Abe, Ella, Angie agree with Sabine: There is no death cult

Our readers will recall that last month we uncovered convincing evidence that Sabine McNeill, one of the chief promoters of the Hampstead SRA hoax, did not believe a word of the fantasy she was trying to push on the unsuspecting public.

In brief, acting as Ella Draper’s McKenzie friend, Sabine threatened the “Secret Judiciary, Father, LB Camden, LB Barnet, Cafcass and Met Police, Christchurch Primary and other Schools” as follows:

To avoid high level embarrassment, the following possible arrangements might be worth considering:
1) Instead of starting public law proceedings against the school, the children are returned – with immediate effect – to live with the maternal grandparents in Russia.
2) Instead of mobilising English and Russian social media, the father is given a non-molestation order for life, anywhere in the world.
3) Instead of joining the Russian government to the proceedings, the children are released to their mother and maternal grandparents with immediate effect.

Not only was this a ludicrous attempt to blackmail the above-named entities with “high-level embarrassment” and “public exposure”, but it indicated beyond a doubt that Sabine did not believe that “20 special children” were being systematically raped and forced to participate in murders and cannibalism by 70+ adults in a school in Hampstead. If these horrific events really were occurring, how could she—how could anyone agree to shut up about it in exchange for the return of the two children to their mother?

Ella, Abe, and Angie don’t believe it either

The internet is a funny little thing, isn’t it?

Although we know that Angela Power-Disney never (well, almost never…all right, rarely…oh fine, occasionally) visits this blog, through an amazing coincidence immediately following our publication of evidence that she had sexually assaulted Rupert, all of the Angie & Rupert videos that had been made private on Angie’s YouTube channel suddenly began popping back into public view.

And because Angie has the tech skills of a drunken chimpanzee, she managed to make a bunch of other, previously hidden, videos public as well. Including this fascinating interview between Angie, Ella, and Abe, recorded on 15 May 2015:


If you scroll to 9:55 in this video, you’ll hear the following exchange, in which Abe and Angela are discussing how to get the two children back from the foster carer where they’d been placed:

Abe: I feel that they’ll only do it if they’re pressured into doing it. This is what I feel. Now I’m willing, Ella is…I don’t know about Sabine, but I’m willing, and Ella is willing I hope, I imagine, to accept a world-wide gagging order, as long as they….look, they can gag us, but they can’t gag everybody in the universe.

Angela: Yeah yeah yeah…yes, well, I hear you, and it’s probably…I don’t like it, but that’s a price worth paying to get the children.

So let’s see if we’ve got this straight: not only Sabine, but Ella, Abe, and Angie all agree that they’d be willing to accept a world-wide gagging order, in exchange for the return of two children to their mother.

If they truly believed in the death cult narrative, there is no possible way they could do this.

If they believed their own story, accepting a gagging order would mean abandoning hundreds, possibly thousands of babies and children to a horrible fate at the hands of bloodthirsty paedophiles.

It would mean no more accusing the parents, teachers, clergy, and workers of Hampstead of being part of a “death cult”. It would mean giving up the relentless persecution of RD. It would mean forgetting about all their lurid allegations about babies being shipped in by courier only to be tortured and murdered by the “cult”, slippers being made of baby-skin, cult members dancing about with skulls dangling from their bodies. It would mean no more talk of tattoos, no more sharing of videos of the children reciting details that had been pounded into them via torture. All of that, gone.

If Abe, Ella, and Angie were prepared to accept such a deal, it meant that they would be agreeing to leave the “cult” in peace, so that it could go back to its supposedly horrific activities.

How likely does this seem to you?

These people had all put enormous amounts of time and energy into inventing the cult, hammering the details into the two children’s minds, and attempting to spread the word amongst the loony and the gullible. To be sure, the horse was already out of the barn, in terms of the hoax having been spread across the internet. But would Sabine, Abe, Ella, and Angela really be willing to give up all they’d worked to build, in exchange for the return of the children?

