying and unhelpful thing that some people say to ADD/ADHD people along the lines of: “don’t be so sensitive”; “stop thinking so deeply”; invalidating feelings. Rather like telling a cat to stop hunting the birds. ADD/ADHD people think deeply, are highly sensitive and have intense feelings, and it is healthy and good to accept this situation as being who they are, rather than trying to suppress it to appease ignorant people who are trying to make ADD/ADHD individuals feel guilty and worthless for being who they are.

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            • I think people now get the sense that Angela Power Disney is unlikely to have ADD/ADHD.

              My closing comment on this subject.

              ADD/ADHD students are set up to fail in the modern educational system, and the rare few shine if they get the teachers and learning styles they need.

              Put 100 ADHD/ADD individuals together to find a cure for cancer, inside one year cancer will be conquered. They are excellent researchers, problem solvers and inventors because of the traits they bring to the table.

              The education system needs to wake up to the talent it is destroying.

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          • Thanks for that list S V. There are some interesting things there that I hadn’t considered, such as the ‘dopamine’ and ‘hunter gatherer’ etc. More than that I know. I will have to re-read it, copy and paste it, and let my daughter have a read too. Regards the law, I understand the issue and my daughter has been interacting with the school but it’s difficult in reality. I can’t get involved. I went to one school meeting and my daughter said ‘never again’. At the moment my grandson’s motivation seems to be going out and running wild. It’s a difficult one! We do get him out and my daughter is always willing to take him and a friend out but he is just at that stage where he wants the freedom of his peers. Unfortunately that freedom centres round the local shops where older kids etc. hang around. The Ritalin was never my idea but I told my daughter I would support her choice and she did give good reasons, mainly because it might help him cope. She does understand a lot about ADHD. Thanks again S V.

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      • “Diagnosing ADHD in adults is more difficult because there’s some disagreement about whether the list of symptoms used to diagnose children and teenagers also applies to adults.

        In some cases, an adult may be diagnosed with ADHD if they have five or more symptoms of inattentiveness, or five or more symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness, that are listed in diagnostic criteria for children with ADHD.

        As part of your assessment, the specialist will ask about your present symptoms. However, under current diagnostic guidelines, a diagnosis of ADHD in adults can’t be confirmed unless your symptoms have been present from childhood.

        If you find it difficult to remember whether you had problems as a child, or you weren’t diagnosed with ADHD when you were younger, your specialist may wish to see your old school records or talk to your parents, teachers or anyone else who knew you well when you were a child.

        For an adult to be diagnosed with ADHD, their symptoms should also have a moderate impact on different areas of their life, such as:

        underachieving at work or in education
        driving dangerously
        difficultly making or keeping friends
        difficulty in relationships with partners

        If your problems are recent and didn’t occur regularly in the past, you’re not considered to have ADHD. This is because it’s currently not thought that ADHD can develop for the first time in adults.”

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        • ADD/ADHD is genetic, I highly doubt someone would suddenly develop it in adulthood. In my opinion there is no difference between the traits of ADD/ADHD between child and adult. The situation for an ADD/ADHD child is they are locked into an environment they have little say in, whilst an adult with ADD/ADHD has greater freedom to move to an environment more suited to their traits, such as I run my own business in activities in harmony with my ADD.

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    • I believe Arfur did say he had death threats to one of the Police in a phone call but when asked what it said, he retracted the death threats.

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    • Yes please do show us your supposed proof of death threats etc Angie. You mention them enough and we have asked you more than once to prove what you say and yet here we are still waiting to see even just one single death threat.

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  5. I think Angela just turned a new friend against her in record time…

    It all started off so well, with Heather offering to track down Angela’s 41-year-old horse that hasn’t been seen in 8 years…

    But then the pound signs lit up in Angela’s eyes and it all went sour…

    If anyone can shed any light on what specifically Heather is referring to, do let us know!

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    • I never thought I could detest Angela Power Disney as much as I do but she goes lower and lower.

      When will she finally stop?