We don’t think they would. truth-will-come-to-light-at-the-length-the-truth-will-out


168 thoughts on “Abe, Ella, Angie agree with Sabine: There is no death cult

  1. Good one, EC. Keep shining the spotlight on these freaks. They just love to destroy their own credibility with their own words, don’t they. it makes our job so much easier! 😀

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    • Speaking of jobs, Spiny. My salary from The Rothchilds is late this month, I was expecting it into my bank account on the 15th. You haven’t heard anything on the grapevine have you? Have I been ditched? Is my shillness becoming too obvious perhaps?

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        • Oh Rupert you are such a Casanova, how could any woman turn down your charms. It’s no surprise that Angie couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Great video MKD

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        • Rupert Wilson Quaintance is rather creepy and delusional in his attitudes towards women (and children.) I am sure most women would avoid such a character like the plague, a possible reason this man-child appears to have had no settled relationships as he nears middleage. I have known a few wife-beaters in my time, and Rupert would probably become one if he ever got his claws into a vulnerable submissive female.


        • I would have thought a barby doll was more his size lol

          (After seeing him a while back, I thought at the time he was actually a dwarf- he is TINY!)

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    • Not that they ever had a lot of credibility, but I do think that the fact they were all so eager to “do a deal” and forget about the alleged cult speaks volumes about what they really believed. They all knew perfectly well that what they were saying was completely untrue, and from time to time their masks would slip.

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  2. Hahaha! Nice work, Mr. Coyote.

    And Abe, feel free to pop back to the UK when you have a day off from selling weed and torturing kids and say hi. We’d all love to hear your side of the story, haha.

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    • At the risk of defending Kristie Sue (ewe indeed), she didn’t become involved in Hampstead that early. In fact, her ‘Dearman Does Hamsptead’ travesty only went up a month after this fine blog was created, which in turn went up three months after the ABE videos went viral, which in turn were uploaded five months after the police interviews. And I went nuts about three minutes after writing this. MI5 just aren’t paying me enough to memorise all this crap, you know. I bet Harry Palmer never had this trouble.

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        • Yeah, as ‘Kris’ and also as ‘The wig that walks’. she also used to post regularly on Charlotte’s Hampstead Research blog. But when I say ‘got involved’, I mean actually mucking in with her own project rather than just being a casual commenter. I maintain that Cynthia’s suggestion that KSC is a Hampstead shill is ludicrous.

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          • Oh yes, Cynthia’s comment is stupid in the extreme. And you’re right, I think the blog was KSC’s first attempt to get seriously involved. Well, I say “seriously”. What I mean is “laughably”.


  3. That “non-molestation order” thing has always struck me as bizarre. Like you’re allowed to molest people unless you have one of these slapped on you! LOL

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    • It can also specify that you are not meant to come within a certain distance of the person or their residence.

      There might be other conditions that could be attached to it.

      I know that the distance definitely does apply and that you can be arrested if you breach the order, not that the type of person that assaults you will pay any attention to that.

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    • Get a proper job would be a start.The keyboard warrior/arsehole cottage industry was saturated some time ago and demand for such services have tanked.They should have got in on the act when the ZX 81 and Commandor 64 were in their pomp and dial up was king.They might have even give Icke a run for his money.

      They could always employ themselves walking around in ever decreasing circles muttering inanely to themselves about how shit their lives are.There is an increasing demand for that at the present time but as long as they stew in their own juice and leave innocent folk alone quite frankly………

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      • The ZX81 and Commodore 64 pre-date dial-up internet by a good 10 years.

        An excellent comment in all other respects, though! 😀


      • Angela Power Disney is perpetually connected to the internet and Facebook as an additional limb, that is her life, posting piles of dog poo onto the internet. Angela would have a nervous breakdown if she was unable to indulge in her psychopathic narcissm on the internet.

        Even Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV is on the internet 10-12 hours a day according to Angela Power Disney.

        These Satan Hunters live in lala land in perpetuality, indulging in makebelieve in their carefully crafted personal echo chamber.

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        • Before the internet APD would probably have posted real piles of dog poo through people’s letter boxes. I’m not sure if that would be better or worse than what she does now.