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      • Hi, F A…She won’t stop until she is brought to account but least we have a platform here to highlight her true character and motivation. It is always worth remembering that her supporters read this blog and that they too, despite their support of her publicly, will know what she is really like. Perhaps somewhere down the line Rupert will deliver something of substance. I don’t think the Australian authorities can do anything but if the phone calls to the hospital have a debilitating affect on Arthur then I am sure the staff will put a stop to the calls.

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        • Thanks for replying midicon.

          If Angela Power does have any remaining supporters they must be very thin on the ground now.

          The ones she does have cannot have watched her videos, those of Mc Kenzies devils, neither can they have read this blog or have much between the ears.

          Angela Power Disney is a laughing stock BUT she is creating enormous damage to individuals and those really trying to stop Child Sexual Abuse or any form of abuse.

          She is a Charlatan and her motives are purely for her own well being, to line her own pocket and become “famous”.

          Angela you are INFAMOUS.

          Wheres’ the proof of your allegations against Ella Gareeva Draper?

          Get the person that you say told you this to speak about it on camera.

          They can put on a ANONYMOUS mask if they want.

          I want to hear your source utter the words you uttered.

          Come on now what’s stopping you, after all you wanted people to show their genitals, this is not intrusive like that is.

          Let’s hear it from your source.

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      • Yeah I feel for that horse of hers that she had and any of the other horses she endured during her traumatic childhood.

        I wouldn’t like to have been anywhere near her.

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    • At 41 years old, Angela’s horse will be either in the Guinness book of records or here:

      (Sorry to break the bad news Angela).

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  6. Spring festival held in Spain recently.

    Raw and primitive, but they will not suffer global harrassment and accusations of baby eating, nor be subject to threats of having their children abducted, doors broken down by thugs and being murdered.

    In the eyes of loonies Hampstead is an easy target as they are less likely to fight back than a deeply anchored community like this in Spain.

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  7. Unfortunatley “gang-stalking” can exist, for instance RD, his children and the people of Hampstead have a strong rational argument that they are being “gang-stalked” by lots of Satan Hunters located across the globe. Angela Power Disney is right to say that all she says and does is being monitored and recorded by lawyers, Hoaxtead and the police, which will eventually be used against her in legal proceedings.

    It is a natural state of mind of an individual or group of people who are under extreme distress to become paranoid or superstitious, and thus attacking those that they fear are different or hostile to them. Cannabis and other drugs have an ability to induce paranoia in people.

    Damage to the human brain can cause some weird outcomes, for instance an individual can experience and believe that a perfectly healthy limb is not their own, and in some extreme cases the doctors will amputate that limb to give them psychological relief. People who lose a limb can still expereince it as if it was there, known as phantom limb syndrome. Others who have had for instance a penis transplant are unable to accept that new limb as their own, and it then has to be removed. The human brain creates an image of the self, the world and the place of the self in that world, and problems arise when reality and the image is not in synch.

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  8. Excellent post, EC. Thanks for highlighting the video I left in comments. Aaron Alexis and Myron May were both members of that outrageous TI Facebook Group.

    Why FB left that page active, I just don’t know.

    Ron (Mr MentalInternia) even included examples of the page with the worrying comments from the user “Socrates” which shows just how dangerous FB Groups like that can be for mentally ill people.

    It’s so sad that mentally ill people can even find Pages like that on the internet, which only prevents them going to the Doctor. That’s why blogs like this one are very important.

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    • Yes, the problem with paranoid mental disorders is that they make it very difficult for the sufferer to accept information that runs counter to their paranoid belief system, and so it becomes a never-ending feedback loop. The “echo chamber” effect writ large.

      The other interesting thing I saw online a while ago, but can’t seem to find now, was a discussion of how people who believe in conspiracy theories tend to be more fearful, and use the theories to help themselves feel better. However, the theories themselves create more fear and paranoia. It’s like people who are depressed using alcohol or cannabis (very potent depressant drugs) to treat themselves. The high feels good briefly, but ultimately the long-term effects just make everything that much worse.

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  9. A great post that highlights another dark area of the internet age. Websites that promote anorexia and bulimia have made the mainstream but I’ve not seen anything discussing this problem. And with a quick look through YT it appears to be a growing problem. It’s easy to watch some of those videos and think the person is playing around or pretending, and maybe some are, but clearly a great number of them are truly delusional.
    Seeing the negative and serious impact that encouraging their delusions can have makes it all the more sickening to think about how APD treated JC and is now treating Arthur.

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    • They’re making such a big deal about Coleen’s ex giving a gift from Coleen to a thrift store.
      Nothing unusual in wanting rid of anything reminding you of your ex, especially if a split is acrimonious.

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  10. Speaking as a person who has suffered from mental illness all my life, I can safely say and without prejudice that Angela Power-Disney is extremely ignorant of mental illness. She is an embarassment to those who suffer with what can be a very debilitating condition. If she had any real knowledge or experience she would be able to spots these issues her guests and circle of friends exhibit. You do not have to be a qualified therapist or doctor to see these people need help, not encouragement til the point they are sectioned or locked up.

    She thinks SSRIs are anti-psychotic medication, no they are not Angela. The side effects are also not fun either.

    When I was a child I used to touch things and look at them all the time until I was happy with a certain number, when my mother took me to a doctor they said don’t worry unless he is doing this as an adult.
    Everytime I headed a football I constantly spent the time repeating the times tables in my head as I thought it would have damaged my brain. I was painfully shy and although fairly intelligent and good at sports the anxiety and Obsessive behaviour completely ruled my life.
    I didn’t get any treatment until a breakdown at 20 years old.
    Then I was put on medication (Paroxetine) that I didn’t know at the time was better known under the brand name Seroxat amongst others, and had caused a lot of problems in America and was not very succesful in Medical trials. I did a lot of crazy things on that medication suicide attempts, violent behaviour, complete personality transplant and still have scars to this day as a reminder, I even stabbed myself, and havent driven a car since because they thought it wasnt a good idea to be driving at the time and now I lack the confidence or interest to drive again.

    Now these are things I could rant for ages on, but Angela uses her youtube videos as an outlet for her rants and as therapy, when really she should get some help.

    Not sure whether they have a diagnosis for delusional horrible lying scamming defaming evil bitch, but she sure does have very serious issues and they are not the ones she talks about as she has no experience or knowledge of her fake diseases and illnesses.

    Well I feel better now. Good to vent.


    • Hi Barry–sorry to take so long letting your comment out of purgatory. Sometimes WordPress does odd things and hides stuff from me. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your story. You’re right, Angela is completely ignorant of mental illness and its treatment, and as far as I can see, the only boxes she ticks in the DSM are in the “Personality Disorders” section. She has from time to time claimed to have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which is possible (certainly more possible than any of the other diagnoses to which she lays claim); however, she claims to be “cured”…not bloody likely.


  11. Angie is such a vile person. Arty is already talking about a revolution when he gets out. He’s not cured at all.

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    • Shame on you, Angela, you heartless insensitive bitch. Harassing a vulnerable mentally ill man just to get back at Sonya and Kristie Sue. There’s now no doubt in my mind that you are a sociopath, pure and simple.

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    • Well that was fun. So there is a mystery woman that fancies Arthur? I think it will be Sandy. She with Disney will have conspired to woo Arthur and produce an incredibly entertaining and successful soap opera to rival the American ‘Soap’.

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    • No, it’ll take some time for him to regain his equilibrium, just as it did with JC. And there’s no guarantee that his treatment will help him to see that Hoaxtead never was a real thing. However, Angela is deliberately intervening in the most unhelpful way possible–illustrating the points made in today’s post.

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      • Yes, well said. Unfortunately, any treatment doesn’t guarantee eradicating the false belief of the Hampstead Hoax.

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      • Angie is desperate to keep Arthur onside and believing in Hoaxtead and she doesn’t care an iota for Arthurs mental state. The man needs to have time out from all of this, he needs to stay off the internet and most of all he needs to have nothing to do with Angie, for his own mental wellbeing.


  12. Will wonders Never cease now that Somebody is at greater Risk to respond to infighting hoaxer B.S.? HAHAHA! Angie as RQ’s Love Victim?? Bwahaha Inevitable excuse, albeit, INCREDIBLE and SORDID! 😀 “Are you still living in Jack’s basement Colleen? Where is “Martin” and are you dating?” lolololol Oh Boy!!


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