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          • Probably better, FS. At least you could throw that in the trash and it doesn’t spread on the internet!


          • Maybe sending poison pen letters to people?

            I mean she produced a typed one that no one has ever claimed (with that cut out heading).

            So unprofessional, smacks of her.

            She needs a Jeremy Kyle lie detector test.

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          • Mr F Sane,

            Kindly refrain from associating canine faecal products with lowlife human sludge henceforth.Its people like you in blogs like this who place unnecessary strain on our members efforts.If you persist you will be receiving a rather bulky mishapen package through your letterbox from one of our enforcement officers.

            Should however you wish to make a handsome donation (at least £19.99) along with your grovelling apology we would be minded to let the matter drop and forward you one of our “make dogshit great again” baseball cap/car bumper sticker starter packs.

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          • “She needs a Jeremy Kyle lie detector test.”

            Nice idea. I’ll put you in touch with that nice Mr. Howard, Fanny. Or just Google ‘Angela Power-Disney needs lie detector test’ if it’s easier.

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          • Dear Dog Shit Appreciation Movement

            I for one agree with your first point, I do, however, take issue with number two.

            Either way, good luck with your, ahem, movement.

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        • Got to agree with all that SV.

          I’m surprised Power-Disney finds the time to sleep.

          She needs a good spell locked up for all the damage she has done to so many people.

          Hopefully then she won’t be able to surf the net for old posts to share or make boring videos about her life.

          I mean who really gives a f..k about what she’s done or not done in the past.

          Good for a laugh if I can brace myself to listen/watch if the mood catches me.

          Power-Disney needs a self-awareness course when she’s locked up or now would do in the meantime.

          Personally I think she is an absolute disgrace to abandon her 2 Special Needs Children and her daughter that is in Counselling.

          I don’t care if the youngest is 19 and the eldest is nearly 31, they have problems.

          Mind you, her having pissed off to the Blues bar and living in her little apartment is probably the best thing she has ever done for them.

          Horrible woman, not only to her children but to countless others that have unfortunately crossed her path and this must run in to the 1000’s easily.

          I had a lucky escape, phew.

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    • It should at least limit any further spread to only those with mental impairments of one sort or another. Any reasonably sane person now has evidence from the perpetrators own mouths that this was nothing but an ill thought out attempt at blackmail.

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        • Even if they do see this video it probably still won’t change their minds. They believe what they want to believe and no one is going to change their minds for them.

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  4. That video certainly showed how sick and twisted the minds of Abe, Ella and Angie are.

    Ella has NEVER acted like a caring Mother concerned for her children, who by Abe and Ella’s claims were part of group of 20+ children horrifically sexually abused by 70+ adults on a weekly basis. (That claim was crazy anyway, their Medical Reports would have shown a hell of a lot more damage if that indeed had been the case.)

    No, she chose to stick with a creepy stoner who went on to invent false claims to wreck the lives of people who had disagreed, or who they perceived, had interfered with their lives.

    They had already had disagreements with the Police, Social Services, the School staff, Ricky Dearman, etc prior to their claims. Abe and her concocted a frankly ludicrous hoax and Ella happily went along with it.

    They never even showed any concern for the children in ANY of the interviews they gave on YT, they banged on about Cannabis, Jews, Freemasons, Satanists, anything but the children.

    Why some people can’t see through their game, I just don’t know.

    Now excuse me, Abe, if you’re reading this. I need to pop into Hampstead for a new pair of baby-skin shoes, my old ones are done.. you evil, child torturing fantasist.

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    • Have a listen at 49:46. Abe and Ella don’t realise they’re still being recorded and they start slagging Angela off while she’s out of the room and talking about how they can use her to get publicity. LOL

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      • And check out the contrived numerology crap from Abe and Angie straight after that.

        Angie: “All of Ben Fellows’ court case dates are on ritual days. They’re so…eurgh!”

        Seriously, Angie – get help.


      • Yep. They wanted publicity and they got it but all that publicity caused, at the very least, something good.. the children were removed from them and rightly so.


      • Be good if MKD`s or AN Other video techy could attempt to clean up that audio snippet somehow together with perhaps the “Kill,Kill Kill” smoking gun,add in the flagrant(and pathetic) bribary deal for good measure…Title “GOTCHA”. Hopefully Murdoch would overlook the copyrite on that one. 😉

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  5. Re: Echo Truths.
    During investigations I came across a Facebook account called Echo Truths that had content suggesting it is run by the same person who runs the YouTube channel. I referred it to Facebook for investigation as a fake profile, and got a positive outcome for once.

    Your Report
    You anonymously reported Echo Truths for pretending to be someone they aren’t.
    Our reply
    Thanks for your report – you did the right thing by letting us know about this. After reviewing the Profile you reported, we’ve decided to follow up with the account owner directly. When we think a Profile may be fake or pretending to be someone else, we ask them to confirm their identity.

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  6. Here’s someone calling for a protest outside Belinda’s house. This should be put in the ‘you couldn’t make it up’ file.

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  7. Good find. They talk a lot about ancient cults and cannibalistic numerology…etc. Not only do they reveal their blackmail, but also a clear indication that Abe was already well versed in all this cult rubbish.

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  8. By the way, I’m now pretty convinced that that Ann Onymous character, who’s still raging away on MKD’s video pages, is taking the piss – possibly that same moron who was on the blog pretending to be Danielle. And they did ‘coincidentally’ come along at the same time.

    The first thing that aroused my suspicion was when I raised Danielle’s claim that the song ‘Carrie’ is a veiled murder by Cliff Richard. Of course, Cliff didn’t write it, which ballses up that theory. So I asked ‘Ann’ who wrote Carrie and she came back with ‘Stephen King’ (i.e. the book ‘Carrie – LOL).

    And now she’s claiming in all seriousness that Spivey is about to expose Tom Cahill as a fake being played by the ‘Royle Family’ actor Ralf Little, who in turn is being played by a crisis actor. There’s no way she’s being serious there!

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    • “The evidence is in.” LOL! What do these types know about ‘evidence.’ It’s possibly their most misused word.

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      • Oh and I forgot to mention that when I pushed her on my questions, she said I was a bully because she has Down’s syndrome! Definitely a piss-taker.


        • She’s now saying that Danielle La Verite is going to cure her of Down’s Syndrome with Crystal Therapy.


          • Perhaps I am becoming a tad cynical but I cant help but wonder if DLV or (whatever her real name is) is in receipt of incapacity allowance for her highly suspect agoraphobia condition etc.Just seems to me many if not all these delusional screwballs are on a jolly aided by milking the welfare state whilst standing at new age cottage industry lecturns and making shit videos ripping the nipples off the very nanny state that sustains them.Seems maybe the law of unintended consequences is having a bit of a field day.

            The welfare state saught to tackle the “five giants” of Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor, and Idleness.All excellent intentions by Mr Beveridge et al. Just a bloody pity he didnt have the forsight to include a clause whereby bottle blonde ageing hypocritical arseholes with inflated superiority complexes get absolutely bugger all. #Rantover 😉


    • The first bit reminds me of the line in an Alan Bennett play “There’s too much sex going on around here, and I’m not having it”.

      APD is of course a bastion of sexual morality who would never think of inappropriately touching someone in an intimate area – oh wait she admitted to having done just that the other day.

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      • How dare you suggest such a thing, FS. Angela is a Christian, after all, and as such does not believe in sex before marriage. Oh shit, does this mean that she and Rupert have to get married now? How does this work?


    • I’ve yet to see a shred of evidence that there is a Comet PingPong Pizzagate Child Trafficking Cartel.
      All they ever say when you mention that is “Look at the Art collection!”
      ..and that’s their evidence of child trafficking?? Pfft.


    • I’d strongly recommend against starting that foolishness again. I assume Mr Lloyd is unaware of the number of people currently facing charges for harassing the Hampstead community?


    • That’s very kind, but I don’t do it alone! We have an impressive and growing team of people who send us tips, background info, and suggestions for things to research, and we really couldn’t do any of this without them.

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  9. Alanson has a second back-up account up now.

    Let’s limber up those reporting fingers, folks. Hehe 🙂

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  10. Can I suggest that any of you who were on the original accused list check your Farcebok privacy settings?


    • “there whereabouts and status should be in the public domain”

      Who in God’s name are these creeps? They want to know the details of 2 children’s lives?
      Perverts the lot of them. Twisted, creepy troll-like perverts.

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      • Not only that but they genuinely believe that the addresses of two vulnerable children should be available to the public. Yip. Child abuse campaigners? I shit ’em.

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      • SOURCE: http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWFC/HCJ/2015/26.html&query=ZC14C00315&method=Boolean

        “2. The subject children have been named repeatedly on the internet. Their photographs and film clips in which they feature have been published and re-published widely. Filmed police interviews of the children have been uploaded on to publicly accessible websites; so, too, intensely personal information relating to both children. As at 10 March 2015, more than 4 million people worldwide had viewed online material relating to this case.

        3. It is inevitable that a large proportion of those have a sexual interest in children. Any rational adult who uploads film clips to Youtube featuring children speaking about sexual activity must be assumed to realise that fact. The subject children have been named repeatedly on the internet. Their photographs and film clips in which they feature have been published and re-published widely. Filmed police interviews of the children have been uploaded on to publicly accessible websites; so, too, intensely personal information relating to both children. As at 10 March 2015, more than 4 million people worldwide had viewed online material relating to this case.”

        Case in point:

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    • Dear Angela Power Disney.

      Get out more and embrace the real world. You make shit up as you go along. There was no assassination attempt in the Philippines, and you are totally ignorant to the movements or present situation of RD and his children.

      Dear David Lloyd.

      It is a matter of primary importance by all those presently looking after the wellbeing of the RD children that they are not put into a position of being identified or discovered via the internet. Look all you like, but you will never find these children until they are old enough to deal with pervy stalkers who want to abduct them and masturbate over their images.

      Dear Tim Veator.

      We are all thankful that nobody made you judge, jury and executioner.

      Ella Draper if she returns to the UK will be arrested and charged for a variety of laws she has broken. The RD children have put on record they do not wish to be with this person and her abusive partner Abraham Christie, who would likely torture, abuse and murder them. Ella Draper used her children, abused their trust and did extreme damage to their wellbeing. Ella Draper will likely never return to the UK. Ella Draper will never have legal access or custody of her children before they turn 18. All children have a right to privacy and security whilst they grow up. Neither you or any other Satan Hunter has a stake in their lives, or any right to demand they become the objects of your vanity, manipulation or lust.

      Yours in Satan.

      James Hind


    • Oh, did she perhaps see my comment above wanting evidence of trafficking? Nah, silly me..


  11. “If they have been allowed to leave the country under his exclusive control it would be a travesty of justice and all the rules governing the welfare of children.”

    Since WHEN? Ricky Dearman is an innocent man and they are his children.

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  12. I’ve also yet to see any bit of evidence that there was any assassination attempt in The Philippines.”
    Seem APD can say anything by just mentioning “my source tells me..”
    Nasty woman.

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    • People who believe what they want to believe. The Christian Bible refers to Morning Star as Jesus, and the Latin word for Morning Star is Lucifer. The boundaries in Christian theology of if God, the Son and the Holy Ghost is separate things, or the same universal thing is open to debate and confusion. From my point of view Lucifer is a distinct symbol or philosophical idea that is separate from the Catholic Church, and it is ridiculous to claim that a billion Catholics are worshipping Satan.

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  13. …SHAME on the aging Angela-loving weirdo who wants everyone to think he’s this great intellect when he’s actually just a useless idiotic wanker.

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  14. I don’t know whether I have the stomach for these psychotic arseholes any more 😦

    [Images partially obscured in the interest of decency]

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    • This is what freaks like Angela Power Disney or Rupert Wilson Quainatnce IV wants done to the innocent people of Hampstead based upon their dishonest fictions, and by default to anyone of my own religion. Either way, I see this as a struggle to defend home, family and personal life from barbarian psychopaths who want to kill innocent people just so they can make money and fame out of it.

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    • I completely understand that, but when promoters of Hoaxtead put up this sort of thing, we know they are doing it with one eye trained on the innocent people of Hampstead. Knowing that there are morons out there who would think it perfectly fine to murder someone they suspect of wrongdoing, in the absence of a fair trial before a jury of their peers, and that these same morons wouldn’t blink an eye before doing that in real life, is a large part of what keeps me motivated.

      Well, that and coffee.

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    • Hmm, i’m the sure that video was in the papers a while ago. The punishment was for drug dealing not child abuse. I don’t think it ended in death either. I could be wrong.

      They should really be careful what they wish for, what makes them think that they would not be on the wrong end of some ones idea of justice.


  15. I take my hat off to all the people who contribute to this blog and the online campaign to defend innocent people. It defies logic what Abe and Ella have done, and that it even continues to this day.
    A new troll, an old troll, a reborn troll surfaces nearly every single day usually in the name of Conspiracy and Jesus creeps circles.
    Facts and common sense just don’t figure in these people’s tiny demented minds, you cannot reason with the unreasonable mindset of stupidity.

    Personally I find it all exhausting and thank those who add an informative and humour based approach to coping with any of these relentless fools.

    How you all have stuck at this so long despite any basis for these awful claims is a true testament to the spirit of the human nature in spite of adversity.

    The amount these people get away with is absolutely ridiculous, they all need a stint in old pokey, for their own mental health and that of the people they have launched such a blinkered and immoral campaign.

    No Mercy and full accountability, no matter what condition they have or claim.

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  16. Araya = disgusting lowlife scum

    As James points out, we must never lose sight of the fact that what Araya suggests here is what hoaxers like her, Sabine, Angela, Alanson, Neelu, Kristie Sue etc. want to do to the innocent people of Hampstead.

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  17. Woah! What the actual f+ck? They contacted a member of Arfur’s family and grilled them over whether they’d murdered him? Am I imagining that? 😮 😮 😮

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  19. Soooo That was the Awful Smell lingering around Araya in the Pound Shop the other day…Urine, Blood and All the Signs of a Commune “Pedo” Murderer….She should really wipe off her mouth after indulging as it puts off the Others from their Coffee and Scones! 😛 I’m quite Sure SHE reported what SHE witnessed to the Brazilian Police!?! HAHAHAHAHA! Why is this crazy dirty stinking tart not sectioned yet? Beyond the pale that conspiratardloonians (Flat Nibiru dwellers) are calling R4’s Famdamily about “threats”…how very Ironic…also with NO Evidence to support it! lol Maybe Araya can post a link to the horrific pics she would have taken of a man’s torture and killing, HAD it Ever Really happened!! Maybe the guy’s blood is in that creepy glass vial she wears around her Turkey Neck? She really should be doing fellow Smella’s Face Yoga, it helps the Turkey Neck too!! 😀 omg…..;/ No end to the B.S.! I think as a part of being released from sectioning, jail, injunctions, ect. These incorrigible confabulists MUST be REQUIRED to write Apology Letters to Hampstead Community and pay for the cost of publishing them in the Ham N High!! 😀 Angie probably decided on this twisted path of family slander when made to acknowledge her DRINKING Problem AND Write “Amends Letters” to Whomever she hurt by her drinking in order to get “released” from Mandatory Rehab….Why? Because Angie is the ONLY alleged “victim” that Matters in her Truman Show and Hell will Freeze over before Somebody like her Ever Apologizes to Anyone for Anything….No Matter What! ffs Too bad the “Scold” and Pillory have fallen out of use for the likes of these Destructive Monsters! I know…Let’s start a “Petition” to bring them back….”Angie’s Law”.. HAHAHAHA! I wonder if She will hire Our Pal or not? I HAVE provided the Carbonite, hermetically sealed, underpants for Our Agent’s protection from ConfabuCONtagion!

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